NRA convention cancelled
2016 NRAAM (Dan Z. for TTAG)
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The number of big gun manufacturers and other major exhibitors that have pulled out of the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting and Exhibits was too much. Losing big names like Rurger, SIG Sauer, FN, Browning, Springfield and many others meant that most of the biggest draws for the tens of thousands of NRA members would be missing.

So, given the realities of exhibitor cancellations and the challenges of Covid, the NRA has announced that the 150th anniversary NRAAM Scheduled for September 3, 4 and 5 in Houston has been cancelled. It’s another big financial hit for the association, the second consecutive convention that’s been cancelled due to Covid.

Here’s the NRA’s announcement of the cancellation . . .

Due to concern over the safety of our NRA family and community, we regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel the 2021 Annual Meeting & Exhibits. ​This cancellation applies to all events and meetings that were scheduled in Houston. We will provide future notification regarding a rescheduled date for the annual Meeting of Members. 

We make this difficult decision after analyzing relevant data regarding COVID-19 in Harris County, Texas. We also consulted with medical professionals, local officials, major sponsors & exhibitors, and many NRA members before arriving at this decision. The NRA Annual Meeting welcomes tens of thousands of people, and involves many events, meetings, and social gatherings. Among the highlights of our annual meeting are acres of exhibit space featuring the latest and greatest firearms, the display of countless accessories, and the offering of adventures and group gatherings that many travel hundreds, and some even thousands, of miles to experience. We realize that it would prove difficult, if not impossible, to offer the full guest experience that our NRA members deserve.  

NRA convention cancelled

The NRA’s top priority is ensuring the health and well-being of our members, staff, sponsors, and supporters.  We are mindful that NRA Annual Meeting patrons will return home to family, friends and co-workers from all over the country, so any impacts from the virus could have broader implications. Those are among the reasons why we decided to cancel our 2021 event.

We would like to thank our members, attendees, exhibitors, and staff for their understanding and support. We are grateful for the many contributions of the George R. Brown Convention Center, state and local officials, community organizers, area hotels, and countless event venues across Houston. We receive enormous support from Houston and the State of Texas – and we hope to return to the Bayou City for a full annual meeting experience. 

NRA Convention NRAAM
(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

The NRA looks forward to a Celebration of Freedom in Louisville in May 2022. In the meantime, we will support many other NRA local events and smaller gatherings – in a manner that is protective of our members and celebrates our Second Amendment freedom.    

We wish continued health and safety to our entire NRA family.  ​


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  1. I’m thinking that Wayne is (secretly) in the pay of Bloomberg and Co….and that the whole fiasco of the past several years is a feature rather than a bug.

    The NRA has a long and, mostly, honorable history of supporting firearm rights. Their safety and training programs are superb. The glaring problem is Wayne and his sycophants who have dragged the NRA down with their extravagant living and poor corporate money management.

    Wayne LaPee and CronyCo have to go before the organization can begin to recover it’s former status in the fight for firearm rights in the United States.

    • “Wayne LaPee and CronyCo have to go before the organization can begin to recover it’s former status in the fight for firearm rights in the United States.”

      You must be delusional, Old Guy. That’s certainly not the plan laid out by Leticia James and the lawsuit. She, and others bragged ahead of time about the effort to destroy NRA, once and for all.

      While there may be some improprieties within NRA hierarchy that have yet to be proven in any court of law, or even laid out before the NRA Board, WLP has very little to do with why NRA is being attacked. The other side knows full and well that if NRA goes, ALL the other groups will fall quickly as well with little organized opposition.

      WLP is an easy target- low-hanging fruit. One need not even know the particulars to post gossip concerning NRA and have others hail you as being smart, knowledgable, bright; up on your current affairs… I find it fascinating that so many posters around here just don’t get it, but again, such commenting really takes little knowledge or fore thought.

      The real prize, however, is the total eradication of the 2nd Amendment and turning the last places of real freedom on the planet into France, Vietnam, Syria, UK, etc.. I use the word “places” because there are already a number of states that have, for the most part, enslaved their people and made them serfs. As with the destruction of the US itself, the easiest and quickest way to accomplish the end of privately-owned firearms and our God-given rights is from within.

      • Crushing the NRA and destroying the 2a are two separate things.

        WLP’s biggest sin is that he’s made it easy to destroy the NRA. That is fact. No way to spin it.

        • Yes, a strong, lasting organization shouldn’t be just Wayne’s organization. A good leader, if he was bringing a lot of division within the company and impacting the organization as a whole should have been willing to resign, or the board should have held him accountable, instead any who tried to bring change or even ask questions were branded traitors and his senior leadership circled up to protect the man, rather than the organization and members.

          Many people said they should have left New York a long time ago, but waiting until when they did and then the desperate bankruptcy attempt was foolish. While there are certainly enemies on the outside trying to destroy them, Wayne and his leadership team have been busy providing the rope needed to hang them, or to at least damage the organization’s reputation that they can’t be effective. They pretty much sat out the last election.

        • So, seriously, jwm, you believe James/NYS would be leaving NRA alone were it not for WLP, or wouldn’t have filed the suit in an election year were he not in the EVP seat?

        • This is about propriety, ethics, integrity, judgement, and legitimacy. Although it is customary to maintain that the “other” side patently lacks all of these requisite morals, if you tolerate such ignominy on our own side- you become no different from the “other”.

          Honor is a concept that is unambiguously authoritative, yet it somehow remains lost to many an individual…

        • Craig. You’re missing the point. The fascists are always going to be after pro gun groups. WLP made it so much easier for them. I was a member. Until he’s gone, no more.

      • @Craig

        Thank you for your opinion, however, I don’t believe that I’m delusional.

        as jwm succinctly says in response to your comment, WLP has made it much easier to attack the NRA and, thusly, the Second Amendment as well.

        As I said in my original posting, the NRA cannot begin to heal as long as LaPierre and his human remoras are tainting the organization. With good, responsible leadership the NRA is salvageable…in spite of the Democrats and their subsidiary organizations dedicated to destroying private firearm ownership in the USA.

        • Yes You are delusional. You’re supporting the MSM #1 objective of the last 30yrs. Destroy the NRA. Their tactic to get control of “the gun issue” The marxist are on the march and you’re helping them.

        • Wayno LePew has become a toxic distraction to the NRA mission. In a leadership position, he has to go. That’s the way it does and must work.

      • “While there may be some improprieties within NRA hierarchy that have yet to be proven in any court of law, or even laid out before the NRA Board, WLP has very little to do with why NRA is being attacked“

        We have found the delusional one…

        • Yes. And he is miner49er. A sea lion that thinks he’s people.

          If the top man at Ford was corrupt would the .gov try to shut the entire company down? But this really isn’t the actions of the .gov. Just the fascist left faction of same.

      • “that have yet to be proven in any court of law”

        Keep in mind that just because something is legal doesn’t mean that it’s ethical or moral. In this case, it doesn’t mean it’s productive either.

        • None of the comments to mine take away from the fact that NYS would be suing and encumbering NRA; WLP or not. James stated all this in her campaign. And WLP could leave now, a year ago or next week and I’m doubtful any of the NRA-haters around here would change their tone.

        • Oh I believe they’re out to get the NRA no matter what for the simple reason that the NRA became an effective fundraiser for Republicans.

    • “The NRA has a long and, mostly, honorable history of supporting firearm rights.”

      You mean like when they supported the NFA 34? Or maybe you meant when they supported the GCA 68? No, no, I’m sure you meant when they supported the 94 AWB. Oh you must have meant when they supported campaign finance reform that would force all other pro gun groups to disclose their memberships and donors but specifically exempted Negotiating Right way. The NRA has never supported gun rights. They swoop in to claim credit when another national group, regular people, and state organizations get something done.

  2. Cancelled due to COVID WLP variant- as it should be. Everyone should want to get vaccinated from COVID WLP- it’s just hard to convince those suffering from weak Constitutions…

    • Too bad, I used to like that show. The Vegas Show is even better. If that’s cancelled, then that’s very bad. The NRA is an anachronism going back to the day when so-called ‘hunting’ was the big deal and the 2nd/A was minimalized in historic obfuscation to encompass more of that part of firearms ownership. Back then I could go around any gun show and ask people what’s the purpose of the 2nd/A anyhow? Most would answer something like to protect our hunting rights. A few would say it was written to guarantee our right of self-defense or personal gun ownership. Almost no one mentioned the foremost important purpose of having the rightful means to prevent tyrannical conquest–by equal firepower force, if necessary– of our Egalitarian society and Constitutionally guaranteed by the visionary Founders and Framers of America.

      The NRA didn’t care too much as long as their corporate big shots were raking in the big bucks and got so ‘donation drunk’ that they thought there was never going to be a time of sobering up? I always wondered which was the most corrupting factor in human society. Money, Sex, or stupidity? Now I understand the answer.

      Send your support donations instead to organizations like GOA- who have an absolute no compromise policy about ‘Shall Not Be Infringed, PERIOD!’ And others like ‘Firearms Policy Coalition’, a group of Pro-Gun attorneys who at least proactively defend against illegal fiat mandated firearms infringements with actual lawsuits and handles cases for those who have suffered the illegal infringements, confiscations, and arrests, and due process violations
      of innocent protected citizens and businesses by the ATF in this absurd criminal deprivation of rights cases where illegal seizures and arrest mandates that violate USC 18-241-242! should be enforced against these agencies if it weren’t for crooked political prosecuters.

    • One might suggest that some should seriously contemplate getting an intelligence injection. And have that followed up with an objectivity booster, and then seek professional help for monomania.

      It might hurt a little- but it’s well worth it. Protect yourself as well as others…

    • SHOT is not open to the general public. It’s a trade show for business owners only. But if the SHOT show does happen? Then WLP should take the hint and resign. But he won’t.

      • Chris, I’m well aware of what SHOT is and what it’s supposed to be. But the question remains, what of SHOT in Jan? It was canceled this year and I suspect it will be again this coming year. Regardless of the NRA’s decision on their convention.

        As an aside, Wayne should step down and go fishing. That said, the NRA is still a worthwhile organization despite Wayne.

  3. BUMMER. However, it is the best decision My son is a doctor dealing with COVID patients in a major local hospital system; understands how I look forward to this event as one of about 6 annual road trips. Our good friend heads another major local hospital system. Both have been pleading with me not to attend. Canceling reservations. We don’t need bad publicity surrounding the NRA Convention. Living to attend another day.

    • If the original COVID was bad enough, the Delta Strain is COVID on steroids. Victims stay asymptomatic longer and this one is much more infectious. It also affects young people as much as anyone else.

      The Australian COVID Delta outbreak started from ONE person who chose to transport air crew, who were extreme high risk, chose NOT to wear PPE, and chose NOT to get vaccinated. For the 10s of thousands of cases and nearly 80 deaths, they chose poorly.

      • The PCR test can’t discern Covid from the flu, which is one reason that the flu disappeared from statistics and only 1,000 cases were reported. CDC no longer recommends using it.

        Therefore, another issue is that there is NO easy test to determine what a variant is. As such, all reports on them are basically fake news. No test, no way to tell what disease it is – unless you do a full DNA determination, those are only allowed for ongoing criminal cases, and nobody is going to fund them for millions of more diagnosis.

        Asymptomatic is just medical gobbledygook for fear mongering. The original Covid is 99.98% survivable and the primary requirement most who die share is obesity. Covid is changing and it’s conforming to the norm in virology, it’s becoming less virulent and more communicable. The problem is in countries like Israel where the population is 90% vaccinated and the case rate with Covid is 85% vaccinated.

        Try using real figures and follow the science.

        What we have now with the FDA stating they “approved” the vaccine is actually a renaming of Pfizers spike protein concoction plus extending the EULA for a bit longer. They did NOT “approve” it, thyey alrealy lost the control group when they inoculated them, and the trials on all the so called “vaccines” are still scheduled to end in 2023. So far, the FDA has ignored almost all their guidelines, but that should be expected when their upper management rotates regularly with board members from pharmaceutical companies and the FDA allows paying fees to have drugs tested.

        It’s basically a huge drug scam, Pfizer has announced $33 Billion in sales this year, over $10 Billion in profit, and it’s not hard to see who benefits with campaign donations for reelection – which the rules now allow to be kept for future use. IE, they buy politicians and its obvious who get it. They list the donation per regulations and nobody raises an alarm anymore.

        Because the investigators are well known to benefit from looking the other way.

        It’s not rocket surgery to predict this will come to a head in Sept Oct when millions still refuse to get the vaxx. Hospitals are already under stress as they fire employees and their staffing ratio is slipping below 70% – they are only counting beds they can adequately staff, not the hundreds of empty ones – and that is the source of the “rising numbers” we see reported. Of course the percentages are going up when they deliberately sabotage care over kickbacks.

        And why so much effort and rolling in “drop dead” dates for mandatory vaccination, which is completely illegal? What other shoe is about to drop?

        If you don’t know, you will.

      • Southern Cross,

        “It also affects young people as much as anyone else.”

        I will attest to that. My 13 year-old extremely active/healthy child (with absolutely no co-morbidities) recently had COVID-19–almost guaranteed to be the Delta variant. You would never have known that my child was sick (normal appetite and energy levels) in spite of a consistent fever between 101.5 and 102.5–until I discovered my child laying listless in bed and discovered that my child’s fever had hit 105.9 degrees. After a 10 minute cold shower, body temperature reduced to 100 degrees and quickly started to spike again. For the next four days, we had to alternate significant doses of ibuprofen and acetaminophen every three hours to keep that fever below 103 degrees. (The two times that we waited seven hours for medication the fever hit 104 degrees.) Everything that I had heard prior to that experience was that COVID-19 was basically a non-event for children. My family’s experience argues against that.

        (For anyone who is unaware, 105.9 degrees is a life-threatening body temperature if you fail to promptly decrease that temperature via cool bath/shower to a safe level–and keep it at a safe level.)

        • “Everything that I had heard prior to that experience was that COVID-19 was basically a non-event for children“

          Perhaps rather than going by “what you heard” as medical advice for your precious children, you might avail yourself of some more recent credible reporting from competent medical individuals.

          Please forgive me for being so pointed on the subject, but I am amazed at the poor judgment exhibited by parents regarding COVID-19 and their children.

          At least you didn’t say you gave him a good dose of horse wormer…

    • “My son is a doctor dealing with COVID patients in a major local hospital system; understands how I look forward to this event as one of about 6 annual road trips. Our good friend heads another major local hospital system. Both have been pleading with me not to attend”

      How sad for you that your son and his friend have joined Hillary Clinton’s lizard people pedophile conspiracy, supporting the propaganda regarding the non-virus in order to implant micro chips in the faithful.

      You should consider the possibility that they are active participants, implanting demon seed into unsuspecting American citizens; the best you can do is inject their brain stem with Clorox in order to stamp out the infection, followed by a strict regimen of ivermectin horse wormer.

  4. Well-informed Americans know that weeks of the Biden admin ordering the dumping of tens of thousands of known-to-be-infected fence jumpers into the general population of TX, among other “red” states, has caused the infection rate numbers to skyrocket in those states. This, plus the ignoring of the debacle in Afghanistan to promote the forced vaxing of Americans against their will and better judgement are likely the desired end result, if Biden is even cognizant at all about what is going on other than having to decide on an ice cream flavor. This will affect not only the NRA Annual Meetings, but likely every other similar large gatherings, ie. Shot Show, Harrisburg, local gun shows and the like.

    Covid 2.0.

    And the greatest fallacy of all is that 60% of the infected in most regions are actually the vaccinated, along with the need for endless “booster shots” that likely will not work for long if at all, plus those so-vaxed being treated no differently than those who are not, by having to wear masks, not gather together, etc., etc.

    • Craig……….And the majority of the seriously ill and dying patients in the hospitals in Israel are the vaccinated. Their immune systems were compromised by the vaccine. Eugenics at work.

      • @Ed Schrade

        Pulled this from the Times of Israel. The article is by Amy Spiro and dated 22 August 2021. The following is a paragraph from Ms. Spiro’s article.

        “Officials say the vast majority of those continuing to suffer serious bouts with COVID are unvaccinated, though breakthrough cases among the vaccinated have also become common as immunity has seemingly waned, an issue Israel is seeking to remedy with a booster shot campaign.”

        • Why can’t they just give us hard numbers on that? They have the data. It makes one think they’re hiding something, even if they aren’t. The CDC recently said 70% of Covid patients always wore their mask while they were out. Now they should release the percent of patients that are vaccinated.

        • “Officials say the vast majority of those continuing to suffer serious bouts with COVID are unvaccinated…”

          But the “numbers” don’t take into account only those with “serious bouts”- Anyone testing positive is put into the mix, including those who test positive yet have few, or no symptoms at all. The public is being led to believe if you “catch” COVID- you die!

          The 2nd Amendment infringements are small potatoes compared to this intrusions and propaganda.

        • The numbers are there, just not on fox or one America news or Newsmax.

          “JERUSALEM, Aug 20 (Reuters) – In Israel’s COVID-19 wards, doctors are learning which vaccinated patients are most vulnerable to severe illness, amid growing concerns about instances in which the shots provide less protection against the worst forms of the disease.

          Around half of the country’s 600 patients presently hospitalized with severe illness have received two doses of the Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) shot, a rare occurrence out of 5.4 million fully vaccinated people.

          The majority of these patients received two vaccine doses at least five months ago, are over the age of 60 and also have chronic illnesses known to exacerbate a coronavirus infection. They range from diabetes to heart disease and lung ailments, as well as cancers and inflammatory diseases that are treated with immune-system suppressing drugs, according to Reuters interviews with 11 doctors, health specialists and officials”

          No vaccination regimen is perfect, and no vaccine offers 100% protection for eternity. But the Covid vaccinations do reduce the number of infections, along with the severity of the case if they do develop.

          Of course, most of you know the truth:

          “We’re down to 15 cases, and soon that number will be near zero… “ DJT

      • Ed (and the gulible injection believers)

        Same in Iceland – over 90% fully injected and still many new cases. HOW could that possibly be??? Almost like the MSM and Feds are LYING?

        • “Same in Iceland – over 90% fully injected and still many new cases. HOW could that possibly be???“

          You are merely displaying your ignorance of medical statistical analysis. No vaccine is 100% effective for eternity, and Iceland has a very high vaccination rate. So of course, most of the cases there will indeed be among vaccinated people.

          “However, although the statistics are accurate, the rates are not proof that the vaccines are ineffective at countering symptomatic disease and in a country with high vaccine uptake, a higher positive case rate among those vaccinated versus unvaccinated is expected.

          “In Iceland, 85.3% of people over 16 years old are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and 4.9% are partially vaccinated. It should therefore not come as a surprise that among new domestic cases, most are vaccinated. Since 9 July, 77% of domestic infections were among vaccinated individuals,” Ásthildur Knútsdóttir, Director General of the Ministry of Health in Iceland told Reuters via email.”

  5. That’s gonna hurt. I know the NRA peeps were hoping and praying for a good haul from donors in Houston to save the day. Looks like the descent will continue. Question is, will Wayne be able to pull it out of a nosedive before reaching the ground?

    Anyone who works with the NRA in any capacity has surely noticed the starkly “leaner” staffing levels.

    It’s not looking good for a return to days gone by.

    That’s all I’ll say about that.

    • They need “leaner” staffing at the very top. It’s nauseating to realize that ALL of this was 100% avoidable… thanks WLP.

    • Wayne doesn’t give a shit if it crashes into the ground, I’m sure he’s had his golden parachute packed and his hand on the ripcord for some time…. just need to get a few more millions out to the crack defense team and a few other cronies, then three, two, one and PULL !!

  6. Nothing new…Lots of such meetings are being cancelled nowadays. Yes Wayne and company needs to go so that’s settled. More important is Jim Crow Gun Control joe and the democRat Party needs to go. That ain’t happening when there’s reruns of BASH THE NRA that do nothing but put sit grins on the faces of Gun Control Zealots. America has a big democRat Problem and not a big NRA problem.

    • Both America and the NRA have a “big democRat Problem”, but what puts “sit grins on the faces of Gun Control Zealots” is the fact that the NRA is incapable of unassing its biggest internal threat- WLP.

      There is simply no excuse for that incendiary nincompoop to still be at the helm of the NRA. When a crew refuses to close the scuttles ordered open by a caustic captain, and continue to pussyfoot around while the ship begins to founder… the blame for the ship’s fate lies squarely on the crew.

      It’s simply inexcusable.

  7. I think it bears repeating that what the NRA really needs to cancel is their employment of Wayne LaPierre.

  8. IF you trolls are even members, then you elected a board of directors (you did VOTE??). The board is in charge of the organization. Stop whining.

  9. Okay—I guess I’ll be the one…who’s Rurger? Distant cousin’s, sister’s roommate’s nephew to Sturm and Ruger?

    My apologies to Mel Brooks

  10. It wasn’t cancelled due to Covid.

    It was cancelled because the NRA is a toxic dinosaur that needs to be put down.

  11. Are you going to replace them as the main firearms train development organization in the free world?

    • Vahn. You have it wrong. miner doesn’t drink the kool aid. He gives it to fools like dacian to wind them up.

      There are users and there are the used.

  12. avatar The Now Relinquish Arms, Wayne’s cash cow is dying! About time! Time for a class action suit for malfeasance of my funds!

    Can somebody spare an overpriced high speed nonelectric subsonic heavy metal object to put the beast down?

  13. “So, seriously, jwm, you believe James/NYS would be leaving NRA alone were it not for WLP, or wouldn’t have filed the suit in an election year were he not in the EVP seat?”

    James would still attack the NRA as she had promised in her campaigning. If WLP and the other offending executives and board left, the charges of failure of the executives and board to perform their fiduciary duty would be moot. If the new execs weren’t entirely crooked, the organization would be serving its members and purpose, and there would not be a basis to dissolve the organization and distribute its assets. Wayne and Co would still be liable for their misdeeds, and the NRA could still be liable for breaking insurance laws, etc.

    Craig, I’m not surprised that you’re defending WLP since you were #16 in votes in the 2021 board election. You’ll be part of the board, and if you continue to go along with WLP’s shenanigans, you can be personally held responsible for failure to perform your fiduciary duty. You couldn’t pay me enough to take that suicide mission.

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