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NJ Assemblyman Lou Greenwald (courtesy

“The New Jersey Assembly’s majority Democrats, citing the elementary-school massacre in Newtown, Conn., passed 22 gun-control bills Thursday that backers said would help curb gun violence,” reported at 3am this morning. The new bills limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds (A1329), outlaw .50 caliber rifles (A3659), create weapon-free school zones (A1387), require background checks for private gun sales (A3748) and require safety training for people seeking firearm purchase permits (A3510). [Breakdown of provisions after the jump.] “We are not seeking to prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing, owning, utilizing their guns. We are not trying to impede hunters and sportsmen in the state,” Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D., Essex) said before the votes. Senate passage is a done deal. All eyes turn to Governor Christie, whose non-committal comments offer little cause for hope of a veto . . .

“I’m a little surprised at how quickly they’ve done it,” Christie said Thursday after a political event in Sea Bright, where he picked up the Democratic mayor’s endorsement. “This is a very difficult issue and a complex one. And one that our national government has taken a long time to look at and study. It’s amazing to me how quickly the Assembly can move when they want to.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, another one bites the dust. Here are the new laws’ provisions as described by the Associated Press:

Among the measures adopted by the New Jersey Assembly to change New Jersey’s gun laws, bills would:

 Reduce the maximum capacity of magazines to 10 rounds, as also proposed in federal legislation. New Jersey already has a 15-round cap. Retired police officers would be exempt from the reduction.

 Ban online sales of weapons and ammunition, requiring all ammunition and weapon sales to be face-to-face. It was sponsored in response to the Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting, where authorities said the shooter amassed an arsenal of ammunition and explosives from purchases he made over the Internet.

 Require background checks on private sales of handguns, rifles, or shotguns through a licensed retail dealer. Transactions between immediate family members, law enforcement officers and licensed collectors would be exempt.

 Require submission of certain mental health records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, a submission not considered mandatory under current law.

 Establish a 180-day prohibition, up from 30 days, on handgun purchases for those convicted of failing to report loss or theft of firearm.

 Require a firearms safety training class as a condition to obtain a permit to purchase a firearm and a firearm purchaser ID card. Applicants who have law enforcement or military weapons training could substitute their experience for the class.

 Require that firearms purchaser ID cards display a picture and be renewed every five years. Cards under existing law do not display a picture and do not expire. Gun purchasers must obtain both a firearms purchaser ID card and a permit to purchase a firearm.

 Exempt firearms records from the state’s open records law. The bill clarifies ambiguity in existing law that does not firmly state rules about access to these records. The bill was sponsored in response to a New York newspaper’s publication of a map locating firearm permit-holders, which sponsors said they would not want to see happen in New Jersey.

 Ban individuals convicted of any of more than 30 different types of crimes from purchasing, owning, or possessing firearms.

 Prohibit the state Treasury from investing any assets of pensions or annuity funds in companies that manufacture, import, or sell assault firearms for civilian use. The bill exempts investments in companies that manufacture, import, or sell assault firearms for use by the military or law enforcement agencies.

 Prohibit handgun ammunition capable of penetrating body armor.

 Revise definition of a destructive device to include a ban on certain weapons that are .50-caliber or higher. It does not affect certain shotguns and shotgun ammunitions used for sporting purposes of that caliber, as well as antique firearms, antique handguns, muzzleloader rifles, and certain black powder muzzleloaders would also be exempt.

 Prohibit a person named on the consolidated federal terrorist watch list from obtaining a firearm by disqualifying him or her from being issued a firearms ID card or a permit to purchase a handgun.

 Allow the attorney general to seize firearms in the possession of people deemed by a mental health professional to be a threat to themselves or others.

 Establish a 90-day period for a person to dispose of a weapon owned illegally. The legislation would assure that owners of any weapon or magazines that become illegal under a change in New Jersey law have time to dispose of the weapon or ammunition.

 Require law enforcement agencies to report information relating to seized firearms to a database available to all law enforcement agencies. The information is meant to determine if any of the firearms were reported lost or stolen or are connected to any crimes. It also would determine the weapon’s original purchaser. The bill is similar to one in the federal gun control package.

 Establish a 15-member task force to study issues of school safety.

 Authorize municipalities to establish weapon-free zones around schools, day-care centers, public housing facilities, and public buildings such as libraries and museums. It would encompass areas that are 1,000 feet around a school, college, or university. The bill only targets those found unlawfully carrying a weapon, not people who obtained their firearms legally.

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    • Yup, as always, NJ is taking a huge dump on the 2A, much in the same way it’s trying to destroy the environment there too. I’m sure some state pol is dumping medical waste somewhere off the coast in celebration.

  1. I like how police were exempted from the mag cap reduction. Way to be elitist.
    I will be adding new jersey to my list of states that I will never travel to. Like California, new York, and Colorado. It would be nice if I could get my company to relocate out of Illinois. Somewhere south…… like Texas.

    • If you are in law enforcement and promoted these bills, you are a dirty, filthy, traitorous, pig. As such, I hope you get whats coming to you by patriots.

    • Although I dont agree with most of the gun laws in the peoples republic of NJ, I do agree with the Law Enforcemnet exemption regarding mag caps. I’m retired and was a firearms instructor for 21 yrs. I teach other cops how to shoot. The day I retired, I could no longer carry 15 rd mags?? Thats rediculous. I think we all should be able to carry the same but I certainly dont feel like an elitist.

  2. Thats a bold face lie they are trying to take our guns and if we let them take our guns we the people of the once great united states are done ! Our liberty will vanish !! Since the terrosit attacks our own goverment has not passed up a chance of making new laws that take our libertys!! Just look around zero tolerance in schools goverment , undressing you at the airports , Just ask the congress to do something obummer wont like , Like dont agree with him and see what happens !! I am at risk here of saying this they may come and arrest me saying i made a terrorist threat because i dont agree with obummer !!

    • Nick, you have a very good point. It’s disquieting when the political establishment decides to say that one segment of the population (police) are more deserving than others, and no less fallible. However, the police need to realize that the laws will eventually catch up to them. Some politician somewhere at some point in time will rescind this philosophy once an ex cop (or their family member of that former police officer) commits a crime. In addition, their family members are not necessarily police officers that would be allowed to inherit any guns. This exemption is providing cover to allow the Gun Prohibitionists to enforce their agenda, since the police wouldn’t enforce gun confiscation if they were also subject to the same set of rules.

      • Your raise an interesting sociological thought about the inheritance of firearms. LEOs already have a strong, though not dominant, trend of families working in the field. If there become enough special privileges for LEOs would this serve to strengthen such a trend? If such a trend were to strengthen would you see barriers raised to entering the field to protect those families already part of the fold?

        Not saying that it would but I can certainly see a thought/decision process that leads to it either deliberately or inadvertently.

        • Well, as the old saying goes “it’s who you know rather than what you know.” This is exemplified in politics, Hollywood, and certain areas of the job market. I could be wrong, but I don’t see Law Enforcement being any better or worse to enter than any other career.

      • I predicted – about a month ago – and I want to go on the record: the time will come, maybe not too far in the future, when active-duty cops will receive memos that they are to lock their weapons up at the station when they’re off-duty.

        THEN and ONLY THEN, will these morons understand what they helped create. And it will be too late.

    • The last murder with a (legal) full-auto weapon was committed by a corrupt (ex?) cop.

      But hey, only police should have guns, amirite?

    • Cristie enjoys 74% approval ratings right now for bringing home the bacon to the Shore. This will test his true resolve or prove he has no backbone.

    • Christie is the darling of the Democrats. Are people not seeing this? He is following in Charlie Crist’s footsteps exactly.

      • As a life long resident up until 1996 of the not so great state of New Jersey and now a resident of the Great State of Florida who got back stabbed by the Ambulance chasing turncoat Crist, you are experiencing the same thing with the RINO (Republican In Name Only Christie) I predict he will sign and if not I will gladly eat those words .

        • I don’t know if he’ll sign all of them, but he’ll sign some to “compromise,” I’m sure. I can see the 10rd mag limit and face-to-face only ammo sales becoming law, we’ll see about other stuff.

    • If he signs it, he might as well switch to the democrat party. The GOP will wash their hands of him, or his opponents will mop the floor with him.

  3. Gun grabbers can justify anything….. nothing can detract them from their sworn mission not even the truth. Does not matter that gun free zones only produce more target rich/defenseless areas for mass shooters. Does not matter that instead of one 30 round mag. a shooter can use 3 10 round mags. Does not matter that criminals very rarely obey the law. Facts don’t matter, their mission is removal of guns from the general populace…. interesting that all the sheep are just following these powerful people right off the cliff and into the abyss that is government control of the masses with impunity.

  4. This is where armalite and the other manufacturers unwilling to take a meaningful stand will loose out. Theres only 50 states to sell your product. By not taking a stand now, you are putting your stamp of approval on a small minority of people stripping you of your market. In this case, not do you lose customers but public money cant be invested in your business (even though public money can still be used to buy your products through LEO purchases – wrap your mind around that one). In either case…. Its time to take a stand for these manufacturers before they let all 50 states fall

  5. Christie will sign this too, ugh. Whats also scary is that he may win the GOP nomination in 2016 if he decides to run too.

    • Only if it doesn’t have more than 2 “evil features” and isn’t explicitly named on the ban list. (similar to the Clinton era ban)

  6. Agreed, but the dollars and cents dynamic favors large government contracts over individual sales. As a company, its easier to make a large profit margin selling large quantities of products and support in bulk to one customer instead of having to compete on the open market for sales to civilians where your margins are more limited, and you as a company have to spend more money to stay competitive. Its a lot easier to just make 100,000 guns for one public client and call it a day. That’s how large firms like HK , Beretta, and other European gun makers stay in business in their civil gun-ownership hostile continent.

  7. I’m still having no success finding the “hunting and sportsmens” clause in the 2nd Amendment.

    And how is 3-Gun not a sport? The competitors have sponsor logos on their shirts and everything.

  8. The sad thing is that if we could have actually had a dialogue about these laws, several of them are things that most of us could have agreed on. But because the leftists said from the beginning that all their bills were just a stalking horse for eventual confiscation, there was never going to be a “conversation”, and now we’re trading economic sanctions and criminalizing each others’ policy goals instead.

    • The word “conversation” is currently the most abused and misused word in the English language, at least in this country.

    • I don’t see a single one I would agree with. The mind boggling hypocrisy of these people knows no bounds. What is with the .50 ban? Is NJ having mass shootings by .50s? NJ, as IL, require anyone who wants to own a firearm to have an FOID card. These are issued by the State Police after a supposed background check. They are admitting the State police in both States are completely incompetent by dong this. So, therefore, why should we expect these heinous measures to work?

  9. Christie has lost his balls and will definitely sign this. Looks like only politicians and black markets will hold standard capacity mags in NJ. Freedom will have to ring someplace else.

    • Accur, the percentage of the American population that equate the bells of Freedom with 30 round mags is pretty much tiny.

    • Take your children to Florida for vacation. Daytona is beautiful any time of year. You can get any magazines you want. If you have a New Jersey Firearms ID you can purchase a gun also.

      Also no New Jersey surcharge on ammunition. That’s like 20% all by itself.

  10. What did I say? It was not hard to predict at all, given the anti 2A sentiment in this state. Once the senate votes on it, most of this nonsense will go to Christie and he’ll sign. When will the legislators realize that the road to hell is paved with good intentions? All these restrictions will have the opposite effect, because the only people to comply will be the law-abiding citizens, not the criminals. Pretty soon every city and every town will look like Newark, or Camden, or Paterson.

    • It’s not about misguided good intentions. This IS their intention. They have a mental image of gun owners, and they hate those kind of people and want to punish them. I don’t want to Godwin the thread, but the comparison applies here. This is 100% about a political faction that’s left the land of reason and thinks that beating up on a particular group of ‘others’ will magically solve their problems.

  11. I love the quote about “We are not seeking to prevent law-abiding citizens from purchasing, owning, utilizing their guns. We are not trying to impede hunters and sportsmen in the state,” Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D., Essex) said before the votes.
    This is, of course, is exactly what they’re trying to do. Don’t worry if you’re all registered though, we’ll never come after you, and then there’s the 90 day turn in period – Mmmmm…… Yeah sure.
    The lession to learn here is the exception for retired LEO’s. This is entirely due to lobbying pressure by the various police orgs and again should serve as a guide to us.
    The other lession is the ban on internet ammo sales due to the activities of the Colorado shooter. This is what we’ve come to now – mindless reaction to any individual outrage – government by nut.

  12. I wonder if at least part of the game was forcing Christie to sign it.
    If he doesn’t sign it, the Dems can carry the screaming about he’s blocking “saving our children” legislation into the next election cycle.
    If he does sign it, they get what they want and he kills any chance he had at being president.

    Like I needed another reason to never go to New Jersey.

    • From what I understand about New Jersey law, Christie must actively veto the laws in order to stop them. If he does nothing, they’ll automatically take effect 45 days after the vote.

  13. As the legislation slowly rolls down the east coast, I sure hope Virginia doesn’t follow suit.

    Question on the legality of all this – if they outright ban something, such as your 30 round PMAGs, doesn’t the government have an obligation to pay you for them at market value? I don’t fully understand this grey area. I though if they take it away, they gotta pay.

    • Municipal governments typically pay well under fair market value for private land when they exercise eminent domain. The landowners either spend their own money to sue for the difference, or (usually) they just take the offer because the difference isn’t enough to care about. Now, that precedent may or may not apply to tangible personal property like guns and magazines, but in practical terms your decision is still going to be whether it’s worth it to pay your lawyer to sue over the value of the property. You’d have to own more guns and mags than most people do for the numbers to work.

      My guess is that there will be a nominal, punitively lowball amount paid in any mandatory buyback. There will be a class-action suit, and the plaintiffs will win and be compensated years later.

  14. “Retired police officers would be exempt from the reduction.”

    “The bill exempts investments in companies that manufacture, import, or sell assault firearms for use by the military or law enforcement agencies.”

    “Transactions between immediate family members, law enforcement officers and licensed collectors would be exempt.”

    “Applicants who have law enforcement or military weapons training could substitute their experience for the class.”


  15. Jersey – just another pile of Chris Christie’s blubber rotting in the sun. Too bad for the people that live there – but you reap what you sow.

    Same goes for you CO – if you elect officials that make it a priority to legalize weed – you are going to reap officials that hate guns.

    And New York – it was only a matter of time before the elitists in NYC got their way over the good people of the rest of the state.

    Rise up! Take Action! If your politicians aren’t listening to letters, phone calls and emails then peaceful civil disobedience is your next step. And when the police-state government comes down on that then there will be only one option left.

    I may not see the day… but my son might, when corrupt politicians are forcibly removed from office by true patriots and put into stocks on the streets.

  16. Unfortunately, the majority of the population in NJ seem to believe this BS. The “Thin Man” that rules NJ will sign these bills with glee in front of the cameras while getting his ego stroked.


    Governor Chris Christie
    Office of the Governor
    PO Box 001
    Trenton, NJ 08625

    Senator Stephen M. Sweeney
    Senate President
    935 Kings Highway
    Suite 400
    West Deptford, NJ 08086

    Tell them you you are dismayed and frustrated and that they need to meet with Frank J. Fiamingo, president of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society to discuss the issues.

    Hand Written letters.

    • And CALL the Office of the Governor at: (609) 777-2500 with the same information. Tell the Governor that he has NO chance of being the Republican nominee for President if he fails to veto these treasonous bills.

        • Maybe he will only sign a few of the more or less harmless ones (if there are any, as I havent read all the stupid, worthless things)? Hard to believe he would sign them all (especially the mag limit and a few of the others).

  18. “establish weapon-free zones” in areas near schools, etc., but “The bill only targets those found unlawfully carrying a weapon, not people who obtained their firearms legally.”
    Are those “unlawfully carrying” allowed near schools, or anywhere, now? What does this mean?

  19. Anybody found an email address or a way to send Christie’s office a note expressing our displeasure? I haven’t been able to locate one.

  20. If a majority of the New Jersey population agree on this, who’re we to argue.

    States’ rights, remember? We cannot have it both ways.

    Not that I think elieve to be right, but it is what it is.

    And I do wish that everyone was required to take classes; that might prevent some of the more stupid stuff which happens. Every yoot who didn’t know it was loaded swells “their” argument.

    Russ, Kansan

    • Russ, while I am an absolute proponent of States’ Rights, this is a CONSTITUTIONAL issue. If 90% of New Jersey residents decided they wanted to do away with the whole free speech thing, the U.S. Constitution is in place to prevent it. The entire Bill of Rights was put in place to protect the minority from the majority.

      • The argument in my post was sarcasm, based loosely on the rhetoric of Civil War apologists.

        Sorry for the confusion.


    • Russ, with respect a real curmudgeon is supposed to be handing out deep insight underneath the crotchety attitude. As JTPhilly says, you let off a flyer here. The Bill of Rights exists for the specific reason of placing basic rights beyond the reach of the thundering herd. They still taught that when I was in school…

    • “With limited thinking abilities and knowledge of our heritage, we Americans set ourselves up as easy prey for charlatans, hustlers and quacks.” – Walter E. Williams

    • The whole idea behind states rights is that the state should have the final say in everything not granted to the federal government or decided by the constitution.

      So you see why your comments are off base.

      The constitution and the bill of rights is there specifically to limit the power of any governmental agency even with the support of the majority.

  21. So glad I recently left NJ for a free state. It was hard enough for an honest, law abiding person to get a gun in NJ before this. They brought it on themselves though, they voted these people into office.

  22. Okay, I gatta ask. Can someone on the terrorist watch list buy a gun anywhere in the country or are the already prohibited?

    • The terrorist watch list is a secret list. No one knows they are on it, and no one except special people can access the list.

      So, to answer your question, yes. Yes they can purchase firearms.

      • As it should be, as there is no due process or oversight. You should not lose a right because some agency SUSPECTS you MIGHT be linked to terrorism.

  23. Time to start planning an escape from this cess pool I live in… Well, I’m in a relatively rural, Republican leaning area of NJ, about 20 miles from PA, but we’re still bound by the same asinine state laws that get passed by the gun-grabbers.

    So… where’s a good place to move that’s gun friendly, has decent manufacturing/engineering jobs, and isn’t in the middle of nowhere or under 6 feet of snow during the winter?

    • I would say Colorado, but they are kicking out their polymer manufacturers (Magpul Industries), are under a lot of snow, and have been conquered and colonized by Gun Prohibitionists. I wish you luck in your exodus from NJ.

    • Florida. Every single Sheriff in the state swore thy would fight any Obama gun ban. This is where all the gun manyfacturers are moving.

      Florida is not overun with ILLEGALS like NJ. We have a few but they are notevre and the enployment situation is better. More Jobs coming with all the gun manufacturers coming here.

  24. Never in history has there been a shooting spree with a .50 caliber rifle but New Jersey decided to ban them anyway… because if you’re on a banning-spree, you don’t consider any of your targets innocent.

  25. I hope the northern states keep going, keep disarming
    The idiots that elected idiots. The when the civil War starts
    The south will take over and we will all be better off

  26. Yeah, I’ve been following that Colorado story and will be cheering right along side many of you when Magpul decides to move. Hopefully some day I’ll be in a position where I can legally purchase their products to show my appreciation for their stance.

    The easy answer for me is to move across the river to PA and keep my job in NJ, as many others who work here currently do. But it would be so sweet to eventually know that this place won’t get another penny from me, and how long can PA hold out against the rising tide in this area?

    (Oops, this was supposed to be a reply to Nazgul above…)

    • We;’re already required ID cards to *buy* guns. It’s called the “NJ Firearms Purchaser ID Card”. Problem is, law enforcement extends that to mean we need the ID card to *own* guns.

      On top of that we need a separately approved permit to buy a handgun, each and every time we want to buy one. I’m worried that this new law will extend this permit requirement to include long guns as well.

    • Yah, cause the people of NJ and the Obama voters nationwide, are influenced in their voting by the NRA scorecard???? Wake up. Obama Nation is voting via bogus social issues and free $hit.

      • Yes because if it is not reflected on his NRA rating then they shall receive nigher my support or monies. I can’t help for whom tools vote for but I can decide how I will spend my time, energy and money, and I can tell every gun owner/NRA member I know what I think about the NRA actions in support of those that would take away our civil rights.

  27. It is really amazing, a million Warsaw troops ready to invade, thousands of nukes pointed at our cities, Backfire bombers skirting our boarders and we stare the Soviets down.
    It only takes one crazy kid with one rifle to bring us to our knees???

  28. Face to face sales is a joke, as all Internet weapons purchases become a face to face transaction since the guns have to go to an FFL for transfer.

    It’s also a defacto quasi-ban on everything as there aren’t a lot of gun stores around anymore. Arming up is about to become a whole lot harder in Jersey.

    Maybe Cabelas will see this as an opportunity to open that Jersey store they’ve been thinking about.

    Finally, if Christie signs this crap, he’s hurting his chances for seeking higher office as a Republican.

  29. I know. Over 30 years ago even for long guns the cops wanted to know what your “need” was and they handed them out at their personal discretion – That’s in-your-face treason. Vote with your feet!

    Katrina: Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns “It was give up your gun or die” (Youtube)

    “We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant (Beacon Equity)

    DHS Buys 200,000 More Rounds Of Ammo, Over 1.6 Billion Total (Western Journalism)

    DHS Buys 7000 Full-Auto Assault Rifles, Calls Them ‘Personal Defense Weapons’ (Before It’s News)

    Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Second Amendment is about the right to shoot tyrants, not deer!
    “…The historical reality of the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right to shoot deer. It protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right to shoot at them effectively, WITH THE SAME INSTRUMENTS THEY WOULD USE UPON US…”

  30. My prediction is that Christie will veto some minor provision to show how pro-2nd Amendment he is. Two questions though. Is there an expanded AWB? Does one now FOID and a per gun permit for long guns, or is it still just for handguns?

  31. The clause of ” Prohibit handgun ammunition capable of penetrating body armor” would ban most handgun rounds in existence are at least CAPABLE of puncturing armor (especially type I).

    Also, ammunition designed to penetrate body armor is already banned, so this must be a round about way of banning handguns.

    • It’s deeper. Because of the existence of pistols that fire rifle bullets such as AR pistol or Thompson Centers, and because rifles can penetrate the light vests cops wear, they could theoretically ban any bullet for which there exists a pistol version. So there goes .223, 30-06, 308, pretty much anything.

  32. Where do I begin? How about here:
    “Revise definition of a destructive device to include a ban on certain weapons that are .50-caliber or higher. … certain black powder muzzleloaders would also be exempt.”

    Only certain black powder muzzleloaders would be exempt? How could any black powder muzzleloader be a “destructive device”?!?!?!?

    But this one is my favorite:
    “Reduce the maximum capacity of magazines to 10 rounds … Retired police officers would be exempt from the reduction.”
    Thus there is one set of laws for the people and a different set of laws for ex-police — it must be nice being Noblemen. If only New Jersey would just get it over with and bestow some title of nobility to ex-police. (Our U.S. Constitution specifically forbids titles of nobility in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8).

  33. “Require that firearms purchaser ID cards display a picture and be renewed every five years.”

    Right now if you need a change of address for an already existing FID card it can take 3-4 months to get that done. What happens when every current FID card needs to be renewed at once?


    The NJ Assembly is trying to keep us from self-defense not only with our guns, but even with our knives. We will be helpless – and our children especially will be helpless – against any madman who wants to make headlines.

    From the latest Knife Rights email update:

    New Jersey Assembly bill A1387, which would permit municipalities to establish huge swaths of “weapons free zones” around schools, parks and “public facilities” within which possession of “any dangerous knife” would be prohibited, under penalty of fine and imprisonment, was passed by the full Assembly, along with a package of 19 other anti-gun bills, by decidedly partisan votes. We do know that your emails and calls were heard, but the steamroller in the Assembly was unstoppable. HOWEVER, THIS BILL HAS NOT YET BECOME LAW.

    The bill now moves to the NJ Senate, a somewhat more deliberative body where all indications are that there is no desire to steamroll the bill package that passed in the Assembly. A1387will face brand new scrutiny and a full committee hearing in the Senate, if it is even moved forward there at all. Not all the bills passed by the Assembly yesterday will even get a hearing in the Senate. In any case, we will have a better chance to remove the “any dangerous knife” language during a hearing process, which was bypassed in the Assembly.

  35. NJ historical perspective. Dates are approximate.

    1966 FOID card.

    1975 BB guns, antiques & replicas regulated.

    1992 “Florio” assault weapons law. 15 round limit.

    1998 “Smart” gun law. Police exempt.

    ? Can’t stop for breakfast on way to the range with gun in car.

    2004 1 gun a month law.

    2013 THIS!

    The incremental process to prohibition. It takes a long time but it works.

  36. If there is a state where you need to be armed it is New Jersey. New Jersey is overun with ILLEGALS many are armed and violent. They hate America and Americans. The cops in New Jersey are afraid to even stop them. Now they want to further disarm the law abiding American.

    Did you notice no one visits Atlantic City anymore.

  37. ” Allow the attorney general to seize firearms in the possession of people deemed by a mental health professional to be a threat to themselves or others.”

    So if you yell at someone who cut you off in traffic, and that person is in the Health care field, she sees your NRA sticker and calls the cops and says you are acting dangerously (crazy)…

    good buy firearms!??

  38. I am so thankful that i moved out of the state of New Jersey just in time now i hope my new home state of PA does not do anything crazy like NJ & NY etc. Because it is so much easier to go after the law abiding taxpaying citizens then it is to go after the criminals

  39. The exemption of retired police officers was required to get local law enforcement to testify before the legislature that “police want the guns off the streets”. Most cops understand that they can’t prevent a crime no matter how much presence we pay for. Police can only investigate and catch/punish those who do commit crimes. The only ones that can truly stop crime are individuals willing to stand up and defend themselves (easier with a gun against those who have guns).

    Why don’t they exempt former/retired military? Why don’t they exempt firearms instructors? Professional Armed Guards? Those groups have extensive training and have proved responsible with guns. The answer is simple… other groups wouldn’t go to the capital and testify on behalf of Gun Control.

    NJ, if you don’t want to look like a bunch of hypocritical typical politicians, make an 11 round magazine illegal for everyone except active police. Don’t exempt special interest groups that support your position, and see how much support you get from local law enforcement…

  40. f^ck new jersey.

    Ive always hated the eastern seaboard and do even more now.

    if anybody gets offended, go back to your beloved jersey and frost your f^cking hair and finish your sun tan. Us real men will continue wearing out cowboy hats, clinging to our guns and constitution.

  41. Rather than just grousing with each other on blog sites like this and fooling ourselves that we’ll just solve this by moving to some “free state,” it’s time to really participant in this democratic republic by calling and writing our state elected representatives, and making our voices heard, and most importantly VOTING. Without taking these steps allowed by the 1st, the 2nd will be lost forever. The time to make your voices heard is now lads. Call! Write! Vote!

  42. We must stand together in the next state election and vote all the scumbags out that are against gun owners and put our own people in place that think like us.

  43. How will effect everyone that currently owns tons of 15 round mags? Do we hand them in? Is there a replacement program in place? I will obey of of NJ stupid laws until I move south. Sending my pistols south so when the Gestapo comes knocking I’ll have them safe and sound down south!


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