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This morning’s NBC’s Meet the Press ran the above anti-gun segment on “gun violence.” The carefully-edited excerpt from a larger film presented incarcerated criminals who’d shot innocent people and lived to regret it. All of those interviewed were black. Todd asked his audience to ignore that fact. Yeah. No. Within minutes the Internet was abuzz with charges of racial bias. Host Chuck Todd hardly had time to strip off his microphone to pen a public explanation. It’s a combination of “sorry if we hurt your feelings” and “screw you, it’s our job to make you uncomfortable.” Seriously. Here it is . . .

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the gun video we showed on Meet the Press today. Some were upset it only featured African-American men talking about their regrets of pulling a trigger. All of the men in the piece volunteered to be a part of the video and the larger project it is a part of.

But the last thing we wanted was to cloud the discussion of the topic.

The original decision to air this segment was made before Wednesday’s massacre. However, the staff and I had an internal debate about whether to show it at all this week. When we discussed putting it off, that conversation centered around race and perception – not the conversation we wanted the segment to invoke.

We decided against delaying the segment because we wanted to show multiple sides of what gun violence does in this country. We thought the issue of gun violence in our culture and society was an important conversation to continue — too important to put off for another week. The consequences of gun violence should not be hidden.

As I say to all audiences, Meet the Press should make all viewers uncomfortable at some point or we are not doing our job. I hope folks view the gun video as a part of the conversation we should all be having and not the totality of it.

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  1. I love it when the Left eats their own.

    I watched 2 morning shows and the Left is exhausted and disillusioned about getting more gun laws. Love it!

    • Great. Let’s keep the pressure up and crush our enemies — see them driven before us, and hear the lamentation of their women!

        • No. Not tissues. Collection vessels. I have a bottling line. This stuff makes an excellent gun lubricant.

        • Doc, if it comes (ahem) from a Liberal, it’s likely very corrosive in nature. I’d hate to damage a fine firearm..

          Daily Beatings, I like the way you think… 🙂

          Dirk, I’d say even odds you haunt Shannon’s dreams…


        • Libtard tears as firearm lubricant. Now, what to name it? Loony Left Lube…”Makes your gun slide like a slippery slope to prohibition”. As an added bonus, along with gun grime, it can remove excessive, caked on, gun grabber makeup from the likes of Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pa-lousy. Due to the power of this product, it can only be sold in low capacity amounts (seven in NY, ten in Cali, etc…).

    • It is part of my Sunday morning ritual. I watch the Georgia Gang, The Mclaughlin Group, Fox News Sunday, Face the Nation (miss Bob), and Meet The Press.
      I saw this segment and the only thing I noticed was the “blame the gun” sentiment. Race never crossed my mind. Every one of those prisoners said “it is all because I decided to pick up a gun”. Well, millions of people every year decide to pick up a gun and they are still living happy productive non violent lives. Many of them are black I suppose. Colion Noir should make a spoof of this video showing how good his life is ever since he decided to pick up a gun. Or we should have people who survived a DGU make a video about how glad they are that they decided to “pick up a Gun”.

  2. Too bad Chucky didn’t bring a verboten 30rd mag in studio like his crony David Gregory did, they have a get out of jail free card for that one.
    It’s a powerful segment. Raw Story is an accurate description. However,
    I will say throughout my life around firearms, I had enough self control and discipline to get training, learn from others, not do stupid shit with stupid people, and to this day, my “guns” have not killed or injured anyone.
    The PC crowd was obliged to jump on Chucky. Can’t have a conversation about guns, which they keep touting, if it involves blacks.
    It’s only the racist whitey’s with guns that are the problem.

  3. Anyone in favor of gun control is historically in favor of slavery. The first set of gun laws that came out was to keep guns out of the hands of slaves. I would love to debate an anti gun lib and point that fact out to them, than watch their head explode as they tried to figure out a way to explain it.

  4. Uh…oh.
    Flying pig moment.
    Looks like somebody may have left the Obama reservation.

    Just 5 minutes ago by director of FBI on 60 Minutes.

    ” I believe that Americans should be deeply skeptical of government power. You cannot trust people in power….the founders knew that. “

      • Wikipedia says 10yr in theory but only done twice. Current guy appointed by Barry in 2013.

      • “Doesn’t FBI director have a 10 yr appointment?”

        A few presidents tried to get rid of J.Edgar Hoover.

        Whispers of blackmail files…

        • Far more than just whispers. J Edgar was a scum bag, that guy was so messed up in the head I don’t even know where to start. Its funny, prior to the Bureau of Investigation getting more funding in the dillinger era one Senator denied his request for more funding saying something to the point of I don’t want a gestapo in America and look at what we have now. If they can’t use the FBI to go after this or that they just make a new alphabet soup agency or even a handful of them.

    • “Just 5 minutes ago by director of FBI on 60 Minutes.”

      ” I believe that Americans should be deeply skeptical of government power. You cannot trust people in power….the founders knew that. “

      Doesky2, got a link?

      • Hard to link

        Google 60 minutes
        Click on “the director” segment
        First words out of his mouth

        • I don’t like clinging on to certain political parties but James Comey was a republican at one point and George W Bush appointed him to his posts of US Attorney for the Southern District of NY as well as Deputy US Attorney General. He is from Yonkers though so he’s extremely suspect. His stance on the 4th amendment has been pretty atrocious based on the comments I can remember in law enforcement the 4th amendment is always something that “gets in the way” (which is good for the people).

  5. And of course they all had to line up behind the agitprop canard that people who own guns do so as a way of aggrandizing low self-images (suggesting without actually saying so, that only people who don’t own guns—like themselves—have healthy self-images). What they can’t admit is, like it or not, guns are singularly effective ways of protecting life and property. In fact, when it gets right down to it, when the Really Bad Thing Is Happening Right Now, there’s nothing better than having a gun and the knowledge of how to use it. Gun controllers simply don’t have a good counter-argument against that hard fact.

    • Liberals that hate Guns use them in crime more than anyone. They are not well adjusted because they know if they had a Gun, they would use it, that’s why they fear it.

  6. This video is beyond absurd. Murderers convincing the left that the gun was responsible for their reprehensible acts. That they lost control of their actions do the presence of a gun. Sickening.

    • This video reinforces the racist idea that blacks have no self control. No wonder the left is eating their own.

    • Rapists convincing the left that partially exposed boobs was responsible for their reprehensible acts. That they lost control of their actions do the presence of a set of overstuffed glands.

      Funny how one “works” and the other doesn’t.

      • Nice try but wealthy white women and lesbians are more important to the demtards that blacks. So ANY female display or performance is irrelevant to outcome.

        They need the chicks and dykes for lifestyle. Dems only need the blacks the 1st Tuesday in November. Guess who gets to see the underside of the bus?

  7. Wonder how many of those convicts are missing a dad on Father’s Day asks no politically correct Leftist.

  8. What is the threshold for something to be included in “our culture”; specifically, what is the participation rate of our citizenry in acts of gun violence that would include gun violence as a part of our culture? Does our culture really include gun violence if less than 1% of the population commit such acts? To be a part of our culture, wouldn’t the majority have to condone such acts?

  9. I saw this this morning. As it aired I sat staring and thinking, “what the hell is this?” But I expect this bias from MSNBC. If you don’t see it then you are lacking is wisdom or are one of them.

  10. Did anyone else catch the mention of “over 400,000 gun deaths since 9/11”? That seemed awfully high…

    Quick googling showed roughly 11,000 firearm homicides in the US in 2013 (according to Assume that’s a good year. Say it’s average of 15,000 per year (which it’s not) for the last 15 years (which it hasn’t been). That would be 210,000 (which it isn’t) – just over half of the 400,000 deaths cited by Mr. Todd.

    I had to go to the transcript because the number seemed so off. That is, in fact, what he said. Are they counting overseas deaths by firearm as part of their statistics? And if so, what exactly is the piece of miracle gun control legislation that will reduce gun violence in Ukraine, Syria, what’s left of Iraq, and elsewhere?

    I mean, seriously? MTP used to be respectable.

  11. Next week on meet the press: “Alcoholics discuss craft beer”, “Anorexics discuss nutrition”, and “News anchors discuss narcissistic personality disorder”.

  12. So … the only reason these poor “African Americans” ended up in jail was because they used a gun illegally. I’ll bet some of them would have ended up there anyway (by using a knife or a club instead). Too bad they never got the proper training on ‘gun-safety’ and ‘the judicious use of deadly force’. The proponents of gun control would rather civilians remail victims, and bolster that argument by showing folks who used a gun ignorantly. Heaven forbid they should actually use their resources to educate people on how to PROPERLY protect yourself with a gun and avoid hurting innocent bystanders.

  13. On “Meet The Depressed” did they only show black perps who were sorry they wacked someone with a gun? What about the incarcerated black perps who were glad they “shot the sucker?” These guys were only sorry because they were apprehended and some judge sentenced them to some serious time. Then they met big Bubba on the cell block.



    PS: Dont shoot ME. Im just the MESSENGER of LOVE.

    : )

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