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One woman and four men are dead this morning in an industrial area north of Orlando, Florida, apparently by a disgruntled employee armed with a handgun and a knife, according to the local Sheriff’s Office. Deputies on the scene have advised that the situation is “contained” and that there is no current active shooter.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Deming gave a press conference at 11:00AM EDT, where he announced that this was a workplace violence incident at Fiamma, Inc., an RV manufacturer. The attacker appeared to be primarily using a handgun; he killed himself by gunshot wound after the attack was over.

The alleged attacker had a criminal record “minor in nature” involving marijuana possession, driving under the influence, and misdemeanor battery. In 2014, police responded to a reported incident of “workplace violence” involving the suspect in which “he allegedly battered another employee at [Fiamma]. No charges were filed at that time,” said the Sheriff.

The Sheriff reported that there was no evidence connecting the attacker with “terror organizations”.

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs expressed sympathy for the victims and their families, and urged people to be vigilant. “Each one of us has to be responsible for our own actions, but we also have to be cognizant of what’s going on around us.”


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  1. Not to be too crass, but I didn’t have any coffee until 10am today and I kinda feel like I know what was going on in his head.

    • Try working in industrial automation. If you don’t want to strangle at least one person per day, you’re not doing your job.

      • “Stress – The confusion created by the mind overriding the body’s base desire to bitch-slap someone into next week who desperately needs it.”

        • The T-shirt I have says “strangle the shit out of…” but the rest is the same.

  2. Probably a Gun Free Zone. Their web site doesn’t say. And if it is, the employer won’t be liable for making a homicidal maniacs empowerment zone by disarming their employees.

    • How about you wait for that info to come out instead of just assuming what you’d like it to be?

    • Diarmed employees? Wrong. More like employees who forfeited their arms.

      Their employment there is voluntary and based on mutual acceptance of the terms of employment. Want to carry at work? Awesome! Be self-employed or find an employer who agrees with you. It’s your choice to be armed or unarmed. YOU make that decision when you decide on your employment. Nobody “disarmed” you.

  3. This sounds like the plant off of 17-92 in Sanford Florida North of Orlando. Before joining the military I used to drive heavy Wreckers Clase and toe big tractor-trailers and buses and RVs and there is a world-renowned bus /rv Builder right there in Sanford that I used to tow a lot of product for back in the day I’m sure it’s the same one they designed some of the biggest luxury coaches in the business. Will follow here to see if my thoughts are correct.

      • Yeah the one I’m talking about in Sanford there off 1792 they had a separate facility for making the awnings and some other fabric Manufacturing but the entire company was owned by one single family. Yeah they had coach frames instead of having a hundred thousand mile warranty on them they had a coach frame that had a 250000 mile warranty and one that had a million mile warranty for the super sized luxury these are things that cost over a million dollars I remember Towing the first one and I couldn’t believe the price tag on it the guy had engine problems on I-4 and I told him from Disney World all the way back to Sanford to their shop and I was thoroughly impressed when I checked it out once I unloaded it at their shop and gave them back their drive shaft. When you tow a big bus especially one that has an engine in the back of it you have to remove the drive shaft to get the rear axle to spin free while Towing and a half a dozen other things but bottom line is that was very bad thing to have happened to a family-owned business that puts out such a fine product I feel very badly about all their families and the people that were hurt and killed. But as usual that company has a strong policy on not bringing firearms into the shop. Even if you’re a concealed weapons permit holder they don’t let you bring it inside they make you lock it in your car. And it’s not in a very good area as well it’s pretty much in a crappy part of Sanford very close to one of the worst krapp dealing areas in Sanford. I was dropping that motor coach off at about 1:30 in the morning and they had another coach for the family to use while they were repairing their damn near brand new coach. So when I was bringing the family and their Motorcoach into the parking lot I noticed the signs that said no concealed firearms or weapons Beyond this point. I just kind of laughed and I’m like I’m not dropping a million dollar Motorcoach being towed by a $500,000 tow truck in the middle of crack town without being armed and being responsible for the family I just brought onto their property sorry. The security guard laughed when I was reading the sign and made my under the breath comments. But the people at the outfit hooked up the family and gave them some free tickets to go to Busch Gardens in Tampa and gave them an actual nicer coach than they had just bought full of fuel for them to use for the entire week they were on vacation if need be and they said they would have a driver bring out their bus to them and exchange it for the other one once it was repaired top-notch service out of this company.

  4. …is that a good price for new kitchen cabinets?

    And does the hanging moss cost extra?

  5. Obviously the mayor of Orlando has no idea what it’s like to work on a production line in a truck assembly line with air wrenches welders grinders other Machinery running such as air compressors bending metal shaping metal that’s why I’m 9 out of 10 people on the floor are wearing some sort of either earmuff or ear protection to keep from going deaf. So good luck keeping an eye on what you are actually doing when you’re trying to manufacture precision-made parts and fabricate welds and product Oh and then you know be careful to watch out for somebody coming in and shooting you in the back horse crap people should be allowed to carry firearms to work if they have a concealed weapons permit end of story this would have been over before it even started.

    • If what you said is true everyone would have been shot in the back without seeing it coming and it wouldn’t have mattered if they had a concealed weapon.

      • What I’m saying is true my brother maybe you haven’t worked on a heavy equipment assembly line or ever been around 1 there are slight pauses in activity where it becomes somewhat quiet I mean not like laying on your bed at 2:45 in the morning on a Monday night quiet but you can hear gunshots when you have ear muffs and ear plugs on have you ever been to a range? You still hear the loud pop it’s just not deafening. People could hear the pops and looked to the direction of the sound when which it was coming which is a normal human reaction and began to run unfortunately the delay between actually realizing that an active shooter was active in their building to the time they were able to flee was long enough for the person to inflict the damage that he did. If just one of those people on the production line would have been armed he could have returned fire maybe not hitting the individual but causing a delay that delay is all the police department need to get on site and take out the Intruder or the mass shooter seconds are what were talking here and second smell and matter very very much in these situations the faster you can neutralize the Target or put some fire on him to keep him tied up and engaged with you is the time your friends and co-workers will need to take cover or get the hell out of that area and for police to have the ability to respond to a shooter that is being held down by gunfire is a much easier situation to come into when there are no other unarmed victims causing the police to second-guess they have to Shooters the fella that came in and wanted to kill and one of the employees being armed they simply make them self known and have the legally armed citizen come out and then they’ll send in units usually a K9 unit or the SWAT team and problem over with with limited life lost.

        • Autocorrect kind of garbled that I wasn’t talking about smell obviously you’re not going to be smelling anything but welding torches and petroleum-based distillates in such an area what I was talking about was time every second of every minute could be another life lost. Time can be your friend or your enemy. If just one person would have been able to engage this Mass shooter and start putting bullets going in his Direction giving the time needed for the rest of the employees to Simply flee less life would have been lost. The police would have been able to come on to seeing and not have to search for the shooter they would already know by the gunfire they heard their basic area of operation and by knowing you have to Shooters common intelligence tells you that one person most likely is the aggressor and one person is the defender and by just asking a couple of the fleeing employee what was going on they would have given you the heads up right away cuz they know these people and they would have been able to tell the police that so-and-so came into the building shooting people and the other person so-and-so pulled his legally owned and possessed firearm and started shooting back at him and that is the gunfire you are hearing from inside the building so you have one good guy and one bad guy. Cuts down on time that’s what I’m talking about time can be your friend if you have the equipment to respond quickly or it can be your enemy like the shooting in the Pulse Nightclub where SWAT teams took almost three and a half hours to make entry on the building and in that time people literally bled out in the bathrooms that’s ridiculous and totally unacceptable.

        • Dude! J.E.H! My eyes started to bleed trying to read your post. I basically stopped reading after the first few sentences when I saw just this mass of undifferentiated words.

        • I have to agree with Thomas. I stop reading when I see a wall of text without any paragraphs.

          I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it; I’m just saying I won’t read it.

    • JEH, talk to text is a great thing, but usually, if you actually say “period”, or “comma”, or “question mark”, most programs will actually insert the correct punctuation mark instead of the word.
      You have some good things to say, and it would help people understand what you are trying to get across.

  6. 4000 feet from their front door to mine. Of course, that’s also true of a few hundred other homes, but still, it’s surreal, because it’s right there.

    • And as a follow-on, I drove past this place a few days ago, and the sign is gone from the front of the building. Their website still lists that address. The ripples in the pond spread on…

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