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Everytown for Gun Safety and its wholly owned subsidiary Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense of America held its “Day of Action” on Capitol Hill (and “throughout the country) today. [Click here for the Everytown video.] With bereaved anti-gun Dad Andy Parker headlining the event, it still only managed to assemble a small crowd of roughly 100 supporters. (A number they will no doubt inflate.) Even less surprising: the unquestioning mainstream media coverage. . . .

Thursday, Andy Parker told the rally on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol close to the intersection of First and Constitution, NE that “we can, we must, and we will” prevail over opponents of new background check legislation. Parker’s daughter and WDBJ cameraman Adam Ward were ambushed and fatally shot during a live television interview last month at a community outside Roanoke.

(courtesy YouTube)

Parker was joined at the rally by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe as well as Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. They urged Congress to revisit a failed 2013 vote on legislation requiring background checks for online gun sales and purchases at gun shows.

Gun violence kills 88 Americans and hurts hundreds more every day, the Everytown Survivor Network said.

The rest of the left-leaning media rat pack are on it, now, sure to help spread a message which singularly fails to motivate Americans to surrender their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. How great is that?

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  1. Mr. Parker should have to undergo a background check and wait 10 days before speaking.
    And he is only allowed to say 7 words in public.
    And he can only do it once per month.

  2. Half the number to remove partners who were dragged there and remove another 5% to exclude foreign tourists who went “cool a free t-shirt and a sit down”.

    Did the laws suddenly change or are the online and gun show sales they constantly mention simply private sales in a well-lit carpark they are being vague about right?

    • “Did the laws suddenly change or are the online and gun show sales they constantly mention simply private sales in a well-lit carpark they are being vague about right?”

      Online sales require gun be shipped to FFL (Federal Firearm License holder) designated by the purchaser to pick up AFTER passing background check aka a NICS. Very few sales of guns on line or Gun Shows is sold by a private individual. The vague part is for the purpose of misleading low information people to believe it’s huge problem, when in fact it’s not a huge problem.

      • No.

        Online (or newspaper, word of mouth, or any media) sales requiring a firearm transfer across state lines MAY require an FFL and the process you mention. Any transfer INSIDE state lines are subject to that states transfer laws, but do not necessarily require an FFL transfer.

  3. About 70 red coats, er shirts there, the barely visible heads on the sides seem to belong to “reporters”.

  4. I fear that the once great state of Virginia is turning into a new Illinois or New York. A freedom loving state controlled by a singular and festering urban wound.

    • Won’t happen, even though we have a liberal governor, the house of delegates is 2/3 conservative and the senate is almost even but still slightly conservative.

    • But I love it in Virginia! It’s not even totally Northern Virginia’s fault.
      Ever since the economy had a downturn back with the Housing Bubble, VA and DC were the only places that weathered the recession relatively well, attracting people to fill white-collar jobs (that still existed) there far beyond what the red-blue political balance of the state nominally had before that.
      Too many people funnelled in from other states not knowing that VA’s success was being killed by inches by the very Blue/Dem policies they brought from their original homes.

      I certainly hope the NRA will fight harder on its own damn home territory to ensure that gun rights stay protected.

      • It’s not the NRA that’s keeping Virginia headed in the right direction, it’s the VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League). You want to win this you have to take the bull by the horns on a grass-roots level!

    • Lots of liberals moving to NoVa to vote now and illegals to vote some day. I give it ten years and virginia will be blue as Maryland

  5. I see that Shannon is wearing a big, heavy chain-like necklace. Symbolic of the chains that her and her ilk would like to attach to the rest of us!

    • Good eye, excellent analogy. And that the chain is gold symbolizes how bankrupt her ideology is, etc etc. I wonder if ol’ Bloomberg gave it to her.

      • Golden chains are the perfect metaphor…she’s chained to this failing endeavor by the money she’s gotten from Bloomberg.

        In fact, maybe she’s trying to send a covert message that she’s being forced to do this against her will (AKA “in chains”), and just forgot how to use Morse code (unlike this awesome guy:

        • Get in line. She’s all mine. I am pissed b/c I was in DC today. I would have changed my flight back had I known I could have gotten close to shannon. Don’t worry. She will succumb to my nubian charms. Eventually

    • “I think I know now why Shannon always seems to have that glassy eyed look…”

      That’s the look she has after a ‘business meeting’ with Dirk…


      (In Dirk’s fantasy, that is… *cough*)

  6. Paltry, embarrassing turnout. Looks like the same turnout Jim Webb has been getting for his campaign events. Doh, they’re the same sheep in different T-shirts.

    • Singularly glad to hear Webb is not drawing crowds. He pretends to be a “conservative Democrat” or a “moderate Democrat”, but he’s a no-foolin’ horse’s arse.

  7. They are pushing for these “common sense gun safety universal background checks to close down loopholes” pretty hard. It’s a very logical first step. You know, a ban of guns made for killing (anything else than bolt action .22) will be much more easily implemented once you have effectively created a national registry of firearms.

    This upcoming election is critical for us guys. Donate money. Volunteer. We MUST win.

  8. T-shirts?!?!?! DAMN – Missed my opportunity. Got a text invite to the one today here in Grand Junction, although I’m sure my name was given to them by one of my political detractors. With a bit more notice, I could have obtained another rag for engine work in the garage.

  9. What he fails to mention is that 58 of the 88 that die by “gun violence” every day are suicides. He also fails to mention that 356 people die every day from accidents that do NOT involve guns and that 6,757 people die every day from diseases, like cancer and heart disease as well as from complications from surgery and other non-accidental causes. Why do these folks never put these deaths into their proper perspective? Probably because it would severely limit the effect of their propaganda.


      Hospital Deaths: Now comes a study in the issue of the Journal of Patient Safety that says the numbers may be much higher — between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death, the study says.

      That would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease, which is the first, and cancer, which is second.

      • A lot of the # 3 happens when they’re looking for # 1 or # 2 . Exploratory leads to Sepsis or MRSA and all the other bacterial and yeast infections and then you die .

  10. “They urged Congress to revisit a failed 2013 vote on legislation requiring background checks for online gun sales and purchases at gun shows.”

    Failed? The whole package of Obama’s gun laws was defeated. I call that a great success, which is the opposite of “failed.” What I would say has failed is American journalism. In fact, the phrase “American journalism” is an oxymoron.

  11. Just look at her eyes. If there were a bubble over her head, in the above photo, it would be filled with an image of Dirk’s smiling face.

  12. I’m sorry guys – this is my fault.

    I recognize all these people from the comments section of various online liberal news rags where I insulted their intellectual processes in regards to their policies on freedom in America, firearm ownership and use, and their general hatred for historic American culture and embrace of communistic and socialist ideals.

  13. It’s interesting how they’re using the victim’s father to push for something that would not have saved the victim in the first place.

    • You speak a language foreign to these folks , Sir .
      It comes forth from your lungs , passes through your Trachea by the thyroid gland and then the Larynx where it is converted into sounds that I would understand to be a language and I would comprehend to be logic .
      It simply does not work this way for everyone .
      Apparently .

    • ……………….or you could just lure them into the back of a trailer where someone was giving away red T shirts and when they were all in you could lock the door behind them , 95 degrees and 100% humidity would fix the problem in about an hour , or the same amount of time I takes to make a pair of eyeglass lenses and you could save your ammo for more important problems . That way you wouldn’t create more of them by your use of a firearm .

  14. Man, they say we’re uncool, fat, ugly, overly-white squares? Look at that damn picture! It looks like they’re about to load the bus to head off to the Indian casino.

  15. Wow, that’s a lot more than I thought they’d get. Good for them for handing out all those free shirts to drum up a crowd.

  16. Has anyone besides me noticed that this “liberal anti-gun” attitude exists more in the original 13 colonies (and D.C.), meaning of course those that became the original 13 states, than most other places? Is this not where our freedoms were born? Is this not where the Revolutionary War broke out? Is this not where the Constitution was written and signed? What the heck?
    And yes; a back ground check is still required at gun shows, and firearms purchased and shipped through the mail have to go FFL to FFL, meaning a back ground is also done with those. So, yes, the claims/innuendos of these antis are false. Misleading (propaganda) has always been the way of those who would take our freedoms. Just study the history of any fascist, communist, or socialist regime. and you do not have to go back very far; Hitler, Mussolini, etc…

  17. I have had enough of Andy Parker. He can come and get my firearm anytime he wants. I will not even use my firearm but my military police training to stop his hate crime actions and impress upon him the errors of his ways for violating my rights. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe as well as Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine ARE TRAITORS!! They swore an oath and they are breaking that which makes them liars and hypocrites. The police that did the door to door confiscation of firearms inn New Orleans after Katrina ARE traitors!! I dare all them to justify violating the 2nd Amendment, did they forget their oath to defend it? THEY ARE TRAITORS!!!!!
    I went to the NRA hunting safety course when I was 1o and hunting that year with a 12 gauge semi-automatic. What did learn at the NRA safety course, know your target and treat the weapon as if it is always loaded. The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting. It has EVERYTHING to do with protecting ourselves from a corrupt and evil government.

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