BREAKING: Missouri Legislature Overrides Veto, Becomes Latest Constitutional Carry State

Missouri lawmakers have overridden a veto of a wide-ranging guns bill that will let more people carry concealed weapons and give them greater legal rights to defend themselves. The Republican-led Legislature enacted the law Wednesday by a 24-6 Senate vote and a 112-41 vote in the House. Both exceeded the two-thirds majority needed to override the veto of Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.”

And with that, Missouri becomes the eleventh (some say the 12th) constitutional carry state, allowing law-abiding citizens to avoid unconstitutional training and permitting requirement for concealed carry. What state will be next to jump aboard the freedom train? We’re betting on Texas, but we may be a little biased. Any other bets?


  1. avatar indirect Action says:

    Whooooo hooooo!

    1. avatar RJ says:

      Now if that kind of thing would happen for us here in Kali-kountry that’d be great.

      1. avatar T.Heiss says: you are a dreamer…fat chance ..not as long as Moonbeam Brown , Pelosi, Feinstein , breath.

    2. avatar RJ says:

      Now if that kind of thing would happen for us here in Kali-kountry that’d be great. Yeah I know but hey I can dream can’t i?

  2. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Let Freedom ring.

    1. avatar Sir Publius says:

      …It’s nice to see some politicians with some nuts for a change. They also passed a law requiring voter ID….something like, what 80% of people agree with? And it takes a super-majority veto-override to get it done?

      If Republicans all over the country had the fortitude to do things like this when they HAVE power, rather than sit on their hands content that liberals aren’t in power, so that whenever in power, they do nothing, and whenever liberals are in power, THEY go hog-wild…if we had more Republicans with nuts like this, who got things done while they could, they’d be a much stronger party right now, there’d be more of them, and they’d be in power longer.

      1. avatar pyratemime says:

        They actually passed the required legislative step to have a ballot initiative in November for the Voter ID law. If the ballot initiative passes it will go into effect in 2017.

      2. avatar Andrew Lias says:

        I hope the Democrats bitch and moan about a “poll tax.” We can then have the conversation about FFL transfer fees and MBCs. Not that they’ll listen. That said if they want people to have an ID subsidize it. Certain Democrats are scared shitless about the idea of curbing election fraud, look at what Cummings did to True the Vote.

      3. avatar Mike Davis says:

        Oh to read my own thoughts!! Absolutely!! Go,go, go Missouri!! And welcome to the wonder feel of exercising your Constitutional Freedom!!!
        And to you, Sir Publius, thanks to u for perfectly framing our Congressional Repub’s who boasted how they were going to make things right if only we the people would do the footwork and talk and push on whoever we could to be sure they got out and voted for our brave and righteous, stalwart and hardy representatives who turned out to be sheep and even skunks. We made sure they got in the batter’s box and all they do is lean on the bat.

    2. avatar Chad says:

      Having now lived in rural Missouri for 2 years everyone I meet outside the big cities are very much freedom loving people!

      1. avatar John Spradlin says:

        Amen! to that.

      2. avatar Rick K. says:

        Hey, Chad! I bought our retirement home in rural MO just about 2 years ago myself. Escaped back to the Midwest from The Democratic People’s Republic of California and couldn’t be happier with my choice of Missouri. Especially today!

    3. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      Yep. And it’s high time for Texas to be . . . well Texas. We have too many anti-gun laws on the books which were put in place with the libtards ruled the state.

  3. avatar Mark says:

    HELL YES!!! Maybe I’ll move there if things go bad in WA (trouble is a brewing….).

    1. avatar Bruce says:

      Fight in WA

    2. avatar Hellguard says:

      Fight for WA
      Sent a letter to your REP
      Send a letter to the AG
      Send a letter to that schmuck in the gov office, or just vote him out.

    3. avatar EastBlocHombre says:

      +1000 for both of these above

    4. avatar TS says:

      Move. I did in 1979 from Virginia (DC ) area. Never regretted the decision to stay here. People are warm and open. Fishing, hunting camping, hiking, music ,food, and freedom .
      Just my view.

    5. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      My wife and I really enjoyed living in the Eastern Kansas / Western Missouri area. Cabelas was about 20 minutes from my house and the guy who did the appraisals at the gun library must have been drinking a lot as I got some great milsurp deals out of it. Now I wouldn’t need a permit for either state! But, I no longer live there due to being moved every 2 years.

  4. avatar jug says:

    Now lets get rid of that commiecrat governer!

    1. avatar Barry Gales says:

      We will in november

    2. avatar Hilts says:

      He’s out due to term limits. Greitens is the Republican candidate (but a past Democrat) and Kostner is the former Republican who is now a Democrat. Kostner actually gets the node from the NRA.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        At the moment, not the biggest Koster fan, but SEAL or not, I don’t trust Geitner half as far as I can throw him. Too slick, and too good at it.

        1. avatar Chuck in IL says:

          That’s the impression I got.

  5. avatar Henry Bowman says:

    Why did Missouri elect his commie again?

    1. avatar Ian says:

      I’ve asked many people the same question. How did we elect Nixon over and over yet vote conservative on other issues.

      Back on topic–WooHoo!

    2. avatar G2 says:

      He got reelected because the Republicans ran a candidate that was a joke. Same thing in this cycle too. We have a former Republican running as a Democrat and a former Democrat running as a Republican. They are both awful. The NRA is backing the Democrat (who was at one time a Republican).

      1. avatar FedUp says:

        Codrea seems to agree with you that the Hillary loving Dem candidate is awful, but he might disagree with you on the ex Seal Republican. What don’t you like about him?

    3. Nixon won for the same reason the late Mel Carnahan did – dead voters in KCMO and STL really turn out for the big elections!

    4. avatar Sir Publius says:

      Missouri is one of 9 states I think that hold their governor elections in line with presidential elections, which being a national election rather than a midterm election, seems to have favored Democrats of late. That’s how. Or one reason I should say.

  6. avatar Captain O says:

    “And the beat goes on…”.

  7. avatar Barry Gales says:

    I live in St.Louis and as a young black male I support it…equal playing field

  8. avatar Hoplopfheil says:

    As Stone Cold Steve Austin would say:

  9. avatar KC Resident says:

    This isn’t constitutional carry people. Not by a long shot. You still have to get a concealed carry permit to open carry in cities that prohibit open carry.

    I know, it sounds stupid and it is.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      Constitutional Carry with altered/weakened preemption?

      The home ruling monarchs can’t stop you from carrying, but only if you have a permit to carry?

    2. avatar Matt says:

      Correct me if I’m mistaken, and I follow nationwide laws fairly closely, but didn’t missourri pass a supremacy law stating that municipal or city laws/ordinances can’t go against state laws? This would take precedence over what you’re saying.

  10. avatar KC Resident says:

    and it doesn’t take effect until Jan 1st 2017.

  11. avatar Dave says:

    Haha. Gov Nixon got bitch-slapped.

  12. avatar WuzNtMe says:

    LOL, Texas..? It took them 20 years to get from licensed concealed carry to licensed open carry. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      And it took Governor Abbott all of about a cup of coffee to deliver us both licensed open carry and campus carry. Mock if it makes you feel good, but we have the momentum on firearms freedom and more is on the way. Believe it. Watch it happen.

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


        I am definitely NOT an expert on Texas politics. Of course I won’t let that stop me from speculating. My guess is that Texas will not go to constitutional carry any time soon, if ever. I would hope, though, that Texas eliminates more “gun free zones”, especially racetracks, amusement parks, churches, schools, hospitals, and bars.

        1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

          Pssst…..churches and hospitals were dropped as statutory “gun-free” zones nearly a decade ago.

          You may still find some here and there with their own 30.06 or 30.07 signs. However, those would be at the discretion of private property owners, not the State.

          Constitutional carry would likely come before bars, pre-college schools, and professional sporting event venues, I’ll concede.

          The big city P.D. chiefs and sheriffs will cry about constitutional carry, but the state DPS, which actually administers the licensing, would be glad to give up the job. There’s no money in it and it’s just a hassle for them.

        2. avatar uncommon_sense says:


          Hmm. This document ( indicates that you cannot carry into hospitals and churches and appears to have recent updates (as late as 2015). Is this document not valid/accurate/relevant?

          Under the header, “Text of subsection as added by Acts 2015, 84th Leg., R.S., Ch. 438 (S.B. 11), Sec. 4”
          here is the apparently relevant section of that document:

          (b) A license holder commits an offense if the license holder intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly carries a handgun under the authority of Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code, regardless of whether the handgun is concealed or carried in a shoulder or belt holster, on or about the license holder’s person:
          (1) on the premises of a business that has a permit or license issued under Chapter 25, 28, 32, 69, or 74, Alcoholic Beverage Code, if the business derives 51 percent or more of its income from the sale or service of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption, as determined by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission under Section 104.06, Alcoholic Beverage Code;
          (2) on the premises where a high school, collegiate, or professional sporting event or interscholastic event is taking place, unless the license holder is a participant in the event and a handgun is used in the event;
          (3) on the premises of a correctional facility;
          (4) on the premises of a hospital licensed under Chapter 241, Health and Safety Code, or on the premises of a nursing facility licensed under Chapter 242, Health and Safety Code, unless the license holder has written authorization of the hospital or nursing facility administration, as appropriate;
          (5) in an amusement park; or
          (6) on the premises of a church, synagogue, or other established place of religious worship.

        3. avatar Robb says:

          Yes, that original bill was amended later. They provide the link at the end. HB 910 I believe is the applicable bill.

          Churches, hospitals, and basically anyplace not a bar(except those statutorily off limits) has to post 30.06/30.07 signs to keep CHL holders out while carrying.

  13. Remember fellow Missourians there are some trips and traps in the changes including criminalizing carry in posted areas if you don’t have a permit. Read law carefully!

    1. avatar KC Resident says:

      This bill kinda sucks and adds all kinds of complication. I didn’t like it the first time I read it either. And they took out all of the good stuff like campus carry and public transportation carry

      1. Ten Four! I hate these last minute omnibus bills. Senator Onger will likely bring the public transit bill back in January 2017. We REALLY need campus carry. I am sick of the University of Missouri spending good money on lawyers to disarm students and faculty. see Royce Barondes v. Currators (law professors ccw suit) if you get one dime of gov’t. money you should honor all of the Bill of Rights.

      2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

        Exactly the kind of crap, or worse, that would infest any federal bill on national reciprocity, too.

      3. avatar Stateisevil says:

        Seems like a big step in the right direction.

  14. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    What I don’t understand are states that are “constitutional carry” with respect to open carry but not with respect to concealed carry (and quite possibly vice versa as well).

    If a person can carry a handgun openly without a state permission slip, why does that very same person need a state permission slip to have a jacket over the very same handgun and holster?

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      Criminals carry concealed.
      If you’re a thug and the cops find a gun on you, they want some way to ring you up.

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        Curtis in IL,

        I have heard that justification before and it doesn’t make any sense. Either the hypothetical thug has felony convictions or they do not. If they have felony convictions, then they are a “prohibited person” and the police can arrest them for “illegal” possession of a firearm whether they carry openly or concealed. If the hypothetical thug has no felony convictions, then police cannot arrest him/her for carrying openly (where open carry is “constitutional carry”) … so why not allow constitutional concealed carry as well?

        1. avatar mig says:

          It is, I suspect, so that a felony can be generated for the ‘criminals’ that up to that point have only committed misdemeanors. If I’m right, it goes hand in hand with the whole ‘stop-n-frisk’ thing that was going on up in NY.

        2. avatar SteveInCO says:

          That logic sounds good, today.

          It wasn’t even in play when a lot of states (Colorado among them) banned concealed carry. Back then (late 1800s), someone bent on committing a crime concealed his gun, but as long as they weren’t in jail, they had a right to them. Thus our constitution (and many others) guaranteed the right to keep and bear, but specifically said it should not be construed to allow the practice of concealed carry.

          So there was a time that concealed carry really was the only thing the cop could get you on.

  15. avatar LHW says:

    Awesome, hopefully indiana will jump on the boat next year.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      I had not thought of it, but now that you mention it, I am going to put my money on Indiana being the next constitutional carry state. Or how about Kentucky?

      1. avatar Bob H says:

        Tennessee actually had constitutional carry make it through committee last session, but the so-called republican finance chairmen attached a gigantic fiscal note to the bill inexplicably. I’m not surprised because these are the same so-called republicans who are pushing for a gas tax increase, obamacare expansion and mass transit bills. Maybe we can break through this year but even if we did I doubt our republican governor would sign it. We’ve got a bad case of RINO here. Maybe the Hoosiers can make it happen.

    2. avatar Joe says:

      Being in Ohio, I’m jealous of Indiana’s easy CCW process. It seems like a short and logical next step to Constitutional Carry.

  16. avatar Danilushka Ozera says:

    Keep it coming free states!
    Take our freedom back!

  17. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    So… where is Missouri now on open carry?

    Do I need the unconstitutional permission slip, or what?

    1. avatar KC Resident says:

      Yes you do, in cities that regulate open carry.

  18. avatar former water walker says:

    Hmmm… I’m surrounded by great states now. Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri and how is Kentucky? Good for you Missouri folk!

    1. avatar PW in KY says:

      Kentucky is great on gun rights. Open carry is fine, no-guns signs don’t have force of law, and CDWL is shall issue. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Kentucky become the next constitutional carry state for both concealed and open.

      Would also like to see a campus carry bill here but other than that things are near perfect.

      I guess the worst gun law is the stinking 50% test on carrying into places that serve alcohol.

      1. avatar Jon in CO says:

        Colorado is shall issue, has had campus carry for a few years, unlicensed open carry. Wouldn’t bet on Colorado going constitutional carry anytime soon. Just because it’s good now, doesn’t mean it will get better or continue. Gotta stay vigilant.

        My bet on the next one? Georgia, Indiana, or Utah.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      former water walker,

      I concur with PW in KY … Kentucky is very good with respect to firearm’s ownership. I also concur that Kentucky would jump up to the excellent column if they would eliminate the 50% alcohol and university campus prohibitions.

      1. avatar Dave says:

        Just keep your mouth shut and no one will know.

  19. avatar anonymoose says:

    Ohio, please, and other states we have reciprocity with right now better take an Ohio driver’s license as a valid CHL!

    1. avatar Joe says:

      I would love it, but I don’t think it will happen. The northern cities are too blue. I really wish Illinois would give us reciprocity. I visit my brother in Chicago often and I hate disarming. If I need it anywhere, it’s Chicago.

  20. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    ‘What state will be next to jump aboard the freedom train?’

    All I know is that Iowa will be the last state that will pass constitutional carry to pass it.

  21. avatar Gary Kimberlin says:

    Montana could be next. It was already voted on and it passed. Gov. Bullock vetoed it saying that our current system is better because it allows reciprocity. Electio is coming soon with a strong republican opponent.

    1. avatar HP says:

      Maybe your governor should let constitutional carry pass but then also let everyone know after the fact “Hey, you’ll need a permit of some sort for reciprocity, if you wish to carry out of state get a permit. Doesn’t matter if you have one in Montana or not.” There, problem solved.

      1. avatar FedUp says:

        The Arizona plan would work, but only if Montana gets a pro-gun governor.

      2. avatar SteveInCO says:

        The beauty of it is, what was an infringement (having to get a permission slip, even if shall issue, to carry) now becomes your state government helping you against other state governments’ infringements by giving you a permission slip that you don’t need there, but OTHER governments will respect. A true public service.

  22. avatar Ing says:

    It’s nice to hear some good news. Sounds like the bill isn’t as good as it could be, but a step forward is still a step forward.

    Utah might be one of the next states to go Constitutional. Their legislature made a good run at it a couple years ago, but the gov vetoed it (a solid Repub from what I’ve heard, but a bit too fond of the status quo). They might try it again…

    If the Second Amendment gets voted out of existence here in WA — actually not if, when; it’s only a matter of time, what with our homegrown billionaire meddlers and all the urban progs on the west side — I’ve got my eye on Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Arizona as freedom-respecting states I’d like to live in.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


      Remember that Utah has no “pistol free zones” if you have a concealed carry license. That means you can carry concealed everywhere without threat of government sanctions. That being the case, consider putting Utah at the top of your list. I would!

      On an unrelated note, Utah would probably have the “best” weather out of all of the states that you listed — in my opinion of course. The northern states are pretty … and have awfully long and cold (and to some extent even cloudy) winters. Arizona has an awfully hot and long summer. Utah would be the happy medium.

      1. avatar Ing says:

        Yeah, Utah is my top choice — I grew up in the mountain-middle-of-nowhere in southern Utah, and that’s my personal idea of paradise. The wife and kids have other ideas, though…

  23. avatar Libertarian says:

    Public Transportation Bus is still an felony and trains misdaemor right ?

  24. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Well, it’s darn inconvenient for the government when they haven’t yet dissolved the people and elected another. Those pesky people might have their own independent opinions and try to enact them.

  25. avatar strych9 says:

    Not perfect but a step in the right direction.

    *slow clap*

  26. avatar Swarf says:

    As seen in Dan Z‘s second link; Vermont has always– literally always– had what we are now calling Constitutional Carry. 1791. I did not know that.

    Their streets must be just sickeningly red and slick with over 200 years worth of blood running through them right? Vermont surely has the highest rate of gun violence in the land, yes?

    1. avatar David says:

      And, for those who are unaware, as was I until recently, it’s age 16 and up in Vermont!

    2. avatar Chad says:

      I just spent a week in VT for work, a really nice state, great gun laws and great IPAs! Too bad the cost of living is so dang high… And you’re kind of trapped in VT, NH, and ME…

  27. avatar llya Kuryakin says:

    I love it when democrats get a big dose of shut the fuck up!

  28. avatar SteveO says:

    Doh. Sorry Nixon, you clown.

  29. avatar Anonymous says:

    Texas is crawling with liberals. It was a tremendous effort just to get open carry permitting in Texas. Texas may never get constitutional carry.

    Kudos to the Missouri legislature for enabling more freedom for the people of Missouri. One of their legislators should walk into the governors office and wipe the signed document all over his face.

  30. avatar Ralph says:

    South Dakota’s legislature approved Constitutional Carry in 2012 but it was vetoed by Gov. Daugaard.

    Maybe with a real Republican, pro-gun governor, SD can join the 2A revolution.

  31. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    Democrat Gov Nixon let Ferguson burn but he made sure that government buildings were protected by armed state guards.

    The republicans have saved the day. Socialism was stopped in Missouri. Powerful guns to the people.

  32. avatar PeterK says:

    Ugh, how do you counter the freakout? My brother in law posted a clip from the tonight show (or w/e) and is spewing the “it’s inevitable blood in the streets!” crap.

  33. avatar Ricky WEBER says:

    Great! We need more States to do the same!

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