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News is just now breaking that there has been a mass shooting in the city of Paris, France. The latest information reports that two attackers opened fire with “AK-47 automatic weapons” at the Petite Cambodge restaurant in the center of Paris, followed by one or two explosions in another part of the city outside a soccer match that was in progress. There are reports that as many as 60 people may be held hostage at this time.

The attack comes less than a year after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris which killed 12 people, which was shortly followed by attacks on predominantly Jewish businesses. Only a few months another similar attack was narrowly stopped on a high speed train heading towards the French capitol. There are comparisons being drawn between this event and the mass murder in Mumbai.

President Obama stated not too ,long ago that mass shootings don’t happen in other developed countries, but this is the third or fourth time in less than a year that France has experienced a large scale mass shooting with firearms that are banned by French law from possession in the country.

Update via Washington Times: apparently “at least 35 dead” and “as many as 100 hostages.”

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        • Did you see the police herding the people into the soccer stadium like a bunch of cattle. Real smart idea “let’s put a whole bunch of unarmed people into a giant pen, they’ll definitely be safe from the terrorists shooting and bombing our city”

        • @Chuck: That was after the German-France football game. People already went to a security check before entering the stadium, so it is really a possibility that they are safer inside than outside where bombs are going off. Also they did that to release pressure from the exits they opened, where they new it was safe to leave.

        • ABC news is slow to explain why they were there. They said they wouldn’t let them leave until the game was over. I personally wouldn’t want to be a sitting duck in the stadium. I would think something like that would be a popular target for terrorists.

        • 7:19 PM EST –

          Hearing first un-confirmed reports 100 dead in that Paris theater hostage situation.



        • CNN now reporting at least 60 dead with dozens of hostages. Expect the numbers to rise, these monsters aren’t going to go peacefully. Paris needs to tool up and fast. Both civilians and Police they look completely unable to deal with this.

        • Police state that’s been hit before, with military walking the streets, can’t protect the people they disarmed. France doubles down with martial law. Those who trade freedom for security indeed.

    • I suspect the numbers will continue to rise. The French police G-d love em are not the Russian Spetnaz. They are not ready for this.

        • Not correct. Many of the hostages were killed during the counter attack, but by the terrorists, not Spetznaz. Still, better than have them all slaughtered by the Islamic scum.

    • A tragedy is an accident. This is a deliberate act an atrocity. This is why we need to nuke the entire middle east into a single sheet of glass with a little patch left over for Israel.

      • When the French policy for decades has been kissing ass of the Arabs and taking in a huge influx of criminals and putting them on welfare, today’s result cannot be called a tragedy. It is a logical outcome of stupidity.

      • Yes, let’s kill innocent people. That makes us totally better than these other assholes killing innocent people.

        • So every single person in the middle east, to include, women, children, and old men are guilty in your eyes?

          • To answer that question, I suggest that you read the Koran and learn something about Islam. Short lesson: There are only two types of Muslims, according to the Koran – the jihadists that are actively waging the holly war (I presume that you are OK with killing them? And they may be of any age or gender) and those that have not yet woken up to full Islam, but are in the process of learning and growing until they achieve the jihadist level. They make up 90% of Muslims, are generally not militant, but will always support their militant jihadists because those are much closer to full and true Islam and to Allah. Occasionally (or eventually), some from that group will hatch into a full jihadist, and then you will feel fully justified in killing him or her (but after they kill of few of us first). It is kind of like the Alien movie – there are very few fully developed Aliens, but there are thousands (or millions) of pods waiting to hatch and kill you. Remember, the ultra liberal and ultra progressive Sigurney had no scruples in frying their asses.

        • I think you’re simply looking for excuses to justify your worldview. Plenty of Muslims will tell you that you’re wrong, but you’ll turn around and claim they are lying to trick you. That’s called circular reasoning. Not only that, but the kind of people that have something against Muslims, seem to equate this with Arabs, which is simply racism at that point, especially since most Muslims are not from the middle east. But don’t let facts get in your way.

          • Antipathy towards muslims is not racism, as you so irrationally decided it must be.
            Some of us here actually have studied the tenets of the religion. Muslim is not a race.
            And no, other religions do not have similar tenets. It takes a special kind of ignorance to jump to those conclusions.

        • Except, of course, for the fact that the middle east, and Arabs specifically were mentioned:

          “When the French policy for decades has been kissing ass of the Arabs and taking in a huge influx of criminals and putting them on welfare, today’s result cannot be called a tragedy. It is a logical outcome of stupidity.”

          But keep making excuses for bigotry.

          If you truly believed what you say, you would act on it. You don’t, because you’re hoping someone else commits violence on your behalf. Of course, you don’t actually believe that every single Muslim should be exterminated, otherwise you would do this, or maybe you do believe this and you’re just a coward that wants others to do his dirty work. Either way, you are a simple bigot. Any Muslim will tell you that they don’t want to kill you for your different beliefs, but you’ve studied the religion. You know they’re all trying to trick you, I guess. The same thing was something the Nazis said about Jews. Why, they knew them better than the “unenlightened” Germans. Every time terrorism is brought up, it’s equated with Arabs specifically. It’s always the middle east that needs to be bombed when those are not even the majority of Muslims.

          • First off, I never mentioned arabs. Secondly, I never called for anyone’s extermination. I do however know a few things about islam. More than many who call themselves muslim, in fact. Ignorance of the tenets, or even the highest calling of one’s religion, is not unique to muslims. It does not change one bit that those persons have sworn allegiance to a religion hell bent on converting or exterminating all others.
            You do try very hard to place word’s in the mouths of others. You would be better served by actually knowing facts about the things you spout off regarding

          • The middle east is where Islam was born, and it, with expansion, is home to most muslims. The msm rarely gets facts right on islam, guns, etc…

          • JAlan – No, I do not believe that every single Muslim should be exterminated (don’t know where you have gotten that idea and don’t know why you’re trying to put words in my mouth). However, I do believe that Islam needs to be either eradicated or sealed off from the civilized world. Islam has two aspects that make it completely incompatible with our civilization – it is a theocracy that is at war with anything that is not Islam and it is incapable of living in peace within its own area, but by its own tenets it must expand. One of the most idiotic actions of our government was to call it a “religion of peace.” That it is not. Perhaps thousands, or possibly millions will have to eventually die before the civilized world will realize that us and them cannot be made compatible. And, btw, anyone that liberally throws around accusations of bigotry, I have found over the years, suffers from that problem themselves. The accusations are an attempt to shove their own guilt trip onto someone else, the facts notwithstanding.

            • It is islam itself that came up with the “religion of peace” name. Of course, the peace they reference will not be found until they make the world one for allah. All of us infidels are in the way of that peace. I don’t plan on helping them, unless maybe they have a desire to ” rest in peace”.

              • Correct – Islam, meaning “submission,” is being touted by Muslims as a “religion of peace” – a very nice propaganda coupe. But it was an uneducated idiot Bush and evil incarnate Obama that have been pushing this down America’s throat.

        • And you didn’t have to mention Arabs, because I wasn’t responding to you when this was mentioned. I was responding to someone that did, and who also called for the nuclear bombing of the middle east. This is bigotry, no two ways about it.

          “I do however know a few things about islam. More than many who call themselves muslim, in fact. ”

          I do hope you can read Arabic. One wonders how you read the Qur’an without that ability. This sounds a lot like the atheists that claim to know more about Christianity than Christians. Could it be, that maybe you’re just a bigot? And if those Muslims that aren’t killing people aren’t really Muslims, then why worry about them at all? You cannot have it both ways.

          • There is this thing called translation. It works well, though if poorly done, nuances of context can be lost, I grant that.
            Which is why you never rely on a single translation, and seek secondary sources to assist in comprehension.
            For the record, the Quran as originally written, and as muslims are supposed to study it, is incomprehensible to most Arabic speaking muslims anyways. It is too archaic a version, which is why memorization and recitation is stressed over comprehension. It is like the old Latin mass for Catholics. A non-Muslim is not prohibited from using translations of the quran, and thus context is easier to seek out.
            You really toss that “bigot” word around a lot, might give people ideas about you.

        • JAlan, there is no such thing as an innocent muslim. They are either pedophiles who want to kill your family and rape your goat or scumbags who support pedophiles who want to kill your family and rape your goat.

          The way I see it, the middle east is a starting point. Every Islamic country needs to be reduced to a radioactive wasteland and their cult eradicated from the face of the earth.

          If they want to act like it’s still the 12th century, let’s oblige them. A good old fashioned Crusade would settle things nicely.

  1. It’s just your local Mosque having a “Welcome to Baghdad North” party for the moslem troops pouring into Europistan. Roast goat at 4, gang rape at 5, queue up for benefits at 6.

      • An imam a few years back ruled that you could not eat, or even sell in your own village, an animal that you had sex with…you have to take it to another village to sell it. Not kidding.

      • Religion of Peace, ya’ll

        But really, just work place violence. Move along now. Nothing to see.

        Move it along…

        I can’t wait to see how all those millions of Syrian refugees assimilate in Germany. They’ll have fun, fun, fun until Mohammad takes their AK’s away.

  2. I don’t believe that this report is accurate. Paris banned these types of weapons. How could this happen?? Where were the police??!

    • These Syrian “refugees” likely brought the weapons with them, and probably have a whole lot more hidden away. You wont hear any mention of that in the media though.

  3. Proof that just because firearms are banned in a region or area that does not make you safe from harm. Criminals want you unarmed which makes it easier to rob or kill you. Which is why as an American “if you don’t fight for something you’ll fall for anything”……… Liberal jackasses aren’t taking my rights!!!!!!

    • You joke but St bartholomew’sday was a butchery in Paris

      That was the Catholics though

      And it was a while back

  4. I’m sure it’s just a bunch of disgruntled white boys that are pissed off about their fois gras and cheap wine.. Good thing ALL of France is a gun free zone except for the cops.

    France has agreed to take 2 million more Middle Eastern Migrants/Refugees/Invaders.

    Expected that France will surrender in 3,,,,,,,,2,,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,,,,,,

    • “France has agreed to take 2 million more Middle Eastern Migrants/Refugees/Invaders.”


      Watch ’em reconsider that offer in 5… 4… 3… 2…

  5. Did you get my message then?

    This is another tragedy in the epitome of civilization…

    Tis a sad day, indeed.

  6. This is horrific and I hope that we can ignore the politics of firearms to appreciate and recognize the tragedy involved. Waving the bloody shirt is offensive when done by either side.

    On a personal note, I have met some really nice people who live there and my daughter dreams of visiting. I hope for the safety of the former and pray the the French will be as welcoming of the latter tomorrow as they were yesterday.

    • Yes, it’s horrific. You’ll notice a lot of the comment here are of the black humor variety, because, well, we’re on the wrong side of the ocean to help and for the folks who have been watching European policies,….. events of this nature are not surprising.

      So what can you do. Morn for the lost, pray for the survivors, and Learn the G.D. lesson of what Not to F*cking Do so we don’t start seeing the same rash of attacks here.

    • “I hope for the safety of the former and pray the the French will be as welcoming of the latter tomorrow as they were yesterday.”

      Absolutely on the first and unless your daughter is of middle-eastern descent they’ll like her just fine.

  7. So when the anti-gunners use a mass shooting as the premise to call for more gun control, we call it “Waiving the bloody shirt” and denounce them for it…

    That means that it isn’t OK to close out of a breaking news story about a mass shooting/terrorist attack (one that is still going on!) by closing with this:

    “President Obama stated not too ,long ago that mass shootings don’t happen in other developed countries, but this is the third or fourth time in less than a year that France has experienced a large scale mass shooting with firearms that are banned by French law from possession in the country.”

    • I think it is perfectly OK to close the post like that. It is not waving a bloody shirt; it is pointing out the lies being used by our politicians and SJWs to further an anti-gun agenda. They say “Mass shooting don’t happen in other ‘developed’ countries.” Recent events in gun-free France show otherwise.

      It would be a pro-gun “bloody-shirt-waving” if the article ended with something like “Arm yourselves, the terrorists are coming”.

      • Weren’t Obama’s words something to the effect of “it’s time we make this political”??

        Just sayin..

    • It is ALWAYS appropriate to close out a news story with a statement of facts, especially when they counter the lies of our politicians and community organizers.

      Mentioning that this is what happens when the political tyrants disarm their subjects and turn them into helpless victims while at the same time allowing the immigration of a social, religious and political class that is the sworn enemy of all persons who do not agree with their views is NOT the same as waiving a bloody shirt and calling for even more victims for the slaughter.

  8. News is fluid. As many as 50 to 100 hostages.
    I am going to start looking at international news. Some are saying up to 50 dead as well.
    If you have a right to carry, I suggest doing so.
    Major ISIS attack in Paris. Yes I will blame ISIS. I am going on record that it was them. Stay frosty out there.

  9. If they are not born here or have an American wife and children ……hit the road your gone……Eisenhower deported 2.2 million and Truman deported 4.5 million……so Trump is on the right track…..send the bums home.

    • You think Mexican fruit pickers carried out a coordinated attack in Paris? Wow, they sure do have a lot of power in your mind.

      I wish all those “bums” you are so contemptuous of could afford to do a week long strike. See what kind of useless you think they are when we have to do without their labor for a while.

      One last thing… Frank. I’m betting your people were immigrants, too, not many generations ago.

      • We wouldn’t have to do without a thing. Those jobs being done by illegals would be automated, or get done by teens, or have the wages elevated until people would do the jobs, likely a combination of all three. It is a malicious myth that we need illegals to do the dirty work. But you bought into it.
        The small increase in prices from real world wage adjustments would be more than compensated by the reduction in outlays to illegals. Yes the illegals also pay taxes, but the tax numbers still add up to an expenditure of about 40 billion on illegals, not a gain. Oops.

        • Workforce participation rate of US citizens is the lowest since the great depression. There are a lot of Americans available to re-enter the work force and do those jobs.

        • @ Five
          Yes, there is lots of Americans available, but are they willing to do that kind of work? I feel like most of people born here think they are too good and above lowly manual work in fields or landscaping. Illegal immigrants are legally unemployable, get no health insurance, paid vacations, 401(k) or even social security.
          Still, for most part they work their asses off unlike some other social group living from hand outs for generations in inner cities that I could mention.

  10. That soccer match in progress was France national team against the Germans. The German minister for foreign affairs and the France president where both in the stadium, at least one explosion was heard during the game. The game was not halted after the first explosion, but the president of France was evacuated immediately, after the game security opened only some exists and later opened the grass area of the stadium and a panic broke out. After that police imposed a curfew on the stadium. Latest news on German Television report at least 30 dead and the attackers at least from the shooting fleeing. It is still were unknown if the attacks are connected or not.

  11. The terrorists are entirely at fault for this attack.

    i will be interested to know how many terrorists required to cause this much damage, chaos, and hold that many hostages. hebdo was only 2. mumbai was around 25. the belsan shool incident in russia involved a large number of attackers as well.

    • Its neither John.

      Its a fucking invasion and these are the first shots in the war. All Europeans better tool up and take out the trash.

      • That is what I’d call it.
        Except the French historically don’t handle invasions very well; but Germany, on the other hand…..

  12. article must be false, as people in France are not allowed to own guns. Knowing NO one would break the law, so this must be false. Get the point ?

    • That’s just wrong. People in France can own guns, not as many as you, but they can. They have hunting and shooting clubs and so on there too.

      • There’s a difference between having guns and actually being able to defend yourself. One gun or a hundred is of no use to you locked up in a safe at a club. Really, this is kinda obvious.


      • you may wish to read up on the laws in France, you can NOT own a handgun or any weapon to defend yourself. Just like Hillary and Obama want to do in the USA.

  13. But Obama said this kind of thing only happens in the US.

    Amazing that a bunch of unarmed, disillusioned people jesuis Charlie didn’t keep the terrorists from attacking again.

  14. Mass shootings only happen in the US. Everywhere else is safe. Gun control keeps these things from happening in other countries. Clearly diversity doesn’t cause problems and when homogenized populations diversify, there is no increase in violence. We should be taking in refugees from war-torn Syria.

  15. The President just spoke…used words like terrorism and extremism…He thinks we’ll learn more in the days ahead and may figure out who done it. He will not speculate who…
    No mention of gun control…

  16. Waiting for Obama to denounce France as not being a “developed nation” any more.

    How the Developed nation conversation goes:

    “Developed nations with gun control don’t have issues with shootings.”

    “What about Mexico and Brazil?”

    “Those holes have way too much gun violence to be developed nations.”

  17. Deeply saddened for the French People and especially the People of Paris. This is an unbelievable atrocity. Latest word is more attacks are now underway. God help the French!

  18. Obama said Christians did terrible things during the Crusades centuries ago. So apparently we just need to suck it up and turn the other cheek while Islamofascists act out here and now.

  19. Just heard our dear leader on tv. He says we share the same values with the French. Whatever that means.

    Imagine this in New York.

  20. Allofasudden, a lot of people in Paris (and elsewhere) wish they had a gun.

    Too late.

    Have a gun. So you never wish you did.

  21. Just to correct some slight historonics.France is a pretty PRO GUN country!!Hunting is more pouplar than soccer over there and there are plenty of privately held guns as well.While there is registration and a permit system ,it is pretty easy to get a gun over there .To say France is totally gun banned is Horse crap!

    • Yes, hunting. Lots of shotguns. Not as many centerfire rifles. Not many magazine fed centerfire rifles. No real concealed carry, probably not many pistols.

      These are what matter. Not hunting. Civilians, armed, and ready to shoot humans. Concealed or with magazine fed centerfire rifles. You either need surprise (concealed) or equal or superior arms to attackers.

    • You’re full $#it Sean, firearm possession by law abiding French citizens is strictly limited to sporting activities and hunting. Possession and ownership of modern defensive handguns, rifles, and shotguns is for the most part prohibited, forget about a home or business owner having quick access to a defensive firearm or god forbid concealed carry. France is one of the European nations that anti 2nd amendment zealots want to pattern U.S. gun control after. An unarmed populace common in major cities with strict anti-gun laws like Paris and New York City enables Islamic Terrorists to slaughter innocents with ease as if shooting fish in a barrel. Apparently there are no active shooter protocols by law enforcement in France similar to those of U.S. law enforcement.

    • I don’t expect we’ll hear about honest citizens legally carrying their privately owned guns in public who shot the murderers before they could kill many people.

    • I am french and i own a pistol, a revolver, 2 shotgun, an uzi and an AR15 (semi automatic only) in addition to 3 hunting rifle. I also own reloading stuff and a hell lot of ammo. Everything I have is legit.
      The problem is not with gun ownership.
      The first problem is the french self defense law, you must wait to be dead before retaliating. And you can’t carry a gun in the street : this is just so sad when I think about these young people in the theatre, one 9mm pistol could have blown the fucking terrorists to piece with ease as these fuckers were wearing explosive all around their torso.
      The second problem are the people, they may be brave (they proved it during the attack) but there is a limit to what you can do without firepower. French don’t believe common people can make a difference. They’re waiting for the police or for some kind of superhero like Jeanne d’Arc, De Gaulle or the godlike power of the Government (this is obviously ironic) to act in there place… In fact the majority of french people don’t even know they could have guns. They don’t know they can make a difference.

      Sorry for my english.

  22. Jesus,this is awful. Prayers for the people of Paris.

    It’s just a matter of time before there are coordinated attacks in the US. Probably in cities and states with strict gun laws.

  23. French President has closed the borders and is deploying the French Military through out France. Additional attacks now confirmed to be taking place.

  24. Hillary noted in her statement that she once tried to enlist in the French Foreign Legion, but they turned her down due to French male privilege.

  25. After hebdo and this I wonder if French citizens, like the Israelis, will demand the right to carry a gun? France is far from a disarmed nation.

    My wife and I were just talking about a small vacation home in France. I’m gonna vote against it for now.

  26. France has been undermined by hateful migrants for decades. Algerian separatists, Albanian criminals, gypsy thieves, Muslims en masse from Africa, and the disaffected effluvia of several continents, have all degraded French life and make conditions miserable for the French. This has led to the rise of proto fascist political parties and riots among immigrant communities. As a liberal douchbag society, France is a very soft target for any would be attackers. It is a wonder more people were not killed. If they voted for the idiots in charge of their country, they signed their own death warrants.

  27. ok obama you want to look like a hero here? put down the golf club. fire up the drones and unleash the hounds…lets help our little friends here shall we?

  28. Though they have some restrictions, France allows members of gun clubs to acquire AR-15’s, etc. Go to BGM’s website in France, they sell Colts, etc.

    Europe went through 2 terrible wars, there are still areas in France where you cannot go because ofvUXB’s from WW I.

    ALGERIA was Department of France, thus many Algerians moved to France as citizens. I don’t think many were Christians.

    Time for Europe to tool up.

  29. The ideology of Islamism is dangerously close to forcing France’s hand, and indeed Europe’s, into doing something they have been avoiding out of a historical sense of guilt – mass imprisonment and/or deportation of an ethnic minority. And when it happens its not going to be pretty. It may even get downright ugly before its all over.

  30. I’ll bet it was the Buddhists, or the Catholics, or the Jews, or …
    Never mind. I’ll bet a dollar it is musloid extremists.

  31. Paris just found out what it means to be a Jew. Perhaps the more rational citizens of West will figure out what Israel has to live with.

      • Who knows?

        Remember earlier this year when a similar band of misfits found out very quickly that Texas was not France when attempting to attack a cartoon festival?

        Trouble doesn’t make an appointment. I carry everywhere I possibly can.

        • Yes they did but they attacked a specific target setup by someone from NYC. I don’t carry because of terrorism I carry because stuff happens.

  32. Multiple witnesses say that they heard chants of allahu ackbar,….but Obama wants to reserve judgement on who is behind these terrorist attacks. AYFKM?

  33. Why didn’t the French authorities just post some ‘gun free zone’ signs around the stadium? Problem solved.

  34. I’m sorry to bring this up but it REALLY disturbed me. I saw a RT report on the refugee camps around Northern France by the Port of Calais. They were interviewing refugees who transferred from the refugee camp called the “jungle” to another one because they said they didn’t feel safe there because Isis men were also in the camp. They actually said Isis! Why isn’t anyone doing something about that over there. I swear I just saw this 4 hours ago and thought, they’re gonna blow something up real soon, and then what do you know….

        • Fox News is reporting that the Islamists are widely and wildly celebrating this atrocity on social media and promising, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!!! THIS is only the beginning!!!”.
          ISIS has infiltrated thousands of committed Jihadists into Europe and now their War on Western Civilization begins!

  35. As I said before and I will say again libertarians and socialist both say murders have every right to travel to any nation they wish to. The honest godless Libertarians say we should have no national borders and or no border enforcement.

    The French are now saying this is like the Algerian Crisis of so many years ago. The French are now calling for a closing of their borders. Is it wrong to close national borders libertarians?

    Is profiling muslims for terrorists wrong? Or are 80 year old french women just as likely to bomb a jewish deli as a 20 year old Islam immigrant?

  36. So the JV just went pro, huh? Nice Mr Soetoro. Just like you mocked Romney about Russia as a threat

  37. No doubt this the NRA’s and Indiana’s fault. Loose gun laws and all that. Probably Indiana sending all those guns to Paris after being used in Chiraq.

  38. The terrorist thugs had time to empty a magazine, pop in another and continue their murderous rampage in what I’m sure is a gun free zone. Only two thugs in a concert hall killed how many? Not on my watch. Not on American soil. Not within a thousand yards of me or any of my family. Thank God for the 2nd Amendment. Long may it live.

  39. But assault weapons are banned in France! Didn’t the Islamic Terrorists know it was against French law to possess Kalashnikov rifles? How could this happen?

    Firearm possession by law abiding French citizens is strictly limited to sporting activities and hunting. Possession and ownership of modern defensive handguns, rifles, and shotguns is for the most part prohibited, forget about a home or business owner having quick access to a defensive firearm and only a select elite can carry concealed. France is one of the European nations that anti 2nd amendment zealots want to pattern U.S. “gun safety” laws after. An unarmed populace common in major cities with strict anti-gun laws like Paris and New York City enables Islamic Terrorists to slaughter innocents with the ease of shooting fish in a barrel. Apparently there are no active shooter protocols by law enforcement in France. Active shooter training is common nationwide with U.S. law enforcement and is based on hard learned lessons that responding officers do not have the luxury of waiting to make entry and confront mass shooting gunmen, but instead must act immediately accepting the risk of gunfire or explosives just as a fireman accepts the risk of running into a burning building if that’s what it takes to save lives. French Police storming the concert venue two hours after the terror began gave the Islamic vermin more than enough time to kill nearly all of the hostages. The gunman have reportedly been identified as Syrians on an Isis mission and here in the U.S. the Community Organizer in Chief has invited 300K Syrians of which 72% are males between the ages of 18 and 45. God help us.

    • “and here in the U.S. the Community Organizer in Chief has invited 300K Syrians of which 72% are males between the ages of 18 and 45. God help us.”

      recall in the movie Red Dawn that there were cuban soldiers that infiltrated as migrants over the border. . . just saying.


      • I agree. At a certain point it becomes us or them. What do you think would happen 70 years ago if this crap were to happen. Give me Harry Truman and Eisenhower, and this stops in a flash. Underline FLASH

  40. Deaths are actually 118 currently; probably higher. I am from there – Europe. I was born here but I grew up there, between Rome and Paris.
    It’s been years that I told them (Europeans) that there was nothing nice about Muslims immigrating or in general terms, with that religion. I was always told to shut the fuck up.

    It’s a good thing that I moved ‘back’ to the USA years ago.
    This is a huge hit for Europe. It’s huge. You will see it impact Europe profoundly. I hope they will learn the lesson.

    • No lesson will be learned until the jihadists attack Berlin, which is the prime mover throughout Europe promoting the suicide of the West.

  41. CNN talking about this type of attack being worse in America because of how much easier it is to get an “assault rifle” here.

    Like I can just walk into gunz-r-us and walk out with a full auto AK

    • And, hopefully, you will be met by an armed citizen who is protecting himself, family, or other innocent parties, which is the whole point of this website.

    • I can”t remember who said it but “Fascism is always descending on America but always ends up landing in Europe.

      The CNN talking point aplies to this as well. I thing between Brevik. Hebdo and tonight Europe’s death toll from mass shootings exceeds ours since 2001.

    • The word “Islam” does *not* translate to “Peace”.

      The translation is more accurately “Submission”.

      • Yes! Salaam and islam have the same root, but different overall meanings. Islam is ” to submit”, similar but not the same as “peace” (absence of fighting or dissension). The devil is in the details. Peace implies no need to resist, submission means giving up on resisting.

        • Ahhh…no the devil is in the “religion” Paul. Worshiping a demon moon god as a a deity. Sorry I’m late to the party but it was reported some terror boys were using pump shot guns for slaughter. And I saw Geraldo Rivera whining about all the needless violence-after his own daughter called him from Paris to tell daddy she was OK. All I got to say is SEA of GLASS France…prayers for the French.

  42. My condolences to the victims and the French people.

    It’s unfortunate that policy in western European nations (generally) prohibits civilian firearm ownership and use and that the culture shames use of lethal force in self defense. If there were persons within the victimized group that had had the ability and will to defend themselves and those around them who knows how many innocents may have been spared.

  43. By now it seems apparent this was a planned, organized assault on the City of Paris intended to terrorize and traumatize the French people and the Western World. It also demonstrates the power, reach and organization of ISIS.
    The weapons used had to be smuggled into France. The terrorist perpetrators infiltrated along with the “refugees” from Syria.
    Planning, preparations and logistics kept carefully secret from the French Authorities.
    Unknown and frightening how many more such atrocities may be staged and ready to launch in Europe and elsewhere.
    Demonstrates how much slaughter can be perpetrated by a few well-armed terrorists who are committed to a suicide attack in a large Metropolitan Area, especially if the element of surprise is achieved.
    The World has changed today. The savages who planned and executed this are dancing on the corpses and in the blood of hundreds of Parisians and saying “American blood is the best and we will take it soon!” These monsters hate us (everyone who is NOT one of them) and intend to exterminate us without quarter or mercy, and will do so unless we ruthlessly exterminate them first.
    Other thoughts:
    What good is a pistol against full-auto AK-47’s, hand grenades, exploding vests, IED’s and suicide bombers deployed by trained assailants who want to die? Better than nothing, but woefully over-matched in an ambush attack with superior weapons.
    What value is there to “respecting others’ rights” when you have a pretty good idea WHO is planning to slaughter you? A hard, hard choice, but it is naively stupid to facilitate one’s own Death when your enemy is making their intentions to exterminate you abundantly clear and is willing to forfeit thousands of their own to achieve their clearly stated goal.
    How much blood and treasure is it worth to preserve our lives and liberties, and those of other freedom loving people, from extermination, slavery and the destruction of Human Civilization as we know it? As much as it takes.
    Early on in discussions of ISIS I stated that I was not so much afraid of what ISIS may do to us as what ISIS may force us to become. Sadly, I believe that as of this night, November 13, 2015, I now know the answer to that concern.

  44. Send in the Legion along with other troops and take Syria. Do not let those who left France to go to Syria back in. Close radical mosques. Round up all sympathizers. Deport them.

    If Rommel could overrun North Africa with 1 Panzer Division plus Italian units, the West or France should be able to do the same.

    Forget the Saudis, they support these terrorists under the table.

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