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Gun Vote (courtesy

The mid-term report is in. Former pig castratrix Jonie Ernst has won Iowa’s Senate seat. The Republican Party has picked-up six seats in the Senate, enough to control a majority of both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Despite the fact that voters angered by the post-Newtown push for gun control laws played a significant role in states where Republicans wrested power from Democrats (e.g. Colorado, Connecticut and Maryland), the mainstream media (e.g. CNN, MSNBC and Fox News) never once said the word “gun.” Women, Latinos, African-American voters got major shout-outs. Gun voters, nada. Even so, the Republican victory is good for gun rights. When you think how close we came to a federal Universal Background Check law . . .

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  1. It may be a corny thing to say, yet two Novembers ago my faith in our way of government was badly shaken. Tonight , it has been restored by some measure. May 2016 herald a similar victory in the Oval Office.

  2. everywhere where Mike Bloomberg spent he got trounced. The more he made gun control an issue the more the democrats got pasted

    • Eh, tell that to Washington State where the Puget Sound, as always, decided what was best for the rest of the state and passed I-594.

    • Every single person who Bloomberg gave money to in a close race got trounced. Gun voters actually matter more than ever. I work on the hill, when gun issues come up, all politicians know the gun rights vote counts.

      It was a major factor in Maryland where the Dem got trounced in a blue state thanks to the gun control issue 😉

      • Yep. Clearly. And it played an obvious role in Illinois and Massachusetts. It is bad manners to speak of it, but the 2nd amendment vote turned out for a change. And the economics vote. And the “stop calling me racist” vote, highlighted by the election of a South Carolina Republican to the U.S. Senate…the first black Senator from the South since Reconstruction.

      • Just moved out of MD a month ago.

        Brown lost because he ran a crappy campaign that was based on attacking Hogan.
        Hogan won not because he his a pro-2a stance, but because he didn’t keep toting his support of 2a, but kept pointing out the failures of the O’Malley Brown administration.

        If he would have ran on issues such as 2a, abortion, and other conservative values he wouldn’t have garnered enough Dem support to beat Brown. Hogan ran a very clever and successful campaign. FYI, I have no doubt that he does support those conservative values I mentioned above.

        I’m happy for my former state. My current state however stupidly voted for Tom Wolf, but that’s a rant for another comment.

        • So you moved out of MD and now you’re trashing Hogan’s win because Brown ran a non-campaign? And Hogan’s stated support of 2A didn’t matter?

          Do I detect a touch of sour grapes?

        • I’m not at all trashing Hogans win, I supported him and voted for him in the primaries. Hogan didn’t run his campaign on conservative values other then fiscal responsibility, like I stated. That’s fact. I think he ran his campaign wisely, as the 2:1 dem to gop voter base would have certainly not voted for him in the hell that is MD.

          The original post I replied to with my first comment said Hogan won because his stance on 2nd amendment. That is just false, and my entire comment backed up why it was false.

          If you had read my post and have any sort of ability to comprehend what you’d read, you’d see that I’m in fact not sour but happy with how it turned out.

    • I would advise to stop drinking the Koolaid, Koolaidguzzler.

      You don’t go from almost no legal CC in the 80s to now there is legal CC in all states and five of them are constitutional carry without the gun vote.

      Clinton even admits that the AWB was a big reason the democrats lost congress in the 94 elections.

  3. It doesn’t fit the media narrative. Tonight was a political election. Not a news media election. We will continue to get the propaganda as the news media sees fit. They will frame it to suit liberal purposes, just as they do every election. Tonight is the first night of preparations for election 2016, they cannot start being honest now.

    • One of the major reasons for the Dems getting their butts kicked is that the partisan media forgot that their role is not simple cheerleader. They also have to tell their side what isn’t playing in Peoria. The MSM should have been telling Democrats to cool it on gun rights because it was a major issue that crosses party lines. Instead they spent all their time lionizing Bloomberg’s Moms and pretending that the country was right for gun confiscation.

      • It’s time to “vote out the mainstream media”. We need to stop watching and supporting those idiots. Time to make it difficult on them and kill their ratings and shut them down.

    • Amen! National Carry is absolutely a necessity to get all states, espeically those anti gun, on the same page with gun rights as the vast majority of other states.

    • The only way they’ll agree to National Reciprocity is if it goes with UBC’s as well. Then they’ll take away National Reciprocity a few years later and we’ll just be left with what essentially amounts to national registration.

      • I think you are mistaken here. We, the PotG, seemed determined NOT to write a U-BC bill that we might be able to live with. So, by default, we WANT Bloomberg to write the U-BC bill he thinks he can push through both houses. We, the PotG, think we can stop Bloomberg. Perhaps we can; but Washington State is not a good omen.

        If we PotG drafted our own U-BC bill and made it contingent on National Reciprocity, we would probably get our bill through. Once we had National Reciprocity I think it would be mighty hard to roll-it-back. The voters would see that National Reciprocity on guns is just like drivers’ licenses. No one would notice any up-tick in the number of civilians shooting anybody. There would be just no motivation to roll-back National Reciprocity.
        Now, would someone push to make U-BC more onerous? Perhaps so; almost certainly. Nevertheless, if our bill appears to the general public as eminently reasonable – it does as much as the public is satisfied with – then it will be hard to toughen the U-BC bill.
        This is – I think – the smart strategy for us. Alas, I think we PotG are too unsophisticated to play the game. We will play chicken with Bloomberg and maybe win or lose. We won’t get National Reciprocity because we won’t put enough pressure on the NRA A-rated Senators to actually push National Reciprocity through in a must-pass bill.
        We are not the brightest political bulbs in the chandelier; so, we will lose, or win only very expensively and in the very long-run.

        • Well stated. I think a *tolerable* UBC theoretically COULD be done, but WE would have to do it, and it would HAVE to include some safeguard (with sharp, nasty teeth) against a registry. National reciprocity would have to be on the table as well. Unfortunately (as you said) the PotG are not sophisticated enough to play that game, let alone to get past the “UBC=Registry” mindset. Given, if the other side writes it, yes, we’re screwed. But if WE control it, maaaaaybe….

        • “Nevertheless, if our bill appears to the general public as eminently reasonable – it does as much as the public is satisfied with – then it will be hard to toughen the U-BC bill.”

          I think this in insanely naive.

          There is nothing in your post that is born out in practice if past history is any guide at all. THEY “get,” not give. We ‘compromise’ and never get…the slippery slope points in one direction.

        • Ah, MarKPA, Person of the Elitist Club, you may or may not be a gun owner, but you are definitely full of yourself.

          It’s because of Sophisticated people like yourself we got lost so many of our gun rights over the last hundred years by trying to find some hypothetical middle ground we could “live with”. But that middle ground kept shifting further towards tyranny.

          No more compromise.

          We won’t be complete until every state is constitutional carry, with no UBC.

        • JR, I agree 100%.

          Just a quick check – uh-oh! I see you already have a gun. Sorry, you already exercised your right. Too bad – NEXT…

        • “We won’t be complete until every state is constitutional carry, with no UBC.”


          Well Said.

          I will only add that if we ever actually DO reach that point, we still won’t be done. It will remain a constant fight to keep that state. If Statists have shown one consistent behavior, it’s that they never give up; they ALWAYS think they know better than ‘the common man’ how life should be lived.

        • National UBC is perfectly acceptable to me so long as there is no mention of a firearm; not whether it is a rifle, pistol, or shotgun, no SN, no 4473, no nothing. My name and address, SSN, fine. NOTHING about the gun or hundreds of guns involved, type of actions, calibers, nothing. Anything else is REGISTRATION, in preparation for confiscation. Obviously. Check MY background, fine. Register my guns, no!

          That UBC, in exchange for repeal of NFA 1934 and GCA 1968, we can talk. Simultaneously, or the repeals first.

  4. When Colorado turns red for the Senate and the Governorship, when Connecticut’s Malloy and Maryland’s Brown and Illinois’ Quinn all go down in flames, there is no way to see it but a strong victory for Gun Voters nationwide.

    I’m very worried about Washington’s I-594, which is Bloomberg boilerplate making law-abiding citizens into overnight law-breakers.

    • I predict, through low information voters, that both 594 and 591 will pass. The ensuing shit tornado will envelope the entire west coast.

  5. I just read that I594 failed in WA…no mention here yet. This is THE source for gun news. I hope what I read is true !

    • Nope, 60-40 I-594 has passed. By a wide margin. WIDE. Just wait until someone gets arrested for loaning their gun to a friend for a range trip. And then the friend gets arrested for returning it.

      • … And the idiots trying to enforce this train wreck get laughed out of court when it blatantly violates about half the amendments in the Bill of Rights.

  6. Just heard AWR Hawkens interviewed on Breitbart Live, noting how gun-grabber candidates got beat, not just by a little, but by big margins, and how he and others spoke about 2A rights prior, naming those politicians in particular. It would be interesting to see what exit polls, or other surveys later, show a 2A angle.

    Its not over folks. Expect Obama to go all in on Executive Action for immigration, and other “legacy” issues.
    Now we hold the GOP to their promises, and not doing business the old way.

    In particular, going back to dig out the info on F&F, and Benghazi. Atkissons “Stonewalled” came out on kindle this morning- its a bombshell. And the court ordered DOJ data dump was released today as well. LOTS more work to do…

  7. If Foley beats Malloy, it will be solely because of the gun vote.

    That should be enough to shut up dems for another decade or so.

    • If the GOP Congress proceeds to behave like the GOP House has, in two years people will be so pissed at Congress it will all flip the other way again.

      • The voting today was not a vote about congressional gridlock. It was a proxy vote on Obama’s policies, “make no mistake, those policies are on the ballot!”as Obama said. It was a vote that saved the U.S. from an ever more imbalanced judiciary. It was a vote for improved financial and economic decisions, without getting sidetracked into yet more ways to spend money we don’t have on people that don’t create jobs or wealth.

  8. Joni* Ernst is a vet? That’s news to me. Last I checked she was a Lt. Col. in the IA National Guard and an IA state senator.

    Why would the mainstream media pay particular attention to the vote of gun owners? Can you show how gun voters had a greater impact than any other specific group of voters?

    Anti-gun activities by some freshly-ousted politicians definitely played a part in a handful of races, but it was just a small part of a much bigger shift towards Republicans. You’re complaining about the media not focusing on an uncertain factor in a couple of races.

    • The former pig castrator followed by vet made you think vet as in veterinarian, but it’s vet as in veteran, as you state, she is in the National Guard.
      I found that particular sentence confusing as well. I thought the same thing for a moment.

  9. Fox explicitly mentioned guns while talking about Hickenlooper struggling in Colorado, amongst the other losses dems had there.

  10. Okay, our right to keep and bear arms is now somewhat safer. But the other side of this is that the GOP is going to do everything in its power to make ordinary citizens even less relevant to the political process. If they hold Congress in the next election and we get a GOP president as well, we can kiss chunks of the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments goodbye.

    Until we can get rid of the two-party system, it will be impossible for the US to have a pro-Constitution government — the two faces of the “Re-Elect Us” party each have parts they like and parts they dislike, and no matter who runs DC, the Constitution will continue to be trampled… just different parts, depending on who has the power.

    • If you don’t like the current Republican views on those issues, get involved in your state or county committee. Nobody gets everything they want, not even the billionaires. Pick your issue. Work for it. The 4th amendment sounds like a winner.

    • It was the Dem senate that recently tried to kill the First Amendment. In general, today’s Dems are far more dangerous to the Bill of Rights than Repubs are. Hillary even said that the U.S. can’t allow a minority to hold a point of view she disagrees with. It was lefty judges that made the Kelo ruling too.

  11. Democrats now admit that the ’94 AWB cost them big at the polls, but that little nugget of truth didn’t come out right away. It took time for the numbers to be crunched and reality to set in.

    As for the 2014 Gunvote, it may not come out in the news today or tomorrow, but political analysts on both sides have learned a valuable lesson. After the Colorado recalls, the stunning MD governor’s race victory, and the high GOP turnout in general, everyone in DC is going to know that if you mess with guns, there will be repercussions.

  12. Oh I don’t know, maybe it’s because it doesn’t appear it made much of a difference? Colorado: going to the incumbent dem, CT: going to the incumbent dem. These (at least in my eyes) are where we SHOULD have seen upsets IF the gun-vote was as influential as we were hoping for. We aren’t seeing upsets. The massive tide of republican wins has too many other other possible explanations (Obamacare, immigration, Ebola, ISIS, etc.).

    The PotG are *in general* already very active voters and almost ALWAYS vote republican (with exceptions, of course). There may have been a few more that turned out because of all the post-Newtown stuff, but I would bet not many more than normal.

    Also, how is this *BREAKING* news?? Has the media EVER been kind to us? Why should they now?

    • “Colorado: going to the incumbent dem, “

      I think you are missing some very big picture items here.

      (1) Hick did not win by much at all, and it was not long ago that “they” thought he was pretty much untouchable.

      This campaign and the resulting near-loss was an eye-opener both for the Dem party machine in CO and the people of CO….Hick (and the Party) got of a lot of their true stripes exposed in this campaign.

      (2) CO lost the Senate seat. For the moment, that may be more important than Hick keeping the Mansion for another term.

      Time will tell, of course. But don’t write a Hick win here as a ‘defeat’ for our side. It’s about momentum; if you had said Hick was “this close” to losing 1-2 years ago, you’d have been laughed out of the room.

  13. The distilled truth of this election is that 2014 = STOP sign.

    The people have said, unequivocally, STOP to Obama and Reid and the whole communist cadre.

    • “Communist”? Talk about serious ignorance!

      My mom, who’s been voting for presidents since Eisenhower, says Obama’s an Eisenhower Republican, and it fits. Beyond that, Obama’s a corporate sell-out, happy to use the coercive power of government to require people to increase corporate profits.

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