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Both Illinois HB1263 (banning various firearms) and HB815 (regulating the bejesus out of magazines and shooting ranges) have passed out of a Public Health hearing (I swear) by a vote of 6 – 3. Before passing HB1263, the Committee added a sixth amendment. According to its dictates, firearms specified in the bill (e.g. a semi-automatic rifle such as the ones shown above only with longer barrels) must be registered with the Illinois State Police within 240 days of the bill’s passage, at $10 per gun ($15 for a .50). If the owner sells an “assault rifle” to an out-of-state buyer, the former owner must provide the State Police with the buyer’s name and address. Question: what does ANY of this have to do with preventing crime?

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  1. Nothing. ‘Bout as much sense as selling matches in hell.

    If I lived in ILL-NOISE, I would be out a large number of $10 bills, a lot. Or, I would just break the law and only register a few. So it may not prevent anything except me registering.

  2. So if you tell the ISP that you sold your property you must be able to give them the name of the person you sold to? And if you don’t provide that info? Gitmo bound?

    • I sold it, the buyer gave his name as Mike Litoris…. he said his address was 655 Cowan Ave.

      What? I didn’t know I was supposed to photocopy his ID. The law doesn’t say anything like that.

  3. Ever heard of Lexington or Concord circa 1775…

    Eh, never mind, more people know who won the last American Idol competition.

      • I followed through to the original link. You’re able to enlarge the photo considerably over there. After doing so I was able to visually identify 4 different rifles, only one of those has a magazine in place.

        If I had to take a guess I’d say that the pictured weapons are probably real weapons but swapped out with training uppers that handle and fire “simunitions.” From what I know the LEO’s are just as head over heels for those things as we are in the Army.

        They’re obviously engaged in some training or other based on their positioning and the fact that there’s six of them pulling what looks like it might be intended to be 360 security, which done properly utilizes only 4 people. If that IS real though that’s the dumbest damn SWAT Team I’ve ever seen.

  4. “If the owner sells an “assault rifle” to an out-of-state buyer, the former owner must provide the State Police with the buyer’s name and address.”

    Would it be illegal to give a false address if you were an out of state buyer?

    • not that i’am in the position to buy anything from anyone in Ill, but giving my name and addy to any Ill gov’t person wouldn’t happen, they can kiss my ass.

    • Considering that you have to use an FFL for interstate transfers, I’m pretty sure that would be a federal felony.

      • yes I know, just venting my frustration at the absolute jackass crap coming from some state capitals and DC…

    • This Constitution gives the Federal government power over interstate commerce, so even this provision could not survive a court challenge. What a bunch of morons in Illinois!

  5. This is utter nonsense. I won’t be disarmed, I won’t register any firearms I may/may not own. It is nobody’s business.

    • I’m 90 miles from this insanity. Sounds like payback for concealed carry. The only way my good neighbors get rid of this is to show the dems the door. I think an argument that the AR is not an “unusual” weapon can be made. It is a common everyday rifle, so far anyways, Randy

      • I also live very close to this….It better not trickle out of their prison…I mean state.

        • Just so we’re clear we can’t vote people (States) off (out) of the island (our Union) can we?

          I mean I know that seccession brought about the civil war but honestly at this point would anyone really be upset if IL just kind of stopped being part of America? Obviously good law-abiding firearms owners would be welcome to relocate to America on the new Glorious Nation of Illinois’ dime before the deal would be finalized…

    • Always err on the side of bearing fangs, even if they are made of plastic and came with a plastic trash can material cape.

    • It was introduced today and a committee voted in favor of pushing it forward in the legislating process. It’s not law. Yet. I read (I think in TTAG’s post about it yesterday) that the sponsor’s goal is to have it signed into law by Friday.

  6. ok so it passed. who do we support, what groups do we join, who do we contact, who do we give money to, in order to break it to peices?

    3… 2… 1… go

    • It passed committee. So they approve it to be voted on by the General Assembly (Illinois Congress). IF it passes there, then the Governor can sign it into law.

      • IF it passes there, then the Governor can sign it into law.
        The Governor will sign it in to law, no one doubts he wont.

    • Time to use the 2nd amendment bro, this is what it’s for. These pols should pay the highest price for their aggression. Alas, if I lived in Illinois everyone would just watch the “game” so why commit suicide? Id just move to a different state.

      • How keenly does the NRA protect data of members?

        How much trust are you willing to invest in the NRA alongside your finances?

        I’d advise against any organisation that holds personal data records that you cannot physically retrieve and destroy.

        • Girl, its the ’90s now! You’d be hard pressed to find any organization that doesn’t store something digitally.

  7. Not passed into law only passed through committee with no debate.

    Should go before a lame duck state house this week

    • No, they gutted two bills already on the register and replaced the contents of each with what TTAG has reported.

      • Okay thanks. Ive heard about backdoor legislation before and it has had me worried. I dont understand how it is even legal. Glad thats not the case here

      • This is a sincere question, isn’t doing that illegal? And isn’t the entire purpose of comittees like the one in the IL legislature to prevent exactly that kind of abuse of power from occuring?

        • Actually, Memphis, this is exactly the case here. They took a Nuclear Safety bill and a Sexual Predator against Minors bill, added their weapons ban, magazine ban, and gun range restrictions (ban) to the original documents and then snuck them through a Public Health committee. I’ve heard through the grapevine that there were actually a couple of Democrats on the board that were opposing it, and they were replaced with a couple that would vote party lines shortly before the committee assembled to read the bills. So that kind of answers your question too, Joe. Being legal has nothing to do with laws here… Welcome to Illinois, where our last 2 Governors are serving time in federal prisons for racketeering and the entire state is held hostage by the Democrats of Crook County/Chicago.

  8. I wonder the legaliy of owning the weapons but keeping them in another state. Howd that work with this abortion of a bill [s]

    • Cause that will help deter someone from harming my family, invading my home, or when my government tries to dictate policy.

      • It will keep you out of prison. If you are not in prison youll be more able to help your family and etc etc.

        • You should never have to make the decision between staying out of jail or being unable to defend your family.

          This is Illinois’s way of disarming its citizens. What a disgrace of a state.

  9. It passed the first hurdle. Just hope it dies there. If it doesn’t Illinois cover you BUTTS, because you are going to need to. I’m a cop and have been one for over 25 years. I WILL NOT ENFORCE THIS LAW, AND WILL DO MY BEST TO BLOCK ANY ISP TROOPER THAT TRIES TO DO SO IN MY TOWN!!! Please don’t push me to that point, I beg you in the name of our Founding Fathers. Remember you took an OATH to uphold the Constitution!!! After you are done with taking away the guns from the people you are NEXT. They will send the UN or the US Army.

    • Good to hear that we have the support of some LEOs. I suspect most are on the side of the good guys/girls when it comes down to this issue. Thank you for all that you do day in and day out.

      • Sgt. Dale, as an LEO from CA, you have my best. This law appears to be unconstitutional and therefore should not be followed. If enough people oppose it the. It will go nowhere.

        • This legislation is so outlandish I can’t see it being remotely constitutional. It doesn’t mean it couldn’t pass, but by gosh I can’t imagine being put into the position that Dale might find himself in.

  10. This is the point in American history where Americans decide which direction their country is going to go. What are they going to allow their government to do to them? I bet they do nothing and let it happen. As they feel it is better to at least be alive and controlled like property (as black slaves were) than dead or shackled in a room for life.

    If the American people allow their government to take away the remaining and most important power they have… If I lived in a State like Arizona, Utah or Oregon, I would push for seceding from the US in all seriousness.

    Why fight (figurative and literal) a federal government that is absolutely dedicated to indirectly removing human rights? They don’t feel a need for a Constitutional convention. There is no need for violence, but there comes a point when you have to leave the union, they sure have decided not to do their part.

    • I don’t want to leave this country. These gun grabbers should GTFO. If they don’t like the fact this country was founded on firearms and liberty then they should leave rather than make the rest of us suffer through their sh*tty ideals.

      • I’m with you on this. I was recently thinking about the petitions circulating in several states to secede. My idea was this, why secede from a country with a damn near perfect constitution? We should be petitioning to kick a few states out unless they shape up.

        • Because if the secession is successful, you can copy the U.S. Constitution word-for-word. And unfortunately, the majority of the U.S. population lives in those states you (and I) would like to see leave the Union, so we’d never get enough of a popular vote to remove the Eastern Bloc States or the Left Coast.

        • Hey now, the Left Coast isn’t all that bad. Oregon and Washington, while blue states, are very gun-friendly. Don’t let California dictate our reputation.

  11. This sure seems to be contempt of the judges CC order. I think they overreached, we’ll see, Randy

  12. Do we have a timeline as to when it will go to the floor, time to start emailing, faxing and calling!!!
    Is the SAF, and NRA updated on this???

    • I need someone to list numbers etc of where to start writing/calling. Not many of us younger folk are too political. I can post this on facebook and have people repost it. I know I can reach a couple thousand going down the chain. Once I get some relavent info, its posted everywhere.

      • WHO TO CALL:
        To reach the main line for the Illinois General Assembly, please call 217-782-2000.

        Contact information for your state legislators can be found by clicking here.

        Senate Executive Committee:

        Senator Don Harmon, Chairman, (D-39)

        (217) 782-8176

        Senator Ira Silverstein, Vice Chairman, (D-8)

        (217) 782-5500

        Senator James F. Clayborne, Jr., (D-57)

        (217) 782 5399

        Senator Maggie Crotty, (D-19)

        (217) 782-9595

        Senator John J. Cullerton, Senate President (D-6)

        (217) 782-2728

        Senator Kimberly A. Lightford, (D-4)

        (217) 782-8505

        Senator Antonio Munoz, (D-1)

        (217) 782-9415

        Senator Jeffrey M. Schoenberg, (D-9)

        (217) 782-2119

        Senator Donne E. Trotter (D-17)

        (217) 782-3201

        Senator Dale A. Righter, Minority Spokesperson, (R-55)

        (217) 782-6674

        Senator William E. Brady, (R-44)

        (217) 782-6216

        Senator John O. Jones, (R-54)

        (217) 782-0471

        Senator David S. Luechtefeld, (R-58)

        (217) 782-8137

        Senator Matt Murphy, (R-27)

        (217) 782-4471

        Senator Christine Radogno, (R-41)

        (217) 782-9407

  13. If I were a resident of Illinios, I would find out who voted in committee and make campaign contributions to those who voted against this and support the opponents of the others.

  14. Isn’t this whole boondoggle in direct violation of the Firearms Protection Act? I mean not just a little but a bold face violation there of???

    • I think they want to pass it, have it signed and then wait for litigation on the legality of it. The exact opposite of how law should be written but right out of liberal play book.

  15. This is typical of the gun grabbers. They like to throw as much doo-doo against the wall and then sit back to see what actually sticks to it. If there is any common sense left in this world, this bill *should* die a quick death. But common sense seems to be more and more rare these days, thus being rendered as simply a super power when one exhibits it.

    • Common sense has alluded Chicago for decades. The leaders are happy to be blatantly corrupt and the citizens, er.. subjects, wear that corruption as some sort of badge of honor on how “bad azz their city and politicians are.”

  16. why don’t laws that are as sweeping as this get passed to voters to take up a vote in? it doesn’t affect the gov’t any except the spend that they must incur in order to enforce it, but it sure has a lot of effects on the civilian.

    the only thing i see the government wanting out of this, is to truly make chicago gotham city and batman will appear to protect the people.


  17. Somebody tell me the NRA-ILA has lobbyists with suitcases of cash and blackmail material on a chartered jet to Illinois right now. Please?

    • Wishful thinking AG, but I don’t know if the SAF or the NRA has even been made aware or certainly hasn’t made any statements on this yet.

      • RF’s original lead on this came from the NRA. I posted half in jest, but I really am hoping the national orgs will have shock troops on the ground ASAP.

  18. At no time, does it ever ring more true, that we the people, get the government we deserve. Illinois clearly has long supported candidates, where gun confiscation was on their agenda; or else you wouldn’t see such quick passage of Draconian legislation.

    Gun owners in Illinois now have to get unorthodox should they pass this legislation. I am not saying what they will have to do, but I imagine it will be ugly. And if it does pass Illinois muster, watch out America. Were all next.

    By the end of this week, we should see an attempt to pass legislation that will affect us all.

    • Two words.. Move out! Vote with your feet and move to Texas, Utah, Nevada… Etc the economy is booming in northern Nevada thanks to mining, unemployment is at 5% everywhere here except Reno..

      • Any IT jobs out there?? I am being serious…
        course I guess I could switch careers to mining lol

        • Look in the Phoenix area. There are some big companies with locations down there. Depending on what you do, you might just find what you’re looking for. And the gun rights situation there is pretty decent 😉

    • A year or two probably. I’m no lawyer, but things like this typically move slow and become a big headache for us all. Best to defeat it now where it should be.

      • Note that the provisions variously take effect 240 days after becoming law (registration) or in Jan 2014 (gun bans).

        Hopefully this would be sufficient time to get an injunction preventing the law from going into effect, as we have had happen in recent years here in CA.

  19. If I were a member of the US House of Representatives in D.C., and wanted to get back at Illinois for violating their resident’s civil rights, I’d introduce a bill to cut off all federal funds to the state of Illinois.

    All of it.

    Schools. Roads. Police agencies. Public Utilities. Hospitals. Fire departments. Welfare/EBT. Forest services. All of it. Every last bit of it. Not one more penny.

    Until this madness ended.

    • They will vote on it tomorrow or Friday and if it passes, send into the house who will vote on it next week.

  20. Arizona will welcome those of you who’ll want to make the last stand if it comes down to it, sorry to see Illinois become the first casualty of our dictatorship of a government. This is bullsh!t.

    • Uh, one Arizonan to another (I assume), take it easy on these blanket invitations to midwesterners. They exercised poor judgement by allowing these people to get elected, and now look what’s become of their state. I’ve only been here less than 15 years, and I’ve DEFINITELY noticed a shift in this state’s political climate owed mainly to midwesterners and Yankees who moved here to escape the cold, as well as Californians who moved here because they heard they could get a 1,200 square foot home for less that $500,000. It’s bad enough that we have outlawed smoking in public places and are always voting for more taxes for feel good nonsense like the Phoenix Light Rail, we DON’T need these people coming here with their extended families who show up at the ballot box and messing things up for the rest of us…they can wait in New Mexico while we verify their credentials, one at a time.

      • As an Arizona native of 40 years you bring up a great point. We welcome all comers but too many of them, despite moving to freakin’ Arizona, insist on bringing the same bullshit politics that turned whatever state they came from into an unconstitutional shithole. If you don’t like our politics then DON’T MOVE HERE! I’m more than tired of the pansy politics brought here by some newcomers. It’s harsh but if you don’t like our politics then fuck off and move to some other screwed up blue state.

        I first noticed the change after a shitload of Californians moved here after the earthquakes in the 90’s. Prescott got turned from a really cool cowboy town into a mere shadow of itself not hardly worth visiting. Don’t even get me started on Tucson where I was born.

        There’s a good reason I encourage gunnies here to move to Arizona. Anyone sick of the restrictive gun laws where they live owes it to themselves to consider Arizona. We have the lowest rating possible from the Brady’s and we have Constitutional Carry as well as open carry without many weird looks or people shielding their children and running for the doors. That bullshit in N.Y. with the paper showing the addresses of firearm owners? Won’t do much good here. We have at least as many, if not more, folks taking advantage of Constitutional Carry as there are CCW’s. I appreciate being able to CC without being under some ridiculous lens.

        Gunnies! Move to Arizona!

        • I was once upon a time a Californian by birth, but not by choice. When I moved to AZ I renounced my CA citizenship. Now I only go there to litter and to visit Disneyland. If they ever build a halfway decent theme park in AZ I may just go to the border of California to throw litter across. People move here and immediately start trying to change this place into the heckhole they just abandoned. They start plant grass and put stupid water features in their yards because it reminds them of home, they cough at you if they see you smoking in public but then turn right around and vote for higher taxes on cigarettes because they want to pay for daycare after school programs, they complain about local culture and tradition as if they were invited to come make everything different. I seriously think that we should be looking at a wall between AZ and CA, not AZ and Mexico.

      • Please do not blanket all residents of IL as voting for these losers since 98 of the 102 counties in IL voted Republican. I live in one such conservative county and you couldn’t tell the difference between here and say Utah when it comes to views. The cancer of Chicago has dug in to Springfield like a brain tumor and is in-operable unless we kill the state…

        • You can come, but if you have a mother-in-law or some such other relative with a nanny state mentality, they have to stay back there in Illinois, you know, where it’s safer because of the great laws.

  21. The firearms industry in Illinois should announce their departure depending on the passage of this bill.

  22. Funny thing this registration business. A criminal can’t be compelled to register his/her guns. 5th Amendment.

  23. Everyone should be helping out our brothers in IL. Just because you don’t live in IL doesn’t mean that this won’t affect you.

    Honestly I think this push is a test at the state level to see what the anti’s can get away with at the federal level. We need to push back with bulldozers and cannons.

    • Great post Anmut. I am sure Illinois is getting help from other states as well. Many states may want to enact something similar, but figure Illinois being the Communist Capital of the US is the best place to start. Everyone needs to help fight this bill. Post on facebook, twitter, and contact everyone even if you live out of state.

    • Anmut, we here thank you, Angry Chimp, Peter J and anyone else out of state that cares about their 2A rights. If they can take away your 2A, what does that say about the rest of our rights….?

      • It’s extremely difficult to argue with people who refuse to acknowledge facts. Like they say, You can’t fix stupid…..but you can VOTE it out.

    • this is right. It’s the Trial Balloon to see how it will play nationally.

      this is a skirmish, but it is one that the folks of IL will have to live with, and will set the tone for the debate in the rest of the country.

      and i hate to think of myself as a conspiracy theorist, but it’s a little to neat considering where the pres came from, etc.

  24. Not to sound selfish and take away from the people of Illinois but if this passes can it mean anything bad for the USA as a whole? I know this is a state level issue but could a, “if they can do it we can” atitude arise?

  25. What guns Mr. Officer? Oh those yeah guns are evil I destroyed them and threw them in lake Michigan. Guns are evil.

  26. I think the lawmakers of my state are failing to remember that Chicago and Cook County currently have an “assault weapon” and “high capacity magazine” ban. Look at what it has done. Over 500 murders.

    I have to live in this city due to my job, and I have no means to protect myself. Leave the rest of the state alone. Chicago deserves to rot, as it already is.

  27. So the 240 day window to register the guns is for the purpose of “wait and see” what the Courts might rule about the State and Federal Constitutionality of the Laws. Also, they have to have a specific Date they become effective, which is day one of the 240 day registration window. If passed by the State Legislature and signed by the Governor the question would be how long before any Court would hear any challenges and rule on these Laws. This should be both State and Federal Courts because these Laws affect both State and Federal existing Laws and Constitutions. Given that the State Courts seem sympathetic to the Governing Gun Prohibitionists, based on what they have allowed previously, it looks like the onus of striking down these Laws would fall on the Federal Courts. I have no idea what the Federal Courts’ sympathies are in that part of the Country, but if they do nothing and these Laws actually go into effect that should greatly encourage DiFi and her Federal Assault Weapons Legislation. BHO is from Illinois, so I am wondering if this is a “test” for what the current Administration in the White House hopes to accomplish in Federal Law. Seems fishily “Coincidental”. Just thinking out loud.

    If this does succeed, no doubt California Senator Leeland Yee D-San Francisco will jump on that bandwagon faster than fleas on a stray dog. He’s already re-introducing a new version (SB47) of his failed Assault Weapons Law from 2012, per his website. The new proposal would ban “bullet buttons” and those magnetic devices used to override the “bullet button”…so I’m not sure how you would load an AR, or similar magazine fed rifle. Apparently, his aim is that you would not be able to, except one round at a time through the ejection port.

    BTW- Yee’s website also claims “the latest study” shows the States with lowest gun-involved deaths have the “toughest” gun laws see:
    Yee’s Website for this “interesting” claim.

    • Frack Leland Yee and frack his AWB bills. He is 2A public enemy #1 in CA. I keep hoping that he will be caught in bed with a dead hooker or a live boy.

      To answer your question about loading ARs with permanently fixed mags: you use takedown pins with pull knobs on them, and load the magazine using a stripper clip after tilting the upper receiver assembly forward.

      • If you’re a Californian (like me), Leeland Yee is actively working to “Frack” you, and may well eventually succeed given our Dem controlled Legislature and Governor Moonbeam at the helm….he is the current #1 enemy of gun rights here in Ca and as determined as DiFi to disarm us.

        Thanks for the info on loading an AR with a fixed mag. I just never really thought about it, but when I read your response I had to say “D’OH!”…should have thought of that.

      • Dead hooker? Live boy? This is california AG. I do believe these retards would vote for him while he’s in prison.

        And before anybody gets their panties in a twist I know I wasn’t being PC using the R word. But the average California voter deserves that moniker and I’m using it. So sue me.

  28. Idiots. All of them. They are afraid of us. They know how they would misuse a firearm, and mistakenly and arrogantly believe that we are just like them. The proof that my firearm, and MILLIONS of other legally owned firearms in this nation are no more threat to them than the cars on the street, is the fact the Fienstein is still alive. If we were the people that they think we are, she wouldn’t be.

    • Great film! Going to play that to alleviate the rage that will build throughout the day as I follow this legislation.

  29. “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately”

    The time is fast approaching that will test our mettle–and shape our country for generations. Do we continue to let our God given rights be ripped from us and our children? Or will a few, stand and say; Enough!

  30. By the way, they also amended the effective date of the statute from January 1, 2014,, to July 1, 2013. I am guessing they decided they wanted the bill to go into effect before the Seventh Circuit issues an injunction on the carry ban? Or is this just a big bargaining chip in the shall issue/will issue concealed carry debate to come?

  31. I feel sorry for the officers tasked with enforcing this monstrosity. They will die in large numbers, and for nothing.

  32. I feel sorry for the officers tasked with enforcing this monstrosity. They will die in large numbers, and for nothing.

    • They call in SWAT whenever they know there is a weapon in the residence so as long as they’re fine with footing the bill for SWAT to show up at each and every house that has a “bad” firearm then let them. Lord knows they have no problem spending money but then again with this particular issue they’ll make a big damn deal how much it cost.

  33. By the Governor

    “I have thought fit to issue this Proclamation to require all Persons who have yet Fire-Arms in their Possession, immediately to surrender them at the Court-House, to such Persons as shall be authorized to receive them; and hereby to declare that all Persons in whose Possession any Fire-Arms may hereafter be found, will be deemed Enemies to his Majesty’s Government.
    Given at Boston, the Nineteenth Day of June, 1775, in the Fifteenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord, GEORGE the Third, by the Grace of GOD, of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, KING, Defender of the Faith &c.
    Tho’s Gage,
    By his Excellency’s Command,
    Tho’s Flucker, Secr’y.
    GOD Save the KING.
    12 June 1775

    H/T to

  34. Here’s what’s going to happen. It’s going to pass and there will be much anger and rage from internet commandos who tout some variation of Molon Labe (but will likely be first in line to surrender) and from the “level-headed” gun owners who can’t see beyond peaceful and “lawful” fighting (because, you know, working within a corrupt legal system will most certainly end in justice).

    Everyone in the great blight that is Illinois will either comply or hide them. No one will use their guns for the purpose Thomas Jefferson demanded. And thus, the descent into slavery will continue unabated.

  35. everyone that voted for these new addidtions needs to tried for treason and sent to life in prison, if they want a fight they will be getting one and i cant promise it wont be bloody…

  36. Illinois is one of the crime capitals of the U.S.A. If it takes the secession of Illinois from the CONUS by detracting from Constitutional agreement then so be it, your world shrinks and theirs grows. It may seem like a war is being lost but think of the tax breaks associated with Illinois growing up and going its own way, trying to go legit…

  37. “what does ANY of this have to do with preventing crime?”

    Nothing, but thanks for the purchase. My address you say? Oh yes, my address is as follows.

    J. White
    1791 Constitution Way
    Free State, USA

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