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Speaking at CNN’s town hall meeting tonight, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lambasted American gun right advocates. “We cannot let a minority of people — and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people — hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.” While she was at it, Ms. Clinton called for an “assault weapons ban,” conflating semi-automatic weapons with fully-automatic weapons as she went . . .

We’re going to have to do a better job protecting the vast majority of our citizens, including our children, from that very, very, very small group that is unfortunately prone to violence and now with automatic weapons can wreak so much more violence than they ever could have before.

I don’t think it needs saying but if Hillary is our next President gun rights will be under threat like never before. And this is coming from a guy who publicly declared that President Obama considering gun control the third rail in American politics. I was wrong before. I hope I’m wrong now.

[h/t DrVino]

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    • I doubt she’ll even get the nomination now. The majority of Democratic constituents are actually against gun control. It’s the vocal minority idiots who say things like “not one more” and get mentioned in “soccermom stories” online. Notice that Bill and Barack kept their mouths shut about guns until they were in office. Hillary dun goof’d.

      • Yeah, good luck in the early primary states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and the Carolinas with rhetoric like that…

        • We can hope.

          She pretty much alienated /all/ of the libertarians with her views on guns and pot.

      • Problem is that the Dems are going to have to run a reasonable alternative to beat Hiillary. She is clearly the front runner and no one on the Democrat stage at the moment has a chance of beating her. I’ll be surprised if she does not get the nomination.

        If she does, we are in trouble. A lot of women really respect her because she’s a successful woman. They are not going to be bothered to look any deeper any more than the people who voted for Obama because he was the first black candidate did. There are a lot of very stupid people who vote and many of the ones who aren’t stupid are low information voters.

        I think that the smartest thing the Republicans could do now would be to start looking for a smart, capable woman that they could run for President. Do that, and you neutralize a lot of Hillary’s innate advantages and force people to look more closely at the candidates themselves.

        • @Wayne

          At being a celebrity and being married to a famous person. What, you want something more than that?

        • I agree, but the problem is that the press will absolutely savage any woman that even looks like she has a chance in the GOP primaries. She would get the old Herman Cain treatment, for sure (or, I guess we should say the Sarah Palin treatment).

        • There may be women out there that are naïve enough to fall for her bs, but NOT ALL WOMEN. Myself and a lot of my friends are wise to this (and I use the term loosely) woman. She allowed our men to be murdered and did not do a damn thing to help. She uses the excuse that she fell and hit her head so she was in no condition to be able to do anything. Well with that being said, the B**** isn’t any more competent now that she was then or ever was. I am not a democrat nor am I a republican. I am for the person not the party, and I will oppose anyone regardless of who they are if they are for infringing on the American People’s Rights. Our Constitution was put there and set forth for a reason and I find no reason that it or anything else should be changed.
          A lot of people do their voting by intimidation ( as in being labeled a racist if you don’t vote for a black man) rather than by the credibility and competency of the person. From the very beginning if you looked closely you were able to see through the so called President’s agenda. Some people just didn’t want to see the truth because they want to be lead. Well for this (myself) woman. I will NOT vote for Hillary for anything. Obama, Hillary, and all of their Co-horts need to be thrown out of this country…..

        • The smartest thing Republicans can do is the same as the smartest thing Dems can do, select a candidate without regard to sex or race, AS THE COUNTRY SHOULD BE RUN, who can advance human rights and run the country fairly and without prejudice. The idea that we need to introduce even more reasons to fight and kill each other is ridiculous. If we had looked for the best qualified candidate, Obama the community organizer and liar about his educational record would not have had a chance. He was elected because he was sorta black. Now we consider Hillary because she’s sorta female? Why not Michelle, who’s sorta female and really black?
          We have to get away from what race, sex, whatever a person is, and consider whether that person might actually be able to DO THE JOB!

      • Must disagree. I don’t know how the Dems have done it, but they have bulldozed their way to a consensus constituency. They’re not about to let a majority of people — and that’s what it is, it is a majority of people — hold ANY viewpoint that threatens party unity. They have created a party of Havel’s greengrocers, dutifully posting their Workers Unite! signs for the sake of winning.

        Why can’t the Republicans do this? Bad leadership? A more independent-minded constituency? Both, IMO. God help us all.

      • People seem to forget how good the Democrats are at packaging and selling their candidate, demonizing their opponents, and letting the MSM promote their cause.

        Barring some extraordinary event, Hillary will take the nomination, and the election, if for no other reason than the female vote.

        Mark my words, and Lord help us and the fate of our country.

        • Yes Hillary will prob get the nomination but she will not get the election,She has railroaded gun rights from the begining,America likes there guns and gun rights.Mark “MY” words she will not make President because of her views on the 2nd.

      • I agree entirely that many democratic voters, such as union affiliates are against gun control, however, the main stream media which they view, will not report this to any degree that may hurt her chances. That said, while I hope that you are correct, I am afraid of the power of the MSM and what they choose to report abot her. I mean honestly, If the main stream media reported the supreme POS Obama’s failures during his first term or EVEN what HE actually accomplished during his first four years, he would not have been re-elected.

    • Obama was VERY careful not to take ANY strong position on firearms prior to getting elected to his second term. If you go back ti his first term, you will see that his reaction to all shootings (even Gifford’s), were very muted. He would simply not take a strong stance, even though we knew how he really felt the whole time. That was no accident. If she actually does run, this bit, and the many other, will be played over and over again. As they found out in CO, and even NY, gun control is not a winner at the ballot box. I think she won’t be running.

      • Sort of like his “evolution” on gay marriage? Which all the good Libs knew he supported for a decade but lied about to avoid putting the black clergy into a difficult position?

        FWIW I really don’t object to SSM, but I do object to blatant lying.

    • Not if we have “automatic” weapons, if she’s correct, then we’re probably going to make it.

      Everybody check your selector switches.

    • I dunno, I think people on both sides of the aisle are starting to see how large her testicles are and they don’t like what they see.

  1. She says after aiding actual terrorists in ISIS. Why am I watching her debate instead of her trial for treason?

  2. “…..very small group that is unfortunately prone to violence and now with automatic weapons can wreak so much more violence than they ever could have before.”

    Sounds like democratic voters.

    • why dont these people propose a further amendment to the Constitution and take their chances under that constitution lol

    • “very small group that is unfortunately prone to violence and now with automatic weapons can wreak so much more violence than they ever could have before.”

      Would that be the ATF, the DEA or the militarized local police her husband up-gunned?

      • Well, Progressive luminaries such as Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers have said they will need to kill 10’s of millions of Americans to make the revolution stick. A bullet to the back of the head and a drop into a ditch is a damned effective way to prevent someone from holding a point of view. I don’t see anything like that happening immediately, but that’s one of the few ways this can end if the progs continue to consolidate their hold over the coming decades.

    • Yeah, I think that troubles me even more than her specific comments about firearms. So if a minority of people support a balanced budget and that terrifies masses of people, does that warrant sicking the government on them to squash them and stop them from “terrorizing” the people?

      Her comments reveal her inner devotion to statism … anyone who is not in lock-step with the state has no place in life. Absolutely disgusting.

      • “So if a minority of people support a balanced budget and that terrifies masses of people, does that warrant sicking the government on them to squash them…?”

        To Hilary? Yes. Yes it does.

    • I’ve been thinking about this for a while: I’m going to just go sell my gun collection to Cabela’s. I’m tired of reading about the antis, getting worried about what they’ll do, wondering what will be restricted next.

      I like going to the range, reading articles, and everything, but I never had to worry about all of this before I became a gun owner.

      I guess they win. I don’t like it, but I’m out. Good luck guys.

      • if that’s sarcasume then sorry, but if its not I don’t believe u ever owned a firearm or even liked the 2nd amendment. she didn’t make a law she just spewed junk outta her mouth. now if they passed a bill with a confiscation clause I would believe you would be that spineless

        • Man, is there some reason you’re insulting me? I said that I’ve thought about it a lot and don’t like it, but am tired of worrying about it and made my mind up. Yes I do believe in the 2A and yes I own guns, the ones which I said I’m selling to Cabela’s.

          I wish I could stick it out like you guys, but I can’t. If that means you need to look down on someone and insult them I don’t know what to say.

        • what is there to worry about? there are no laws at the moment and the election is almost two years away and your giving up? why would you give up if your a gun owner? we are better off then 4 yrs ago even with a pres. that wants gun control. it makes no sense to give up while we are winning thus why I think your not telling the truth and you would roll over if they did take ur rightswith a unconstitutional law

        • @joe

          I don’t understand it either, but what’s the point of beating up on someone?

          Also, what’s with your InternetToughGuy (TM) talk? You obey unconstitutional laws all the time: do you pay income tax? Did you submit to pleading for a concealed carry “permit”? Sounds like you’re pretty “spineless” too.

        • shall issue state took 5 minutes with no fee and when did it say right for no taxes I missed that. the government always needed funds to operate even when the constitution was written, no taxation without representation I vote so there is representation. and i’m no tough guy internet dude I very rarely comment, i only do it when it grinds my gears.

        • @joe

          We have not always had an income tax, that began with the Federal Reserve in 1913. Also, you are not supposed to have to pay tax on your labor, but only on profits.

          Also, you are not represented: did you get to vote on the “too big to fail” bailouts? Do you get to vote on whether or not to continue “borrowing” from the Federal Reserve, so that your money is worth less the instant you receive it?

          Insofar as your permit (notice that word, “permit”?), I wasn’t talking about the fee or convenience; that is an unconstitutional law and you are following it, while berating someone else and calling him a coward. A guy says that he’s so scared that he’s selling his guns, and you jump all over him.

          If you stop paying income tax and carry without a permit, then you won’t sound so hypocritical. I’m not trying to engage in a flame war here, just pointing out what I see.

        • wasn’t old enough to vote the politicians out that imposed the tax on income or the carry permit, but u better believe I vote and go to rallys and call politicians now. to do that you have to not be a felon , so I have to jump through the hoops that my elders made for me so I can try reverse them

        • @joe

          That’s admirable (not being sarcastic at all) that you’re active in the political process, but that wasn’t the issue:

          Regardless of when the income tax and 2A infringements (in this case, carry permit) were put in place, they are unconstitutional. You got all over someone else for being spineless and following unconstitutional laws when you yourself follow them (just like the rest of us do).

        • “now if they passed a bill with a confiscation clause I would believe you would be that spineless” my spinless comments where directed at his selling his gun and giving up because someone spouted the same old gun control meme. before there was even a law in the works, nothing about the unconstitutional laws already there

        • @whatever

          You seem to have corrected me on the constitutionality of income tax.

          That leaves us with the (un-)constitutionality of joe’s concealed carry permit.

          Here’s a fun fact that I just found, which shows another violation of the constitution by our government:

          To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years

        • “it makes no sense to give up while we are winning thus why I think your not telling the truth and you would roll over if they did take ur rights with a unconstitutional law” the only time I said anything about unconstitutional once again a future law

        • @joe

          So, you’re scolding someone for what you say they would do when faced with a hypothetical, future, unconstitutional law, while you currently obey a real, present, unconstitutional law in the form of getting permission to carry.

          Sounds legit.

        • he is saying hes doing it now. with no law on the books or in the works. very legit id say it to their face and I have to follow the laws that we have now so I can vote to repeal them. people that gave up make me jump through hoops

        • remember felons don’t have voting rights, because other people laid down and let these laws pass I shouldn’t protect myself while I try to overturn them?

        • do me a favor read his first comment then mine. your trying to put words in my mouth and not listening to what im saying.

      • I have to agree with Joe here. If Hillary saying the kind of things that these politicians always say is enough for you to give up your guns, either you never liked them that much in the first place, or you are a coward. My best guess is that you are just trolling though.

      • Jeez, Phil, while you’re at it, go buy some Midol. The fight hasn’t even started and you’re already to cave in. Find another foxhole.

    • Why the hell does nobody launch a civil rights suit against the leftist idiots who say stuff like this? They’d be all over us if we said something similar about ethnic minorities and their constitutional rights. Start throwing lawsuits around and get the media tone to change.

      • She’ll backpedal and say that she was only talking about the small minority that commit tragic acts, and she’ll remind everyone that she went hunting with her grandfather when she was a girl, etc, etc.

        Then she’ll reference “common sense” and I see that she’s already (in the CNN article) alluded to the “conversation” that all antis claim they want to have, which seems to consist of them waving placards with vapid, feel-good slogans and parroting “facts”.

    • Welcome to the new left in America. You can hold any opinion you wish, so long as it’s party approved. Of course you know that 2+2=5 and that Big Brother loves you, but you just have to believe it, then we’ll let you go.

      Sometimes it gets too complicated, too much to bear and I’m not getting any younger or more energetic.

      I don’t think that there is much legitimate doubt that Hillary will win the democrat nomination if she runs. I think there is enormous doubt about her winning the general election and for that reason alone she may not run. However, if she runs, and is elected I say to you that the tripwires will be crossed, and we’re all going to be in for one very ‘interesting’ time. Imagine a sitting president who doesn’t just think, but has declared us enemies of the state and domestic terrorists.

      There might be better than 150 million of us. Perhaps 1/3 really care. Of those 50 million perhaps, as they say, 3% are willing to fight, or about 1.5 million people. There may be as many as 120,000 federal agents authorized to carry weapons and who posses arrest powers. 10 to 1 odds. Add all local, county and state officers and you include about 460,000 more. Combined, and that is assuming they are all willing to engage in a civil war against their oath to the constitution and against the people they are sworn to protect, they are outnumbered 3-1. The cities might be lost to tyranny, but then, they already have been long ago. For the rest of the country, in places where LEOs to citizens is 3-1000 this changes nothing unless the feds arrive. I doubt the feds will find fertile ground among local LEOs whose own families are targets of confiscation and or arrest and whose very survival depends on not being on the wrong side of what amounts to a civil war once the feds leave.

      I suspect what the feds will find is that local law won’t help them or be seen with them when there is an open insurgency. I also suspect that there are those in local law who will feed intelligence to the resistance, opening a further gap. If ever federal LE suspects it can take on the people it’s severely mistaken, fatally mistaken. I believe the more logical order of things would be mass sick outs and outright desertions rather than obedience to orders that are both unconstitutional and obviously suicidal.

      I truly radical US president, somehow more radically left than Obama, were to be elected, I believe there might be a breakdown in federal power as increasingly large portions of the ‘tip of the spear’ simply loafed, left, or looked the other way. It’s not a winnable war on the federal side and I’m pretty sure they know it.

      • I don’t think that there is much legitimate doubt that Hillary will win the democrat nomination if she runs.

        Well, yeah, but I think that is stated backwards. If her campaign apparatus cannot demonstrate a 99% probability of winning the nomination, she will not run.

  3. Well why dont we march to her and show her what a small minority we are when a few million people rise up i bet she toots a different horn.

    • Except for the fact that a few million won’t, and she knows it. Sad, but true. A bunch of us tweeting and blogging won’t do anything.

      • @Fler, been reading these posts for a year or more, you seem to be the one of the very few that see the bigger picture. This forum is loaded with propaganda and misinformation, with a clear pro-establishment, Zionist, neo-con agenda. Good luck banging your head against the wall here.

        • Thanks, Paco; likewise. I remember the other day that you were one of the few here also who sees the false left-right paradigm for what it is.

          It does seem to be an uphill battle here to get anyone to see that everything is not about the “left”. I’ve also attempted to converse about the bigger picture here, the Fed, etc, and someone told me that he didn’t want to hear about “dollar devaluation nonsense”.

        • Agreed, there are too many contradictions here to be ignored for a group of people allegedly supporting constitutional rights.

        • Wow! I didn’t know we allowed porn here and yet I find you guys mutually masturbating to the statist tune. It’s not very titillating though, actually its gag worthy and disgusting that you’d openly conspire against the rights of the people.

        • @Jus Bill

          I know TTAG is all about those alternative lifestyles, but don’t project your proclivities onto others.

        • @ardent, hilarious, you obsessing on homosexual activity much? You’re usage of words like statist and conspiring against peoples rights exposes you as clueless.

        • Paco, please go away. TTAG doesnt need the neo-KKKooks like you to come here and save us from our denial of the obvious neo-con Zionist NWO chemtrail conspiracy all around us.

          Let us just have our simple pro-2A personal liberty agenda, m’kay,

          I appreciate that you and only you have the bigger picture clear in your mind, and I am sure you can find others who need your help figuring it out in the darker corners of the innertubz.

          buh BYE!

          ps: take that ball-less phil2 with you.

  4. Our next president, and there’s not a damn thing any of us (Who doesn’t live in FL or OH) can do about it.

    • The FL and OH votes are already sufficiently rigged to swing blue. And we all know the GOP isn’t going to put up a decent candidate. Again.

      • FL is a lost cause if she’s running. Rigging not needed… the Clinton name is golden here and as much as it’ll tweak the rural and conservative portion, it’ll be clearly for Hillary.

  5. The most offensive part of a that is that we’re all supposed to be happy about relying on the government to protect us.

  6. So, tens of millions of people is a “very, very small group?” Didn’t she hear Slick Willy’s warning about pursuing gun control? I hope she ends up destroying her own political career by shoving her foot down her own throat.

    • I agree with her first sentence, I am tired of these extremist progressives, who are most definitely a minority of Americans, demanding the disarmament of Americans so they can impose their insane policies on us with impunity.

    • She’s in primary mode now, show she’s mostly speaking to the democrat population. If and when she receives her party’s presidential nomination, it’ll be interesting to see what she says.

      Regardless, we are talking about a career politician here. It really doesn’t matter what they say, because you can’t trust them to be very forthright about anything. I do think that her husband will advise her to tone down gun ban talk, at least while she still needs widespread support from a diverse population. It’s after election to a second term that we have to worry about things more.

    • You will recall that Bill signed into law the Assault Weapons Ban and even Faux News has recently proclaimed him as the most popular President of the last 25 years. Signing that law sure didn’t hurt his career any.

      • Yeah, probably had nothing to do with the dems loss of the house and senate in 1994. keep the faith Johhny G, you are awesome.

      • Keeping the faith indeed! Where were you hiding when Bill himself called the AWB a political suicide for his party and declared that gun control was the third rail of American politics? You seem less a political observer and more a Kool-Aid drinker with such a statement.

    • She was an indifferent Senator at best. She was a completely incompetent Sec State. But she (and the Clinton machine) have always been first-rate politicians. She knows what Bill said, what Bill experienced. Games. But my gut tells me this is her real position.

      • But she’s NOT Slick Willie, and doesn’t share his thought patterns or personality, so there’s hope yet. I predict she’ll continue stepping in it and tracking it all over the place.

  7. Does this surprise anyone? Frankly, she’s not the one to worry about as she is expected to solidify and expand upon all the unconstitutional and illegal actions taken by BO.

    The folks to watch are the establishment “Republicans” that have allowed BO to run rough-shod over the Constitution.

  8. Her, the liberals, & the left are desperate. They know the levers of power will shift toward the right, come Nov 4th. So the left has 4 months & 18 days to get ANY gun control on the books

    • ^This. No more doom and gloom. We will win! Please people, stop with the defeatist attitudes. We can beat this harpy.

      • @JoshtheViking,
        You are wrong. There will be no win. There always be a battle to keep our rights. It will never end.

        • Then we must convey our woe into song! Sing with me!

          This is the fight that never eeeeeeends!
          It just goes on and on my friiiiiiiend!
          Some people started fighting it not knowing what it waaaaaaas,
          And they’ll continue fighting it forever just becaaaaaaause…

        • ^THIS. Remember, a few years ago we all knew the rest of the country understood how poorly Pres. Obama was running the place and how much he was screwing things up and hurting us…and then he got elected again anyways. Always remember: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky animals.

      • I want some of what you’re smoking!

        Gunownership will be but a memory in two short years. Nobody will lob a melon, a couple already tried that in Vegas and they were labeled terrorists by their own kind.

        Sell your guns now if you don’t have a badge, and take up something more constructive to fill your time.

    • Funny, because there are a few articles out tonight where they say that Glenn Beck and a few others are expecting a shift back towards the middle in the next few months. And no one sees a Republican beating Ms. Clinton for the presidency at this point in time.

    • …cannot win the general election. The gimmie dat city dwellers brain washed into dependency will not allow it

      • I’m not concerned with a conservative candidate who is picked to “win over the left and the middle.” Those are called democrats. Put a truly conservative or libertarian candidate in the general election and the voters WILL show up. Romney lost because in his attempt to win over the middle 10% he lost the right 40%. Give me Cruz, Paul or Scott Walker and the election is ours. Can anybody explain why Jeb or Christie would make good candidates… for us? The only people cheering them on are democrats and RHINOs. Make no mistake, Christie AND Jeb WILL lose, guaranteed. Take a cue from the Dems winning formula; rally the base and go hard to your side.

        • No one wants Cruz to run more than Democrats, trust me on this one. Cruz and Palin would be the Democratic dream team.

        • I don’t care how much he may be liked as a person and candidate, Cruz has a tired derp-face. Tired derp-faces can’t win elections in this American Idol generation.

        • After what the “birthers” did to Obama, Cruz being born in Canada is a HUGE target for them to hit. The party that can find a moderate that will get the independent swing vote will win. Bill should have told her don’t talk about guns, looked what happened after I signed AWB, we lost control of congress. Sure she will back peddle this statement.

        • I like him a lot – really smart and really conservative. But he too sad looking and too honest.

    • For the love of all that’s holy, everybody vote for Rand Paul when time comes. He’s our only hope.

      • Only problem with him and its a big issue for me is his views on abortion. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. I may not agree with abortion but the right to choose I do. I am not a single issue voter either but thats a huge hurdle for me personally.

        • Maybe his viewpoint on abortion differs from yours (and I agree with you) but that doesn’t mean he’s going to aggressively pursue a reversal of Roe v. Wade with the same vigor that the Democrats would continue to pursue more gun control.

          In other words, agree or disagree, but which issue is more “at risk” in the current state of society?

        • You have to pick your battles. I don’t agree with him on everything either, but he’s as close to an electable libertarian as we’re going to get. I think the “worst” case scenario when it comes to pro-choice vs. abortion is that Rand would most likely leave it up to the states, as it should be. It’s not a federal issue and I’m guessing that’s what he’d say.

        • I think your “Right To Choose ” Will be less under assault with Rand Paul,
          Than Gun rights With any Democrat.

        • Don’t worry Greg….if you live in Calif you’ll always have Feinstein and Boxer make sure that your girlfriend can get an abortion at 9 months – 1 day

        • I agree with you, but regarding that issue, the worst outcome is that babies get to live. If it comes down to that or gun control, I know what I’ll choose.

        • What a surprise; you’re in California and you’re making that a priority. That is insignificant compared to people’s natural right to self-defense.

        • I agree that the abortion issue is a disagreement with him as well, and really reproductive rights have been dramatically scaled back in recent years, but that has all been at the State level, and almost entirely under the Obama administration’s watch.

          While an important issue, that’s one that needs to be fought at the state level. I hope that he [Rand Paul] will “upgrade” his opinions and language concerning LGBT rights. Social conservatism a losing platform with 60% of the country. However, his challenges to NDAA, mass surveillance, drone strikes, have won him some admin ration from both the libertarian right and the left.

        • I cannot imagine anyone who calls himself a Libertarian going out of his way to impose more governmental control on anyone, most of all pregnant women, despite Paul’s personal preferences. And a president does not get to wave a magic wand in that regard, anyway. Just like he cannot “leave it to the states”, it has been decided, correctly IMHO, 40-odd years ago, legitimate change can only come through an amendment, which has never been so much as proposed because all concerned know it would fail spectacularly.

          And TM, I HOPE you are correct, it has been decades since I discovered I’m a social liberal and a fiscal conservative, both rather in the extreme, and I’ve even had people (left leaning) tell me that’s impossible!

        • I happen to agree with you, however, I would add that as a truly evolving society, one would hope that we eventually learn to voluntarily decide to avoid situations where an abortion would be the result rather than feel like abortion was being rammed down our throats. It is, after all, about choice.

          Same thing with firearms; while I like target shooting (not really a hunter, myself) I hold out hope for a day when greed is no longer fashionable, as the Rothschilds and their whole dysfunctional entourage have taken advantage of so well. They have managed to create an art form out of using the absolute worst traits in mankind to keep people so disunited from themselves and each other. As a result, man has had to continue fighting amongst one another rather than learn to trust that firearms (or being able to defend oneself) are no longer needed.

          In that way, the 2nd amendment issue is very much related to the abortion issue, because it represents a potential milestone in the social evolution of man. Unfortunately, the hill to that milestone has been a rather steep one and, quite frankly, we ain’t there yet. When the leftards continue to argue that the Constitution, particularly the 2nd Amendment, is archaic, they speak like a nine year old who has watched his parents drive the car, so once his legs get long enough, he thinks that’s the only obstacle from preventing him from taken the station wagon out for a spin; no sense of personal responsibility, no sense of respect or boundaries, and not one clue about what to do if case of emergency except call his mommy and daddy. Yet armed with THAT mentality, the intellectually illuminated left is so sure they are ready to evolve, simply because they think they’ve earned the right.

          If they were ready, they would have understood the absolute brilliance in how our founding documents were meticulously created.

    • Of course Ted Cruz could win. Why else would so much effort be spent smearing him? Just get out there and vote! Hillary is getting over the hill, there is still Benghazi and her numerous other “legal” crimes, just search Hillary wikileaks. Not to mention that she may not be physically capable of being President due to her health problems. Questioning her health and competancy is legitimate considering the position despite what some claim.

    • No one wants Cruz to run more than Democrats, trust me on this one. Cruz and Palin would be the Democratic dream team.

      • Hillary may have a lead in the polls until she faces Cruz in a debate. Her electoral chances will tank after she gets her head handed to her. If I was a liberal, Cruz or Rand Paul would be the last people I would want to debate.

        • Gowdy and Cruz are likely the most intelligent and qualified men in politics right now. Criminal justice credentials a mile long for Gowdy, never lost a prosecution, and Cruz worked in the Supreme Court and taught litigation as a professor at UT. And these 2 great men are smeared by the media as extremist idiots compared to a President who never published a paper in Harvard, a VP who can’t finish a sentence without disgracing the nation, and a former first lady whose greatest accomplishment is her “it takes a village” speech. Its absolutely disgusting.

  9. The only “terrorists” with “automatic weapons” that I know about are friends of Mullah Baraq…..

  10. Except by her definition of “minority == terrorists”, that means anytime that 50.000000001% of the US wants something, then the other 49.999999999% of Americans are “terrorists” by default. Hopefully this idiocy puts the final nail in the coffin of her political career and we can move on to weeding out the anti-gun Republicans that will fight to run against her.

  11. Her language… “Hold a point of view”

    Anyone has a right to hold any point of view he or she wants as long as they don’t harm anyone. No politician has the right to tell me what I must think.

    • “The ideal set up by the Party was something huge, terrible, and glittering..—a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans, perpetually working, fighting, triumphing, persecuting—three hundred million people all with the same face.”

      Was that Hillary, or an exert from 1984? Kind of hard to tell.

  12. 300 million guns in America (gosh, almost one apiece), and we, of course, are the minority. If terrorism is defined as words or deeds intended to intimidate or terrorize others into compliance the argument could be made that the anti 2A crowd are the terrorists. No, Hillary and her ilk are the minority, the strident, annoying minority of progressives who seem to think that they need another crusade win. It’s been 50 years since the civil rights movement, we need to bring back the 60’s! Peace and Love and…Viet Nam and…Student unrest and…SDS bombings and…Never mind Hillary, we don’t need another 60’s. The 60’s led to the 70’s, which were pretty bleak. Sorry to go on a bit but one more. The ‘free love’ 60’s came from the uber repressed 50’s. And our government is determined to get larger and more repressive.

    • I read a convincing article around 30 years ago that posited the number to be closer to 800 million THEN! Nobody really knows, thank goodness, and by now I’d guess probably a billion. Seems gov’t estimates have to do with reported production by manufacturers as opposed to govt’s assumption that when a gun is 40 years old it is all used up, removed from the numbers. I bet no one on this thread who is over 60 does not have guns older than 40 which work just fine. I have several. I met a guy competing at the National Matches with a rifle over 100 years old.

      • Thanks for mentioning Reagan.
        That pisses me off to no end. Yeah, he did some great things with the economy. But, machine guns. I cuss in private.

        • What great things? He was the guy who introduced Republicans to that whole notion of “tax less, spend more”. So they stopped being an actual fiscal conservative party, and became the tax-me-less party, even more extreme than Dems (at least Dems realize that they have to tax in order to spend!).

        • Reagan was quite probably senile by that point. Plus at that age you don’t really fully recover from injuries like bullet wounds. Bush Sr. doesn’t have that excuse for trashing the Bill of Rights.

      • Can’t forget Nixon either. Are we seeing a pattern yet? It is not party affiliation; modern U.S. presidents are afraid of an armed America.

        • Nixon was the most progressive President we have ever had. He was in no way a conservative, and so many of the issues we are dealing with now are directly traceable to his administration.

  13. And I quote the Left and Democrat gun owners outrage at being smeared as ‘cricket cricket cricket’……

  14. “…hold a view point that terrorizes…”

    A view point cannot terrorize anyone. Only actions can. If one feels actual terror simply knowing I hold certain beliefs and only because of those beliefs, then they have a mental illness, a likely as-of-yet unnamed phobia.

    That kind of fear is irrational and requires treatment. Any attempt to affect policy or public opinion based on such fear should be cause for shunning.

    • I disagree is great power in ideas. For example, the ISIS insurgents in Iraq believe that all non Sunnis are infidels and require proper killing. The Shi’ia in Iraq are terrorized, fleeing at the advance of a rather miniscule force. The ISIS knows full well that if you kill a few, the rest will flee. They terrorize by their view point. Insurgent tactics are the same the world around: threaten everyone, kill the most prominent objectors, and the rest will toe the line out of fear.

      • Mark N.

        Two comments:
        (1) Last time I checked, People of the Gun were NOT running around stating their intention to round up and kill everyone else.
        (2) That is EXACTLY what gun control politicians are doing: they have promised to send the police to kill everyone who refuses to turn in their firearms.

        Pro gun control politicians are by their very nature terrorists. What is a terrorist you ask? A terrorist is someone who wants to kill you simply because of your identity or beliefs, not because you have harmed someone in a criminal manner.

  15. She must be talking about federal agencies and their sub machine guns… Ya know, cause there is a legitimate reason for the USDA to have .40 cal SMGs…

  16. So now she’s putting Millions of Law Abiding Americans who exercise their right in the same pot as those who are criminals? Well I know who i’m voting for and sure as hell ain’t her!

    • Jeb Bush or Christie? Those are gonna be the choices unless there is a serious shakeup in leadership November. Boehner is the big one that needs to go, he’s been collaborating with the administration and sabotaging conservative candidates.

  17. Except she doesn’t call advocates ‘terrorists’. This sort of mud-slinging hurts both sides. It not only suggests that she can’t tell the difference between those who (as she alleges) “hold a viewpoint that terrorizes,” and an actual “terrorist”–but also simultaneously suggests that gun rights advocates are so dim that they can’t see that this isn’t what she said; and if we’re honest with ourselves, probably isn’t what she thinks. But clearly some advocates are that dim, and I say that as an advocate myself.

    Worse yet, it distracts from the bigger issues represented in that soundbite, wherein she advocates majority rule and states that the majority cannot “let” the minority hold a certain viewpoint, diminishes the number of Americans who advocate for gun rights, and demonstrates a clear (albeit not at all shocking) ignorance of just how difficult it is for “that very, very, very small group that is unfortunately prone to violence” to get their hands on automatic weapons.

  18. Terrorism
    the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
    the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
    a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

    Interesting. By this definition, the current administration, Bloomberg, MAIG, Everytown, and the media are guilty of using terrorism to perpetuate their politically transparent agenda of “gun control” and “gun safety” by spreading fear by exclusively focusing on “mass shootings” and attempting to link them to “gun violence” that are contributing to the hoplophobia epidemic in the US (meanwhile Hollywood is making trillions off the glorification of violence of any type and putting money right back into politics).

    I believe that’s what we call irony and hypocrisy.

    In the meantime, it seems the majority of 2A supporters are non-violent, no matter how much they attempt to vilify us. Much to the disappointment of the antis.

    Go figure.

    • So, we must ask ourselves what is the dictionary definition of ‘terrorism’? “The systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.”

      But what is terror? According to the dictionary I hold in my hand, ‘Terror’, “is violent or destructive acts, such as bombing committed by groups in order to intimidate a population, or government, into granting their demands”.

      So what’s a terrorist?

  19. Hmm, she actually just called the Founding Fathers of the USA “terrorists”
    Anyone else see the irony in that?

  20. To me this statement means she doesn’t want to be president. Didn’t Bubba warn about gun control? Either that, or she really believes the UBC lie and thinks she is pandering to 90% of Americans.

    • There’s this, her incompetence as secretary of state, her laughing about getting a guy who raped a 12 year old girl off on a plea bargain, her declining to declare bokah haram a terrorist organization, her getting absolutely laughed at by Putin, her inability to mention a single accomplishment as secretary of state, her status as a grandmother, Benghazi, and her defending the release of the Bergdahl 5. I’m sure there’s probably more I missed.

    • Don’t kid yourself. She’s playing coy to build up the anticipation and suck up all the potential campaign money. She wants it. She wants it so bad, she can taste it.

  21. I’m sorry, “prone to violence?” I wasn’t aware I’m prone to violence.

    If only she weren’t our superior and was right to be telling us what we are, I might suggest that she’s slandering us, but what do we Neanderthals know.

    • She’s not saying you’re prone to violence. She alleges that there are two different minorities–the first being gun rights advocates, the second being those prone to violence. She’s suggesting that gun rights advocates are enabling the second minority (school shooters, for instance) to commit their crimes.

      Let’s at least try to criticize her for the right reasons. 😉

  22. Constitutional republic. Majority be damned. Minorities still have rights. Just ask anyone in a wheelchair or of an alternate sexual orientation.

  23. This is what you will get if you do decide not to vote or vote for a 3rd party candidate that has a snowball’s chance in hell to win. Even if you have never voted before, the mid-terms and the 2016 presidential campaign will be your most important votes for gun rights EVER!

  24. Maybe Hillary Freudian slipped her own group’s predilection for violence. Or she had a good toke before appearing on camera.

  25. Are we sure this isn’t some kind of troll post to get most users banned? You know what I like about Hillary Clinton? Not a ******* thing.

  26. I look at it this way…it’s two years to 2016 elections. The mid-terms are going to be interesting to see where it all falls out.

    Barring something new, immigration is going to probably take center stage after Nov, and depending on the mid-terms it could go hard or harder. It’s going to be difficult for the anti’s to get air time unless another major event happens.

    Also a lot can happen over the next two years. Obama is doing the Dems no favors right now. And quite frankly, I think she’s pressing too early. The more time folks have to think about it, the more time they have to remember why they didn’t vote for her last time…because when it comes down to it…you have to try hard to like her…reallllll hard.

    • Ah, but they rely on the time-honored fact that most people will have forgotten by then, OR they’ll just make some comment as they shrug their shoulders that it has already been addressed and is water under the bridge. So….. get all the dirty laundry out now, and it will be old-news and less damning come election time.

  27. She would have been better off just letting the world think she was stupid. But she had to open her mouth and confirm she’s an idiotic fool instead.

  28. You know in her mind I may be a terrorist. However I would fight and die to protect her right to say it. As I would fight and die to protect my second amendment rights.

    • Do we really have a right to slander people? Asking questions, declaring facts, and stating an opinion is one thing; verbally attacking someone’s character without any supporting facts or evidence is another matter altogether.

      Look at it this way. You have the right to shadow box … but you do NOT have a right to physically punch someone who has done nothing to you. Similarly, you have the right to speak your mind … but you do NOT have a right to verbally punch someone who has done nothing to you.

      • Yeah, but what you are saying would require her saying “Joe Blow is assisting terrorists.”, as opposed to unnamed “advocates”.

  29. I agree, we need to stop a small minority of violent people, politicians, from using tanks, bombs, and dronestrikes strikes, to terrorize civilians around the world.

  30. 2016 will be Hillary Clinton Vs Jeb Bush for the ‘Legacy’ election. Unfortunately the GOP cannot pull a majority to win. They cannot pull the female vote, the black vote or any of the minority votes. GOP has a hard road ahead of them.

    • Which is why liberty loves of all parties should be rallying behind the Libertarians. Every gun rights group should be pushing the Libertarians hard as well. If you could get the majority of the Republican vote, most “independents” / “moderates”, and pro-liberty Democrats to vote Libertarian, they’d win by a landslide. Anyone with a fully functioning brain realizes that the Republican party is sinking faster than the Titanic because they refuse to adapt to a changing world. Instead of staying on the sinking ship, gun owners should jump on the damn lifeboat.

    • You hit the nail on the head. And if the GOP goes with a crazy like Ted Cruz there will be the biggest pro-Democratic landslide in history.

      • Conservative turnout has been garbage the past 2 presidential elections. Romney and McCain could have won if people hadn’t stayed home and instead gone out and voted. But they didn’t, because they didn’t see a difference between a “moderate Republican” and a “centrist Democrat.”

        • That’s your opinion. I did not vote for either because neither could keep his platform outside of a woman’s body. Both were upfront about feeling a woman is too stupid to make her own decisions, even while “promising” to leave a situation decided decades ago by the SC alone. Nobody on either side of the question believed either of them, so they LOST! And continue to blame those losses on something else. The GOP needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

  31. I do not see Hillary as a lock in 2016. Like she was in 2008? I seem to recall her enduring lots of abuse. I also believe Americans HATE old white people. And Hillary ain’t gettin’ any younger.If everyone got on board in 2012 B. Hussein wouldn’t have won.( yeah yeah Romney sucked). In any case chances are good Republicans may win the Senate & retain congress. And YES the b##ch called us terrorists.

  32. The GOP would basically have to try to not defeat presidential candidate Hillary. If you remember, the Democrat’s winning strategy tends to revolve around “But our opponent’s too ooooold.” Well, Hillary is pushing McCain age (when he ran). If Republicans put up someone of the youthful age of 60, it’d be relatively easy to get a simple majority.

  33. Mrs Clinton,

    Please point me in the direction of these easily available automatic weapons, I needz them. All of mine are sadly semi automatic only and I wouldn’t mind the upgrade, seriously.


  34. Down with any minority group! Only majority opinion matters! Its not like there’s a set of rules outlining the protections due all US Citizens or anything…

    Oh wait.

    I don’t like Hillary but at worst she’ll be as ineffective as Obama was/is. I hope the GOP puts forth a good candidate. No, I *really* wish we had a larger number of effective political parties. Don’t like GOP or Dems.

    • I think you are right. They came off looking like dangerous threatening inconsiderate goofs and that’s going to be the image that anti-gun folks will use for the next several years.

      • If you think tiny groups of OCT peacefully, lawfully protesting is where she’s deriving her view, you are being grotesquely obtuse. She has held these beliefs long before OCT, she has believed this since the 60’s. If OCT never existed, she would use the NRA, Conceal Carriers, Vets, Hunters, anyone who is a gun owner to label as a terrorist.

  35. So after watching the video, I have to ask:

    Ms. Clinton,

    Murder is illegal. There is law in place that forbids it. There is a religious Commandment, written by God, that also forbids murder. God, the highest law in the land. And yet, even with man-made law and eternal damnation at stake, a significant percentage of people still find it in themselves to commit murder. For no real logical reason at all, or more disturbing, for reasons they find agreeable.

    So, it’s apparent that people that wish to murder will continue to do so to fulfill their agenda, their plan, or perhaps their personal wishes. No matter the reason, they will succeed at murdering so long as they can get away with it.

    These people are the problem. Not the tools they use to commit their murders. People are murdered every day with all manner of devices and tools. Yet you choose to focus on the tool that is used in less than 1% of all murders, the assault rifle… Why are you so focused on guns and not the murderers themselves and the reasons they choose to murder?

    Do you blame the building for the murder of the person that decided to jump off it? Or the pavement they inevitably met at the bottom which attributed to their demise? Or perhaps you should blame gravity for making it possible. We know those are absurd notions.

    We don’t ban bathtubs, belts, hangars, razors, pools, or tall buildings to attempt to stave off potential suicide attempts do we? We try to help the person before they attempt suicide. Because that’s what makes the most sense. You don’t try to stop the leaky dam with your finger. You prevent the leaks from happening in the first place.

    Education is the key here.

    The only logic I can see for going after the tools is because you don’t know how to solve the real problem, the problem you can’t see. That’s the evil within. And it will never go away. But disarming good people in your search for the solution is about the most backward solution I can think of in this situation.

    • We have a proven system for gun safety that has been in place for generations. It’s called parenting and education.

      Developing a moral compass in our youth and actually preparing them for life as adults with values, self respect, respect for others, and ideals. All of the things that are missing with our current generation that is hooked to the internet, reality TV, and other media that celebrates and rewards stupidity, immoral behavior, and encourages self-entitlement.

      Political correctness prevents people from saying the truth in day to day life and it’s laughable that all you have to do is go online where you are shrouded in anonymity to get the exact opposite experience — a complete lack of empathy and morals from everyone else where no one is accountable for their actions — and we’re ok with that. It’s these extremes in expectations that are the height of hypocrisy in today’s education system.

      No wonder they don’t know how to behave or what to believe. You give them ridiculous strict rules during the day (half of which don’t even make sense — or if anything is “gun related” it’s overreacted to) and our education system can’t even punish misbehavior where “everyone is winner” and no one is “wrong” and these same misguided youth go online where there are no rules to indulge in who knows what.

      Is it any surprise that some kids today are crazy?

  36. That’s ok. She wouldn’t recognize a terrorist if he marched up and murdered her ambassador.

    What difference does it make?

  37. All you have to do is vote. McCain and Romney aren’t exactly our kind of guys, but they’re a far better option than Obama. Yet, Obama won, especially in 2012, because Republicans stayed home.

    Republicans need to quit swinging for the fences and striking out, looking for the perfect candidate, and start getting on base. No, I’m not saying support some mealy mouthed moderate who will only take away our rights at a slightly slower pace than the liberals.

    I am, however, saying that you have a better shot with a pragmatist of locking in the gains we’ve made, or perhaps even advancing our firearms freedoms some at the federal level, than we ever would with a rabid full on statist like the Democrats will nominate, who will only call for confiscation at the first exploitable moment.

    So go VOTE! In the primaries and the general election.

    • Romney was a mealy-mouthed moderate, and McCain has been looking for an excuse to bomb the rest of the world into submission for the last twenty years or so. Thankfully neither were elected.

  38. So the sitting president a Democrat is anti-gun and wants to sign away your rights with his pen.

    Democrat senators are always popping out of the wood work trying to take away your guns and other rights.

    The potential Democrat front runner for her parties nominee for President goes on national TV and calls us basically terrorists and that she wants to take our guns and even the way we think and what do you folks do?

    That’s right you blame Republicans.

    Not the Democrats, not the people that voted for the Democrats. Nope you blame the only people that are still fighting for your rights. And before you say some nonsense about how they are not, they are, because if it were not for them Obama, Reid and Feinstein would have gotten their “assault weapons ban” and God knows what else.

    Blame the Republicans…..folly pure folly.

    If you value your rights then you WILL vote Republican. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for serfdom, and a vote for some third party is a wasted vote so you might as well just vote Democrat and cut out the middle man.

    • I can personally guarantee that no matter who is elected to any position whatsoever, at any place in the world, no one is going to take my guns away during my lifetime. What McCain (a hero of mine) and Romney were boasting about intending to do, I would have no say in if they were elected. That was not enough to make me vote for Osama, but it was enough for me to not vote for his main opponents. And will be again, until the GOP candidate drops the social crusade and minds BUSINESS.

  39. So how come an assault weapon ban already came into effect, WHILE HER HUSBAND WAS IN OFFICE, and she keeps pretending that did anything? It’s startling that they can try to pull this off, and It’s beyond me that NOBODY has said in a debate yet that we tried an assault weapon ban and it wasn’t re-instated because it was determined to be absolutely worthless.

    • yeah, pretty much.

      “We need an AWB!” – suggests that one has never been tried. Simultaneously they’ll blame the Republicans for letting the AWB lapse.

      In neither case does anybody actually ask, “did it do anything at all?” Because the answer has been verified to be a resounding NOPE.

      It’s just a party plank. It’s like they went away to college, their parents moved their old bean bag out of their bedroom, and when they come home to stay every once in a while, they just HAVE to have the bean bag back.

    • Don’t be stupid. It only failed because it was not BIG enough! The one she intends now would ban ALL assault weapons, down to single-shot .22 rifles and Thompson Contenders. BB guns are under consideration, they could put your eye out!

  40. Okay, I see… It’s my viewpoint that terrorizes people. Even though the vast majority of people I meet on a daily basis have no inkling that I hold said viewpoint, I’m terrorizing them. Makes sense.

    Okay, so there can’t be only one terrifying minority viewpoint… Ah, yes. There’s a certain…ahem…small minority of the world’s population that currently holds a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of the world (cough*Islam*cough)…. We need a law. Ban assault religions!

    Hmmm… What other minority viewpoints might be terrorizing the sheepish majority? Gay people aren’t scary, but their annual pride parades are quite offputting and visually painful; plus, all that “celebration” and “equality” and “tolerance”? Yeah, they’re definitely terrorizing the majority. It goes without saying that black people are a scary minority; so are Palestinians; but if we need to, I’m sure we’ll find that they hold some terrorizing viewpoints, if only we look hard enough. And Jews…good grief, the Jews…

    Hillary! Save us!

  41. Notice how someone mentioned 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook and the CNN moderator just sat there on her fat ass and did not make a correction.

  42. So, my thoughts have the ability to reach out of my brain and induce fear in other people? Interesting.

    Does this mean I’m a Jedi, seeing as my mind-tricks only appear to work on the weak-minded? Or does it mean I’m some sort of Great Old One, inducing insanity just by my presence?

  43. Im not selling a damn thing, this woman cant count. just like she is banking on the soccer mom vote. we’ll see how that goes, go ahead get rid of guns, the narrow minded cant fathom what isn’t told to them, so im telling. if we outlaw guns you will be encouraging the “terrorists” to make bombs. who remembers Oklahoma city? nobody except gun owners. Why? because big bad timothy used a far more effective weapon. that’s right a simple bomb…even though he had a semi auto glock on his person at the time. how effective was terrorizer timmy…very effective. all the “school” shootings in the U.S in the past 5 years(maybe more) cant touch that number. I like a threat I can see and potentially avoid or stop. Wise up people. think about what your advocating, this woman never spoke up until her presidency was at stake. she’s picking her niche and saying what those people want to hear. and the sheeple just gobble it up. and they’ll keep gobbling until they ruin our country.

  44. She’s full of it. She knows exactly what’s she is saying. She recognizes the small percentage of population that are stupid and don’t know a 1911 from a Colt Python or an AR 15 from a select fire AK, who will nod in ignorant agreeance.
    I doubt she will even run. Why would she be committing political suicide, unless she thinks her comments will be forgotten, which they won’t. Hillary is a smart old Gal, highly political, but I seriously doubt she will run.

  45. Dave Brat for President.
    If a communist from Chicago who pretends to be a constitutional scholar and has zero executive (or even any real work experience) can get into the white house, then a Libertarian (?) econ prof can as well.

  46. very, very, very (insert terroristic curse words here).

    and yet again she shows how irrelevant she is.

  47. >conflating semi-automatic weapons with fully-automatic weapons

    Oh, there was no mistake about it. This has been the goal of using the misnomer “assault weapons” from the very beginning.

    Think about it: All through the 90s and 2000s, assault weapons, assault weapons, assault weapons – every newspaper article, every blog post, every talk show segment… assault weapons, assault weapons, assault weapons .

    And then, BAM! about two years ago, it suddenly start to become “assault rifles”. Which we know they aren’t – but Grandma Sixpack (mother of Joe, I guess?) doesn’t know that. And Suzy Soccermom demanding action doesn’t know or care about the distinction. Or maybe she does and she prefers the lie to the truth. Because if it’s one thing Suzy Soccermom loves, it’s passing judgement on her peers and being the arbiter of what’s right and how things should be.

    And we’re awful dismissive of Suzy Soccermom and her army of dingbats – all fifty of them – shrieking their way across the Brooklyn Bridge, demanding action. But we better not be.

    Because Suzy Soccermom lives vicariously through The Queen of the Harpies, er…. Hillary Clinton. And once that shriveled hag gets her ass planted in the Oval Office, you better believe the first thing they’re going to do is go about child-proofing the entire country.

    And where do you think they’re going to start?

    This needs to be nipped in the bud before it comes to that. Because, I don’t know the first thing about any of you, but I’ve drawn my line. And they will certainly cross it, daring me to do anything about it.

    Where’s your line drawn?

  48. One might say that Hillary is speaking to the political left-wing of the Democratic party right now. However, she isn’t going to have to face a primary, so she ought to be speaking more in general terms. Maybe she is talking like that to prevent any challengers from the left? We are in luck at least that we are not a minority as she claims. If we really were, we would have been defeated completely long ago.

    The gun industry is far too small to give an organization like the NRA the kind of influence that it has. It is the grassroots support that the NRA has. About 4 – 5 million members and about 10x that many non-members it is estimated who nonetheless support the NRA’s general mission.

    So for Hillary to claim it’s a minority, that means that she has no understanding of her opponents in the fight regarding gun control. And talk like this on her part will only serve to keep membership to the NRA strong.

    It is ironic that it is these Progressives like her who are the ones being extremist on this issue, whether they realize it or not, and they are the ones in the minority.

  49. “We’re going to have to do a better job protecting the vast majority of our citizens, including our children, from that very, very, very small group that is unfortunately prone to violence and now with automatic weapons can wreak so much more violence than they ever could have before.”

    Every single word
    Hillary says is a lie
    Even “and” and “the”

  50. I would love to hear Hillary`s answer about what she would do if her ban was passed and millions of gun owners defied the ban like they are in NY and Connecticut. I would like to hear her answer where she is going to find the billions of dollars that will be needed to build new prisons. Obama resorted to soft core totalitarianism to fight his political opponents, Hillary will go hard against anyone who openly resists. She is even more intolerant of dissent than Obama. Her age and all of her political baggage will hurt her, but you cant count her out ever. Hillary has the media, lots of harpies and myrmidons who will support her. And any response to her attacks will be portrayed as a “war on women”. The Republicans best chance is to nominate someone who is young and has a libertarian streak.

  51. What an attitude, minority and minority viewpoint against the majority? Sort of like gay marriage or should I not go there (because I don’t actually care one way or the other).

  52. Hopefully this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but realize this is not her agenda, she is a cog in the propaganda machine whose mission is to disarm the public.

  53. Thanks for letting us know where you stand, Hillary. Hearing that crashing sound? Yep, the death of your presidential campaign before it even begins.

    Now quick, pro-2A people… somebody make a video looping her inane comments about guns and gun owners.

    • Not likely Don, there are people commenting on this post who will happily and proudly vote for this woman if she is nominated.

      • I guess in the privacy of a poll booth anything can happen, but I can’t wrap my mind around a blue collar democrat voting against gun rights.

        • They voted for Obama, and it was obvious to anyone paying attention he is firmly opposed to the second amendment.

  54. Would a tyrant call us terrorists because are ability to defend ourselves from enslavement terrorizes him or her? People should not be afraid of their government; a government should be afraid of their people. Maybe Hillary is afraid of the people which is why she is trying to label gun rights advocates as terrorists.

  55. Come on people, You all should know by now, that the President is groomed and hand picked by the elite global bankers. And they are on a mission to destroy this Country from within…!

  56. I am not so much disturbed by Hillary’s response as the applause from the crowd. What a bunch of know-nothing dingbats!

  57. Remember…. Even Obama wasn’t dumb enough to announce his extreme anti-second amendment views BEFORE he was elected, or even re-elected. Hillary is of course calculating that this whips up her extremist liberal base to get her nominated, but all she did is completely alienate the entire middle (independents), whom are really the ones who elect the President. (Bill knows this of course). What she claims to be a small minority is actually about half the country – who support the 2ND and the constitution. No Presidential candidate has ever run on an open anti-gun platform such as what she just declared and won.

    • [quote]No Presidential candidate has ever run on an open anti-gun platform such as what she just declared and won.[/quote]

      Times be a changing so I hope your not banking on what you claim to hold true these days.
      After all the worst president in modern times was re-elected and nobodies like Watts and Bloomy have more supporters then what gun bloggers claim.

      • I have nothing to bank my friend. I have no illusions about the possibility for doom here. Only stating that I believe her tact is a mistake and this is one of those subjects that candidates like Obama at least knew enough to leave alone BEFORE he was (re) elected. Then he could push his agenda with no fear.

  58. She’s probably a distraction meant to lose and draw fire from the real candidate. A lot of money would be spent targeting her while the other one would sail right through.

  59. 1. Children don’t go to college. College is for adults.

    2. Children in schools are less defended than your average liquor store. Priorities I guess?

    3. Guns are the threat? It’s just chance that our crazies copy “the shooter” archetype rather than “the arsonist” archetype at this time.

    Some of the largest mass-murder-suicides in recent times:

    Chengdu bus fire attack – 28 dead
    Xiamen bus fire attack – 47 dead
    Daegu subway fire attack – 192 dead

    Weapon, gasoline carried in either 1 or 2 milk cartons.

  60. Nothing drives away voters like the supporting the Assault Weapon Ban, which really should be called the Offensive weapon ban. Since these things always become part of a greater policy of a introduction to national disarmament . Also its unconstitutional at least on a Federal level.

  61. So we need to take away the rights of a very very very large group of people because of a group of very very very small people. There’s the nanny logic kicking in. I am not at all surprised. I do like the fact that we are getting this all on record well before the election though.

  62. Don’t pay any attention to the puppet — pay attention to the puppet-masters.

    Get ready for the “War On Terror” to become the BIPARTISAN central feature for disarming civilians…..

  63. If Hilary runs, I think she can be beaten, but only if there is ONE candidate around which all those eager to get the Democrats out of the driver’s seat will unite behind.

    If we split the vote, Hilary is a shoe-in.

    • With all respect, what makes anyone think for a New York second that the midterm elections will be either honest or a reflection of the peoples will? How lawful has this regime been so far? They will still be in power in November and the SEIU will still be repairing the voting machines that register more R votes than D votes. Example: Reid’s last re-election

  64. I think Hillary is getting her name into the media to scare off Democratic opponents. I don’t think she feels strong or that her success is inevitable, but weak. I think all of commenters that think we are hearing from the next president are jumping the gun a little bit. She isn’t a very strong campaigner and I think she is trying to keep her field as light as possible to avoid a strong challenge in the presidential primaries. If the Republicans field a decent candidate, broaden their appeal some and run a semi competent campaign against Hillary, I don’t think they can lose. I hate relying on the R’s though.

    I hope she becomes the democratic nominee, we will win either way. If she wins the presidency, she will drive the fence straddlers into our corner by pursuing obviously flawed legislation. If she loses, the right will be able fend off the 2A challenges. The only downside is that, if she wins, she’ll be able to nominate Supreme Court judges. Hillary doesn’t scare me, she’s not very good at appealing to anyone but the people that are already on her side.

  65. and now with automatic weapons????

    Er, Excuse me, Mrs. Clinton, but Americans haven’t had easy access to AUTOMATIC weapons since the National Firearms Act of 1934. Maybe she should start checking history before making idiotic, BS statements like the one above.

  66. Is she receiving any money from overseas? The enemies of America would benefit more from a dis-armed society than its allies, or anyone here. Who is she working for

  67. “Democracy” is what we are trying spread around the world? Two families dominating both parties for almost 30 years?

  68. Just once I would like to see someone taking an EDUCATED political stand. She is right about the violent individuals being a minority, however, why is it that every political entity seems to be under the assumption that we all have AUTOMATIC weapons. She talks about needing to have universal background checks and that is definitely something I agree with. That being said any individual attempting to use an AUTOMATIC weapon must be in possession of several forms of FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSES with require extensive documentation and near constant harassment by the ATF. Now I understand that most if not all politics these days are not based on any form of scientific evidence or verifiable statistics or even any tested and quantifiable data but, for the sake of the FREEDOMS and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS they seeks to take from us they could at least use a UNBIASED STUDY of which they ascertain what the real numbers are. If they did they would find that most if not all RESPONSIBLE gun owner are completely for universal background checks and other REASONABLE and UN-OPPRESSIVE means of taking the power away from IRRESPONSIBLE gun owner’s who are using their weapons or the weapons of another to commit murder on a mass scale. The SECOND AMENDMENT was designed to allow the people to protect themselves from the government or any other foreign invading body, remember that when ANYONE comes in trying to take rights from RESPONSIBLE AMERICAN’S. It was mean’t to protect us from TYRANNY and OPPRESSION not allow us to settle problem’s and murder one another.

    • I doubt that most people are for universal background checks. I especially doubt that most gun owners are for universal background checks. I would love to hear your version of

      “REASONABLE and UN-OPPRESSIVE means of taking the power away from IRRESPONSIBLE gun owner’s who are using their weapons or the weapons of another to commit murder on a mass scale.”

      I’m pretty sure that anyone who commits mass murder goes to prison and no longer has a right to own a firearm.

      I personally am for reasonable and un-oppresive means of keeping people from using all caps in their posts as it adds little to their arguments and makes them kind of seem like a moron. (Edited for using the word ‘like’ to many times)

      • I will attempt to quickly make the case for universal background checks.

        Background checks have accomplished nothing besides spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars and employing tens of thousands of people in the business which is government, over, what, 30-40 years now? Solution? UNIVERSAL background checks, so we would finally have an actual result from the fortunes we are spending. No effect on crime, of course, but we would FINALLY have a means to determine where all the guns in the country are, to ease the path toward confiscating all of them while killing their owners.

        Got it all straight now?

  69. Emotionally driven, badly misinformed, completely irrational. Yet a percentage of gun owners will vote for her if she runs no matter what because they are socially liberal. Period.

  70. Godless degenerates who live by their own rules of morality run the show folks. What do you expect.

    Calling them a minority is part of their propaganda. Her view is the minority, and she lies. Our degenerate liberal media does the same thing. They make everyone believe a conservative view is not shared by most, so you feel alone.

  71. There ya go — legal gun owners are terrorists but the terrorists who murdered our ambassador in Benghazi were movie critics.

  72. Mrs. Clinton is the terrorists, anyone supporting disarming a society is the terrorists. Just look at the pictures from Kenya, Mexico, Iraq, etc, the leaders that disarmed their societies were and are the true terrorists.

  73. OK. Take away the guns from the people that enforce the law. Take away their guns. Not to mention arsonals of weapons used against Americans by cops. This is one stupid bitch. Both of them. The one asking and the one answering. First off you must have experience in stuff instead of just opening your mouth. The ladybasking the question has non experience in nothing but shoving food in her mouth. I can’t stand you people. You got no kids, you got no life and you was prob paid to ask the question. Clinton was found to be a liar early in her career. Like husband like wife. We have nuclear weapons but your afraid my guns are going to hurt you. You people are so blind and lost. You don’t know what cause to follow any more..

  74. What we need is a Hillary ban. She was one of the engineers behind the Million Mom March back in the 90’s. She, and her ilk, are far, far more dangerous than all the so-called “assault weapons” put together.

  75. Seems to me a lot of people get elected in the northeast by talking exactly like this. Ask Terry. Now, any of you pie in the sky people who think she doesn’t have a solid chance of winning… I have a bridge I will sell you. Anyone sitting at home, or voting third party have no one else to blame but yourselves. So you better get your asses involved, and I don’t mean just posting crap on a website either. No offense to this website.

    • So, if I understand you correctly, what you’re saying is that anyone who votes third party is partly to blame because they had the presence of mind to seek their political solutions elsewhere and that those who did NOT vote third party are to be commended for still working within the system. Am I getting this right?

      Now, I can see being somewhat critical of people voting third party and then going home and sitting on their butt, but even if that weren’t the case and these people were all out hitting the pavement, you still aren’t addressing the level of voting corruption involved by the major parties to stay in power. Everyone of the enlightened could be doing everything they could to overcome this voting stranglehold, short of outright armed revolt, and you’d STILL be criticizing them because it wasn’t enough.

      Granted, one could say that enough is never done until the objective is reached, but then the “system” only allows voters to, well, vote. It allows for protest (although nowadays less and less) and to a lesser degree even civil disobedience. As columnist Clair Wolfe so aptly put it, “America is at that awkward stage; too late to work within the system and too early to shoot the bastards.”

      By the way, how’s the view from that recliner you’ve been glued to?

  76. Yep, just what we need, another brain damaged loudmouth who wants to ban guns.
    Giffords was enough.

    I’ve already let the people I know If they are considering voting for her, then we should probably not talk anymore.

    Though, I have to say, she’s probably going to win. I see a trend starting, unqualified minority presidents!

  77. Once ,Americans were a well respected people, the world over revered America once.
    Today America is a shadow of its former self.
    Americans today in general are dumber than a door knob
    They elect leaders they know nothing about ,bounce between Democrat and Republican like a ping pong ball, never stopping to raise up a third party.
    In short they are well deserving of their plight.
    Both parties are war mongering because the industrial might of America has been reduced to a war industry.
    When will Americans elect someone for their substance and not their shine ?
    A Ross Perrot ,Ron Paul, Ralph Nader.
    Never is the answer ,it takes an enlightened public to see reality ,that is something America lost long ago.

  78. How safe were the children of countries where guns were banned then the government murdered and starved them all?
    How safe were the children when drones killed them?
    How safe were the children when vaccines were killing them?
    How safe are the children eating foods with pesticides and chemicals known to be dangerous are allowed by them?
    How safe are the children drinking water laced with chemicals and fluoride?
    How safe are the children when thousands of illegals are coming across our borders carrying diseases, bringing terroristic$ agendas, drugs and guns?
    How safe are the children when the government sends weapons into the hands of drug lords in Mexico?
    How safe are the children today on the streets living in boxes because of our economy in 17 trillion in debt, most people out of work, while the president spends millions vacationing all over the world?
    People, it is quite clear, the government cares nothing about “The Children”. They care about their power to control you, to disarm you- their enemy, because they are in fear of losing their power to the law that should be controlling them, and it is called “rights”- the Constitution! Why do you think they are working so hard to disobey this supreme law? You know who they are not by what they say, but what they do!! And look at what they are doing. Look where America is right now. “They” are how we got here!
    I said it before he was elected, “O” is evil, and I’m telling you now, this women is evil and a force so destructive to this country, the devil himself couldn’t be worse.

  79. The one voting for that she dog is totally insane , that woman is like those old Queens of France that led to the french revolution …. don’t be so stupid as to repeat history …….

  80. See the funny thing is these logically challenged people. Hillary needs to check her facts. Cities that have the toughest gun control laws like nyc, la, chicago,seattle,,newark just to name a few have the highest crime rate. Fact two these cities have democratic mayors. So what Hillary I guess is saying is that she and members of her party are responsible for the gun problem. Fact three all the mass shootings since Jared laughner every single one a democrat. So these are all facts. So I guess Hillary’s right but the crazy people are in her party. Not conservatives. I hope someone tells her this but it probably wont happen since the democrats don’t have a position they have to deal in misinformation. It seems to be what they are good at.

    • Carr, part of the problem with your rant is that reich wingers like to talk down about cities that have Democratic mayors. The reality is that there is only one or two cities in the USA that have Republican mayors at the moment. Republicans have been pretty well rejected by most urban populations, which doesn’t seem very promising for the future of the GOP.

      • Your point is well taken, but your facts are still wrong. The figure you’re looking for is around one dozen non-Democrat mayors. The problem is that by the time you get down to the mayoral level, Independent representation still hasn’t been able to make much of a mark, but it is there. And what difference does it make? All it means is that the Democrat Party is still successful in selling itself to populations that rely heavily on social services, which translates to …… the people looking for the free lunch programs are the ones taking the least amount of personal responsibility, no matter what the race.

        • If the GOP were successful at getting voters in cities they (and you) would happily take credit. Part of the problem with America today is that regressives live in the past. We ARE an urban culture, whether you guys like it or not. We don’t go out and hunt giant cave sloths for food, people go to the local grocery stores. Many cities rely on mass transportation, and as much as that hurts the feelings of Republicans driving 25 year old diesel farm trucks and dreaming about how they will leverage their old mobile homes into mansions when they too magically become one of the 1%, that’s just the way it is.

          Anyway, you guys rant about those evil “dependent” classes but the reality is that Republicans simply don’t have any ideas and ideas call for hard work, which Republican politicians avoid like the plague.

          That, and your idea of welfare is giving our Treasury to Halliburton and the oil companies. That has worked well lately, hasn’t it?

          Remember that Kentucky, a solidly red state, has more food stamp recipients per capita than any other state. That’s the reality of Republicans, regressives, and that “dependent” thing.

        • What a bunch of crap. There you go again, mistakenly tilting at the wrong windmill. What seems all too apparent is that you’re still wasting energy taking your foolish stance, still duking it out in the left-right paradigm, when BOTH parties are the freakin’ problem. It’s like, which mafia family do you want to whack your knee caps, the Gambinos or the Luccheses? And given that, you believe you have free choice. (MEJR)

          I’m not even going down into that intellectual abyss you were attempting to pontificate from. Jeez, no wonder this country is in such a mess.

      • never said i was a conservative and a drum beater for the gop. or the goop as i like to refer to it. i think the whole political system needs to be reset. people need to be accountable for themselves and do for themselves. instead of the government telling you what to do and how to do it. you should able to govern yourself. teach your children what is right to do. if you don’t like guns that is fine don’t have them. if you don’t like the cross that is fine don’t go to places that have them. just don’t expect me to take them down because it makes you feel uncomfortable. we are going to agree to disagree so no matter what is said i am entrenched in a free thinking do for yourself ideal. you are part of the give me its mine and that is fine but if you ever needed to take care of yourself you would probably need a a trailer park representative to take care of you. you take care of yourself John and be well.

    • Hillary has made “ambition” a four letter word. Women with any hope of becoming someone important or having a larger plan for humanity would do well to run the other way when this harpy came into town for a fund raiser. She is a parasite who preys on women with a troubled past or a troubled marriage, those who look to her for the strength to scratch and claw their way out of the emotional sewer they’ve been living in and finally get some recompense for having to live in a world also shared by, well, ……… men.

      Hillary also has a following of equally dysfunctionally ambitious men, who see her as a means to attain power for themselves, not a means to implement plans for a better society; a free-ride, so to speak. Other men in her following would of course be the effeminate gaggle of either gay or pussy-whipped inconveniently Y-chromosomed humanoids who are still trying to please Mommy, whether through their wives or through Hillary. Either way, these emasculated members of society have no where to take this culture but down the crapper because service to a cause is never about the cause; it’s always about themselves.

      I try to think of women who had grace, respect, and could command an audience and I think of Julie Andrews, Maya Angelou, and Princess Diana; three very outspoken and articulate individuals who didn’t have to trade in their ovaries for a set of testicles as Hillary has done and yet still manage to become larger than life and well-respected. I have a lot of respect for Elizabeth Warren, but before I ever vote for her, she’d have to get her head out of her ass and read the Constitution a few times. Hillary, on the other hand, reminds me of a twisted modern-day remake of Mommy Dearest.

  81. Roughly 2,000 people drown in swimming pools in the U.S. every year, while about 400 die by all long guns combined including semi-automatic rifles (referred to by Hilary Clinton as assault rifles). Where is Hilary Clinton on the banning of swimming pools?? How does she plan on draining and removing all the swimming pools in the United States, and where will all that water go??

    • Do you have a fence around your pool? Those are required by law in most places and they do indeed reduce drownings.

      So perhaps the partial answer to gun deaths would be reasonable regulations (like mandatory secure storage and improved background checks) rather than a total ban.

  82. Hillary is a scary creature, for sure.

    But her weakness is her lack of self-awareness, and perspective, and inability to control her own ego and abuse of power. The more she goes on the air, and reveals it, the scarier she is to average Americans who can think for themselves, and have had two terms of the Progressive Agenda.

    College thesis on Saul Alinsky- author of the community organizer bible, “Rules for Radicals”, that is pretty much a cook book of immoral abuse of truth from lessons learned in failed communist experiements around the world.

    Whitewater- abuse of power in Arkansas to make money for her and Bill. Dont forget the commodity trading where she makes 1000% profits, impossible except for falsified book keeping at the brokerage.

    The treatment of all Bills mistresses, as Governor and President.
    War on Women indeed…

    Hillary Care- remember how she put herself in charge of the task force that worked in secret for a year to reform the health industry? This blew up mostly because of her tyrannical egomania and control freak impulses.

    Senator of NY- where her biggest achievement was to promote Anthony Weiner, by way of her body woman Huma Abedin. Remember who Huma’s parents are, and Hillary’s Hugs for the Paleostinian thug, Yasser Arafat. Follow the money, and dont be surprised Cristiane Amanpour is whoring herself and CNN out for her, based on those connections. Can you say Eason Jordan?

    Benghazi and the 3AM call. Yep, she took her lawyers call and took off for several weeks, incommunicado from Congressional hearings about why this Administration and State Department lied to the American people, in order to protect Obama’s second campaign lie about “Al Qaeda on the run…”.
    Again, CNN and Cathy Crowley.

    I maintain the Progtards are desperate. Their loonier members on the left are pissed at the Big O for not letting terrorists go earlier at Gitmo. The angry Feminazi Gen1 are pissed that Hillary isnt already president, and the middle of the road Dems are running scared because their long feed at the pig-trough of public corruption is about to be over in DC, if, and only if,

    we Middle Americans and believers in personal freedom, responsibility, integrity, and fiscal conservatism, stand up and vote them out.

    That is really the question here- if the folks who went to vote in 2008 had done same in 2012, Romney would be president. Too many conservatives/repubs/independents stood on the high ground and said I am not voting for anyone- and look what we got- another term for the Empty Suit, the Great Recession continuing, ObamaCare crushing healthcare for a generation, loss of trust in the Federal Govt in F&F, Benghazi, IRSgate and the VA Scandal,

    and a foreign policy in shambles and near world war in the M.E.
    Hillary was part of that Fed Govt, and had her fingers in most of those.

    Ask yourself why has this WH, and Hillary been so desperate to hide whats underneath Benghazi – remember the stonewalling over F&F and Hillary’s inability to control her power urges?

    Benghazi’s real story will make Ollie North and Contras look like amateur hour, I suspect, and those “Stingers For Syria” gun-running program AMB Stevens was runnning in Tripoli went sideways, as any person with common-sense and some basic knowledge of the M.E. could predict, and those missiles with Hillary’s name on them will be shooting down airliners in the hands of ISIS over Baghdad, and in AQs various subsets, over other international airports in the next couple of years, mark my words.

  83. Hitlary Cliton. I have a message for you you communist @itch. You got the balls to come and take them? Bring it on. By the way we are not the minority. We are pushing 175 million strong with access to over 700 million guns. Your dumbass doesnt have enough SS to do anything about it. Hopefully the demonrat voters will see you for who you really are. A power hungry dont give a crap about America or its people unless you can acheive votes out of it. You are an evil communist witch who should be hung for treason against the American people

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