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Those kooky rappers. Always going on about drugs, money, women and expensive playthings. Kinda like . . . bankers. The main difference: this part of the music industry is prone to violence. As evidenced by gunfire at a pre-MTV VMA party. “Music producer Suge Knight has been injured during a shooting at a glamourous awards show party in a Los Angeles nightclub hosted by singer Chris Brown,” reports. “Witnesses said 25-year-old singer, who is still on parole following his recent release from jail, had been the target of shots fired at the 1OAK club in West Hollywood, where he was hosting a pre-party for MTV’s Video Music Awards. Brown was thought to be unhurt, but three other victims – among them Death Row Records founder Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, 49, were reportedly taken to the city’s Cedars Sinai hospital.” More details as they emerge. Or not.

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    • Oh no! Some black gangbangers are shooting each other again…Quick! Somebody blame a white guy! And I’m confident that Sharpton, Jackson and Co. will be quick to condemn the shooting, as well as conduct a protest and call for ‘justice for Chris Brown.’ Yep, that will happen.

    • The Thug Life: Where the greatest achievement is to be a cooning, thieving, externalizing douchebag.

      And the best part of it all? Law-abiding, taxpaying citizens like myself get to pay for their “life.” We get to subsidize their ridiculous family-planning decisions, their self-defeating rejection of education, squandered welfare dependency, police protection from their predations, dysfunctional money-siphoning, intellect-destroying religious institutions, and hospital bills when they get shot for being all-around idiots.

      Finally we pay for their corners or incarceration when they squander the life we pay for to stew in the prison industrial complex. Who here want’s a refund?

    • I bet the shooter is a black gangbanger, and that there will be zero uproar from the black community, and that MLK Jr. will have no comments in the matter.

      • Of course. It’s far easier to externalize your problems than deal with them, and it happens with all groups on a variety of issues.

        Still, there are very few good excuses for violent douchebaggery and these so called “leaders” need to stop making excuses for the predators in their community.

  1. “Some dude shot Suge!”

    My first wife worked in the Intensive Care Unit for Trauma at a Level I trauma center in Illinois (that’s the top level – most extreme injuries and their associated care).

    When they asked someone “What happened?”, it was always “Some dude shot me.” or “Some dude stabbed me.” or “Some dude ran me over with a car.” They’d joke “They need to catch this ‘some dude’ guy; he’s a walking crime wave.” Sad thing is most of their “customers” wouldn’t identify anyone beyond that.

    Even more sad, they had repeat customers – and not just one repeat…

    • Funny…. in the Navy, we saw a lot of guys come back to the ship (in port) beat up. They always started the story with, “Two dudes….” “… and I wasn’t drinking!”

      It was always TWO dudes that beat the crap out of them. Of course, the sailor was always innocent… minding his own business, on his way to volunteer at the soup kitchen or choir practice.

      We called it “Two Dudes Syndrome.” 🙂

  2. A lot of “dudes” have been banging Chris Brown’s ex, Rhianna, lately. Gettin some will make “some dudes” do a lot of crazy $hit.

  3. When it happens all the time, is it still news? Shooting before a hip hop music festival or on NBA all star weekend are the norm not the exception.

  4. Chris Brown and Tank aren’t rappers.
    They are R&B singers.
    Shots fired, isn’t literal, its a phrase about a person being insulted or called out.

    Its funny how the authors of this site praise a cop for shot someone, praise zimmerman for shooting somone, all without the full story.

    Yet here we have a story where again blacks are shot and you laugh and gloat about them being victimized? No word on the suspects and how it could have been a DGU. No you laugh and marginalized them like they aren’t even people.

    Some of the ingrained racism and bigotism on this site ensures why they 2nd Amendment movement will never have minority support.

    • Certainly there is an element of racism here, but I think this has less to do with race than it has to do with Brown and Knight being world class scumbags. If this had involved Justin Bieber the level of smack talk would be exponentially greater.

      • I guarantee we’ll never, EVER, get the support of people who think a party with Chris Brown and Suge Knight would be safe because neither of them are technically rappers.

      • I try not to gloat and hope for violence against someone, but Justin Bieber sure is testing my willpower!

    • Wow, I could almost take you seriously, except Suge is a dirtbag and Chris Brown beat Rihanna. So assuming foul play was at hand isn’t much of a stretch when there are plenty of prior criminal records at the party.

      • Suge KNight and Chris Brown could be the spawn of satan.
        Doesn’t matter they were the victims in the situation.

        The tripping over yourself to try to justify why it ok to laugh at them potentially dying and being shot at is ridiculous.

        I thought this site was about 2nd amendment support and proper gun use.
        Laughing because 3 men got injured at a Chris Brown concert, and not even knowing the difference between rappers and singers (reminiscent of the disco night event in chicago where people were burning any record with a black face on it) just speaks to the point that you are talking about something you know nothing about.

        • Let me tell you something sir, as a cop in LA I know more about criminal records than you will in 10 lifetimes. Also, I fully don’t give a sh!t about your rapper / R&B singer dichotomy, although I fully know the “difference” between the two. And the fact that a shooting occurred at an R&B party is just about as shocking as the next shooting in Inglewood or Compton. Spare me your righteous indignation. It is unwarranted.

          Also, “shots fired” is literal in this story. So you can consider yourself corrected.

        • Accur81,

          While I struggle to call anything Chris Brown has done R&B, or music for that matter, he is not a rapper. This isn’t a semantics “Don Lemon” type situation. There is a HUGE difference. I suppose anything produced by white people should just be considered Country. I don’t recall many shootings happening at a Rasaan Patterson or Tevin Campbell concerts.

        • R&B singers and rappers are elbow-to-elbow socially and professionally, and it’s been that way since the late 90’s.

        • Let me tell you something.
          I don’t give a damn about your profession or anything about you personally, because nothing about you personally or professionally is relevant to the fact that this site is laughing at and belittling a victim of a shooting based on nothing but their dislike for a music type.

          Suge Knight is a victim of a shooting, Chris Brown and other innocent people were potential victims who were terrorized.

          You all on this site don’t seem to have a care in the world about that though because to you they are nothing but “rappers” or whatever you want to say to infer “they deserved it”.

          its pathetic.

        • The lesson here that you refuse to learn is that when you have a reputation for violence and thuggery, you can’t expect the benefit of the doubt when something like this happens to you. You are insulted that we assume he had it coming? Then you should blame him for refusing to lead a normal, law abiding life. You don’t get to give the finger to society your whole life and then assume we will defend your character when darwin makes his appearance, not when you are 18, and sure as hell not when you’re f*king 50.

        • What is the reptition of violence?
          Chris Brown was performing a concert.
          Suge Knight was at a concert.
          Innocent peole at the concert were at a party.

          All of their lives were put in danger and Suge was shot.
          They are victims of violence.

          Sorry if it bothers you to admit that innocent black people got shot, doesn’t fit with your bigotry and racism.

        • I’m belittling Chris Brown and Suge because they are dirtbags. It’s not a racial thing. I also despise Justin B. I’m simply anti-dirtbag. Chris and Suge should be in jail anyways, so I’m not concerned about their rights in particular.

          I never asked you to care about me, and frankly am not concerned one way or the other if you do or don’t. But if you ask me to care about the plight of spoiled dirtbag celebrity R&B singers who beat their ladies, you’ll be sorely disappointed. And if you ask me to be surprised if past criminal behavior is a predictor of future criminal activity, you’ll also be sorely disappointed. I’ve run too many warrants out on the streets, and I’d be happy to return these guys to jail.

          On an unrelated note, I would be perfectly happy of Bieber got deported or jailed. See? Not a racial thing. I’m sure just about everyone at the party was equally worthless. Some of them might be real stand up guys mixing with a crowd who has a few skeletons in the closet.

        • You can belittle Suge Knight and Chris Brown all you want.
          That isn’t the issue, the issue is how you and the author of this go out of your way to belittle or make mockery of the danger their life was put in and those at the party by a group of thugs.

          Again they are the victims of an attack, but you can’t see that because to them they are “others” they are “those people” they are “those rappers”, even though neither is a rapper.

        • David, I get it. You have to find some way to make this out that ‘whitey just don’t care about the black man’.

          What you fail to see is the larger picture, law abiding citizens just don’t get too concerned when criminals, wannabe criminals, or those who advocate criminal lifestyles for monetary gain get a dose of their own medicine.

          The reaction is the same when Italian/Irish/Jewish mobsters kill each other. Not a lot of sympathy, and the cops don’t care too much either. If you think the average black man with a job, some education, and/or a family gives two good flyins’ what happens to Suge, Tupac, Biggie, or any gangster you are sadly mistaken. Non thugs of any color just don’t care.

        • The only thing you get 16v is that those black “thugs” got shot and they deserved it and you are happy.

          That they were at a party, not doing anything illegal, and enjoying themselves until they were fired upon by criminals who then fled the scene while they stayed and gave reports to the police and were taken for care means nothing to you.


          Easy they are “those people” and anything that happens to them they deserve because they are different that you and that scares you.

        • David, So… No argument of the salient points, merely a few more logical fallacies.

          Once again, the point is that regardless of whether the people are currently engaged in lawful activity, the fact remains that this is like a bunch of outlaw bikers. They espouse a violent lifestyle, they live a violent lifestyle, and regardless if they’re all gathered together for tea and scones, that violent lifestyle catches up with them.

          That they’re black is irrelevant, that they’re people in the lifestyle is the determiner. Plenty of little white thugs out there, same fate often befalls them. C’est la vie.

      • Chris Brown was “shot at,” and Suge was hit. They were the targets. Many of us can not relate to being the target of assassination, because we don’t have violent criminal pasts where such a thing would be expected. But it IS good to know that if we learn to sing R&B, we can magically negate any possible reprisals for our crimes, isn’t it?

        • This man claims he is being objective but here he is blaming chris brown and suge knight for being shot at.
          He doesn’t know a single thing about why the incident occured, all he knows is that they were shot at and in Suge’s case hit and he is saying it is somehow their fault.

        • “This man claims he is being objective but here he is blaming chris brown and suge knight for being shot at.”

          “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”

        • So going to a concert equates with “lying with the dogs and getting fleas” aka getting shot.
          This is how sick this man is.

        • Going to a CHRIS BROWN (violent criminal) concert where SUGE KNIGHT (notorious violent criminal who was present at Tupacs murder) was in attendance is not the safe, day at the park activity you pretend it to be. The innocent people whose lives were endangered at this party need to thank god that these two maniacs didn’t get them killed. I’m sorry you are dissatisfied with our failure to grant choir boy status to every known criminal who gets shot at, but that doesn’t make us racist.

        • Going to a Merle haggard concert, willie nelson concert, martha stewart taping, and hank williams jr. concert also means a person deserves to be shot, since they are all convicted felons right?

          Oh that is right, they aren’t the right “type of felon” right.

          Get out of here man, you are ridiculous and you’ve just dug yourself a whole you can’t get out of now.

          Like I said why don’t you just come out and admit you are a racist bigot.

        • lol “Merle, Willie, Martha and Hank: Americas Most Wanted!” This is actually a really good point that you could learn from if you weren’t such a dense race hustler. Do you know what people would say if any of those people were shot at? “WTF, Merle/Willie/Martha/Hank was SHOT at? That…. doesn’t make any sense…” And do you know why? Because they don’t have a reputation that requires guilty liberals to address them as “just people, because people are people.” They haven’t made it a point to advertise their shortcomings as though they were virtues, they don’t have an entire industry egging on their bad behavior, they don’t have apologists crying foul every time they are legitimately criticized. They don’t have trolls like you who seek to justify and reinforce their ridiculous and irresponsible behavior by levying charges of racism at peoples legitimate criticism. Now, if you told me Merle or Hank got drunk and smacked their old lady, I would be inclined to believe you. If you told me Martha was in tax trouble, or that Willie got busted with pot, I would probably believe you, even without knowing “all the facts.” How unjust this all is is what’s irrelevant, and if the youngsters could just learn that lesson instead of fighting it they would be so much better off in life.

    • Ferguson case – More and more evidence points to self-defense by officer after multiple assaults by “victim”.
      Zimmerman – Shoulda stayed in his damn truck. Beyond that, evidence points to self-defense. Acquitted.

      Apples and Pineapples.

      DGU? It would seem from your post that you are black, but perhaps of the ivory tower world. Or at at least you don’t go slummin’ with thug types who made it in the music biz. Good for you. But, you may want to listen to this stuff called “rap” music in which violence and shootings are glorified. These are folks who also talk a whole lotta garbage to each other just to establish ‘street cred’.

      Why is no one surprised when this stuff happens with black music industry types? Because that’s what they constantly attempt to project as their “bad ass” reality. Because it doesn’t matter what color you are, if you walk around playing the tough guy, when it actually goes sideways, it’s getting what they asked for. Not to mention a chunk of the black music industry is just about laundering drug money – Black Mafia Family was merely a piece of the machine. It’s well known that Suge Knight is crooked as hell (like everybody in the record biz) and quite violent – trouble follows him.

      Doesn’t matter what color they are, any time you throw a bunch of thugs/wannabes together, it’s going to play out badly.

      • @16v
        “It would seem from your post that you are black, but perhaps of the ivory tower world.”

        Oh, I’m betting that’s exactly what it is. The blacks who “made it” out of the patronizing liberal-arts system with flimsy humanities degrees and dubious meta studies in hand, ready to make excuses for social dysfunction and ask for more money or another program to band-aid the real problem, lack of initiative and will.

        For example, such individuals I would be accused of indulging in “respectability politics.” No, I indulge in computers and now get paid very well to only be an online douchebag. The only “Thug Life” I’m exposed to are the suburban, fake thug knuckleheads I had to call the police on last night despite multiple personal conversations to take their stupidity somewhere else. Thank Dog for taxpayers.

        If 100K black and Latino men and women got STEM degrees, economic and social equality would make a quantum-leap. Instead we get excuses for young men and women to not apply themselves aggressively toward science careers and a Greek chorus of professional excuse-makers externalizing the problem.

        • Instead we get excuses for young men and women to not apply themselves aggressively toward science careers and a Greek chorus of professional excuse-makers externalizing the problem. Ay my Daughter’s college, there are no black students in any Engineering or Technology programs. All Caucasians or Asians.

        • If 100K black and Latino men and women got STEM degrees, economic and social equality would make a quantum-leap. Sort of what my Daughter and I think. It just seems that Black Society is self defeating and never really moves forward by the limitations placed upon them by their special “Black” culture. At least Asian-American and European-American culture promotes intellectual advancement.

        • @Indiana Tom

          Yes, this. And IT is an industry where a degree isn’t necessary for 90% of the high paying work, including the coveted developer jobs. It does, however, require someone who has a great appreciation for formal logic and the willingness and ability to be emphatically intellectual.

          Modern entertainment culture is the antithesis of emphatic intellectualism, and it’s very difficult to raise an emphatically intellectual child with emotionally insecure single parents who go to “pray” all their problems away, as if Dog didn’t give them a flippin’ brain.

          Ironically, the west Africans and Caribbeans I’ve worked in IT don’t have these kind of anti-intellectual social hang-ups and unstable families. They respect STEM culture, have one or more degrees in hard fields and have no problems getting high-level IT jobs. They have no excuses, just grit and determination.

      • the point isn’t about the trial, its about how consistantly on this site when information is unknown the posters and the editors of this site go out of their way to push a narrative that the black person is at fault.

        Why is that?

        As for ferguson, where are the witnesses that the cops say they have? Why was a body in the street for 4 hours. why did the officer and department break state law by not including the events of what transpired in the police report. How can the department do so much in the wrong, yet you claim the burden is on a unarmed man to prove why he wasn’t shot?

        Sorry folks, but you aren’t fooling anyone.
        Just openly be who you are.

        • Because a lot if the time, the black guy is a fault. There’s no “extra points” for being black here. Sometimes the white guy is at fault. Plenty of white cops have been excoriated for negligent discharges and shootings. I certainly don’t get extra consideration as a straight white cop. I’m not in a sinlge protected class, and I don’t need to be in one.

          We collectively see through the idiotic race-baiting used to push the liberal progressive agenda. The term “white Hispanic” in the Zimmerman / Martin shooting is an excellent example. As a great man once said, I judge a man by the content of his heart and not the color of his skin.

        • Do black folks get hassled by some police? You bet. Are they sometimes shot when there was no real reason? Yup.

          So when a black cop shoots an unarmed white man, in a white neighborhood, he gets an investigation. His name is withheld from the public, and then a Grand Jury is presented with evidence. You know like they are trying to do in Ferguson.

          Difference being white folks didn’t riot, didn’t assault cops, didn’t demand a lynching of that black cop. Which is exactly the type of bogus “justice” the rioters are seeking.

        • A lot of times its the black guys fault?
          Why is that? What source do you have to back that statement up?
          In your mind I bet you don’t even realize that what you just said is racist as hell.
          to think you just wrong that you never said anything racist in this thread.

          to your fellow racist 16v
          If the incident would have been handled properly no one would be marching in the street for justice for Micheal Brown. So you really have no point.

          The police broke the law, the police waited a week and until protests came to even say they were going to file an investigation. In response to the non-violent protests the police come out and treat the US populace like they are at war, in full military garb, fully automatic weapons, smoke grenades, sound canons, and etc. To that you all respond good thats what they need for those “savages” those “animals” those “thugs” those “criminals” and etc.

          You claim they are nothing but rioters, ignoring the rioters are a minority and that the protestors were trying to protect store owners and those in their community and actively trying to remove those trying to incite. You ignore that because it doesn’t fit your narrative.

          Why? because you are predisposed to hating anything that doesn’t give due credance to the state. This is why you and others like you raise money to fund a police man who will have his defense paid for by the state.

          You are the very source of the problem you cry about needing teh 2nd amendment to prevent.

        • All also add the situation in Ferguson and all over the US isn’t a black and white issue.
          Its a police state and government overreach of power issue.
          Its just a damn shame that some of you ignorant racists get blinded by the ever growing police state in your love of the state in terrorizing and attacking those you don’t care for.

        • Not real good at reading FBI crime stats, or do we just ignore them as well?

          Stating that approximately 18% of the population is black, and they commit about 50% of the murders is just a scientific fact. Like a whole lot of other crime stats. If one were to state that disparity is because they’re black, then that’s racist. Got it? The fact itself? It’s just a fact.

          You really need to actually acquire some history around here. There’s a rather strident anti-police militarization tone. There’s a whole lotta suspicion around police shootings, and a lot of criticism. There’s also plenty of acknowledgement that there are some bad cops (and departments) out there who do some really racist stuff.

    • “Yet here we have a story where again blacks are shot and you laugh and gloat about them being victimized?”

      Well this black man is tired of calling serial predators like Chris Brown and (OOG) Shug Knight victims.

      They game and bribe the sytem, leaving a trail of real victims in their wake while the “sell-outs” “Oreos” and “Uncle Toms” like me have to pay for the police clean-up.

      As a black man, I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

      • Well this black man is tired of calling serial predators like Chris Brown and (OOG) Shug Knight victims. The problem with these type of morons is that they promote and idolize the “Gangsta Lifestyle”. This is why a lot of people really do not feel sorry for them when they get shot or killed by the stupid culture they help create.

    • The problem David is that you come on to this site spewing on about people that believe in the second amendment are racists and bigots.

      You already look at us a sub-human and worthy of nothing but your contempt. And in fact, it’s the liberal/progressives that show absolute contempt for human life of the “common people”. In denying the ability of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms; the liberal progressives are saying that if your not a sanctioned government employee; or are the rich and powerful; that we the people don’t deserve the right to defend our lives.

      That in fact, it is liberal/progressives that are the bigots and hateful towards law abiding blacks for denying them the ability to carry a weapon to defend themselves from criminals that by FBI crime statistics are primarily black.

      That it is the liberal/progressives that hate and have contempt for all people that are not of the government or the rich, powerful and famous.

      Liberal/progressives are the ultimate bigots, the ultimate “racists” because liberal/progressives hate anyone that is not powerful, connected or has influence. This is shown by the fact that they support the carrying of weapons by the rich/powerful/connected or they support them having armed body guards. but they deny the right of the poor, the down trodden and the average citizen the same right.

      It is the people that believe in the second amendment that support the right of all people, especially the poor, which are very prominently minorities, to have the right, the dignity and the self-respect to defend their lives; even when they aren’t the rich, powerful or connected.

      We, the people that support the second amendment for everyone, are the true egalitarians, the true defender of the most important right, the right of the people to freely keep and bear arms to defend their lives from human predators, whether in the street or in government.

      • Agreed. The honest, working people in those communities need effective self defense so they can finally sand up to the predators running the streets. What some bigoted keyboard commando says is irrelevant to their needs.

      • I’m not turning this site into anything.
        You all are doing a excellent job for anyone coming to this site as seeing you all who post the non-sense for exactly what you are and that includes Farage who posted this tripe.

        You are racist bigots. The least you could do is be open about it.

        • I challenge you to provide one example of me being a racist bigot. You suffer from an epic case of confirmation bias.

          All intelligent ideas are welcomed here. You just simply have not provided any.

        • @Accur81

          “epic case of confirmation bias.”

          Our friend David also has a case of narrative lock-in. You could make a drinking game with all the marginally relevant talking points.

        • You and whatever have done nothing but post nonsense.
          The first claiming that no one will march for the people getting shot, the second you two claiming that somehow blacks (don’t understand this generalization) don’t take responsibility and etc.

          Its pretty funny that you really try to now claim that nothing you said is racist, even though your talk mainly focuses on people of a race you don’t belong to.

          Why don’t you just be open about it though?
          Why do you try to act like you aren’t a racist but are just telling the facts?
          I mean we know you don’t speak in facts, but your fear based opinion about what you don’t know.

        • Oh David: it’s called transference, you are placing on us your own issues.

          Do you accept that all people have the right to defend themselves with a concealed , even poor black people? If you don’t, then you’re just a racist and a bigot.

        • What you are doing is called deflection.
          You have said racist things and you you are called on it and you attempt to claim you aren’t racist but that for calling out your racism another person is actually the racist.


          Its a joke, and anyone who has followed your posts for the past week can see it clearly.

        • Yeah, no. Claims of racism have to be legitimate to work the white guilt magic. You’re incessant charges of racism, and all of this rallying around criminals and lowlifes at all costs to make Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton rich is turning off the American people, you watch.

        • Funny I haven’t said anything about any non-sense about a collective white guilt.
          I say you said something racist and I called you out on it.
          See again you are deflecting.

        • @ the “man “,

          Calling a black man, who is a dirtbag woman beater, a dirtbag is not racist. Recognizing the race-baiting in the black community does not make me a racist, it makes me a realist.

          As a 2A (that’s 2nd Amendment) advocate, I would have fought in the Revolutionary War. As an opponent of slavery, I would have fought in the Civil War. When I enlisted in the Marine Corps Infantry in 1994, I was prepared for to fight in the next war or conflict. Currently I would never re-enlist because our CIC is thou roughly incompetent and I can’t abide military bases being “gun free zones.”

          If you really need to pigeon-hole me into a neat little box, know that I am an Independent Constitutional Conservative. That’s someone who deeply admires the freedoms set forth by the Founding Fathers, a defender of Liberty, and someone who isn’t fooled for a second by the bullshit speeches of liberal progressives (such as Obama, Biden, Hillary, Feinstein, Pelosi, etc.) I’m not a racist. Go peddle that crap someplace else.

        • What I have noticed David is that you haven’t answered the question. Do you support regular people; you know, especially the poor minorities that you keep saying people on this site are racist towards, having the ability to carry weapons for self-defense.

          That is the true test of racism and bigotry. So how about it? So are you a racist and a bigot? Or do you actually believe every law abiding person no matter race, creed, gender or sexual orientation deserves the right to carry a pistol to defend their life against an unprovoked attack?

        • Suge Knight and Chris Brown can be convicted murders.
          Facts are
          1) There are served their punishment by law
          2) They were fired upon by criminals while engaging in perfectly acceptable behavior.

          So really everything you have to say about them deserving it or it being expected is absurd and just goes on to reinforce your prejudice and racism.

          As for your buddy, you haven’t asked me any questions.
          That said I don’t support and attack people on the basis of their race.
          I do my best to treat people as individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity, and etc.
          Politically I’m a anarcho-capitalist.
          Anything else you want to know about me just ask.

          That said your racism and bigotry is reflected in your posts.

        • Yep; I figured it was the case. You still haven’t answered my question; do you support the right of all people regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual orientation to have the right to KABA to defend against an unprovoked attack?

          It’s a simple question. But to answer that question would clearly show if you are a bigot and a racist. So how about it Dave? What do you believe about this very simple question?

    • interesting, I must have missed the part that David is whining about where someone made a comment about racial superiority or inferiority.

      All I read was some sarcasm about the incredible double standard applied to the very rare occurrences of a white person shooting a black, and about thugs’ propensities to be bullet-magnets.

      Thugs get slugs.

    • DGU or not, Chris Brown and Suge Knight are both known scumbags with criminal histories (Suge in particular) that I doubt many would shed tears for regardless of race. And yes you pedantic turd, I know the difference between a rapper and an R & B singer. I probably listen to more hip-hop than 90% of the people that post here or maybe even more than most of the fake gangstas I’ve encountered out in the real world. That doesn’t mean I have to defend the more ignorant parts of that lifestyle.

    • Well, I am Black and the comments are SPOT ON. Let’s remove the “racism flag” from the field of play, ok?

    • “Its funny how the authors of this site praise a cop for shot someone, praise zimmerman for shooting somone, all without the full story.”

      I don’t know about the story on here, but you’re right, the full story of who Thugvon Martin was was not distributed:

    • I don’t recall the authors here ever praising Zimmerman or the cop in Ferguson and the “whole story” for Trayvon and as much as is known about the Michael Brown shooting indicate that both were legitimate defensive shootings. There is still much information missing in the Brown shooting and that may change, however neither shooter has been praised.

      If you can’t criticize someone honestly, perhaps the criticism is unwarranted.

      Trayvon was a wannabe cage fighter who had abused synthetic codeine enough to be in a permanent state of paranoia, who violently engaged a man who was walking behind him for a short while and had already ceased his pursuit because the girl Trayvon was talking to on the phone questioned his manhood if he did not give a “beatdown” to someone who had not initiated violence against Trayvon. That “beatdown” ended up with Zimmerman’s head bouncing off of concrete, which any martial artist will tell you is a legitimate life threatening situation, and any decent defense attorney or even prosecutor will tell you justifies the use of lethal force to defend oneself.

      Brown had just come from a convenience store where he grabbed the clerk by the throat while stealing from the store, the officer involved was aware of this robbery, suspected Brown may have been involved and when confronted, Brown was the one who seems to have initiated violence, fracturing the officer’s eye socket, concussing the officer, and may have reached for the officer’s gun, an act that indicates only an intent to kill and therefore justifies lethal force for defense.

      Quite frankly, american minorities have developed an uncanny knack for only making a big fuss over shootings that turn out to have been legitimate and ignore the real tragedies. Of course being a minority is not really the defining characteristic behind folks that get this so wrong, it’s a progressive mindset.

  5. This story is impossible. It is very difficult to get a concealed carry permit in Las Angeles, and we know that gangbangers are strict adherents to the law.

    • There are plenty of carve-outs for celebrities and elites in LaLa Land. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Chris Brown and Shug’s bodyguards can get one, while you and me can’t.

      • I have a CCW, and I won’t consider moving back to CA until I could get one there. IMO, “shall issue” CCW is the single most important aspect of gun rights, more important than assault rifle bans and mag limits (although those are also important issues to fight). The reason is that you will almost certainly never have an opportunity or reason to use a 30-round (or 100 round) mag in an AR for self defense, and there is no such thing as the zombie apocalypse. But a concealed handgun might actually save your life some day.

        • umm; Aarron; Ferguson, multi day riots, burning buildings, rampaging mobs. Until or if the real Zombie Apocalypse happens; this is a another good example of many why a large capacity weapon with multiple 30 round mags is essential to have.

        • The AR and AK rifles are more for government checks and balances. Pistols and shotguns are more for personal self defense. Both are essential for a free people.

        • LOL
          You fools talking about freedom yet in the openly illegal stop and frisk thread you are supporting that policy because it targets minorities that you are afriad of.

          You guys are the reason this country isn’t free and is turning to a police state. You are supporters of the police state. You will be a supporter until its turned on you, but by then it’ll be too late.

        • “You fools talking about freedom yet in the openly illegal stop and frisk thread you are supporting that policy because it targets minorities that you are afriad of.”

          Has anyone in this thread advocated stop-and-frisk? Anyone? Bueller?

          By the way, I’ve never been stopped-and-frisked in my life. Maybe it’s because I see the value of fitting-in instead of mean mugging everything in sight. I’m not young, but I can count the number of questionable or adverse encounters with LEOs in one hand.

          On the other hand, I have to take off my socks to count the number of times I called LEOs to deal with guys who try their damnedest to act like a Viacom commercial property instead of good neighbors.

          Hey, but people who overly-identify with dysfunctional entertainment circus that passes for black culture are usually the first to call me a “lame,” so I guess they really enjoy that vapid, spendthrift, externalizing lifestyle, and all it brings.

        • IndianaTom called for stop and frisk and said it was legit in the stop and frisk thread.
          Your love of the state is irrelevant to me, I know you love it.
          Its just funny how you worship the state yet support every statist increase as long as it isn’t aimed at you.

        • I don’t love the state. In fact, I don’t care for it much. I love decent, hard-working neighbors of any ethnicity who are capable of refraining from antisocial, douchebag behavior. Is that too much to ask?

          On the other hand, your passionate reverence for multinational entertainment properties run by One Percenters to create armies of conspicuous dead end consumers is rather troubling.

        • Wow you really are a full blown nut aren’t you.
          Saying that you should look at people as people, not as rappers, not as musicians, but as people means that some how I’m a pawn of the 1%ers (whatever the hell that means).

          Man get it together, and please you don’t have to lie to me about how much you care for minorities.

          Its clear from what you have posted here that that is bs.

        • Actually, you were first saying we shouldn’t treat R&B singers like they were rappers, or something… now you seem to be saying we should treat everyone, even gangbangers and violent criminals, just like any other ordinary Joe. That’s ridiculous. If you know that there is going to be some place where people like this are congregating you need to AVOID it, like the plague! What the hell is wrong with you?

        • I didn’t say anything about how you should treat anyone.
          I corrected the article that Brown and Tank (you know the two people in the video posted) were r&b singers, not rappers. This is simply factual.

          I also yes you should treat people like they are just that people. Like I said earlier, the people shot could have been the spawn of satan, but they were still victims in this situation, as well as everyone else who were in danger while they were at a party and a group of thugs opened fire in their presence.

          I know the notion that people are people, and that bad acts are the responsibility of those that committed them are a strange concept to you, but hey it is what it is.

        • Well that’s great. I suppose if Suge Knight is ever finally convicted of one of his suspected murder conspiracies he can feel safe in knowing that his fellow inmates are just people, and you know, you should treat people like people and not pre judge them based on their criminal record.

        • I know you really seem to believe your personal opinion of Suge Knight means something, it doesnt.

        • “I know you really seem to believe your personal opinion of Suge Knight means something, it doesnt.” -David_TheMan

          I’m sure you believe your personal opinion of people on these boards means something. It doesn’t.

  6. Did they have legal permitted guns? Call Bloomberg! SK, wasn’t he involved in another shooting? Must have been someone else.

    • @Ralph

      At least Yeezy makes himself useful, engages his mind, thinks outside of the box, makes useful products, and tries to do new things. Don’t get mad at him, Ralph. He’s just good at trolling you.

      • “Yeezy, Weezy, Breezy, beautiful…. CoverGirl.”
        …Maybe she’s born with it?? lol

        …but seriously, the guy must have gotten good at applying make-up…. I mean, once he got back together with Rihanna, he had to be able to help her cover up her black-eyes somehow. XD

  7. You can’t call it a celebration if there aren’t shots fired. I swear, sometimes you are the most uptight group ever.

    *imitates whiny voice*

    “Don’t shoot guns in the air.”

    “They make my ears hurt.”

    “You could have set my house of fire with that SBR and tracers”

    “Who’s gonna fix the holes in the wall”

    “Don’t tape explosives together to make big cherry bombs”

    Also, I am probably on several watchlists from that post alone. BTW before you harp on me for being “unsafe” just know that I haven’t lost any limbs or fingers/toes (do those count as limbs?) and I only have slight tinnitus.

      • Are you crazy? In Fergueson more than 10 % of the population are immigrrants and not the white, suburban “how do you do, dearest neighbour” type.

        I mean you got like:
        – commies, I saw a Russian guy once, I know what a commie looks like.
        – Asians, always seem to planning something
        – Norwegians, they look like they are in a heist movie or something (they greet eachother by nodding slightly with their head, like a signal or something).
        – Swedes, because they are the worst.
        – Danes, you can’t understand their number system.
        – Poles, they steal your jobs.
        – Black people, nothing witty to say here since all my experiences with black people were positive
        – White people, they always look so… so non-suspicious (thus they are super suspicious according to Sherlock Holmes logic IMO).
        – Germans, always make me feel like I am getting arrested (then again most conversations in German were with the 5-0)
        – Christians, you have to watch your kids around them since they are good with brainwashing and fast to adopt children
        – Muslims, can blow up anytime
        – Jews, you will be constantly envious of all the money they have (but they have those curls so it’s cool)
        – Hindus, they don’t eat meat so they got to be suspicious.
        – Atheists, always in your face if you follow any form of religion.
        – Agnostics, horrible at making decisions.
        – Sikhs, they wear Turbans and have beards do I have to say more?

        Now all this and more I can handle in Norway since like i said, 10% of the population in Norway consists of immigrants. But in America, every neighbourhood is full of different foreigners and stereotypes. I could never keep track of my bad and racist jokes and all.

        PS: This is a joke, I don’t hate immigrants/foreigners/minorities/religions, I am an immigrant (+ some other things).

        PSS: I apologize in advance for this post, no need to troll/chastise me. I totally understand if it gets deleted.

        PSSS: Is this post the most offensive post made on this site?

        PSSSS: I just wanted to see how far I could stretch this.

        • OH THOSE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF – probably normal women and men. They really grind my gears. Had a case with a really stupid one too, she ordered a meal with meat and ate everything but the meat. “You do know that it makes no difference to the animal if you eat it or not if you still ordered its death?” was my comment to that.

          It was like trying to buy something in Danemark while speaking Norwegian. Hint: It doensn’t end well since they have a completely indecipherable number system unlike anything else.

  8. Tremendous numbers of bigoted, white supremacist attitudes here. The same people that would never accept rappers into society, even though many such as Will Smith have become family men and pillars of society, would happily embrace outlaw country artists. Many of you characters see gang signs every time black folks get together yet have no trouble whatsoever waving the Confederate flag in the face of black folks.

    Some of you will just never get it, and that’s probably just as well that you don’t fit into today’s United States anyway.

    • Yup, those country singers are very dangerous. The last time they had a party, several deer were killed.

      • Had some redneck f**** steal a sheep from me (I’m a sheep farmer)… They gave it back a few days later after I had a lock’n’load montage but before I hunted them down. They were lucky or me and Burt Gummer would have messed them up real good too. As soon as Burt responds to my fan mail

        PS: Yes, that first sentence is true.

    • “The same people that would never accept rappers into society, even though many such as Will Smith have become family men and pillars of society, would happily embrace outlaw country artists.”

      Really? Did Will Smith get shot at? Did he shoot anyone? Is he a merely kooky Scientology-subscribed celebrity that likes to push his annoying children on the moviegoing public or is he a known felon and former Death Row mogul implicated in several murders and has a rap sheet longer than your arm? Start by answering those questions.

      Then tell me when was the last time you heard any of those outlaw country artists (most of them easily in their 60s or 70s by now and pretty long removed from their “outlaw” phase which was mostly record label fiction anyway) commit any crimes outside of maybe drug possession.

      Man, if MDA and/or Everytown have you and other trolls like David on their payroll they really are slipping.

    • They come in waves. Anyone remember MikeyB#s and that British douche Hummer? They come in, troll around a while, get stomped intellectually, get bored, and crawl back under the bridge, never to be seen again.

  9. Wait, I can handle this one–
    “And the media decends upon the black on black violence epidemic as protestors… Oh, right.”

  10. As someone who knows a thing or two or a lot about hip hop. Suge Knight is suspected by many (me included) to be responsible for Tupac’s death. Plus he’s made many enemies over the years. This was bound to happen.

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