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That popping sound you hear isn’t celebratory gunfire, it’s champagne corks being launched throughout the pro-gun world. Fox News reports that “California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, a tenacious liberal whose election to the Senate in 1992 heralded a new era for women at the upper reaches of political power, announced Thursday she will not seek re-election to a new term next year.” Along with her fellow Golden State partner in crime, Diane Feinstein, the pig-ignorant Boxer has been among the Senate’s most dogged enemies of the right to keep and bear arms. And like Feinstein (may her day come soon, too), she’ll retire with virtually nothing to show for her decades of effort on the federal level to disarm Americans.  [h/t Dirk Diggler]

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    • Call down, Jason! Just cause we’ve killed one harpy, doesn’t mean there isn’t still a nest of them around the corner.

      • We can only hope that Commiefornia will send someone less wacho to fill her seat. That may be too much to expect.

        • You can be sure that the next “Senator from California” will be a female Democrat that is at least as Progressive (i.e., crazy) as the last one was. Because the majority of the people of CA want one like that.

          The retirement of Barbara Boxer (D-CA) will not be a victory for our side.

  1. While this is good news, we must remember she is a senator from California, and her replacement may end up being worse than she is.

    • We’ll do our best to keep that from happening, but at least the incoming will be a junior senator that will not have decades of national political clout.

      • Got that right. And isn’t it just SPECIAL to see the fallout from the GOP taking control of the Senate, with the old-line leftists like Boxer getting out of the game now that they cannot control the rules?

        And as a mean-spirited right-wing “heartless bastard”, may I just say the Botox injections have done amazing things for Boxer, Feinstein, and Pelosi (aka the “Wicked Witches of the Left Coast”).

      • Well, she’s a U.S. Senator, so her “district” is actually the entire state. You’re right, though, that she’s based in that northern California S.F. area of the state. She was a County Supervisor in Marin County earlier in her many, many years long career as a professional nanny stater.

        Wherever she’s based, though, they’ll find and install another plug-n-play statist just like her. I’d guess it’ll be Kamala, the CA AG, not the wrestler (though the resemblance is striking).

    • It’s hard to imagine her replacement not being smarter. It’s also hard to imagine her replacement having any less allegiance to the a Democratic party platform, including a vehement anti-gun stance.

      • I disagree. The anti-gun position is currently political poison. Her replacement might hold it, but will probably not push it as much. Part of what gets Boxer and Feinstein reelected is that they have the political and fiscal clout of their seniority. A n00b senator would risk too much by asking Mr. & Mrs. America to “turn them in” (that might have been Feinstein, I can’t differentiate them).

        • As a Senator from the state of CA?


          The sheeple voters of this state will continue to strongly support any Democrat with an anti-gun position, period, simply because they are Democrat. Democrats rule here due to the liberal progressive metropolitan areas that dominate CA politics. To think that enough sheeple Democrat voters care enough about their fellow gun owning citizens, or the Second Amendment protections of the Constitution, to hold that against a CA Democrat Senatorial candidate is pure lunacy at this point in time.

    • Took the words out of my mouth. The only advantage is that her equally pro-prohibition replacement will not have seniority in the Senate. So, the replacement won’t be a committee chair when the Dems regain power when Jeb loses 49 states in ’16. “A pessimist is a well-informed optimist.”

    • Agreed Randall – Boxer was an idiot. Thankfully. A blonde bimbo really who hurt her own cause more than ours with some of her legendary idotic utterances. She never acomplished much because she was incapable of accomplishing much. The devil you know and all that….

      Heaven forbid her replacement winds up being moderately intelligent – Californians will long for the good old days when they had the “bullet button” and limited capacity magazines.

  2. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could make up for her despicable treatment of a General in uniform. She is a worthless, useless, corrupt, miserable excuse for excrement.

  3. I am confident that the People of California will send an equally rabid gun-grabber to Washington D.C. to replace Ms. Boxer. I would even go so far as to say that the person who wins the primary election will be the person who supports the most extreme gun grabbing position imaginable.

  4. “she’ll retire with virtually nothing to show for her decades of effort on the federal level to disarm Americans”

    Wow, is that ever wrong. I would just LOVE to see a rundown on how her family’s net worth has progressed through those decades while she pretended to do the public’s bidding. She was there to get rich, she is rich, there’s a good chance she’d get kicked out on her butt if she ran again, time to head for the hills (which she will own, now).

    Still, really good news, and yes, I will be contributing to the Republican candidate for her seat.

    • I hope she ends up homeless. living in a cardboard box under a bridge with Bloomburg in the next box. They can fight over the food in the McDonald’s dumpster. That is TRULY what I wish for her, Feinstein, Schumer, and all their kind.

  5. Just like the rest of the front runners who can’t hack having to actually deal and make decisions that are in the best interest of the country they would rather retire…..they are cowards….and have destroyed the infrastructure of this country…..this is not easily repaired and it will take tenacious conservatives to set things right…..liberals are nothing more than communists.

      • Why? This is the People’s Republic of California. LA and San Francisco control the entire state. Even if Feinstein retires, she’ll just be replaced by another Democrat who’ll likely be just as anti-gun (if not moreso) than her.

      • Even when that harpy passes beyond the Styx I do not believe gravity will ever ever permit her to have vertically oriented mammaries again.

  6. This is priceless. Representative Darrell Issa on Boxer’s retirement.

    “There’s been a vacancy for two decades,” Issa said outside a men’s room near the House floor. “The fact that she’s not running doesn’t change the fact it’s always been a vacant office.”

    Read more:

  7. 1) smoking a cigar tonite to celebrate

    2) putting a portion of my 2014 bonus aside for campaign contributions to the Republican candidate there

    3) planning to do whatever I can to find dirt on each democratic challenger. The internet (invented by Al “Jazeera” Gore no less) provides a treasure trove of resources

    • The republican has no chance. Put a portion aside to support a pro 2A or at least B- rated democrat. What if those where the only kind that could get elected because we funded them in the primaries ?

  8. I’m sure that the lunatic fringe of the Democrat party is doing a collective happy dance, salivating over the opportunity to elect an even bigger mor0n than Boxer. Normally, such a thing would not be possible but, then again, we are talking about Pat Brown’s land of fruits and nuts.

  9. Don’t be so quick to celebrate> We wiill probably get another anti-gun Democrat. And worse, they’ll definitely be smarter than Babs.

  10. Grease – painted see you next Tuesdays like Boxer are legion in California politics (and California in general). Kill one and two more shall take her place.

  11. Now would be a good time for California 2A civil rights proponents to register as democrats and use the primary election process to nominate a “not anti-2A” candidate. I’m guessing this would meet less resistance and be less expensive than attempting to elect a republican as senator to represent California. Running a campaign that comes in second has an extremely low ROI.

    • Getting 2A’ers to register as Democrats for the primaries is a very good idea. Something that should be thought about in other states as well where one party is dominant. In NC, where I live, you don’t have to register with any party to vote in a primary (I am registered as Independent). You choose whether to vote in the Republican or the Democratic primary, and can change it up each year depending on the candidates and issues. The party hacks in both parties hate it, but I don’t think it is going to change.

      • See the election for Governor in Maryland. Much drum-beating by the pro-2A folks in the state, and Hogan ran primarily on fixing the debt. A small win, but a win nonetheless, showing it CAN be done.

  12. From the LA Times, options already being discussed:
    “There’s a lot of pent-up demand among Democratic officeholders for opportunities to advance their careers,” said Parke Skelton, a top California Democratic campaign strategist. “This is like a keystone coming out of the bridge.”

    Focus immediately turned to Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and billionaire activist Tom Steyer.

  13. There’s a new wing opening in the San Francisco Politician Assisted Living Village, dedicated to “We’ll Have to Pass It, To Find Out Whats In It” Pelosi.

    I’m told its about the new limited dietary disclosure regs, under ACA.

  14. What I don’t understand is why she doesn’t realize if her brave new world were to happen that she’d likely be turned on and raped and enslaved like everybody else. When brute force rules the day, women are soft targets no matter what side of the fence they proclaim to be on. Who cares? Once their usefulness is over there is no reason not to turn the violence toward them. What an idiot.

  15. About damn time.

    And given that she’s from The People’s Republik of Kommiefornistan, her replacement will be even dumber than she is.

  16. Barbara Boxer — Too Stupid for California?

    Reads Rules For Radicals Then Runs For The Senate

    Then Follows The Formula

    “Your first access then blame and condemn”


    “You ask the wrong questions give the wrong the answers”

    Now The Proof !!

  17. It’s pretty well known in LEO circles in the Palm Desert she was going to retire. It has been suggested she is ill judging from all the time she has been spending in Palm Desert with of course sheriff’s details to keep her company.

  18. Glad to see the little rodent go. Wasn’t she the one who demanded that an Air Force General refer to her as Senator after the General responded to her questions with ” Yes Ma’am” No Ma’am etc. What an arrogant witch..

  19. I take offense at the comparison of the pig’s intelligence to that of Boxer’s. I think we all know that the pig is a highly intelligent creature. Boxer is just a creature.

  20. I had to comment, not because I had anything to say about her, but because I couldn’t leave it at “69” comments on a story about her.


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