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Samantha Scheibe (courtesy

It’s not the most flattering picture in the world but I reckon George Zimmerman’s girlfriend is a looker. She provides yet more anecdotal evidence validating my theory about beautiful woman. Specifically, the only way the crazy gene can survive (i.e. reproduce) is to shelter within a physically appealing package. The crazier the woman, the more beautiful she’s likely to be. And vice versa. “George Zimmerman’s girlfriend is asking a judge to lift an order that blocks her from seeing him and says she wants charges against him dropped,” reports. “In a court document obtained by CNN Monday, Samantha Scheibe says she wants a no-contact provision against Zimmerman lifted so the couple can ‘talk and be together . . . I am not afraid of George in any manner and I want to be with him.’ Scheibe says Zimmerman ‘never pointed a gun at or toward my face in a threatening manner’ and claims police misinterpreted her.” See what I mean? There’s no mistaking this episode. Run George run!

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  1. George needs to move to Montana and Alaska and lead a life of anonymity. I’m sick of hearing about him.

    • I’m tired of you, but to suggest you shouldn’t live life is ridiculous. The problem is women who get away with lying. Courts are a joke, a woman’s accusation can lead to serious loss of rights. Everyone knows this is true, yet the injustices continue.

      • This is perhaps the first thing I’ve ever seen you say either on here or youtube that I agreed with.

        Well done.

    • To be honest, I’m dumbfounded that he STILL lives in Florida. And on that note, it’s got to be scary as hell to be in his shoes right now…disarmed and all.

        • He is spending a “decent amount of money” on lawyers to fight off these repeated accusations. If I was him, I’d change my name, move far away and forget women for a while, get a dog or cat for companionship, and spend my free time quietly inside my locked house with the outside security cameras and alarms and catch up on my reading. With all the death threats he has gotten and probably still getting, maybe he ought to take his parents with him. As I recall, he didn’t have a fabulous job that would be hard to replicate elsewhere.

    Are you telling me Nancy Grace was wrong?!?!?1one11

      • I was talking to a friend of mine who is a lawyer and Nancy Grace and how she had been a prosecutor previously came up in conversation. He finished my remark that all of her cases should be re-investigated.

        This anecdote was much better in my head.

        • It makes sense to me. I realize she plays a character on TV, and she’s probably not really like that, but at some point you have to wonder how much of what you see is a character, and how much is her character. If you get a little too much in column B, it would lead you to wonder about past cases she prosecuted, wouldn’t it?

    • Wait, I’m confused. Is that a killer of psychos or a killer that happens to be a psycho? Enquiring minds want to know…

  3. Now prosecute her for filing a false report and return his guns. Oh wait…the DA will be pressuring her to come in and be trained to testify against him. Gotta love our sexist race baiting court system!

    • Nathan,
      Its also in the business world. A woman, who has since been fired for being an idiot, reported me for threatening to shoot her in the head. Why? Because I called her ex-boyfriend a dirt bag! After I proved I said nothing about killing anyone I was told that “in todays world a womans word is the truth and even though she had no proof she had to be telling the truth.” After I proved with witnesses she was lying I was told I’m still wrong because I shouldn’t have told said that her ex boyfriend was a dirtbag and I was not to approach her in any way. I told him no problem as I would simply document “everything” she said that was not professional as well as all of the time she screwed off. Told the guy any conversation in the open air office layout was public and could be recorded. and used against her. The problems stopped and she disappeared from the office a few weeks later. Women want to be treated equal until you actually treat them equal.

      • The takeaway here is DON”T WORK FOR WOMEN (regardless of their physical organs).

        Again girlfriend = honeytrap

        You can’t be thinking ugly chick = safe/sane. Think about every progressive/leftist dem broad. Hillary, the Now Gang etc etc etc.

      • Precisely. The takeaway is that in the business world, you say nothing that is not directly related to business. Separate the personal/professional lives as completely as possible, so that nobody will target you.

        Equality is a myth. Nobody ever really wanted it, and nobody ever really had it.

  4. The story so nice, we get to read it twice!

    I wanted to come up with a way to express that I knew this would happen, and at the same time express the colossal amount of don’t give a damn I have for this guy or anything to do with him. I would seriously be OK going the rest of my life never hearing his name again. This is what I came up with.

    I I still told don’t you care. so.

    That was fun to write.

  5. “Scheibe,” took a couple times reading it to be sure it didn’t say Scheiße. Though the latter is oddly fitting given the situation she created.

      • Yes, I’ve been there too. The worst was a nutso German chick who lived across the hall. Big mistake, big mistake, but even after I recognized my folly I…just…couldn’t…pry…myself…away.

  6. I would not be surprised if she was “placed near him” intentionally by those with a “grudge” against him.After all he has gone through how could he possibly manage to think straight? I agree that he should move to the land of never, change his name & tend bar in some remote island tiki hut.

  7. Called it. First his wife made her story up and now this woman did. Sadly George will not ever have a normal life and just needs to keep away from women and live in seclusion.

  8. E.E. Cummings much?
    I liked it & I agree. GZ needs to step off the media “X” if he can manage it & the sooner the better.

    • Plenty of people found themselves in the exact same situation or one similar enough and didn’t make the news between then and now. The media needs to give up their GZ fixation.

  9. I thinks it’s worth noting that physically it is easy to see why he upgraded from his ex wife. The crazy obviously runs in both of them though. I guess if you’re going to get stuck with crazy no matter what then it might as well be packaged nicely.

  10. And there’s this from the CNN report…
    “The reason a no-contact order is not under a victim’s control is because it’s a decision of the court to protect the integrity of the prosecution,” she said. “This is the government’s case. It’s not her case.”

    “This is the government’s case. It’s not her case.”

    • The government is sending wave after wave of crazy women to convict Zimmerman of something? They would never do that, entrapment is against the law! And laws stop people from doing things.

  11. At this point I just think an appropriate way to comment is the following from Monty Python…


  12. Samantha Scheibe’s safe for now. But if she ever dons a hoodie and gets an overpowering yen for Skittles, the b1tch is toast.

  13. One of two possibilities… either she’s the kind of woman who tolerates abuse and recants her story whenever the rubber meets the road, or she’s the kind of woman who will make shit up to try and screw her mate in the most painful way possible when scorned.

    Either way, “run, George, run” is right…

  14. The control advocates are publicizing this to discredit the freedom advocates. “See there, “they catch him again, and he wiggles out.” And who is he associated with the freedom advocates.The control advocates are thrilled that she recanted because victims often recant. The freedom movement is much more important than George Zimmerman. He had his day in court and we should focus on our rights, and not allow our mission to be connected with a private toxic situation.

  15. Good job. Say things to drive women away, too. Make anyone who stumbles upon this site think the we are an insensitive bunch of yahoos. The Second Amendment is important enough to have a serious, and mature committment. If that is not what this is about, please make that clear

        • RF’s great at connecting to and appealing to women – hence the divorces.

          I mean, I know after one that I never wanna do it again. RF on the other hand is a machine. 😛

    • Hey Foghorn,
      Back in the early 90’s feminists wanted men to get in touch with their inner feminine self. Being the sensitive guy I am I did. Guess what! I found out my inner feminine self is a Lesbian and she not only loves the same thing I do but she thinks most women are fucking insane too!

    • Ahh, the honorable white knight rides in to save the day. Perhaps Zimmerman’s girl will give you a peck on the cheek for your bravery.

    • Oh Will, you big strong Alan Alda kinda guy, you my hero! Those OFWG bullies are denying her reality! Transgressing against the narrative! Speak truth to power baby!

    • He’s got a good point.

      “The crazier the woman, the more beautiful she’s likely to be. And vice versa” is a funny phrase. It really is. But seriously, if a female stumbles across the site and reads that without knowing RF’s humor, she’ll probably associate “guns” and “gun guys” with the stereotypical good old boy type gun owner.

      I’m rather curious as to what an actual woman thinks about all this.

      • Actual women are few and far between on this site. Which is kinda surprising considering women are one of the fastest growing demographics amongst new gun owners. Or maybe not so surprising. Welcome to the boy’s club.

        • It’s kind of true.

          I am a fan of RF with an acute awareness of his quirks, but my GF cannot stand his writing where women or anything female is mentioned.. which is about 90% of the time (statistic made up on the fly).

      • Kevin,
        I’m a female who just stumbled across this site (a little late, I know), and thought I’d try to satisfy your curiousity.
        The crazy=sexy joke was funny, silly even. And as a person with a sense of humor, I appreciated it. It featured that twisted, sudo-logic of which the best jokes are made. And it really didn’t bother me at all. Jokes are jokes, etc etc.
        That being said, the sheer volume of anti-women comments began to wear on me. I can’t be sure that comments like “The take away here is DON’T WORK FOR WOMEN” aren’t poorly executed attempts at humor, but I get the feeling that they’re more or less meant to be taken literally, which is more than a little frustrating.
        I certainly don’t speak for all pro-gun females in the country, but I for one am probably less likely to come back to this sort of stuff. Not because it really offends me, not because i can’t just roll my eyes and move on, but because I would feel less than welcome as an active reader/commenter, like anything I might have to say would be filtered through “crazy woman” screen and just ignored, not based on content, but on genitalia.

        It’s not a big deal. Not really. But I is frustrating, because this is a topic that is important to me, and is like to be able to share with like-minded people

    • “Intelligent, sane, smokin’ hot. Pick any two.”

      Although my data is merely anecdotal, I’ve got lots of it…

      • I’ll take sane and reasonably good looking. Beautiful women are to maintenance intensive and intelligent women are pain in the asses to live with. They over think everything when they get bored. Its probably most of the really intelligent women you meet arent married. No one can put up with them for long,

  16. I’m shocked that the mainstream media has picked this story up since it doesn’t play into their anti-gun narrative. Or maybe it’s juicy enough to use to sell advertising. (always remember, mainstream media is not in the news business, they’re in the advertising sales business)

  17. The media is bound and determined to put George in jail for as long as they can keep him there, and to take away his guns for life. It has convicted him of the MURDER of poor innocent St. Skittles and he must be punished. The media is never wrong. (Except when it is, and we can’t talk about that right now.)

    Where is his mother from? He should go there for a few years. Until he becomes old news, he is damned.

  18. Wow, two domestic disturbances, two brandishing complaints, two recantations. Perhaps time to keep away from the ladies for a while, eh, George?

      • When you appear to have all the panache of GZ, if you find a woman who knows exactly how to do that one thing (you all know what it is for you), it sometimes becomes difficult to make rational choices.

  19. I’m starting to think we as a gun community should pay Georgy-porgy here to leave to Alaska and never come back.

    Hell, I know Alaska needs State Troopers. He could get himself a job up there.

  20. I’m starting to like George the public figure, though I have no idea what he’s really like. Think about it: Hit shot a guy who was beating his head against concrete and lived to walk free. During that process his trial taught many people (not the haters) more than they previously knew about self-defense law….and most seem to like what they learned in non-flower-power states.

    He’s two-for-two in the false accusations routine, both highly publicized. Now many more potential jurors may understand that brandishing and threatening charges are often brought falsely, for spite.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to be George, but he has his uses. Frankly, having this run-in involve an attractive partner simply assures the message will get spread (….) farther, due to the photos

    I’m going to side with Will, to an extent. Flame me. So? Women are not, as a generic statement, any more insane than men. They are simply insane, using the term loosely, in different ways. Surprise. Moliere paraphrase: “Why, he asked his mistress, did god make woman so beautiful and so stupid?” His mistress, being the more clever of the two, replied, “he made us beautiful so that you would love us. He made us stupid so that we could love you.”

    • Doubtfull – she’s an emotional woman and Z made her mad about something.. Besides in regard to teachers caught having sex with students the pretty ones spend almost time in jail but the ugly/fat ones get slammed. She’s just attractive enough that she won’t spemd any time in jail.

      • There’s actually a lot of truth to this.

        I looked into it once and there are light sentences for attractive female teachers who have sex with their students but courts throw the book at unattractive female teachers and throw it harder at men.

        I think the whole thing is pretty silly – regulating morality has not worked in all of human history.

    • /Sarc/, right? Those who bear false witness are seldom, no almost never – charged with perjury.

  21. Ever here this argument from the pro-homo crowd:

    “Who would ever choose to be gay?”

    If gay is any kind of a choice or option, then George Zimmerman has reason enough to consider going gay.

  22. What is the probability GZ’s ex-g/f will be prosecuted for filing a false charge? My guess is low to no chance.

    On Sunday, a fifty-year-old Jewish woman that I had recently become social friends with (and yes I knew she was a bit kooky) went ballistic at me when I informed her I would choose my own spiritual path and course of religious studies and not do what she kept telling me I should do. She ordered me out of her house calling me an azz-hole for choosing to study under two local respected male rabbis (she called them bums) and not taking advice and teachings from someone such as herself who is a far greater spiritual teacher. As I walked out, I said to her that there is a good reason she was still single and unable to find a husband (I’ve wanted to use that line on a crazy entitled woman for years). I could still hear her screeching at me as I walked away down the street. She lives in a very orthodox neighborhood in Queens NY and I hope the neighbors heard her screeching 🙂

    I am grateful that the two homeowners (husband and wife), of the home she sublets from, were home at the time. Otherwise, I can imagine the possible false accusations Miss Psycho might have filed against me.

      • You are 200% correct!

        I usually never socialize with or make myself vulnerable to such potentially dangerously women. Even meeting away from their residence and in public is something I avoid. A stressful situation that I am currently going through lowered my normally high standards blinding me to avoid dangerous people, places, and situations.

        I didn’t need a physical defensive tool in her presence. I needed a clear head and common sense that I was lacking.

  23. ” She provides yet more anecdotal evidence validating my theory about beautiful woman. Specifically, the only way the crazy gene can survive (i.e. reproduce) is to shelter within a physically appealing package. The crazier the woman, the more beautiful she’s likely to be. And vice versa. ”

    Sorry, but there is just no excuse for this. Putting aside that’s not how genetics work, it’s ignorant of the etiology of mental illness, and that there are numerous counter examples to your weak induction. It’s blatantly sexist and disrespectful of women in general, and horribly insulting to any woman reading it. As you are telling attractive women they are crazy, and telling less attractive women they have nothing else to offer.

    It also has nothing to do with guns.

    • “It’s blatantly sexist and disrespectful of women in general, and horribly insulting to any woman reading it.”

      LMAO. Thank you dude for sharing with us your politically-correct silliness. And now I’m going back to LMAO.

  24. Everyone agrees that George needs to keep a low profile. Stay by himself and think before he acts. His altercation with Martin and the subsequent trial had to have been extremely stressful. What are the chances his recent, self-destructive behavior is due to PTSD?

  25. I learned my lesson. Never, never, ever keep them. They’re not worth it. Not once. Not ever.

    George, please, pull your head out of your ass. Never, never, ever call them back. All they want is to cause misery as a rite of passage. Feminists must be the ones opposing Cloning, just so we still have a use for them…

      • I believe as Marlin Brando said in the first Godfather movie you pay a prostitute to go away after sex. 🙂

        Unfortunately, way to many of us have had to pay wives to just go away and when that doesnt work we have to get restraining orders:-)

        • In the version I heard, it wasn’t Brando, it was Sinatra.

          I have an easier time believing it was Sinatra.

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