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George Zimmerman is back in the news again after allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend in her home in Florida. You may remember George, who was charged with the murder of Trayvon Martin and was found not guilty after using a strict “self defense” claim in court (and NOT any claim of standing his ground, despite the many media reports to that effect). According to CNN . . .

George Zimmerman was charged Monday with aggravated assault, domestic violence battery and criminal mischief, after an incident at his girlfriend’s home in central Florida, said Dennis Lemma, chief deputy with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Zimmerman, who was acquitted earlier this year of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin, was arrested Monday after he allegedly pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend, a spokesman for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said.

Zimmerman has been in the media multiple times recently as the media has hounded him since his acquittal, reporting on every parking ticket and traffic violation as Zimmerman tries to move on with his life after the media crucified him and the courts failed to find any scrap of evidence to support the wails of the public for his head on a platter.

Earlier this year Zimmerman was involved with a heated discussion with his ex-wife and police were called to the scene when the ex in question said that Zimmerman pointed a gun at them, only to find that Zimmerman didn’t even have a gun at the time and the ex-wife was simply pissed off and trying to hurt George. It is entirely possible that this new incident is in that same vein, a pissed off lover using George’s well-known past to try and hurt him, but we’ll reserve judgement until all the facts are known.

Needless to say, the mainstream media will be eating this up.

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    • Absolutely! Get a clue about the dames, Zimmerman. As a friend of mine once said, “dames is poison.”

      • That kind of misogyny is unacceptable. The man needs to control his temper and be around people who will help him do that. Their sex has nothing to do with it. The “blame the woman” trope among men, especially those minded towards this site, needs to change.

        Now this woman may be trying to get back at him, but let’s not generalize and make ourselves alienating to female readers with sentences like “dames is poison” ugh.

        • Obviously you are under the illusion that you’ve found “woman-hating” in my post. YOU DID NOT. I have never said I hate women, because I don’t. I was referring to the well-known fact that many women are treacherous, and should be regarded with a healthy distrust.

          I come by my views through personal experience and observation. You are free to kowtow to any woman you wish to.

        • Blaming the woman, when she is being a vindictive ex-wife filing false charges, is entirely appropriate.

        • If women get such sayings as “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” and “happy wife, happy life” crafted for them, they also open themselves up for quips from the other end of the spectrum, for example the old joke of “Why does pu**y have hair? to hide the hook” or “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” They are not above ridicule, when warranted. And this sorry excuse for a woman certainly warrants it.

        • “Lots of people talkin’ but few of them know, the soul of a woman was created b…” well, the same place as men’s, in nature. But being 10-15% physically weaker on average, nature gives women an incentive to apply crafty social aggression, recruiting others to their aid. This is why a guy’s supposed to sell the house before she finds out what’s going on.

        • Will:
          “I was referring to the well-known fact that many women are treacherous, and should be regarded with a healthy distrust.”

          Is there a reason you specify women here? Is it not true of all people, regardless of sex?

          I’m sorry so many here are so comfortable with this way of thinking. Let’s all roll our eyes and pretend there isn’t a problem with sentences like “women are poison,”. Just the fact that so many people on here will jump IMMEDIATELY to blaming the woman, without cause or evidence. They side with the man by default, and they require the woman to prove her case, but not the man. I’m not even specifically talking about this case (since you already have people idolizing the man) but in general. The default, unjust, attitude is that ‘women are poison’ in a relationship.

          • It was a quote, which you misquoted. The quote was, “DAMES is poison”. If your experience has not borne this out, lucky you. But give it time.

        • Does this attitude actually get people laid? I mean, it’s the only reason I can think of for a man to be so whipped. Have some self respect dude.. lol.

        • -Pullyallup
          Having self respect does not mean disrespecting women. I’m sorry that you think so, and I’m sorry that William has his view of women so tainted by experience, but that doesn’t make it any less wrong. A racist who had some bad experiences with a minority is still a racist, even if his experiences ground the beliefs.

          And is your main goal in life really just to get laid? How sad. I’ve been in a loving and committed relationship for years, and my attitudes expressed in these posts stem from the positive experience there. I truly hope that someone, some day, shows you that kind of happiness and washes away the resentment your past experiences have held.

          • If you knew how long it’s been since I got laid, you’d hang your head in shame. It is not, and never has been, my “main goal in life”. My main goal in life would be to avoid the feigned sympathy of jerks like you. I don’t need it.

      • I carry a gun because of what men have done to me on several occasions. Bad men made me a lifelong gun rights activist. I’ve never been attacked or even threatened by any female in my entire life. Yet I like men in general and love the men who are my friends and family members.

        It’s bizarre to me that anyone could condemn half the population based on the bad acts of some. I think it must be hard to go through life so bitter.

        • For cryin’ out loud. If you were referring to me, I in no way meant ALL women are treacherous.

          But in my personal experience, it’s pretty damned prevalent.

        • Although my personal opinions are in agreement (regarding our culture and ‘western’ women in general) with some of what these guys are posting; I recognize that mine is a prejudice and isn’t an unbiased view. Indeed, I see mine as a very biased view but I don’t intend on changing it. I was nodding in some agreement while reading your post until I read the last line…

          I think it must be hard to go through life so bitter.

          That’s identified feminist shaming language. You’re obviously trolling.

        • Juliesa, A friend once said “it’s often hard to understand somebody’s conversation until you know who they’re actually arguing with.” Any over-broad comments today are just arguments with a painful memory, I would guess. The event today has echoes of the previous one, the false accusations by GZ’s soon-to-be ex-wife. The threat that has been imposed by the absolute SOP in many states, that upon a complaint from a woman of domestic violence or threats the PD must walk the man out of the house in handcuffs…has embittered more than a few.

          Perhaps you saw the post last week about a man in Springfield, VA, whose partner of 17 years called the cops and said he was yelling at her, and “he has a gun.” As in he ‘owns one.’ The man stood at his locked screen door unarmed until the cops killed him. And then there’s the Lautenberg Amendment, which is almost never a burden on a woman, because men are always too ashamed to call 911 when they get hit.

          An emotional hurt brought to mind by a news item isn’t a justification for foolishly broad comments, obviously, but is a cause. And I’m glad you have your gun. Most men who have guns have them because of….other violent men. I haven’t a clue what a man does to cope with the fact that a woman once turned his life upside, down going from “hi, honey” to “enjoy jail” at the speed of light over an argument about, usually, trivia on the surface, lost love underneath. I know from advising people after arrest that it happens with surprising frequency. A gun is useless in the matter. Men can’t take up a gun for that. I suppose they take up wearing a hard, if thin, shell. What are the options?

          I enjoy it when you show up.

          • If Government A’s aim (actually not just the government itself, but factions within it) is to destroy the strongest unit of resistance, that unit of resistance is the family.

            What’s the most effective way to break down the family? Demoralize and marginalize men. How many TV shows do NOT portray men as buffoons and/or incompetent clowns? Not a lot.

  1. So are we sure there was actually a gun this time?

    Wait, wait. I don’t care. If there was a gun, I don’t care. If there wasn’t a gun, I don’t care. If it has his name attached, I don’t care.

  2. Ive been an unwitting witness to a few turbulent marriages back in my active duty days.When women wish to divorce, many of them stack the deck in their favor by trying to get the soon-to-be-ex husband locked up. By the time the authorities figure out the trumped up Domestic Violence /assault accusations are baloney, the ex wife’s cleaned out the bank accounts and changed the locks.

    Husband gets out of jail to find himself penniless, homeless, and defenseless for life on account of losing his guns due to Lautenbergs BS law.

    • An excellent detective recently asked me, as he resigned from the department having been marched out of his home in cuffs under false accusation, whether attorneys recommend an….exaggerated…911 call by the wife. I told him I was sure they didn’t, but that they often explained to their client that some unethical attorneys recommend it be done exactly as follows…..though they themselves could never condone the practice.

      As least George is, by reports, still alive, unlike the poor b@stard in Springfield, VA, last week.

      • After watching the police press conference and reading the police report, it seems the police assumed her story to be probable due to Zimmerman having barricaded her out of her own house, and the evidence of the broken table (seems unlikely she did that).

        If it comes to a trial it will be who the jury believes and I bet his lawyer will suggest plea bargaining if he’s offered it. Women should stay away from this guy. Zimmerman seems out of control.

  3. George, seriously, you’re not doing anyone any favors at this point. Just move to the hills, find a simple job, and stay out of trouble for crying out loud. That should’ve been the first thing he did once the trial was over.

    • My bet is that if he had moved to a cabin deep in the woods to write a book and remained out of site for a few years, he would have been looking at a fairly large payout in a few years. Now, I doubt he could win any of the libel suits he could have pursued, and I am skeptical if any publisher would now give him a book deal.

  4. Get ready for the onslaught of “I’m single, but Zimmerman has already got a girlfriend,” Facebook posts.

    Seriously, how does a person in his situation get a girlfriend?

  5. allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend

    What was he supposed to do? The b1tch jumped him after he ate her Skittles.

    • Quite true. By his age, he should know that dating / marriage is a seriously bad decision if you are a man.

  6. I’m beginning to think those blows to the head via the sidewalk did more damage than initially believed.

  7. Yeah. getting your head pounded by concrete base in earth can really play havoc with the cerebral cortex.

    Not to mention hounded by every living jack ass on the planet.

  8. The man needs to make his way to Montana, we would probably give him a medal and free mansion in the mountains.

    • Being him, he’d probably pull some crap and be found in a gully come Spring. “Died of exposure during a storm.” Justice works differently there than in the cities.

  9. This guy is Posion to the Gun community since day one. Stating it’s a lady problem is BS. The guy is a nut bag. He should be in jail with the rest of the criminals. If he didn’t have so much pull from a judge father, we would have another situation. I’m floridian, CWP holder, 3%r, no one takes away my fkin guns including this scum.

    • From the State of Virginia: “β€œRobert J. Zimmerman served as a full-time magistrate from 2000-2006. Please be advised that in Virginia magistrates are judicial officers, but they are not considered “judges” and do not possess trial jurisdiction.”

      So a retired, low level judicial officer from another state fixed the case? Old man Zimmerman had about as much pull as you — and I know what you’re pulling.

      • What? Lol. Listen raphie. Chief Wiggum worked in the court system if YOU don’t have any pull or respect in system labelled as a brotherhood, well then there is a reason for that. People supporting this Zimmerman cat reminds me of people who buy arsenals who get pissed when they find out they are just an AK. Zimmerman is just a punk criminal who pushes you down and shoots you when you swing. πŸ˜‰ So flame on.

        • @Bobcrap, I’m as much a Zimmerman supporter as you are a Mensa member. What I am is a lawyer who has done business in FL. The FL authorities care as much about out-of-state lawyers and low-level magistrates as you care about the truth. So go tr0ll somewhere else.

      • Nah. But a rap sheet repeatedly stating you’re an abusive piece of shit does. Only people who seem to be defending him are abusers themselves or dumbasses.

        • He has no such rap sheet. All he has is a bitchy ex-wife / soon to be ex-wife who’s trying to set herself up for a nice payout, just like how the last time proved that he didn’t even have a gun with him after she lied and said he did. It’s common knowledge that divorce attorney’s advise women to lie and push for bogus domestic violence charges in order to get a larger portion of the assets in divorce court.

        • Wow. You’ve done some seriously deep investigation of us. Too bad you don’t get paid for it. But then, who’d pay for crap like that?

    • Bullshit. Originally, I had a negative view of Zimmerman’s actions. But, I took time that I really didn’t have to watch that trial, minute by minute, on straight live feed. I missed none of it. Zimmerman did nothing wrong. You’re misplacing blame and ought to be ashamed of yourself.

      FLAME DELETED (before it was even posted)

      • Isn’t it amazing how a douchebag like Bobcrap can turn people in favor of Zimmerman?

        You’d think that tr0lls would know better.

        • I couldn’t understand how a movie like Sharknado ever had an audience but I’m now beginning to understand. πŸ˜€

      • I am inclined to think you have a bit more time on your hands than you are eluding to John in Ohio. You haven’t missed an opportunity on this thread to stick up for your mate GZ. I am beginning to think you might actually be GZ.

        • *alluded

          He’s in Ohio, and since we’ve already established GZ is in Florida, I find that unlikely.

        • LoL! GZ, I certainly am not… I would’ve checked my flashlight for function BEFORE entering that walkway, knowing that my truck’s light timer would switch the headlights off soon. πŸ˜‰ Indeed, before entering any pitch black area, I check my carry flashlight for function.

          Let me clarify something. I don’t defend Zimemrman over anything except the incident with Martin. That’s because I saw the whole trial and it was clearly self defense.

          • Please don’t feel obligated to response to bullshit like that, J-OH. It was a garden-variety troll.

    • If you are from Florida, you would know that they are not CWP. Florida issues Concealed Weapon or Firearm License.

  10. From the beginning of his popular life this man has proven to be one of the dumbest on the face of the planet. The only reason he walked after his last case is that we have a strict “innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” policy to our justice system. They certainly didn’t prove his innocence beyond a reasonable doubt, they only proved reasonable doubt to his guilt. I happen to believe his story regarding the Martin shooting, but that’s just a belief.

    This time, either he did it OR his girlfriend knows the kind of lie she can tell that will be believed about him. In both cases he’s stupid, for either doing it OR for getting into a position where someone could use his public persona against him.


  11. Depending on which side of the 23rd chromosome pair you’re on (or, THAT may not even matter) – “If it has tits/testicles, tires or transistors, you’re eventually going to have problems with it.” It’s just a matter of with whom, when, where, how and why. The “what” is self-explanatory.

    • That reminds me of the saying, “If it flies, floats, or f**ks, rent it!” I usually feel sorry for people with that outlook on life, but in Z’s case it sounds like the way to go…

  12. The fact that this dopey fat man keeps showing up in the headlines only makes it more interesting to me that Tracy Martin is a Freemason and that he apparently never identified Trayvon’s body in person, according to documentation from the Chinese medical examiner. Some of you may remember that weirdo on the stand during the trial.

    What a bizarre coincidence that this poster boy for irresponsible gun ownership emerged when he did to gun down the delinquent son of a Freemason who is apparently too busy a dude to identify the remains of his own son in person.

    You know what they say, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

    The Lord of This World, in this case.

        • Don’t waste the tin foil. I suspect that chip is all alone in there with plenty of room to rattle around.

      • I think tonight is one of those Crystal Vortex moments. Guys headed for the Beatniks and Bongos blog ended up here by some interwebs binary offset programming error. They’re trying to cope, but they’re running out of crystal.

        If I were GZ I’d buy a guitar and learn to sing. He’s clearly got an obsessed public. Should be a cinch to market a cover of “Whipping Post.”

  13. I am all for gun rights, but isn’t it possible that GZ is simply just a piece of shit? You have all stuck up for him more than enough. Let him put himself in prison, as its probably where he should have been put anyway.

  14. I would have thought the guy had left FL long time ago, but apparently not.

    Saint GZ: better get your ish straight.

  15. This man is becoming an idiot and an embarrassment to us all here in Florida.
    He should as they say shape up or ship out.
    Or better yet.
    Have the book thrown at him.
    He walked away with the golden fleece and has been nothing but trouble since.
    Its about time for him to just disappear from sight and blend into the wood work.

    • What golden fleece would that be? His innocence? He had that going into the trial. He didn’t take it and it wasn’t given to him. It was his from the beginning.

      Granted, most everything about his activities since then have been a facepalm and I’m not going to defend him on any of that. But, his self-defense trial had the correct and just outcome; not guilty.

      • Correct, not guilty due to lack of evidence. Only George knows what happened that night. Now it seems that it is safe to conclude that this guy has some serious psychological issues. His behavior only helps to justify guilt in the minds of those who think he murdered Travon.

        • There are only two thing correct in your last post: not guilty due to lack of evidence and only George knows what happened that night.

          First, how would any defendant go about proving a negative anyway? That’s one of the reasons that our judicial system is based upon the concept of innocence until guilt is proven in a court of law. If you want to grouse about that then your beef is with the American judicial system and not with George Zimmerman. Second, your conclusion is flawed and merely supports what you want to believe; that Zimmerman is somehow psychologically disturbed. He may be and yet he may not be. Nothing so far supports your conclusion. Last, those who will continue to think that he murdered his attacker are going to do just as you are doing here; grasping at anything to buttress a prejudice. Get over it already.

          When I first read reports about Martin being shot, I was horrified at what I thought was the calculated murder of an innocent teenager. Over time and definitely by the end of the trial, it was clear that Zimmerman was defending his life. Even the myths about him stalking Martin were bunk. Zimmerman was subjected to the full unjustified power of the government trying to lynch him and it failed. Get over it already.

          Whatever stupid or even illegal stuff that Zimmerman may or may not do from there on out has nothing what-so-ever to do with the self defense shooting that night. He’s under a microscope so every flaw and every crack, however minute or mundane, is viewed as large by the media. Regardless, the self-defense case is over. He was not guilty. His actions now are independent of that life event. Your hard-on for this guy speaks more of psychological issues than anything I’ve observed reported about his actions after the trial. Get a verbatim video copy of the whole trial. Watch it.

  16. I’m frankly disheartened by this site’s callous piling-on: Picking on people with developmental disabilities is unseemly.

  17. At this point George has a longer rap sheet than . . . Trayvon Martin.

    Spend a few moments researching all his priors and it’s obvious this punk will soon be drinking raisin jack fermented out of steel toilet.

    • At this point George has a longer rap sheet than . . . Trayvon Martin.

      Yes, but Martin only had seventeen years to work on it. Given more time, I’m sure he would have risen to the occasion.

  18. This guy, though he was found by a jury to have acted within the law his rights when he terminated the life of Trayvon Martin, is not proving himself to be a desirable poster-child for Second Amendment rights, now is he?

  19. Article: “According to the police report, Zimmerman had locked up the guns before police arrived.” I wonder how they came to that conclusion? I wonder what hard evidence they have to support that?

    I wonder how this case can develop into anything other than a she-said he-said scenario.

  20. Does this mean that GZ is single again? If so, maybe he and Shannon Watts can hook up and TTAG can be the 24-hour George and Shannon Channel.

    Serioulsy, this guy is a bad luck magnet. Let him fade back to obscurity already. Until he actually shoots somebody else, it ain’t news.

  21. George, while it may be tempting to dip your stick in crazy, it is never worth it. Now, I’m not saying that he isn’t at fault here, we don’t have enough facts. But we do know that this woman has previously filed false charges against him. Furthermore, George is being smart(er) this time, and promptly STFU about the whole matter. As far as I have read, the only statement that he has given is that he didn’t do it. While this whole event will have to unfold in court, I am passing some preliminary judgement:

    1. George should have gotten the hell away from this woman a long time ago.
    2. He also needs to keep the hell off the radar. Stop making the news for a few years, until you have a book written or something.
    3. One night ruined the rest of his life. Whatever you think about his innocence/guilt, keep in mind that your decisions can have extremely long term effects. Don’t become a Zimmerman.

  22. I suspect that even if GZ moved to a remote cabin in Alaska, we’d hear a report of a female bigfoot filing charges that he got mad and pointed a gun at her.
    We are doomed to hear about this guy for quite some time.

  23. A lot of you guys (as well as most commentors on the news articles) don’t seem to know what “allegedly” means.

    Here’s a hint:

    He also “allegedly” pulled a gun out on his ex-wife a couple months ago. It was found out that he actually didn’t and she just made that up. Not that the biased media was going to let everyone know that he actually didn’t pull a gun.

    This man gets jumped by a piece of shit thug, his head bashed into the ground, and kills him in self-defense, then has every one and their mother hounding him. The media watching every little damn thing he does and plastering it all over the news. He killed someone, regardless of if it was deserved, he still killed someone. Not everyone has the iron nerves to be able to just handle that like it was nothing. Yeah, I’m sure he is going to be psychologically healthy.

  24. I honestly don’t want to talk about GZ too much, but I think there are a few things (some from my personal experiences) that might go a long way towards a potential explanation of GZ’s wildly erratic behavior.

    1. I’ve had an attempted murder charge filed against me. It was dropped, and the prosecutors embarrassed themselves in the proceedings. All the related felony charges were dismissed as well. Despite that, I spent two months in a jail cell contemplating the fact that the next time I saw my daughter might be her college graduation (she was 2). I was looking at up to 19 years in prison. That kind of experience messes you up. I had a caring family that graciously took me in (post dismissal/release) as I went through the divorce proceedings that were tied into the whole situation (and no, it wasn’t my ex-wife that I allegedly “attempted” to murder). Despite that, it took me three years to get myself back together. My finances were ruined, my career was shot, I had zero day-to-day stability, and I developed all manner of health issues (most of which went un-treated; see “my career was shot”). I wouldn’t be surprised if GZ’s parasympathetic nervous system is constantly tweaking (the parasympathetic NS controls your ‘fight or flight’ response). I woke up sweating every time I heard sirens for about two years.

    2. With the absolutely ubiquitous, unrelenting media presence in his life, I’d imagine that he’s (justifiably) paranoid. Combine that ideation with the stress noted above, and you have a recipe for lowered inhibitions and poor frontal lobe performance – basically, deteriorated decision-making ability.

    3. From the trial evidence that I saw, GZ was extremely concerned/upset at having taken a life. He may have been acquitted by a jury, but that has little to do with his religious beliefs. And since suicide is a big no-no in Catholic doctrine, I think it’s reasonable to expect increased risk-taking behavior. Depending on his mental state and level of depression, I could easily imagine someone in his place taking a very fatalistic view of life (“I’m not going to kill myself, but I’m going to do increasingly dangerous things, and whatever happens, happens” – I’ve been in that mindset, myself).

    Anyway, just my two cents. This guy’s been through hell. I don’t think he’ll be a normally functioning member of society anytime soon. None of this should be read to defend him from threatening people, or generally acting like an irrational asshole. But it certainly might explain it.

    • Excellent comment. Very insightful.

      Although not attempted murder, thank goodness; I’ve had some personal experience and your post was accurate and descriptive. I’ve thought about these things every time I catch a Zimmerman news item out of the corner of my eye.

    • Very good post.

      I am not a Zimmerman supporter at all. But sometimes a little empathy can at least help frame an otherwise head scratching series of events.

    • Zimmerman had a history of acting out prior to the whole shooting/trial. It was relatively minor stuff, but indicative of poor impulse control and a tendency toward violence. With all the stress and guilt he’s dealing with, it’s no wonder he’s going off the rails. I still think the guy’s basically an asshole, but I obviously don’t know him personally. Maybe empathy is appropriate.

      But if empathy is appropriate for GZ, then it’s also appropriate for kids like TM. So many GZ apologists here were right there on the bandwagon demonizing TM as some sort of uber thug, not a 17 year old kid who was getting in some minor trouble. In the land of the pro-gun Right, every black kid that gets killed (yes, usually by another black kid) is just a “gang banger,” so who gives a shit? I’d say all of us who care about the right to bear arms should give a shit, because urban violence is the number one (and I agree that it’s bogus) argument for gun control.

      Finally, as for the MSM having a field day, Sean Hannity and his ilk, along with much of the pro-gun-rights movement lobbed that one right over the plate by making GZ some sort of poster child for the right to armed self-defense. Bad, bad move. You guys (not all of you, but a lot of you) helped create this fiasco. I said from the beginning that we should back away from this guy and let the creaky squeaky wheels of justice turn.

  25. Makes one wonder exactly how and where ole George met this new “girlfriend” and if she might
    be a shill…..a plant by the anti gun wackos to get in close to George and when the time is right
    scream and shout and make a lot of BS claims.

      • It’s not nearly as stupid as someone in another comment alluding to ME being George Zimmerman! πŸ˜‰

        But, yeah, Dan’s comment was pretty out there… preposterous, actually.

    • You need to walk far away from the keyboard. Really, really far. Among all the delusional conspiracy theories that have been floated around here, ever, that’s gotta be in the top… one.

    • Wait! Maybe Zimmerman is like Harry Truman in the Truman Show and we are all unwitting extras!

      ::Stomps on tin foil hat, walks away::

  26. Boy, the left is going to eat this with a spoon. I can hear it now, “Gotcha!”. If it were Trayvon who shot George and now was locked up, to the left it would be another travesty and miscarriage of justice. Oh well.

  27. I have no I idea of what goes on in Zimmerman’s head, his girlfriend’s, his wife’s, nor what went on in Martin’s head. I do think that Zimmerman has every reason to have PTSD or some other psychological ailment caused by the media attention to his case and the notoriety that came with it. That said, I know that I have made it to my fifties without being arrested, without getting a restraining order issued against me, without making it into the news for nefarious reasons. I think it is entirely possible that Zimmerman has authored at least some of his own problems. No one, I hope, is simply this unlucky in life. I have no idea what went on the night Zimmerman killed Martin, but there is the real possibility that there was more than one thug involved. Maybe this guy really is just unlucky; maybe it is just the media and liberals who have messed him up. Or, maybe this guy has always been a bit off.

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