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Image courtesy nj.comWhat does it take for New Jersey to keep a senator in office these days? Most Americans don’t give a damn, since the Garden State’s senatorial delegation is among the most scandal-plagued in the nation. Unfortunately for the Constitution, Frank Lautenberg has avoided the kind of scandals that plagued former senator Robert “The Torch” Torricelli and current senator Robert Menendez . . .

Lautenberg has long been a sworn enemy of the 2nd Amendment. He’s the man responsible for hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their gun rights forever. The ‘Lautenberg Amendment’ retroactively revoked the gun rights of anyone who was ever convicted of a crime of domestic violence, even for misdemeanors as petty as spitting.

Sadly, his term won’t expire until the end of 2014, so his days of Constitution-trashing aren’t quite over yet. Newark Mayor Cory Booker is his probable successor, and he isn’t likely to be any friendlier to the Bill Of Rights. On the bright side, Booker will be a freshman senator with few powerful committee assignments. And plenty of skeletons in his closet.

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  1. Your right that song is for the Hag of San Fran. Maybe retires to the mob gang and sewage leaked wasteland (that’s NJ) of the east is a better title for him.

  2. @Chris Dumm

    First of its Cory not Corey.

    Second, he is friendlier than Lautenberg and this is what he said in a debate on ABC News “This Week”

    “Booker pushed for stronger background checks on people looking to purchase guns and said a key way to curb gun violence is to shut down secondary markets.

    “I’m not afraid of law-abiding citizens who buy a gun,” he said. “Buy the guns you want. What the problem is in America right now is that a terrorist person who is on the no-fly list could go into the secondary market today and buy a weapon.”

    “Criminals are killing people,” the mayor added. “Not law-abiding gun owners.”

    He is a moderate democrate and the Democratic Party actually does not like him because he is not Liberal enough.

    While is not the perfect friend we want, he is far better than Lautenberg!

    Please check the facts

  3. He is leaving???? YIPPE! HORRAY! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP! YES! This is the best news I heard all month! The guy is 2 years older than dirt and about half as intelligent

  4. NJ has it’s own “mason-dixon” line somewhere between Mercer and Burlington county.

    I recently moved from Mercer to Burlington county, and the environment is quite different. The populations really are as different as pro-gun vs anti-gun.

    The north of the state is pretty anti-gun while Burlington and south are pretty pro-gun.

    All that said, it will be a great day when Lautenberg is gone, Menendez goes to jail for soliciting under age prostitutes via campaign donors, and Chris Christie gets off his ass to defend the second amendment.

    And failing all of that, I guess there is still Texas….

  5. “The ‘Lautenberg Amendment’ retroactively revoked the gun rights of anyone who was ever convicted of a crime of domestic violence, even for misdemeanors as petty as spitting.”

    I have difficulty imaging a man making a police report claiming he experienced domestic violence by being spat upon by his woman. The DV laws just keep expanding. These days, DV includes rolling ones eyes at your partner non-verbally expressing disrespect and thus embarrassing or humiliating the partner. Just like the para above I have trouble imaging a man whining about being victimized by a woman rolling her eyes at something he said or did. If men were that petty almost all women would have charges of DV against them.

      • You don’t seem to realize how broad the Lautenberg Amendment is. DV crimes can be charged between spouses, former spouses, current of former cohabitants, other family members (parents, guardians), by/among even surrogate parents if the court is so enclined (“by a person with whom the victim shares a child in common”), or anyone that can show a like-relationship to the assailant (“by a person who was similarly situated to a spouse, parent, or guardian of the victim. Persons who are similarly situated to a spouse include two persons who are residing at the same location in an intimate relationship with the intent to make that place their home.”)

        So, you broke up with your “mate” and she/he lives three counties away for the past year. Think Lautenberg couldn’t be made to apply to you? Think again.

        What kind of crimes? Surely they must be crimes identified at Domestic Violence crimes under state law, right? Wrong. “(1) Qualifying conviction. A state or federal conviction for a crime of domestic violence and any general or special court-martial for an offense that otherwise meets the elements of a crime of domestic violence, even though not classified as a misdemeanor or felony.”

        • Most men are blissfully unaware that the only thing keeping them from spending the night in a cold jail cell is the ongoing goodwill of a woman they now have almost any sort of relationship with.

  6. New Jersey is full of like minded $#@^$#&### sell outs left. We’re only loosing one and that isn’t happening fast enough. The NJ devil is waiting for him with open arms.

    • If Stossel tosses his hat in the ring, I’ll establish NJ residency just to vote for him. He’s an awesome true libertarian who finally threw up/away the liberal doctrine he was surrounded by at ABC.

  7. So, The Dumbass of the Living Dead is finally (hopefully) returning to the grave? The author of the UNCONSTITIONAL LAUTENBERG AMENDMENT (please reference Article 1, section 9, of the U. S. Constitution regarding ex post facto law)?

  8. This is a blessing from God.
    I wil never forget the effect of “The Launtenberg Amendment”. When city prosecutor, I got a call from a man who’d pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment the lowest level of assault in AL) in 1976. His ex-wife had made a false complaint to get leverage in their divorce case. The divorce was granted. His laywer told him it would never come back on him, so plead and pay the $25 fine and court costs. When he called me in 1997, he said the sherriff had denied his concealed carry renewal b/c the Lutenberg Amend. had now forced the sherriff to deny it. The man explained that he was now wheelchair bound, his kids lived out of state, and asked,”How can I defend myself now?”
    I told him I sympathized and thought this law was an unconstitutional ex post-facto law, but there was nothing I could do. I told him to call his congressman.
    Good riddance to a man who’s been a boil on the butt of the Constitution during his entire tenure in the Senate!

  9. I will believe that he’s gone from politics when he’s dead and I’ve witnessed his body being chucked into a hole in the ground with my own eyes.


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