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“Russ Feingold, the former Democratic senator from Wisconsin who is running again in an attempt to win back his old Senate seat, was recorded at a fundraiser saying that Hillary Clinton might issue an executive order on guns,” reports.

The video was captured by James O’ Keefe’s Project Veritas at an Aug. 17, $2,700 per-head fundraiser held at the Palo-Alto, Calif., home of Democratic donors Amy Rao and Harry Plant. Palo-Alto is located 10 minutes away from Stanford University, where Feingold taught after leaving his position as a special envoy at the U.S. State Department.

Is there any doubt that President Clinton II would use an Executive Order to further her civilian disarmament agenda? Not in my mind.

While the attention here is on an EO for “universal background checks,” let’s not forget that the Democratic presidential hopeful’s got a hard-on for revoking the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act (shielding manufacturers from liability for the criminal misuse of their products).

Despite the law, Ms. Clinton could instruct the DOJ and/or newly formed Bureau of Consumer Protection to take action against gun makers. By the same token, what are the odds she’d do something presidential to restrict “assault weapons” after a terrorist attack or spree killing? A lot better than even money.

Any Executive Order or bureaucratic dictat aimed at disarming civilians would be met with stiff opposition in Congress (even if the Republicans lose the Senate). A lawsuit would certainly follow. But those things take time; the damage would be done.

If/when Ms. Clinton moves on guns, with or without legislative backing, the American bi-furcation between liberty-loving conservatives and statists would continue. Make that worsen. A house divided and all that . . .

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  1. Would it be in-Christian to wish for Hillary Clinton and citizen Kaine to go down in a fiery plane crash onto the green where Obama is putting, after the flight crew bails out?

  2. Gun owners are in for a rough time. Trump is unelectable right now given this week’s rape accusations and last week’s video. Barring any scandal that actually STICKS to Hillary, we’re toast. The Republican Party is in disarray. I think the best we can do at this point is to hold Congress.

    • There is no “rape accusation” it’s just more unsubstantiated mud slinging by Hillary shills. If it was true it would have come out years ago. Clinton’a victims came forward almost immediately, not decades later looking for a paycheck.

      • Call it what you want, but when a woman comes out and accuses Trump of raping her at Epstein’s place, and a district judge decides he should appear for a civil trial, it’s a rape accusation in my book. That doesn’t mean he’s guilty, of course – first off, it’s a civil, not a criminal, trial; and secondly, it still needs to be argued – but it’s a scandal that appears to be sticking, unlike the multitude of (IMO *real*) scandals that Hillary has been able to dodge.

        • It’s a shakedown, plain and simple. There’s no evidence, just some testimony of an attention seeking whore.

        • A judge accepting a case has nothing to do with legality/illegality or evidence.
          A judge accepted a clearly illegal lawsuit against gun manufacturers over Newtown despite that being prohibited by the Protection off Legal Commerce in Arms act.
          Judges are blatantly partisan as is the Supreme Court and 9th Circuit.
          It only confirms it is a staged to-late-to-disprove hit piece by dirty tricks Clinton.

        • Whenever a rich or famous man is accused of sexual assault, I always give him the benefit of the doubt. I’ve seen enough false claims in the past that innocent until proven guilty is the right way to think.

          With Slick Willie however, the number of accusers and his oval office escapade make me believe he really is a sex offender.

      • You sound an awful lot like Clinton defenders. Or Catholic Church defenders.

        Look, there’s a huge difference between the accusations about Bill Clinton, and the accusations about Donald Trump — we have Trump’s own words verifying that yes, that is his predisposition, and that is what he does. Trump has a history of portraying himself as untouchable – he said he could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone dead, and his voters would still vote for him. He said he grabs women by the *****, and they let him do it. He says he kisses them against their will.

        And now we have women saying that he’s done exactly that to them. And you deny it, and claim that they’re attention-seeking whores out for a payday.

        So just exactly how are you any different from Hillary Clinton and the entire Bill Clinton team in this regard? Listen to Trump’s attacks against Hillary, about how she treated these women that Bill had violated, and then look in the mirror — you’re doing the exact same thing. Pwrserge, you’re acting exactly like Hillary.

        • Why are you throwing the Catholic church under the bus? And much of the time I disagree with serge, he’s right on the money on this one.

        • So, only after a tape comes out that has Donald Trump making such statements are they able to find women backing those statements up?

          He might be a womanizer, he might not, but I can guarantee you one thing: If I was rich and powerful, and a tape surfaced of me admitting to deplorable behavior against some group of people, even if I had never actually done what I claimed, you can bet your last dollar that one or more members of that group would immediately claim that I had personally exploited them. Here’s another thing I know: Guys talk shit, especially guys like Trump that have to peacock and stroke their egos all the time. “Oh look at me! I’m so special I can grab hot bitches in the junk! I can plant a big wet one on any girl I like! Huhuhuhu!” You know where else I have heard that same line? High school locker rooms. It wasn’t true then, either. Obviously that doesn’t make Trump the smartest or most mature person in the room, but it doesn’t make him a rapist. It makes him a shit talker that just got called out on it in a very bad way, which might be just a good enough reason to lose a presidential election. The fact that accusers did not come forward until after the tape makes me very suspicious. It’s like if someone walked up to you and asked “Hey, did you drop this unmarked sack full of money?” Why yes… yes I did!

          To reiterate: Not saying he’s innocent, but not saying he’s guilty either. I am saying he’s fucking stupid, though.

        • Bullshit. The difference is that one group has corroborating evidence and the other does not. Add to that the fact that Trump’s accusers came out of the woodwork decades later and on cue and any reasonable person would call bullshit.

        • “Add to that the fact that “

          (1) The accusations against Trump were worded as the lyrics of a Velvet Underground song

          (2) The Left has trotted out this EXACT same accusation, word for word, in the past

          (3) One of the accusers has a listed phone number that exactly matches that of a number for an office at the Clinton Foundation

          (4) One of the people that ‘broke’ or blogged the rape story has a history / reputation for hoax stories.

          So yeah…exact moral equivalence between Clinton and Trump. Riiiiight.

          Clinton apologists are nauseating.

        • “he said he could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone dead, and his voters would still vote for him.”

          Yes, but only because Hillary is that much of a despicable monster. It’s only by comparison To Hillary that the statement holds any truth. No one is really pro-trump; just that anti-Hillary.

          Be honest with yourselves people. If she wins, it sends a clear message that the voting block that is 2nd Amendment supporters is a joke, and no longer needs to be feared by either party. Then the gloves will be truly off.

        • ” No one is really pro-trump”

          What a dumb statement. If that were the case, he would not have won the Primary.

          Trump has a HUGE following, and gaining more as he continues to tell the truth and fight the “establishment.”

          Or, have you missed the enthusiasm of the crowds at his rallies? He’s packing 10,000 seat houses with highly energetic crowds.

          That does not sound like “no one likes him” to me. But hey, if you want to see what your own blind reality wants to create for you, no skin off my nose.

        • Trump does indeed pack in huge rallies. There are actually pro-Trump people out there.

          You know who else used to pack in gigantic crowds at huge rallies? Bernie Sanders.

          You know who else used to pack in gigantic crowds at huge rallies? Michael Dukakis. On Nov. 4th, 1988, Dukakis said “I smell victory in the air – don’t you?” Dukakis got a crowd of 15,000 in Philadelphia, 9,000 in Chicago, and even 7,500 in Milwaukee. 10,000 in Sioux Falls. Sound familiar? And, oh yeah, Dukakis went on to lose the election in a landslide.

          History. It’s a thing. So’s science. Both have spoken. Trump cannot win. Trump will not win. The longer you egg him on, the worse the results for the country. Reconcile to reality and put your efforts where you can do some good – containment and secession.

        • “History. It’s a thing. So’s science. Both have spoken. Trump cannot win.”

          Wait. Are you trying to say that because Sanders and Dukakis had popular following that that is the “science” that shows Trump won’t win?

          Logic, man. Look it up. Whatever you think “science” is, that ain’t it.

          (Hint: I have a terminal degree in a true hard science field, have interacted with Nobel winners and presented research at International symposia AND made money in the private sector for my expertise…so, keep that in mind before you try to lecture me on how I am wrong in my understanding of “science”).

          Your assertion that Trump cannot win is laughable. You don’t know what is going to happen. Your rhetoric is weak. Very, very weak.

        • Once again, I find you unable to follow simple sentences in the simplest of constructions.

          No, Bernie’s rallies are not an example of science, they are an example of history. The simple point being: big rallies are not an indicator that someone is going to win the election. They are not proof. It’s been done before. That’s history.

          The science reference was in relation to sophisticated polling procedures and predictions made on such. One simple example is Nate Silver’s, which correctly predicted the results of 49 of the 50 states in the 2012 election.

          I was simply saying that history and science do not back up the “seat of the pants” feeling that Trump supporters insist will result in him winning the election.

          The fun thing is — this is empirically provable. What you think, and what I think, will not change the outcome. The outcome will be laid bare for all the world to see on November 8th.

        • “The science reference was in relation to sophisticated polling procedures”

          “Sophisticated” like nbc and cnn? Or…online betters? HAHA

          Got it, Troll.

    • Un-electable? nah, 100,000 democrats changed their registration in PA to GOP. there is a an undercurrent happening that has pollsters stymied.

      • That’s just primary raiding so they could install the weakest GOP candidate to run against. Ancient trick, that one. On election day, they’ll show up and dutifully vote for their Democrat slave masters like always.

        • Maybe it is 100K Democrats “raiding” but if so they’re doing a poor job because outside of Democrats who switched parties the GOP gained another 143K new voters in PA this year bringing their gains to 243K.

          Also, from what I’ve read a lot of the people who flipped are not “raiders” they’re coal miners who are afraid HRC is going to ruin them.

        • The raiders voted for everyone except Trump (i.e. Kasich), or at least that’s what happened in Ohio. Since Trump won PA I’m pretty sure most of those conversions are not raiders. I’ve been trying to convince every lefty I know to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, since “Hillary will win this district anyway.” Most of them have reservations about voting for Clinton, if they vote at all.

      • Yes. Big media hates and fears Trump and, if the hit-and-run attacks during the debates aren’t proof enough, they are dissembling on the polls (interviewing 5-8% more Democrats to skew them). Stick to your vote and vote Trump.

        • The reason they do that is simple…there are in fact more democrats than republicans. Any honest sample of the population will reflect this.

          It’s not some fucking plot. Get over yourself, and QUIT REPEATING THIS BULLSHIT.

        • Except that at best it’s a 4% edge and when people who lean one way or another (42% of the county is independent) the numbers give the Republicans a 1% edge 42%-41%.

          “Gallup polling in 2010 that found that 31% of Americans identified as Democrats (tying a 22-year low), 29% as Republicans, and 38% as independents.[5] Nevertheless, more American independents leaned to the Republican Party when compared to the Democratic Party. Combining leaners with each party’s core identifiers, the parties ended up tied at 45 percent in 2011”

          No matter how you cut it, the current oversampling numbers are total horseshit. 5%-8% oversampling is simply indefensible. So you can scream in caps all you want but you’re wrong.

    • Congress IS going back to the democrats – Get Over It.

      Next spring, the US is going to have Australian Style Gun Control, it will be the first order of business.

      Thanks to all those morons who voted Trump the nomination.

      • Yeah, over several million dead bodies. Thanks #nevertrumpers. You EXPLETIVE DELETED just handed the Demokkkrats the stick they need to beat you to death.

      • “Thanks to all those morons who voted Trump the nomination.”

        And what is REALLY funny is all the #NeverTrump morons that think what the MSM, Clintons and left in general is doing would be ANY different no matter WHO got the nomination.

        What short memories you folks have. They BLASTED clean-as-a-whistle Romney from day one. They masticated McCain. And that’s not even getting to GW Bush.

        If you think for one second any of the other (R) candidates in the primary would be doing ANY ‘better’ than Trump is right now, you need to get your head out of your ass and face reality.

        None of them would have stood up to the Left like Trump has. They have gotten so vile in their attacks against him precisely because they are LOSING to him.

        • Let me see if I understand this properly: you are asserting that Trump is winning this election? Did I hear that accurately?

        • I see.

          It strikes me that you folks might actually believe what you’re saying. This is breathtaking. I generally expect much more from the POTG.

          I wonder how deep your convictions run? You know that in the betting markets, Clinton is currently a 5 to 1 favorite to win the Presidency. If you people really, fervently believe that Trump will win, you could make an absolute killing on the betting markets. Mortgage your house, sell your car, and bet everything on Trump — you could be millionaires.

          That is, if you really, truly believe what you’re saying. Those folks who do know a thing or two, who really do have the courage of their convictions to the point of actually betting their money, are convinced that Clinton is winning. Which is, of course, what all the polls say, and what real experts who do this for a living are saying. But hey, you know, Trump “knows more about ISIS than the Generals do”, so maybe you Trumpers know more about the election than these folks.

          Why not put your money where your mouth is?

        • “Let me see if I understand this properly: you are asserting that Trump is winning this election? Did I hear that accurately?”

          If you can’t see that’s the case, it certainly explains a lot of your comments on this page.

        • And the notion that you actually believe Trump is winning, certainly explains yours.

          So are you going to take advantage of all those idiots on Pivit and Betfair, and bet on Trump?

        • Long story short, yes. In fact I did bet $100 on Trump just for funzies.

          You seem to have no grasp of how polling actually works or how it’s skewed by various biases and opinions from the pollsters themselves. According to you Brexit lost in a landslide, but in reality it didn’t. That didn’t have much to do with rain in London, it had to do with people flat out lying to pollsters or saying they were undecided. Every single time a person tells a pollster something other than the 100% God’s-honest-truth it skews the poll in ways the pollster cannot know. Adding in their methodology, which is never perfect, compounds the problem. In the case of Brexit a nearly 11% lead turned into a nearly 2% loss. That’s a swing of almost 13% from the day before the real vote.

          Rasmussen, just today has Trump up +2. States that should never have been competitive are. HRC is screaming at her union friends that she should be up by 30%. Now, the liberals will tell you that Rasmussen skews horribly towards older people because it’s a land-line only survey and that cell phones should be included to avoid disenfranchising younger voters.

          They have a point. However, polls that include cellphones are known to be even less reliable due to the fact that you really don’t know jack about the person you’re surveying because people don’t change their numbers when they move to a new location. I’ve had the same number since 2002 and lived in two countries and three states during that time. It’s also demonstrable that people lie to pollsters for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one seems to be fear of judgement. That would seem to suggest, based on the vitriol in this race that people would tend to lie about supporting Trump more than they would about Clinton who’s the PC candidate.

          The truth is that no one really knows what’s going to happen. Polls are really shitty predictors of an election for a number of reasons. The only reason the media like them is because WTF else are they going to talk about?

        • “And the notion that you actually believe Trump is winning, certainly explains yours.”

          Yep; it does explain mine. That I’m not a delusional, brain-dead drive-by one-page-and-done troll with my head up my own ass.

          Thanks for bringing it up.

        • And with that comment, you have fully revealed yourself. Look in the mirror. See if you like what you see. As far as I can tell, you appear to fully exhibit the stereotype of the worst of the Trump supporters. You’re remarkably unpleasant, and as near as I can tell, you seem to view conversation as “attack first, defeat and destroy” exercise, with zero emphasis on “is there anything I can learn from this person? Do I understand what they’re trying to say?” In nearly ever interchange, your immediate response appears to be an attempt at discrediting the person, rather than understanding the point. Have you met with much success with that approach in life? Actually, truthfully, I do not care. Goodbye.

      • Trump may be going down to defeat but no way is the House flipping. The Republicans are still favored to retain the Senate as well.

        • Okay, where are you seeing that the odds are that the Republicans will keep control of the senate? Everywhere I’ve seen, the odds are showing a measurable Democrat advantage. 538 shows the Dems with a 57% chance of taking control of the Senate, for example. (assuming that Tim Kaine breaks ties). PredictWise shows the Democrats with a 70% chance of winning Senate control. John Lott & Maxim Stossel’s have the Democrats with a 66.5% chance of winning the Senate. I know of no credible polling outlets, or betting prediction markets, that have the Republicans currently favored to keep control of the Senate.

          The House looks safe at this moment, thank heavens.

        • “Everywhere I’ve seen, the odds are showing a measurable Democrat advantage. “

          Oh look, we found someone in the 6% of the population that still believes the #HoaxingMedia.

          Good grief. Don’t be so defeatist and get out there and influence the result.

        • You are behind the curve Toomy and Johnson have a good chance to win. Johnson is in a statistical tie with Feingold and this little talk may cost him the election. And they Republicans are likely to flip Nevada.

        • So wait, John Lott is “hoaxing media”?

          Does it also apply to his gun studies, or are you making an exception for those?

      • Maybe the White House. Maybe the Senate. But it’s not, ahem, realistic to say the Democrats will retake the House. And the House is one half of Congress.

        So no the Democrats will not take the Congress as of now. And the Democrats aren’t loved that much more by the public either.

        Now whether or not the Republicans in the House will sell out for Gun Control measures is another matter entirely.

  3. Translation: The Witch is going to be the worst enemy the Second Amendment has ever had, and is going to make life hell for every gun owner in this country.

  4. Yep, bad moon rising. There is zero doubt that she is going do everything (legal and illegal) that she can to disarm lawful citizens (though I suspect that, like Obama, she’ll take a very conciliatory approach with the gang-bangers and criminals that account for all of the gun violence). Oh, and better get your gun gear purchases out of the way ASAP…the gun-buy panic of 2016/2017 is just about to start.

    • Yep. A Cat 5 panic will make landfall in the USA after the November election if she wins. Got ammo and AR parts? Better stock up.

        • Then they’ll have to come door to door and take them…I don’t think they can actually pull that part off.

        • Unless Article 1, Section 9/10 of the Constitution suddenly disappeared turning them in isn’t going to happen.

          Sure, HRC could pack the SCOTUS and get a decision that ex post facto laws are legal I suppose and then we’re on the road to Revolution 2.0 because the law literally means nothing and we have a de facto dictatorship at that point.

  5. This is disgusting. So Hillary and Feingold can have armed agents guard them 24/7 but I can’t protect my family using my God Given right?

    What ever happened to the 2nd ammendment. These people are nothing but hypocrites

    • Hillary’s SCOTUS will define the 2nd Amendment to apply only to the National Guard, not private citizens.

      Turn in everything but bolt action and single shot rifles and shotguns, which will all have to be approved and registered.

      Thank Trump supporters for the loss of your guns.

        • The Anonymous people who broke into Podesta’s accounts say they have internal HRC polls where she’s losing and losing badly. I dunno if that’s true.

          It will be interesting to see if they release anything useful. They certainly got past his security (HA!) though and got some juicy stuff. I saw some of the screen grabs last night before 4chan dropped the ban hammer on a bunch of people and started shutting down threads. Supposedly they grabbed at least another33K emails, saved FaceTime chats and a bunch of other stuff before they wiped Podesta’s phone and took over his twitter account (last two confirmed). They’re claiming they have proof of serious criminal conduct by numerous people.

          They claim they have the goods to totally destroy Clinton. We’ll see if that’s true or not. Slated release date last night was November 1 so that Clinton can’t be replaced when this comes out.

        • On my hour drive into work, from rural PA into MD, I see maybe 40+ trump signs. Some other them are regular person erected, veritable billboards. I’ve see at least 2 “hillary for Prison” signs.

          I’ve seen exactly one HIllary/Caine sign, right as you come into Towson.

          If Hillary wins, it will be because of:
          1) the population of the cities will have voted her in for the handouts and the skinny jeans.
          2) she bought the election and the media has sold us on the “poll results” so that we will believe that it was possible and don’t riot enmasse afterwords.

        • Ryan, Lee and the others did the right and in no ‘stabbed him in the back’. He was already losing in every scientific poll and his own words and past actions are what doomed him.

      • “Thank Trump supporters for the loss of your guns.”

        Bat shit insane comment.

        If you think for one second that any of the other (R) candidates would be doing better than outsider, non-Cuck Trump right now, you are clueless.

        He’s FIGHTING Back…and winning points.

        Clinton’s campaign is shook, and Trump has to fight her, ALL the MSM AND all the idiot #NeverTrump cucks.

        So, if you think the others would be faring any better…go ahead. Review Romney, Herman Cain, McCain and Bush. We’ll wait for you come back and tell us how “bad” Trump is.

        No, the more I think about it, the more I believe “Realist” is a Clinton loving Troll.

  6. I was unaware that POTUS could arbitrarily create laws out of thin air. How about an EO legalizing private email for all her henchmen and especially henchmen. And henchtransgengered.

  7. If the possibility that Clinton might abuse her power to advance her agenda is “BREAKING” news to you, you must not have been paying attention for the last three decades or so.

    • Phrased that way, you’d have a point.

      The fact that this particular piece of evidence was uncovered is what is “Breaking News.”

      • What “evidence”? If Wikileaks produced some deleted e-mails that included a draft of the executive order in question, that would be evidence. This is just a hard-left Democrat at a California fundraiser, pandering to his audience and telling the rubes what he thinks they want to hear to shake them down for more money. If he was trying to raise money from a group of Michigan auto workers, he would have said that she “might” use an executive order to levy a 50% tariff on foreign cars.

  8. If she issues illegal executive orders, the key question is what the states would do. Refusing to help enforce would be a positive step. But would any protect residents from criminal action by the Feds? My guess is that they would not. They might sue, as RF suggests, but that would take forever and might eventually land in a newly leftist SCOTUS. So, unless the states actually do something positive, it would be up to private citizens. No good outcomes, here. None.

    • I just read an article at Daily Caller today about what the states could do…if our new overlords overturn or ignore Heller and stick with the ‘Only militia can have guns’ shtick, one possible option for the states (red states, of course) would be to simply pass a quick law making all citizens of the state members of the state militia.

      • Seriously, think about this.

        Clinton skated on what amounted to a treason investigation in which the actual investigators thought she’d be charged. They knew the evidence.

        What makes you think any pesky little “State Law” or even Federal Law or the Constitution itself matters at this point and ESPECIALLY if Clinton is elected?

        The path destruction of the US was set in place in 1965 with the way-crazy immigration law change. The destroyers have been patiently waiting 50 years for that to run its course.

        We are where we are now because we allowed our nation to be given away. Your faith in the “law” as some protector depends on the mutual consent that the law is the playing rules. Clinton herself has already shown us that she does not believe that.

        She’ll gladly use the law to put us on the gallows, all the while claiming it does not apply to her. Any state trying to protect its citizens against a federal edict regarding guns would have to be prepared to back it up…with force. With guns.

        • Glad to see someone else has taken the red pill.

          Unless and until America returns to pre 1965 immigration levels and the current lot of illegals, refugees and H1B squatters are repatriated, Americas future is all but decided.

          There will be war.

      • That just might work as a counter-measure. Then another illegal executive order would be required to declare that only the state national guard counts as militia, I suppose.

    • The Feds simply dont have the resources to engage in multiple daily raids. That would also be too obvious and would spark a major backlash from the population.

  9. Tick tock tick tock…..just a matter of time before sane and serious minded, powerful people reach a critical mass silently. Then come the musings publicly, followed by advocacy passionately, for secession. I just hope it’s peaceful, lawful, and mutual.


    • Agreed. The inevitable is an orderly divide of the country.

      Until then, we have to make the best of the mess we’re in. Trump has lost, it’s over, and he will lose in a massive landslide and Hillary will claim a “mandate” which will make her even more aggressive. The current electoral projections are approximately Hillary 350, Trump 180. The betting markets make Hillary a 5:1 favorite over Trump. Defending Trump is a losing strategy, just like defending the child-molesting Catholic priests was a losing strategy. Abandon Trump, let him sink on his own, and turn to something you can accomplish.

      The strategy now has to shift to containment. Hillary will be the next president. But she can be contained, with large majorities in the Senate and the House. And she can be impeached, with large majorities in the Senate and the House. She is massively unpopular. It is within reach. And if Wikileaks provides actual evidence of actual crimes, the charges might stick.

      A majority in the Senate can block her Supreme Court justice nominations.

      But none of this is possible if the D’s win control of Congress.

      So vote R for your senators and congressmen, even if they’re bloodsucking RINOs. Even Toomey? Hell yes, get out the vote for Toomey — and McCain, and Flake, every one of them. It matters. Remember, every single R voted against Obamacare in both the House and the Senate. Every one of them, even the worst of the “cuckservatives” and even the worst of the RINOs. A republican congress is your only hope of stopping Hillary’s agenda.

      The more that Trumpers egg Trump on, the more damage that’s done down-ballot, and the bigger the majority Hillary gets. It already looks favorable for the D’s to win control of the Senate. That would be a true disaster, a Hillary presidency with a Democratic Senate.

      • Yeah, let’s trust the RINOs who let Obama run rampant for the better part of a decade. If Trump loses, the next strategy is not “containment” it’s “burn the motherfucker down”.

        • Just to be clear — your position is that if Hillary wins, the only possible next step is shots fired in a citizen revolution, correct?

        • The RINO. Meme is a DNC false flag operations that played on the ignorance of low information Republican voters to create dissention in the Republican Party. Mission accomplished.

        • Yup. If somebody that corrupt is in the White House, there is no peaceful recourse left.

          When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable. What the Demokkkrats didn’t know was that Kennedy was talking about THEM.

      • the idea that trump is hurting the congressional races is malarky.
        With the “bluing” of large metro areas and the RINOs shooting themselves in the foot over wavering on Trump support, the GOP owns this all themselves. Ryan is a self-absorbed whiny pussy: might as well wear a dress in Congress and BOHICA.

    • Which would make it time to carefully consider which side of the iron curtain each of us would land on. It’s not difficult to figure out some of the states that might leave. Other states, not so clear. If there is nasty fighting and bloodshed, some of it could be within “purple” states over whether to stay or go. If the split occurs and one is stuck in a blue state, I’m guessing they would not let you take your wealth and arms when you leave (assuming they let you leave). These could well be very interesting times.

      • I’ve been thinking about that endlessly. There’s only one candidate who’s been talking about building an actual iron curtain, but it appears he has finally burned his last chance at victory.

        With Hillary in place, the “can’t take your wealth with you” idea is very real — look up Obama’s FACTA requirements, which attempts to impose US law on foreign governments in regards to financial reporting. On the other hand, Trump has actively advocated “not letting” people or companies leave the government. Seriously. “not letting them” — “we won’t allow it.” And just how will the government “not allow it”? Will he use force of arms to keep the citizens behind his iron curtain? That’s sure what it sounds like. Thank the Lord that we’ve seen the last of this serial molesting aspiring tyrant who praises Putin, Hussein and Kim Jong Il. Hillary is no better, but we’re up against two monsters, at least one of them is dead and now we can turn our efforts towards destroying the other.

        Secession is far and away the best option. Containment is a stopgap measure in the hopes that some of the damage can be reversed in the 2018 midterms. Secession is the only path forward for the USA.

        • A bloody revolution is preferable to a peaceful amicable divorce? What the hell is wrong with you? There’s nothing about war that would be preferable to both sides going their separate ways.

      • What complicates the path forward is the map. The Left Coast states would all stay, as would the Northeast. Guaranteed.

        A few border state allegiances to be determined, New America nevertheless would definitely take an L-shape basically from Texas northward and eastward. That leaves the People’s Republic of America with an odd split-continent territory. That presents a lot of entanglements that difficult people would enjoy making very difficult resolving.

        • We’re already in a split continent. We share this continent with Canada, Mexico, and all of Central America already. I don’t see that as a problem that can’t be overcome.

          Split the country. Constitutionally outlaw welfare in all forms in the New Free America. Provide free bus tickets for everyone who wants to get out, they can all go to the Socialist Republic of America. And when it collapses under its own weight a decade or two hence, we can then consider reunification — under our terms, as the surviving entity. Or not, as we then decide.

        • Do you seriously think the lefties would just let you go? Look at the clustefuck they turned Ukraine into.

        • Truth? Canada and Mexico are nonexamples of a noncounterpoint. First, their geographic relationship to the U.S. is as its always been. It isn’t the result of some massive and recent division. Second, they’re contiguous. It isnt about splitting the continent; it’s about the country being split by the continent, as in another country in between.

          Now, one could argue that we have that now with Alaska. Sort of, but not really. The U.S. has easy sea access to Alaska. So land access is not as crucial. You’d have to travel around Florida, across the Gulf, through the canal. And up the Pacific coast to get to California from NY if New America forbade overland access. That’s much different.

          Pwrsrge? I never said they would. I said I hope it is peaceful, but expect that even that option would be made unnecessarily difficult. Any other points that I never made, which you demand that I defend, or have you shot your wad?

          Nevertheless, some separations and transitions to sovereignty have been peaceful. Canada and Australia come to mind. Plenty of small former European colonies, too. Even in Europe, there’s the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia and that of Serbia and Montenegro. True, Yugoslavia’s breakup was rough, but that’s an earlier an overall separate event from the subsequent peaceful separation of Serbia and Montenegro from each other.

          So there are historical and modern examples. No, I’m not saying anything is guaranteed to be one way or another, only that it’s plausible.

          That, combined with the differing political relations between us and Canada, and the two new Americas, makes the situation nowhere near comparable.

        • I understand what you’re saying, and agree for the most part; I would imagine the differences would be resolved in terms of it splitting into three Americas: Left America (west coast and probably Nevada), The Socialist Republic of America (the north/northeast) and the Free States of America (Texas, the South, and the mountain range from Idaho and SD on down). Contiguity is definitely an issue and it would probably be easier for them to administer two different People’s Republik of Amerika states than it would be to try to keep them together. Although I would imagine they would have treaties up the wazoo.

          Then again, I really don’t care what they do, so long as they leave us the hell alone.

        • The only lefties in Ukraine are fighting for the separatist side.

          In Ukraine, communist ideology has been equated to Nazism, legally speaking, and its symbols and propaganda are banned.

          Separatists, meanwhile, call their enclaves “people’s republics”, and heavily use USSR imagery. LNR’s coat of arms is straight up Soviet derivative, complete with a huge red star in the middle.

          So, technically, you’re right, in that left-leaning separatists are screwing up Ukraine. But somehow I don’t think that’s quite what you had in mind.

  10. I will do everything in my power to stop these Anti-American shills from taking our 2nd amendment away. Feingold and Hillary will never amount to anything.

    Just called up 5 gun range friends and holding them accountable to go out with there family and vote against this witch.

  11. Safe to say Clinton’s first year will bring in an unprecedented and immediate attack on whats left of individual freedoms including gun control/confiscation, mandatory vaccines for ALL the little people(children and adults) just for starters. Buckle up, what’s left of the country many of us grew up with soon be a memory.

    • Vaccines are good science and when everyone had them, we eliminated polio. whopping couch, small pox, dyptheria, measles, and other killers. Now with the illegal immigration of the unvaccinated, they are coming back including leprosy. A true hidden cost of illegal immigration.

      • Been down this road with other people on this forum. I can see from your post you have very little knowledge on the subject, and I don’t care to waste the time debating this with you.

      • Didn’t you know that those diseases disappeared because of an unexpected side effect of contrails?

    • For the 100th time….pretty please….stop with the anti-vaccine bullshit. No one cares to hear your tin foil hat stories or how not vaccinating makes you see the chem trails better.

      • He has issued EOs that are far more sweeping in there legal implications than background checks. The world does not revolve around guns.

        • Who said it did? But make no mistake, the powers that be intend to disarm the American public, and it is one of their priorities.

        • That will take congressional action which just isn’t going to happen next year or in 2019

    • He tested the waters a few times…and softened people up. Folks are more used to hearing about “Executive Action” now and less inclined to snap up and say, “That’s not Teh Prez’s J-O-B!”

      • Ya, so used to it that Trump said that he would overthrow all EO’s that he considered Unconstitutional. When asked if it might cause a pissing match, Trump said it’s a generaltional thing.

        I agree, hippy Woodstocky’s aren’t going to keep this crap up forever.

        I’m warning my grandkids.

    • Such executive power does not legally exist, but that’s not the point. The point is whether the GOP, the courts and the people will acquiesce in the event a president attempts such illegal activity.

      If Obama didn’t attempt a particular executive crime, it’s only because he determined that he couldn’t get away with it, not that it was illegal to begin with. A different president under different circumstances might feel more froggy.

    • The title is plainly wrong.

      What the guy is talking about is not universal background checks. It’s classifying more people selling guns as gun dealers, so that existing law about background checks applies. Since that definition is rather fuzzy in the law, it’s very much down to ATF interpretation, which can indeed be affected by an EO.

  12. What’s broke with the evil (D) can’t be fixed and covers more than just guns.










  13. Hmmmmmm…seems a bit far fetched to me. doubt she will use whatever power she has but there still has to be some type of legal basis for an EO. Remember an EO isn’t a new is simply a directive given to the federal bureaucracy on how to enforce or NOT to enforce existing law. Obama’s EO’s on immigration didn’t grant citizenship or create any new laws. He didn’t suddenly declare everyone who is here illegally a citizen. He does not have the power for that. All he did was direct the Feds not to ENFORCE existing immigration law(ie..not arrest, deport, etc etc).
    So let’s look at background checks. The current law CLEARLY states without any misunderstanding whatsoever that it only applies to FFLs and their sales. There is NOTHING in the current law that says private citizens need to use the NICS system. There is no vague language,no loopholes, etc the she can use. She could no more put forth an EO that forces a private citizen to use background checks than she could sign an EO forcing people to hand over their entire paycheck, close down churches, not wear a red sweater on the weekends, etc.
    Sure…people will scream “She do it anyway! She’ll do whatever she wants! Nothing can stop her! She’ll sign them and let it be fought out in the courts!”.
    No…she won’t…even she isn’t that stupid(And I think she’s an evil witch). And no court..even the gun haters…is going to allow a President to set a precedent that they can make laws out of thin air. It’s a paranoid fantasy not based in any logic.

    There are other things she DOES have the power to do. She could(and I think she will)pull a George Bush SR and ban imports of “assault rifles”, high cap mags, and ammo. She has the power to do that under current law. She might be able to put in a quasi-assault weapons ban by having them reclassified as non-sporting purpose firearms. She could definitely have the DOJ, IRS etc go after gun manufacturers under BS stuff and bleed them dry defending them. SHe is MUCH more likely to do all of these things(that are well within her power and would feed her base’s hatred of guns) than any EO on background checks.

      • EPA?

        U.S. State Department’s (Under Hillary) ITAR regulations Part 121 and 122
        mirror U.N. Gun Ban Treaty (Snopes is lying POS)

        U.S. State Department’s (Under Hillary) ITAR regulations Part 121 and 122 make it illegal to load / reload one (1) round of ammunition without first registering with the DDTC and paying the annual $2,250 fee.

        • Read that document, specifically, the part where registration is NOT required:

          “h) Manual loading or reloading of ammunition of .50 caliber or smaller.”

          Joe – Are you unable or incapable of reading and understanding the English language?

        • Jerff
          Read ALL their guidance. The DDTC avoids says it borrows the definition of “manufacturing”: “The term “manufacturing” is not defined in the ITAR. In order to determine whether a firearms-related activity constitutes manufacturing for ITAR purposes, DDTC applies the ordinary, contemporary, common meaning of the term.” [Para 2 pg. 2]

          However, in Para 1 pg. 2. they recite: “ITAR registration is required of persons who engage in the business of manufacturing defense articles. Persons who do not actually manufacture ITAR-controlled firearms (including by engaging in the activities described below, which DDTC has found in specific cases to constitute manufacturing) need not register with DDTC – even if they have an FFL from ATF. As indicated above, the requirements for obtaining FFLs under the GCA are separate and distinct from the requirement under the AECA and ITAR to register with DDTC.” Nearly every firearm/ammunition article falls under ITAR’s Part 121. and the ordinary, contemporary, common meaning of the term (definition) of “manufacture” is not limited to commercial/for-profit purposes.

          Title 1. Registration of the following guidance: fails to recite the previous caveat that limits registration requirements to those “engaged in the business”.

          “Systemized” (no definition offered by the DDTC) production of ammunition (Section 2(d) could be taken to mean you didn’t just use your thumbs, and you loaded more than one round.

          “Including automated loading or reloading of ammunition” (same reference as immediately above) could mean that you are ok with a single stage Hornady, Lee, RCBS, press is OK, but as soon as you utilize a ‘rotary-stage-press’ a/k/a Hornady Lock-n-Load, or Dilon 1050 and add a case feeder you are no bueno.

          ALL OF THAT DOESN’T MATTER [ask Hillary]. My point (you ignored on purpose) was that ITAR regs mirror the U.N. gun ban treaty (look it up and compare) and Hillary’s been pushing that (and globalism) for years.

    • “Remember an EO isn’t a new is simply a directive given to the federal bureaucracy on how to enforce or NOT to enforce existing law. “

      Tell that to the heavily armed, and Statist, psychotic fueled bureaucracy as it enter your home. I’m sure Vicki and Sam Weaver or Katherine, Chanel and Jennifer Andrade.

      I don’t share your optimism that EO’s are anything but an end-run around Constitutional protections.

      • Sorry….that’s a level of paranoia that simply isn’t backed up with facts or logic. She isn’t going to issue an EO based in nothing but her whims and then direct Federal LEO’s to go after people with SWAT teams. While things are bad we aren’t at any place where we have a dictator(yet). I’m more worried about what she CAN do. Great point on the ammo and EPA..never thought of that one.

        Buy any foreign made firearm you want right now. Stock up on 762×39(not many cheap domestic alternatives). Buy any type of “assault rifle” you want now….and hi cap mags.

        • Well, like I said…telll it to the Branch Davidians or the Weavers. Or, the small farmers selling milk in California. Or…well, you get the idea.

          Your faith in the ‘system’ is cute, but cute != realistic.

        • Again…ALL those were LEO actions based on ENFORCING CURRENT LAWS…NONE were based on enforcing made up Executive Orders. Be worried about the likely things she can do that are well within her powers…not some crazy things she might do not based on anything in reality..that’s just being unrealistically paranoid. She also MIGHT issue an EO telling FEMA to build concentration camps and direct the Marines to round up all gun owners and put them in it….but there’s a 99.999999999999999% probability she won’t.

          Concerning the 762×39..yes, there are some domestic manufacturers but the bulk of the stuff is made overseas. Removing 90% of the inventory(banning imports) will drive up the prices and availability of the domestic stuff greatly. Imported stuff is still roughly $220 per 1k…you won’t see that if foreign imports dry up.

        • “Again…ALL those were LEO actions based on ENFORCING CURRENT LAWS…NONE were based on enforcing made up Executive Orders. “

          Then you are so cluelessly missing the real point here.

          ALL those Federal LEO’s already come under direct control the President. He/She does not even need an EO to do what you are saying will never happen because Executive Orders only effect how agencies under direct control of the President.

          Check your self contradiction and recognize the real danger just the CLAIM of using Executive Orders in the manner Clinton says she plans to represents.

      • While things are bad we aren’t at any place where we have a dictator(yet). I’m more worried about what she CAN do. EOs about background checks..that’s a level of paranoia that simply isn’t backed up with facts or logic. She isn’t going to issue an EO based in nothing but her whims and then direct Federal LEO’s to go after people with SWAT teams.Great point on the ammo and EPA..never thought of that one.

        Buy any foreign made firearm you want right now. Stock up on 762×39(not many cheap domestic alternatives). Buy any type of “assault rifle” you want now….and hi cap mags.

        • My understanding is that 5.45 mm x 39 mm will be a problem to obtain, but not so much 7.62 x 39 as this is made by many US companies.

        • If your opposition to Hillocrap pivots on the contemplation of EOs, then you are a broke (D)1<k Hillary sympathizer and you haven't been paying attention.

          Hillary needs to lose for her part in WATERGATE, she was a total tool going after Nixon (whether he deserved the scrutiny or not) and her contemporary colleagues knew her only as a tool.
          "Jerry Zeifman, author of "Without Honor: The Impeachment of President Nixon and the Crimes of Camelot,"

          If Nixon was even accused of what Hillary has done, he would have been given a blindfold and a cigarette by the Senate.

        • If your ‘hang-up’ with voting for Hillary pivots on a potential of her doing an EO, especially merely regarding guns, then you ain’t been paying attention. There’s too many things wrong with that lady, and it goes back longer than most of you have been alive.

          She deserves to lose this election for what she put President Nixon through with WATERGATE (regardless of whether or not he or his Presidency deserved oversight and sanction). Hillary was every bit of what she is now back then. And the IRREPRESSIBLE AND UNAVOIDABLE IRONY is that, had Mr. Nixon even been accused of what Hillary, the current President, and the DOJ have been forced to admit to, the Senate would not have moved to impeach Nixon [which they never did, THAT HONOR ONLY BELONGS TO BILL CLINTON AND ANDREW JOHNSON] they would have just given Nixon a cigarette and a blindfold.

  14. At the end of the day, the more the mainstream media and the bought and paid for 2-party system attacks Trump, the more he seems to be the right and only choice.

    • It’s an odd day that PG2 and I agree on anything. Somebody go check for four angry looking men on horseback.

      • Dude, I know, right? {grin}

        But seriously. This shows how important and unifying the 2A issue really is.

        • No, it shows how deluded people can get when they become single issue and ignore everything else.

          At this point, I’m pretty convinced that a large chunk of right-wing electorate would vote for a literal Hitler, if he only promised to keep their guns intact.

        • We get it, your not from here 19th or you’d know that the problem, like in the country that you’re from, is evil liberal_progressive_communist_globalist, and (D).

          Sh_t been broke since invented, and it’s very telling that you like it.

    • +10000000000000

      Whatever disagreements we POTG have on other issues, those won’t matter a hill of beans if the nation burns. Clinton has shown utter contempt for EVERYTHING the US is.

      She wants to burn it down…she has long ago sold her allegiance elsewhere. That’s not right-wing-nuttery; that’s her own words in her own speeches and emails.

      Case in point: She admires Angela Merkel. If that doesn’t convince anyone there’s a VERY REAL difference between Clinton and Trump…nothing will. Such folks are hopeless self haters that would rather hide behind “I’m Right” than protect their own existence…regardless of how much “I carry to protect mine” BS they pretend to believe.

    • Word.

      People have become so sensitive and politically correct that Trump’s statements horrify them. My drill instructors talked about pu$$y and hyperbole all the time, and they were the finest, toughest leaders I ever had.

      I’m impressed that Trump has come so far, and that so much of the corruption and collusion within the Left has been exposed. The establishment Republicans have also shown their ugly true colors. Trump could win, although that seems doubtful given Hillary’s experience with cheating and conspiracy.

      I bet a 5 oz bar of pure silver on the election. Trump 2016. The future of the US – particularly that of gun owners – will be bleak under Hillary.

  15. Hillary will continue with ignoring the Constitution like the current administration. She’s already been shown to be untouchable by the legal system. The Republicans will howl at the moon when she starts issuing Eos, but will do nothing to stop her. Then comes the uber liberal SCOTUS appointments. Once they rule that the 2nd Amed. does not guarantee and individual right, she will initiate Australia type controls. After that people will have to decide if they are willing to live under a tyrannical regime. Some will but some won’t, and that’s when things get ugly in the extreme.

  16. If Hillary tries to do that, some Patriot on the inside will take her out.

    If that fails, thousands of Patriots from the outside will take her out.

  17. 10 minutes from Palo Alto? It doesn’t take ten minutes to walk across Camino Real. I used to live an work in Menlo Park – Stanford, Menlo and Palo Alto all abut each other.

    Anyways, Hillary seems busy trying to make the worst mistake of her presidency, before shes even elected.

  18. We have to work to hold the House and Senate. During the Obama years, they were our firewall against gun control. We can’t give the Democrats full control again or it’s over.

    • Exactly. This is all that’s left for us now. And the Senate is in danger, the odds are that it is going to flip to Democratic control.

      • “He either fears his fate too much, or his deserts are small, Who dare not put it to the touch, to win or lose it all.”

        The proper response to Hillary’s attacks is to hit back twice as hard, not to cower and hope to keep something. They put one of ours in the hospital, we put two of theirs in the morgue.

  19. I can hear the Weird Al Yankovic parody already:

    “What’s law got to do… to do with it? What’s law, but a sweet old fashioned notion? Who needs a constitution, when a constitution can be shredded?”

    I should probably copyright that now.

  20. How exactly can she mandate a background check between two private persons? I’m sure I would have noticed collecting a paycheck from the US Treasury.

    • That’s where gun registration comes in. This isn’t about background checks, it’s about creating a national gun registry and tracing and tracking firearms by serial number. The NICS check includes recording the serial numbers of all guns involved in the transaction. It is, by default, a registration scheme.

      If you sell a gun, there will be a record of whether that serial number was sold through a NICS check. If that gun shows up at a crime scene or otherwise lands under police scrutiny, they can trace the serial number and track through the owners. If you sold it without performing her background check, they’ll discover that and charge you with a crime.

      UBCs are not about background checks, they’re about registration. If you could get the dems to agree to remove the serial number tracking, you could probably get UBCs passed with much less opposition — but you’d discover just how quickly the dems would fight that, because they know what they’re really after. UBC is the trojan horse they want to deliver registration in.

        • The crime of having sold a gun (or transferred a gun) without getting a background check done, obviously.

        • The problem being, they’re is no such statute at the federal level that can be construed as requiring such a thing of a private citizen, and no EO can create one.

        • I agree with you. The whole premise of this story is laughable. If it were possible in any way to issue an executive order mandating universal background checks, Obama would surely have done so. He drafted a task force to come up with every possible action that he could take unilaterally, and they identified 23 executive actions he could take. Not one of them was for UBC’s.

          I was laying out the reasoning for why the left wants UBC’s so badly. But there is not a chance in hell under the current legal system that Hillary could issue such an executive order.

        • We get it Truth, you’re not from here so you don’t give a rat’s ass if the U.S. is as f’d up as where your from.

          Keep your globalism, if the U.S. wants to be any part of the rest of the world, we’ll come take it from you.

  21. Truth has obviously never heard of the 2008 bailouts or seen the “big short”. However, I do believe Hitlery will win. If Congress goes to the Demonrats, we will have “universa background checks” ( criminals exempt cuz they’re criminals) and bans on new “high capacity” magazines. This will happen after the next mass shooting. Cody Wilson should be firing up his 3d printing ideas for good quality mags.

    • Of course I’ve heard of all of those things. Why would you think I hadn’t?

      Or are you implying that one’s wishes should (pardon the pun) trump facts? Acknowledging the political landscape is not the same thing as advocating for it. Recognizing that Hillary is a 5:1 favorite to win the election does not make one a Hillary fan, it makes one – well, able to see the obvious. Hillary will be an unprecedented disaster and the worst president in the history of the USA, of that there is no question. But there is also no question that she will be that next president.

      A hurricane is coming. No amount of wishful thinking will change that. Stock up and get the hell out of its path, those are your only two reasonable courses of action. So I say that containing Hillary while advocating for secession is the only path forward. The Trump path is dead, it will not happen, it’s over, and all energy spent arguing for it is energy that could otherwise have been spent doing something productive — trying to secure the Senate majority while furthermore trying to talk Greg Abbott into his future as the president of the Free Republic of Texas (and all other states that want to come with us).

      • You logic is based on an absurd premise. You assume that the polls being released are in any way truthful. The reality is that Hillary is losing the far left SJWs in record numbers. If Trump supporters turn out and the GOP mans up, we’ll have a GOP run government this time next year.

        • If it was just one poll, you’d have a point. But when it is every single poll, every one of them, by every polling organization — the prudent person might consider that possibly there’s something to it?

        • Not when the media publishing those polls is firmly in Hillary’s pocket (as demonstrated by her leaked emails). I trust what I see. Every poll where Trump and Hillary supporters aren’t moderated by a shadowy third party Trump wins in a landslide. Just look at the debates, CNN keeps claiming that Hillary “wins” them despite massive poll results to the contrary. Hell, they got caught coaching their “focus group” and handing Hillary the questions for the “debate” and Hillary STILL gets her teeth kicked in.

        • Wait – are you saying that there is any credible, independent, actual statistical polling organization that has conducted an actual scientific poll, that has shown Trump winning either debate?


          Anywhere? By anyone?

          There isn’t. The CNN instant polls are obviously skewed heavily towards Hillary and must be discounted as such, a fact that even CNN admits. But if there’s any scientific poll (not online bullcrap, but actual qualified statistical polling) that shows Trump won the first debate (especially), I would certainly like to see it.

      • You know Hillary is fucked when The Young Turks are running attack episodes based on her leaked emails. It’s why she’s running this SJW based attack on Trump. She’s desperate. Right now, all we have to do is shoot down this absurdity and Trump will be the next president. If Anonymous has what they claim they do, Hillary is done. We just need to push forward for one more month.

        • Again – if you honestly believe that, are you going to be putting your money where your mouth is? A simple bet of $2,000 would, at today’s odds, win you $10,000.

        • Dude, you are a true believer, I’ll give you that. I’ll also add that come November, nothing being talked about today will even be remembered. Over the next month, there’s going to be a steady stream of Clinton emails, Trump tapes and “claim to be” Trump victims. The poles will tighten up come election week…they always do. I think Trump’s best strategy running against all establishment and in the debate, all I really want to see him do is read Hillary’s emails over and over so at least they’ll get some coverage.

          Personally, I’ve just about had enough of the Trumpkins blaming everybody for their candidate’s problems. They got there candidate and I’m sick of their whining because they perceive he isn’t running away with it already. And guess what, Paul Ryan didn’t release the bus tape and Ted Cruz didn’t go hunting up Trump “victims.” All you folks that were PO’d at Cruz after the convention, well guess what…he hasn’t pulled his endorsement just to save his seat. The GOPers that have pulled their endorsement are fighting for their political lives BECAUSE of Trump. These are the GOPers that may stand in the way of some outrageous SC nominee. All this after Trumpkins gave us the candidate that polled worst in the primary against HRC than every other. single. candidate. All this Trump stuff has been on the shelf for years and is from a time when Trump was a practicing Democrat. Where the h3ll were these victims during the primary?

  22. NATO (England) threatening to shoot down Russian fighters. Iran moving its tiny navy toward Yemen because we bombed Houthi radar stations probably managed by Iranians. Russia predicting war if Hilary is elected, and the relations with Russia today worse than the entire Cold War. Extremist flooding into all the Western countries threatening bloodshed if the West doesn’t convert. Freedom for all in Western countries being replaced with freedom for only those loyal to leftist ideologies. China claiming wide swathes of the Pacific Ocean, and threatening to sink any ship that enters. North Korea developing nuclear weapons and missiles that could initiate a continent wide EMP pulse over North America. The Philippine President doing a Hugo Chavez on the US. ISIS, Taliban, Hezbollah and the like stronger than they have ever been. And finally, the Democrat Party forcing the US toward tyranny and sowing the seeds of another civil war or revolution in the US. You would think that these idiots on the left would lookup from their liberal fascist ideology for even a second to see what is going on around them.

    • Well said, Bob. Each example only reinforces the need to protect our right to keep and bear arms. The elites will cower when our enemies descend on us.

  23. Feingold is simply a liberal retread the left rolled out to run against Johnson. We in WI are so sick of his style, the attack ads he runs are so full of bullshite, yet the Madison and Milwaukee ppl eat it up like a free handout. The balance of the state, (read; real people with brains) understand that Johnson is doing his job well.

    Yes, he is a carnival barker for Hitlery, as such he is running for whatever crumbs fall from the table. If not a victory in WI, perhaps as the new sec. of whatever department the Killery would appoint him too.He hides under her full pantsuit, simple as that. An avowed gun-control freak, they sure deserve each other.

  24. Hillary is a criminal. The FBI / Deep State aids her. We are a banana republic , and people here are whining about ‘ law ‘ ……??? —– If ” they ” don’t have to follow the law , why would you ?

    Like they say , ” Everything is legal in Jersey – just don’t get caught ! ” LOL

  25. Do politicians never really die? Feingold and Bayh. I really think once these guys step down, they shouldn’t be allowed to run again. We had this nonsense in NJ when they resurrected Lautenburg to protect the seat when Toricelli proved to be a corrupt scumbag. At least Lautenburg had the grace to die since alive he accomplished nothing.