BREAKING: Trainer Warned of Potential New Ft. Hood Shooter Before Incident

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In an eery coincidence firearms trainer John Farnham sent the follow email to one of our readers yesterday warning of the potential for another mass shooting at Ft. Hood:

New threat to American military bases:

Federal authorities are frantically searching for a self-professed Islamic jihadist, Muhammad Abdullah Hassan (aka “Booker”), who has threatened to duplicate the Ft Hood Massacre of November 2009. He was recruited by the Army, but then immediately discharged due to his threats. Agents interviewed him, but then inexplicably cut him loose, a move they now sincerely regret! . . .

Military posts around the Country have been put on alert. Who is going to protect all these defenseless, unarmed members of our so-called “armed” services from gun-wielding lunatics? The solution to this situation is too obvious, so it will be, once again, ignored completely by the promotion-conscious up our military food-chain: All officers and staff NCOs need to be armed all the time, on-base and off,concealed or openly. However, star-wearers are far more concerned about embarrassing, career-wounding NDs than they ever will be about dangers represented by armed madmen.

And, no one seems to want to train anyone in the art of actually carrying loaded guns on a routine basis. Big police department headquarters buildings are filled with armed men and women, and, yes, we have an ND now and then.  But, we stay armed, and move on!

Since the Ft Hood incident in 2009, nothing has changed in this  regard. “Gun-free zone” signs are still contemptuously ignored by violent criminals. The nerve of them!  Our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen are still defenseless sitting ducks! As a nation, we are finally confronting the stark truth that we must have armed teachers in schools to protect children, but we still can’t face the idea of armed soldiers protecting themselves!

Only in America!

John S. Farnam



  1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    CNN and Fox both reported on this 2 days ago.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Mr. Diggler is correct … I saw those reports as well.

    2. avatar mke m says:

      I read that two days ago

  2. avatar LC Judas says:

    Anyone have an idea how many NCOs or Officers are stationed at the base?

    I mean I am imagining a lot of M9s and 1911s could find use here, just curious how many.

  3. avatar Treedodger says:

    You can only indefinitely detain US citizens under the NDAA and I believe there is a jihadist exclusion clause.

  4. avatar David says:

    We had over 400 at Fort Bragg, combined I mean.

    1. avatar John says:

      Fort Hood is MUCH larger personnel wise. The 2010 Census put them at around 53,416 and likely at least half of that is personnel stationed there, I don’t know if that includes those off base or not but it gives you an idea of the size.

  5. avatar DavidT says:

    Anybody else notice the last name. Where have we heard it before? Oh, yeah, same place 5 years ago.

  6. avatar Gene says:

    LEO are told beforehand about BG’s and bad things happen. How many times has this pattern occurred in the last 15 years? Are the same mistakes being made or are they consistently new ones?

  7. avatar Paul G. says:

    Who could have ever imagined a US Army base as a huge gun-free zone….twice!!

  8. avatar Tom RKBA says:

    I did not join the Army in 2002 because of the recruiter’s response to my question “Do you shoot frequently?” His answer was: “I am not a violent man.”

    This told me everything I needed to know about how things would go.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    News reports state that “Booker” can’t be the shooter because he’s been confined to a mental facility since last month. If true, the current shooter is someone else.

    Reports also state that the shooter has been shot and killed. Who knows if that’s true.

  10. avatar grumpy says:

    gun free ? how about the truck bomb in berute lebanon, when ronny reagon was president? 200 plus solders were killed. not the polocy to do garde duty with ammo for your m 16. how stupid then worse now. we dont want to offend anyone, but we are always a target.

  11. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Even when forewarned about the threat…
    Just shows how unsafe our bases are, or how incompetent the brass is.

    1. avatar ropingdown says:

      Incompetent, hell. They are experts at CYA and seeing through the fog covering the promotion road.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      It also shows how easy it would be for a foreign military force to quite literally slaughter everyone at a base and render our military impotent. They wouldn’t need more than 100 soldiers to secure the perimeter of a base and then another 50 to move through and promptly execute everyone.

      And when you figure that there are only roughly 30 active military bases (of any strategic value) in the U.S., that means it would only take a force of about 4,500 soldiers to bring our domestic military to its knees.

      On the other hand if our military bases actually operated as military bases and personnel were all armed, it would take a force at least 50 times larger to accomplish anything close to a complete annihilation.

  12. avatar Former Marine says:

    This seems to happen at Army bases more than any other. In the 90’s, Ft Bragg had a soldier shoot other soldiers at 0530 when they formed up to PT. Several rushed him and took the weapon.

    1. avatar surlycmd says:

      There was shooting on the USS Mahan at Naval Station Norfolk last week. Ship security eliminated the threat quickly.

      1. avatar Curious says:

        A ship is a lot easier to defend and protect than a base. People don’t realize a base is the size of a small city. A ship you just have 2 armed guards patrolling at all times. And they can be within a minute of a threat at any given time. It’s not really a fair comparison. But the fact the shooter even got on the ship says alot.

        Sad news is this will just turn bases into an air port TSA screening station where everyone will have to go thru a metal detector strip down get a body cavity search before coming on base.

      2. avatar ropingdown says:

        The secret about ships versus army soldiers is very simple. Ships and their major weapons are considered incredibly valuable, so sailors and marines can protect them with guns and live ammo. Soldiers? “We have lot of those, don’t we?”

  13. avatar Excedrine says:

    Again, the so-called “authorities” are directly told, in detail, to an immediate, lethal threat to the citizenry.

    Again, the so-called “authorities” either deliberately ignore the warning or cut “their man” loose.

    Again, the so-called “authorities” thought their fickle, impotent laws would protect them from madmen.

    Again, they were wrong.

  14. avatar Mrselfdestruct says:

    How shitty does the brass look with 3 mass shootings since 09 on base?
    This rests squarely on the shoulders of the CO, all the way up to the commander in chief.

  15. avatar LongPurple says:

    The report of 14 wounded does not fit with the report that it was a “soldier on soldier” shooting. They are making this seem a personal dispute, but if some guy was angry with another guy, it does not seem likely he shoots everybody in sight.
    It sounds like they are going to try to pass this off as another “workplace violence” incident, the same old lie as the MAJ Hassan shooting.
    The previous shooting by MAJ Hassan was “soldier on soldier” — the shooter was not a civilian.

  16. avatar Scottlac says:

    Here is the policy.

    Pay attention to #11 on page 2:
    11. The Texas Concealed Handgun Law does not apply on Fort Hood. Concealed handguns are prohibited on Fort Hood.

    All official firearms are unloaded and locked away in vaults.

  17. avatar Curious says:

    How would requiring NCOS and Officers to carry guns solve anything? They have a police force. I imagine it would be not an easy task to maintain and account for all those guns being placed around base.

    And if i recall the last shooter was an officer. Mandating people carry guns is an awful solution. A better solution would be to make military bases nothing more than a military base.

    No hotels with maid service, No mcdonalds, No burger king…..No laundry mat………and no on base exchanges(Like in norfolk the navy exchange is off base so it’s possible) we are stateside Why do we need all that on base? What would this solve… It would restrict access to bases to just military personal. IN addition to this they need to stop farming out the gate guards to citizens. Sure it’s cheaper to hire civilians than to cycle thru new trainees every few years. But it’s more regulated.

    But even all this own stop shootings like this. Do you really think this guy thought he would live thru shootings on a military base?

    1. avatar B says:

      You disgust me. “Soldiers defend themselves?! That’s what the police are for!” How about we just lock the soldiers up in concrete barracks and only let them out for training and when we send them out to war? That way they’d be safe. Heck, why don’t we do that for the rest of the country Too? Glorious future doesn’t need decadent capitalist excess.

    2. avatar John says:

      Often times soldiers who are very new are not allowed to go off base even when they do have down time, that along with the fact that many of the bases have families living there who can not or do not like to go to the towns near the bases is the reason why those services are needed. And it would not change anything when the bases are not as secure as you may want to think they are and it’s personnel who are doing the shooting anyway.

      I know for a fact that Ft. Sill is VERY insecure in some sections. I44 runs right through the base and at one point the only fence is a split wood fence you may see around a ranch style home with a car catch barrier cable. To have a car stop for a “flat tire” and drop people off would be WAYYYYY to easy. Ten steps from the car and they are on base, no security check and no knowledge of it. The base security has also been privatized so it’s no longer MP’s who stand watch but civilians who are cleet certified but often don’t care.

    3. avatar LongPurple says:

      “And if i [sic] recall the last shooter was an officer.”

      If I recall correctly, our best known traitor was General Benedict Arnold.

      I’m all for putting into play the policy of “More guns, less crime” on our military bases.

  18. avatar The Pixelated says:

    Not related.

  19. TWENTY-TWO THOUSAND, SEVEN-HUNDRED & TEN (22,710) worldwide terrorist attacks since 9/11 – all involving Islam. Yet, Obama’s DOJ, FBI, DHS, Pentagon and State Department continue to give that genocidal death cult a pass. America better awaken soon for the camel’s entire body is already in the tent.

  20. avatar John K says:

    What’s with all the grammar and spelling mistakes in the posts lately? Quality over quantity please.

    1. avatar juan says:

      Its not like you’re writing a scholarly article.

      1. avatar John K says:

        Good point. I should also have clarified that I actually meant the actual articles the TTAG staff is writing/posting are riddled with grammar mistakes lately. I could not care less about readers grammar and spelling.

  21. avatar Byte Stryke says:

    Maybe if we put our heads just a little further up our own asses and ignore reality just a little harder, then maybe… just maybe we will be safe.

  22. avatar Ryan says:

    While there was a report a couple of days ago indicating that a man named “Booker” wished to commit jihad, that story also explained that “Booker” was slated to go to basic training on April 7. Therefore this is an entirely seperate incident.

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