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And . . . they’re gone. In the last half hour Facebook removed all the Everytown for Gun Safety YOUR STATE HERE pages run by pro-gun peeps. (We barely managed to screen cap Illinois Everytown page for this post.) As Boss Rojak grunted in The King of Comedy, the fighting’s in rounds. Round one went to the guerrilla gun guys who snapped up the Everytown for Gun Safety Facebook page when Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-ballistic bully boys forgot to do so prior to the gun control group’s official launch. Round two went to Bloomberg. Round three? Who knows? But if you think a hoplocidal media magnate can stop hundreds of Internet savvy gun rights advocates from spreading the love, think again. Mainstream media? Sure. The Intertubz? Not a chance. [h/t DrVino]

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  1. Why are we still putzing with FB? What do the inet savy guys think about Google+?

    • When the phone call from the “Big Guy” comes in to the sysadmin shop that says: “My buddy is pi**ed about all these EveryTown copies – get rid of them!” you can connect the dots.

  2. Facebook, Bloomberg, and the other Nazi’s out there, They aren’t just Anti Second Amendment. They’d just as quickly eradicate the 1st amendment too. Hell, they’re against the whole Bill of Rights. They’d quarter troops/cops in your home if for no other reason than to piss you off and violate the constitution. They get off on it.

    • YEP. None so blind as those who falsely believe they are free. Or should that be “free”? The slave mentality has been carefully nurtured, especially over the past two decades.

      I feel lucky I had a good high school teacher who fostered Constitutional mindset in me.

      They named the high school I went to (now a middle school) after him; he must have done something right. Bless you, Floyd T. Binns!

      I feel impelled to say a word further about the man. It was the era of desegregation, and he was fervently against school integration.

      But once it was done, he never looked back, and he never spoke about it again; he set it aside.

      He was the coach of a number of state champion girls’ softball teams, and after practice or games, he drove every one of the girls home who had no rides home. White, black, all the same.

    • I was thinking the same thing. This simply exposes the true colors of Bloomberg and Facebook: they do NOT respect the inalienable human right of expression (free speech).

      If both are willing to quash free speech, they are willing to quash anything and anyone who does not agree with them. You have been warned.

      • You have to recognize that the far left statists believe human rights are “as granted (conditionally) by The State”, so denying any right enumerated in The Bill of Rights, as well as the later Amendments is exactly what they are up to. Oh, they will pay lip service to them, but reality is, for example, “Speak freely, as long as you parrot the approved ‘Party Line’, otherwise you are a racist, domestic terrorist, misogynist, enemy of The State, homophobe, Christian, gun nut, Republican…” or any other name they decide to call you. It is the antithesis of Liberty and Human Freedom aimed at establishing the synthesis of total State control of each and every person from birth to death…an ordered, controlled, mindless, soulless socialist utopia.

    • RF, you referred to Bloomberg as “Mayor”. Bloomberg is no longer a Mayor; he never truly was. He’s instead an excessively wealthy egotistical arrogant power hungry oppressive rascal and bigot who intimidates and tramples the rights and lives of any people he wants to demonize in order to crush them. He’s hardly any representative guardian caretaker of city government for the ‘people’ as a mayor should be. He was and is ‘partisan Bloomberg’ and willing to do whatever necessary to financially and publically crush those he deems unworthy of existence in His World. People of the gun are his scapegoats for power acquisition.

      He would be Dictator if he could manage to muscle his way to power; worse than Obama and the Democrats who manufactured Obama’s presidency – twice – with the help of deception and some hoodwinked voters.

      Bloomberg’s always been about what He thinks *should be* in his world even if it means beating down and subjugating a whole class of citizens by misrepresentations and flat out lies to suppress them regardless of their constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.

      Bloomberg is hardly worthy of the moniker “Mayor”. Occupying the position and EARNING the title are two entirely different concepts. I would not allow him the distinction and satisfaction of the title – not even ‘ex-Mayor’. I doubt he even cares in any case.

  3. I love how the actual grassroots effort is squashed to make room for the astroturf. If there really were a bunch of grassroots gun-control supporters to rival the pro-rights crowd, this never would have happened, or at least we would have had some competition.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed (in the sense that one enjoys a root canal) a brief section of “On Point” tonight on NPR with USA Today, Shannon Watts, and some other guy, all talking about MDA and EGS. No callers let through for real debate, a total fluff piece about how to make “progress.” You know, the same way we made “progress” with all those Jim Crow laws way back when. Lots of comparisons to MADD, even though the real contrast here is that MADD targeted punishing behavior & increased education while MDA targets the guns. If MDA really was like MADD, they’d leave the guns (alcohol) alone and also target behavior. And of course no challenges from the host on MDA’s “facts” and anecdotes, including the “intimidation” by “gun bullies” which is non-existent, and comparisons of gun-death rates irrespective of overall rates.

    Logic? Nah, none of that…just trot out the victims.

    • Yuck, just thinking about all the liberal hipster types listening to that cheering it on makes me want to PUKE!

    • Though I seldom catch it these days, ‘On Point’ isn’t always a bastion of mindless ‘progressives’.

      But the first time I heard of John Lott and his work was on NPR. One hour show that used to be on called “Justice Talking”. Back in 2000…

        • Especially since they canned TOTN and replaced it with (whatchamacallit), there’s far less available to ‘call in’ so I’m not surprised at all. If you’ve ever tried to win tickets at your local rock station, multiply that by 250 and that’s you’re competition.

          Also, some markets run OP at night long after it airs, making morning listeners to endure (or just switch off) The Diane Rehm show (which is exactly the stereotypical old prog woman schtick that many bemoan).

        • I can’t listen to Diane Rehm, her voice is just too depressing. Admins, I’m sorry if that sounds like a personal attack, but that’s just the way I feel.

          Also, I cannot overstate how much I miss Talk of the Nation (esp. Political Junkie).

    • I don’t believe it. According to TTAG Commenters this is the only place that ever gives “air time” to Shannon and her moms.

  4. How much money does it take to bypass due process of law and deprive you of a civil right or two? Mayor Bloomberg may know…

  5. Stop using FB if you can – I deactivated my account 2 years ago. Too many privacy issues, and no “dislike” button.

  6. bloomberg find special lectricky machine for playing messages from future.
    in future, all messages are on thing called World Wide Intar Wub.
    World Wide Intar Wub is for showing pictures of cats and defending second amendment.
    bloomberg hate future

    (A play on “edison hate future” by Warren Ellis)

  7. Some of them are still up. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for Facebook to ban them… especially since some users are smart enough to “remake” the pages.

  8. FB? Oh yeah, thats the thing that everybody used a few years ago and I started to make one but didn’t like all my personal info being open to the public. Im glad they at least recognize the first come first… never mind, being a liberal with $50m can get you special privileges.

  9. The Bloomberg/Zuckerberg bromance is cute. Mark should be careful though because these May/September flings never work out in the end.

  10. Take heart. I have a feeling this whole fiasco irritated THE HELL out of their little group and it no doubt distracted them from their bigger work. Their bigger work being the same old nonsense under a different letter head. $50 damn million and he’s chasing his tail all over the place. Great fun.

    • Take heart. I have a feeling this whole fiasco irritated THE HELL out of their little group and it no doubt distracted them from their bigger work. “

      You’re darn right it did.

      This was a coup of major proportion, and all those whining “take the high road” have no idea how to fight on this front in the culture war. They don’t understand how Search Engine Optimization works and how mindshare is won (or lost) on the Internet.

      This was HUGE. And my hat is off to those that executed it. Absolutely brilliant.

      And when the opponent is stunned, you don’t give him “quarter.” Press home the attack. Keep the offensive. Every single page view for our side’s pages is a potential mind asking questions about the screed they’ve been fed their whole lives.

      Think about it…Bloomberg put the url out there…he ‘advertised’ OUR message. It is OUR message that is getting read and he’s the one that told them to look.

    • “Take heart. I have a feeling this whole fiasco irritated THE HELL out of their little group and it no doubt distracted them from their bigger work. “

      Darn right it did.

      Had a whole response typed on pressing home the attack and not ‘taking the high road’ as some like to call it. Somehow lost it; maybe it was karma.

      Think of it this way. Every single page view our side gets is a young mind that may now begin to question the nonsensical screed they’ve been spoonfed their entire lives.

      This has been a major victory in the culture war. My hat is off to those the executed it; absolutely brilliant.

  11. Nobody should be surprise that this happened. If there is one thing about the progressive/left/antigun crowd they believe in suppressing all voices except for theirs and using lies instead of facts.

    They believe that all of social media is theirs and if anyone who is left leaning must think like they think or be ostracized.

    This fits the script perfectly. Really, no reason to be upset.

  12. are there any anti Bloomberg FB sites?…just a question….I don’t do FB….if not someone should start one up

    • And that’s one of the original pages, isn’t it? This is getting confusing. If I end up ‘liking’ the genuine Bloomberg page, I’m going to punch myself in the groin.

  13. A good chunk appear to still be up. TTAG, please use your journalizm skillz to get some response from Facebook.

    Ask them what the deal is.

    I personally don’t belive the ‘real’ Everytown page is from bloomberg. Have you actually looked at it? I maintain its an elaborate hoax

    • No, facebook is for Bloomberg’s money.

      And, the thrill of having the power and control to shut down sites with which they disagree.

      None of this has anything to do with “gun safety.” Our side can claim that mantle, but it won’t really matter to THEM.

  14. Surprisingly my comment on the Demand Action FB page has not only survived deletion, but gotten some likes. Then again it’s only been about five hours since I posted it.

  15. Round 3 is staying on the official every town for gun safety page, NOT liking it, but liking every Pro-gun comment made. It’s hilarious.

    • I just checked out your page and you are right, it is still up as of 8:00am EST. Plenty of good content too!

  16. The page I created, Everytown for Gun Safety – Delaware is still up. Any ideas for some good content to put up?

  17. It’s fine that people are hanging on to re-named pages. But the whole original point of the exercise was to poke Bloomberg in the arse with a sharp stick. Changing the name defeats the original purpose.

    Either fight for the name, or start reporting Bloomberg’s FB page when it triumphantly appears. But running away and buggering off is not the answer. (Just my $0.02 worth.)

    Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.


  18. Has anyone tried starting a new one yet? I wonder if there’s continued monitoring by Facebook to stop or immediately remove any new everytown pages.

  19. So, DOES Bloomberg have a “Everytown for Gun Safety” page and how do we identify it exactly? I suggest if we can figure out its exact url, we can monitor it and respond appropriately.

    If you create a page aimed at flummoxing Bloomberg, make sure to title it “Every” then whatever else you like that starts with a Letter before “T”, as those are likely to come up before Bloomberg’s page (if he actually has one).

    Has anyone thought of creating a page titled something like “Mothers Demand Action for Common Sense Self-defense”, or “Mommies Demand Action for Safe Schools”, so that whenever anyone searches for the “other” MDA page, these Pro-gun pages come up in the search?

    I am going to “unfriend” and “Unlike” any page except Family, closest friends and pro-gun pages, if other POTG do the same, businesses using FB will eventually begin to notice the loss of traffic, aka “free advertising” and start to complain, I think. Not sure it would impact FB in the short run, but might over time.

    I agree Google+ is NOT an option. To establish a Pro-gun Social Media site would probably be more expensive and complicated than any one of us could undertake, but sure would be nice. I guess you would have to find a web hosting service that would not double-cross you, or get a domain and a sever farm of your own. Good luck with the former, and big bucks for the latter.

    These are just random thoughts as to how we POTG might effectively protest this unfair situation. I don’t claim any of them to be brilliant, just trying to push the thought stream along. Whatever actions you take, folks, be sure to protect your own interests by avoiding slander and other false accusations. Be a smart guerrilla, not a stupid gorilla.

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