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The die is cast. A quick question to TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia. Happy?

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    • I don’t know that you can say that with any certainty. Both parties are severely divided right now. If nothing else, it will make for an interesting election cycle.

        • Correct. The Powers That Be picked Hillary years ago. Our votes will not be counted correctly.

      • It’s obvious how he can say that. The Democrats are divided between Communists and Socialists, but they’ll all still vote for Hillary. Their differences are only in how far to go, not in which direction.

        The GOP is divided along several serious philosophies. Many of those who feel left out are apt just to stay home on Election Day.

    • Latest polls show a dead heat. So I’d say anything is possible (except for Gary Johnson) in the next few months.

      • Most of the alphabet polls over sample democrats almost 2 to 1. Rasmussen had trump up by 11.

        All this doesn’t really matter right now. Democrats have the largest dead people voting bloc, felons, illegals, bundles of “suddenly” found ballots (Al Franken aka Stewert Smalley, comes to mind).

        Reagan was down to Carter the night of the election in 1980. According to “polls”.

        The establishment is changing their Depends undergarments about now and it will be a lively ride until November.

        Unless Obama declared Martial Law for race riots or a large scale terrorist attack. But that’s just my tin foil hat being adjusted.

        That’s just crazy talk. Right?

        • “Unless Obama declared Martial Law for race riots or a large scale terrorist attack. But that’s just my tin foil hat being adjusted.”

          No, I’ve been predicting something like that for a while now. I think he’ll do it and declare himself “Chancellor for Life” especially if Trump wins the election.

        • Maybe, but it’d be hard for a man that’s fine everything he can to piss of the United States military to keep that title very long.

      • most mainstream polls show that. i’ve been hearing from rush and hannity that other polls that are still respected but not mainstream show trump ahead by a good bit

    • It’ll all depend on Trump. Both candidates are hated. Both are very known quantities. If Trump can hone in on some simple populist themes and deliver a consistent message, he can win.

      The question is will he? He’s had several gifts dropped in his lap, and has either blown it or not done much with them. How about using Ovary’s special treatment by the DOJ and FBI and promising to restore equality under the law? Rule of law is pretty popular. He needs to expound more that just Crooked Hillary. The fact that she’s crooked has been known for years. Now you got her given special above the law treatment, hammer that home as a rule of law candidate combined with Make America Great Again, he’ll win.

      Once again, does he want it? Because it’s there for the taking if he’s smart enough and really wants it.

    • Right. It doesn’t matter what is said over the next few months. Hillary will win for the same sad reasons Obama did.

      • Because she’s black, and the low information voters favor her only because she’s black?

        Because that’s how Obama won. Twice.

      • Obama won the last two elections because the GOP idiots ran two terrible candidates that nobody wanted to vote for.

  1. Trump has a better chance to win than any of the establishment religious zealots he was up against in the primary. Still don’t think the GOP platform/or Trumps publicized comments will allow him to win, but we can dream.

  2. He’ll have an easier time defaming her because he doesn’t try to be politically correct. While he may have some shady business deals, she has blood on her hands and has been known to sacrifice anyone at all to meet her agenda.

  3. Trump is a fighter. He won the nomination. Now he is going to give Hillary the fight of her life. I expect him to win.

  4. Happy? About any part of current US politics? Nope. It’s time to flush the toilet, the bowl is filled to the brim.

    No incumbents. If you’ve ever held an elected position before, you’re DQ. Bubye.

        • He did support an assault weapons ban a long time ago. He doesn’t anymore. I used to think “moderate” gun control was a good idea. Now I realize I was wrong. People learn and grow.

          I believe Trump is much better for gun owners than Hillary. It’s not even close. He has a concealed carry permit and was endorsed by the NRA. She is openly hostile and disrespectful.

        • At least he’s only for banning stuff sometimes. With Hillary, it’s an all the time obsession.

          I don’t for a minute think Trump is the greatest thing that could have happened to TPOTG. But being better than Hillary, sure is a pretty low hurdle. In anything even resembling a tight race, I can’t see any gun voter not vote for The Donald. Even if he really is a closet New York liberal who has regular threesomes with Bloomberg and Geroge Soros, at least he is sufficiently in touch with the wider world to realize there are limits to what he can get away with and still keep fulfilling his ambitions. While Hillary has straight up blinders on, when it comes to anything related to guns. She’ll walk off a cliff like lemming, firm in the belief that Americans really wants her to “do something about those horrible guns”, all the way up to splattering on the ground. And no amount of evidence to the contrary will ever sway her. Could almost make one wonder if cigars were the only thing she ever caught Billy playing around with…..

          In foregone conclusion states, I’d be much more sympathetic to voting third party, or writing in Rand. The GOP establishment needs to know what direction they must move in, in order to have any chance of avoiding being Trumped in every election forward.

        • So I should just trust someone who spent 3/5ths of his adult life registered as a Democrat, as recently as 2009, who staunchly supported Hillary during the 2008 primaries and Obama during the 2008 general?

          No thanks.

          Trump and Clinton are BOTH anti-gun Democrats.

  5. I believe Trump would sell out the 2A to get something he wants more. Clinton just wants to gut the 2A. A sure case of the devil you don’t know over a devil you do know.

  6. Good to see MY favorite “religious zealot” Ted Cruz get some votes. No not happy-donnie is hardly “presidential” but the hildebeast is satan incarnate. And dtrump did pick a VP Iike. We’ll see…either way the war is on.

  7. Well the republicans just pretty much guaranteed that Hillary will win, and a good chance of a democrat congress also.
    I know I won’t vote for trump, but I’ll still show up to vote the down ticket, but I also know many who won’t vote for Hillary or trump will simply not show up to vote at all.

      • Serge, it’s times like these, when your Russian side lets it all hang out, is when TTAG is truly fun to read…


        • I’m just not sure how to get through to people.

          We’re not in this one for Trump to win. It almost doesn’t matter who’s the GOP nominee. What’s going on right now is that we are one election away from seeing this country go down the tubes completely. I’ve seen this before. It’s not rocket science. If Clinton “wins” she will take it as an endorsement of all her positions. It will be game over and our rights will be gone. It will take a civil war to bring them back. A civil war that will be bloodier than any in recorded history. It will make the Russian civil wars look like a game of patty cake. That’s if we’re LUCKY.

          If we’re not lucky, we’re talking about the effective end of western civilization. Clinton and Merkel have already sold us out. It’s sad, but RUSSIA may be the only hope left for anything resembling western traditions. Do you have any idea how bad that is?

          Some people here don’t like Trump. We get it. I can even see some of your points. The bottom line, however, is that the stakes are just too high. We can’t cross our fingers and hope we’ll get a second bite at the apple. Why? Because you should be DAMN sure that the Democrats will work night and day to make sure that the apple is hidden in a vault stronger than Ft. Knox.

          Like it or not, but Trump is our last chance to avoid outright disaster. He may not be the candidate you want, but he’s the candidate we have. If Trump wins, we might not like his policies, but I severely doubt he would be even a FRACTION as bad as Hillary. This is literally the last chance we have to stand up to the socialist gun grabbers before they cement their power.

          Final total? If you have any love for this country. Vote Trump. Not because he’s the paragon of conservative virtue, but because him winning will mean that Hillary loses. That outcome is worth literally ANY price.

        • I’m in Washington State. The last Republican to win here was Reagan.

          If Trump can get within the margin of error here, I’ll vote for him. Otherwise, it’s going to be a write-in for Cthulhu.

        • Sergei has it nailed I’m afraid. The fact of the matter is that Trump may be a giant flaming bag of dogshit on your doorstep, but the reality is that Pantsuit is a nuclear reactor with an unstoppable leak.

          She will finally finish the final evisceration of The Constitution and Declaration that started with The Shrub and ‘Patriot’.

          Under (Un)Patriot, all rights and guarantees are currently null and void after .gov walks into a secret court, presents secret evidence, to a secret judge.

          He’s seen it in real life, that people are still so naive to think that it ‘can’t happen here’ is an indicator of how absolutely garbage our public schools have become.

        • @rosignol

          It’s with it just to deny Clinton the popular vote if she wins. If Trump wins the popular, than a military coup will have more backing.

        • Agree on all your points Serge. But one problem: Hillary has already been appointed. The election is nothing but a scripted show. No way the votes are actually being counted.

          But I’ll still vote for a Trump, just in case I’m wrong, which I hope I am.

      • I’m with you serge. I’m no Trump fan but our choices at this point are very limited. I’ll crawl through flaming, broken glass and barbed wire to vote against HRC. And a protest vote for Johnson or Stein just won’t cut it as there’s way too much at stake this go round. With Trump there’s a small sliver of hope for this country and western civilization. With HRC I firmly believe that the endarkenment will befall us. And quickly. Alas, in a country of 320 million this is the best that we can come up with? Sigh. But there you have it and those are our choices. When it comes to the lesser of two evils I’ll go with lesser evil every time. Which begs the question, how the hell did we get to this deeply disturbing situation in the first place? (That’s a rhetorical question BTW).

        • in a country of 320 million this is the best that we can come up with?

          No, these are just the ones that gave enough backroom blowjobs to get rich and connected enough to make to the big stage.

        • “Which begs the question, how the hell did we get to this deeply disturbing situation in the first place? (That’s a rhetorical question BTW).”

          By voting for the lesser of two evils.

          (Yeah, I know, rhetorical.)

  8. “The die is cast. A quick question to TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia. Happy?”

    I just read this article on the convention, check *this* out:

    “Activists from Black Lives Matter, Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK were in the square and, at one time, were said to be throwing urine at each other.”

    BLM, the KKK and the Westboro Baptist idiots soaking each other in bodily waste products?

    YES! I am *very* happy!!!

    *snicker* 🙂

  9. Well, gotta say, as one on the ramparts,, but whether Hillary or Trump, in the end, until the 75% of those that list themselves as various denominations of Christian recommit to actually being practicing Christians, and look to G-d and their own individual efforts working together to solve our problems, instead of government; we won’t stop the march to complete tyranny, no matter who is in the office of the president.

  10. My gut feeling is that it’s a foregone conclusion that Hillary is going to win and we are all aaaaaabsolutely boned. I know some of the TTAG regulars aren’t fans of The Donald. I’m going to borrow a post from another site from a few days back on that topic:

    Personally, I’m indifferently positive toward the man as a presidential candidate.I think that he tends to be very unfiltered and unguarded in his statements, which is both good and bad. I question whether he fully understands the scope and limitations of the job he’s applying for, I question how much of what he says he actually believes versus how much of it is a sales pitch, and I question whether he can be trusted to follow through on any of his commitments. And, having said all that, I also agree with much of what he’s said.

    I think he’s properly addressing issues that other candidates will not, I think his proposed approaches to dealing with a lot of issues are more-or-less correct, and I approve of the way he’s handled both his opponents and the media.


    [However] like it or not, this race is going to come down to Trump vs. Hillary. We can’t achieve any kind of consensus on anything in this country, so some kind of grassroots movement for some third party write-in messiah is categorically out of the question. Trump is an unknown; he could turn out to be fantastic, he could be a total dud. He could be such a shock to the Washington establishment that the entire political system gets turned on its ear and we get a chance to get rid of a lot of dead wood that should have been out of a job a long time ago (which is what I’m hoping for.)

    Hillary, on the other hand, is, in my estimation, nothing less than the most corrupt, dishonest person to ever seek political office in this country. Eight years ago, I wouldn’t have thought Obama could have been outdone so soon. I believe she is a compulsive liar, I believe that her highest—indeed, only—priority is maximizing the political and financial capital available to herself and her allies. Not only do I believe that she doesn’t have America’s best interests at heart, it is my contention that she couldn’t possibly care any less what happens to this country or its citizens. In my opinion, she regards us as tools that can be leveraged to increase her own power, wealth and control. The woman makes my skin crawl. Seriously; listening to her speak makes me feel like I need to take a shower.

    There is no human being, living or dead, that I would not vote for instead of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am fully aware of the implications of that statement and I absolutely stand by it. There is not now, nor has there ever been, a person who is less principled, less ethical, more evil, or less qualified for the office of the presidency. Full stop.
    So, on the one hand, as I see it, you have a complete unknown; on the other, you have one of the worst people to ever walk the face of the Earth.

    Thus, it is my contention that even under the best of circumstances, ABC (that’d be Anyone But Clinton) would be the logical way to vote. Given that the next president may very well get the chance to appoint several supreme court justices, which could potentially affect the direction this country takes [n.b. especially true for guns, as the TTAG commentariat is acutely aware] for the next several decades, it would seem to me that voting for Trump […] is not just logical, it’s imperative. It absolutely could blow up in our faces and turn out to be an unmitigated disaster; but with Trump, that’s only a *risk*. With Clinton, it’s a *guarantee*.

    What exactly would you propose as an alternative?

    • This election is done. There needs to be a National movement to fix the system so it is easier to have a 3rd party candidate. Right now, the system is rigged to a two party duopoly.

      As long as we have duopoly, we will always get crap. The Democrats and the Republicans both SUCK!

      We change by first destroying the current duopoly

      • Or by totally co-opting one of the existing parties. I think tonight was a step in that direction. The GOP already has a huge voting block that will vote the party ticket whether it is an establishment candidate or someone like Trump. If we can take over the GOP long term, we can save ourselves a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent building a new brand.

  11. Trump already won today. It’s just a matter of if a coup will be necessary to put him in the White House or not. Hillary cannot be allowed to sit in that office.

    • If I have to trade lead to win this, I’m damn sure putting someone better than trump in the driver’s seat.

      • How about we exhaust the democratic process first? None of this “third party” or “write in” candidate bullshit. The stakes are literally too hight for that sort of naiveté.

  12. I will quite frankly be happier if and when Hillary is not in office and we determine if Trump is going to live up to his promises.

    • Well, we can hope the HildeBeast gets one of her coughing jags while she’s on camera, like during one of the debates…

  13. We will be at political war over the Second Amendment in a Clinton administration. Trump will be at worst mediocre.

    • Trump will be, at worst, “mediocre”? Trump will be at worst a tyrant dictator. That’s how he conducts his life. That’s how he conducts his business. That’s how he conducts his rallies. That’s what he is. A dictator.

      Will the Repubs in congress stand up to him? Looks like they just rolled over to give him the nomination.

      Your choice this year is between the most corrupt politician ever to run for office, and a wannabe Kim Jong Un. RF asks if we’re happy about it? No, I’m not happy.

      In my most drug-infused fantasies I halfway secretly hoped that they’d engineer to dump Donald and nominate Ivanka instead. She would have destroyed Hillary in a woman-to-woman matchup; I don’t think anyone thinks negative of Ivanka… she would have won far more women’s votes than Donald, and she’d perhaps have bridged the gap between the Republican party and the Trumpettes who voted for Donald. A happy medium. And she turns 35 the week before the election, so she’d even be eligible. That was my last-ditch 1-in-a-billion “wouldn’t-it-be-great-if…”

      But no. Instead we get Kim Jong Un II vs. Hitlery.

      This day will go down in history as the day the greatest country in the history of the world, officially quit trying.

      • Ah, logical and knowledgeable as ever we see.

        “Will the Repubs in congress stand up to him? Looks like they just rolled over to give him the nomination. “

        Congress nominates candidates for President?

        Who knew. Checks and balances…

        • Thank you so much, JR_in_NC. Your response has helped me clarify that there really is no point whatsoever in engaging in discussions like this. Your utter inability to understand what is said, and your predilection towards twisting what is said, is hardly a unique trait; it seems to be shared by many and is actually a rather dominant trait of public discourse nowadays. And it is unpleasant. As such, to hell with it. What will happen, will happen, and the country will receive exactly what it deserves, but talking about it here just adds unpleasantness to life that I have finally realized I simply do not need. Good luck to you and yours, and goodbye (and, no, I shan’t bother letting the door hit me on the way out, I am getting the hell out of Dodge so quick the door won’t stand a chance. And no more autoplay ads either, a small bonus).

        • Twisting?

          Dude, I quoted what you wrote directly from your own post.

          So, we are to ‘read between the lines’ and guess/infer what you write? So then if we misinterpret, you can rant about how we got it wrong and are, um, twisting what you said.

          Or, we take what you say literally and you say, “You don’t understand. You are twisting what I said.”

          This style of “communication” seems familiar. The Sierra Juliet crowd employs this method. If you don’t want to sound like them, don’t speak like them. And once again, like them, you DOUBLED DOWN.

          The solution: write what you mean. If you misspoke or weren’t clear, admit it and move on. The rest of us do that all the time here.

          Nowhere in the diatribe you just posted did you clarify what you meant. All you did was launch into an juvenile rant about how the problem is me (and the site in general, I guess).

        • Yeah, the same congress that rolled over for everything Obama wanted. So much for, “Muh true conservatives.”

      • There is a potential silver lining here. Trump is so disliked by liberals and mainstream conservatives that anything he does may be bogged down in courts. Turning to the courts will require invoking conditional limitations on executive and federal power, which may lead to a greater awareness of those limitations among the general population.

        I have no idea if that’s even a stretch or not, the current political landscape is so far outside of my experiences prior to this that I can’t get my bearings.

  14. The republicans (aka RINOs) intend to lose to hillary, they just wanted to lose with anybody but Trump. They have done everything they could, short of assassination, so far, to stop him. I hope the people that voted for their choice instead of the party’s choices remember the treachery of the RINOs trying to kill their votes as well. Trump could inspire (not necessarily lead) a third party based on A Democratic Republic Under The Constitution, (remember when we were just that?) That terrifies RINOs and socialists alike. I’m not sure if this is about politics or organized crime finally taking over out in the open. As Monty Python might say, we need something completely different. Hillary ain’t it.

  15. Votes counted on electronic devices, check. Polls showing candidates are neck and neck, check. General populace dumb enough to think elections aren’t rigged, check. Yeah Hitlery will win, EZ.

    • I’ll be honest, Trump definitely leans Democrat on many issues.

      And yet everyone is missing something of ginormous importance: if Trump wins, the Republicans will increase their majority in both the House and Senate. A significant Republican majority in the House and Senate means that Congress can enact anything that they see fit and even override anything that Trump vetoes. Is everyone hearing this?!?!?!?

      And I will remind everyone of another matter of ginormous importance: the next President of the United States of America will appoint as many as four United States Supreme Court Justices. Not only will Trump be much more likely than Hillary to appoint Justices that uphold the Second Amendment, the Republican majority in the Senate that comes along with Trump will require nominations that uphold the Second Amendment … and of course approve such nominations.

      • “And yet everyone is missing something of ginormous importance: if Trump wins, the Republicans will increase their majority in both the House and Senate.”

        Even if he loses, recent polls indicate it won’t significantly change the makeup of the House and Senate.

        Meaning, since we will most likely hold the House, we can keep bills tied up or killed in committee meaning she won’t get to sign bills that never get to hit her desk.

        Essentially leaving her just the phone and the pen of ‘Executive Orders’…

        • Geoff PR,

          You would think …

          Then again, Republicans caved in the Senate (and House?) and brought no-fly, no-buy bills up for a vote … and even approved a version that allowed a default 3-day suspension of rights.

          I might be dreaming: I am hoping a stronger Republican majority in the House and Senate would actually undo some of the damage that Democrats have enacted on the Second Amendment and the federal budget.

  16. I’m work in an industry that is used across most businesses….packaging.
    Meaning I been in more processing and food plants than you could can imagine. Over half are illegals doing task complete work.

    Trump will win because the 100 million who don’t vote and wages reduced, will register. Immigrants will vote for him because it stops open borders. The moment the wall goes up minimum wage goes up as well.

    Workers required to train their replacement who get lower pay will vote trump.

    The list is endless. It will be a landslide. At issue is can Trump move the Congress.

  17. Hillary will win even if it takes every cemetery in the US voting a straight D ticket.

    In all honesty I don’t think that’s necessary. This election is makers vs. takers, and the Ds have been awesome at registering and motivating their voters to… take.


  18. I’m not a big fan of DJT but his win today was basically a foregone conclusion. NeverTrump never had a chance because they were attempting to buck the will of the majority of GOP primary voters.

    Trump could be anywhere from a disaster to a success, however he’s what we’ve got to go up against HRC with and that’s that.

    Personally I don’t understand the people who think that DJT getting the nomination ensures a HRC victory. HRC’s trend in the polls is a negative slope and I don’t see that trend going away any time soon. Even among Democrats there are a large number of people that feel that a 3rd Obama term is not what we need and this “woman” cannot stop screwing up. Nearly no one actually believes that politics didn’t play a part in her not being indicted over the email server fiasco and 70%+ of the public think she’s an untrustworthy liar who will break the rules. Every time she talks she just digs herself in deeper. Last year the US Census bureau did it’s mid decade thing and found 77.1% of Americans are white but she talks about white privilege like it’s cool.

    She always has another shoe to drop and if Trump can act presidential and not petty I suspect he beats her rather handily, “current electoral college predictions” be damned.

      • You assume the votes will actually be counted. I hope you are right, but the Far Far left progressives have had eight years to rig the system.

        • I assume no such thing, just for the record.

          But, it won’t hurt to go through the motions.

          Either way, after this election, we’ll know if the votes are counted. The MSM no longer has its strangle hold on information. They no longer can ‘control’ the outcome of this election.

          We should have a pretty good idea on Monday before the election the ‘mood’ of the voters. If it looks like a walk-away for Trump by that stage and H wins…the system will be exposed.

          To make that work, Trump has to hammer Hillary between now and November. Constantly point out how the evidence showed she committed felonies, but there was no charges.

          That’s as ‘bipartisan’ an issue as one can find. Everyone in the public wants the same rules to apply to ‘them’ as apply to ‘us.’

          If he gains a lot of ground over the next few months, and loses (even if close), even more people are going to ‘wake up’ and smell the voter fraud riggedness of the system.

  19. I was kind of hoping that they’d refuse to follow their own rules and screw him over. Then he’d run third party and we’d see the end of the two party system.

  20. Trump could shit on the floor, and that turd could run in his place, and I would vote for the turd over Hillary.

    Even trump’s shit is a better choice then hitler’s long lost sister.

  21. Trump is looking to appoint Trey Gowdy as AG, and had Sheriff Clarke speak at the convention. I’m voting for Trump with enthusiasm given his ability to be politically incorrect, his desire to shore up the border, and his recognition of idiotic international trade deficits / agreements. Trump is a better Republican candidate than we’ve had in a long time. Much better than Mittens or McCain. Definitely better than Jeb.

    There is no perfect candidate – not Rand Paul, nor Ted Cruz, nor Scott Walker. I’ve resolved to have the strongest vote against Hillary, not just because I’m a much stronger 2nd Amendment supporter than a lot of people here, but also due to the fact that the next POTUS stacks SCOTUS.

    I’d rather the rest of the nation not be forced to “enjoy” California-style gun laws. Which is exactly what Hillary wants.

  22. It’s possible Hillary will lose.

    What I think a lot of people fail to realize is that the people who will vote for Hillary will do so regardless. She could be found guilty of crimes against children and they will STILL vote for her.

  23. He’s not perfect, but he’s still the best choice and best candidate so far… Better Trump than Hillary Clinton!

  24. Here’s the rationalization I’m working with. I still have some faith that when Trump screws up, that he can be impeached and thrown out. When Hillary screws up there is no chance of that ever happening. It will take a civil war to get rid of her. Since I am a peaceful man, I prefer it not come to that.

  25. Time to start looking closely at the Electoral College map. Trump must win every State Romney won in 2012 PLUS Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida or New York. New York is highly Democratic and Florida has been stocked with an influx of Puerto Ricans who have been heavily recruited by the Democrats.
    I think Trump has a very tough fight ahead of him and no margin for error. I think the American People have a choice to make that can begin to restore the Republic, or finally destroy it. We have no margin for error in our choice, either.

    • The Electoral College was designed to stop demagogues, but the problem is that we’re faced with a choice of a potential one, or one that is certain. There is no viable ‘other choice’.

      Something The Founders didn’t foresee in all their wisdom.

      • They did foresee it. The People were supposed to rise up and overthrow the tyrants, with lethal force if necessary, long before now. Our Republic has been long dead. We now smell the decomposition.

      • The founders did foresee it, and they wrote a Constitution that gives the President very limited powers because of it.

        Barry O has been nothing more than an annoyance this entire term, because he’s got nothing but vile rhetoric alongside a Republican Congress.

    • I think it never occurred to the Founders that the Federal Government would create a “Welfare State” to buy off the former African slaves and other racial/ethnic immigrants to keep them voting themselves “free stuff” supplied by the Government and paid for by Federally imposed Taxes on the personal income of those actually producing revenue. In the Founder’s time the concepts of Marxism/Socialism were not really developed except in some limited forms by a few Protestant Christian sects and not taken seriously as a possible political ideology. The Founders prepared against the absolutist demagogue and tyrant who would seize power by force, but never foresaw the Government-infiltrating Marxist/Socialist/Progressive who would legally gain Elected Office and meticulously legislate and adjudicate the Republic into the rule of tyranny.

    • Useless gesture. Third parties have zero chance in the US system. There are only two people with a realistic chance of winning the presidency. Trump is far from perfect, but he is much better than Hillary Clinton, who is a devotee of Saul Alinsky. At least listen to Ben Carson’s speech about it:

  26. He wasn’t my first choice, and I am often amused at the inflated promises Trump’s supporters thinks he will achieve in office. But if anything, I will vote for him out of spite.

  27. I’ll tell you what I think, since you asked. Hilary Clinton is better for gun rights than Donald Trump. Perhaps a bold statement so let me explain it. To Trump everything is negotiable and his main focus is and always has been economy. If he thinks he can get Congress to pass a trade deal he’ll give up whatever he has to, same for his tax plan etc etc.

    Hilary, although distasteful to most of us, wants a legacy. She also actually cares about her party’s future. She won’t make a move that virtually assures that her party is ousted in the midterms. She may put forward some middling legislation she knows will not get passed just to appease her base, but her focus too is elsewhere.

    Basically I’m saying that Clinton has a long view and Trump does not. He will turn on those who got him elected to push his own agenda forward. We already are seeing it. The ban on Muslims comes and goes as it pleases him, his tax plan which was supposed to help the middle class and hit the hedge fund brokers actually makes it so they would pay less tax than me! We talk about the devil we know versus the devil we don’t as if we should have any doubt about Trump. He complains constantly about the media. He IS the media. He’s a reality star who claims a brand worth BILLIONS! If you honestly believe he cares about social issues at all, I ask you this, where was he on those same social issues ten years ago? He cast those values aside as soon as it benefited him. The only constant for Trump, the only true north is economics. If you’re comfortable with taking a risk with your individual liberties in order to secure a better economy I won’t judge you for it. But make no mistake, to Trump, your gun rights are very much negotiable.

    • If you think Hilllary Clinton is better for gun rights than the man endorsed by the NRA, then you are blind. You have twisted logic into a pretzel. Hillary Clinton is the most anti-gun cannidate to ever run for president. That’s a fact. Look at the Democrat platform. She will definitely appoint more Supreme Court Justices like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and they will overturn Heller. It isn’t a secret. It is her explicit agenda.

      • It is the democratic platform. They can’t actually do anything though. Donald Trump doesn’t care about gun rights any more than he cares about abortion or gay marriage. He is a single issue candidate who will immediately ditch guns the second he puts his eye on the prize. If he gets in a position to have his economic reforms put in place the compromises will start. The Republican Party will have “unified” around him and will go with his “deals.” That’s no secret. And the dems knowing they can’t get their welfare programs through will have to appease their base in some other way. Guns. You can kiss those rights goodbye if Trump gets elected. Clinton will never get even one gun control law passed. Look at Obama! He couldn’t get background checks after a school full of kids were murdered and polls (obviously flawed) showed near universal approval with voters. No sir, the only president that can pass gun control is a republican president. And the only one that would do that is a man for whom everything is negotiable.

        • “Donald Trump doesn’t care about gun rights”

          Let’s take a look at some facts to see if we can put this statement into perspective:

          (1) Trump’s son is VERY pro-2A.

          (2) Trump has an NRA endorsement.

          (3) Trump’s VP has a A- rating from NRA.

          (4) RNC platform is far, far more pro-gun than the DNC’s.

          (5) Trump has a pool of SCOTUS nominees and AG appointments that would be pro-2A (at least FAR more than HRC’s noms will be): Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz to name but two.

          Now, what actual evidence do you have to support the prediction you are getting from your own private crystal ball that he’s going to be bad on 2A?

          He may end up selling us out, but there literally is no evidence at this point to say that will happen. With Hillary, it’s a done deal and she’s been very open about it.

          It simply boggles my mind the things I read on this here Internet thingy.

        • I don’t have any evidence at all. If I did we wouldn’t even be discussing this. I’m making a judgment based on what I’ve seen so far. But to comment on your evidence just briefly:

          Trump’s son won’t lose his guns regardless of the law. He’s rich. Also, he’s not going to be president his father is. Me and my father often disagree but I can’t speak for Trump Jr

          The NRA endorsement is nice but as Trump has pointed out, he will not be beholden to anyone.

          Pence might be the only ray of hope in this hole (intentional misspelling) election. But the days of a VP guiding policy died long ago. At best he might block something crazy like magazine limits but I doubt he’ll have the force of conviction to overcome Trumps yuuuuge personality.

          RNC platform and party politics is completely irrelevant to Trump. He can get what he wants without the party he’s done it so far.

          No doubt his SCOTUS stable is better. If he chooses any of them. Ii don’t trust him to keep his word. If negotiating a moderate justice gets his agenda across he will do it.

          Like I said before, vote for Trump if you like his economic position. But don’t count on his presidency to be better for gun rights, he’s too unpredictable and charismatic.

        • So, to summarize:

          Premise 1: Admit no evidence to say Trump will be bad on 2A.

          Premise 2: Open evidence from Hillary that she actually does, indeed, plan to be bad on 2A.

          Conclusion (quoting from first post): “Hilary Clinton is better for gun rights than Donald Trump.”

          It just boggles the mind.

        • Evidence of Trumps track record for deception and changing position. That’s my evidence. Clinton may be evil but all evidence tends to suggest she will be ineffective. Trump is untrustworthy and all evidence tends to suggest he will be successful. Instead of insulting me, maybe your time would be better spent learning a bit more about our candidates.

        • Oh, I know Trump’s reputation for changing his mind.

          Here’s the thing about that: That’s not actual evidence that he WILL DO IT this time.

          Go back and read my last comment, then maybe YOUR time is better spent taking an actual logic class. And while you are there, look up non sequitur.

          You said: “Hilary Clinton is better for gun rights than Donald Trump.”

          That’s an absolute statement. Then, after admitting you have no evidence to support said statement, you pulled a bunch of supposition out of your butthole. Stuff like she will be ineffective but Trump will be effective; stuff like supposition that Trump WILL change his mind this time.

          You don’t like or trust Trump. Fine. I get it. But to make the statement that Hillary IS better than him for gun rights is just laughable.

          And completely illogical.

        • Ty – Your entire premise is based on Trump having to “give something up” to get his economic priorities passed. With Republican control of both houses of Congress, who is going to have to give anything up to? You are predicting forced compromises that probably will not exist.

  28. Definitely not terribly happy with my choices, at the moment.

    The only good thing I can see out of this whole election debacle is that Dave Barry’s year-in-review for 2016 is going to be absolutely hilarious.

  29. Happy? Absolutely not. I would prefer at least one conservative be in the race. But Trump’s VP was a very good choice, and gave me some slight tiny infinitesimal ray of hope that while Trump is filling the nation with constant meandering bullshit, maybe Pence will get something done.

  30. It is now clear that the only two sane, mature, adult, intelligent choices in this election are… Gary Johnson, or Giant Meteor. Try not to make the wrong one.

  31. Trump is our candidate to stop Clinton. get behind him and vote! If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.


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