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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy (courtesy

“Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy proposed Thursday to use an executive order to ban gun sales to those on federal no-fly watch lists,” reports. “The Democratic governor said that his order would make Connecticut the first state to do so and that state officials are working with the federal government to get access to the lists. ‘If you cannot fly due to being on a government watch list, you should not be able to purchase a firearm while on that watch list as well,’’ Malloy told reporters at the Capitol. ‘’This is basic common sense. The American people get it.'” Oh they get it alright. And it gets worse . . .

Malloy said the executive order would deny the issuing of gun permits, which may be appealed to a firearm review board .  . .

State officials will determine the ‘‘appropriate lists’’ to be included, whether they are no-fly lists or ‘‘some kind of combination of those who should not have weapons,’’ Malloy said.

So Connecticut politicians get to decide which secret lists – “lists” not “list” – they use to deny Americans their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms? Not to put too fine point on it, residents of the Constitution State may wonder if they woke up in Communist Russia this morning. Here we go folks . . . [h/t DrVino]

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    • And they know this as well. This is obviously a move the White House has instigated and Malloy has agreed to be the test case. BHO wants to make this happen by Presidential Executive Order but his advisers have been telling him for years that he can’t do it legally and they can’t find a tricky loophole for him to make it happen. Connecticut will be the test case to see how this stands up in court when it is attacked as a blatantly unconstitutional violation of the Second and Fifth Amendments.

      Perhaps their long game is to get it heard by the SCOTUS after Hillary has appointed one or two more liberals to that body.

    • All legal firearms sales in CT–ALL–must obtain authorization from the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection prior to being sanctioned by law. So in addition to performing the NICS check, the DESPP will also presumably run the person against the federal terrorist watch lists (yes, plural) before authorizing the sale or transfer.

      Meanwhile, a gangbanger and the Syrian refugee member of ISIS walk down the street buy from the black market, straw purchase, etc. While law-abiding citizens like us speaking out against such blatant tyranny on social media may one day be added to the list.

      What’s worse, in Connecticut being on one of these list(s) means the revocation of all firearms, so not only will you not be able to purchase any new guns, you will have your permit and your right to own firearms, magazines, and ammunition taken away from you. This is confiscation.

    • Excellent point – how does the average sales person in a gun shop get access to this super secret list?

      My thought is they won’t get access to the super secret list because the feds will deny access but the order will stay in place ready to be populated with all sorts of “lists” whenever the powers that be feel they need to clamp down on someone.

      Don’t pay your taxes in full? On the list!

      Complain too much during a traffiuc stop? On the list!

      Write an editorial letter the government doesn’t agree with? On the list!

      Exercise too many constitutional rights? On the list!

      • Exactly, Sir Zog.

        As for the details, the way it works in Connecticut: the FFL or private individual selling or transferring the firearm must call the DESPP to obtain the authorization number, so presumably it’s the DESPP employee (whom from I understand it is not State Police but a private citizen, which may cause access problems with the feds) that will check the databases against the buyer/transferee before giving out the authorization number. This way the FFL’s or private citizens will not have access to the list(s). Connecticut currently has this system already implemented when they run NICS checks, checks against mental health records, etc, so this will merely be one more step in the process.

  1. Even prisoners already ,convicted of a crime have rights to due process. Before you deprive them of their civil rights. If you are ready to deprive them of their civil rights that easily what is stopping him from locking them up or excuting them. If he pushes this he needs to be brought up on civil rights charges or at least put him on the terrorists watch list, for being a threat to the citizens of Connecticut and the United States.

    • It would not hold up in court if Judges actually gave a crap about the Constitution or the rule of law. These day. who knows?

      Actually, in a society what gave a crap about the Constitution, the Governor would be immediately impeached, arrested, and sued for such an action.

      • See my post above.This ideologue has agreed to be the test case for BHO issuing a similar Presidential order. This is all about seeing exactly how much SHTF results in the courts from this sort of unconstitutional action. And how much backslash there is from the citizenry.

        If this blows up in his face you MAY see Hillary tone down her anti-Second Amendment rhetoric.

    • What Art said, plus I think the onus is on the civilian denied his rights to sue the government to get them back, rather than a citizen being arrested and having the charges thrown out by the judge.

      • Another scenario that would set up the house of cards to fall would be for a gun dealer to sell a gun to someone who’s on the no-fly list. That would be an easier trigger and a fast-track for judicial review. Nobody is obligated to obey laws that are clearly unconstitutional, executive orders even less so.

  2. Well then…it’s “common sense” that individuals on the terrorist watch lists should also not be employed by or receive funds (welfare, daycare, etc.) from the State of Connecticut.

    Sarcasm aside, this is really becoming tiresome. It’s like we’re all citizens with permission from the state(s).

  3. Illinois, with its FOID cards and a law requiring State Police authorization for all transfers, FFL and private sales, could do exactly the same thing.

  4. Living in CT, I have to say this sort of mis-guided reactionary politics is sadly par for the course.

    A few years ago a poorly maintained dump truck lost its brakes going down a hill, it ran across an intersection and hit a commuter bus killing several people. Rather than actually taking the time to inspect commercial vehicles, and risk pissing off the unions, they put in “ticketing zones” on the up-hill side of the road to slow the traffic down. After a second similar incident on the same hill, a run-away truck ramp was finally built.

    I do my part to fight against it, but most of the time its like boxing a glacier. A few more years and I can move to a free state.

  5. Once again, it is ironic that CT is called the “Constitution State” when their politikritters couldn’t care less about the US Constitution.


  6. This is what’s known as a “trial balloon” in that the statists are going to see if they can get away with this in Connecticut before they try it in other states.*

    *caveat: I can see Gov. Jerry Brown jumping all over this and not waiting to see how things turn out.

  7. This is a great way to see if you are on any lists. It requires a two step process though.

    Go out today and buy a new gun.
    See if the omnipotent state grants you permission.

    After this is signed, go out and buy another gun.
    See if the omnipotent state grants you permission.

    Then sue the state.

  8. How nice that they allow you the right to appeal to their Firearms Review Board. Right now such board is backed up to 2018, and that’s just with the “regular” crap that Connecticut pulls on gun owners, or potential gun owners.

  9. Ironically, the Connecticut State Constitution includes a firearms clause analagous to the Second Amendment, but without the “well regulated militia” bit. And nobody cares

  10. Even more stomach churning are the comments. A lot of people have no problem with the rights of gun owners being suspended/ignored.

    I expect that even if the CCDL got an immediate injunction against Malloy’s EO, Malloy’s minions would ignore the injunction, because they’ve learned there are no consequences, legally speaking, for their actions.

    • I hope Trump wins and goes full tyrant against the left. I hope he unconstitutionally strips every single one of their natural rights.

      And I won’t lift a finger or utter a peep. They brought it on themselves.

      • ‘I hope Trump wins and goes full tyrant against the left.’

        I’m not so sure it’s the left that Trump will go full tyrant against if he’s elected, but he probably will go full tyrant one way or the other.

      • You mean that New York self promoter whose circle of family friends consist of the Clintons and about 30 Connecticut Hedge Fund leeches?

        Connecticut will be cleaned up when 1) The Fed runs out of suckers willing to pretend their paper is worth a damn. 2) Al Queada gets a proper warhead from some sympathizer within the Pakistani ISI, and misses New York by a few miles. Whichever comes first. Until then, the cesspool will remain. With all it’s leeches intact and growing stronger.

        • ‘1) The Fed runs out of suckers willing to pretend their paper is worth a damn.’

          That happened already. They called their creative solution ‘quantitative easing’. Basically no one wanted to buy US debt so they started buying up assets with newly digitized (printed) money. $85 billion a month and it went on for several years. And what’s really amazing is that banks could borrow at 0% and buy treasuries at 2% with the money and they still weren’t interested.

          Of course any student of history would be well aware that this is basically the same policy that FDR tried and his treasury secretary Henry Morganthau Jr. lamented in 1939 that they tried all this and accumulated a massive debt and nothing worked. As they say, those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.

        • That other, greener, kind of paper……

          Even the imbeciles at the Fed realize debt issued by a bankrupt and illegitimate government is no different from common, soiled toilet paper.

  11. I’m curious how this intrusion on civil rights matches against the Connecticut state constitution…not just 2A, but due process, etc too.

  12. If the left believe being on a list of possible terrorists is grounds for revoking someone’s rights, why did they whine at Bush so much about waterboarding, Gitmo, Abu Girab, etc?

    • It’s worse, the left has been railing against the existence of a ‘no fly list’ since it’s inception up until a couple of weeks ago. Now all of a sudden their all for it.

  13. As if we needed another example of why leaving Constitutional rights up to the discretion of the Executive Branch is a really bad idea.

  14. There is a problem here. The lists are at least Secret and very likely contain SCI level data. How many state employees have the tickets? A name on the list could be identified by a dealer who most certainly does not the clearances. It’s a big deal and could end up compromising sources and methods.

  15. It is worse than that: the rule will allow the state to revoke carry licenses from citizens. In ct, that means they can confiscate your guns.


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