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 Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (courtesy

“Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper [above] will sign gun control measures Wednesday that pose limits on ammunition magazines and expand background checks for firearms,” the AP reports. “A state government employee with knowledge of the situation confirmed the details to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because a formal announcement has not been made. The signings would be a victory for Democrats in the debate over gun control in this politically moderate state where gun ownership has been a treasured right.” Note: Democrats. Got it? Good. Keep that in mind. Now, I wonder where Magpul’s gonna go? Meet me in Texas?

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    • My question is: Are the people in CO going to sit down and take this? Are they going to simply wait until the next election to punish these politicians by the possible loss of a job?

      Or are they going to get angry and use some civil disobedience? There’s a lot of MOLON LABE being uttered in these comments… but are you ready for some action?

    • If so, Magpul will be my first choice for any mags or accessories, even if they cost more. Has Magpul ever offered a complete AR in their name? If not, they ought to hook up with a manufacturer and start offering ARs in their name. If Fitzpatrick keeps his word and moves out of Colorado, I bet a lot of gun owners would buy them.

      • The Bushmaster/Remington ACR was originally a Magpul design (they called it the Masada), They partnered with Bushmaster to produce it, but part of the contract was that Bushmaster got to redesign it as they saw fit… and they did, making it twice as expensive.

        My guess is that Magpul might be a bit burned to want to try that again.

        • Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Maybe Magpul will try again, this time keeping more control and building a rifle people can afford. In any case, I hope gun owners will support Magpul by choosing their products. Imagine the cost of moving to another state, and hiring and training new employees.

  1. It’s just like watching Red Dawn play out.
    Except in this version they’re welcoming in the commies with flags and cheers.

    • Actually, true to Red Dawn, the people in government can’t pick up their commie flags any faster and sell out their fellow American. Wolverines, anyone?!

    • Actually, the director of the first red dawn said the movie was really about Federal government take over, not about Cubans/Russians.

  2. #$@%%$^@$!#RTDSGSDFTQ#$^TEGW!!!!!

    Yeah that about sums it up!
    There is a news article that the Sheriffs will not enforce the new laws, so hopefully that will pan out that most of the law enforcement will simply ignore it all.

    • I don’t have much hope for the next election,the Denver and Boulder population is now great enough that they control the state. I wish my side of the divide could break away into their own state…..sigh, I can dream can’t I?

    • So you can watch the people of Colorado re-elect these people? They knew their anti-gun positions when they voted in the Democrat majority in both houses and a Democrat in the governor’s mansion.

  3. If people (read GOP, tea party, pro 2A types) would get off their lazy asses and vote, some of these states (Colorado, NM, etc) wouldnt have this issues…

  4. Goodbye Magpul, it was fun. Should this make Hickenlooper a one term Governor? Yes. Will it? No. Sadly Denver has the population now to control the state, so as Denver (and Boulder) go, so will the state go. I am embarrassed of the state I call home.

    • We still have the state supreme court. Failing that, 2 more years to do what I can to get these folks voted out and get this overturned and reinforced.
      Coloradoans! Stand up and be counted. We’re being ruled, not represented.

      • I am being represented, Ray Scott and Steve King did the right thing and responded to all my emails. We are just outnumbered now. But you bet I will be doing everything I can to reverse this course next election.

      • Colorado also is one of the few states that allows veto referendum.. So we have a chance to kill it that way also. Sadly not before Magpul leaves…

  5. Anyone else notice how democratic states are most likely to go bankrupt. No money and civil disarmament breeds crime.

    • Unfortunately our Supreme Court is almost as f-d up as our legislature right now.. It’s 7-2 D’s vs. R’s… and only the R’s have a track record of upholding our constitution..

    • If they don’t move, then they will have to put a serial number on their new mags, thus making these mag limits enforceable in Colorado and other states.

      • I thought they just had to mark them as being post-ban. Like a date of manufacture or something.

        • It’s something like that. The point is, if they stay in CO then every gun-grabbing state will know that a new pmag is post-ban. In they move out of state and don’t mark the mags, then you can’t easily prove the mag is post-ban

        • I see your point. Unfortunately, it may still not be good enough in the long run. Designs can’t be frozen in time for all eternity, so there will be ways to identify post-ban magazines based on design. Not immediately, but nevertheless eventually.

        • Armchair, there is a date of manufacture on every single Pmag. It’s that little circle with the year in the center, with the arrow pointing to the month. It’s not going to be hard to figure out what is pre or post ban…

        • I like Armchair’s thinking. Imagine if Magpul purposefully produced at least one magazine that could not be distinguished from earlier magazines just to mess with the anti-gunners in a number of states. It’s a fantasy, but it’s fun to think about.

  6. Wasn’t he on “Walking Dead” last night???
    One lession: A mega city in a state is a curse.
    NYC wags the States tail. Just like Denver, Chicago, LA, and others.
    If you live in one of these States and disagree with whatever. It doesn’t matter!!!
    I say let the “Mega Cities” become “Autonomist”. Let the big cities do what they want.
    Just don’t let the city laws wag the dog.

    • I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past few years. Creating city states would help prevent the cities from screwing the rural areas. I’m not sure what negative effects this might have as I haven’t explored the idea enough.

      • How about that one metropolitan city’s population must not be more than 10% of your state population or the city will be split into separate entities? The politics of New York City and Chicago dominate the minuscule population of the vast rural land that is their home state. If they were smaller groups, the power wouldn’t be so concentrated and unopposed.

        • Wouldn’t help. You would end up with 10 smaller towns instead of one big town but it would still be the one large urban area controlling the state.

  7. Democrats take note is right Robert.
    Listen, not that Republicans haven’t let us down sometimes and if some of us can reconcile being Libs and Democrats with gun-rights that’s fine but regarding the regimes that that have presided over the passage of the latest rounds of gun laws and the 10 to 8 vote of the Senate Judiciary Comm, anyone who still can’t figure out who our friends are just isn’t trying hard enough.

    • True enough, but the problem for many of us pro-gun liberals is that the conservatives advocate for other policies that are just as repugnant to us as gun control. That’s why I’m always relieved to see a divided government like we currently have in Washington. Only so much damage can be done by split-party governments.

      In Colorado, Democrats control the legislature and governorship; they get gun control. If Republicans had the legislature and governorship, maybe their kids would be studying Adam and Eve and the Talking Snake in their high school biology courses.

  8. They’ve made their decision, now I’ve made mine. I’ll never set foot in that state again, or do business with ANY company that resides in or has roots in that state. Unless they change their politicians AND laws – I will not change my plan, and I hope thousands of others will do the same. If they wish to be like China or some other Communist country, I do not need to be associated with them.

  9. This was inevitable. If he rejected the magazine size bill, he would effectively let the Democrats in the legislature who took risks voting for this bill hang. That’s why I’ve regarded the bit of obfuscation of the last few days to be a ruse. Still sucks.

  10. What do you expect from the only communist State in the Union…glad I moved out of there 25 years ago.

    • Who disarmed his people in last night’s episode. Made them turn in all their privately held guns.


  11. They should move to Utah. We have a T-50, puting us in last place with no points, with the Brady campaign.

  12. Why am I not surprised. To my fellow Colorado residents, remember to vote in 2014 and hopefully send these Gun Prohibitionist legislators home. I worry that we may see more legislation that continues to piss on the 2nd Amendment if they stay.

  13. Worst news I’ve heard all day, thanks Robert. Even after all the news channels and videos showing how this bans most magazines as they are all readily convertible due to the base plate being removable. Then liberals got their de facto gun ban with this bill. This state is no longer free but thank God for the sheriffs refusing to comply. I can’t wait for 2014 to get here so I can help vote these morons out of office.

  14. I have zero faith that Magpul will make good on it’s threat…..just a bunch of tough talk.

  15. That’s quite a compliment – good for you! I’ve heard though, that the Salt Lake City area has a growing “lib” community, not true I hope.

    • I don’t know much about Utah, but no place is immune in the long run. Can I be sure Arizona will still be pro-gun in 10 years? I don’t dare make predictions. One of the big challenges in a number of areas are low gun ownership rates and significant support for gun control among the Hispanic population. It is important for the long-term health of the 2nd Amendment rights to educate them on its meaning and value, and get them more interested as a group in the shooting sports and self-defense.

      • I absolutely agree. Latino-Americans are the fastest segment of the population. Somehow they must be introduced to shooting sports. Most of them come from countries where there is next to no civilian gun ownership. But here again some pro-gun conservatives are shooting themselves in their Anglo feet. They talk about Mexicans in particular as if they were subhuman. Legal or undocumented, most Mexicans I’ve met are just people trying to get ahead. Why not invite one of them to the shooting range sometime? That might be a more effective way to save the Second Amendment than sending yet another $20-50 to the NRA, and you’ll likely make a friend in the bargain.

        • Good points Shane. I can’t support or condone illegal immigration, but anyone who wants to come to the USA to WORK and work hard (legal or not) should be commended. In this day and age where we lament the rise of the welfare state and see so many Americans who choose to collect unemployment rather than work in a less than glamorous job, shouldn’t we be welcoming the work ethic that a lot of immigrants bring? I know there are many who take advantage of the system and come to the US seeking assistance without paying any dues, but there are even more who come here for the promise of work. Many Latino immigrants are very family-oriented and espouse conservative values. As you said, get to know someone who’s immigrated here from Latin America and more than likely you’ll see that they’re here to work hard, raise a family and contribute positively to society. We’ve witnessed a total failure in Washington to enact any sort of immigration reform to integrate those who are here to work, identify and punish those who are here committing crime or gaming the system, and secure the Southern border to encourage legal immigration from here on out.

          Coming from countries with oppressive government regimes and incredibly high violent crime rates, any immigrant from Latin America will become a stringent supporter of the 2A if they are properly educated on it’s origins and benefits. Let’s not let the progressives steal another large voting block with disinformation and fear-mongering.

  16. Attention Coloradans-Your Sheriffs have announced that they will NOT enforce Colorado State gun control laws if enacted-Good for you guys. Donuts!!!

    • I did not mention where the info’s from- that would be AmmoLand shooting sports news

      • to get a test case and get this struck down, dont we need someone to enforce this, especially the “readily convertible” part?

  17. Hi Shane, I think that’s just a little exaggerated. Like I said there are some missteps by Reps but for the most part states and areas run by them tend to leave you alone. Like I said, reconcile if you like but just regard what’s going on.
    Your point about divided govt is a good one though, I’d be all over in DC if the House wasn’t Republican.
    Thanks for your imput.

    • I’m definitely thankful for a Republican House right now, but I have to say that from my perspective the Republicans have made more than a few missteps. I guess it doesn’t make sense to argue about other politics here. I do see a positive development though: a lot more people seem to saying that neither party works for them, and most of those people lean libertarian. I also believe people generally are more pro-gun rights than they were during the Clinton-era AWB. Maybe this was a result of the 9-11 attacks and the subsequent realization that government isn’t capable of protecting us as much as it would like us to believe.

  18. Ok team, I’ve got an idea: Let’s all us gun owners pick a reasonably small third world country. Something with a beach. Then let’s go take it over. After all, there are 100 million of us well armed individuals. I think we could accomplish that. Maybe get together with a military contractor, like the old black water group to provide logistical support. Then after we all move, we can watch our prior country collapse under it’s own lazy liberal dead weight. Just kidding, right?

    • Well, the 2014 elections are anything but clear at this point – we may yet see this play out nationally. Won’t be fun if it happens.

  19. Time to clean the house up and and make it shiny and sweep the dirt and dust out the door. Vote all the libs and dems out next term. Enough is enough.

  20. Dear Shane and other Libertarians,

    While my own instincts lean very much to in the same direction you must remember that the American System of government is very much a winner-take-all type and purist 3rd candidates and/or parties only serve to put the bad guys into office. We all remember the Burkeian quote that “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”, I would modify it to say that “is to throw away your vote”.
    In the end it all comes down to a 2 part decision and – perhaps with a exception or two – in today’s world it’s an R.
    Also remember that Classical Liberalism is not the same as it’s modern version.

    Going back to the Age of Enlightenment of the 18th Century, when the liberals of that time indeed called for less control from what was then a right-wing establishment of church and state, this was fairly true.
    The Founding Fathers were liberals in this sense.

    This was some to change, from being kibitzing outsiders they gained power and – under the influence of various socialists, reformers, and societal engineers – soon evolved into the Social Democrats, Progressives and Libs of today. Controlling, managing and guiding along what they see as a basically good populace but one who needs to be protected from itself – the little dears.
    A new “Illuminati” based not on birth or even ability but on a talent to please the Establishment and worm your way in. bread & circuses to keep the masses happy and permitted indulgences such as drugs and porn to keep them busy. Gun Control is merely another fascet of the system.
    To expect that the erstwhile rulers would run everything and every body and leave firearms alone is shear fantasy.

    Divided govt can be OK but it’s cutting it a little close. I prefer a well-run – dare we say “well-regulated”- minimal govt that pretty much sticks to it’s business and that nowadays is the Republicans. Candidates such as Rand Paul my be more to your liking and I think that’s how things are going in any case. Unlike even a few years past, the modern parties have become fairly ideological:
    Republicans (generally) have a Conservative cast. Humans are what they are and immutable, need laws to keep order but not much more than that. Have traditional values often enforced by law.
    Democrats (generally) have a Modern Liberal cast. Humans are flawed but can be rebuilt with the proper education. Govt is not there to merely keep order but to HELP. Still use some traditions but are hesitant to judge anybody’s behavior unless it offends some sacred cow.

    So you take your pick. For guys/gals who like low taxes and less regulation in business and daily life but want to smoke pot and marry their boyfriend/girlfriend the choice can be tricky. As I said, in a winner-take-all political system, 3rd and minor parties are practically useless.

    Your worries about listening to talking snakes are well placed, careful you’re not swayed by the many “Liberal” ones crawling around today!

  21. At the time, revolutionaries were called “Patriots”, “Whigs”, “Congress-men”, or “Americans”. They included a full range of social and economic classes, but were unanimous regarding the need to defend the rights of Americans and uphold the principles of republicanism in terms of rejecting monarchy and aristocracy, while emphasizing civic virtue on the part of the citizens.

  22. The writing is on the wall. some people just can’t read!. These liberals are all about control, so when they spout off about making society safer, you can bet it means you lose rights and money. Think criminals are worried about these new laws? They don’t care about the other hundreds of gun laws, they won’t care about this either. These new gun laws only hurt good law abiding people. I just retired from law enforcement after 28 years with a medium size police department in the Northwest. Since Obama took office in 2008, approximately 95 percent of the departments officers have purchased there own privately owned Ar-15’s, even though the department duty rifles were M-16’s and M1A’s. Common sense still prevails in this area, you think when there is a a real SHTF incident, your local police will be there to help you., you need to educate yourself, SCOTUS has already made rulings that the Police have no duty to protect you! They will be home protecting their own family. Most of the department officers are also hunters and sportsmen, (myself included) most have in excess of 5000 rounds of ammunition stored for personal use. We had many discussions that no matter what restrictive gun legislation is handed down, we were not going to inforce it if it’s against the constitution. The federal govement is choosing not to enforce immigration laws, massive fraud on wall street with no enforcement action, feds selling guns and weapon systems to terrorist goverments and no accountability. And now they are making executive mandates that cleary violate the second amendment without approval of congress. The feds printing money with nothing behind it to back it’s value, faith in the dollar won’t last forever. Wake up America. when this grand experiment fails, you will either be a citizen or a victim. Just my opinion.

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