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CA Governor Jerry Brown (courtesy

California Governor Jerry Brown has wielded his executive pen on the raft of gun control measures informally known as “Gunpocalypse.” Brown signed the following bills:

AB 1135 – “Assault Weapons” Ban

AB 1511 – Criminalizes Loaning Firearms

AB 1695 – Expansion of Prohibitions and Threatening Letters from DOJ to Gun Owners

SB 880 – Expands “Assault Weapons” Ban to Include “Bullet Button” Semi-Auto Rifles, Pistols

SB 1235 by Senator Kevin De León (D-Los Angeles) – Ammunition

SB 1446 – Ban on ALL Magazines that were Designed to Hold More than 10 Rounds

Governor Brown vetoed the following bills:

AB 1673 – Expands Definition of “Firearm” to Include Non-Firearm Materials

AB 1674 – Expands the 30-day purchase limit to all firearms; deletes the “private party” exemption

AB 2607 – Expanding Gun Violence Restraining Orders

SB 894 – Mandatory Law Enforcement Reports for Lost or Stolen Firearms

Hat tip: Firearms Policy Coalition

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    • They’re going to have to pull this out of the California Penal Code dust bin….

      “37. (a) Treason against this state consists only in levying war against it, adhering to its enemies, or giving them aid and comfort,
      and can be committed only by persons owing allegiance to the state. The punishment of treason shall be death or life imprisonment without possibility of parole. The penalty shall be determined pursuant toSections 190.3 and 190.4.
      (b) Upon a trial for treason, the defendant cannot be convicted unless upon the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or upon confession in open court; nor, except as provided in Sections
      190.3 and 190.4, can evidence be admitted of an overt act not expressly charged in the indictment or information; nor can the defendant be convicted unless one or more overt acts be expressly alleged therein.

      38. Misprision of treason is the knowledge and concealment of treason, without otherwise assenting to or participating in the crime. It is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170.”

  1. Come to Texas. Let’s head to the range, drink a cold beer, and I’ll sell you some guns and ammunition.

    • Not a bad idea. Increasing the amount of non-democrat voters in the big red state of Texas counteracts the amount of illegals being shipped to Texas. I think those in California who are conservative should leave, there’s no hope there, but circling the wagons in other states can keep the same from happening in places like Colorado.

      • At the moment Texas gun owners should be focusing on immigrants from Mexico, who at present have every reason to understand just how valuable the right to keep and bear arms is. Get them aware, get them armed, get them standing fast.

        • NO stop them at the border ALL OF THEM. In the Obumer years NONE of them are coming in legitimately.

        • The Cartels have got to LOVE these new laws. When it’s time for them to make their move, they will not have to worry about well-armed citizens. The police there will flee, as they have in the past.

          It will be a “Safety For None” slaughter.

        • Here we go with the ignorant xenophobia again. Little do Conservatives realize they are their own worst enemies. Its the Greed Monger Businessmen (most are Republicans) that have been luring illegals here for decades and decades. They are used as slave labor with no benefits , paid part time sub-minimum wage and have no retirement or holidays. All guaranteed because the corrupt Businessmen pay off their prostitutes the Republicans so that no immigration reform or guest worker programs can be passed (like they have in civilized European countries). And of course history has shown for the last 2,500 years (example Roman Empire) that immigration has always been a boost to a countries economy and when immigration is cut off (as they did in a Rome during a downturn in the economy due to graft and corruption) that the lack of immigrants actually destroyed the Roman Empire.

          The average Conservative Moron does not realize that far from supporting immigrants they are supporting you. They pay millions of tax dollars into the system and are not eligible for Social Security Retirement or income tax returns all lowering your tax bills and extending the solvency of Social Security programs. And your produce food bills are lower because the immigrant slave labor works for nothing thereby lowering your prices paid in the super market.

          And of course immigrants are far more likely to eventually start their own businesses and be more successful at it and they cannot run businesses by themselves they have to hire people to help them taking unemployed people off of welfare. Most people on welfare or just looking for jobs in the U.S. are actually White legal citizens not illegals from other countries.

          In the lower Michigan and upper Ohio States Muslim stores are everywhere and often in parts of big cities where White businessmen fear to tread. They provide valuable services to the city residents by running stores in their area. And they have stores though out the upper class white suburbs as well. In Hamtramck Michigan they run the entire city council. Not bad considering the average Moron Conservative thinks they never assimilated. I as a white man wish I could have been just half as successful in such a short period of time as the Muslim immigrants have been. My Dentist, my mailman and my Doctor are guess what, Muslims. So the joke is on the Xenophobic Moron Conservatives as they have been wrong about immigrants since Benjamin Franklin said “the damn German immigrants will destroy America”. Hilarious back then as it is today. The Klu Klux Klan must have been directly related to old xenophobic Ben F.

    • Come to Texas. Let’s head to the range, drink a cold beer, and I’ll sell you some guns and ammunition.

      P:S but you have to vote republican

    • I’d love to, but living in California is a bit of a catch-22 for me. It’s so expensive to live here I have no money to get out.

      • I’ve always wanted to be a Felon, now the fools in SackOfTomatoes have gone and made me one. #ProudAmerican

        • I’m sure that seems cute, but a felon can’t lawfully own or possess a gun – anywhere. You’ll be quite unhappy when your parole officer makes regular searches of your home to make sure you’re complying with that restriction.

      • … And after you have visited, drank your beer, and collected your “supplies,” – go back home to CA, take them with you, and use them “appropriately.”

        • Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Aridzona are closer. But I did have an awesome steak in Amarillo back in the day. Thanks for the invite.

          #ProudAmerican Trump 2016

  2. California moves one step closer to a police state…

    Once upon a time, I believed that clearly Unconstitutional laws would be successfully challenged and tossed by the Supreme Court. Now not so sure…

    • The majority of the people of California are obviously fine with these new laws. Who are we to criticize?

      • Ummm…the laws are illegal. That’s what unconstitutional means: illegal. Plus it creates a population complacent with this sort of thing who will shortly be bringing their political beliefs to your state as the CA economy implodes.

        I’d say criticism is warranted.

        • Funny you should make such a claim, since the Supreme Court just ruled that assault weapon bans are completely acceptable under our Constitution.

      • The majority of Californians wanted to ban gay marriage, too. In a constitutional republic, the majority does not always rule.

        How about if the majority were in favor of throwing a class of otherwise law abiding and peaceable people off of buildings. Should the courts not step in and protect those people’s rights?

        Rights are rights. All should be protected. The courts are hopelessly biased against fundamental individual liberties and towards the Government amassing more control.

        • We the People have rights to LIFE, liberty, etc. Tossing people off of buildings would violate the right to life.

        • And the Democrats were the voice of the south. They still want to keep people enslaved. The only difference is they want to enslave anyone and everyone, and they portray themselves as the party of individual rights.

          We are one step closer to a second revolution. Meanwhile Civil Disobedience will increase.

      • Exactly. My point is that people end up with the government they deserve. Californians elect these people that enact laws such as this. This is the people of California’s desire. Who the fuck am I to interfere???

        • I, and others like me, don’t deserve this! We vote against these tyrants! We do everything in our power to fight this, and we’re being abandoned by our countrymen, and then overwhelmed by rich white liberals and their imported Mexican permanently poor underclass. Send ammo!

        • The problem, two months, is that the majority is taking away the rights of the minority. The state of California is a big state. And basically, the east coast culture is dictating what kind of culture, and rights, the rest of the state is allowed.

        • The majority is electing non-freedom loving politicians who then shit all over your rights with impunity, then don’t give a crap if you don’t like it. Then they get reflected. Seriously, move away from these people.

    • The Supreme Court is a Dictatorship that has shit on the Constitution and the Second Amendment for decades. Its nothing new. With Scalia gone all hell has broken loose. They have banned concealed carry,(except for the ruling elite just as is done in North Korea) , they have ruled that banning any and all weapons is Constitutional by upholding the East Cost Gun bans that were enacted after Sandy Hook. “The Peoples Republic of California has banned high capacity magazines along with a raft of other bills and Hawaii has placed all gun owners on the FBI most wanted criminal hit list. All this has happened within the last month. Think you have any gun rights or any other Constitutional rights, if you do your living in a dream world. You have none except what the Dictatorial Supreme Court grants you on any particular day which of course they will eventually take away from you.

      • And I forgot mention that all gun owners in Hawaii are now on the FBI Criminal Watch List and of course the Dictatorial Supreme Court will uphold it as they will uphold the coming No fly No buy list which is conviction from a secret hit list without due process, a clear violation of the Constitution but when did the Constitution ever stop the Dictatorial Supreme Court, they laugh at the Constitution as they are the law of the land above all of us troglodyte worker slaves. Kim Jug Un has modeled his courts after ours because he knows when it comes to corruption nothing beats the U.S. Supreme Court as it sets the world standard for Dictatorships,

  3. This is obviously what the people of California want for their state. Democracy as usual. Deal with it or leave. Each state has it’s pluses and minuses. Mine has good gun laws but the weather sucks. Life is all about choices. Everybody chooses where they wake up in the morning. Stop whining.

    • Hopefully you are a troll posting here, I would hate to think someone on our side can be so obtuse, selfish and condescending.

      • No trolling Bill. The people of California have ended up with the government they deserve. By their own free voting will. Who the fuck am I to interfere?

        • Just another Troll.
          Meanwhile, the rest of us will continue to fight. With and for one another. We are the front line, and this is NO joke.
          NRA, CRPA, FPC.

        • BS! This isn’t what a majority of the citizens of the State of the California want. It’s what the Ultra-Liberal politicians from Los Angeles and the Bay Area want. None of the politicians who either sponsored the bills or voted for them listened to their constituents who by far told them to vote *against* the bills.

          I foresee a spate of lawsuits coming down the pipe to overturn all of these rules and regulations.

        • To think that everything a legislator does is due to the “will of the people’ is to be willfully ignorant. Do ALL Americans want open borders because “we” elected Obama, and our current Congress? Did ALL or even a majority of Americans want OBAMACARE, with all of the lies needed to convince Democrat legislators to vote it in?

          Being intentionally ridiculous doesn’t add to the conversation. There are MILLIONS of democrats and republicans in CA that do not agree with this lawless administration, and the first step will be lawsuits to challenge the constitutionality of this clear overreach.

        • No, but you knew the ideology of the clown you voted for. The logical next step is what is going down around us. He promised fundamental transformation, and boy did he deliver. Elections have consequences.

        • No trolling here. I move away from Democrat majorities. I’ve done it once. I’ll do it again. I don’t fight the incoming tide. You have free will also Californians.

          Tell us some more about your African queens jwm/fww.

    • Democracy? What democracy? The residents of the state did not vote for it. It even was fast tracked and didn’t go through the proper channels.

      • The residents voted for these politicians. Overwhelmingly. What else could possibly happen? The government they deserve.

        • No, they won an election and, I’m guessing here, by just enough to win in their district. As for Moonbeam, IDIOTS..yeah you dumb shits, thought he’d be better than the other guy because he ‘owned guns’ and had made a few right decisions. I told you back then that he wasn’t going to stand for our RIGHTS.

      • We don’t have democracy, we just have elections. All we do is choose which people will be strengthening our chains the coming year.

        • Correct. Make your decision thusly. Stay and fight a losing battle or go live life somewhere else.

      • Absolutely. I didn’t vote for these people. And I would not vote for these propositions.
        Every loss for California is a loss for all gun owners. There are too many dimwitted Gun Blog Trolls that act like elitists when they talk down to the California families that are working hard to put food on the table AND defend our rights.
        We are all in this together.

        • No we are not in this together. Your single issue appears to be guns. My single issue is Democrats. They have the right to live wherever they want and elect whoever they want. I’ll live somewhere else.

    • Another Two Months,

      First of all, the United States of America is a Constitutionally limited republic, NOT a democracy. As for California specifically as a state, I would hope the same. At any rate, a majority consensus for just about anything is fine until that consensus sends government out to deprive people of their rights.

      If 95% of Californians voted to imprison all people of Asian descent, would that be kosher since it had overwhelming support? Hopefully, you will answer “no” to this question. Likewise, a majority of Californians wanting government to stick it to firearms owners is not kosher.

        • @two months,

          I don’t know, maybe because you might be Asian living in California? Or maybe because you have morals?

      • We have not been a Constitionally limited Republic since the regime of the tyrant Lincoln, may he rot in hell.

        • Sure and why don’t we just curse Washington for dealing with the Whiskey Rebellion? Or better yet damn the states for dissolving the Articles of Confederation? Fools like you belong in the imaginations of the libtards when they fantasize about how they think conservatives are.

      • The Constitution is an obscene joke and always has been. During WWII Japanese Americans were imprisoned in concentration camps and lost their homes and businesses. Where in the hell was the Supreme Court then? In the pocket of a Dictator President who came very close to arresting all Italian Americans as well and would have also gotten away with that as well. Popular opinion also sanctioned the outrage and the Supreme Courts was well aware of the popular opinion of the time so they did nothing about it. The Bill of Rights is a joke and always has been. Ditto for the Second Amendment and the entire Constitution. The Dictatorial Supreme Court is just what is says it is, Supreme and they do anything they wish and yes they do indeed often follow popular opinion. Many minorities for decades had their rights raped under the Supreme Court. Many people were not even allowed to marry whom they wished as the Supreme Court never struck down various Conservative marriage laws that did not allow inter racial marriage as well as the right to attend a school of ones choice or work in a place of ones choice. How soon we forget that violations of Constitutional rights is not something new nor is it at an end either rather it seems in some areas to be getting worse, read that the now defunct Second Amendment which is not now worth the paper it is printed on, zero, zilch, Nada!!!!!

    • Your logic is stupid, sir. Did you want Obama as president? Do you want Loretta Lynch “deciding” the innocence or guilt of Hillary Clinton? Did you want Fast and Furious to happen? Do you want your healthcare costs to go up because of Obamacare? Do you want insecure borders?

      Sometimes I don’t know who is worse: holier than thou gun owners on TTAG who bash gun owners in other states, who’ve fought these measures, or statist politicians who will push these same gun laws in different states. Not to mention we could get Hillary for POTUS and she’ll happily push for these laws right at your front door. Maybe that’s what you want.

      Gun owners should be united. Every one should be an NRA / FPC / GOA member. Instead, we have folks like you. Thanks so much for your “patriotism” and encouraging the anti-gunners by bashing gun owners in their states. With friends like you having enemies is redundant.

      • This is what the people of California want, via voting for the present politicians. I can’t stop that. Also, if Hilary is elected, then the majority of Americans have spoken as to the type of country they desire. I will deal with it by living in a locale that suits my lifestyle, the same as everybody else.

        • This is what the people of California want, via voting for the present politicians. I can’t stop that.

          This is what perhaps the “majority” of the people of california want. Screw those minorities right? Avoidance of a Ochlocracy is why the founders made the US a republic, not a democracy.

          Also, if Hilary is elected, then the majority of Americans have spoken as to the type of country they desire. I will deal with it by living in a locale that suits my lifestyle, the same as everybody else.

          What locale is that? I would really like know. You mean a different country? Lol. What do you mean “everyone else?” How do you know everyone else is going to do that?

          So what you are saying is we are living in a Ochlocracy and should accept that, and we should always cater to the majority because that is what is “best.” Even though, the majority may at any time decide to imprison you based on their opinions, take your rights away from you, take your belongings, really take from you, whatever they desire, and you should oblige because the majority is right. Also – you deserve it – because your neighbors voted for them?

        • Please contemplate for a moment that the US house of representatives is based on the population of a state. The Senate is not. It is fixed based on the state (two per state). That means in the senate a senator from Idaho ( a state with a minuscule population compared to California has the same voting power as a senator from California. This protects the rural minority. This type of government is non-existent within the California state government which has two houses of representatives, where the majority rules.

          Do you seriously believe that minorities should have no rights? If their rights are taken, then it is justified because the majority knows best and if you are part of that group, you should pull the pacifist card and go move somewhere else?

      • When the state of California limited the gun rights of black people, (the Mumford Act), I wish more people like you would have spoken up.

        • This has nothing to do with race. This is how Democrats live their lives.

        • I agree more people should have. Times have changed since 1967. At that point the NRA wasn’t even against gun control. It wasn’t until 1977 when the NRA took a strict view of the 2nd Amendment.

        • This is how Democrats live their lives.

          Two months,
          Not really. This is how the people of the US have historically lived their lives and that life was based on the constitution and the preservation of freedom. The modern democrat is a social liberal extremist with a dash of marxism and socialism. They stem from european ideologies.

          The united states is the last modern advanced civilization built on a foundation of freedom and capitalism. If democrats don’t like that, they have 192 other countries to choose from. We on the other hand have zero other countries to choose from. This is the last country truely like that. Which other country – any country – allows ownership of firearms like this country (for example)?

      • Accur it’s the same pathetic troll who called me “racist” the other day. Still has that weak mind..

        • Anonymous, I’m simply able to look around me in public and see that 99.9% of the people out there don’t give a shit about being able to own an AR-15. I live my life accordingly. People care about Dancing With the Stars and American Idol and The Bachelor, not gun rights. Nobody in California cares about these laws but a few thousand people.

          I’m not going down in some Custers Last Stand over fucking California.

    • If California wants to violate the US Constitution, sure, they can do it, but they must secede from the US first. This is not negotiable.

    • This is obviously what the people of California want for their state. Democracy as usual. Deal with it or leave. Each state has it’s pluses and minuses. Mine has good gun laws but the weather sucks. Life is all about choices. Everybody chooses where they wake up in the morning. Stop whining.

      Yeah, but what if we like growing grapes for wine AND shooting our AR15s? Where else are we supposed to go to do that?

  4. Take a good look , all those who say the GOP / Ryan anti – gun bills wont pass , how many times have they LIED to us and voted in Lock – Step with democraps to BETRAY and sell us out …….? It’s the rule , not the exception.

    Call your Representatives all weekend , fill the voicemail and E – mail. — 202-225-3121.

    • Sorry Daniel. I’m really glad life caused me to move out of there when it did. I’ll never go there. Ever again.

  5. So F’ing glad I moved from Kalifornia to Texas last year. Low cost living, walking from the house to the gulf coast beach, drive, drink, play with my dog on the beach, carry, own and shoot whatever the heck I want. Priceless.

    Kalifornia is lost. They don’t have the stones to revolt

    Loving Texas.

      • Having grown up in central Texas and spent most of my youth outside, I can attest to that (the weather there was insane before the climate change crowd was ever formed), as well as the fact that nearly everything living there has thorns, stickers, fangs, horns or teeth and it all wants to puncture or bite the $hit out of you. I can’t begin to describe how much I miss it……

        • I was terrified of them when I was a kid. Eventually I started working on my marksmanship skills by finding them on the smaller trees and shooting them with my Benjamin pellet rifle.

    • Exactly. Now just imagine Texas if it would Texit — no more IRS, no more Feinstein or Reid trying to challenge what you can and cannot do, no more Supreme Court rulings that enshrine Affirmative Action as public policy… and simultaneously, Kalifornia and the remaining states would then be freed to pass whatever the hell insane laws they want, because Texas’ 38 electoral votes wouldn’t be there to annoyingly stop them.

      What we need here is a peaceful, negotiated separation where both parties get exactly what they want, and then let the chips fall where they may.

      • Except you would still have the Governor and Lt Governor trying to institute their version of Sharia Law to conform to their peculiar religious views. At least right now the Supreme Court can declare them unconstitutional and protect the people of Texas from them somewhat.

        • Wow another ignorant fool. The idiocy of your metaphor is astounding. Obviously you have never actually read sharia law because if you had you would realize that it makes the social mores of 1800s look libertine in comparison.

  6. Well at least they will never have a mass shooting or terrorist attack in the future.
    Homicides and suicide will drop to zero and drug dealers will give up and start honest businesses.
    Hell I’ll even bet that they lead the country in random acts of kindness.

  7. It is SCOTUS that does not have any stones. If they really want to be the final arbiter of what is and is not Constitutional then they need to put some teeth in their rulings. How long has D.C. dragged its feet on the Heller decision? SCOTUS has not enforcement arm.

    We need an Article V convention and one of the amendments presented should be the absolute requirement that any state found by SCOTUS to have passed an unconstitutional law must repeal said law immediately on receiving the SCOTUS opinion or be ejected from the Union. It stands to reason that if they are willing to pass blatantly unconstitutional laws they are no longer part of the Union anyway and have effectively seceded without making a formal statement of the fact.

    • Rather than ejecting a state from the union, simple application of the federal statute “Deprivation of rights under color of law” would do the trick when applied to the politicians and bureaucrats who enacted/enforced such nonsense.

      Of course this requires that government limit government which is not in government’s own interest. It is up to us, We the People, to limit government.

    • >> SCOTUS has not enforcement arm. <<

      Uh, yeah. By design. You're damn right SCOTUS doesn't have an enforcement arm, nor should they have. Do you really want 9 folks deciding AND ENFORCING what happens in this country?!?!?

      Congress legislates. SCOTUS interprets. And Executive executes/enforces. That's the way it was set up, on purpose, to keep the powers separate.

  8. How does California define a “Large Capacity Ammunition Magazine”? A quick search says:

    “A “large capacity magazine” is defined as any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than ten rounds, but does not include any .22 caliber tube ammunition feeding device, any feeding device that has been permanently altered so that it cannot accommodate more than ten rounds, or any tubular magazine that is contained in a lever-action firearm.”

    The reason I ask is because in Canada the law is that the magazine cannot hold more than 5 or 10 rounds of the ammunition it was designed for. That’s why .50 Beowulf magazines are popular, as you can fit up to 15 rounds of .223 in them. Without the clarification of ammunition it was designed for, you’ll end up with ridiculous things like 2 round Beowulf mags.

    Has that been established, or is it one of those grey areas to catch out gun owners?

    Also, the ammo registry has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen.

    • Pretty much grey.

      If it came to a court battle, I expect about 50/50 on 10-round Beowolf mags being acceptable; it would help to actually have a Beowolf upper, I think.

      But, so far as I am aware, not yet tested.

      • Like you said, 50/50. The problem is when they take a 10 round .308 Pmag, push the lower down 1 inch and place 11 rounds of .22LR inside of it, then declare it as a high capacity magazine, thus making it illegal. Half would see that as a failing of the law, the other half as a way to make more stuff illegal.

  9. Thank GOD I moved out of that Hell Hole in 2004!!!
    If anyone in Kalif. want to ship his guns & ammo to me in Idaho they will get the Love & Care they deserve..

    Today we can Constitutional Carry with out a permit!!!!

  10. If only Heller had specifically mentioned semiautomatic rifles with detachable box magazines.

    • Then they would be violating that decision as well. It wouldn’t have stopped them, the 9th circuit would have upheld it, and the current SCOTUS would gridlock, kicking the decision down to the lower (9th) court, thereby cementing the law. Nothing would have changed.

  11. Too few gave a shit last year when the state took away peoples right to make their own informed medical consent decision making and gave that right to the pharmaceutical industry and the state. Gun rights had no chance after that show of dominance by special interests in CA.

  12. I cannot wait for the sale of Olympic target pistol sales to go up due to people wanting to use them for home defense.

    Also, what does the firearms industry have to say? Remember when Ronnie Barrett told Cali he would not sell anymore to Cali. I wonder if more like that will follow.

  13. The Serenity Prayer applies to this situation:

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    In this case, the difference is clear. The people of California have elected the government they deserve.

    • I wonder if you’ll think the same of yourself once it’s your state being flooded by Democrat-voting immigrants, refugees and libtards.

        • Suppose your state was the last state to support the rights you enjoy. Suddenly, they vote to revoke them. Where will you move then?

        • You are probably right Anonymous. This will spread to other states. we are surrounded by Obama and Hillary voters. Elections have consequences.

        • We will be overrun by illegal immigrant who will obtain the right to vote. Our people may never win again. I will deal with that.

    • It logically makes no sense.

      If the US federal government decides you should be on the terrorist watch list because of a typographical error with no repeal, you deserve it, because the majority allowed it to happen.

  14. Which semi auto rifles are not considered “assault weapons” under AB 1135? Basically, does it ban any centerfire rifle with a detachable magazine, is the ban feature-based, or is it a list of banned models?

    • It’s features. I believe, any ONE feature. So, your Ruger Mini-14 is OK. Any scary black rifle with a pistol grip is not. Here’s the kicker. Not only can you not buy an AR-15 pattern rifle after Dec. 31, 2016 in the state, but if you already have one, you have to register it (again if bought after Jan. 1, 2014 when they started their long-gun registry) and when you die, you can’t leave it to your kids if they live in California.

      • Prediction. A letter will go out to all CA gun owners. You’ll have to sign saying you do not have a rifle with a bullet button. If you do pay 20 dollars and register it. If you lie (they know you have a rifle) the take ALL your arms and deny any gun our shades for ten years.

      • “(again if bought after Jan. 1, 2014 when they started their long-gun registry) ”

        That’s how they’ll know you have a gun they think you should register – but all of those not recorded in detail, before 2014, also must be registered.

        New subsection of 30900:
        “(b) (1) Any person who, from January 1, 2001, to December 31, 2016, inclusive, lawfully possessed an assault weapon that does not have a fixed magazine, as defined in Section 30515, including those weapons with an ammunition feeding device that can be readily removed from the firearm with the use of a tool, shall register the firearm before January 1, 2018, but not before the effective date of the regulations adopted pursuant to paragraph (5), with the department pursuant to those procedures that the department may establish by regulation pursuant to paragraph (5).”

        Jan 2001 was the effective date of guns with ‘features’ but the end of registration; ‘bullet buttons’ are now valueless with 30515 (b)
        “(b) For purposes of this section, “fixed magazine” means an ammunition feeding device contained in, or permanently attached to, a firearm in such a manner that the device cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.”

  15. While I am praying for a renewal of our country, I expect we need to water the tree if liberty to affect a real renewal.

    • That tree is pretty thirsty, and I’m relatively certain our forefathers would be watering it heavily if they were in our current predicament.

      • Yep. Although, I suspect that they would’ve been watering liberally long before now. Each year, liberty loving individuals find themselves further behind the eight ball.

        • You guys are delusional. There will be no watering of the tree of liberty. We are way past that. We are far outnumbered by people that watch the Kardashians and want transgender bathrooms.

        • I don’t think that the majority of Americans will fight for their own liberty. I think only a few will and it may very well be too late.

          If you aren’t a troll, try reading these posts a little closer next time. 😉

        • I’m not trolling you guys. I feel the same way you do. I just have what I think is a more realistic view of the folks outside our echo chamber. You know, the ones that elected Obama twice. Anyone that tries to water the tree of liberty will be put down like a rabid dog by our leviathan government.

        • You guys are delusional. There will be no watering of the tree of liberty. We are way past that. We are far outnumbered by people that watch the Kardashians and want transgender bathrooms.

          It really doesn’t take that many. I mean, I’m just being honest here, what the founders said about “watering the tree of liberty,” politicians today, would call that “domestic terrorism.” Once particular politicians understand that they might be “eliminated” when they follow the majority, they would think twice about what they think to pass. It really doesn’t take that many people to make that happen. I mean, not trying to freak people out, just trying to be honest here.

        • No Anonymouse. You will be reported as a threat and be put down like a dog by a hundred well armed men from the leviathan.

  16. Well I’m sorry to all my like minded friends who remain in Kalifornia. I saw the writing on the wall and made the jump and moved to Idaho last year (Effective today we in Idaho enjoy Constitutional carry). Unfortunately most of my friends can’t just pack up and move. You all need to find a way to get out before these laws go into effect. Battle lines are being drawn. Choose your side accordingly. If you move out of Kalifornia, please be kind, leave Cali in Cali.

  17. Time to stock up on steel 12 bore shot. I have enough of everything else that I’ll never need to apply for a license to buy ammo. I also have enough guns to last me the rest of my life. Never owned an EBR.

    And since belonging to the NRA and SAF seems a waste of resources I’ll not be renewing this year. I would encourage all the rest of the “abandoned” californians to also drop their memberships. No sense in spending money for no benefit.

    • In your case, the best investment would be renting. Renting a Uhaul and moving the hell out of that logic-forsaken state.

      “I’ve got what I need, so I don’t care” is how your state started down the path that led it to where it is today.

      • I started this fight in 68. The last few years I’ve seen a growing rift amongst gun owners. It goes along the lines of “I live in state X, sucks to be you, just move.” Which spells the end for 2a rights in America.

        There will be no civil war or revolution. The just move crowd run, they don’t fight.

        So I’m playing along with the Just Move crowd. Funds I send to the NRA and the SAF help to protect rights that I can’t enjoy because of my zip code.

        I don’t own and have never owned an EBR. But I’ve supported the right to own same. Why? So I can be told to move?

        • Excuses sir. Deal with the pluses and minuses of your state. I just sighted in my new rifle/scope off my front porch. But I’m soaking wet from the humidity. See. I deal with the pluses and minuses of my state and live life accordingly, without whining. And I never vote for a Democrat.

        • Bullshit. You’re a hillary supporter for sure. Come to gloat over another loss of freedom. I never vote democrat.

        • Incorrect. Anyone that disagrees with you is not automatically an oppositional troll.

        • Again. Bullshit. You’re posting under how many different names? You’ve claimed a couple of years back I called you a racist but you won’t say under which name you posted under then. You’re sniping, in true troll fashion, at me and FWW.

          You’re a troll. Plain and simple.

        • A multi tasking troll is still a troll. And I’m forced to assume that you’re a racist as charged or you wouldn’t be ashamed to say your name of that time.

          That, or your whole excuse for attacking me and FWW is a lie and it never happened.

          Either way, troll.

  18. just a thought, Gov Brown just criminalized All of the Legally owned Gun owners out there, and by previous laws allowed, the current guns out there, Everything is Illegal. Do you think Everyone is gonna turn their guns, magazines over because they passed these laws? NOPE. Idiotic.

  19. The worst part is the David Gregory exemption
    (a) For use solely as a prop for a motion picture, television, or video production.
    It’s not as if any functioning magazine is required for such production, but this way the Gregories of the World get to wave around magazines and not get arrested, while normal people do.

  20. Going to ID – never coming back – hope to be replaced by a dozen welfare sluts and some early prison releases.

    F Kalifornia

  21. The politicians that believe in the freedom of our nation need to call for a boycott of California. If our activist Supreme Court doesn’t step into enforce their own ruling it will be a very sad day for freedom and justice in America. I guess Texas doesn’t really need to follow SCOTUS abortion ruling. They just need to change their laws ever so slightly.

  22. Damn I want out of here so bad. You stinking FASCIST political hacks, should hang your heads in shame.

  23. I miss the fun things about CA, and my friends, but I dont miss actually living in California at all.

    $3k/month rent on an 1100sqft apt, absurd gun laws, utility bills, sales tax, insane DMV fees, traffic, and the total lack of “just out of school” jobs.

    Definitely never going back.

  24. Since SKS permits removal of the magazine without disassembling the firearm action, is it illegal in CA now?

    • You can open the bottom and drop the rounds out, but the mag is still attached to the firearm. To completely remove the magazine you need to remove the trigger guard area from the firearm. So it is considered a fixed mag. But I have no idea about the legality of the SKS and the new Komifornia law.

      My heart goes out to all those in that state. The NRA should really be working hard to limit states from passing imo unconstitutional laws. Instead of worrying about openly carrying everywhere.

    • A plain SKS should be fine because their 10rd mags aren’t removable without taking off the FCG; just no Tapco/Archangel stocks, or duckbill detachable magazines…. although a thumbhole stock would probably be ok. (I didn’t see any language banning bayonets either)
      But I’m sure they’ll find some way to ban them all once they notice the SKS-Loophole.

  25. After living in Ca for 30+ years, I have found that most of the people I have run into, are some of the smartest people i have met, yet they do not really understand the severity of these gun laws or the ramifications detrimental to the constitution, by letting “Adolf Brown” implement laws that are unconstitutional, sets a standard that will allow the government to strip other amendments til the Constitution is not even a memory. THIS IS THE PLAN RAMPING UP INTO THE NEW WORLD ORDER. WAKE UP AMERICA ! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I am a resident of CA. What you need to understanding and maybe not understand is this is really a tipping point. The goal is really not confiscation but Infringement! They have worked year after year on this. Each law that is passed keeps chipping away where it becomes more difficult to own a Firearm. The laws on the books now make it all most impossible to now own a gun. Such as CA Safe Handgun Roster which makes it impossible for manufactures to sell new handguns in CA. Now Semiautomatics rifles banned. Ammunition can no longer be purchase on line it has to go to an FFL. So no new handguns, no new rifles, no ammunition and that’s !! It over and people just say Fuck It. So what is the tipping point as new generations come along they cannot get into shooting because it is to much of a hassle. Since there is no new generations exposed to guns they will be perfectly OK with more resections. A Good example of the Gun Grabbers playbook is the way the government has went after Tobacco. Today Tobacco is hard to get and not social acceptable. So what is next as time goes on upcoming politicians will say if it has worked for CA then it will work for the rest of the USA and it is time for sensible reform and we need to repel the 2nd Amendment. Sure you can move to another state but the chipping will keep on coming. As I said before you need to be Politically Active by joining the NRA and FPC.

    • @JohnnyL I agree with what you are saying about “chipping away” at gun rights in California. Personally, I think the tyrants in Sacramento will work at driving shooting ranges out of business next.

  27. Normally I would say that I don’t care about this at all. California gets the government it deserves.

    However, in this case I will make an exception specifically due to the nature of one of these laws, specifically SB 1446.

    Putting the 2A aside for a moment, that law is an ex post facto law, specifically prohibited to be passed by Congress by Article 1, Section 9 and specifically prohibited to be passed by any state by Article 1, Section 10. That makes this a pretty big deal if it’s allowed to stand.

    Further, the law specifically states that the state will not reimburse any citizen for the cost of any magazine destroyed. That is a direct violation of the 5A in both that they are losing property without due process of law and that they are losing property without just compensation. Again, a big deal if it’s allowed to stand.

    Now, personally I could care less about the people of California. They have proven time and time again that they are, at best, semi-retarded children. They wantonly discard their own rights and therefore I have no time for them. I will not spend a dime nor a moment of my time in an attempt to help people who are self-destructive in this manner.

    This however, if allowed to stand, sets enormously dangerous precedents that can and will be expanded on by the Federal Government. This goes way beyond the 2A and strikes at the core of our Constitutional Republic. Therefore it cannot be allowed to stand.

    I see two possible solutions. The country can jettison California or this must be struck down. Any judge, at any level including the SCOTUS, that votes to uphold SB1446 should be removed from the bench immediately.

    • It was allowed in NY under the “Safe Act.” People had to sell their mags or move them out of state or turn them over to the police. They also had to register their “assault weapons.” Google the number of people that registered its funny.

      • New York is another state that I have written off, but I wasn’t aware they were required to turn in/destroy/get rid of mags over a certain size and that there was no option to grandfather current owners. Usually things like this require some sort of registration but grandfather people in specifically because the lawyers that advise the authors of such legislation know that it’s very unlikely for an outright blanket ban on current owners to survive a legal challenge.

        As for registration of certain types of rifles, while I oppose such laws I suspect a solid legal argument can be made for them based on previous SCOTUS rulings on the topic of firearms ownership. That said, no argument can be made for ex post facto laws or those that abridge the 5A/14A.

  28. Pro Guns to oregon and washington to make them more pro gun and drop the lost state commifornia to ocean/

  29. I read on that all cops actually support 2A. The police unions must have campaigned vigorously against these unjust laws… never mind, they didn’t. Instead they struck a deal with the politicians to support them in return for carve-outs for cops and… wait for it… retired cops.

      • Hahahahahahahahaha

        Why would they risk their fat taxpayer funded pensions for something as ridiculous as having a tiniest bit of decency and morality?


  30. Ever since Brown has been in office twice in the 70s has screwed California, now that he has 1 more term left he is determined to send California down the shitter. Brown is a fucking losser yes Brown you heard me right ASS hole of a governor n will go down as theee worst ever governor

  31. SB 880 and AB-1135 are identical bills from what I can tell.

    I am surprised by the ammunition one, as Brown has vetoed similar bills multiple times.

    AB-1511 looks to be even worse than it seems, as it requires, when loaning a firearm to the now small listof family members you may, not only that they have a handgun safety certificate, but that the handgun, if it be a handgun, be registered. CA doesn’t require a gun you already own to be registered per se, they have just stuck registration to the process of purchasing (handguns in 1923, private party handguns in 93, out of state import 98, rifles 2014). This would require “voluntary registration” to be able to loan it out

  32. Time to leave. Not to leave CA, per se, but time for all freedom-loving states to leave this failed union in the dust.

    • Absolutely. The rift between those who cherish their individual liberty and those who worship the State is too great.

      I hope that they get stuck with the NRA. 😀

  33. 1. A massive effort of multiple “GO-FUND ME ” pages should be set up to help Pro2@ folks escape the tyranny of the Authoritarian Government of California, and assist in lawsuits bought up against the “Police-State ” Regime for violations of our US Constitutional-Bill of Rights.

    2. Work with freedom loving politcians to 1st remove any weapons exemptions from Law Enforcement, and CA. Politicians security /bodyguard details.

    3. Work with freedom loving politcians to help construct criminal charges against Anti-Pro2@ /Bill of Rights Politicians who were the architects of theses Bills. Having them charged with many Civil rights violations, and treason.

  34. Woohoo!! We did it! We passed the perfect laws to stop all the violence in California! WOOOOOOOOO!!
    … wait…… you mean all that these laws will accomplish is an easier transition from an armed populace to an unarmed one?…… but… is that going to………………..stop the criminals and the terrorists?

    …wait, you mean that’s just the story they tell to get stupid people to support gun control?!!! WHAT!!!!!
    Ah yes friends, I loath the smell of infringement in the morning. Good job Democrats, good job Gub Brown!

    At least 80% receivers aren’t on the chopping block just yet, but bullet buttons are gone, sooooo does that mean purchasing and transferring say, an AR15 would no longer be possible in any form since the AWB removes our access to them? Good grief. Buying ammo will become another data point for the state on their ad hoc registry, since, if I buy ammo but don’t have a registered firearm, does that put me in the poopoo file? Do I become another name on the no fly/buy list because I refuse to allow the state to know what I buy?

    I weep for a Clinton presidency as she will take the crap sandwich from Hawaii law(adding gun owners to criminal list), and the smorgasbord of anti gun stinkers from Cali and make them national. Where to escape to, I wonder?

    Much love from Cali, shoot some ammo for me.

  35. The American south and Texas will resist. They have a history of resistance to federal intervention. Resistance comes in different forms. They are free states. Everyone has guns.
    Only the ruling class has guns in California. I know having a racially integrated ruling class makes it easier for socialist to accept.
    Soon all Marijuana will be legal in California. And then the utopia will be in the golden state. They will have the “freedom ” they crave so desperately. Sexual freedom they already have.
    What freedom means in California is different from what freedom means in any more conservative part of the country.

    The fact is the more conservative areas have few limits on guns.
    The more liberal areas have more limits on guns.

  36. I suppose this will result in more Californians moving to Oregon, where they will write letters to the editor saying Oregon should be more like the California they just left
    It’s bad enough that Bloomberg’s toadies rammed that stupid “universal background check” nonsense through Salem, now they will probably want this Cali crap pile passed too.

  37. Of course after Jerry Browns signs the bills for stricter gun control he runs off to Europe to avoid the public news media, law-abiding gun owners, and the NRA. The bad guys will always find ways to arm themselves with assault-type weapons. What happens when a disaster happens and all first responders are busy? Who will protect us against the bad guys with assault-type guns? i should learn how to throw knives =]

  38. As a French gun owner, I know what it means to see your gun rights to barely become gun privileges… so I can understand the frustration of Californian gun owners. And I have no doubt _they_ never wanted that, just like I never wanted France or the EU to ban guns…

    But somehow, I have to agree with “Another Two Months” here. Even if _we_ don’t want that, the majority of the state wants it and voted and elected the people to pass these kind of stupid laws. Californians did vote for them. My dad always told me to be a grown man and assume for my actions, all of them. Well, Californians should do too. Their actions to vote for Democrats and gun grabbers in the first place brought them to the civilian disarmament they are going through now. Causes and Consequences. If they don’t like it, they should definitely act and vote for people that would finally do something about it. That’s how it works in a Constitutional Republic with Democratically elected Representatives.

    And if gun grabbers do pass this kind of laws in California, it’s because they definitely know it’s the most appropriate state to do it. There’s a French saying: “How we make our bed we sleep”.

    For this exact reason, I will always prefer to keep my heart in Texas and would always vote and get active to be sure this kind of crap ever happen there.

    • The bill of rights wasn’t written to protect popular opinions, and is in place to prevent state laws from usurping civil liberties. Popular opinions don’t need protection. FUCK Another Two Month’s stance on this issue. It’s 100% spineless ignorant garbage, and is the exact type of apathetic thinking that lead to the most horrific events in history. The people of California have the right to bear arms just the same as anyone else. Civil rights are not something the state can give and take at will, they are God given at birth to every human being on EARTH. Fight it, CA.

      • Your living in a Conservative dream world. The Supreme Court is a life appointed dictatorship that votes according to popular opinion and always has. Example: The incarceration of Japanese American Citizens in WWII in American concentration camps. Laws that prohibited people from attending the school of their choice. Laws that prohibited minorities from living in White areas. Laws that prohibited people from sitting in any seat on a bus. Laws that prohibited inter-racial marriage. Laws that prohibited eating in the restaurant of ones choice.

        Fast forward: New law that makes it legal (Supreme Court Ruling) to ban any and all weapons by the Local or the State “Power Elite”. New law by the “Peoples Court” of the “Peoples Republic of California” which outlaws concealed carry as it was stated they are a direct threat to the “Power Elite” which are exempted from such law. New Law in “The Peoples Republic of Hawaii” registering all gun owners on the FBI Criminal Watch List which will make it legal to confiscate all registered guns on the flimsiest of excuses such as a minor traffic violation. New law from Komrade Jerry Jung Brown (close friend and confidant of Kim Jun Un) that outlaws possession of high capacity magazines for complete control over the Proletariat.

        In short the Constitution is a joke and always has been. It is a myth, a farce and a piece of fantasy that never existed.

        Ever wonder why the Second Amendment was written in such “vague terms”. The Founding Fathers left themselves room to ban all weapons if the Proletariat ever rose up against them which has come home to roost in modern times. Remember in the “Revolutionary Days” only the “Landed Gentry” could vote, women were also prohibited from voting as well as slaves. And they wanted to keep it that way.

  39. Evil, anti-American leftists. How do you stop a 10 cent plastic box with a spring? Unenforceable. Liberalism is a mental disorder. WATER THE TREE!

  40. The Supreme Court is a rabid joke in America. Recently they have defecated almost daily on the Second Amendment (nothing new of course) by upholding the banning of any and all weapons in relation to all the bans on the East Coast after Sandy Hook. They have now said concealed carry is not a Second Amendment right either. They will of course uphold our Dear Leader Komrade Jerry Jung Brown’s confiscation of all high capacity magazines. After all as one Political hack stated you would not have your rights violated with an ammo ban because all one really is entitled to is ownership of just one bullet, that’s enough for self defense. Of course our Komrades in the life appointed Dictatorship of the Supreme Court will heartily concur.


    Warmest regards on this 4th of July to Komrade Jerry Jung Brown of the “Peoples Republic of California” for banning all modern firearms. The dream of a world wide Socialist State lives and together I and Komrade Brown will bring order to the world and achieve complete control over the Proletariat. —Kim Jung Un.

  42. Apparently you sir, live in a bubble of like thinking morons that believes a gun is an can be evil! You have to know that the guns and it’s accessories are neither evil nor good; but, can be used for either. Banning guns is like banning matches to stop Wildfires! Do away with evil and bad peoples; especially when they tell you (the public) that they hate you and want to kill you. Make laws with a severe enough punishment for violence and murder and eventually you will make believers of people that would do evil, that there actions will bring swift and crushing reactions to them and all that are connected to them and their cause!
    It’s ignorant on your part to disarm the good and law abiding citizen (a citizen who if Not disarmed by your ignorance) could and would have come to you and your family’s aid to save you all from a would be murderer.
    Have you ever stopped to think what would our country look like if only bad and hateful people had guns? Your reasoning is faulty and you truly need to reread our constitutional rights and why our forefathers thought it wise to install them!!!

  43. The new law simply shows the 2nd Amendment is a joke and always has been. People in power want absolute power especially the crooked Supreme Court that even ignores its own prior Scalia Ruling. California generally leads the U.S. is what is coming whether it be civilized Socialist changes or draconian gun ban laws. Its amazing the Second Amendment has lasted this long in American History knowing the propensity of people in power to enslave those under them.

    The lower California courts even ruled this past summer that concealed carry was not a right because it threatened the police who protect them. In other words only the Power Elite have the right to protection by firearms and you the proletariat are expendable. You cannot get any more blatantly anti Second Amendment than that.

    On the East Coast the Sandy Hook Assault Weapons ban was ruled by the Supreme Court as lawful which actually paved the way for the California ban so do not think the law can be appealed its already been ruled legal with the Sandy Hook ruling.

    • Pretty much.

      Being realistic, this is the outcome with any strong, large central government. Rights become privileges and then privileges are taken away. IMHO, our nation has rotted to the core so much that restoration of true liberty is not possible by typical reform. It will require vast changes in a relatively short amount of time. All of these people who want to enforce current gun laws, are content with what they have, and are afraid their roads will not be paved are never going to allow restoration. Those of us who understand real freedom are basically screwed.


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