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No, the fact that a big box retailer — or any other seller of firearms — is complying with state and federal regulations governing firearms sales isn’t really breaking news. It happens every single day across the country, tens of thousands of times.

Unless, of course, you’re a coastal media type who takes only infrequent forays into the interior where the rest of America lives.

Take, for example, the recent experiences recounted by Business Insider retail reporter Hayley Peterson. As a follow-on to the non-controversy of some Walmart stores selling guns after El Paso, she thought chronicling the process of actually buying a firearm would make for a good story.

She probably had visions of reporting the scandalous ease with which any toothless yahoo can waltz into his local Wally World, make his way past the fishing lures and motor oil and walk out of the store with a weapon of war.

It didn’t go quite as she expected.

The selection of guns was limited compared with nearby gun stores, which offered dozens of different kinds of firearms, including handguns.

As anyone who’s been in a Walmart sporting goods department can tell you, there are no AK-47s, Desert Eagles or M249s on display there. All Peterson found after her journey to the store in Chesterfield, Virginia were a few hunting rifles and shotguns in a locked case.

And as for those federal regulations, Walmart’s corporate sales policy is far more strict that the law requires.

In prepared remarks last week, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon outlined some other Walmart gun-sales policies that go beyond federal requirements.

For example, Walmart last year raised the minimum age to purchase a gun or ammunition to 21. Walmart also sells a firearm only after receiving a “green light” on a background check, while federal law requires only the absence of a “red light” after three business days, he said.

“We videotape the point of sale for firearms, only allow certain associates to sell firearms, and secure firearms in a locking case with individual locks, among other measures,” McMillon said.

So not only does Walmart comply with all of the applicable state and ufederal laws governing the sale of guns, its own polices are more restrictive than necessary, refusing to sell to anyone under 21. And if the FBI NICS system fails to come back with a decision in the required three days, they still won’t sell the firearm (as they’re allowed under the law).

But then . . .

…I had only just finished printing my name when she stopped me and asked whether the address on my license matched my home address. I had moved since I obtained my license, and the addresses didn’t match.

That was a problem, she said.

To pass the background check, I would need to bring in a government-issued document with my correct address, such as a bill from a state-owned utility or a car registration. (I have never bought a gun, so I wasn’t aware of this.)

She apologized, told me the rules were strict around background checks, and asked me to come back another time to finish the purchase.

And what did our intrepid scribe conclude from her expedition to Wally World to shine a light on their gun sales process?

Overall, the experience left me with the impression that buying a gun at Walmart is more complicated than I expected, and that Walmart takes gun sales and security pretty seriously.

Huh. That’s not going to do much to advance the narrative that our sieve-like background check system needs a radical reformation.

Peterson no doubt believed that buying a gun in America is all too easy…because all of the smartest people at the Washington Post and the Brady Campaign told her so.

Senator Spartacus won’t be happy about Peterson’s report at all.

As she found, it’s almost as if there’s already a maze of very strict state and federal laws governing the sale of these tools. A series of hoops and hurdles that law-abiding individuals must navigate before they can exercise a constitutional right.

She also found that retailers who sell these highly regulated and heavily taxed items take the process — and their legal obligations — very seriously.

A Walmart spokesman said my experience supported what the company has said about the sales of firearms in its stores.

“In areas of the country where we sell firearms, we have a long-standing commitment to do so safely and in a compliant manner,” the spokesman, Randy Hargrove, said.

About the only person who seems to have been surprised by any of this was one Hayley Peterson. And maybe some gun control advocates and politicians, most of whom are blissfully ignorant of what it takes to actually buying a gun.



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    • So a lady who knows nothing about and has no guns drives out of her way to buy a gun (not any PARTICULAR gun, not one she’s tried or researched or anything, or even one for any particular stated purpose, just “a gun”)?

      That’s sounds suspiciously like someone who is on the verge of snapping and just wants “a gun” to go shoot… what… minorities? gays? children? congressional baseball games?

      I think we need a red flag over here.

      • Calm down, comrade. If you’re unsatisfied with your state-provided wife, we’ll supply you with another one.

      • I’m around a lot of women who buy, shoot, trade and use guns.

        This women has the look of a desk jockey who doesn’t carry herself as someone who gets outdoors much, nor does she look like she’s a particularly happy person (from several other pictures available on the ‘net).

        So, merely from her photos, the first two questions I have if she were coming to buy a gun from me are:

        1. Is she a straw buyer? The red flag is that she’s very young, and looks like someone who isn’t used to being around guns.

        2. Is she thinking of harming herself, because she doesn’t look all that happy, and she has serious signed of fatigue under her eyes, which someone of her age should not.

        Then, coupled with her desire to just “buy a gun” — that’s three issues that would make me ask a lot more questions before she fills out a 4473. My first instinct would be to find out if she’s a straw buyer…

        • “…and she has serious signed of fatigue under her eyes, which someone of her age should not.”

          That’s what happens when Orwell’s ‘Two Minute Hate’ goes on without interruption for 3 years (and counting) running.

          It takes a visible toll on a body. She’ll be hagged-out by the time she hits 40 and is looking for husband number 3… 😉

        • Yep. Geoff, you’ve got your assessment quite correct.

          I’m noticing a lot of lefties looking positively haggard, run-down, lots of complains of inability to sleep. For these people, politics is their religion, their lifestyle, their reason for even living.

          Trump is living rent-free in these people’s heads, and it taking a serious toll on these people. This young woman (who is far too young to be a “senior” anything in any organization, which gets us to the inexperience and ignorance now inherent in most press organizations) shows it. In the photo above; she looks haggard, yet we can see from the lack of wrinkles, her hair, the skin around her lips, that’s she’s actually a young woman. Her eyes and the bags under her eyes make her look haggard.

          As I get more medical training, I’m learning to spot these sorts of people. Chronic alcohol consumption is something that can make a young person old before their time – some of the liberal females I know are polishing off a 750 mL bottle of wine almost every night to “get to sleep” and after two years of this, it is showing its toll on them. They’re not even 25. College has ruined some of these young women by filling their heads with stupid, idiotic nonsense. It’s rather sad, actually.

    • Well, she writes as well as whoever put together the phrase; “what it takes to actually buying a gun.” 🙂
      Not that I’m a grammar nazi, but while we’re on the subject of how well educated journalists today are…..

      • I was mostly referring to an education as to purchasing a firearm but, alas you are correct J-school and Lord knows there’s too many of them are mediocre at best. The subject of ethics as applied to the profession is given scant coverage.

      • Well, while we are on the “I’m not a grammar nazi”, Zimmerman’s continued use of Spanglish and using ‘more’ instead of ‘er’ or ‘est’.

        His phrase ‘more strict’ is like nails on a chalk board. We are going to be ‘more strict’ or stricter?

        The worst is when you hear ‘more better’.

  1. Well to quote Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”! All you need to do is print the truth. You can’t buy a gun from a dealer at a Gun Show without the check. The same goes for online sales contrary to what some Senators think and some of those Senators are not severe gun control advocates. Online sellers will only ship the gun to a licensed dealer AFTER seeing a certified copy of their Federal Firearms License. That FFL holder will run the background check.

    • As everyone who has ever bought a gun before well knows.
      But, in the fantasy world that lots of ‘experts’ exist in today, one little glimpse of actual reality shocks them terribly. I would imagine that it rocks the very foundations of the meticulously constructed, teeny little mental box that they live in.
      Little wonder that this particular snowflake appears so dazed and confused.

      • “this particular snowflake appears so dazed and confused.”

        Where do you get this impression? She clearly and accurately reported her experience at Walmart, and did not express confusion.

        “Overall, the experience left me with the impression that buying a gun at Walmart is more complicated than I expected, and that Walmart takes gun sales and security pretty seriously.”

        She made an accurate and on point summation of her experience and there was no hyperbole or confusion in the statement.

        So a female reporter for a liberal news outlet accurately reports her findings regarding gun sales at Walmart and then sums it up in a reasonable description of her experience, yet the POTG on this forum somehow find fault with this story and her actions?

        What a bunch of drama queens, just looking to be offended so they can polish their narrative of victimhood.


        • You assume that she went into this project expecting to find exactly what she found.
          Yet, that expectation goes against everything the “news” media tells us; they expect to sell the idea that guns are easier to get hold of than books.
          I’m fairly sure the whole process surprised her; she had to visit more than one store to even find someone who could actually sell her a gun. Then, she discovered that it took two people to ensure the rules were followed. On top of that, she didn’t have the proper required ID to buy a gun.
          What was she to do? The whole process went against everything she expected to see. So she did what she could, and reported what she found; she had to report something.
          To think that she went into this project expecting to find what she found is absurd.

        • So the “Myth” about how easily guns may be purchased has been slightly deflated. By ONE reporter/newsie/journalist.

          Now if we could just get even vaguely similar reporting or coverage from ABC, NBC, CNN, 60 Minutes et. al., it would force a national dialog that would expose the democratic-socialist lies.

          No gun-show unchecked purchases? What?
          No sales without proper identification and addresses? What?
          No straw purchases (on pain of felony conviction)? What?
          No felony conviction background? What?
          No out-of-state handgun purchase? What?
          No illicit or illegal drugs? What?
          No restraining or abuse orders? What?
          No purchase at pawn stores without NICS check? What?
          No exporting firearms without authorization (up to 1 million $ fine and up to 20 years) What?
          No purchase by nonimmigrant alien or illegal immigrants? What?
          And more . . . .

          You mean these things are actually ALREADY covered? Well HELL YES!

          And far too many are not even aware!

      • I was referring to the fact that the information she “discovered” is so obvious and readily available, that any 5th grader could have easily learned it online.
        The fact that a ‘journalist’, with, at a minimum, a 4- year degree, was surprised that the 20 year old statute was followed, shows an ignorance befitting a first grader, and not a college graduate. Such brainless booberie brings to my mind the old “T” shirt saying: “Yesterday I couldn’t spell “College Graduate”, and today I are one”.
        But yeah, its always interesting to see the depths that people will sink to in order to vilify others. It speaks volumes about their character.

        • “its always interesting to see the depths that people will sink to in order to vilify others.”

          Boy, you can say that again…

          But back on point, where did she express outrage? I see no mention of that in her article, yet you cited her outrage. Why do you need to think she was outraged?

        • I read it as that she was more disappointed than outraged that her preconceptions were not substantiated by her brief foray into factual, field research. I give her kudos for having the integrity to not outright fudge (lie) about her findings in order to blindly support the MSM’s anti-firearm stance. It is possible that a knowledgeable firearms Instructor could introduce her to a better understanding of our Constitution and all that it encompasses as far as personal Rights and liberties.

          Yea, I’m a half-full kind of guy as long as people make an honest attempt to meet me halfway.

        • Miner 49er:
          I never said anything about “outrage”. I said in the photo she looked to be “dazed and confused”. Reading comprehension. It’s a thing…
          OFC, you could also be doing a strawman. Which is it? Are you rewording what I said to make it easier for you to attack, or is your ability to read really that poor?

  2. She learned what most of us know: Wal-mart customer service sucks (no easy way to see FFL stores on their website, it takes forever for someone to come to the sporting goods dept – that said I was surprised but not shocked they literally wouldn’t sell any guns because their staffing sucks on a particular day, and they have poor selection). She also learned that Walmart has anti-2nd amendment policies (21+). They have good ammo prices for retail. And they follow what every other FFL has to do.

  3. Per the article: “Over an hour and a half, I placed more than a dozen calls to multiple stores, waited on hold for a combined 40 minutes, and got through to a human only three times.”

    If you thought that was bad, just wait until the minimum wage is doubled!

  4. “On my way to the department, I walked past shelves of school supplies, the toy department, and the bike shop.” In the same store as GUNS?!? Scary stuff!!! What about the children?!?

    This is a very entertaining read.

    • So on her way to begin the process of buying a highly regulated firearm, she walked past an aisle where Walmart will sell a high-speed, bipedal vehicle of death to any parent (or child!) who can cough up less than $100. Then the child who acquires this vehicle can subsequently ride it out into traffic and get run over, denting up the car that hits them in the process.

      How many kids on bicycles are run over every year? And how well do mandatory helmet laws keep them from being squished?

      • ~10 kids (0-15) are killed every year in bicycle accidents and about 300 are seriously injured. (Numbers are from 2016). Clearly we need bike control. Those spinning wheels of death should be locked in a cage.

        • I always see kids in bike helmets these days….

          wonder how we survived to reach adulthood without them…

        • RedOwl:

          Are your quoted numbers for a particular State or for the USA at large?

          Nationally, the numbers are more like an average of 100 children killed annually with more than 250,000 injured while riding bicycles.*

          * source: Stanford Children’s Health

    • She’s a “journalist” on assignment. She was told to write the story, and include X number of words (no, I didn’t count them).
      I remember having to write essays in school that were 500 words long, and not using contractions and adding extraneous stuff to pad the essay to that number of words. Exactly.
      She did the same thing.
      Not surprising. I’ve read any number of “news” stories where the writer did the exact same thing.

  5. So she attempted to buy a dangerous weapon with documents that incorrectly listed her address?

    We need to red flag her for being deceptive.

  6. Her editor probably gave her the funds to make the purchase and she probably wasn’t purchasing for herself so it was likely a straw purchase.

    • And if she was going to buy a firearm for herself, what was she going to do with it, afterwards?

      Try to return it?
      Sell it, privately, to get rid of it?
      Take a loss for journalism’s sake?
      Would she have stored it in a safe with a trigger lock and wrapped in chains?

    • Actually just heard on the news that Ruthie Bad Girl has been undergoing treatment for a tumor on her pancreas since August 5 th.,now that’s News.

      • Last time it was an issue with lung cancer. Now it’s chemo for a pancreatic tumor.
        We’re supposed to believe a long-term problem like this isn’t terminal and the cancer isn’t spreading. From what I understand pancreatic cancer is terminal and it looks like another Trump SCOTUS nomination is forthcoming – along with the inevitable wailing and gnashing of Libtard teeth.

        • I’ve witnessed pancreatic cancer kill someone within months of being diagnosed…Is not a peaceful way to go at all.

          If Doc’s gave me that news I would have to think about checking out of the net by my own hand vs riding it out.

        • “checking out of the net by my own hand vs riding it out”
          Interesting that you would put it that way. Have you read Jack Chalker’s, “Wonderland Gambit” series of books? If not, I’ll bet you’d enjoy them.

        • “If Doc’s gave me that news I would have to think about checking out of the net by my own hand vs riding it out.”

          Ruthie won’t walk that road.

          She will ‘take one for the team’ and suffer for as long as possible, just to deny Trump the chance to replace a dedicated Leftists with a ‘Federalist Society’ chosen replacement…

  7. Thanks for highlighting an article I presented yesterday. Now focus on the one i presented today. From Michigan Court of Appeals. Positive firearms news is much better than democrat Cant i dates.

  8. Maybe she should just come on over to the “People’s Republic of M Assachusetts”…So she can experience some real roadblocks infringing on one’s constitutional rights. Just thank YOUR (UN) friendly local police (STASI) department and the MA. state police. Just makes you warm and fuzzy thinking that the Nazi S.S. is still at large…

  9. Yup, she got an education alright. Both on what us law abiding folks deal with to buy a gun from a store and that Walmart requires extra effort and time to deal with. Most any local gun shop has the process down better.

    Walmart is not the place to buy guns. Used to be better but that’s years ago. Back when they sold more variety including handguns and Modern Sporting Rifles. I remember that in a Walmart near me. It was a long wall display case with many guns in it. The glass countertop cases in front had a couple dozen handguns. There was another case with all sorts of knives from little pocket knives to big Bowie knives, gutting knives, the works. All that’s gone, the area layout completely redone.

    While their retail ammo prices are good I find if I watch for sales at Cabelas and Bass Pro, they beat Walmart easily.

    Had she simply gone to a local gun shop she may not have even gotten as far as discovering her identification wasn’t good enough to bother running the background check. Had she asked for the cheapest gun, a great many LGS’s would ask her more questions. One of which could have been “Why are you really here?”

    About finding a Walmart that does sell guns, the ATF website where you can download lists of FFLs:

    Problem, the most recent list I found for my state was from 2017. So not exactly up to date info. In any case none of the Walmarts near me were still selling guns in 2017. The closest was 40 miles away.

  10. I read her article the other day. She DESPERATELY wanted something to be outraged about. She ended up getting outraged that there was nothing to get outraged about.

    • Tommy, you say:

      “She DESPERATELY wanted something to be outraged about. She ended up getting outraged that there was nothing to get outraged about.”

      What exactly did her article say to make you feel she was “desperate” and “outraged”?

      She clearly and accurately related her experiences at Walmart regarding Hank gun purchases. The article never mentions desperation or outrage.

      She’s a female reporter for a liberal news outlet and she accurately reported her experiences at Walmart, what is the problem?

      According to everyone on this forum, this story would’ve never been printed because it doesn’t fit the so-called ‘narrative’ of the anti-gunners showing how easy it is to get a gun. Instead, it’s an excellent example of responsible journalism, relating exactly the facts regarding the situation.

      I think the only narrative being damaged by this story is that of the victimhood of the poor little gun owners, attacked by the lies of the liberal media.

  11. Hillary Clinton has backed banning ammo purchases as a way to restrict gun ownership since confiscating 300 million guns might just cost the Government way too much money to implement even though they naturally would not give gun owners a dime for the turn in. It would also be implemented as an excellent plan to drive all gun companies and ammo companies out of business thereby cutting off the supply of weapons for sale to the general public. Banning the importation of foreign made ammo and weapons would be next except of course to the police and military which of course would have to shoot on sight the few gun owners that did not give up their weapons due to State gun bans thereby bypassing any needed Federal Laws to ban gun ownership letting Congressmen off the hook while skidmarks they give a wink and a nod to the States to make the “hillbillies” turn in everything including their muzzle loaders and bows and arrows as well. White Suburbia, largely gun less, and composing 64 per cent of the population of the U.S. will be cheering the Congressmen on for as many gun and ammo bans as possible.

    During the New York bans on guns and ammo they seriously discussed allowing people to only own 1 round of ammo per a persons life time. This most generous offer was only done to claim they were not taking away a persons right to self defense.

    Many European counties have banned hand loading and Britain has long limited ammo to 1 box of 22 rim fire per year. Expect the same restrictions to be proposed for U.S. gun owners and soon.

    Norway this year is confiscating all semi- auto rifles and of course with no compensation because of a terrorist attack with a Ruger Mini-14 rifle some years ago that slaughtered almost 100 people. The terrorist was a Norwegian citizen and a Right Wing maniac that hated Muslims. He killed Christians though probably because he knew a large group of them would be camped out on the Island he assaulted. To him one religious person was the same as another religious person regardless of which religion they belonged to.

    Of course this slaughter in Norway was a drop in the bucket to the many mass killings in the U.S. where Republican stingy greed mongers have constantly refused to fund mental health care or Federal funding for school buttpluguards or security systems. To the Republicans spending any money is solely reserved to fund the Military for more wars of rape , pillage and conquest or filling their own pockets with millions of tax dollars stolen from the normal tax base and then paying for it by killing off American citizens with less health care and social security payments as the proletariat are considered expendable.

    In November with the blue wave coming expect most if not all semi-auto weapons to be a thing of the past and of course ammo restrictions as well and the cost of ammo to rise to astronomical levels with new ammo taxes and fees for endless government paperwork and waiting periods for ammo that could extend to weeks if not months and ditto for small arms as well.

    With the well founded mass hysteria over weekly rivers of blood flowing in the schools there has been no better time in U.S. History with a panicked and enraged citizenship for the final and big push to not only pass firearms and ammo restrictions but to make it well known that the Courts bowing to public pressure will not even consider any Second Amendment rights as they have already done that last summer with the refusal to rule on the banning of semi-auto rifles in Maryland. Gun owners were just to damn dumb to realize the significance of this ruling when it happened but not the anti-gun crowd who correctly predicted what was soon to come. California now is about to confiscate semi-auto’s and restrict ammo sales, Massachusetts has by decree banned semi-auto rifles with no laws passed making it legal to do so but the courts gave the blessing to this and Maryland of course got the greed light for the permanent ban on semi-auto rifles. Anti-gun bills are now being drawn up in other States across the country with semi-auto handguns on the latest hit list for obliteration. Anti-gunners are on a Nationwide roll now and nothing is beyond their agenda because of the support of outraged parents and panicked children vowing to spend the rest of their lives banning every gun they can and with 4 million of them eligible to vote in Novembers elections expect an avalanche of young people at the polls standing right next to their parents supporting them.

    Yes if the NRA and Gun Owners had sponsored safe storage laws which would have prevented many school shootings by deranged children simply picking up their parents guns and committing mass murder and if the NRA has sponsored universal back ground checks when the Brady Bill was first passed and the Republicans had not refused to fund Mental Health Care we as gun owners would not be in the last days of gun ownership in the U.S. But all was lost because by refusing to do anything gun owners are now about to lose everything much to the cheers of the anti-gun people and the power mad Politicians which include many Republicans who have secretly wanted to disarm the people for decades. Now they all have their chance to do so and they are not about to miss out on this golden opportunity.

    • “The terrorist was a Norwegian citizen and a Right Wing maniac that hated Muslims. He killed Christians though…” Leave it to those right wing Muslim haters to murder Christians.

      • I knew if I waited long enough today one of you bigoted Muslim haters and Right WiNg racists would start going paranoid on Islam. Well stick this up your behind and contemplate it.


      • TO DUDE

        Notice the long post was not mine but the fake Vlad, notice he does not have my moniker in fact he has none.

      • When the boy was in the seventh grade he was coming home from school with bruises and lacerations, once a week. I thought he was being bullied, so I had a talk with the school principle. I found out, he was picking fights with a little girl in the third grade. He had 35 pounds and plenty of reach on her, but every time they tangled she would tear him apart. That was when he decided that self-defense was a myth. And, he began to identify as Captain Chaos aka Butters.
        He would come home from school, bleeding and crying, and wrap himself up in aluminum foil. He would sit in his room, for hours, shrieking and cursing and making detailed plans for revenge. Now, he shuts himself up in the bathroom and crouches next to the toilet, shrieking and cursing and making detailed plans for gun control.

        • You know? I am REALLY getting to like “Vlad’s Dad”!

          The early learning (mis)adventures of a misogynist. Sure explains the “drivel factor” — AND he made it out alive (or mostly so).

          Is there some level of membership outrage that triggers elimination? Or are we having way-too-much-fun at poor ‘ol Vladies expense?

    • Jesus Christ Vlad, are you paid by the word ? I wouldn’t read that f**king wall of text regardless of your point of view.

      • Vlad doesn’t work (like all Communists) so he has ample time to post his drivel that no one reads. Whenever I see his name at the beginning of a post, I just skip to the next one. I advise everyone to do the same and to never reply to him directly. Perhaps he will eventually go back to the “mother land.”

      • T0 Jabberwockey

        Most Jethro’s either suffer from attention deficit disorder or never learned how to speed read. I know 6th graders that could have read that all in less than 1 minute and retrained it and understood the contents.

        • Shakespeare wrote “Brevity is the soul of wit.”
          but by all means Vlad please continue flooding this forum with a tidal wave of shit.

        • This is all my fault. When the boy was young he wanted to sign up for swimming lessons. I told him I would teach him to swim myself. I also told him that the water is the most dangerous part of swimming, so he would have to practice in an empty pool first. And I started him out with diving. After he woke up, cross eyed and bleeding, I told him to get back on the diving board and do it again. And. He. Did. I feel bad about the brain damage, but damn it was funny to watch him go at it. He always was a little on the slow side anyway.

        • That should be “retained it” not “retrained it”, Vladster. You don’t proofread very well before you post. You flunked English 100 this time. No after school treats for you.

    • Speaking of “mass hysteria”…getting a bit desperate there Vladdie mi boyo?

      Either your meds ran out (again) or the check from Bloomberg came in…you have been positively vomiting your bile onto these pages the last few days. Mildly entertaining, definitely not informative, in that your stated “facts” are usually bloviated results of your projected dark fantasies (you’d remove {assassinate} gun owners if you had the chance…wouldn’t you?)

      • He is a Russian Troll. You can tell by his use of memes found in Soviet/Russian propaganda. I also think it’s more than one person

        • Moniker means the text, the written name of some one or thing. The thumbnail (AKA: tiny picture…) is known online as an “Avatar”. Strange how someone who acts the expert on all subjects managed to miss something so basic.

        • The boy’s mother was addicted to self-help books. When he was very young, she started dragging him off to any mental health charlatan who would give them an appointment. He learned that he could get a lot of attention by pretending that he was several different people who argued with himself/themselves constantly. With the prescriptions and the “therapy” it just got worse and worse. I realize I should have just taken a belt to him when he started obsessing over his mother’s unmentionables, but she encouraged him. I just gave up.

        • Knute(ken) says:
          August 23, 2019 at 19:14
          quote—————Moniker means the text, the written name of some one or thing. The thumbnail (AKA: tiny picture…) is known online as an “Avatar”. Strange how someone who acts the expert on all subjects managed to miss something so basic.———-quote

          Well you just discovered something you obviously missed by a mile and that is that no 25 year old would have made such a mistake. But do not feel bad the rest of the Jethro’s did not catch that truth either.

    • VLad tepes
      You do know that President Obama supplied some of the guns used in the Paris France terrorist attacks, correct???

      They traced the serial numbers to the point of sale and the sale date. All during the Obama administrations time in office.

      • Chris, very interesting theory.

        “You do know that President Obama supplied some of the guns used in the Paris France terrorist attacks, correct???

        They traced the serial numbers to the point of sale and the sale date. All during the Obama administrations time in office.”

        By your logic, President Trump supplied the weapons used in the El Paso, Sunderland Texas, Parkland, Dayton and Orlando shootings.

        So I would say to you, you do realize that President Trump supplied guns for more mass killing, right?

        The actual fact is that an American gun owner sold those guns to terrorists, who then transported them to Paris for their use in a terrorist action.

        Those guns weren’t sold by Obama, they were purchased originally buy some American POTG, who then sold them to terrorists to be used to kill innocent people.

    • Dear plaid tepid,
      Your entire rant was completely irrelevant to anything pertaining to this story. Pleas refrain from going off topic.
      Thank you,
      The rest of the people who use the site.

  12. Reality challenges the mentally deficient Leftard mind,oh but it is easier to purchase a firearm than a prescription,not in the real world.

  13. I wish she had completed the process only to be rejected for a misdemeanor marijuana conviction that she failed to acknowledge on Form 4473.

    • lol.

      TBH, it’s sad that even exists… because it’s not the case for DUI’s, unless it is criminal, and even then you can fight it and still retain your rights. The definition of “criminal” and “law abiding” have a fine line, almost like “treason” and “politics”.

  14. Unless they live in bubbles (which of course they do) they all know the process by now and that their call for background checks is completely groundless.

    I want to see an intrepid investigative journalist go purchase a gun from D’wayne at his grandmas house.
    It’s always easy and safe news. Long gone are they days of going undercover to get the real stories nobody ever talks about.

  15. 1. She’s never bought a gun before.
    2. She’s never been to wal-mart.
    3. She can’t appreciate the Thunder Dome nostalgia experience from a trip to wally world.

    But seriously, I give her props for not making her experience something it wasn’t!

  16. Local idiots aka “city media” push the idea that you can just walk in and buy guns in Australia as well. They ignore the fact you haven’t been able to since 1996. They usually ignore every fact about firearms.

    Meanwhile local radio is running ads for two new gun shops that opened this year in my rural area.

    • The Australian Greens at every opportunity will say how easy it is to buy guns in Australia but don’t provide any details when pressed on how.

      The actual process to get a license is already several months long. And you can’t buy guns until your storage has passed inspection. Then you apply for a permit to acquire to start purchasing guns, but in those categories you are licensed for.

  17. Poor dumb baby…welcome to WallyWorld😄I won’t even buy ammo there let alone a gat. Mainly it’s a 20 minute wait finding someone old enough to open a case. The nearest WallyWorld selling guns is only carrying a few hunting rifles and shotgun’s now…why bother?

  18. The following comments strike me as appropriate here:

    1. Walmart acted within the requirements of the law.
    2. The reporter was not properly prepared, and was seemingly ignorant of presumably well known requirements.
    3. The seeming ignorance of Walmart employees, even minimum wage people is difficult to excuse. Of course, that is Walmart’s fault, as they are Walmart employees.

  19. and good job, Hayley Peterson, for reporting honestly and actually putting truth in peoples’ laps rather than burying the story because it’s anti-narrative.

  20. I think all the Jethro Bodines are ignoring the obvious facts and that is that Walmart is doing a way better job of vetting guns than the Feds often do.

    The 21 year old qualification is long past due for the Federal Government to pass and Hertz rent a care will not rent a car to anyone under 25 years of age because their research has shown beyond all doubt people younger than this are not responsible enough to be trusted to rent a car and not wreck it or kill themselves. I think 25 years old to purchase a gun is long over due as well and an excellent idea as the Hertz research has already proven how worthwhile an idea that is.

    • so… 25 should also be the driving age then? How about drinking? Because even 55 year olds fuck up rental cars, and drink and drive. How about instead of just changing the age… we actually teach them responsibility? Like better driving classes and harder tests. Out of pocket $$’s to get them in the first place. The average DUI age nationwide is 30, with, yes, more occurring at younger ages, but again, teaching to be responsible could also change that, and already is. Plus, it’s not like those numbers are astronomically drastic from age groups. There is less than 5% difference, which is probably the same with regular vehicle incidents as well. What about countries that have lower legal ages for both those things, and their stats do not reflect the way our do? Like Germany. You should look up their DUI laws. Did you know you can drink if you are a passenger? The UK also allows drinking in public in most places. But lets get serious… what about your motherland… Russia? How goes their driving and drinking? lol. What about their statistics? Shit, how about their terrible driving laws in general and rules of the road… You criticize America so much, yet here you are and here you will remain. People like you act like you have all the answers, but in reality, all you do is complain. You could be on a tropical island with 4 billion Euro’s every year for the rest of your life and still complain. You are all for banning things and making things harder to obtain, instead of actual information and knowledge being obtained. Everything you advocate fucks one side or the other. Plain and simple.

      Lastly, I’ll bet your childhood sucked. You must’ve been a party pooper all the way into your 30’s… that is, assuming you had any friends.

      • to B.D. (Buticous Dickous)

        quote—————-The average DUI age nationwide is 30, with, yes, more occurring at younger ages, but again, teaching to be responsible could also change that,———quote

        You just burned your own ass on that one besides having flunked out in Sociology and Psychology if indeed you ever hand any of those classes. Obviously you have not. Nor are you aware of the latest study proving people 25 or less in years were proven to have not fully matured brains. No shit we could see that in the accident rate and the trouble that group has often gotten themselves into for decades. Now its just been medically proven.

        Try again Buticous Dickous your out of your league.

        • How can you critique one’s education with so many grammatical errors?

          Honestly, that was fucking cringeworthy just trying to read. You are not fooling anyone Vlad. I can hear you pounding on your keyboard and cursing trying to find names to call someone so you feel superior. It’s sad.

          Why don’t you just do us all a favor and get your killing spree over with.

    • Vlad Tepes, if you are the real of the two Vlads, all these restrictions you place on firearms also need to be placed on voting.

      If “beyond all doubt people younger than (25) are not responsible enough to be trusted to rent a car” then they sure as heck are not ready to choose the ‘leaders’ of this country.

  21. If you can’t be trusted with firearms or automobiles before 25, anyone with a handle like Vlad Tepes is obviously under 25 and / or living in his mother’s basement, so therefore can’t be trusted to post online.

    • So how dear racist is my handle any different than say using Alexander the Great or Caesar or Robin Hood or George Washington that have all been used as a handle and those people never had the same sort of racist diatribes used against them.

      Perhaps dear Jethro Bodine you should look up the history of Vlad Tepes as it would make you realize how foolish and ignorant your post was.

      And by the way most young people like you do not even know who he was. The older folks know though.

      • You compare someone like George Washington with Caesar and Alexander the great? lol…. wow.

        None of the “leaders” you mention have the same reputation for cruelty as your chosen hero. Fool.

        And racist? Really? lol… There was literally nothing racist about his statement. Did you see your mom in the article the other day and are still angry about her exposing your meal tickets?

        Also, there is this thing called the internet, where people of any age can research. I did it the first time you switched your name to Vlad, and it was obvious to me then how naive you are, just like it is to 99% of the folks here now. You are not fooling anyone with your Dracula infatuation.

        • To B.D. ( Buticous Dickous)

          quote——————–None of the “leaders” you mention have the same reputation for cruelty as your chosen hero. Fool————-quote

          Look you ignorant Hill Jack I majored in history and you are the fking fool. If you do not think any of these leaders were cruel look up Alexander the Great some time or the many people Caesar tortured and slaughtered.

          When it comes to history you have proved many times who is the real fool. Give up Jethro its to late for you to go back and pass history classes.

        • Now this is the boy’s mother’s fault. She taught him that he could win any debate/argument by cursing at, insulting and ridiculing his opponent. She also taught him to make up the craziest lies imaginable, and insist they were the gospel truth.

        • You flunked English 101, though, Vladster. It should be “too late” not “to late”. No after school treats for you.

        • Vlad: You are pathetic. I literally stated that those people were what you claimed, but in no way comparable to George Washington, and not even close to your “Vlad the impaler”.

          You did not major in anything. You can’t even type in a comment section without getting butthurt over nothing and resulting to trollish insults once you are proved wrong.

          Just do us all a favor, and get your killing spree over with, so we can read about you being a “white supremacist” on the news for trying to shoot up a wal-mart.

  22. She didn’t learn anything.

    She didn’t know anything to begin with.

    A customer comes in an plainly says “I want to buy a gun” and they are okay with being shown the cheapest .22LR in the case, plus they browsed at took pictures of BB guns before the fact… yea…

    If anything, she realized the laws do work, but what about somewhere that didn’t have shitty customer service and actually sells guns? This bimbo even had to wait because there was nobody available the first couple days lol.

    I’m not sure what any of her article proves, or what she was trying to prove, but my guess is her biased stance on guns won’t change because of a wal-mart no sale. No research prior other than calling around asking if someone would sell her a gun… no idea what kind of gun, or how they function even. Can’t make this shit up if I tried. THAT is how sheltered people are now days. This is why military service should be mandatory. 2 years minimum.

  23. Im not sure what the author of this post is talking about. I just got my P229 sent directly to my house and it was soaked in blood. This has been how ive recived all firearms be the purchased online or at my LGS.

  24. As someone already eloquently stated – “Surprise, surprise, surprise”. I recently purchased a Ruger 10/22 from Walmart. They would not except my CPL for an easy purchase/transaction. The salesperson stated they use to, but no more. I had to fill out the 4473 form (electronically) and wait 45 minutes. All of this, I was okay with. While there I witnessed a couple who tried to purchase a shotgun. The husband wanted to purchase the shotgun for his wife (strawman effect Rule 11a). The salesperson told them that was NOT going to work. They left upset, and said they would purchase the shotgun somewhere else. Good luck with that!

    As I have argued and debated with my anti-gun friends many times, just follow the current laws. 10 years imprisonment and/or $250,000 fine. Prosecute those who break them to the full extent of the law. NONE of my anti-gun friends own a gun, have shot a rifle or pistol, or tried to purchase one. They just believe what the MSM tell them, which is mostly lies. They think like this journalist, that all you have to do is plunk down some money and walk out with a Shotgun, Pistol or “scary” black AR-15. As Forrest Gump so eloquently said – “Stupid is as stupid does”. And you can not fix stupid! Just My Humble Opinion

  25. Just another dumb liberal CUNT….. Another “EDUCATED IDIOT” who needs to be home douching her nasty twat instead of running around harassing gun dealers….
    If her fag husband was a real man, she wouldn’t be doing what she’s doing….

  26. Christ! You just have to wonder what planet these people are living on…..

    They consume and recirculate the garbage that they themselves make up, and shamelessly peddle as journalism to morons who don’t know any better.

    They actually have a religious belief that anyone can walk up to a federally licensed dealer, at a retail location or gun show. and walk out with a firearm without an FBI NICS operations center background check. This simply doesn’t happen.

    It’s amazing to me that any of them have even the basic common sense required to negotiate a parking lot without getting run over multiple times.

    • Want to make gun controlling liberals go positively ape?

      Join my campaign to open up NICS to employers doing background checks on employees. It would be fast, low cost and would weed out a lot of people who shouldn’t be employed in many jobs where public safety is at risk – eg, commercial drivers, people with pesticide or other controlled chemical licenses, people who work in food preparation or service, people who work in food processing plants, pharma plants, etc.

      Liberals go positively ape when I suggest this.

      “But you said it was a trivial inconvenience when you made gun buyers go through the process…”

  27. My brother was once rejected for a firearm purchase because of a typographical error on his drivers license. He then had to go through the hassle of getting FDOT to issue him a new license because of the error just so he could buy the gun.

  28. So BI reporter there and the semi-famous D C Emily both had mad hassles buying guns.

    It seems the anti-people want to keep female reporters disarmed. Weird choice, that.

  29. “I have never bought a gun, so I wasn’t aware of this.”

    The unspoken disclaimer attached to every pro gun control argument.


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