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Careful where you point that thing, Ray (courtesy

CNN is reporting that a 1 year old baby in the borough of Brooklyn in Mayor Bloomberg’s New York City was shot in the head around 7:19 PM on Sunday. It appears that the child was being pushed in a stroller across a street in a particularly bad part of Brooklyn near a subway station when the incident happened. There are no additional details at this time, but the comments section of CNN is already blaming lax gun control laws for this latest episode of “gun violence,” and with the recent similar incident in Georgia I’m betting that we won’t hear the end of this story for a few weeks at least. I remind our readers that New York City has possibly the most restrictive gun laws in the United States.

[UPDATE 2:00PM] It looks like according to the BBC, the baby’s father was the intended target and the baby was merely caught in the middle. As y’all know, something like 77% of murders are gang related.

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  1. This could never happen in my home town. I mean only cops and a few well connected white people are allowed to have guns… Oh and the mayor’s body guards of course. Anybody want to round up the usual suspects?

    • I do believe you’ve narrowed down the possible suspects using “common sense”
      but just like firearms. The mayor’s guards and police are the only ones permitted
      to use common sense.

  2. The baby in Georgia, the baby in Brooklyn, it doesn’t matter. The anti’s will use every incident to promote their agenda, whether it’s one or one hundred. As Nick has stated, new york has possibly the most restrictions on gun ownership and now they’ll be calling for more ( because, obviously, it was someone who follows the laws and not a gangbanger who did the shooting)

    • As in the case in GA, the perp wasn’t even old enough to OWN a gun… This only highlights the obvious “Laws to NOT prevent crime or make good people from bad. Laws simply define what a crime is.”
      More laws aren’t going to help anything.

      • You know the age of the shooter?

        That said, a particularly stiff-necked anti with whom I attempted to discuss the issues put their logic into the “final solution” light best suited to it. I present it below for your displeasure.

        “The harder it is to get a gun, the fewer there will be to steal. The fewer the legal owners, the smaller the ammunition market and eventually the supply.

        “As guns are taken from arrested criminals, there will be fewer and fewer left to replace them.

        “In twenty years or so, with no legal guns left, we can end sales of ammunition entirely.

        “Finally, we can repeal the second Amendment.

        “After that, manufacture of illicit ammunition or guns could be prevented. It requires special chemicals and knowledge which would be controlled.

        “Then we will have peace.”

        Apparently they believe that everyplace will be just like New York, that there will be no origin point for illegal guns and therefor no guns.

        Stealing them from the police either won’t work because of one-operator technology or because it’s not possible to steal from the police. Same for the military.

        They believe that the rest of the world will have already solved the problem outside our borders, so there will be no gun running from anywhere else.

        Control of metals? Of common salts? Of nitrates? Yeah, right.

        After all, pseudoephedrine controls stopped crystal methamphetamine cold.

        The preceding comes from the Manifesto of the Grabbers — those who can articulate it, anyway.

        Words cannot describe the taste which the above leaves in my mouth, but it’s probably akin to what one woud get from blowing a goat.

        Happy Labor Day, fellas. We’ve a lot of work left to do.

        • “Then we will have peace.”

          It’s always a utopia with these idiots. First the idea that you could control access to firearms is beyond a pipe dream. Do they just think they can ignore 100 million single issue voters? Do they think they’ll just see the light and give up their arms? It would take a civil war to achieve disarmament.

          And then – how much peace was there before the invention of firearms?


        • A civil war wouldn’t eliminate the armed segment of the populace.

          Rather, it would be won by them.

        • “After that, manufacture of illicit ammunition or guns could be prevented. It requires special chemicals and knowledge which would be controlled.”

          Just like crystal meth, crack cocaine, MDMA, and heroin. Not like I could find any of that within 20 miles of my house. Not like 2 people didn’t just die at a NYC Electric Music festival while using MDMA.

          • And all that crap would be unnecessary if they’d call off the insane war on drugs – Mother Nature already gave us all the drugs we need: Coca and caffiene are uppers, opiates and alcohol are downers, and ganja is just a plain euphoriant and stress-releiver. It’s impossible to overdose on pot – one, it’s harmless; there is no OD level, and two, when you’ve had enough, you just forget to smoke more. 😉

        • “It requires special chemicals and knowledge which would be controlled” Man, that has got to win the Stupidest Comment of the Year award. In “Arena,” Capt. Kirk found some sulphur and saltpeter and charcoal just lying around and made a cannon out of a piece of bamboo.

          And we all know how well “controlling knowledge” works.

        • Not to give anyone any ideas, but my cousin the farmer says that he can buy ammonium nitrate by the ton. But ANFO wouldn’t be good propellant because it detonates. BP and nitrocellulose deflagrate.

        • “Finally, we can repeal the second Amendment.”

          Then we can get to work on that first one. The internet is like the “Wild West” and needs to be tamed. My child can’t surf the net without seeing things that are inappropriate. It’s for the children and It’s the only “common sense” thing to do.

        • Why don’t those lunatics move to a country that already has gun control, like Great Britain or China or Somalia or Russia?

        • Thanks for the harsh reality check. “Then we will have peace”! Yep, the Orwellian future will have peace. Except for the war we’ve always been at with Eurasia. And a jack-booted, fully-militarized police state SWATing everyone and shooting their dogs, and maybe their children.

          What a pity you didn’t strangle the idiot.

          • Do you suppose that if he had, the nooz would have reported that a gun owner had killed a man with his bare hands?

  3. I saw more blaming of gangs and the government gang than anything else. This was my favorite though, responding to a comment detailing that our society is as safe as it has ever been, and a lot safer than in Colonial or civil war times: (attribution included):


    Please do not introduce reason backed by statistical evidence. Although it is safer now to live in the US than at any time in the last 50 years, we need more laws, more rules, more guns to be safe. There are industries, political establishments and lobbying groups whose livelihoods depend on us believing that it is getting more dangerous and you sir are going to mess up the game plan.

    • Not the laws in NYC, sir; those are perfect.

      It’s the laws elsewhere that are responsible for the flow of illegal guns into otherwise perfect Bloombergonia. Or is that Bloomburrough?

      Just ask the Commandeerer in Chief.

      • Yeah, and Bloomberg et al will never acknowledge that there is much less violence in the places that have higher rates of private ownership withing the USA. Regardless: 1) If people want weapons (drugs, pornography, whatever) and can pay, someone will step up to meet the demand; 2) higher rates of violence come with population density. You want to counter either of those two tendencies, you need a huge outlay of resources. And people need to cede all power to the government. So, basically, people need to give up most of their money and freedom to make Bloomy’s vision a reality. It’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make.

  4. The anti’s are the ones with blood on their hands.
    Bloomberg & his type will never stop!
    They will use every chance they get…to spin the story their way.
    I swear TTAG makes me sad, darn neer depressed because it never ends.
    I have a one year old and I cannot imagine.
    I do believe that America is almost like two countries, those with criminals & communists and the other with those of us who blatantly choose to remain free.
    Only armed men are free unarmed are nothing more than subjects.

    • We are two countries. One of true common sense and the other of “common sense.” Question is, is there any nice unocupied chunk of real estate left in the world that we can relocate to?

      • Nope. Not even a not-so-nice chunk. With our teeming billions, not a square inch remains unclaimed, however worthless.

        I imagine as things get worse and worse in paces like New York, Chicago et cetera, that the various states will trim them off as one would gangrene. Let ’em become embattled city-states to sink or swim on their own.

        Eventually the U.S. will be pockmarked, but reasonably healthy.

      • Montana is the emptiest piece of real estate stateside, and you don’t need a passport or exist visa. Yet.

        And would you seriously entertain moving to extreme northern Quebec, Ontario, Sascatchewan or Manitoba?

  5. Don’t be ridiculous, Nick. You know that this is the fault of all of those backwoods southern red state hicks blocking gun control and smuggling assault grade military rifle guns and high capacity assault bullet magazine clips into the liberal utopia of new york.

  6. Lax gun laws? In bloombergs communist Germany of a city? How is that even possible? I mean I feel bad for the baby and the morning family. But, this had nothing to do with lax gun control laws.

  7. The yoot responsible for this act was obviously on his way home from the library when his gun (legally purchased after a background check and permit issued for legal carry in NYC) unexpectedly went off. Those darn guns always going off when least expected. We need to do something… For the children…

    Always the guns fault, never the gangbanger.

    • “Then the gun went off, as guns will.”

      I’m thinking a shot into the air with no regard for things which go up coming down again at about 600 FPS.

      Just a feeling.

    • The young man, carrying organic veggies and wheat-grass juice, was on his way home after studying with friends. Just then, a southern born NRA member driving a van with Virginia plates rolled up on the youth and called out, “Hey–wanna buy a gun? Cheap?” The young man agreed, paying for it with money earned while working at a health food restaurant. He bought it only to turn over to police, knowing the importance of getting guns off the street. But sadly, while on his way to the police station, the gun went off.
      The world according to Bloomberg.

      • One month out of every year, we need to have “open season” on known gang members. That should thin ’em out quite a bit.

          • And it’d be suicide. Neither the Crips nor the Bloods would welcome outsiders to their turfs.

            In the movie, “Romeo and Juliet,” when Mercutio and Tybalt are crossing blades, little Romeo tries to intervene and both Mercutio and Tybalt turn their swords toward him as if to say, “Get out of this, this is our fight.”

            Actually, now that I think about it, the same applies to American intervention anywhere everywhere in the world.

        • Made me think of this:

          Now you will receive us..we do not ask for your poor, or your hungry, we do not want your tired and sick. It is your corrupt we claim. It is your evil that will be sought by us. With every breath, we shall hunt them down. Each day we will spill their blood, ’til it rains down from the skies.
          Do not kill. Do not rape. Do not steal. These are principles which every man of every faith can embrace.
          These are not polite suggestions. These are codes of behavior, and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost. There are varying degrees of evil. We urge you lesser forms of filth, not to push the bounds and cross over, into true corruption, into our domain. For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three, and on that day you will reap it. And he will send you to whatever god you wish. And shepherds we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be.
          In nomine Patris …
          … et Filii …
          … et Spiritus Sancti.

        • I’m no raciss, I’d be perfectly happy to plug any gangbanger regardless of ethnicity.

          Honkies are worth more points tho…

  8. Thank goodness for this site. Sad event in all reality. Truly is. To have a baby shot, well no one EVER hopes that to happen. In the words of Ben Shapiro though, the left will “stand on the graves” of the dead to continue to push their dang freakin agenda forward. Those fools aren’t going to stop for a second to send their condolences for the poor baby. Only they’ll use this to “make us safer”. Rediculous. And sad. I guess Nazi germany was safer once they took away the guns right(sarcasm)? The left is just plain ridiculous. And that Shapiro quote is from an interview between him and gun-loving Piers Morgan, another ignorant fool who loves pushing his psycho agenda forward. In case anyone was wondering.

    • Now which word got blocked? I’ll try again: In about ’71, ’72, in the USAF, I lived in on-base housing in a little cul-de-sac with seven trailers. From time to time, the neighbors would gather on my front porch (I had the nicest porch of the 7 trailers) to lollygag and drink and chat. One of the neighbors was a German war bride who was a kid during That Man’s rise to power. She would remark, with wide-eyed wonder, “You didn’t have to lock your door!” In other words, you were safe as a babe in arms, as long as you weren’t in one of the disapproved groups. He was elected by a landslide, because he was going to save Germany from the post-WW1 doldrums and keep them safe and all that.

      Well, we all saw how that worked out for them.

      People used to ask, “Why didn’t someone stop him before he rose to power?” Well, they didn’t see it coming.

      I say NOW is the time to stop the Rise of the Fourth You-Know-What (starts with “R,” rhymes with “Mike”)

      • It takes a real special person to persevere over a specially placed censorbot and manage to sneak in argumentum ad Hitlerum anyway. Bravo, I’m sure no one has thought to bring up nazism before in an internet argument.

        • I’ve been Godwinned. But I’m not sorry!

          My point was, we’d better hurry up and stop RACIST REMARK DELETED.

  9. Why did the stroller have to be pushed through a BAD neighborhood if New York is so safe?,were did the BAD neighborhood come from? OH ,that would be the hard working ,honest,law abiding citizens who reside in this neighborhood who ,of course don’t own guns cause it’s against the law ,sooooo,that must mean the assailant was from Virginia where the gun laws are so lax that he was able to sneak it into New York because Virginia’s gun crime is much lower than New York’s and he didn’t want to shoot anybody in Virginia cause that would make his home state’s crime rate higher So he decided to got to New York to commit crime so he could make New York look bad ,So it’s all Virginia’s fault,Ya ,that’s what happened.

  10. This cant possibly be true.
    There are no guns in NYC.
    Except for the police and the mayors body guards.
    So it must be one of them.
    Or maybe its one of thousands of gang bangers and criminals who don’t pay any attention to the laws to begin with. That spend a small portion if any time in jail for the numerous crimes they may have been convicted of in their past.
    So blame me some more and try to take away my legal gun that has never yet been pointed at a baby, or any other real human being before.

  11. “Gee, they’re not obeying the laws we got, Guess we need more, those they’ll obey, yup, yup, yup, yup. Guh-hyuk!”

  12. This won’t get much traction because like Chicago thug gang bangers hitting black residents by accident, Black-on-black mirder doesn’t fit in any of the media’s or Bloomberg’s narratives. The story will be an afterthought by tomorrow.

    So these people went through the whole process to carry a pistol legally in NYC? Doubtful. You can eliminate the criminals weapons of choice but guess what, you still have criminals willing to murder, they will simply use another weapon. But now good people can’t protect themselves.

    Overall though we have a problem with marksmanship. These creeps need to become better shots so they can kill their rival gang members and stop killing bystanders. two birds, one stone.

  13. A story in the NY Post stated that the father has a record of more than 20 arrests including narcotics, weapons possession, assault and car theft. Sounds like either the father was the target or it was just another instance of gang retribution. Just another example of Bloomberg’s lack of will to prosecute serious criminals and gang activity in lieu of his failed anti-self defense agenda. Funny that the NY Post had these details, but there was no mention of them in Yahoo story. It makes a better anti-gun story with those facts absent though.

  14. Does anyone else think it is weird that so many babies are getting shot in their strollers lately? Especially in the cranium? I mean we had one high profile case already and I really had trouble finding the mother credible and now this?

    I am not a callous person, well maybe I am, but I’m just calling it like I see it here. It is too weird and I want more details on this case. It is odd that I never heard of a baby being shot in the head in a stroller before Obama went on his kick to vilify personal firearm ownership…

    Informal poll: Do you believe that the justice system in the USA is corrupt enough to participate in a conspiracy to fabricate violent crimes and stage contrived trials for mass consumption in order to further an elaborate dialectic narrative designed to turn Americans against firearm ownership(among other things)?

    • Yes, I do. I’ve also my doubts about 911.

      However, I don’t think that this is how they’d go about it.

      It’s been five years since Obama took office; a lot can happen in five years, including baby murders and baby-fatal bad aim.

      Hell, doesn’t anyone remember like twenty years ago when some gang bangers shot up a family from elsewhere simply because they had the temerity to drive onto “their turf?” Not other gang bangers — an ordinary, suburban family in a SUV.

      These aren’t the first kidds die, and shots can hit anywhere. Also, there is absolutely nothing not credible about the earlier incident.

      We’re just five years more fu¢ked than we were five years ago.

    • I think it’s more like it’s fashionable to report shootings now, and the grislier and more horrific the better the MSM likes it.

      “Another baby shooting in a stroller? Yawn. Oh, the baby was asleep? RUN IT!!!!”

  15. I take it Daddy was pushing the stroller? that’s a statistic defying level parental dedication for a gang member, unless he was betting pushing his kid around would deter any violence he would otherwise attract which would be a statistic defying level of creativity, so whatever. Was he shot too? Is he dead?

  16. Just another story that supports some type of action or legislation against black male criminals, not firearms. These stories of black males, whether gangbangers or not, of using firearms to rob and kill are endless. I honestly believe the stat given by some conservative group the gungrabbers attacked after they released it, that said black males are responsible for around 3/4 of all gun murders.

    This is getting ridiculous. How long can we ignore this fact? Something has to be said and done by someone. It isn’t racist, it the truth. If the largely supported belief by us gun rights supporters of “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is true where are all the rest of you in comments here and other places? I comment on cnn, msnbc, and all kinds of other media forums usually on gun, war and drug issues and I rarely see someone who supports me or my belief in this.

    How is a group of people that only represent less than 5% of the US population and reportedly commit almost 75%, or at least 50% of all gun crimes including murder, how is this not the TOP conversation in the gun control issue?

    • “… how is this not the TOP conversation in the gun control issue?”

      You know the answer to that. Those that know it to be true but don’t want it to be true won’t talk about it because they don’t want to acknowledge it. Those that know it to be true and want to acknowledge it still won’t talk about it because they’ll immediately be painted as racist.

    • Of course not. We all know that. But the problem is, when you try to tell this fact to the grabbers, it’s just an abstract thought that bounces right off their concrete heads.

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