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Reports are coming in that the mass stabbing reported earlier today at the University of Texas Austin campus was stopped by a legally armed student with a handgun. According to social media postings by the current UT Austin student body president a student with a concealed handgun license saw the stabbing attack in progress, drew his firearm, and chased down the attacker. If true, there’s little doubt that the quick action on the part of this legally armed student may have stopped the attacker from injuring and possibly killing more people.

UPDATE: Later reports from the same source indicate that the earlier report about an armed student are unconfirmed. However there is additional supporting evidence posted by another user on social media claiming to have been the CHL holder in question.

Texas recently passed legislation enabling students with a concealed handgun license to carry their handgun in most areas of campus, excluding lab areas and other sensitive locations. A group of students and staff opposed this new legislation by forming the group Gun Free UT, organizing a dildo-filled “cocks not GLOCKs” protest, and proclaiming that carrying concealed handguns on campus will make UT less safe not more safe. There is no comment yet from Gun Free UT about this particular event.

Making this story more interesting is the fact that the armed student reportedly stopped the mass stabber without firing a single shot. Concealed carry opponents constantly use the argument that civilians aren’t as well trained as police officers and will cause more harm than good in an emergency situation, but as this case illustrates that’s a complete and total fabrication. Even in the heat of the moment the CHL holder in this case understood that it was more dangerous to fire his gun in the middle of campus than to simply chase the mass stabber away.

For those keeping score, organizations such as The Trace will refuse to classify this incident as a defensive gun use since the knife wielding attacker was not killed and no rounds were fired by the CHL holder.

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  1. Well… all the opponents of campus carry and 2A in general can take their dildos and put them where the sun don’t shine.

    • To be fair, if any of those folks pulled a dildo and started coming towards me I’d probably run for the hills, knife or no knife haha. Not saying I’m going to stuff my holster with a dildo now though…

      …and I’ve now typed “dildo” on TTAG three more times than I ever expected to.

    • Ain’t that the truth. Any one of those miserable snowflakes would have been very happy for an armed citizen to save them from rape or murder.

    • Not sure if this story is true, but one thing’s for sure. A conceal carry holder, if a stabbing/shooting situation does take place, will have the best of intentions and will more than likely stop a bad-guy that doesn’t have a license and is DEFINITELY up to no good. If these 18-20 something year olds are the adults that the Universities claim they are, then they should be an asset in a real world shooting situation. On the other hand, if these ppl/students are still just children, wet behind the ears and are able to be brainwased/indoctrinated by these ‘Nutty Professors’, then they aren’t adults at all, now are they. These Leftist Professors KNOW that these kids (most anyway) are still young enough to be mentally molded, like clay in their hands, yet want to call them adults in one aspect, but when it comes to having the maturity to carry a weapon to defend their lives, say that they’re NOT mentally mature enough to make the right decisions. Which one is it, you Leftist, Communist, America hating bastards?! STOP BRAINWASHING OUR YOUTH TO HATE THEIR COUNTRY AND THE COLOR OF THEIR OWN SKIN, YOU WORTHLESS PIECES OF SHIT…I HATE YOU MAGGOTS!!!

      • You realize, of course, that only veterans or active duty military members in that age range (18-20) would able to get an LTC right?

    • From past good guy with a gun incidents, we know that the media gets real daft fast and all of a sudden can’t seem to report pertinent facts, like that a good guy with a gun played a pivotal role in ending the incident.

      Nevertheless, I’ll need more back-up than just one guy’s own tweet declaring himself the hero who saved the day before I can accept this account of events.

      • Um…….afraid not. For everyone unarmed and defenseless on the UT-Austin campus, it’s representative of the daily danger that surrounds them. That danger doesn’t disappear when the story fades from the headlines.

        Moreover, for the victims in the hospital, this event is now part of not only their past, but their present and future, too. Physical and mental wounds will heal in time, but scars will remain as a daily reminder.

        Sooooo……..sorry, but your attempt to sweep the consequences of civilian disarmament under the rug just failed.

      • The lack of evidence to corroborate the report does NOT mean that it did not happen. The CHL student may have preferred anonymity to becoming famous, and you know how scrupulous reporters are about not passing on info that is not confirmed. Unlike members of congress like Harry Reid who made scathing remarks about Mitt Romney, without proof.

        • The story appears to be BS. This headline is also. There was no report that any LTC person took ANY part in “stopping” a mass stabbing. At best an UNARMED LTC guy ran from the scene to arm himself, and then followed the murderer for some distance until someone else “got him.” The entire story is based on a Facebook comment with no verification. If the LTC guy wanted anonymity, he wouldn’t have posted anything at all. ALL the things we know point to a typical fake Facebook Warrior event. Much as we LTC folks might like to see the new law vindicated, this is NOT the event to look to for that.

  2. Wow. Pardon my French, but if this is true, Good Fucking Job! He (or she!) should never have to buy their own beer again.

  3. If only one of those cocks not glock protesters was there to stop the stabber with a vibrating rabbit…

  4. C’mon guys. This is fake news at its worst. Everybody knows there are no defensive uses of handguns, no bad guys stopped by good guys with a gun. Haven’t we put all this macho guns everywhere nonsense to bed, already? You know nothing like this actually happened. The most likely happening is that the so-called armed student had a Pop Tart opened, bit off a chunk to make the pastry look like a gun, and started waving it in a crowd, making the perp afraid of maybe a crazed street person with a real gun.


      • Yeah, a quick google fu and it was a cop. It was also reported that it was a cop 4 hours before this post.

        • Numerous reports said it was a student. I even heard that on KLBJ, Austin’s local news radio. The latest reports simply say he surrendered to a cop. Possibly, media is busy in liberal Austin covering up important details.

  5. Should have had the gun on body, waiting for verification.
    If true, way to go (with exception).

    • It’s still early. This sounds a little fishy. The person ran to get their gun. Really? A situation like this goes down pretty fast. Where was this person’s gun? In a locker? I’d hold off celebrating until more of the dust settles and a clearer picture emerges of what really happened.

      • He also says he “chased him briefly,” but wasn’t comfortable shooting, and “they got him,” suggesting it was the campus police who ultimately nabbed the perp. The best we can infer, and this is not a bad thing, that the gun carrier caused the perp to break off his attack.

        • That is what I got out of the description of the event; chased him (which stopped the stabbing) and cops captured. Perhaps the good guy may not want the publicity, I wouldn’t.

        • If he doesn’t want publicity, why is he tweeting about it?

          All the local media are reporting that a cop stopped the killer, with no mention of a CHL holder. The UT police chief didn’t mention a CHL holder being involved. Smells fishy to me.

          There were reportedly over two dozen witnesses, so the truth will come out eventually, either way.

  6. “dildo-filled… mad stabber”

    The power of ellipses!

    No, seriously, good job on the armed student’s part.

  7. How’s that Cocks not Glocks movement working to protect these arrogant fools? Good on the armed person that stopped this moron. The world won’t miss them.

  8. Good job.

    Also, a side note, I’m hoping that Ralph will be along shortly, notice two choice terms in this story, follow my line of thinking and leave us with a quality Ralph comment using the power of ellipses.

  9. So much for campus carry being a bad idea. I hope the got the sorry bastard that did the stabbing. Dead or alive … dead is just as good. I’m wondering if he was Muslim … ???

  10. Has this story been confirmed anywhere? Only thing I see is that police took him down, not a ccw holder.

  11. If this is all accurate, I have to say good in you, man. Whoever you are. Well done.

    I don’t want to pour salt on a wound here, but it would be truly ironic if one of the victims was one of those “cocks not glocks” protesters.

  12. I still have not seen a single report from the mainstream media on this event that mentions a CHL was involved in it. Are they trying to cover this up or just slow to pick up on it?

  13. Apparently “[Kendrex J.] White is a junior biology and pre-med major at the university. According to his Twitter profile, he has been studying to eventually become a doctor.”

    So his stabbing spree was really just “undocumented surgery”?

  14. Going to wait for official confirmation but this would be great. Props to whomever this was, I’d be proud to buy you a drink

    Just goes to show the only people who are guaranteed to be at the site of a mass attack are regular citizens, might be smart if someone put two and two together and realized *those people* are the first line of defense and allowed them to be armed.

  15. Because you absolutely never know where or when this shit will happen I am never disarmed, to hell with those unarmed victim zone signs. I wonder how much faster the attacker would have been stopped if the good guy with a gun did not have to go and retrieve it; at least it was available. Really some quick thinking linked will cool actions; many police departments should take notes.

  16. You know this is almost certainly fake, right?

    No reputable news source has picked it up.

    The guy’s statement doesn’t even make sense. He ran inside and got his gun. Ran inside where? The only place he could have had it stored would be the dorm, where guns aren’t generally allowed. And it doesn’t make any sense that he would have had time to go get it and come back.

    It’d be great if it was real, but I don’t believe it for a second.

    • I am with Brainman on this one.

      I can see either running away or engaging the attacker.

      What I cannot see is running to another location to retrieve a handgun, running back to the attacker (who was kind enough to pause his attack and wait for the alleged Good Samaritan to return), drawing and aiming at the attacker, then deciding not to pull the trigger because bystanders were nearby, chasing the attacker for a bit, and finally breaking off the chase.

      • Unfortunately would not be the first time someone’s true story morphed into something a bit more heroic or became closer to the action.

        If it’s true there will have been independent witnesses.

      • The way it can be read and be plausible: “I ran inside the building (for immediate cover) grabbed my gun out (from it’s concealed carry position) came back out and chased the kid”. I’m not saying it’s what happened.. but it can be read that way.

        • That’s what I was thinking. It’s a plausible reading. Whether the statement itself is accurate/truthful is a whole different can of worms. Probably this is never going to be confirmed, though.

  17. If this story is true, then “Cocks not Glocks” is dead and buried.

    Otoh, what we might be left with is Glocks not Cocks. Which is sad for all the frat boys at UT.


  18. Before jumping on Breitbart or Fox or this stupid site, get the facts before falling for this pro-gun propaganda bullshit story. I have no problem with carry, but push your agenda with ACTUAL facts.

    • Really? I would be interested to know where Nick Leghorn the writer received the info about a CHL permit holder stopping the attack.
      As much as I would like the story to be true, I still have not found anything valid to suggest a CHL holder stopped the attack. Most official Austin Texas news outlets confirms it was an Austin Police officer that placed the attacker under arrest.
      This is very unfortunate that the writers for The Truth about Guns are not validating the stories. Furthermore, this is not the first time an invalid story was posted on this site.
      Don’t become another CNN (aka. Counterfeit News Network). Hire someone to validate the stories first before allowing them to get submitted.

  19. Reading this while my local news comes on speaking about it with no mention of concealed carry involvement just that police were there minutes later to stop the man and take into custody.

  20. “Armed Student Reportedly Stopped Mass Stabber at UT Austin”

    Nah, had to be the helicopter that got there within 40 min.

    • I love that word “Reportedly” It’s right up there with “As much as”, As low as”, “No one turned away”, “Free!”

  21. I love the argument that police officers are “well trained” this so called training is maybe one notch above a basic weapon familiarization. No police firearms qualifications I know of is anything more than shooting a paper target while you stand still and the target isn’t moving either, you know just like a real gun fight lol

    • I was shooting a rifle caliber pistol at an indoor range in a lane next to a lady cop doing quals for a small suburban PD. Guess they dont have their own range. She said I was making her so jumpy she couldn’t shoot and asked me to quit until she was done. I asked her what she was going to do if she ever got in a gunfight.

  22. With such great divisions of opinion across the campuses these days, why not meet in the middle? Share common ground? Instead of arguing over carrying a dildo or a gun, why not have both? Carry one of these DildAR’s!

  23. I’m hearing that the Austin American statesman originally had a livestream going that included eyewitness accounts of the gun carrier who had a part in stopping the threat……but that that part of the report got scrubbed and is no longer available.

    Ironically, this incident almost coincided with a press conference on unlicensed carry in which anti-gun folks mentioned their fears about campus carry and railed against gun carry being opened up to more people, with the cry of “why make it easier for the criminals?” Why indeed? Carry a gun and we make criminals’ lives a lot harder. (And perhaps shorter.)

  24. 1) The alleged LTC guy said he “ran to get his gun” implying he didn’t have it with him (stupid if he has a LTC), and an action that would probably be viewed by the assailant as simply his fleeing the scene to avoid injury to himself.
    2) He says he got his gun and chased the assailant (who was presumably fleeing the scene himself at this point), which further suggests that the LTC guy was not a part of stopping the event.
    3) The alleged LTC guy says that he stopped chasing the assailant because “they” got him, further evidence that the LTC person played no significant part in stopping the incident.
    This al sounds like a hoax to me. Anyone can say things like this on Twitter or Facebook, without backing it up with any evidence. His alleged behavior was sufficiently innocuous as to be almost impossible to prove or disprove (unless some bystanders report that they saw him running after the assailant with a drawn gun). I’m not holding my breath on THAT!

  25. According to the Dallas Morning News, it was a cop. Maybe he was plainclothes and that caused people to think he was a CHL holder.

  26. Media around Austin would Never mention a gun was used to stop the attack. The only time race is mentioned is when it’s a white who was the perpetrator.

  27. Sounds like Bravo Sierra to me, but I remain open to hearing some credible reports from credible sources like law enforcement.

    Now if the LTC holder ran to get his gun then chased after the attacker that’s a major problem on many levels. LTC holders are NOT cops. Permit holders “playing cop” is one of the big concerns against LTC/campus carry. Last thing the responding cops need to deal with is some wannabe running around with a gun in the middle of all that chaos.

    Now if the permit holder is armed and the threat unfolds right in front of him or her then that is a whole different story.

    From what I read so far, let’s hope this story is BS. Good grief I know everyone wants a “good story” for campus carry, but let’s have one where the permit holder does it right versus trying to play cop.


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