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Claire Davis (courtesy

“Claire Davis, the 17-year-old high school senior who was shot last week by a classmate at their Colorado school, died Saturday,” reports. Ms. Davis sustained a shotgun blast to her head from Karl Pierson who’d entered the school seeking lethal revenge against the librarian/debate coach. “It is with heavy hearts that we share that a 4:29 p.m. this afternoon, Claire Davis passed away, with her family at her side,” Littleton Adventist Hospital said in a statement. “Despite the best efforts of our physicians and nursing staff, and Claire’s fighting spirit, her injuries were too severe and the most advanced medical treatments could not prevent this tragic loss of life. Claire’s death is immensely heartbreaking for our entire community, our staff and our families.” Our condolences to Ms. Davis’ friends and family. [h/t DrVino]

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      • May she rest in peace and condolences to the surviving family members. Conversely, may the bastard rot in eternal Hellfire.

        • Conversely, may the bastard rot in eternal Hellfire.

          I wish I believed in life after death just so I could have the comfort of imagining him getting such a judgement.

          I’ll have to settle for knowing that he’s dead…

  1. This makes me very sad and her family will be in my prayers. I hope the selfish S.O.B. that did this is facing the Almighty’s wrath about now.

    • Wouldn’t it have made more sense for The Almighty to have intervened either preemptively or postemptively, by, respectively, thwarting Karl Pierson’s depraved scheme entirely, or by arranging for Claire Davis not to die, as many thousands of people were praying for him to do?

        • Off topic: Can someone explain that to me? We are suppossed to have free will, but there is also destiny and people saying “it was written/decided beforehand”.

        • The best I can tell you is what a chaplain told us when we were kids. There is a war on, between God and Satan. Sometimes, like now, Satan wins a battle, sometimes when someone survives seeming miraculously, God wins one. When they finally confront one another directly, everything ends. God knows what we will do, and how we will do it. He must weigh the consequences when Satan disrupts what will be, and decide wether or not to interfere. Not much help, but that is my understanding, such as it is.

        • Free will vs predestination is an argument that has existed for centuries within the Church.
          Was it God’s will that this young girl die? Perhaps. Maybe she would have died in a car accident that night if the shooter hadn’t gotten her. We don’t know (the Bible doesn’t say) if we have a specified number of days on this earth no matter what, or if it’s left up to chance. I can say that Christians believe that (if this young girl know the Lord) she’s in a better place. We also believe that God can take the most heinous act of evil and use it for good, somehow. That does not lessen the sting of loss, and it is a platitude I do not offer to those left bereft of their loved ones. It is a partial explanation, and the best we can hope for whilst we still see through a glass darkly.

        • Interesting explanation, especially Geralds. Though that raises further questions (isn’t God almighty?)

          But I will take the answers I have gotten and won’t challenge anyones faith (or lack of faith).

  2. My heart goes out to her family and while this does not help her family, I’m thankful the SRO was able to get site quickly and that further loss of life was mitigated.

  3. Having lost my adult daughter to violence there is not a thing we can say or do to console her parents.

    What is the problem with society you may ask? The problem is you and I! We live our bountiful American Life nearly totally devoid of the risk that most in the world faces on a daily basis. The ONLY way anything has a value is that that THING can be taken away!

    Our American culture is under attack! It’s all around you! Open your eyes!

    No God! America and The Constitution is viewed as evil and misconceived. Our nation is in more peril now than at any time in it’s young history!…Choose now!

    More of this is a result if you choose to be a sheep….

    • Bleechh. Your fantasy deity has sweet FA to do with anyone’s death. American Culture and the Founders could not care less about your cult.

      We were founded to be free of the influence of tards like you – which is why we’re a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

      • 16V, I’m an atheist but I found your comments and flaming completely ****ing unwarranted.

        Robert, please delete them.

        • Yup, better have daddy delete my opinion because someone’s thin-skin might be bruised. Or something. The Amendment that states “You Neber Get Your Feewings Hurted” is which one exactly?

          You wanna believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster you are free to do so. But I have grown very tired of the nonsensical propaganda that the FF’s founded this country as a “Christian Nation”. It wasn’t, nothing but revisionist history says so, and I’m not going to keep letting historically unsupported garbage attempt to hijack The Nation, The Constitution, or Civil Rights. Keep repeating a lie and all that. Take that fundie brainwashing acceptance somewhere it matters, like the societal ruins known as the Middle East.

          Got a factual argument? Whip it out.

  4. This is very sad. My heart goes out to the family.

    I am also angry that schools across the country continue to insist that parents and staff are disarmed. All that does is make the children more vulnerable. The sooner that a good person can bring force to bear on a spree killer, the lower the number of casualties. In this case, 80 seconds was even too long.

  5. Rest in Peace, child. Only the good die young.

    Proposal: a “Claire Davis Law” for 1) open or concealed carry by school staff with CCWs plus annual school specific situational training, and 2) plain-clothes armed officer in every school.

    Nothing original here, I know, just more sad justification. Expedite passage and implement in 2014. Our children deserve genuine protection, not just PC-feel-good-look-we-did-something “gun free zone” laws passed by spineless lawyer politicians (Clinton) that turn caring CCW parents into felons and fail to yield any protection for our kids. The Israelies armed their teachers. This works. Time to turn the tables on this madness. You can’t fix stupid, you can only be prepared to stop stupid quickly.

    • No. Sorry. Call it something else. It is pretty much a point of fact that laws named after people are bad laws. They’re usually written and rushed through in the immediate aftermath of whatever happened to the named person, and virtually always have unintended effects far beyond their planned scope.

  6. Very sad. They need to grind the body of the shooter POS and feed it to stray dogs so they s**t him out everywhere.

  7. Rest quiet young woman. The families grief is overwhelming now. But at sometime in the future they will recall a moment with her or a story about her and smile instead of cry. They will always know sadness, but they’ll celebrate her too brief life.

  8. Whenever I see someone her age go, I think of all the things she didn’t get to do.

    It’s different with a small child, because they don’t know. They don’t have plans. But at 17, you know what’s out there (some of it, anyway), and you have plans. Things you want to do, and those plans died alongside her. That makes me sad.

    • Yeah, its very sad. Teenagers are just starting to see the true future of their life, theres always risk of an accidental death but no one should have it taken away by a spineless coward.
      May she rest in peace, her family celebrate her life, and the piece of shit coward who took it rot.
      Im not a religious man, but I hope there is a hell so this bastard burns for eternity.

  9. What a sad outcome for a young woman that did absolutely nothing to her attacker. God bless her and her family. I can only hope that one day the Sheeple in our country come to their senses and understand why we have a Second Amendment.

    • There used to be a time in this country that the vast majority of kids were presented with the idea that your actions on Earth could possibly determine the disposition of your eternal soul.

      Nowdays that idea has been replaced with the persistent narrative that “You are your own God” and that “You are the person you’ve been waiting for” and that “You’re feelings count the most”.

      The only thing that the US public schools consistently produce nowadays is an endless stream of narcissistic people and let me assure, ever mass murderer of the 20th century was pretty fond of themselves.

      • “Why” not “What” is what I wanted to start that off with, and you make a excellent (if depressing ) point.

  10. May God rest her soul. As a father, I can’t imagine the pain the family is feeling. I pray constantly for reason to return to our country and for our lost youth to start valuing the lives of others.

  11. Dammit. What a crappy place this world is.

    May the useless little shotgun-wielding piece of shit who killed her rot in hell forever.

    I’m no believer in God and heaven, but I really hope there’s a hell where this guy (whose name I’ve already forgotten) and all who have done what he did can spend an eternity in agony.

  12. Have Karl Pierson’s final testing place listed as a public convenience, so interested individuals can leave their final regards.

  13. “The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ’em Die, Climate Change: Let ’em Die, Gun Violence: Let ’em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ’em Die, More War: Let ’em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?”

    This little piece of shit infested filth hated republicans because he felt they don’t value life….. Then he goes on a killing spree.

    I don’t have the words to describe the eternal agony and suffering I wish on him.

    Thankfully he was stopped before he could kill more, that doesn’t take away from the tragedy he caused, but hopefully people might learn from this horrible situation and use it to preserve freedom, and by doing so actually protect our children.

    Disarming people and infringing on our rights has proven lethal to the very children the gun grabbers claim to protect. How many more lives would have been ended if he was not stopped by an armed man?

    I wish Claire Davis’s family all the best.

    • Well , Shunin Xuo , it seems you witnessed the killer argument with his couch (it is this true?) It is not changing anything, in this tragedy, but I would remind you that the Officials told us that the killer died apparently by a self-inflicted wound. So he wasn’t stopped by an NRA armed “hero”. I am a gun owner but I hate propaganda. ANY kind of propaganda. Yes, it is true, PEOPLE kills other PEOPLES not GUNS.Solutions? increase people sens of responsibility. It is extremely hard as most of us, as a self-proclaimed adults, are reacting so childish stupid when we have allot of power in our hands, and instead to do something constructing with id we destroy something: TV’s, cars, houses, cities, countries….LIFE. On the other hand, I have to admit that guns make killings allot easier. It is like the car speeding. NOBODY was killed or injured BECAUSE of speed but speed always was aggravating the consequences of an car accident. Now, solutions? Limiting speed! Is this really effective? No, as everybody knows. Banning cars?! Well don’t be ridiculous. It cannot be done, not now not in the future! Then what else? Probably a change in mentality, more proper Education, more Responsibility, more Awareness of how precious is life, ANY LIFE. Maybe a change in the “warrior” culture and mentality in which the young are grown up today. Maybe more Morality and, again Responsibility would fix this sickness, not Guns banning.

  14. Well @#%&, that really is too bad and at Christmas time no less. I feel so sorry for her family and hope that the sick bastard that did this, where ever he is now, is suffering greatly and without end.

  15. Condolences and prayers for her family.

    For all the vitriol toward the perpetrator of this heinous crime, at least he saved us taxpayers the expense of a trial and incarceration (kudos for that at least). I feel for his family too. I can’t imagine the grief and shame they must feel. The only thing worse than burying a child must be burying a child who went on a shooting spree. Some people just ain’t right and the sooner they depart from the rest of us the better.

  16. May God bless her soul ! I always think about what would young people’s future would be if they had lived through tragedies such as these . My prayers go out to her parents who are never going to get over this and it may take a toll on them also . Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  17. No parent should have to bury their child. May Claire Davis and her family find whatever peace there is to be had.

    On a related note, I’m happy to see the AI seem to be staying away from politicizing her death. Let’s keep it that way – she deserved better than she got in life, and she and her family certainly deserve better now than to be political tools.

  18. It is a tragedy and sorrow this young woman’s life was arbitrarily terminated by the anger and hatred of another. From the description of her injury, she may have never made a full recovery, so, it may be the most merciful outcome for her and her Family. What constitutes Mercy is sometimes extremely hard to understand and accept. I hope her Family can find some Peace and Comfort in reckoning with this terrible loss.

    As for the perpetrator, I have no judgement to pass on him. He has done that for himself.

    For the future, we need to recognize this kind of thing happens too frequently, and we know there are effective means to deter and prevent, even if we find them extreme. We can protect our children in Public Schools and getting some effective measures in place should be a top priority. There’s time to develop better measures, and we can do so, but the first step is too implement what we have readily at hand and we have seen at Arapaho High School what can work right now.

    I am not a Parent, so it would seem disingenuous for me to pursue this idea, but some of you who are Parents should consider launching “Parents Demand Safe Schools” (or some such moniker) as a grassroots agit-group to outlaw “Gun Free School Zones” and demand implementation of effective protection for all Public Schools and those Private Schools who want it. It is only a matter of time before another Newtown Massacre. I fear it is also only a matter of time before our foreign/domestic enemies (“cousins” of the Tsarnaev Brothers) commit an atrocity against unprotected American School Children that may make Newtown pale in comparison. I am talking about Schools for Children Pre-School/Kindergarten to High School Seniors (e.g. Grades Pre-K to 12). Universities and Colleges should have enough sense to provide for their own Security, and usually do.

    There already may be a group(s) doing this that I am unaware of, and I would support them if anyone can provide information.

  19. It’s nice that even most of the posts here managed to avoid being political over this tragic death.

    It sucks but, in the end, not all tragedy can be prevented anyway.

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