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“At least three officers were injured in a shooting incident Friday near the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Commander Kirk Wilson with the Colorado Springs Police Department told reporters. Wilson said that police were still in the process of trying to eliminate the threat.” That CNN report, as well as others indicate that the shooting took place near a Planned Parenthood facility, but not are clear as to whether or not that was the target of the shooter. A nearby mall has been locked down. More as the situation becomes clearer.

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  1. I like since we know nothing about the shooters motives or ideology the interweb is blowing up with posts blaming Christians.

    • Of course.

      Then, if it comes out later (like it often does) that he was a Lefty, nothing will be made of his background/ideologies.

      Their plan is simple Propaganda 101…get their message out first; whatever truth follows will be largely ignored.

    • I hope the gunman was not their trying to kill the clinic’s staff. It is sad we have to hope it is a jilted lover or the guy has a beef with cops and knows an abortion clinic is ground zero that draws cops almost as fast as schools.

  2. Fox has a suspect description as 6′ tall white male, with white beard, in a long coat with a hunting-type hat. I’m sure this nutjob won’t be used for any nefarious political gains, I mean who would exploit something like this???

    At least Colorado’s desire to “do something” after Sandy Hook wasn’t the security theatre we all thought it was.


  3. Planned Parenthood probably has nothing to do with the incident beyond the media trying to insinuate that a “White Right Wing Christian Terrorist” was responsible.

    • “what I’m seeing”

      By this do you mean you are incountry or is this hearsay? If you are on the ground, please DO elaborate. I am somewhat local to it and I have been hearing reports of the type you indicate, but I am not in the position to SEE anything.

      Thanks, we are on the same side. Not trolling.

      • Feel free Gramps(I’m a gramps too). AND bury obama and black lives splatter. Public domain by decree from me. Anywho several hours later this still unclear in Colorado-altho’ PP is using the “domestic terrorist” tag line. WE’LL see POTG…

  4. I like how all crimes are suddenly “gun crimes” or “active shooter” affairs. They’re crimes… by criminals or mentally deranged people. The same that happen all the damn time in this country and… surprise … will keep happening so long as people keep behaving like people.

    Why aren’t all army and police events reported as “good active shooters” or “gun wars”. Because it’s redundant and stupid. So it would be nice if crimes were just reported as crimes, without the political agenda so overtly in our faces.

    The day this society turned into a nit-picky gun-obsessed PC circus, the entire IQ of the country has dropped a few points for allowing it to persist.

    • It’s like gun control doesn’t work, or something. Ironically the left can’t even cry out “Think of the children!” this time…

  5. I know that area well; it’s about 2 miles from my house. Planned Parenthood is about 250 yards north of the shopping center and bank. Hearing that the cops have gone into a hair salon, which is well down the shopping center from PP. Im thinking PP has nothing to do with it, but the initial call came from there. Initial reports were that he was out on the road shooting at cars. PP is well back from the road. Of course, the libs are already jumping to conclusions. The occupy Democrats website is already calling him a right wing terrorist.

  6. I just got off the phone with my parents who live in downtown Springs. My dad was at the King Soopers in that shopping center about 8 minutes before it kicked off. After the downtown shooting on Halloween I lent him my CZ P07 since he was carrying a Ruger LCP before. Not that a pistol would do much good in this situation, but I at least feel a little better knowing he has 15+1 of 9mm with a proper sight radius if he was ever caught in a situation like this.

  7. As of 15 minutes ago- Suspect 6ft white male, hunting type hat, trench coat, AK variant. 3 officers wounded in the initial response to the shooter. One more officer from a tactical team shot in the leg about 1.5 hours ago and immediately evacuated. Two other SWAT members reported struck over the radio about 1.5+ hours ago but apparently not injured since they were not evacuated nor added to the casualty list.
    Unknown total civilians involved or injured, but at least 3 evacuated from PP, one injured. Several more have been secured and staged for evac, and more still, are unsecured within the building.

    • Listening to KOA (Denver), and police spokeswoman seems to have indicated things started at PP. Also, it looks like the shooter is still in there, and that maybe the reason that they aren’t going in yet is that they believe that there maybe explosives involved. (BATFE is on the scene, and apparently is not usually at such scenes, unless there is a possibility of explosives).

      • Or tobacco? Wouldn’t want those pregnant women exposed to secondhand smoke, and all. Could be harmful for the baby….

        • Not sure of your point – we were repeatedly told that the reason that they weren’t going in was that there was some evidence that the guy may have had home built explosives, or propane tanks or something. Which delay may have also allowed the police to get him to surrender.

          Columbine HS (70 miles north) seemed much in everyone’s mind up until the suspect was finally talked into giving himself up. And, so, instead of securing the perimeter and waiting for SWAT to show up (which cost lives at Columbine HS), the police may have been overzealous, which may have been part of the reason that one of them died, and maybe 3 others were injured. We shall see.

  8. President of that Planned Parenthood was quoted as saying they were doing their best to insure the safety of their clients……..except for the babies, which they were going to kill anyway.

  9. NYT reported the PP had a security room with “bullet proof” vests, and the shooter may have one. To me this says says it could be a disgruntled employee.

  10. Im not trying to be an as…le here, but when I hear these stories, its hard for me not to think “well, people should have done more to prepare themselves and protect themselves”. Am I being to cinicle?

  11. The difference between “active shooter” and “criminal act” are the fact that “active shooter” is a response plan to the “criminal act” of killing people en mass. The news media knows the difference, but doesn’t care because “active shooter” is sexier and implies blood in the streets and dead bodies in parking spaces.

  12. Two civilians and one Colorado university cop died. That’s what local news is saying. It’s crazy cause I was just a few miles away from this and it was one day I did decide to carry.

    • The goofball on Fox stated Ak47’s hadn’t been made in 20 years LOL(big black Fox business guy). CNN was better balanced than FOX coverage…wtf?

  13. SJWs and gun-grabbers are really starting to foam at the mouth over this one; it’s become evident to me that there is simply no point in talking or trying to reason with lunatic lefties.
    To wit: “This is the result of the GOP who denigrates women, the National Rifle Association who simply doesn’t care how many Americans are slaughtered by guns, and the Center for Medical Progress (an extreme anti-abortion group) who heavily edited Planned Parenthood videos in a failed attempt to discredit and defund Planned Parenthood and deny women in this country the right to control their own bodies. I guarantee no one on the right will ever admit that this is domestic terrorism that could have been prevented.” – Hotlabbe

    The willful ignorance, hatred, and hypocrisy being exhibited by those types lately is mind-boggling.
    And now Obama gets briefed every time there’s an “active/mass shooter”? I wonder if he gets briefed whenever a bunch of people are shot in his old Chicago hood…..

  14. Interesting rumor that the (male) suspect identifies as female. I think that is wishful thinking, and the more likely situation being that he was a fundamentalist Christian reacting to the barbaric PP videos we have been seeing recently. A couple of decades ago, C. Springs was fairly successful in recruiting a number of more evangelical/fundamentalist churches to move their headquarters there. And, as a result, the city moved somewhat in that direction, in terms of religion.

    We shall see.


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