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courtesy reports multiple shootings at a FedEx facility in Kennesaw, Georgia: “FedEx has confirmed a shooting at its facility in Kennesaw. ‘FedEx is aware of the situation. Our primary concern is the safety and well being of our team members, first responders and others affected. FedEx is cooperating with authorities,’ FedEx told Channel 2 Action News. WellStar Kennestone Hospital confirms it has six patients related to the incident. Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach said some patients are in surgery. The facility is located at the the Cobb County Airport.” More as it becomes available. Auto-play local news report after the jump . . .

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  1. FedEx is a gun-free zone and they opposed legislation just a couple of years ago. Maybe now they will change their mind?

    • Of course they won’t. The policy is all about keeping icky guns away from their facilities…oh wait that didn’t work.

      • The gun policy is like every other policy in big business, it’s all about liability.

        If they permit the carrying of guns and a shooting occurs then the company could be held liable for “permitting weapons” on property. It opens them up to legation, no company wants to play with that cobra.

        Now, on the flip side, if the company discourages possession of weapons on their property that will decrease their liability if a shooting occurs because “it’s against policy.”

        It’s not about politics, rights, or people’s lives to big companies, it’s about culpability as it pertains to profit margins and the almighty dollar.

        • Somebody could sue them for disarming their employees and failing to take ‘reasonable’ measures to secure their protection.

          I don’t know if they would have a good chance to win, but certainly it should be able to go to court.

        • Every negligence lawsuit has four primary elements: duty, breach of duty, proximate cause, and damages. Duty is a question of law for the judge, not a question of fact to be decided by a jury. FedEx has no “duty” to allow guns on its property, and in fact has the legal right to prohibit them. Thus, any lawsuit based on its failure to permit guns would fail at the starting gate.

        • Who suggested a legal duty to “permit guns”? The duty is to maintain a safe work environment and the claim would be that by disallowing tools of self-defense, the employer is failing in that duty. I am skeptical that this would work, but the claim is more reasonable than your statement.

    • Probably located on airport property…Federal NG zone.

      IMHO security at freight terminals is pretty lax…I work for UPS BTW.

      Pray for everyone involved…..and please include your great country in those prayers.

      • There is NO federal law prohibiting guns in airports, except in the “secured” areas.

        • Then what the heck do those people who forget their guns in their carry on luggage get charged with when it gets discovered in the xray machine before that area?

        • Freight terminals in St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago and various other airports in the midwest are all posted because of the presence of Customs Offices…..container ports are included as NGZs.

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there, and my sincere hope is that the assailant wasn’t the only one with a gun.

    • We all know how unreliable early reports can be, but right now they’re reporting six injured and no one killed. Hopefully no one sustained life-threatening/life-changing injuries.

  3. My thoughts go out to those involved and their families but my initial thought was how quickly are the anti gunners going to blame the newly signed gun law for this shooting.

  4. Hmmm….this occurs shortly after Georgia passes some pro-2A measures….

    Anyone want to bet that this was a gun hating, heavily medicated, democrat trying to prove a point?

    • Well; what ever gun laws passed by the Georgia legislature; Fed-Ex is a gun free zone; any loosening of the local gun laws does not apply. But we are speaking of facts; since gun grabbers are a Fact Free Zone; they will pound the idea that this shooting happened because of loosened gun laws.

      Oh; also; I would not take that bet.

    • Among a minority of gun owners, there seems a wicked satisfaction when the culprit of a mass shooting is shown to be vaguely or otherwise leftist. Your comment doesn’t really sound any better than the anti-gun clamor we’re all about to hear following this shooting. And +1 to Paul’s comment.

      • No satisfaction here. I’m just a realist. Take a look at the profiles of the gunmen in previous similar shootings. Nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade, regardless of how much sarcasm is used.

        • Yeah, not satisfaction; but the fact that the anti-gunners are constantly pounding how the POTG are so dangerous; then to have most of the mass shooters to be of leftist/statist origin is the ultimate irony.

      • Seeing hypocrites of any stripe get their comeuppance is something that should be enjoyed by everyone at all times, because those are “teachable moments” for reals.

    • Naw, It’s not as if these guys keep up on current events. they are too self absorbed to care about laws, or pending legislation.

    • I wanna know how much the democratic party paid some whackjob to commit murders on behalf of their political agenda.

      • Are you saying that part of the Mighty Midget’s $50 mil paid for that? Was the shooter fat and bald?

        Best wishes to the injured and hopes for a speedy recovery, BTW.

    • Oh, I don’t wear the hat anymore… Don’t really need to. What I used to think was outrageous in terms of civil liberties, government spending, and politics are the norm today.

      That’s why I offered the bet, the odds are on my side…

    • Can anyone hear definitively describe the politics of the shooters at Columbine, Aurora, Newtown. How about the Oklahoma City bomber whom I refuse to name. Not trying to start an argument or debate. Just wondering because many folks here insist that all mass shooters are lefties. Seems to me regardless of politics they are all deranged.

      • All four parents of the Columbine shooters were registered Democrats, Aurora shooter was a registered Democrat who worked on Obama’s election campaign, not sure if the Newtown shooter was a registered voter or not but his mother was a registered Democrat and the shooter wrote lots of hate mail to Bush. All I know about OKC bombing was that he was a Gulf War vet who was angered by how the government handled Waco and Ruby Ridge. But we can give you the benefit of the doubt and call him right wing.

        LAPD shooter, Fort Hood, Navy Yard, Virginia Tech, Tuscon, all of those people were “left wing” as well. Mass murderers (at least in this country) are overwhelmingly left wing.

        • I have noticed you left out all the murderers from the right side of the aisle. Way to go being one sided on this issue.

        • A-Rod, I don’t have time to do a research project on every mass murderer out there. I answered his question about the three he asked about, and then listed a couple other murderers out there, all of whom most people are familiar with, and all of whom were left wing. That was quite obviously not an exhaustive list. I’m not being “one sided” at all.

          Although, to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know of any right wing mass murderers who committed their crimes in the United States. That’s not to say they don’t exist, it’s quite possible they do. But none that jump to mind, because the most horrific, most disgusting, and most publicized incidents have all been committed be left wing lunatics.

          And you can bet your ass that the media would be all over a right wing Tea Party mass murderer.

        • Well than Mr. A-Rod, please enlighten us on the vast list of murders by the perceived “right side”. Since you are hinting that you seem to know.

        • You’re correct… Timothy McVeigh wasn’t “left wing.” From reading the book about him, I’d say that he was possibly “right wing” but leaned more towards Libertarian (at least that was my Libertarian-biased take). The rest from your list, AFAIK, were left leaning.

      • The trope that most mass shooters have been proven to be Democrats has been pretty thoroughly debunked. ; The Arapahoe High School shooter was described by fellow students as being a socialist , but with that one exception there appears to be no objective evidence of the political leanings, whether left or right, of other shooters or other mass attackers.

        • So registered party affiliations, campaign contributions, and hate mail written to/about former presidents does NOT count as evidence of political leanings?

        • That’s a nice caveat; to say they aren’t “registered” democrats; which is true for some of them; but it doesn’t mean they aren’t of the leftist bent. Which when you look at what is known about their beliefs, like Loughner; he targeted Giffords because he had worked on her campaign to get her elected.

        • Alaskan Patriot, I’m curious as to what evidence you have for your assertions. Would you direct me to your sources? (since I directed you to mine)

      • “All mass shooters are lefties”; you are the one saying that. No one else says that; MOST of the mass shooters in this country have a neutral to leftist leaning; which leaves room for others to fill in the rest.

        But to say that they are “they are all deranged” is also not entirely true. Some of the mass shooters have a history of mental illness; but others have been muslim; like Hasan in the Fort Hood mass murder. Mass murder can be an effective method to advance a belief system; just look how much of the world is controlled by the muslims and the communist/socialist state. We can also add some of the history of Christianity to that as well.

      • Not all mass shooters are leftists. It is the unfortunate reality, though, that they make up so large a percentage of mass shooters as to justify the word “typical.”

        Adam Lanza was young (and disconnected from society, mostly) so was not a voter. But he called into a radio show some time before his rampage, and from that and his writings he evidenced the mindset of a leftist, conservative-hating anarchist. A Bush-hater, among other things.

        The Columbine killers, who planned to kill with bombs rather than guns and fell back on the guns when the bombs failed to explode, were also nihilistic leftist anarchists. The “they were bullied into it” stories do not hold up in light of their extensive writings. They had “fun” with the notion of destroying ordered society.

        McVeigh is the closest to “right wing” among all of these — and yet the bomb training that his partner Nichols received evidently came from al Qaeda’s bomb-makers in Cebu, Philippines, according to Clinton and Bush anti-terrorist czar Richard Clarke (page 145 of his book on terrorism). McVeigh was an agnostic/atheist was wanted to secede and set up a separate portion of the US … and was far from sane. He had a few notions in common with limited-government conservatives, but not much — and he forms the sole exception to the “no right wing” rule. As an exception, he’s not compelling.

        The Olympics bomber spouted on about Marxism and socialism being The Way.

        The Giffords shooter hated her personally, but had done work in her campaign, and was obsessed by a Communist/nihilist movie and considered a leftist by his friends.

        The recent Jewish center shooter was a self-described National Socialist, and also an admirer of Louis Farrahkan.

        Moreover, unlike jihadists whose killings are supported by doctrines and groups. For example, Usama bin Ladin won the Sai’fallah, the highest reward possible, from the religious leadership of Pakistan for his attack on the US. No right-wing or limited-government conservative group has ever condoned or supported or encouraged any of these attacks.

        And the Tea Party is so opposite from this lawbreaking crowd that they don’t even litter at their protests.

        There is a salting of “Sovereign Nation” folks in the mass-killers crowd, such as the LAX shooter last year and the fellow who flew into the IRS building a few years ago. These are unfortunate, and hard to classify; left and right both reject them. I found it interesting that the LAX killer’s notes were never released, just a couple of phrases that they could use to vaguely blame the right wing.

        I know one Sovereign Nation fellow personally and a few others at greater distance. They are utterly immune to logic despite my careful dismantling of “facts” that supposedly support their cause. You could make a better case for astrology — but believers in astrology are not motivated to kill based on their silly notions. Even here, I’ve not heard of any Sovereign Nation group that condones the SN-related killings publicly as jihadists do.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  5. Cue the usual screaming harpies in 3..2..1..

    In all seriousness, I hope everyone comes out of this okay. I haven’t heard reports of any deaths, and that’s always good news.

  6. I work less than 1 mile from this facility. There are patrol cars everywhere, and are now expanding their search to include my general area. They have stated they are now searching for incendiary devices, and have not located the shooter. There are currently 6 injured with one listed as critical.
    There are enough of us armed at my workplace that if we had a similar situation it would be stopped quickly.

  7. Isn’t Kennesaw, GA, the community that passed a law that everyone be armed? Of course, that doesn’t cover private premises such as FedEx.

    • They passed a law that required everyone to have a gun in their home; unless you were personally against guns, then you could opt out. It was more symbolic. They were just making a statement.

  8. Kennesaw, GA is the city that requires every household to own a gun also, so this would mean that this shooting took place in one of the ONLY ‘gun free zones’ there.


  9. Let’s blame a gun law that… 1) hasn’t taken effect yet. 2) only applies to law abiding permit holders. 3) would allow people to protect themselves if it were not for “gun-free zones” which make people less safe.

  10. It’s actually… not in Kennesaw. The city limits exclude the FedEx facility.

    I woke up today to my phone blowing up with FB, Twitter and email all bursting forth with anti’s raging, pointing out that Kennesaw is a guns everywhere zone, that the NRA should be held accountable… So very wonderful..

    I hope the victims make as quick a recovery as possible.

  11. Who comes up with these euphemisms? Why do others copy them?

    What, exactly, is an “inactive shooter?”

    When did declaring martial law become “shelter in place,” and why do the police have authority to declare martial law now?

  12. Why is is that we are so worried about 2A rights that we are too busy speculating why before we know the what?

    +1 to everyone that has prayers for the families and victims. That’s where my extra energy is going this morning.

  13. Until a victim sues the bageebees out of a gun free zone owner by not providing a safe env, gun free zones will persist.

    • +1

      Whomever (individual, group, or government) disarms another, they become responsible for the reasonable safety of the individual disarmed. This is also my argument against felons on probation or parole being disarmed by law. Unless government is going to assign an armed guard to provide reasonable security for the individual, government has no place disarming that individual. Individuals are responsible for their own safety unless another disarms them. Then, the other becomes responsible for ensuring that same level of safety.

  14. “He had bullets strapped across his chest like Rambo, a huge assault rifle and he had a knife,” according to one witness.

    Can’t wait for the “huge assault rifle” to be identified as a boring ‘ol shotgun.

    Oh, wait, that’s a “Law-Enforcement-Style Assault Shotgun With Pre-Fragmented Anti-Personnel Bullets”

    • Latest update from CNN confirms that a shotgun was the only weapon found at the scene. No word on if it’s a pump action or a Joe Biden Special.

      My suspicion is that it was loaded with birdshot, considering that the same update states that only one of the six victims is “critically” wounded. Probably hit at close range while the others were hit as they ran, and the pellets had a chance to spread. They say the only death so far is the shooter.

      • But but but it was BLACK! and EVIL! ITMUST BE BANNED, No one has a “need” for an evil black shotgun!

  15. maybe they should just post a bigger “NO GUNS ALLOWED” sign because it is obvious that the shooter did not see the existing sign. If they did, they would not have gone on the property with a gun.

  16. We should have a contest to see how long it takes Bloomberg’s goons to blame this on the “guns everywhere” policy in GA.

    • yep. it didn’t take very long to have a mass shooting on the heals of the new legislation. and there will be no shortage of brainscrewed idiots who will spin this completely sideways and backwards.

  17. And the script plays out again

    Police said the suspected gunman died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police told Channel 2’s Dave Huddlestan the shooter was an employee at the facility.

    • Gauging by all the other media reports the other 5 being classified as “injuries” or “hurt” indicate the security guard was the only person shot.

      The rest are more than likely the result of exigent circumstances…..and I would be willing to bet will have attorneys at their bedside as we speak filling a big fat lawsuit against fed ex.

  18. News report I just heard was claiming that the guy used an “assault rifle”. Really? It was select fire? Or they have no clue what they are talking about.

    • An assault rifle that caused what a hospital spokesman quoted in the CNN article described as “…shotgun blast effects, with multiple, small projectiles.” Probably a cheap pump-action shotgun, which most of the media will easily misidentify as an “assault rifle”.

  19. The weapon used was a shotgun. 2 of the 6 victims were shot at very close range and are listed as having life threatening injuries, 1 more is critical, 2 are either released or pending release from kennestone hospital.
    I heard on wsb radio a witness calling the weapon used an assault rifle, wgich just goes to show how engrained that word has become in the general population due to national leftwing media.
    I feel terrible for the families involved, and hope the only life that was ended today was the gunmans. There will be political fallout from this situation, there always is when it serves the purpose of the regime currently in power.

  20. Anyone care to opine how long it takes for the media to disclose that the shooter was depressed and/or was being medicated for a mental disorder? At 19 he probably was not a veteran.

  21. Hmmm.

    This might be what inevitably comes of close ties to the U.S. Postal Service.

    So, had the gunman a rapid-firing weapon, might he be said to have gone Express…?

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