Florence South Carolina Five Officers Shot
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Not much is known yet, but it’s being reported that five law enforcement officers have been shot by an un-named suspect who has since been taken into custody in Florence, South Carolina. One officer is reported to have been killed.

Florence County Emergency Management officials said on Facebook around 6 p.m. that a suspect is in custody and the “active shooting situation is over.” Officials are asking people to stay away from the area as “there is still an active crime investigation in progress.”

Another man was also reportedly wounded by the suspect. What touched off the confrontation isn’t known yet and the story is sure to change as more details become available.

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  1. I’m sure the mom (because who knows who the dad is) will say he was a good boy, he dindu noth.

    • They were saying the police were conducting a raid on a home.

      Sounds like they got lit up by an AR.

      • Hard to call this one. Maybe a no knock raid gone bad or possibly a domestic dispute gone bad. MAYBE an ambush gone as planned. Maybe.

        Sad situation no matter what. I did notice at least one politician has already blamed ‘guns’ and called to do something about them…

      • I was thinking a shot gun, how else do you get so many cops shot, while the suspect survived? If 7 of them were hovered in a doorway, then a couple of shotgun blasts could impact all of them, with less lethal impact.

        If it was an AR, we would have heard about it by now

  2. Makes me think that the more good guys who carry, the better. Never know if or when the need might arise to try to help. And we don’t know who. It could be ourselves, our family, a neighbor, a passersby. Maybe the police, too. As best as we can, we need to have each other’s backs.

    We’ll find out soon enough the identity and background.

  3. Very early, low information, but sounds like some one trying to escape custody. There were a spate of these a few years back, crooks disarming bailiffs etc…

    • They have a lot of quick resources that can help local police that are not tied in as much to federal systems. Particularly with tracing firearms. It’s not like the movies where the feds show up and demand to take over the investigation because everyone wants ‘jurisdiction.’

    • Because they are still being funded every year. Maybe we could stop that in the same law that repeals NFA 1934.

  4. HONEST TO GOD!?!?!??? The local emergency management is now using the Facebook CROOKS to disseminate local news??? B/S, I shall be sure to NEVER go to Florence or have anything to do with those ignorant fools!

  5. I’d like to see his booking photo. You know he was probably “roughed up” a little. You know, resisting and all!
    When you shoot cops, you ALWAYS resist when being taken into custody.

    • Resist? No, you usually die, the officers are so pumped. But, if a thug is so brazen as to take on 5 cops in a gunfight, killing one, he would certainly try to kill more. Cop killers are HEROES in prison!!! And think about this: If he was of the state of mind to shoot cops, what do you think he would do to the Average Joe, if confronted? A citizen with a CCW and modest training might not prevail, either.

      • I’ve seen photos of suspects after having been taken into custody after killing an officer. I don’t remember any that hadn’t had the shit beat out of them and they looked pretty bad in booking photos.
        I have no problem with cops stomping their guts out.

      • They’re heros in prison to the other inmates, but the c/o’s are going to get their kicks in. He’s also likely not going to be gen pop. This dudes time in prison is not going to be pleasant, especially being in a state like SC. Where he’ll probably get death.

      • Citizen with CCW and any amount of training, shoot copkiller in the back several times before he can turn. If he does turn, shoot him several more times in the front, then holster gun and raise hands. I have $1000 says you will not be charged.

      • Most CCWs are more intentional about target ID and accuracy than many cops. WE don’t have a DA and Judge that will bend over backward to exonerate US. Something to keep in mind. Our local PD practice at 3, 5, and 7 YARDS. They consider 7 yards to be a real challenge…. Does that tell you anything?

  6. Wow, I’m honestly impressed here. The fact that after shooting no fewer than 5 officers, one fatally, he was still taken into custody rather than killed in the spot is indicative of a high degree of professionalism of the involved officers. Kudos to them! I’m also curious what the situation was that allowed 5 cops to be shot before they could take down the suspect. Sounds like a mix of poor tactics and poor training

    • Don’t you know that those AR15s can fire like a hundred bullets a second that go through walls and engine blocks and halfway into tomorrow. And even if you get nicked by one, you die. At least that’s what I read on the internet.

    • The shooter was a 74 year old man armed with a M14. He was also the state’s three gun champion in 2011. He fought the police to a standstill and then negotiated the surrender. He accidentally tripped and hit his head walking out of his own house and is hospitalized because of the injury.

  7. Where’s all the cop hate I usually see on TTAG lately? Anyone ready to step up and say what a hero he is for resisting those terrible fascist cops? Maybe I should give it a few more hours so the vultures can move in and pollute the comments section.

    • We don’t know what happened or why.

      They said police went to his home to raid it because of a warrant and he started shooting. Can’t make a judgment based off that.

    • This guy could’ve been one of TTAGs resident cop hating trolls. I’m convinced at least one of TTAGs trolls in the past was the Vegas shooter.

      • How can you be convinced Paddock was a TTAG “troll” without evidence to support that?

        He had a rather small internet footprint. If he spent time here it would have came out in the report.

        The media is stoking memories of the LV shooting one year after to mobilize the left. We don’t need suggestions TTAG inspired him in any way.

        • No. I’ve been saying that since it happened. And the media/report is bullshit. They put out what they want to put out. There’s so much jacked up about that investigation I don’t even know where to begin. He wasn’t “inspired” by ttag, he was an ardent dangerous leftist. Put it this way, he shot up a country music festival using every single way imaginable to hurt gun rights, and everyone’s sitting around wondering “Uh hmm why’d he do it?”. Now, If he would’ve shot up a gay pride rally, there’d be absolutely no question as to why he did it. They know exactly why he did it, to advance gun control. But they’re not going to let that little gem leak out into the public.

  8. From what I have seen, Coulter’s law is in full effect.

    Expect this guy to be a minority, soon to be college aports hero or something.

  9. Just the story from folks and friends from that neighborhood. LEO was serving a warrant related to child pornography. There were children (foster kids) in the house. The house sits and the end of the street with line of sight straight down the street. The shooter saw LEO driving toward the house and opened fire when LEO parked and exited the vehicles.

    That’s the scuttlebutt from that neighborhood. I heard the same info from three people. Take this info at your own peril.

  10. Wow, the disinformation here is top tier Democrat. The shooter was Frederick T Hopkins, a disbarred attorney and Vietnam vet who was pissed off he was being hassled over a 33 yo debt settlement with the court. The only description of the gun used at this time is a “high powered rifle.” He killed 1 cop and put 6 in the hospital. Hopkins is awaiting charges in the hospital at this time.

    • Shooter was an NRA member, even. But the NRA says that this happened because of left-wing anti-authority ideology. According to Grant Stinchfield, an NRA employee,

      “Putting on a badge is like putting on a target. The rich tradition of serving as a law officer has been tarnished by the media and the left. Worse than officers being shamed by leftists raging against authority, they are now all [too] often being targeted.”

      Sounds like some of us Best and Brightest have some liberal tendencies.

  11. Maxie Pad strikes again with her incestuous brain washed after birth, All Democrats & the Democrat Party condone, Facilitate and Promote this kind of behavior, this is sedition at its finest and the Media are in active collaboration with them.
    hope the Democratic party has a peyote party and falls on a fire ant hill and let the little buggers kiss them for the outer world expeience

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