School Shooting Michigan Oakland County
Police, fire, and EMS personnel work on the scene of a shooting at Oxford High School, Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021, In Oxford Township, Mich. (Todd McInturf/The Detroit News via AP)
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By Mike Householder, AP

A 15-year-old sophomore opened fire at his Michigan high school on Tuesday, killing three students and wounding six other people, including a teacher, authorities said.

Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe said at a news conference that he didn’t know what the assailant’s motives were for the attack at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, a community of about 22,000 people roughly 30 miles (48 kilometers) north of Detroit.

Officers responded at around 12:55 p.m. to a flood of 911 calls about an active shooter at the school, McCabe said. Authorities arrested the suspect at the school and recovered a semi-automatic handgun and several magazines.

“Deputies confronted him, he had the weapon on him, they took him into custody,” McCabe said, adding that suspect wasn’t hurt when he was taken into custody and he refused to say how he got the gun into the school.

Authorities didn’t immediately release the names of the suspect or victims.

Tim Throne, the superintendent of Oxford Community Schools, said he didn’t know yet know the victims’ names or whether their families had been contacted.

“I’m shocked. It’s devastating,” the shaken superintendent told reporters.

The school was placed on lockdown after the attack, with some children sheltering in locked classrooms while officers searched the premises. They were later taken to a nearby Meijer grocery store to be picked up by their parents.

Isabel Flores told WJBK-TV that she and other students heard gunshots and saw another student bleeding from the face.

They then ran from the area through the rear of the school, said Flores, a 15-year-old ninth grader.

McCabe said investigators would be looking through social media posts for any evidence of a possible motive.

Robin Redding said her son is a 12th grader at the school but stayed home on Tuesday. She said he had heard threats of a shooting at the school.

“This couldn’t be just random,” she said.

Redding didn’t provide specifics about what her son had heard, but she expressed concern with school safety in general.

“Kids just, like they’re just mad at each other at this school,” she said.

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  1. So people knew this was going to happen. It was a credible enough threat that she kept her son home but not credible enough to tell the police?

    Something stinks really bad here.

    • Vhyrus,

      I have some information which indicates that Oxford School district is incredibly affluent. That can lead to various problems such as “spoiled rich kids” as well as children who don’t have any responsibilities outside of school and thus have an inordinate amount of time/energy to dwell on shallow/stupid stuff. Both situations can lead children of affluent families to act out in very destructive ways which children of the middle and lower classes would not do.

        • Judging by what I saw on Zillow, there are homes there from 150k to over 1m, so there is a lot of difference in incomes and families.
          That is a big reason kids bump heads, race, (should I say)class. Having the kids that get cars and all the toys run you down because you live on the old side of town or because you have only one parent at home working their ass off for you, really hurts. As the song says, “how are you going to make some time, when all you have is one thin dime….”. It sucks when you are locked out and away from girls. They really don’t like to take the bus to the movies.

        • I paid cash for my first car when I turned 17. I started mowing yards and saving money when I was in grade school. I bought a one year old nice car right after I graduated high school. I bought a new Tacoma before I graduated college while I was living on my own and paying cash for college. My parents never bought me a car. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

        • Jim Jamesson,

          I was not suggesting in my comment that every student/family is affluent. I was suggesting that many (most?) families are doing quite well for themselves.

          Saying it another way, we are not talking Appalachia–we are talking about Oakland County (Oxford School District is in Oakland County) which has a very high per capita income, only 10 or so counties in the United States have higher per capita income.

        • Ok boomer. When I was in high school all the jobs were taken by illegal immigrants.

          I didn’t own a car until I was 23. It broke down a year later.

          I finally was able to buy a 3 year old car with a loan once I started residency. (I graduated college at 26, med school at 30, and became an attending at 34.)

          I’m doing ok now, maxing out cash balance plan and 401+profit sharing, but shit… I still feel behind financially.

          I got bullied as a kid. And not in some cool Boomer fantasy where you beat up your bully- nah man. I didn’t kiss a girl until 20. Then i went home to depressed parents who were always fighting about money. Life is really hard if you’re a poor, nerdy, low status white male. Nobody helps you. And nobody cares about your struggle.

          Part of me wishes people would focus on the root problem with the school shootings- just how terrible our society treats low status young men. No shit they wanna shoot up the school. The real solutions would involve real changes- ones that are tough to stomach. Like reigning in THOTery, or bring prayer back to public school, or help for young poor white kids.

          I hope people take away from school shootings this: be nice to that kid who you think might school up the school. He’s probably in a lot of pain.

        • I call BS on your sob story, but that was pretty funny. Do the math on when Tacomas came out and the baby boomer generation.

        • The saddest endocrinologist Sorry that you had a hard time with your childhood. But I have to point out that you seem to have turned out OK.
          I was better off but then again, does that really matter. Everyone has trials and tribulations in their life. Some more than others, but it what you do with those trials and tribulations. It also has to do with parents being parents to their off spring not damn friends. Morality seems to gone the way of the “Great White Hope”. Parents don’t properly reign in their kids and make them toe the line. Government has interfered often overbearingly with parents doing what is best. IN my Family, my father was the boss, no questions asked. Do as you were told and talk about it later. Same with Mom. They were loving and caring and showed it by making sure we did the right thing. While I realize that not every family was as lucky as I was, I also know that loads of kids turned out just fine coming from less than ideal families. Sorry bub, but I don’t accept that nonsense you spuned about the kid might have had a “tough life.” I put the blame right where it belongs. On the kid and his wannabe parents.

      • Does anyone use logic anymore??Oakland county is a very large county. Because it’s top ten in affluence in the country and then deducing Oxford is affluent as well just because it’s in that County is illogical. Pontiac is is Oakland county as well and that place is a war zone. Oxford is NOT affluent. And it’s not full of Million dollar homes just because a few are listed on Zillow. I live in Lake Orion which is the town south. Oxford is middle class at best.

        • Seriously, boys- WTF difference does one’s economic status have to do with being able to tell the difference between right and wrong???

          Get out of the weeds and back on the primary issue. Even kids/humans who are, for the most part, neglected, or those who are overly pampered and everyone in-between know the difference between right and wrong.

          American society needs to go back to stressing and demanding that basic principle and forget all of the other BS excuses. It’s a hell of a lot more simple than most want to make it if the courts and judicial services do their jobs and legislatures stay out of the way.

    • A single mother with no father in the home???
      The Libertarians Liberals and the Left, all disagreed with the Christians who said a father in necessary in the home.

      What could possibly go wrong when the father love and discipline is replaced by a government check??? And the father’s guns are replaced by the guns of a big city police department.

      Even Kyle Rittenhouse whose parents had split-up, still had his father still in his life.

        • I might add more iron clad proof we need draconian safe storage laws. Once again an unattended loaded gun gets into the hands of a troubled teenager and he takes it to school to commit mass murder. This rarely happens in civilized countries that have tough gun laws.

        • dacian, you can add any little thing you want. But I advise you that you can’t legislate common sense. Your civilized countries have found ways to kill one another off without guns.
          The reason the kid was “troubled” was due to your “coddle the kid” mentality. Life is tough. Sounds like you need to grow up.

        • To Walter Jed Clampet of the Beverly Hill Billies

          quote————dacian, you can add any little thing you want. But I advise you that you can’t legislate common sense.————–quote

          Except that you flunked all your history and political science classes. History has proved you wrong every time Draconian laws do indeed force most people to obey the laws because sane people (not including you of course) know that they face prison time, loss of job, loss of gun rights forever, and heavy fines if they would leave their loaded guns laying around the house. Again Sane people realized this because its not rocket science. And that is exactly why such laws have worked in other countries and would of course work in ours as well. Most Americans obey the laws and would obey a safe storage law as well.

        • dacian, there you go again. Making up nonsense to try to foist your irrational fears on the rest of us.
          No, my Leftist adversary, I did rather well in History and Political Science (Political Science is hardly a science) and as a matter of fact have a degree in Political Science with a minor in History.
          Draconian laws foster rebellion and law suits. IN this case the 2nd Amendment is the governing factor here. We still have this institution called the Supreme Court. Each and every one of their decisions re the 2nd have fallen on the side of gun rights, much to your chagrin I am sure. There is another one coming in NYSR&PA v Breun. Again, you don’t need a law to legislate common sense. But then what you Leftists want is control over the populace. You see most people have common sense. I know you think you can legislate that too? One of these days, you will grow up. Doubtful, but I do live in hope even if it is a high rent district.

        • To Walter Jed Clampet of the Beverly Hillbillies

          quote————–Again, you don’t need a law to legislate common sense. ————quote

          Tell us another lunatic fantasy then try and explain away the 1,300 kids that get killed every year with loaded guns laying around the house and the kids that pick them up and then go to school and commit mass murder with their parents gun as happened this week. Now try ad lie your way out of these facts.

        • to Walter Jed Clampet of the Beverly Hillbillies

          quote————–No, my Leftist adversary, I did rather well in History and Political Science (Political Science is hardly a science) and as a matter of fact have a degree in Political Science with a minor in History.————-quote

          As my old college History Professor once said and I quote it because it pertains to you: “If you graduated from those classes you shouldn’t have.”.

          There is no way you ever went to college or graduated from any college. No man with any degree of an educational background would ever have made the far out ignorant comments you have made on this forum.

        • dacina, my Leftist adversary. Your links looks like NBC’s level of anti-gun rhetoric. Where does the CDC get their figures? They are not a repository of such.
          How about the 2.5 mil cases where a gun is used to stop the bad guys? Funny how you don’t acknowledge that. But it’s also typical of you anti-gun radicals. You twist, lie, cherry pick any thing that resembles something that might advance your “cause.” And be frank here, your cause is to disarm each and every gun owner.
          As I have said many many times, the real problem here isn’t the guns. It’s the lack of MORALITY fostered by the Left; the breakdown of the family and its authority over the kids.
          Any parent that leaves his gun out where a child can get it is already subject to numerous laws, the more relevant being Reckless Endangerment. But your solution is another law which basically unenforceable UNTIL after the fact.

        • dacian the dunce, my leftist adversary. Your opinion is just that; an opinion. One can say the very same about your degree if you even have one especially as you are brain dead. I most certainly did graduate college. And I challenge you to prove otherwise.

        • to Walter Jed Clampet of the Beverly Hillbllies

          quote————–dacina, my Leftist adversary. Your links looks like NBC’s level of anti-gun rhetoric. Where does the CDC get their figures? They are not a repository of such.————quote

          Typical Far Right Nut case response: I refuse to believe the facts because it does not fit my Far Right fantasies and ignorance .

          If you had bothered to read the CDC study they damn well did do their research nor was it the first time or only study either.

          And MSNBC News is an accredited news outlet that is read world wide and won many news awards while your holy place of worship Fox News has not won a single award. But guess who you believe? Why of course its Fox News and other Far Right Nut Case Internet forums.

          You really are a mental basket case.

          Fact: the majority of kids killed with guns “in the industrialized world” laying around the house (90 percent) are killed in the U.S. not in foreign countries.

          Fact: Kids have taken their parents guns to school many times and committed mass murder which includes this week. Of course you will ignore this with the usual ignorant nut case wave of the hand.

          Fact: On average 1,300 kids are killed in the home because of loaded guns laying around the house and 38,000 adults die from gun deaths every year, the highest in all Industrialized Countries in the world but you do not see a problem with this. Of course you will ignore this with the wave of the hand and say “losses can never be too high” (as long as its not my relatives)

          Only raving nut cases like yourself cannot see or accept the reality of the U.S. being knee deep in rivers of blood and carnage. You rant and scream “its the new normal so get used to it”. Sorry sane people do not think that way.

        • dacian the dunce, my leftist adversary. One can say the very same about your diatribes and then some. You Anti-Gun Radicals are noted for spreading lies and twisting facts to fit your disarmament agenda. For some reason, you have it in your minds that if you take all the guns away, the violence will cease. This in and of itself is laughable. More people are killed with hammers, screwdrivers and other tools than all the firearm deaths combined. FACT. But I don’t hear you trying to confiscate all the tools.
          FACT: You Anti-Gun Radicals have been trying to take our guns incrementally since the 70’s and before. You people came up with “gun free zones.” For some reason you think that the criminals and others who want to do someone harm will respect your “gun free zones.” Ludicrous. You think that if you limit the number of rounds in a firearm that it will stop mass shootings. The kid yesterday had multiple mags and reloaded like an expert. Again, your position does not hold water.
          Speaking of raving nut cases, you Anti-Gun Radicals take that title hands down.
          We know that it takes a good guy with a gun to counter the bad guy with a gun. 2 mil incidents of a good guy with a gun taking the bad guy out bears this out.
          You people have lied your way into the condition we now find ourselves in. It’s time for us to take our country back from your Leftist ideology and agenda.
          Tell the truth, dacian, the dunce. It’s all about control over the people.

    • Having retired from the public ed racket after 40 years, we’re I a kid wanting to shoot up my school, I’d walk right up and shoot the uniformed cop on duty first. He/she knows the kids and would never expect it. Smuggle the gun in a horn or computer case- no one has x-ray stuff…

      Once I whacked the cop I’d have some other goodies to use as well.

        • Whoa. You’re missing his point, and it’s rather good.

          Teenage boys are not stupid. They can usually read by this point, and they can form simple plans. In fact, they can READ such simple plans in novels, or terror manuals on the InterWebs, or adapt stories of real-world wartime or terrorist experiences to fit their own scenarios. Given those facts, it is quite reasonable and logical to assume that they can use that knowledge to formulate effective plans to ensure the success of a school attack.

          Craig in IA is merely speaking aloud what is very likely to have already been considered and evaluated in the mind of many a prospective mass killer. Eliminating the ‘resource officer’ to obtain more or better weapons, chaining doors, pulling evacuation alarms, channeling prospective victims into killing zones, using a school’s myriad ‘active shooter drills’ as learning and training experience–none of this is ‘rocket surgery’ and well within the planning skills of a juvenile mind.

          Denying that the prospective enemy is intelligent enough to plan properly and deviously is to hide one’s head in the sand. We have only been lucky, so far; A Beslan-scale incident could occur here tomorrow, and it wouldn’t take any Chechens to pull it off.

        • John in AK Who ever said that teenages were stupid? Not I. But you Lefties have a tendency to complicate simple problems. The fact is that your leftist welfare system has broken up the family unit and well as taken away personal initiative from people to better themselves. If you want to cure the ills of society, you have to strenghen the family unit and curtail and cut back the “social welfare ” system. Make parents responsible for the conduct of their off spring.
          Anything can happen. So far we have been lucky that the Besan incident did not happen here. but if you recall, Russia has exceptionally strict gun laws?

        • Nice rant, but completely off-topic and also completely erroneous.

          How you could come up with me being ‘lefty’ from any of that is beyond me, but in this age of everyone having their own ‘truth’, I won’t argue with you.

          You attacked a post that stated a realistic understanding of how a 15-year-old could plan and carry out a deadly school attack, and implied that the poster was coming up with some fantastic and improbable tale. You also implied that his opinion was contemptible, and also implied that he should be silenced. I defended him by pointing out that such planning is NOT beyond the capabilities of such a person, nor is the information needed to make such a plan incomprehensible, improbable, and even too outlandish to contemplate.

          You respond with a Derpian-level dissertation on family values and welfare and gun laws, which have NOTHING to do with the conversation at all.

          That’s bizarre.

        • John in AK, What is bizarre is that you think you can get away without being exposed as a Leftist.
          Anyone can come up with a “plan” to attack a school, a church, etc. So what? You don’t have to be over the age of 21 to do that.
          My dissertation is the crux of the entire problem with you Leftists.

        • After reading many of your responses to others I’ve determined you are no younger then 50, however you’re probably older. That being said, you hail from a dying age of religious idiocy and a pushed narrative of gender rolls. You and your opinions are irrelevant as you won’t be around much longer anyway. You’re bitter, ignorant and blind. Bye now and enjoy being a fossil.

        • DogmaC, Tell us, did you have any children that lived? You are living proof that abortion lives and afterbirth can survive!
          Bitter? Hardly. Ignorant? Not at all. If you can’t respect your elders, respect your betters.
          Now, don’t go away mad, just go away!

    • Most schools can’t afford such things. It’s a small-ish town a good ways from anywhere. Everyone probably thought it couldn’t happen there.

      • Your assumptions are probably incorrect in this case. I happen to live in a school district which is almost entirely rural with a very small town as the focal point: the average per-capita income in our district is way above the national average. As a result, our school district has a school resource officer in the high school along with at least one armed security officer who patrols the high school halls non-stop.

        You may be correct, though, that Oxford School district figured that such a thing could never happen to them, being very affluent and probably thinking that they are “above such things”.

        • Not affluent. Why do you keep repeating that?? Or even worse you said “incredibly affluent”. How about spending exactly 3 seconds doing a demographics search like this.

          Wow. Yes. Average 68k income and 210k house value. They are so affluent. I bet Trump has a second home there next to Elon Musk!

        • That’s not bad though. I checked it against my county. My county is in the top third of the country in per capita income, though not by much. My county has over twice the poverty rate of Oxford and a much, much lower household income. In other words, Oxford has a higher household income than most towns. This doesn’t take cost of living into account. It’s pretty cheap where I live.

          That site’s pretty interesting. I checked my county against the main city within the county. Despite the city being where the jobs are, the poverty rate is much higher in the city compared with the county. I assume it’s because the government subsidized housing is located in the city.

        • Jim Jones,

          I cannot speak to every single home in Oxford Township.

          I can tell you that they have a certain huge (possibly the largest in the state) sports program and significant success in that program–which requires that the participants must have substantial incomes/wealth.

          Imagine a sports program with 16+ participants which requires that participants have homes on 5+ acres (in an area where acreage is EXPENSIVE), sports “equipment” with initial cost anywhere from $8,000 to $30,000 (or more), and ongoing expenses of at least $2,000 annually. Oh, and all student-funded. (The school district does not pay for any of that.)

          That does not happen in an “average” school district.

          You also have to realize that “middle class” around the greater Detroit metro area is often well above middle class in the rest of our nation. I have known several such “middle class” families whose annual income is well in excess of $200,000 annually. And I have seen several students of these “middle class” families who have much newer/nicer cars than many/most people in our nation.

          I suppose it all depends on your idea of “middle class”. In my world–families who have homes on acreage, who spend on the order of $15K up-front and $2k annually on a sport, and whose high school-age children often drive late-model (less than 4 years old) vehicles which cost well over $30,000 new–that is affluent.

    • I have Freshman and Junior at that school. No metal detecters but they do have a deputy plus 2 ex-mil security guards. Im told the dep engaged very quickly although minutes too late…

    • WTH is a “resource officer”? Someone who provides supplies to the science labs, computer labs, and the teams? Maybe you’re referring to the janitor?

      • A “resource officer” is usually a cop assigned full-time to a particular school.

        Where I live, it’s not uncommon for the resource officer to actually live on the school grounds in a small home the school district built for the officer filling the position. The cops like it, as it allows them to save money faster than if they had to rent a place on their own…

  2. The kid lawyered up and probably thinks he’ll be home for supper. It is almost certain the shooter previously exhibited signs of being a ticking time bomb. Obviously such signs flew over the heads of those who were supposed to be keeping close tabs on a minor. Senseless tragedy.

    • Debbie W. – How do you know so many facts and obvious truths on an event that just happened a few hours ago? I see you have thousands of posts on this site. How do you know so much?

        • Yep. After meeting with His parents They advised him to Not speak with Law Enforcement. According to news reports I’ve read. Wonder Who’s Firearm he used. Mommy’s or Daddy’s?

      • Well RWB…If you are referring to, “lawyered up” that info was on the radio every hour on the hour since reported…you musta missed it.
        Now…Since you took it upon yourself to see how many posts I have explain why on earth the number of posts someone has matters to you? I mean does that help you form a game plan or perhaps a basis for questions you should be able to answer for yourself?

      • The father should have bought a better safe too. I’m single so weapons are locked but I’d guess kids could find the key if they looked hard enough but no kids have access to my house so that’s not much of an issue for me. Not sure how I would secure weapons based on my ability to snoop as a child.

        Then again, in rural PA, we all had access guns and no one got shot. Not sure what the right answer is for that problem.

        • Sure keep it locked up, but that isn’t the most important part. I discovered my dad’s gun when I was 14. I handled it and put it back. It never occurred to me to kill someone.

      • Too bad Daddy did not lock the gun up like he was supposed to. Too bad Daddy didn’t teach his son to respect what a firearm can d? Too bad Daddy didn’t teach his kid right from wrong?
        I’ll venture a guess that bullying had something to do with it.

  3. Reason? Probably bullied. Yeah that justifies murder. Not. We had race riot’s in HS. No one died…sure didn’t miss school shootings.

        • No. If that had anything to do with it, we’d have mass school shootings on a daily basis. Almost all teen boys play those.

        • Correlation vs causation. Sure, young boys have always played war- my whole neighborhood was a “war zone” when I was a kid. I have wonderful memories of running through yards ambushing my friends shouting “I got you! I got you!… No you didn’t- you missed!”

          I had a toy M16 (maybe even by Mattel) that had select-fire “machinegun” sounds, and we wore surplus camo from the Army-Navy store where we begged our parents to take us after getting our allowance. We wanted to look just like our (full-size) G.I. Joe action figures. It truly was a magical time.

          This was before the advent of violent first-person video games (or home video games at all- for that matter). Humans learn from what they see, hear, and do. The human subconscious does not differentiate between natural and artificial inputs. “Playing war” in the neighborhood with friends as kids provides a semi-realistic scenario for developing some basic combat skills… but not for actually killing someone. Why would anyone want to train a child to do that?

          Unfortunately, first-person shooter video games (with ever-evolving, more realistic graphics) actively prepares, trains, and desensitizes both the conscious and unconscious parts of vulnerable young minds for actual killing- sight, sound, and impetus. Sadly, graphic murder now appears to be a game you play for fun and high scores… with family and friends! Ain’t that dandy.

          Before these games were common, kids shooting kids was an extremely rare occurrence- even though kid’s access to guns was commonplace. As these video “training aids” spread- so did “schoolyard” shootings. I witnessed these changes first hand as movies, TV, and video games became more and more graphically violent- and so did the children. Coincidence?

          Again, I am not claiming causation- but I have no doubt there’s correlation…

        • I do think it’s a coincidence. I’ve thought about it for years. I played those games myself with my young son. I honestly don’t think the games matter unless the kid can’t differentiate between reality and games. It’s more important to makes kids feel like their own life matters, and to make them understand that all life is precious.

          Like you, I loved playing war in the back yard with the neighborhood kids. I even had a fort. It was raining hard one day, and I remember asking my dad if I could go outside. I wanted to crawl on my belly with my toy rifle under the low hanging trees like they do in the movies. Of course it’s always raining in the movies. He said no.

        • Yes, the forts were the best- especially the ones the dads helped build. Which is an extremely important part of the equation…

          You reared your son- just like my father reared me, and all my friend’s dads did, too. That’s how it should be… but is something that has been sorely missing for quite a while now. Providing a child with an electronic device in order to “keep them happy” or to “get them out of your hair” for long periods of time effectively turns over parental guidance to complete strangers- media types… some of the most dangerous, malicious people in the world.

          It’s not generally the well-raised kids that are causing the problems- it’s the children abandoned in the Matrix being raised by “digital’ parents that are most vulnerable… and the most dangerous.

        • Agreed. I played all of the games with him when he was younger. It was one of the things we did together.

          My dad and uncle built the fort. They didn’t have plans or a kit, they just built it.

        • Peter Gunn, Yep, I also played “war games” with my friends in my neighborhood. While there was no blood and guts like there is in these “first person games” you mention, I also had parents that disciplined us when it came to right and wrong. Before these “first person games”…? Poppy cock! If parents do their job, this kind of thing would be a LOT MORE RARE than it is now. Morality in this country has gone to the dogs. Kids are being raised by the self gratification generation who believe that anything goes to achieve your ends or agenda. Evidence of that is ANTIFA and BLM thugs.

  4. Timing is great for the anti-gun crowd. I mean, just when the 2A pro-gun side is gaining momentum in SCOTUS finally along comes a “sum of all fears” campaign tool for the anti-gun crowd.

    It seems there have been some other incidents where the timing was also “convenient” for the anti-gun crowd, its sort of like there is a plan of some sort, but….

      • They would rather millions not have the means to defend them selves and would defund police – effectively subjecting thoudands to possible death at the hands of criminals – so I would not put it past some of them to do it or at least seriously consider it in their twisted thinking.

        • Let’s put this into perspective, shall we? The FBI got caught up in the Gretchen Whitmer COVID season kidnapping event in 2020.
          Furthermore, the current clowns running the show were part of the administration that sought to put a Somalian face on ISIS, a terrorist group that gathered weapons from IS toppled Iraq to menace Syria.
          So that narrative at the time was that these Muslims from America were attacking a country previously targeted for regime change by the same country that killed over 500,000 Muslims and n Iraq in 2013, and we’re calling the action a “jihad”.

          They’d lie about Syria and set up false flag attacks over there. Who’s to say they’re not doing the same here?

      • you get real. You think this is just a simple “hey, lets play nice now.”? Well it isn’t, they are trying to force a condition that will have deadly consequences for thousands every year and they simply do not care as long as they get their way. I would not put it past them to “arrange” something to put things over the top in their favor. They have already shown they are willing to knowingly lie and employ pedophiles and other violent criminals to carry out their agenda of anti-gun crap, and you think they would not go further with the means at their disposal by the criminals in their ranks? All its going to take is one of those criminals to reach out to their gang banger buddies sanctioned directly or not. You don’t understand, these people are playing for keeps – it is not a political exercise for them, it is not a “discussion’ for them – its a “religion” for them, they are fanatics and like all fanatics when the chips are down they will get desperate and do what ever it takes to maintain their fanaticism and that includes not caring if you live or die.

        There is an estimated ~7,000 defensive gun uses in the U.S. every day, situations the defenders are able to walk away from because they had a gun. If the anti-gun fanatics were to have had their way years ago like they tried my wife would be dead, I would probably be dead, a lot of people would probably be dead – it was only the Heller case at the SCOTUS that tipped the scales that resulted in allowing more people to carry that saved us and thousands of others. The anti-gun crowd did not care, they just wanted to win and have their way – and the heck with those that died as a result – they do not value life like you think, they measure life by what it does to help them achieve their anti-gun agenda and they would gladly see you or I and anyone else die as a result of their actions as long as they could have their way. Their way is racists and deadly.

        I do not trust them, I would not put it past them.

      • One of the Gun Control Australia people said America would only wake up when children are killing other children.

        So I wouldn’t put it past them.

      • I’ve seen and heard enough from the “progressive” anti-gun zealots to know for a fact that many of them DO want kids to die. As Southern Cross says, they think it’s necessary to shock people into accepting their (false) utopian promise.

        Are they able to make these things happen on cue? No.

        Is everything they’re doing making the problem worse? Yes. And are they making it worse on purpose? Yes.

        Follow your own advice and get real, Mr. Fakemail.

      • Yes. She absolutely believes that. And that’s what makes the MAGA/White Supremacist crowd so laughable. Good thing they’re all fat, lazy and (most of all) bitchmade cowards, or we’d be in trouble. As it stands, they just impotently bang on the keyboard while shoving Debbie cakes into their fat mouths.

        • “As it stands, they just impotently bang on the keyboard…”

          And if there’s someone who has vast personal experience with ‘impotence’, it’s the kind of person that changes or invents a new username nearly daily.

          Seriously, consider suicide, it will be a true improvement for humanity in general… 🙂

        • Hahaha. MAGA keyboard Warriors cost Killary her election in 2016, with clowns like Van Jones calling everyone that didn’t vote for the White hag that victimized Haiti a racist, and Madeline “all those dead kids in Iraq were worth it” Albright attacking women voters for not voting their gender.

          Beaten so badly that they chose to blame the Russians for “hacking the election “. Remember that?

          The Ruskies kicked Obama’s mercenaries’ asses in Syria so unthinking Democrats sought to tie Trump to Putin, even as Putin wanted Assad to stay in power while Trump said he wanted to assassinate the Syrian President.

  5. Here we go again, expecting the calls to “Ban 3D printed ghost guns! And pistol braces, bump stocks, and assault weapons! Do it now, for the children!”, regardless of whether or not any of these were used in this crime. It’s only logical, right?

    If nothing else the ATF has a couple rule changes pending; a tragedy may well be the perfect time to trot them out to show Biden is “doing something” about it.

    • We had guns in our lockers and in our vehicle’s at school, and not one individual was ever shot. We had plenty of fist fights over stupid stuff. But no one got shot, or knifed as we carried knives daily as well.

      Society has changed. Parents don’t parent, society says everything you do is fine and here is your participation trophy. No consequences for bad actions, just excuses made.

      • Have to Agree with FP on this on this One. We had Loaded Firearms in our vehicles in high school. Never even locked the Doors. Including Teachers and Ad Min. If someone got a new or different firearm. It was usually the talk of the day and everyone who wanted would go out and look it over. At lunch or after school. Sometimes the teacher would take the class down to look it over. Girls included since many of them were farm girls that hunted also. The prevalence of firearms has Nothing to do with the Level of Violence We are seeing. It has everything to do with the level of Parenting or Lack of Parenting. The Farther Our Society gets from the Parenting and Education Implemented in the 50’s 60’s 70’s. The Farther Down the Rabbit Hole of Societal Chaos We Fall. We as a Society continue on the current path at Our Own Peril and the Peril of Our Nation.

      • Paratrooper Wannabee

        quote————–Society has changed. Parents don’t parent, society says everything you do is fine and here is your participation trophy. No consequences for bad actions, just excuses made.———quote

        You are not educated enough to even comment on todays socieity your idiot repsonse prove it beyond all doubt.

        Society has disintegrated because a list of complex reasons which include, the high divorce rates, low paying jobs, both husband and wife forced to work with no one at home to properly raise the children, increased drug addition do to the pressures and hopelessness of every day life because Republicans have shipped all the high paying jobs overseas turning the average American into a troglodyte modern day serf.

        The graft and corruption at the highest levels of Government which is exactly what led to the fall of the Roman Empire along with too many wars of rape, pillage and conquest that bankrupted the country which is exactly what has happened in the U.S. The military industrial complex (which President Eisenhower warned us would destroy the country) drains 54 cts of every dollar down the shit hole of our endless wars of rape, pillage and conquest.

        As President Lincoln warned us many decades ago “We will never be conquered from without but we will destroy ourselves from within” and the Trump attempted take over of the Federal Government was certainly proof that is what is now happening. Do not think this is the last time the jack booted Republicans will try to establish a dictatorship with Trump as their living God.

    • Disarm, Horse pucky. My family had guns around the house for the time I was 14 yrs old and no ne ever sot anyone. But then I had parents who disciplined my brothers and me. Today if a parent chastises the kids the kids call the police and the parent has to defend his obligation to discipline this miscreant.

    • Nah, I had a 20 ga. shotgun at 8, a .22 Ruger at 10 and a 12 ga. at 12. In high school I hunted before and after school, leaving my shotgun in the Roadrunner in the interim. Country kids have always had guns.

  6. Every entrance to every school needs armed guards with metal detectors. Every student must go through metal detectors. If Biden has money for roads then he surely has money to lock down every school and end these Biden induced shootings.

  7. How sad is it that I breath a sigh of relief that it wasn’t a black MSR.
    If the kid isn’t the right political persuasion or it is the wrong weapon this story will be memory holed as quickly as it broke.

      • I know that one student shooter in Kentucky was a self-declared socialist and atheist. And a student shooter in Colorado also was a self-declared atheist and socialist.

        I think access to the internet with all of its information is making some children more politically aware than kids were decades before.

    • Someone issuing a ‘guarantee’ backs it up with their real name, so they can collect.

      A coward like you hides behind a pathetic little insult as a name. You must be ashamed at what hangs between your legs, ‘little boy’… 🙂

    • I’d wager that the shooter is the over-medicated gender confused spawn of useless anti-gun liberal parents.

      • He’s 15. I’d virtually guarantee the gun came from his worthless parents, who have already got their worthless murdering son a lawyer.

        • Yes. His worthless Trump worshiping parents got their worthless Trump worshiping son a lawyer, because skirting responsibility for your heinous actions is the first play in the MAGA playbook.

        • “…because skirting responsibility for your heinous actions is the first play in the MAGA playbook.”

          The ‘progressives’ are true masters of responsibility-skirting, handing out wads of cash monthly for those who refuse to work for a living.

          It wasn’t Trump that started the ‘Obama Phone’ entitlement program, after all.

    • I guarantee you that you are full of donkey dust. It’s not the Trump panrest who are to blame; it’s you Leftist-Socialists who restrict parents from being parents. You people want a parent to be the kid’s friend.

    • The TDS is strong in You. O’Barry Care has a Special program for Psychotic Liberals to Detox from Their Delusions of Grandeur.

      • A trial would be weeks of having to relive everything, and pouring salt in the wounds. It would have been better if he offed himself

        • Again, the families want to know why their children were killed, if he killed himself, he would have taken that to the grave.

          They value that more than a trial. Besides the shooter can always plead guilty and spare a trial.

      • Oh, so let him spill the beans… then give him the death penalty or let him languish in prison and that makes everyone feel better.

        I can pretty much tell u the parent’s would prefer him dead by his own hand or otherwise

        • Michigan was the first state in the Union to abolish the death penalty, and that abolishment remains the case today.

        • Lock him up with the other ODCs overnight. He will beg to confess the next morning to be put into solitary.

  8. Given the political identity demographics of the area and the school demographics, this will most likely be a Parkland v2 style of shooting, another failure of the school system and the feds will have created yet another violent monster espousing socialist ideologies.

  9. It’s pretty evident to me that we, as a country, are not doing school right. Something happened to change things after I graduated and I don’t understand what exactly, maybe a combination of things.

    I don’t have any answers but the current way ain’t working. So I say change it based on the famous Einstein quote
    “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

    • All we really require is that the “new” thinking of the past 100 years be taken out to pasture, shot in the back of the head, and buried. (Easier said than done, of course.)

      There’s a good reason why spree killings, especially by children and teens, started ticking up in the 1970s. The modern “progressive” movement (i.e., postmodern Marxism) is doing a bang-up job of tearing down the foundation of Western culture and American society, but if offers nothing of value to replace it.

    • “It’s pretty evident to me that we, as a country, are not doing school right.”

      Schools are what they are because of ‘progressive’ polices that keep the system broken. If they actually solved problems, there would be no need to continue to vote for the party…

      • Geoff PR,

        “If [the Progressive Party] actually solved problems, there would be no need to continue to vote for the party…”

        That is a huge factor. There is another huge factor: the Progressive Party capitalizes on weaknesses of human nature.

        The Progressive Party either explicitly or implicitly understands major weaknesses of human nature such as our propensity to operate on feelings, our deep desire to never be responsible for our actions, and our desire to be an integral member of a “tribe”. Armed with that knowledge, the Progressive Party appeals to those weaknesses and/or manipulates/coerces people to join their “tribe”.

        I wonder how many members of the Progressive Party would leave the party if they understood the great lengths the party employs to “suck people in” (as opposed to righteously winning them over).

      • Hell, we have kids graduating from High School who can’t even balance a checkbook or read at 9th grade level.
        You can thank these “educators” who think they could build a better mouse trap.

    • It’s simple.

      Decades ago when you grew up, schools (and churches), taught you that primarily YOUR OWN ACTIONS are what determines your success in school and life. If you aren’t successful, it is mainly your own fault and you are to blame. So if you were a perpetual loser you just grinned and beared it, or you killed yourself.

      In the 80’s, the idiot teachers that graduated in the 60’s got control of the schools and told kids that if they didn’t succeed it most likely was due to somebody else(or the “system”) holding them back. AKA…the “self esteem movement”. So now days, losers in school blame other people for their failures and they feel entitled to shoot people for making them be a loser.

      Simple as that.

  10. Everyone looking for that silver bullet – that one thing that fixes this mess. I think we’re in a “perfect storm” of issues all converging – the family unit gone, parents relinquishing control of kids to the state, no consequences for actions, etc.

    • RayS,

      You pretty much covered it.

      I similarly summarized the core problem to my father two days ago:

      high divorce rates
      high single mother rates (dad not fathering)
      low orthodox Judeo-Christian faith rates

      Additional core problems:

      schools promoting “beta” males
      “everyone is a winner” philosophy
      high rate of parents being selfish/narcissists

      • At least the guy from Michigan who got the no-bail required release from jail for domestic violence and who promptly beat his wife to death with a claw hammer wasn’t “Florida man”.
        That happened Monday up there.

        We may be catching a break for once.

  11. First thing, I offer my condolences to the families of those killed and my hopes for a full recovery of those wounded.
    Next thing is I have to ask why a 15-year-old felt the need to shoot anyone? Was he bullied or threatened? How do you rationalize the irrational? Next is where did the kid get the gun? Steal it from home? Get it from a buddy? Wherever he got it, someone needs to held accountable.
    My next question is what happened to society today. I realize I grew up in a different time and had other concerns as a kid, but, most of us in the area I grew up in had ready access to firearms and none of us seriously considered shooting up the school. Had anyone checked, there were guns in most of the cars in the student parking lot. Exactly what guns depended on what was in season. .22 rifles and 410 shotguns for small game. A variety of center fire rifles during deer season. Shotguns during pheasant and turkey seasons. Few hand guns as we didn’t hunt with them. Many of our parents had hand guns, but, we usually didn’t use them except for occasional recreational shooting with said parent. Hell, 90% plus of the boys, and 75% of the girls had a knife of some kind on their person. Several times a teacher borrowed mine to open a box or cut something in class. No shootings or stabbings. And, we had our fair share of fist fights and dust ups.
    Might be time to check out what is missing in the family life of the shooter, and while we’re at it, what has happened in society in general. I know things didn’t get this way over night and we won’t fix it over night, but fix it we must. Because the lack of morals, civility and respectability will destroy us all if we don’t.

    • oldmaninAL,

      You touched upon the problem and solution in your comment,

      “… what is missing in the family life of the [spree-killer] …”

      What is missing IS family life as multiple people have stated in this article’s comments. Orthodox Judeo-Christian faith is almost always missing as well.

  12. Hang the little bitch on the court house lawn for all to see, let him swing all day.
    Yes there is something here to see, dont move along. Your seeing what’s going to happen to the next dumb SOB that pulls this sht.

  13. I saw a short video clip recorded during this attack. There was a classroom where the teacher had locked the door, covered the window with paper, and (possibly with the help of students) piled several desks/chairs against the door. Someone tried opening the door and, upon realizing that it was locked, yelled that he was a Sheriff deputy and ordered the teacher to open the door. The teacher was not convinced and refused to open the door. The person responded, ordering the teacher to come to the door and see his badge. Of course it turned out to be the student spree-killer who was trying to fool the teacher into opening the door.

    I listened carefully to the spree-killer’s voice and choice of words and I am 90% confident that he is black. Furthermore, another student is on camera stating that he heard of the impending attack and stayed home from school that day. That student is also black. In my experience, when a school population is 96% white (according to a comment above), the few black students hang pretty tight together. If the attacker was black, I can totally see him tipping-off at least some of the few other black students ahead of time, as the black student hinted on camera to television news.

    If that turns out to be the case, any guess how quickly the legacy media will quash this story since it has the wrong races (black killing white rather than white killing black) and the wrong firearm (a handgun rather than an AR-15 rifle)?

  14. The 9mm pistol the “suspect” used during the shooting was bought by his father on Black Friday, Nov. 26. It was loaded with seven rounds of ammunition when police arrested the “suspect”.

    social media sleuths have claimed to have identified the “suspect” as Ethan Crumbley. If it is Ethan Crumbley this is what he looks like > — but as usual in such cases it will not be confirmed until police re;lease the information so don’t take it as gospel that the shooter is Ethan Crumbley.

    • .40 cal Booger,

      I saw a photo allegedly of the spree-killer’s semi-auto handgun which appears to be a full-size variety. If that is correct and the spree-killer’s handgun had 7 cartridges in it when police arrested him, he would have had to reload (swapped magazines) at least once during his rampage since he shot enough times to kill three and wound at least 8 (and possibly 11).

      That fact, plus the fact that he claimed to be a Sheriff deputy and ordered at least one teacher/students to open at least one classroom door tells me he is one sick/evil person.

        • I don’t know that ANY school district in Michigan is “incredibly affluent”, and that its students might be subject to being victims of “affluenza”.
          ( That Judge has since quit her position on the bench. )
          I thot that only happ’nd in Texas.

  15. I predict that the perpetrator of this massacre will be shown, to have been raised by a single mother on the welfare state.

    • Not sure about welfare but my understanding is that parents are married and live at the same address. He used the sig sp2022 that his father purchased on the previous Friday.
      The parents were called to the school the day prior and morning of the shooting for some sort of behavior concern. Why the dad didnt have it better secured considering the troubling behavior is what id like to know.


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