virginia beach shooting
Courtesy ABC News
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WTKR reports that:

Virginia Beach Police responded to an active shooter situation at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, according to MPO Tonya Pierce.

The incident happened at Building 2 in the 2400 block of Courthouse Drive.

Police said multiple injuries have been confirmed, and 11 people were killed.

The shooter, who was reportedly a city employee, was reportedly killed in an exchange of gunfire with police.

And, as is so predictable . . .


An ambulance turns on Nimmo Parkway following a shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center on Friday, May 31, 2019, in Virginia Beach, Va. (Kaitlin McKeown/The Virginian-Pilot via AP)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — The Latest on a shooting at a municipal center in Virginia Beach (all times local):

6:55 p.m.

Police say 11 people have been killed and six others injured in a mass shooting at a municipal building in Virginia Beach.

Police Chief James Cervera said Friday that a shooter opened fire and shot “indiscriminately” at workers inside an operations building in the Virginia Beach Municipal Building Friday afternoon.

Cervera said police returned fire, killing the suspect. He said the suspect was a longtime employee of the city’s Public Works Department. One of the people shot is a police officer.

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  1. I ALWAYS carry my 1911 .45 acp; especially @ work, and when somebody
    (at work) saw my weapon “printing” (and reported me) I told my boss I
    would continue to carry (using a non detectable appendix carry) and it
    would be fine if he fired me. I’m still working there.

    Every time I hear these stories with people barricading and cowering in
    closets, etc. I think no way will I EVER be reduced to that – period.

    • My employer is putting everyone thru “Workplace Violence” training right now. Includes walk thrus of work areas and discussion of what you could do under various threat scenarios. The old “RUN HIDE FIGHT” routine.

      Allowing firearms on company property is not even open to discussion in any way, shape, form, under any rules, with or without training or license, do not bring that topic up.

      Such attacks are extremely rare, not like I worry about it. Still, seems awful stupid to got thru all this training hullabaloo and the one thing that would give you a true fighting chance is a banned topic.

      • Shit yes; I’m a competitive shooter(amateur). Who works IT in a courthouse. I’ve shown videos to the cops I work with who respond with “shit, you’re better trained then we are”.

        And yet I’m the one forbidden by law to carry.

    • sad thing is there are so many restrictions in a building like this, that someone such as yourself would never be able to work there. So, naturally, these news worthy candidates who detest the ability to defend themselves, will make it harder for everyone else to protect themselves as well.

    • Well trained people who legally concealed carry can be important in taking out a gunman before more victims are hit. Suggesting that the solution is to pass laws designed to take the guns away from law abiding people who can be part of the solution is a wrong headed reaction. People who for whatever reason decide to go on a spree, murdering innocent people, will get guns illegally if they can’t get them legally. Do you really think someone who is planning mass murders, expecting to die in the process, will be bothered by violating gun laws?

      • Sadly, more good people with guns is a tough sell to most people. The fact is that gun free zones are just soft targets for the twisted people wanting to inflict harm. The other fact is that there’s a lot of mass shootings that go unreported because a good guy stopped it with their gun first.

  2. Gun free zone, disarmed victims, stopped by responding armed men, far too late.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

        • Rethink your rethink. It was not a gun free zone in a place where police are present. Police have guns and they responded. One officer was shot and apparently saved by his vest.

        • Quit being naive. Police always carry. They enforce the “gun free zone”. If this is a police state rant, trust me, I get it. But the Gun Free Zone is directed at US, normal citizens. Not police. Pull your head outta your ass and quit the trolling. You know what the fuck a gun free zone is. Do they work? Duh, no. Do police carry in them? Duh, yes. Name one spot that enforces no guns on normal citizens that is not protected by gun toting “enforcers”. Good god, like trying to explain how legos go together to some retard. The term gun free zone in a building as such in this article is not directed at the police standing at the fucking metal detectors or the guards in the courthouse. Obviously. smh…

        • I work on a college campus, classic gun free zone. Our public safety officers carry firearms. So I guess colleges are not gun free zones by the logic expressed in some of these comments? So I won’t go to prison if I carry at work, right? Good to know, and thanks for the top notch legal advice. Genius.

        • “Gun free zone” the kendall designation, not the fact that ghee are no guns. The killer brought a gun there, the police carry guns there. It is not free of guns. But it’s still a “gun free zone.”

      • Multiple buildings including police dept. In a different building in the complex i believe. And most likely this building was a gun free zone either by a sign or defacto. False sense of security with the police so close by.

        • Police were literally just one building away, able to hear the gunfire even though it was a suppressed .45

          Asshole still killed 12 before they stopped him.

          The only way for a faster response, the only way to stop these killers more quickly, is armed victims.

      • It wasn’t a gun free zone. There were armed police on the premises.

        I am sorry but you don’t understand the definition of gun free zone. The are is MARKED as a gun free zone on Virginia maps and listed as a gun free zone IN CODE. so it is a gun free zone.

        A gun free zone is a prohibition of non-LEO.
        There are 19 TIMES more concealed carry licences than there are all local, country, state and national law enforcement officers combined. And odds are of smaller number of bad outcomes if civilians can carry in those gun free zones,

        Secondly, “promises” is a weasel. contrary to the claims in some of some in media, law enforcement office was not in that building, but another building on the property (“premises”) . the shooter was targeting non law enforcement in a closed gun free environment, and those employees were FORBIDDEN from being armed, and we all know that likely would have saved lives

  3. Read this on Brietbart about 10 mins. ago. No info on the shooter. No mention of race or political mind set or type of firearm. Waiting for more info.
    Good catch TTAG!

    • Willing to bet the shooter was a leftist hillary supporter. As soon as the media sees it wasn’t a white, right wing militia type this won’t last the weekend news cycle.

      If it turns out to be the right winger, it never is, then a shit storm of epic proportions will be upon us.

      Gun free zones are murder magnets.

      • The shooter is said to be “Hispanic.” That could mean he is white or he is brown. He committed the shooting because he got fired.

        • Correction: I am now hearing he is a middle aged black male. An officer said his name is Dwayne Craddock.

          I heard he used a pistol with a suppressor.

          Police are refusing to talk about the shooter. So, we can’t verify info yet.

    • The shooter was an employee that worked there for a long time.

      He shot at the cops and was killed in the exchange. The officer’s vest stopped the round, which means the gun is either a pistol or a shotgun.

      • under uniform vest, or plate carrier from an in building response team? Willing to bet they have a QRF room somewhere in the building, like an embassy. Most courthouses do.

        • It wasn’t in the court house. It was next to the court house and police station. It was in another city building without security. He used to work there for a while. From what I gather.

      • Was this an actual Domestic Terrorist attack? News Media? Crickets, chirp, chirp!
        Heard that Dwayne was a follower of the Religion of Peace and Ramadan is going on. That’s usually means open season on Infidels. FBI needs to bug these Mosques and find out what is being said by their Imams.
        The church I go to locks the doors after the service starts. I bet there are a few in the congregation who carry just in case.

  4. I hate it every time this happens. Soft zones are the easiest for these idiot shooters to hurt people, yet the gov’t keeps these zones soft. Pure stupidity.

    • No one can be that stupid! It has to be intentional.
      Gun grabbers need these murdering pieces of shit. How else can they convince the public at large that we, the people need to give up all our guns? Guns most useful for militia service first of course.
      That’s why every pissant who manages to murder several people by shooting gets his picture on all screens and his name in all news. He becomes an instant celebrity, to encourage the next mentally challenged nobody to try to get higher score.

      • Noticed that the police chief was emphasizing that the shooter was using extended capacity magazines. Tomorrows raging narrative I guess.

  5. Well, that’s shitty. Too bad more of these assholes don’t have the balls to just off themselves and be done with it.

    • Because they are selfish and self-centered. The whole world must know how miserable they are…

    • Why do that when your pathology is that you feel insignificant, and you know the media will enable your insane mission, make you famous and give you 100 times the coverage of anything else that kills 11 people?

  6. They need to make the NO GUNS signs much Larger. The guy must not have seen them…. …”next on the agenda”….

    • Yeah, and a “NO shooting at people or nuthin’ else” sign too. We know the signs work cuz the Dem’s say they do. And a “seek help if you feel the need to kill somebody” sign. And a “Take your problems out to the street ‘cuz no one in here wants to listen to them” sign. Or maybe a “Jesus loves you even if we don’t” sign. Or, “Please take a number. You’re not the only one that wants to kill us.” sign.
      Think those will work? I’ll keep my guns. You keep your change. Lord this shit pisses me off!

    • It’s why I left. Virginia Beach is just a ‘younger’ Baltimore. In 20 years it’ll be full dumpster-fire.

    • wut? Virginia is open carry without a permit. Fuq u talkin bout? Hanging on by a thread no more than any other state with open carry laws.

      • You don’t know Virginia at all. Its entire executive branch is Democrat, th e state is majority Democrat and the stage legislature has been losing GOP seats for two decades, and is only GOP by a SINGLE seat in each house.

        That tiny GOP majority is the only thing stopping Virginia from ending open carry, probably ending shall issue, and instituting magazine limits, ending all NFA, and following Maryland.

        All demographic trends show Virginia legislature will turn blue and there is not a state in the union where Bloomberg has spent more per capita, so he has a LOT of IOUs

        • This is exactly what the “abolish the electoral college” crowd wants to do, the politics of Virginia is dictated by a slim Dem majority in the North around D.C. and the rest of the state is just along for the ride.. If the “no electoral college” bunch get their way California and New York will impose their will on the rest of the country and the U.S. will be no more…

        • I know VA very well. I lived there half my life. Much like Texas, it is a majority of democratic ran, but also much like Texas, it has had little effect on the gun laws there. Either way, does not change what I said about the history of gun grabbers in VA since VA Tech. Fact is, because of VA Tech, other states are allowing on campus carry. Like I said, I don’t expect VA to change much after this incident either.

  7. Very sad to read but I bet another “gun free” safe zone failure. When are people going to realize evil exists and it can’t be stopped by signs, laws, and policies?

        • what’s sad is how many of those are in “gun free zones”. What’s sad is how many people could have defended themselves had they been carrying. What’s sad, is your narrative.

        • What’s sad is that there’ve been 179 mass shootings this year.</b

          What is sad is by the definition that site uses, 80% could be eliminated almost immediately with longer prison sentences.

          What is also sad is that definition shows mass shootings are virtually all in Democrat run areas with reduced sentencing lengths and lower actual time served than the rest of the country which is seeing DECREASED gun murder — down 60% in 25 years

      • Most of the list doesn’t meet the traditional FBI definition for a mass shooting. In many of the instances listed, there were zero deaths.

        Typically, a mass shooting event is one in which there are four or more dead and the perpetrator didn’t personally know the victims.

        Where the perpetrator knows the victims, the shooting can usually be classified as a domestic dispute, a workplace dispute, a drug dispute, etc.

        It’s just another example of the Left twisting definitions and statistics to make something look more favorable to their policy positions.

        Also, a shootout between drug dealers on a school playground at 2 AM isn’t a “school shooting”.

        • I don’t give a flying fuck what you or the FBI call a mass shooting, the fact is that Fred Gutenberg stated that there were 150 mass shootings (NOT KILLINGS) this year and I (since I had only heard of a dozen or so) decided to look it up… That is what I found and that is what I published… No one made any claims about what is or is not a school shooting or what constitutes a legitimate mass shooting.. This asshole was a black guy using a suppressed 45 so does that not qualify because he wasn’t white or using an “assault rifle”. I am as far from a liberal as any one can get but I can and do try to keep an open mind when the need for free and critical thought is required and my thought processes have arrived at the conclusion that no matter what the circumstances any time there is a shooting that involves more than one person with MULTIPLE INJURIES and OR fatalities (not in a war zone) it qualifies as a fucking mass shooting (BY MY PERSONAL DEFINITION). Instead of trying to educate me or prove yourself the superior being apply the god given common sense you SHOULD have been blessed with and think for yourself for a change. Yeah, yeah I know it’s a vast left wing conspiracy blah, blah, but the FBI says blah, blah, don’t think for yourself blah, blah do what your told, be a good little robot blah, blah…… enough.

        • Actually there are 172 mass shootings listed since 1/1/2019 w/198 killed and 625 wounded…

          That is a bloomberg run and funded site. It includes paintball and pellet guns.
          By the definition used on that site, Australia has had MORE mass shootings in the 20 years since its gun definition than the 20 years before.

          Also by the definition on that site, 40% of all US mass shootings are committed by the 0.03% of the population that is on parole, and 90% committed by prior criminals with illegal guns.

          That shooting tracker shows you could immediately eliminate near 80% of mass shootings by increasing time served for crimes

  8. Only one real question is was this a gun “free zone”?

    Apparently so since the criminal attacked multiple floors.

    • All city of Va beach buildings are gun free zones when I was in the military we loved gun free zones because that meant the enemy didn’t have as many to shoot back at us

    • Gun free zones are inanimate objects, spaces, really. Good to see that the people of the gun (POTG) are finally on board with blaming inanimate objects for murders. Now, we just need to nudge you a little further in your faulty thinking toward blaming the liberals’ preferred inanimate object–guns–and your inadvertent complicity will be complete.

      • Nice try, troll.

        A zone is not an inanimate object… In fact, it’s not an object at all. It’s a zone. Maybe define Inanimate Object – better yet, just an object – through google, come back, and go fuck yourself some more.

        If it is an object by your trollish definition, how does one pick it up and use it? Can you hold it at all? Would you refer to a national park as an inanimate object, ever?

      • Gun free zones ARE NOT objects but it is true that the gun free zone does not actually kill people (just like a gun cannot jump up and start shooting on its own) the gun free zone does provide a certain level of comfort to the person intent on doing the most damage possible with the least threat to their own person..



        Dewayne Craddock is 40 years old and was born on 10/15/1978. Dewayne’s Reputation Score is 2.82. Dewayne Craddock currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA; in the past Dewayne has also lived in Newport News VA. Dwayne Craddock, Dewayne A Craddock and Dewayne A Hamilton are some of the alias or nicknames that Dewayne has used. We know that Dewayne’s political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat; ethnicity is African American; and religious views are listed as Christian. Dewayne’s relationship status is married.”

        • Just like the two white gay mass shooters names in denver disappeared, so too will this guy’s name also disappear.

          Only straight white male shooters count with the MSM.

        • Something is funny, because that link says religion is Scientology and lists party as Republican

          I refreshed it and it still says Scientology, but the party affiliation is back to Democratic. Mmmmmm

        • I’m not sure I would trust much info on that page. For instance, it states that he purchased his home for $121, and that he drives a 1927 Ford Corolla, and a total net worth of less than $1.

          Ok, they got that part right…

        • And he started in Va Beach as a groundskeeper, then he went to public utilities because he kept getting passed over for promotion at landscape services……….how do I know? because he used to work in the same landscape yard in the city of Va Beach that I did

        • that link just got seriously hacked by LIBS

          all info changed to lefty gun grabbing nonsense!

    • Well that will bury this story. Can’t have a mass shooting if it’s a minority. Then it’s just workplace violence.

      • The government and its corporate media do not like to talk about workplace shootings regardless of how many die. They like to use school and houses of worship shootings.

        A long time ago the media used to refer to workplace shootings as “going postal” because government employees would shoot a bunch of people after they get fired. They didn’t try to use those mass shootings for gun control like they did Columbine and Parkland. Not even the Mandalay Bay shooting was used like most would expect.

        You have to use the children to get things passed. Whether it’s “free” education or “reasonable regulations” on the 2nd Amendment.

        • “A long time ago the media used to refer to workplace shootings as “going postal” because government employees would shoot a bunch of people after they get fired.”

          Your history is a bit incomplete.

          It’s called “going postal” because of what was happening specifically in post offices, not all government jobs.

          What actuallyhappened was the US Postal Service wanted to improve and streamline workflow in the post offices and mail sorting facilities. The USPS brought in ‘efficiency experts’ to observe the workers, and then made suggestions as to how the work could be done faster and more efficiently.

          Mail handling and sorting is tedious, eye-glazing boring and repetitious work. There were employees there doing that work for over 20+ years. They had their own system of doing that work. The ‘experts’ broke the jobs down in minute detail. They had to pick up mail a certain way, turn heir bodies a certain way, make only certain numbers of steps and moves in doing the job. Oh, and if the workers didn’t do the job *EXACTLY*, with *ZERO* deviation the new way of doing things, the employees were written up and fired if they deviated IN ANY WAY than the ‘new’ way.

          Some of the folks didn’t take well to the new system. The stress made some of the workers snap like rubber bands and they took out their stress on their managers and other employees. With lethal results.

          ‘Going Postal’ (in a post office) is pretty rare these days, I personally can’t recall the last time I have heard it happening in a post office. That’s because the employees are now trained from the get-go to do the job exactly as prescribed in the ‘manual’. No bad habits to break in the first place…

  9. This is why the whole U S should be open carry, the states that have that law don’t seem to have this problem,,, Let everyone carry that wants too & in about 6 months all the ass holes will be in jail or preferably DEAD…as far as the snowflakes go, if they can’t stand the sight of a weapon,,, Too F_c_i_ng bad,,, there the ones that are contributing to the gun free zones,,, anti bullying crowd,,, spank your punk kids once in a while & they won’t turn into some one like U… or them…

    • We just had an active shooter in Houston *this* week. When he fled the scene, he was subsequently chased by a sheriff’s deputy. In the ensuing shootout, the deputy was shot in the neck. He’s still in the ICU. The shooter fled that scene, too, ultimately dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police closed in on him.

      Texas is open carry.

      In any given OC state, very, very few people actually carry openly. Besides, OC doesn’t do much went the spree shooter has first mover advantage. That said, concealed carry in general has been shown to have a positive effect on reducing violent crime in general. That doesn’t extend to spree shootings, though.

      Best thing you can hope for is that ooen carry, concealed carry and other self-defense friendly measures create an atmosphere of heightened resistance to mass violence and might persuade would-be shooters not to take the spree shooting route in the first place. Maybe just commit suicide, instead of bothering with a low body count affair. Once the shooting does start, though, those first victims are toast whether armed or not.

      • I think that was his point. That had we not allowed so many infringements to begin with, there would be less fear mongering. I do agree about concealing, but a big part of me realizes that people have also become so complacent they simply fear the sight of an open carry. The only real way to combat such an issue, is to open carry. Does it make you a target? Yes, and no. Like you said, if someone knows they are walking into a “heavy carry zone” they either want to die and will be obliged, or they actually believe they will maintain the upper hand – which will not happen. Out of sight, and out of mind is simply a compromise made to make people feel safer by those too scared to stand up for their rights with a no compromise stance. Shall not be infringed is very clear. No matter what context you use it in. Apply it to the rest of our rights, and there would be no room for argument or compromise. Our forefathers did not foresee everything, but they tried, and we are failing those who took that no compromise stance to begin with. It’s all been downhill since then.

  10. Anti- Constutional Rights Activists are quick to blame the NRA and will no doubt follow with more blame towards President Trump, they wont say one damn word towards assigning responsibility/blame on the person who murdered and injured these victims. Typical, agenda driven bullshit. Total gun control will only leave us with no protection when the “mass knife attacks” start in the U.S. Just like Europe, knife bans/restrictions will be called for while the killers just move to another type device to utilize in order to commit horrific crimes.

    Only those that do the deed are responsible. Not the tool, not the advertising, not the tool manufacture. Vehicles have be used in several attacks on groups of people, yet not the vehicle, not rental agency, not the advertising or not the manufacture are ever targeted as “responsible” for the deliberate actions of the operator. Such biased disparity in the blame game and that’s exactly what it is!

  11. Pray for the victims and their families.

    This was a government worker. The story will disappear. Just like LGBTQ…XYZ shooters in Denver disappeared from the news as well.

    The Beretta 21a I carry every where I go would have stopped this pig, dead.

      • How far did it get them? I seem to remember: Nowhere. Virginia is, and was after the fact, still an Open Carry state with no magazine restrictions or anything similar to other states that have infringed on 2A rights.

        • In fact, other states did more than Virginia did after that incident. I remember something with background checks being reported if failed, and increased campus security.

          Actually, this incident did more for us than any other incident. Because of it and the protested infringements by 2A rights groups, there have been 14 states AFTER THE FACT that now allow on campus carry. Again, Because of VA Tech. The only states dumb enough to believe these arguments about gun control based on VA Tech incident, were states like California. Nuff said about those states. Virginia has not played along with ANY of these anti-gun arguments. I honestly do not expect to see a change now either.

    • Data show otherwise. Gun control makes things worse.
      In the 20 years after Australia’s mid 1990’s mass confiscation Australia homicide rate went down 41%. But they US homicide rate fell 60% in the 20 years after the US mid 1990s peak. The US increased guns and saw a bigger decrease in homicide.

      Australia also saw no change in mass murder, just in type, in fact mass murder of children in Australia increased 26% since its gun confiscation.

      By the way the biggest mas murder of students in the western world was in Norway, with a gun that is legal and no longer even restricted in Canada.

      New Hampshire has no law against suppressors, you can open carry, you can concealed carry, an 18 year old can walk down a street with a loaded AR-15, and it has had no mass shootings.

  12. He used a can on the handgun. You can kiss any loosening of Suppressor regs. Matter of fact, it won’t surprise me if Trump calls for confiscation of suppressors.

      • “Yea, hello officer, there seems to be a hollywood effect noise throughout the building”

        Bet that shit was loud AF. Bet they won’t cover how loud it was. Bet the reports they got specifically described gunfire sounds, and not a suppressed weapon sound.

        Ignorance is bliss.

      • “.45 suppressed is pretty quiet, no? “

        Depends on the quality of the can but generally yeah, especially if the suppressor is wet. There’s FRP sometimes with a dry can but that’s for one shot and honestly, with something like an Osprey the FRP really isn’t noticeable IME.

        • “Depends on the quality of the can but generally yeah, especially if the suppressor is wet.”

          That only lasts for a few shots, doesn’t it?

          I seriously doubt he was re-wetting the inside of the can while swapping magazines…

        • I find my Osprey lasts about 12 rounds wet. After that the sound starts to get a bit louder but it’s still a massive reduction.

          The difference is noticeable if you started out wet but even dry the pistol really isn’t very loud in comparison to one without a can on it. It’s quiet enough that in an office building running AC with normal office noise you could probably go unnoticed by most people if you had a solid-core door shut between them and the gun. It doesn’t just make the noise quieter a can changes the sound to something most people won’t recognize or associate with a gun. I’d put it, dry, as being on par with dropping a large book flat-side down on a table from a height of a couple feet. More of a *whump* than a *bang* and the sound “lasts” longer so it’s not quite so “sharp”… if that makes sense.

          I don’t think it really matters for a mass shooting at all. As Specialist38 noted, the running and screaming will tend to make the silencer kinda useless and that’s going to start pretty much as soon as the shooting starts. The benefits of a silencer are pretty well lost on a criminal unless they’re using a rifle from a distance far enough out that direction becomes difficult to pin down because our ears simply don’t deal with super-sonic bullet noises very well.

        • “More of a *whump* than a *bang* and the sound “lasts” longer so it’s not quite so “sharp”… if that makes sense.”

          Makes perfect sense, the sound impulse is ‘spread out’ over a longer time interval. Trading the initial high amplitude for a longer length of time…

        • Yeah, or you could say it “smooths out” the sound impulse. I don’t really know the technical terms in acoustics.

          Regardless, wet or dry, a high end silencer on a .45 and you’ll be able to hear the action on the gun racking back and forth when you fire it. I wouldn’t say the action is louder than the report of the shot but you can definitely hear it distinctly.

          Anyone who says a .45 suppressor is really loud has either never dealt with a high end one, has no idea what they’re talking about or is just running their mouth because they’re angry they don’t have one. Even dry a good can makes .45 pretty darn quiet and does so without you having to search out specialty subsonic rounds for the pistol like you would with 9 or 40.

          The same is kind of the true with rifles except that the supersonic round obviously breaks the sound barrier as it exits the can. You hear that pretty sharply and hear the round travel away from you but the report on, for example, a 5.56 rifle is reduced to the point that many electronic earpro muffs won’t cut out the sound but instead will amplify it. Shoot a suppressed rifle for a while and you’ll forget how loud it is without the can on it and shooting it unsuppressed will be a shocking reminder of how loud the damn thing really is.

          A video can never really do a suppressor justice because the microphone picks up certain frequencies better than others which distorts the sound a bit. Still, the guy below does a decent job in comparing wet to dry on a .45 Osprey and even tells you when it’s wet/dry so you can kinda hear the difference. When a gong at 10 yards (maybe less) is significantly louder than the gun going off you know the whole “they don’t work that well” line is total horseshit.

      • While indoors things are much louder. For instance, a gas powered airsoft gun is pretty loud. You are going to notice a gun going off even with a suppressor.

        Will people understand what they are hearing? A lot of Americans think gunfire is firecrackers.

  13. Was watching live stream of the aftermath and a thought just occurred to me. All the witnesses reported hearing gunshots outside their offices. I wonder if the news will catch that fact since he had a can on the gun. Cause you know suppressors make guns silent.. (Sarc)

    • The cops got into a gunfight with him. It sounds like it lasted 10-30 minutes from the time they spotted him until he was down. Which means all the gun fire people heard was from the police because the shooter used a .45 pistol with a suppressor and extended mags.

      • Early reports are that .45 you mentioned and a rifle. But we all know how screwed up early reports are.
        I’m not betting on anything yet other than he had rifle, pistol and an extended magazine and a suppressor.
        Who knows what was attached to what.

        • I heard from an officer the shooter was black and he said his name. The shooter is black. The name has yet to be publicly released by the chief. Officers also said the shooter had a handgun, a suppressor and extended mags. That information was correct also. The police said there was no rifle.

          So, the info I have been hearing (for hours now) before the media reported it, seems to be mostly accurate.

          For some reason pro gun people want this man to be black and own a black long gun. They want the story to be about a black Democrat using a black rifle to kill a bunch of white people. I think there is something mentally unhealthy about those people.

        • Bullshit, leftist. We don’t want anyone to be killed. That’s your fantasy. We just know that if it’s not a minority democrat there will be months of screaming from your progtard msm to ban guns.

          You guys cause and enable murder by standing in the way of honest folk, regardless of race or gender, carrying guns to defend themselves with.

        • They want the story to be about a black Democrat using a black rifle to kill a bunch of white people. I think there is something mentally unhealthy about those people.

          Bullshit. No one “wants” the story to be about wants. It is a reaction to the BLM and other narratives, for example the narrative that white males are the ones committing higher rates of mass shootings, when by the FBI definition black males are much more likely to commit them.

          Black males between the ages of 15-60 are 6% of the US population and commit 52% of all murder, 53% of gun murder, and 26% of mass shootings — and over 1/3 of ambush killings of cops as well.

        • User1 said: “For some reason pro gun people want this man to be black and own a black long gun. They want the story to be about a black Democrat using a black rifle to kill a bunch of white people.”
          Why the fuck would a PRO GUN person want even more negative press about any one of ANY race, sex, nationality, religion or sexual preference/orientation using a gun to kill a bunch of people. That shit just points the spotlight at ALL gun owners and because the liberal ANTI-GUN media and law makers can’t seem to discern the difference between the millions of law abiding individuals that own, shoot, hunt and carry firearms safely on a daily basis versus the handful that fall off the edge and do something stupid like this guy we all get thrown in the same box together.. My preference would be “NO” story, the only people hoping for shit like this is the gun grabbers and yeah they would prefer a “black long gun” but are truly dismayed when it turns out the shooter is a leftist and really hate it when the shooter is anything other than a straight white man….

        • I been reading posts on the internet from various websites.

          There are many people who don’t want it to be another white male using a rifle. When they found out it was a black man they immediately started to say it was a godless leftist going on a random killing spree. Kind of ignoring that he worked there for many years and was likely fired. They refused to believe he used a handgun and a suppressor. Some people were in denial and said they still believe he used a rifle. Because there is no way a black man would legally own a suppressor and there is no way he could be a gun guy if he is a Democrat. They say he is a Democrat because they saw some sites online that says so, but they also ignore that those sites say he is a Christian.

          The shooting happened, it’s real. You can’t deny that, but you can create a narrative of your liking, which is what a lot of people online are doing. They are doing this because they don’t want it to be the typical story of a white male using an AR-15. They prefer it was a non white leftist who did the shooting and they don’t mind if he got the guns legally because it still fits their narrative of not being able to stop these shootings with more laws. They don’t want the media to be able to point out white males as mass murderers like other media points out black males as gangsters. They essentially want to protect their race’s reputation. Thus, they will put more attention on this shooting and the STEM school shooting for all the wrong reasons.

          Obviously pro gun people don’t want any mass shooting to happen. However, when it happens, they hope it was a non white male who is a leftist that got his guns illegally. It will fit their propaganda better and it won’t demonize their race. I already seen the denial that this guy would and did own a legal suppressor…

          It doesn’t look good to the general public when whites and pro gun people focus on non whites more than they do whites that commit mass shootings like this. It makes you look racist. It’s self defeating. I know it’s a reaction to the media not paying attention to certain circumstances, but that’s just me, the general populace thinks you are just a racist white man who is part of the NRA. You have to be smarter than that. Like people say, “It’s the optics!” Yeah, you could be a non violent racist, but don’t go ruining it for the rest of us who are not, that is if you want to actually protect the Bill of Rights.

          You have to remember that the leftists are smarter than the right. They can use the smallest thing to change the entire country’s culture. That is something the right can’t do because they have a bad reputation with the average person, especially with the majority of women. When you give them anything to use, no matter how small, they will get more out of it than you can imagine.

    • Same as every other murder worldwide: Mental health.

      If someone found a way to make a paintball gun into a deadly weapon, would you want to ban paintball guns? How about a flamethrower? What if someone used a flamethrower? A machete? What if someone used their hands to kill 10+ people? Lastly, google those incidents and prepare to lose your argument.

      • No, it’s not mental health. Well, some of these high-profile shootings are related to mental health, but the majority are not. Do you think all the members of drug trafficking organizations kill people because they are mentally incompetent? It’s simply because some people are just evil and take pleasure in hurting others. Mental health is a convenient excuse for us, but it actually does us a disservice. We need to convince people that there are evil men in the world and that they will hurt people if they can. People don’t realize what is out there and most are so ignorant of what goes on in the word. That’s why we carry firearms, because there are scum that would voluntarily mail, kill or rape you if they could. Not because of the people afflicted with issues of mental health, of which the vast majority are non-violent.

        • Right. But the ones who enact violence are not capable of mentally calming themselves out of stupid decisions making. I get your argument. But someone is only responsible right up to the second they are not. The man was probably a sane, normal person. Right up until he wasn’t. Either way, it’s not the guns fault. It’s the person. Call it what you want, it’s a personal problem.

    • Messed up POSs that want to inflict the pain they feel or inflict pain on others they see as causing their pain.

      And …. just pure evil

  14. Another Democrat goes on a shooting spree….

    Democrats murder more people in a week than Republicans murder in an entire decade…

    • Bullshit.

      There’s a crackpot fringe that tries to turn every mass killer into a card carrying Democrat. Reality is they typically have no side, because it isn’t about politics for most of these nutcases.

      • Bullshit to you. The vast, VAST majority of shootings, shootings mass shootings are in DEMOCRAT areas. In fact about 80% of ALL US gun murder is in 2% of the 3,000 US counties — every one of them Democrat.

  15. I live in the sticks and a guy less than 10 miles
    From me killed his whole family and then some back in April. 8 people total. 7 of 8 blunt force, one stabbed (12 year old girl). Story went away quickly on national level (no gun) but forever messed up this little town.

  16. I see our ‘full-term-abortion’ Governor will be coming to town for his photo-op, and back on the Ban-Wagon!

  17. I think it is every American’s civic duty to carry a firearm and be prepared to be their own first responder. I believe that is what the Founders intended.

    Just imagine how things would have worked out today if everyone that was killed or injured had been carrying even something as small as a Ruger LCP.

    • Agreed.

      Even if that one person, or two, or however many did not get the chance to defend themselves in time, the next person would have. Preventing more people getting killed. It’s the basis behind every pro-gun argument, and a beautiful counter for all these “mass murder” types of psychos inflicting harm on unarmed people.

      They just simply chose to ignore it. Ignorance is bliss.

  18. Welcome to the weekly Shooting Gallery where the Far Right mumble imbecilic thoughts and prayers and lets not do anything.

    Meanwhile the Stingy Republicans have yet to come up with an affordable mental health care plan or any plan at all for any medical care. You would think in the last two years they would have come up with something instead of just trying to take away what little health care we gained under the Affordable Health Care Act and as a matter of fact the Republicans did succeed in reducing some of the benefits which then threw 7 million people off the rolls (Robert NOW WHO IS THE BIGGEST THREAT TO GUN OWNERSHIP IN THE U.S. ITS THE REPUBLICANS WHO PAY LIP SERVICE TO MENTAL HEALTH CARE AND THEN TAKE 7 MILLION PEOPLE OFF OF HEALTH CARE ALTOGETHER SINCE THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR HERR DRUMPF WAS ELECTED BY THE RUSSIANS.

    Its like the Fox (Republicans) in the hen house telling the chickens they are better off with him than going out into the real world and finding out just maybe its safer out of the chicken house instead of staying with the fox bullshitting them about his protecting them. Gun owners could not have a worse enemy when it comes to Republicans saying one thing about needing more mental health care and then doing the opposite by ensuring no one gets any mental health care. Really can Conservative voters be that stupid? The answer is they are their own worst enemies.

    • There’s a whole lot of truth in that post. Fact is “mental health” has become a phrase that gets trotted out by Second Amendment defenders after any mass shooting but were those people to understand the costs involved, they’d balk and squawk loudly.

      When the mental health system was torn down forty and more years ago, both sides cheered.

      Liberals cheered for they defended the rights of the mentally ill.

      Conservatives cheered for they cut government spending.

      Today we live with the aftermath, the lasting and predictable side effect of minuscule budgets and weak laws to deal with the dangerously mentally ill.

      • your post is nonsense. The DEMOCRATS are decreasing mental health care for gun owners. Do you think people who are depressed or have an anger issue are going to seek counseling knowing they are going to be put on lists Democrats advocate?

        And, you fking liar, in fact Virginia employees of which this guy was one, have had full and generous mental health care benefits in their state provided and paid health insurance for decades

        So the issue was NOT access to mental health care at all.

        • “your post is nonsense. The DEMOCRATS are decreasing mental health care for gun owners”

          Site your sources. Your the one who is the total bullshitter. Right now there are 320 some bills on Mitch McConnell’s desk all thrown into the trash that were written by the Democrats and quite a few were for INCREASING HEALTH CAR. So blow your Far Right Conspiracy theories out your ass.

        • “your post is nonsense. The DEMOCRATS are decreasing mental health care for gun owners. Do you think people who are depressed or have an anger issue are going to seek counseling knowing they are going to be put on lists Democrats advocate?

          And, you fking liar, in fact Virginia employees of which this guy was one, have had full and generous mental health care benefits in their state provided and paid health insurance for decades

          So the issue was NOT access to mental health care at””

          Like most uneducated back woodsmen you cannot see the forest for the trees. Although I am not from Virginia but I have been through the health system many times and just because you have health insurance it does not pay for everything. Many policies pay only a portion especially when it comes to mental health care so many people just do not go to get help because even with insurance they know they cannot pay their portion of the bill.

          And I might add if you had any reading comprehension the nut case was no longer employed so therefore he most likely either had ZERO insurance or substitute insurance that probably was way inferior to what he originally had. SO YES IT COULD HAVE BEEN NOT HAVING INSURANCE OR ENOUGH INSURANCE THAT WAS A MAJOR FACTOR IN HIS GOING OFF THE DEEP END.

          And again when I posted my info I was speaking of the overall big picture that encompasses all people not just Virginia but I guess that is way over your head. Again reading comprehension. Try again Jehtro

    • Sounds like Vlad is saying people of color should not own firearms. Sounds racist in my opinion. However, I believe some stats show that close to 100% of murders are committed by liberals. Maybe banning liberals/mentally ill is the solution.

      A law against murder did not stop the shooter. What new gun law, on top of the thousands that already exist, would have stopped him.

      • “Sounds like Vlad is saying people of color should not own firearms. Sounds racist in my opinion. However, I believe some stats show that close to 100% of murders are committed by liberals. Maybe banning liberals/mentally ill is the solution.

        A law against murder did not stop the shooter. What new gun law, on top of the thousands that already exist, would have stopped him.”

        I think you should sober up before making such posts. I made no mention of any minorities especially blacks not being permitted to own firearms. You had better go back and find the right post.

        And how many times do we have to go over the fact that our state gun laws are all useless when they are not made uniform by a Federal Law. Anyone wanting a gun will just go to a state that has lax laws or go to a bar or gun show and buy guns without paper work or find a gun runner that brings in guns from out of State. Again and again remember Bernhard Goetz the Subway Vigilante, when he was denied a gun in New York he hopped in the car and drove to Florida and got a hand gun faster than a cat could scratch his ass.

        And the real stats on mass murders have been published and are well know to educated people (which obliviously leaves you out) and that is that the majority of terrorist murders in the U.S. are committed by Right Wing Fanatics such as the Racist Dillon Roof or the numerous Far Right Nut Cases that regularly shoot up abortion clinics just to name a few examples. Do some research before mouthing off a diatribe of nonsense about Liberals being the villains.

        • Vlad, tell your employer to send better trolls, you are doing a weak job.

          Just kidding, we know you don’t have an employer. Or a job.

          How are you going to handle 6 more years of your favorite President? You may become even more insane and incoherent. The rest of us are enjoying the libs go crazy!!! Keep it up!!!

        • Vlad, tell your employer to send better trolls, you are doing a weak job.

          Just kidding, we know you don’t have an employer. Or a job.
          Careful Monisha J. it will not hesitate to attack your intelligence while pointing out the superiority of it’s own brain and recently it has begun to allude to a wisdom beyond all comprehension unheard of in the history of mankind and/or the Universe, be warned and be prepared to have the ignorance and irrelevance of any argument you might place in the path of Vlad “the all knowing know it all” not only questioned but endlessly battered by a seemingly endless prattle of bullshit. I swear if you look closely at it’s posts you can see the residue of spittle from the foaming of the mouth as it copies the stuff it finds on Wikipedia and passes off as fact.. In other words this is one serious Troll…

        • Mr Vlad, Dillon Roof was a registered Democrat and was associated with a variety of liberal causes. So quit spreading your BS. And yes, he was a racist, but the kk k was started by Democrats so that is not surprising. Just like hillarys best bud, the late Sen Robert Byrd.

          Why do these insane libs always project their faults on others? Lay off the fake news, it makes you look foolish. Sad.

        • “Mr Vlad, Dillon Roof was a registered Democrat and was associated with a variety of liberal causes. So quit spreading your BS. And yes, he was a racist, but the kk k was started by Democrats so that is not surprising. Just like hillarys best bud, the late Sen Robert Byrd.

          Why do these insane libs always project their faults on others? Lay off the fake news, it makes you look foolish. Sad”

          People like you have little knowledge of politics especially historical politics. Conservative Southern Democrats were at one time far more Conservative than the Republicans of the Eisenhower era. As a matter of fact in today’s terms the Eisenhower Republicans would be thrown out of the Republican party as being radical liberals. Dillon Roof was a far Right Wing Conservative Racist and you can wish he was a left wing Democrat but common sense tells you that today’s certified die in the wool Democrats are not racists and not conservatives nor do they wave the most racist of icons the various Racist Civil War Flags. Trying to claim Dillon Roof is a Democrat and a Liberal using the modern qualifications for being one is laughable in the extreme.

          Again I remind you studies done show over and over the majority of terrorists committing mass murder in the U.S. are all Conservative Far Right Racist Lunatics.

    • You are a moron Vlad. This guy was a Virginia state employee. For DECADES ALL Virginia state employees have had FULL mental health care insurance paid by the taxpayer.

      You can thank the DEMOCRATS for instituting policies that put barriers to mental health counselling and treatment for gun owner, since people with minor depression, anxiety or even temporary anger issues are worried about being put on the lists the Democrats promote if they see a counselor who reports them

  19. And if the suppressor stories are true I am damn glad the fake hearing protection act never went through. Can you imagine how many nut cases would now be all using silencers. By the way I have shot a full auto M16 with a .22 l.r. conversion kit with a 10 inch barrel underneath a partially enclosed pavilion and it was so silent it made my blood run cold. All I remember hearing was the bolt slamming back and forth and a soft tat tat that was way less loud than a cap gun going off. Now imagine that in a very large building even on the inside with all of its floors and halls and twists and turns and with the doors to many rooms closed off. The people inside would not have had a clue as to where the gun fire was coming from assuming they even heard it or if they did hear it knew it was inside noise and not some outside traffic noise. Fk ever making suppressors legal over the counter to any nut case that wants one.

    By the way when I pinned down people I knew for years on a personal basis none ever said they wanted one for ear protection, I repeat not one. What they did say was exactly the same thing from every one of them which was “I want one in case I ever need it”. There was no doubt as to what they were thinking. And that is why the nut case today needed one, to kill as many people as he could before they realized what was going on. You might say he was a “suppressor kind of guy”.

    • Okay so your post on mental health was a good one but this last on suppressors is just plain dumb. Right now, today, there is nothing stopping anyone who wants a suppressor to make their criminal plan easier to carry out from having one. No law impedes them, no more than all the laws that make the mere planning of a criminal act a crime unto itself.

      Laws impede good people. Criminals and crazies good give a rat’s ass.

      • What? Liberals are cheering for laws that shred the rights of anyone with even transitory mental health issues.

        Liberals are promoting laws that make it ill advised to seek mental health counseling or care if you have depression (up to half the country does), transitory anger issues.

        This is why many in mental health care are opposed to the reporting laws the Democrats and liberals are promoting

    • As an owner of 4 cans, I can affirm I got them all for the ‘make ‘em quieter’ benefit…not for some sinister “in case I ever need them” bullshit! And yes, most 45ACP pistol rounds are subsonic, so a can isn’t as impactful as on hotter rounds. It’s quite unfortunate that this Psychopath chose to use his (legally acquired?) suppressor in this insane mass shooting. We all suffer from the misuse by this nut job! Of course, the media is likely to address the silencer as somehow a root of the evil, but it is merely an inert tube filled with baffles…not a weapon, or an enabler of the madness. We have a deranged fraction of our population who are obsessed with mass shootings, and engage in copycat atrocities. These people almost always show overt signs of their imminent evil intent. People need to pay more attention to their family & friends. And we all need to embrace the Run, Hide, Fight mantra whenever we’re in public gathering areas…especially the most vulnerable ‘gun-free zones’ we’re forced to live & work within.

    • Are you aware of the wealth of ‘solvent traps’ easily available online and convertible to a working suppressor with a drill press and 5 minutes of time?

      If street criminals wanted to use illegal suppressors, they’d be using them.

    • Cmon Vlad “By the way I have shot a full auto M16 with a .22 l.r. conversion kit with a 10 inch barrel underneath a partially enclosed pavilion and it was so silent it made my blood run cold.”
      You’ve been watching too much Youtube (I saw that one too), you’ve never fired a gun in your life (probably afraid it will shoot you if you get too close) If a suppressed 22lr makes your blood run cold you should stay away from a suppressed 300 blk (a round that will actually kill something larger than a squirrel) with subsonic ammo, that should actually freeze your blood and since you’ve presented yourself as a “cold blooded” animal that should be enough to put you in hibernation which would in turn shut off your stream of lies.. Nice try though…

      • To Slow Max:

        “You’ve been watching too much Youtube (I saw that one too), you’ve never fired a gun in your life”

        I was around long before You Tube was created and long before you were born.

        In the Mid 80’s I shot High Master in NRA across the course competition if you even know what that is. I out shot my buddy who was a trained sniper in Vietnam. I don’t think you would want to take me on in any rifle contest. How much 3 position competition have you done without a rest at 200 , 300, 600 and 1,000 yards. Zero of course.

        I have shot skeet, trap, competed in pistol competitions and shot bench rest center fire and rim fire and still do.

        I have hunted since 1960.

        I have built rifles for competition.

        I have restored antique guns.

        I have re-blued firearms with hot blue and cold rust blue.

        I used to refinish rifle stocks for my friends when I was younger and before my neck muscles went south. I do not do new checkering but can clean up most old checkering in minutes.

        I have manufactured a plethora of obsolete military rifle cartridge cases like the 8×50 and 8×52 Sieamese that were never made here or even imported here if you even know what those caliber even are.

        I have pillar bedded 6mm ppc rifles for friends if you even know that that caliber is and what rifles those rifles are used for and who makes the various custom actions for that caliber. I am sure you do not even know what town and what state the world champion matches with those guns are held in. I give you a hint it was this last week.

        Just a few raindrops of what I have done with firearms.

        Yeah sure mouth off and tell me I never touched a gun, you gave me my biggest laugh of the day. I have forgotten more info than you will ever even begin to know. I do not spend my life as you have in the out house or bullshitting on forums like this. When I speak I speak from years of experience not out house rectum gas as of which you are so fond of expelling here.

        Try again Slow Max your not much of a challenge.

        • Really Vlad? “I was around long before You Tube was created and long before you were born.”
          Since I will be 70 in 4 months and killing Dinks in South East Asia in 1968 you must be one real old asshole… I’ll be honest that Slow Max thing really suits me, I am pretty laid back these days, if it’s some reference to my intellect you know as much about that as you do the rest of my history (absolutely nothing) you really need to get past step one in “Brother Alinsky’s” rules as no matter how hard you try you only discredit yourself every time you start a new line of bullshit. I must admit I only read the first few lines and the end of this incessant drivel you that you are constantly spewing, I’ve already seen everything you have to say and after awhile it just becomes boring…. Qualified expert w/M14 in Marine Corps

        • Maxx. vlad is the same guy that used to post under some long winded handle, ‘patrioticAmericanyadayada’.He is a straight up lying troll. He will tell you he’s been an NRA member for 50 years, etc. He’s never owned or touched a gun and I’d be surprised if he’s much more than 14 or 15.

        • I gave it too much credit, as I figured it to be a 16 or 17 year old cross dresser that self identified as a small soap dish sharing the same intellectual capacity….

        • “Since I will be 70 in 4 months and killing Dinks in South East Asia in 1968 you must be one real old asshole…”

          I should have known you were one of Lt. William Calley’s buddies, I am just surprised you would admit it. I am very familiar with the year 1968 and what was going on then and there in Nam. I am also surprised you would even bring it up in any conversation let alone insinuate you were proud of it. I am sure if you have brain one you know what I am referring too.

        • ““Since I will be 70 in 4 months and killing Dinks in South East Asia in 1968 you must be one real old asshole…”

          Oh and by the way I think I will go ahead and call you out for what you really are. If you even really were in Nam in 68 you were either a supply clerk or a latrine cleaner or boot polisher for the upper brass. They were often 9 to 5 jobs even more laid back than in civilian life. People who have been in combat and been forced to kill people do not want the public, who would not understand, to know that they had killed people. Your nothing more than a swaggering braggart that last saw a rifle in boot camp and probably got your finger caught in the op-rod of an M14 when you attempted to load it in boot camp.

          And if by some far out chance you really did kill people you are as low as Lt William Calley was and still probably is. No normal person of sound mind and will brags about such things. Sicko Calley even tried to sell his story of mass murder for a million dollars to the news media who laughed in his face. Perhaps you are indeed he, now that would fit right in with your post. By the way his own men came close to assassinating him, its too bad they did not as they would have saved a lot innocent civilian lives. I am sure today they really regret not doing it back when they had the chance.

        • Damn Vlad: “Oh and by the way I think I will go ahead and call you out for what you really are. If you even really were in Nam in 68 you were either a supply clerk or a latrine cleaner or boot polisher for the upper brass.”
          I should have known I couldn’t put one over on you for very long, Yeah I hung out with your hero good old Da Nang “Dickhead Blumenthal,” that dude was a regular Rambo… Oh and if you didn’t get the memo, we gunfighters/warriors/killers have been encouraged by our healthcare providers to get that shit out helps temper the nightmares…. What’s the matter Vlad, jealous? I must say you are exceedingly entertaining this weekend, in fact you sound a tad irritated, bless your little heart…

  20. It’s not taking millions off health care if you give people the choice of not paying thousands or tens of thousands for a government mandated and regulated plan that they will never get a single dollar of benefit from, and they decide “No”. That’s called freedom.

    Once again, a Democrat shoots up a gun free zone, and they want to take guns away from Republicans and independents who didn’t shoot anyone.

  21. Black shooter. Fake News media will drop this story ASAP. Or they may just lie and say he was white or at least self identified as white. It’s easier for the “journalists” to make up stories. Much less work. And they idiots and follow them eat it up.

    • “Black shooter. Fake News media will drop this story ASAP.”

      Worse for the Leftist scum, a Black shooter who passes the most extensive background check possible for guns, an NFA background check.

      The shooter, if he had the money, could have used a fully-legal machine gun to do his evil, and *nothing* would have stopped him…

  22. If President Obama had a bastard son, he would look like DeWayne Craddock.

    Of course this comment is rediculous. It implies that Barack Obama has functioning testicles. I just can not resist the temptation to flick him feces in memory of his Treyvon Martin comments.

  23. On a serious note, how was this shooter able to engage police in a prolonged gun battle when armed with merely a pistol?

    It reminds me of the Frederick Hopkins shooting. Police complained that they were outgunned. Mr Hopkins fired 39 rounds while the police fired 390!

    • He was moving from floor to floor. I think there is 3 floors. He ran around the building shooting at people. Sounds like he went into a room at some point and started shooting through the door.

      I doubt any police wanted to make entry into a room or hallway knowing there is a man with intentions of killing them and dying in the process. They will take up positions and yell at him…

    • I think they still didnt want to get shot by a pistol.

      And if he could shoot,accurately, he had the upper hand because he knew where he was going next.

      Not as easy to take someone advancing on their position.

  24. It’s going to be interesting to see how the lamestream media handles this DeWayne Craddock incident.
    At this stage, it’s not meeting their favorite narrative too well.

  25. I like how the news is so concerned with not naming the perpetrator when it doesn’t fit the narrative. I don’t expect this to survive the weekend just like those two tranny school shooters everyone forgot about within hours.

  26. Every guntard on this message board of stupidity, would have been slaughtered if this happened at their workplace. You morons act like you would have anticipated this one in a million event and fought off the wackjob like you are some sort of workplace Rambo. Give it a rest. Nobody SANE wants YOU carrying a weapon around the workplace. Why? Because the odds of you killing innocent people or yourself with such a weapon FAR outweighs stopping another crazy person from carrying out mass murder like this attack.

    In other words, you are CRAZY individuals and you are ruining society. You are members of the mentally unbalanced community and your love of weapons is your pathetic illness. Now kindly rot.

    • Say Toad. I salute you .

      When a man is brave enough to enter the lions den of this forum which tolerates no dissent or information not of “the establishment saluting the party line” you have my utmost respect.

      As I myself have said these yokuls will bend to no compromise on the gun problem which only guarantees in the end they will lose everything. They are ignorant of history especially world history.

      Welcome to the fight and never back down for what you know is right. Davey Crockett made similar statements many years ago.

      • “When a man is brave enough to enter the lions den of this forum which tolerates no dissent or information not of “the establishment saluting the party line” you have my utmost respect.”

        LOL! There is nothing brave about posting something on the internet.

        • So easy to pick out the liberals. They’re the only ones who think social media means anything in real life. Reminds me of that Louis C.K. bit on SNL “Thank you Scott.”

      • I don’t want to give up my human rights. Government and religious people have murdered my ancestors and people in mass. I know that much history. I won’t willfully allow it to be repeated and all that is left be removed from this planet.

        As long as religion exists so will crazy people who will murder for it. Anyone that doesn’t comply will die.

        I don’t want to be a slave or die. There is always other options if you can maintain them.

  27. funny how these murder’s occur when Democratic party is making a push too gut the Constitution 2nd Amendment,like how this party takes away medical and social security from the Elderly and Handicapped and then give it too the Illegals!

    • Highly doubtful.

      The extent of the background check, an FBI background check for an NFA device, means he was clean as a whistle, legally-speaking…

    • “…a PSYCHOTIC WHITE BOY is responsible for this.”

      You’re right, George Bush was responsible for it… 😉

  28. I own a small business. Any employee who is trained with firearms may and has an easy to obtain permit to carry may do so. I want people on the property who are trained to be able to defend themselves and others. I do not have one but my spouse does. We never discuss this with customers, vendors or even among staff. It usually comes up when an employee with a conceal carry permit simply asks what the policy is and then we inform her or him. That includes silence about the policy so we do not piss off customers. I never fee comfortable going into “gun free zones” and am glad that most people I know just ignore those signs and conceal carry anyway.

  29. I’m Eric. I live in Virginia Beach this is heartbreaking for my community. Thankfully I had nobody who is directly affected but I have friends who worked with those friends and who by the grace of God were kept out of that building by what most people would called coincidence but what I call God keeping them safe. I told my wife yesterday that it is heartbreaking as it is it’s also angering because leftists are going to take this and they’re going to trivialize the life of the victims to try to make this their political point. The leftists not liberals leftists want to say more guns equals more killings which is not true statistically they also want to say no guns equals no crime yeah tell that to Chicago. There’s no law that would’ve prevented this. For laws to function they have to be followed . The oldest law in the book is do not murder that law has been broken many times in many ways by many people. Someone who is willing to murder is already breaking the law in their heart they’re just waiting for an opportunity to break the law and real life. Laws don’t stop people from breaking the law but good morals do. To my understanding it is impossible to ban bad morals. When in the tightest restrictions on a study are done and show that at least over 100,000 times a year in the United States alone a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun and under less restrictive studies that incorporate a couple different factors that number can jump all the way up to some statisticians say around 2 million times a year. Regardless if it’s 100,000 or 2 million times a year the lesson result is the same: a good guy with a gun stops the bad guy with a gun. No matter what the media may say or anything like that we do appreciate your thoughts and prayers they do mean something to us. God bless you and your family do yourself a favor love them and hold them tight tonight or the next time you see them. God bless your community and for all of us God bless the United States.

  30. Remember back when it was called ” Going Postal” difference was we were not blaming the gun and people were not trying to politicize everything. Evil is in man and we have been killing each other since the beginning of time. The only thing that separates us is the people willing to stand for the ones who refuse to face this reality or are too stubborn to admit it. People with bodyguards that want to disarm regular citizens are the biggest hypocrites of them all.”SEMPER FI “to all my brother who is willing to do commit horrible acts so that others may sleep in peace at night and try to take away our rights during the day


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