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By Moises Valencia

The latest ad to come out of the Noam Bramson campaign is titled “Our Pain”. It is an emotionally charged appeal to liberal and left of center voters in Westchester County who are favorable to ever expanding firearm restrictions. Bramson’s campaign states that “this shouldn’t be about politics”. However, this is exactly what his ad is about. Politics. After all it is a political ad during a political campaign. How could it be about anything other than politics? . . .

Mayor Bramson is making it about national leftist talking point politics. The entire 33 second ad is filled with political gun control code words, and stereotypes of gun owners. Most disgracefully the ad insinuates that Rob Astorino is somehow responsible for the actions of criminals that commit gun violence against innocents, and that there is a correlation between gun violence and the former Westchester county gun show.

It goes without saying that tragic incidences of gun related violence are a genuine problem. The magnitude of the problem or the role gun shows play in general will not be discussed here. However, the impact on the lives of the victims and their families cannot be dismissed or taken lightly by anyone. These crimes leave very real and lasting pain for thousands of people and their suffering should never be exploited for political points.

This is exactly what Bramson has done with his “Our Pain” ad.

Bramson shamelessly uses the families of victims of gun violence to give the impression that but for Rob Astorino and gun shows their loved ones would be alive today.

More implausibly, the ad conveys the impression that gun shows at the Westchester County Center between 2010 and 2012 have placed county residents in danger.

The ad begins with an empty room that morphs into a liberal’s fantasy of what a gun show looks like with a voice over stating that gun shows were banned in Westchester and that Astorino brought them back.

The actors portraying patrons at Bramson’s mock gun show are all white middle aged men — with a few white women in there for good measure.  Another liberal fantasy of what occurs at a gun show, echoing Michael Moore’s idiotic statement that “90% of all gun owners are scared white people”. The set is filled with hunting gear and camo and even shirts from the popular TV show “Duck Dynesty”. to give the impression that these events are only for “backwards, bitter, country folk” “clinging to their guns and religion” in spite of liberal progress in the Golden Apple suburb of  NYC.

Anyone who ever attend a gun show at the Westchester County Center knows this could not be further from the truth; the people who attended the shows represented the true diversity of the county’s residents and of gun owners across the nation, every color, socioeconomic status and age group were present. After all, the right to keep and bear arms is an American birthright that applies to all equally.

The ad then goes on to say that the shows (in other words, Astorino) made it easier for “criminals and the mentally ill to buy guns”, implying that the citizens who go to gun shows are criminal and mentally ill people. According to Bramson’s talking points you must be either a criminal or mentally ill to want to exercise your second amendment right enshrined in our constitution that he swore an oath to uphold.

As background info to the video on his website, Bramson’s campaign links to an undercover investigation by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman that determined some sellers at some upstate NY gun shows did not always follow the NICS Background Checks law when selling to people at the shows.

What Bramson fails to tell you is that Westchester County was never under investigation and that none of the sellers at the county gun show were ever found to have broken any Federal, State or Local firearms laws. This is according to the very announcement Bramson campaign links on their website. Even Attorney General Schneiderman concedes in one of the announcements linked by the Bramson campaign that “ Since most people who operate and attend gun shows are law abiding citizens, my office has had nothing but positive responses to these new safety standards.””

Bramson is left to reach by inserting a misleading claim that the operator of the show was party to the AG deal leaving out that the operator was being cited as a responsible gun show operator by Schneiderman because they were one of 23 parties, representing 80% of New York State gun show operators that AGREED to follow and enforce the new safety standards required by the Attorney General. In other words, the gun show operator was agreeing to enforce the very policies lauded by Bramson elsewhere.

The assertion by Bramson that illegal activity occurred is entirely misleading and unfounded even going based on information from his own sources.

More troubling are the testimonials featured in the ad.

This critique of the testimonials is in no way to minimize the pain and loss these individuals have suffered but they are given completely out of context.

None of them occurred during the time the gun show was operating. Two out of the four cases did not even occur in Westchester County. One occurred in Missouri – a woman was shot after she interrupted an armed burglary in her home. Another occurred at a Harlem Block party. Of the 2 cases from Westchester, one pre-dates even the 1994 Federal Assault weapons ban. All four of the murders were committed or suspected of having been committed by minors using handguns, by definition illegal weapons.

In all of the cases there was a history of criminal and possible gang activity among the perpetrators. There is no evidence whatsoever that any of the weapons used even originated from any gun show, let alone the Westchester County gun show.

The criminals who perpetrated these acts of violence were breaking the law by acquiring the weapon at the times they committed the acts, they would have been breaking the law had the acts been committed during the time the gun show was allowed in Westchester, and they would still be breaking the law now under the new NYSAFE act. So nothing about the legality of these acts or the ease in which they were committed has changed and County Executive Astorino has most certainly NOT made it easier for criminals to acquire the means to commit crimes.

As to the assertion that these testimonials are purely nonpolitical, three of the four people in the ad are associated with gun control advocacy groups.

Chris Foye of Brooklyn, NY is the father of Christopher Owens. Christopher was killed by a stray bullet during a Harlem Block Party. Foye is the founder of The Chris S. Owens Foundation which is closely associated to Rev. Al Sharpton’s “National Action Network”, and Mayor Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” a group primarily composed of democratic mayors of which Mayor Bramson is a member. Foye is an active participant in Mayor Bloomberg’s national campaign, he has filmed severalpublic service announcements in connection with MAIG’s “demand a plan” campaign. Foye was also invited to the white house by Micelle Obama as part of the Presidents push for Gun Control back in February. The Chris S. Owens Foundation’s Facebook page even has a photo album for the shooting of Mayor Bramson’s “our pain” ad titled “Chris Foye on Set Westchester Gun Show Ban Campaign”.

Lois Schaffer of Great Neck, Long Island whose daughter Susan Schaffer was a victim of teenage burglars who stole a gun from previous robberies and killed her daughter is a member of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and organization that prides themselves in being instrumental in the passing of the NYSAFE act and advocates for further national restrictions on the Second Amendment. In fact by her own admission she has always been a gun control advocate and was a member of NYAGV even before her daughter’s tragic murder. During her testimony to the Connecticut legislative hearing on gun control after Newtown she states that she has “always supported gun control” and that “shooting animals for sustenance may be acceptable”.

She also mentions that the meaning of the second amendment “has been twisted”. In her testimony she urges CT to adopt the same type of restrictions as in the NYSAFE act. The only pitfall to the act as she describes it is that it limits magazine capacity from 10 to 7 because “just one bullet can be lethal. But it is a step in the right direction.” would the destination then be the elimination of an individual’s unalienable right to bear arms for self-defense?

Gisela Marin of Tarrytown, NY is the mother of Jessica Santos, the 19 year old college student that was fatally wounded during a random drive by shooting perpetrated by a 17 year old Yonkers Teen with a history of delinquency. An illegal Handgun was also used in this shooting.  Marin is the founder of the Jessica N Santos Foundation. The foundation holds events in her Daughters memory and in the memory of victims of gun violence. These events also push for more gun control legislation.

Mrs. Wilma Frank of Mt. Vernon, NY is mother of Andre Frank. Frank was fatally wounded in 1992 during a street altercation with a group of teens he and his friends had problems with in High School. Since then she has been advocating for the prevention of gun violence in Mount Vernon. Mrs. Frank is the only person in the ad who is not a political activist. She has committed herself to preventing youth from ruining their lives and the lives of others by committing acts of violence. Her son’s case was recently revisited in 2011.

The assailant’s conviction was overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct because the prosecution failed to present Andre’s killer with evidence that could have served in his defense. This information was brought to light because a FOIL request made by the defendant’s mother indicated through eye witness testimony that there was a rifle or a shotgun with the group that Andre Frank was a part of when they confronted the other group of boys. The entire case of The People v Hairston can be found here and it is well worth the read.

Each of these individuals is undoubtedly well-intentioned people who have suffered a tragic loss in their lives. They are now motivated to bring about changes they believe is necessary to prevent others from going through the same pain and heartache and no one can fault them for that. But let’s be clear. Despite Bramson’s claim that “it’s not about politics” this ad is about nothing other than politics and is using the tragic murder of four people to score political points with his Democratic base in a pathetic but predictable attempt to shore up his floundering campaign.

In the process, Noam Bramson is throwing all of his calls for “fairness” and “truth” out the window. It will be interesting to see what the Democrat dominated Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee will say about Bramson’s ad. Clearly there are grounds to say that this ad is inappropriate and unfair. But this is a group stacked almost entirely with Democrats. So I am not holding my breath.

This article is republished with permission from

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  1. In Liberal land there’s always someone to blame and because they need to feel good about themselves. Don’t worry about not learning life’s lessons if you don’t accept the consequences of your mistakes. Liberal’s promise to provide whatever you want and eliminate whatever you don’t want… As long as you give them your vote. Remember liberalism is still selling what is has always sold utopian promises for whiny adults..

  2. “Comments may be held for uploader approval.”

    Translated: “Everything the uploader doesn’t like will be censored” or “Uploader will eventually close the comment section so don’t bother posting anything.”

    • This is the kind of government they want as well. They do not want to be questioned, they only expect you to do what they want.

    • Mayor Bramson routinely censors the people he is supposed to represent, he has told residents who are overwhelmingly against a financial disaster of a development he is pushing down our throats with his corrupt developer pals, that “its not about counting heads”, he has since pushed back the vote until after his election because of the intense public push back. there is even a Facebook community of people that have been banned and censored by him most are his own constituents the page is called “Banned by Bramson”. He even banned our local NAACP president from a park that was part of a historic supreme court school desegregation case, all because he planned to endorse our county executive there. this guy thinks he rules over us, he should not be in any public office let alone promoted.

    • I disagree with the don’t bother posting part. While I do agree, that the comment will never seen by the public, it will be seen by the uploader and that’s a good way telling them, politely of course, just how far they have their heads up their ass.

    • There is no safe party. Not even liberatrian party is clear of revolting disgraces of humanity. Sadly it seems we’d have to take off and nuke the political system from space. It’s the only way to be sure.

      Basically don’t assume a Democrat is against you, and don’t assume a Republican will get the job done right. Both parties have been doing a tag team rape session on lady liberty for over a hundred years.

    • Please be more specific as there are many republicans out there who are also liberals but not democrats. I think you meant vote for libertarian candidates.

    • “Never vote democrat again” ? ? ? ?

      Pal, if you think that it is just those in the Democrat Party putting the boots to us, you are dead wrong ! John McCain, Lyndsey Graham, Susan Collins, Olympia Snow, John Cornyn, John Boehner and many other “R” scum. Those progressive statists put an “R” behind their name and then commence to sleep with their pals in the Democratic (Marxist/Leninist) Party.

      Please….stop the attack on the Dems only. Include BOTH Dems and “Pubs. They’re BOTH screwing us.

      • Sorry, the gun grabbing problem is ALMOST exclusively a democrat one. It really is. If you think Mitt would have done what Barry did after the school shooting then you are insane.

  3. Perhaps a counter ad should be made and aired. One showing the lies of this one. Pointing out that their own data shows the ad to contain nothing but lies.

    • Yup, the libtards (democrats) have an advantage with their media elite like minded comrades pumping their dirty, anti-freedom, statist, lies.

    • Like when she holds the “assault rifle”?

      The rifle she’s holding wouldn’t be considered an assault rifle under most of the laws. Perhaps Marylands or NY’s (because of the magazine), but it lacks the correct # of “dangerous features”.

      It doesn’t even have the flash hider. How are we supposed to destroy the very fabric of society and space/time if we don’t have a flash hider?! Damnit, they’ve figured our weakness out!

  4. Good for Rob…………..
    Any sane person is against ANY part of NYs “Safe” laws.
    If I still lived in NY and thank “me” I don’t.
    Id vote for him.

  5. Thank you Robert for republishing my report on this ad. I was personally offended by this ad for many reasons, the stereotyping, the insinuations of criminality and mental illness, the outright lies and fabrications but most importantly the exploitation of the dead and the insinuation that an innocent man is somehow responsible for the acts of criminals, even when those acts occurred before he was in public office and in another state! This is not the first time I have challenged my part-time mayor on the 2nd amendment, I also gave a speech at our city meeting against his resolution in support of the safe act. He has even confiscated the Gadsden flag I donated to our Veterans to fly on the Veteran maintained flag pole, over the Naval militia armory he destroyed. That became a national story some of you may even recall reading it, it was all over, on Fox News on the internet the NY times and I was even on MSNBC for it, there is now lawsuits pending against the city and our vets are being represented by the Thomas More Law Center Pro-Bono. our part time mayor is a real authoritarian jerk he has been disrespecting our Veterans for years and was instrumental in kicking ROTC out of Harvard when he attended.. He deserves for people to know how he really is, and what the Citizens of New Rochelle NY have had to live with, we would rather deal with him here another 2 years than have him ruin our entire county like he has already ruined our once great city.

  6. Astorino opposes Cuomo’s stupid “safe” act? All the reason right there why he should be elected. And where did the grieving mother get the AR-15 to hold? Isn’t that illegal? I hope they arrest and prosecute her immediately as a public danger!

    • Ralph,
      I always look forward to your comments.
      It seems you have a finger on the pulse of these issues.
      While I don’t always agree with you, you are well read and positive for the POTG.
      Hat tip to you.

  7. They said in the video that”this shouldn’t be about politics”, that is all it is about. They want all firearms and firearm ownership banned. That is a political move.

  8. No flash suppressor, no collapsible stock, no bayonet mount???? Pretty sure that isn’t an assault weapon (at least by 1994 standards).

    Although it does appear to have “the shoulder thing that goes up”. Maybe it is an assault weapon after all?

  9. The gun show did indeed return under Astorino, but it’s been “suspended” since the Newtown shooting. There isn’t another one scheduled at the moment – you can do a Google or whatever search for “Westchester County Gun Show” and you’ll see that the calendar is chock full of relatively unexciting stuff like reptile and stamp shows.
    Some serious changes need to be made to the Westchester County Pistol Licensing Unit – applications need to flow to the bench the way they used to, and the understaffed clerks there need to be bolstered with new hires or have reinforcements brought in from less busy departments. The County Clerk is an elected position, and the current one plays politics and shuffled things around to make the process *less* efficient.

    • Indeed the current county clerk Tim Idoni gave the journal news the names and address of pistol permit and concealed carry holders in Westchester for their Gun owner outing map. Hopefully that’s enough to have him voted out, he is up for re-election this year and is vulnerable to a revolt at the ballot box by Gun owners.

      As for the Sportsman Firearm and Knife show, it was suspended since they did not have a contract at that point and sentiment in the county would have been largely against it, that’s just a sad reality in Westchester.. Had there been a contract it would have been allowed to continue I’ve been told. I had a huge debate over this with a one time buddy, as to whether this was compromising and turning his back on the 2A.

      My position is that its not. While the show was fun and convenient in that we didn’t have to travel as far to go to the nearest one, politically it was the smartest move. What is a show but a collection of sellers under one roof, we still have stores here in Westchester and we can always go up to Orange county or a private show, the environment is tough for gun owners all over the country but especially in NY. In Westchester County, NY Dems out-register Repubs 2:1 they could easily vote out Astorino and vote in Bramson merely on their collectivist turnout, I say collectivist since that’s what they are essentially, I know dems who are my neighbors who don’t like Bramson and don’t want him to win, but have his signs up anyways and wont oppose him publicly because they are too spineless and must tow the party line.

      As this ad proves, Bramson is hoping that demographic disparity will hurt Astorino on this issue, even thought it is not a county issue. There is a much greater chance of the show returning if Astorino maintains his seat, If Bramson wins its as good as dead and so is our one and only public range the blue mtn sportsman center. Bramson held a press conference with the political activist in his ad a day or too ago stating that he will ban the show by executive action and push for the legislature to enact a PERMANENT ban. he has already started a petition for this and will undoubtedly get many signatures.

      Astorino is currently fighting larger battles against the Feds and we need him to continue them, Bramson would invite the Feds and the UN to come and take over Westchester. Just like he has invited and cheerleaded for a corrupt corporation called forest city, to take New Rochelle’s last piece of undeveloped land and make a profit off of our tax money, On my Blog I have exposed that he is even taking money from its employees, one of whom slipped up during a public meeting saying that he paid off our council (for real that shit happened!). He is a corrupt POS hiding behind a dorky nice guy Liberal persona. If he wins all is lost. In this light I believe Astorino did the right thing. Sometimes we must pick our battles in order to win the war.

      • I just returned from a range trip. A New Rochelle Cop was shooting alongside me. He told me how poorly regarded public service employees are in that city by Mayor Bramson, who’s a highly-paid part timer, with lifetime medical benefits and a municipally-issued car for his 24/7 use.

  10. “The actors portraying patrons at Bramson’s mock gun show are all white middle aged men — with a few white women in there for good measure.”

    Well, Westchester County is 75% white, and full of middle-aged people. As for the Duck Dynasty memorabilia, that’s just typical snot-nosed NY suburbanites being authentic to their real view of everyone outside of their suburb (lived there, endured that, got out). Heck, half the people in Westchester think everyone north of Newburgh makes Phil Robertson look like a yuppy. This is why the upstate/downstate divide in NY is so great.

    • Exactly Hank, the rest of NY state is being held hostage to Liberal NYC, Westchester and LI. They have to suffer under the laws they impose on the rest of the state. If Bramson wins this election I will be getting out myself for sure.

  11. I wonder if I’m the only resident of Westchester county NY on TTAG ? Probably not, but it feels good to know that I get to vote against a gun grabber. Bramson has an uphill battle against Astorino. He’s talking about state and federal issues in battle for a county government seat. Astorino’s ads against Noam “rat face” Bramson (of course I am biased) have been pretty good – the gist is that he’s a tax and spend liberal. Property taxes are sky effin’ high in this county, it’s one issue that will resonate with voters and Astorino has the upper hand here I believe…

  12. Brilliant, the biggest issue today is anti gunners tasking guns. The largest majority of citizens are against anti gunners and in their delusional minds they have convinced themselves of the opposite and are advertising it. Wow are they stupid. Thanks for making the republican, conservative, pro gunners job easier.

  13. So get on youtube and leave some intelligent, well worded pro-gun comments. Let them know that we are here, we vote, and we will not stand for it.


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