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In the run-up to the mid-term elections, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has abandoned any pretense of rational argument. The anti-gun org’s ad above rivals SpongeBob SquarePants for intellectual sophistication – minus SBSP’s endearing honesty and positive mental attitude. The ad directs viewers to, which “outs” pro-gun politicians in an interactive map. The page includes a “Worst of the Worst” (“Best in show if you will”) gallery of 12 elected officials [screen cap after the jump]. It’s an excellent resource in the sense that . . .


The enemy of my enemy is my friend. But more than that, it’s interesting to see the formerly demure Brady Campaign dive into the gutter. To the point where they’re asking supporters to do the following:

Make your own Lap Dog

  • Download a Lap Dog body here.
  • Print out one of the supplied Lap Dog bodies.
  • Find a photo of your favorite Lap Dog in Congress and print it out.
  • Cut out the head of your Lap Dog in Congress and the dog body.
  • Paste the head on the dog body.
  • Take photos of your Lap Dog! Feed it treats and tweet it at the member of Congress to show them you know they’re a Lap Dog!
  • Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag: #NRALapDogs

It’s a good sign when the group dedicated to degrading and destroying Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms descends to the level of cartoon burlesque and plugs their ears to anything remotely resembling dissent (video comments disabled). The Brady Campaign has lost its founder and its founder’s [misguided] moral center. This is what’s left.

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    • I thought the exact same thing. If it’s accurate, I can start sending some money to these “lap dogs.”

      As far as my own state, they ranked all republicans as lap dogs no matter how much money they had received from the “gun lobby” so I’m not sure it’s very accurate.

      • Why should you try to reason! You should only hate! hatehatehate! …and do and think and speak and vote how we tell you to….

      • Yea. They’re the same ones who don’t seem to read the plank in the DNC’s national platform on gun control.

        The Democratic Party stands for gun control. It is in their party platform, it has been for quite some time, and it isn’t going to be removed anytime soon.

        • That’s because they haven’t gotten around to purging him yet. Any Democrat that doesn’t hew to the official party line is being excommunicated over time.

          Republicans don’t roll like that.

          Which method is better for the party is anyone’s guess.

  1. Almost no organization will voluntarily self-terminate when its mission has ended or it has become irrelevant. Such as here.

    So much for going out with some dignity.

    • John L, so true! Look at global warming as a perfect examlple, all predictions not happening so just rebrand as climate change. Then when ice caps grow, mega storms don’t happen, and the earth cools even more they just get desperate and start yelling louder.
      It’s great watching the wheels fall off the tyranny wagon.

      • Global Cooling became…

        Global Warming, which became…

        Climate Change, which became…

        Global Climate Disruption, which will become…

    • MADD is a great example. Their founder, Candy Lightner, now speaks against them because they’ve basically become modern prohibitionists. If the drunk driving laws get any harsher, we’re at summary executions on the side of the road. But MADD just refuses to close up shop and claim victory.

      • MADD is the best example I can show people of what happens when middle-aged white women need a hobby, and are not given one. They invent a cause and then they start an organization.

        MADD is the prototype of all of these activist groups of middle-aged white women who aren’t content to manage their own lives and instead want to meddle in everyone else’s.

  2. I see Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are on the list, but it doesn’t say why. It just lists them as Republican Presidential candidates.

    Whatever. The Brady Bunch has lost what little credibility they ever had.

    • Remember when Teddy Cruz took on DiFi and gave her a lesson on the Constitution? I am sure that little speech won him the everlasting enmity of the anti-gun lobby.

  3. So it’s all good to encourage others to publicly belittle Republicans for taking campaign money from 2A groups that exist on donations from regular folks, but God forbid you even mention when a Democrat takes cash straight from a Liberal Billionaire’s pocket.

    Seems to me that money that comes voluntarily from a large group of like-minded people is a hell of a lot less damning than Bloomberg or Soros just handing over a check….

    • “We don’t like money in politics unless we do it.” I have some very liberal relatives who rail against money in politics, but when I bring up that technically liberals recieve more money, and a lot of that money does come from rich people like Bloomberg and Soros, the cognitive dissonance wall goes up, and it’s like I just told them that I strangled their first born.

  4. I wonder how much pro-2a fun twitter is going to have with that hashtag?

    It appears that Brady et al. want to increase the Republican Senate takeover? Other than that I got nothing.

  5. I think it’s important to recognize that if you type “brady campaign lapdogs” into google, the top results are either pro-gun or low enough on the “news” totem pole to be considered negligible. How many of the 27k youtube views do you think are people like us laughing at them? I’m guessing at least 50%.

  6. Not wanting to be outdone or out classed by our esteemed Wendy Davis over here in Texas… The Brady Campaign continues to prove that you can in fact go lower than rock bottom in the face of defeat.

  7. bet Sarah Brady is still getting her six figure salary for her 1 hour of “work” every week as the chair of the board of directors. . . .

  8. As much as its used as a “who not to vote for” tool it will surely, if not more so be used as a “who to vote for” tool.

  9. Since I’m a responsible voter, as well as responsible gun owner, already knew who is 2nd. amendment friendly. Also already knew who is an enemy of gun rights. Since all politics are local just wish they had same list for city and county elections. Guess will check yard signs in next door neighbor’s yard, he very much a constitutional conservative.

  10. Eh, they’re just jealous. When Bloomberg adopted Shannon Watts as his own personal purse poodle, they’ve been left out in the cold. No billionaire sugar daddy to pat their little heads and tell them it’s all right, little pet is safe from all those Bad People.

  11. Their criteria for the “Scorecard” is:

    1) Voted against more background checks, and

    2) Took money from the “Corporate Gun Lobby”

    Very Scientific Stuff

  12. NRA lapdog? How about “Bloomberg’s lackey”? There is another position but Miss Monsanto already has that one. I’ll leave it to your imagination what that title or hashtag is.

  13. This is a very handy scorecard. I clicked on my state, and it showed me an extensive list of who to vote for, and why. I now have a list of people who I will allow to keep their seats, and who will be looking for new employment come December. Just not in the way the Brady bunch had in mind. I was surprised to see a few Democrats on the list of Brady no-gos as well, you just have to scroll down a bit.

  14. What’s that old saying about being despised by the despicable…anyway, when these folks hate you you know you’received doing something right.

  15. I’m happy to report that my two senators and one congress(wo)man are on the list of “lap dogs.”

    And I’d wager anything that they’d be pleased as punch to be called “lap dogs” by the Brady Campaign.

  16. How can 6 of them get “the most money from the corporate gun lobby”? Also, I’m pretty happy my Congress-critters both made the list.

  17. When the gun control lobbyists such such as the Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Attention, and Bloomberg stop throwing millions upon millions of dollars into campaigns I’ll start taking ads like these seriously.


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