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Did I hear Paul Helmke say that the First Amendment doesn’t allow pornography? Dude! Get Mom to take safe search off your browser! But I agree with Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Prez on his interpretation of the Supreme Court’s McDonald decision. The Supremes did indeed open the door to infringement. Not the laundry list of conditions that Helmke suggests, but still . . . Bastards. Oh and I love the term “gundamentalist.” I’m so stealing that.

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  1. I will now and and forever be known as “Mr. Gundamentalist.” This dim witted fool doesn’t have a clue.

  2. In the Brady Wingnut alternative universe, a word means what they say they it means. Nothing more and nothing less.

  3. I think the reason you guys get so nasty with him is because you know he’s got some good points. It’s a sick society that you’re pushing for.

    Wasn’t he going to talk about 3 myths?

    • I think you are making up nonsense in order to poison the well and attack people who disagree with you.

      Why do you hate people who disagree with you?

      • I don’t understand why people like Mike refuse to see the truth. Look at Egypt. Look at Libya. Tunisia. Algeria. Bahrain.

        Without a Second Amendment, all the rest are worthless.

    • Mikey, you got us all wrong. We don’t dislike Helmke because of his views, we dislike him because he’s a putz. Look it up.

    • I don’t understand how Mikeb always knows what we should know and what we should think. We’re not the mindless puppets that you want us to be. We stand up for our rights and we don’t need your commie spin tactics in order to run our lives.

  4. It says what it says, … it just doesn’t mean what it means?

    Kind of throws that whole associative property of mathematics into question.

  5. Nobody really believes the Second Amendment is absolute, not even you guys. Can felons own guns? Minors? The mentally ill? Should blind people be eligible for CCW permits? Is it ok with you if Ford introduces a new model with a pair of miniguns on the hood? These are all “infringements” on the Second Amendment, are they not? Of course firearms are subject to regulation, just as they always have been.

    • I love your armed car idea Magoo. I could have some miniguns on the back to eliminate tailgaters and some on the front when I need to force someone out of my way.

  6. A good point Helmke makes is that we need background checks on all gun sales. You guys mischaracterize that by calling it a “ban on private sales” just to slip that evil word in there. But whatever you call it, it’s appropriate and would be good for everybody. It would slow down the flow of guns from the good guys to the bad. How anybody could be against it, I honestly don’t know.


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