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By Joel Parks

Dana Loesch hosts her own TV Show, ‘DANA,’ on The Blaze Network as well as a nationally syndicated radio show, The Dana Show. More importantly, she’s a wife and mother. Dana grew up in midwest flyover country where guns are used to put meat on the family table and provide protection for the family. She has become a fierce advocate of our Second Amendment rights as evidence by her recent book Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America . . .

Never known as the shy, retiring type, from the beginning Dana jumps right into the fray and takes on the current cabal of politicians, race hustlers and tragedy exploiters who would limit Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. As she works her way through the next 11 chapters there is no doubt where she stands on the Second Amendment. She is never shrill in her presentation, making her points with feistiness and humor. If you take nothing else from this book, make sure you remember this single overriding theme: Dana likes her guns.

I especially enjoyed Chapter 6, “Gun Control, A Rapists Best Friend.” Dana does a great job bringing rape survivors’ stories and emotions to life. She is very tough leading up to “Firearms: The Ultimate Equalizer for Women”.

Chapter 10 “Reclaiming the Language” is a fun exercise in loaded terms such as “gun control” and “assault weapons”. She has a good time going through the definitions, language machinations, distortions and ways that the liberal left parses the words we use to frame the debate to their advantage.

Chapter 11 “The Fourteen Biggest Anti-Gun Lies, Debunked” is a step-by-step primer on how to counter those false narratives that the gun control groups spin over and over again. If they don’t have the facts on their side – and they almost never do – they make some up to support their civilian disarmament arguments. I particularly like Lie #2: Gun control means crime control and Lie #7: High-capacity magazine clips are dangerous and should be regulated.

Dana’s thoughts and ideas are well documented with extensive notes and citations to support her arguments. She knows her subject well and has clearly done her homework.

I would recommend the book to anyone who owns guns, or would like to own guns for any lawful purpose. Hands Off My Gun might just come in handy in a discussion with an anti-gunner or a fence-sitter. The book probably won’t convoke the anti-gun haters because hate is what they seem to do best. Gun grabbers don’t like inconvenient facts that counter their firmly held belief system.

Dana’s opus won’t turn Michael Bloomberg, Shannon Watts or whole passel of legislators around the country into Second Amendment supporters. They are a lost cause, unless they get mugged by reality while their 24 hour security teams on a coffee run. But for those looking to buttress their pro-gun arguments, Hands Off My Gun should come in handy.

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  1. Flyover country = St. Louis MO. She was on local radio for years before becoming nationally syndicated and has a sharp mind and wit. Her radio show is interesting and no dull moments. I haven’t bought her book yet, but there is no doubt it is well worth a read!

      • I’m originally from St. Louis also. “Flyover country” is a spoof term that parodies the extreme lack of awareness “the important people” on the East and West coasts have for most of America. The Heartland is country you only “fly over,” but don’t have to be concerned about unless they have a problem like Ferguson, then the coasties can just go “tsk, tsk.”

        • Actually Fly Over Country is a derogatory term used by the fine Progressive Communists of the Liberal Land Coasts to infer that the Conservative Country is an intellectual wasteland inhabited by dumb red neck hillbillies and hicks.

    • Yup. Then she moved to Dallas. Beck must have paid her a lot of money to move from a terrible city like St. Louis, to a terribler city like Dallas.

      (I am allowed to hate on St. Louis, because I live [near] there; and on Dallas, because Dallas has messed with me every time I’ve been there, and it owes me.)

      • Don’t take it personally; Dallas messes with everybody who goes there. Dallas is a dick like that.

    • She’s not technically from STL, she’s from Arnold. The only hunting done in Arnold is for a new meth dealer, because yours just got busted. She went to Fox HS, which is an interesting educational environment to say the least.

  2. Or the politicans could be mugged by reality while their secret service is out getting a DUI.

  3. The Left considers anything other that the east or west coast “flyover country.” The term came into popular use after it became clear that the Obama Administration could care less what our opinions are. They ignore us and cow tow to the Liberals on the coasts.

    • Could care less? So you’re saying they care at least a little bit?

      Where is the cow being towed to, and why?

    • The term “flyover country” has been in use since long before Obama was even a “community organizer”, much less president. It has nothing to do with him, and very little to do with politics. It’s about the elitist attitudes that East and West Coast people have toward those poor, less sophisticated mopes who are so unfortunate as to have to live in the interior of the country like a bunch of animals.

  4. This book is awesome and inspiring! She articulates her thoughts well. It is a comforting read because as a nutty 2A bitter clinger I can relate, but it is scary because she demonstrates continuously that brainwashed liberals will not and cannot (physiologically cannot register) real data that gun control does not work to reduce crime.

  5. I read the book some months ago. Excellent read. Also excellent to read are the book’s reader reviews on Amazon. A few antis posted comments trying to refute some of Dana’s statements. They are absolutely roasted by pro-gunner responses. Priceless! Otherwise it averages 4.5 stars out of 5 over 184 reviews.

  6. Sad that the same things must be re-stated over and over again, and that nobody ever learns to see through the Liberals’ lies… They sell the same BS over and over again… Use the same deceptions in every single one of their agendas… They know they’re wrong, they know their path is the path to self-annihilation, and they don’t care.

  7. The best book I’ve read on the subject, and I have read a lot, is Don B Kates and Gary Kleck’s 2001 “Armed.” The reason this book is so amazing is the authors are not “fierce gun advocates,” rather independent researchers who favor (incorrectly in my mind) “moderate” gun control such as background checks. This is important because their lack of an activist position and their intellectual and ideological independence make their absolute demolition of every gun control argument in existence that much more powerful. Their book is worth the read alone for the calm, reasoned, data-driven a**-whooping they give David Hemenway and all his “public health” fraudsters.

  8. I thought Glen Beck’s Control Book might be good, but then he blamed all of the violence in society on video games. So the 2A is okay, but the 1A is not.

  9. The book is half pro-2A stories, facts and history, and half liberal-bashing sarcasm. It’s easy for conservatives to read, but it’s not the sort of book you can give to a fence-sitter or gun-grabber to enlighten them. The anti-liberal jokes will just turn them off.

  10. She is everything the liberals hate; attractive, intelligent, factual, well informed and determined. My daughter purchased the book for my birthday present. Loved it. A must reading for those who want facts instead of the left wing trash the media spews.

  11. I read this book about a month ago. Absolutely a must have gift for any on-the-fence women when it comes to gun rights. Same is true for minorities, especially those that have ties to slavery in this country. One of the best books detailing the true reasons liberal leaning politicians have and will push for gun control.

    Can’t say enough good things about this book.

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