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“Now that the project has come to a close, I’m more sad than afraid. I’ve come to see simultaneous chaos and banality in [mass shootings], the result of a culture that makes it far too easy for violence-prone individuals to access firearms.” – Mark Hay in What I Learned Tracking Every Mass Shooting in America and Europe in 2016 [via]

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  1. Liar. Our “experts” tell us that mass shootings only happen in America. Thousands a day in America.

    The only mass shootings that happen in the rest of the world are sanctioned by .gov’s. Making them legal and therefore above reproach.

    Nice dunce cap. Fits perfectly.

    • “Dunce cap” you say? Nay, nay. This young man may well be the first of the PreCogs of the PreCrime Unit envisioned in “Minority Report”. That headgear is the exact opposite of the tinfoil thought-repellent hat. It enables him to see into the future and predict with astounding accuracy who will commit mass murder and how he will do it, i.e., with a firearm of great lethality.

      I’m telling you, Phillip K. Dick was as prescient as Orwell and Huxley. Beware.

  2. The lead image in the article looks like a bunch of .38 Special or .357 Magnum cases scattered around. What mass shooting, I wonder, did that picture come from? Or did the author just search for a “scary aftermath implying” photo with no real knowledge of what it implied?

    Because to me, given that round, it implies a bit of plinking, or maybe steel plates, with friends rather than a horrific mass shooting.

    “We have the strategies and the national willpower to start to rewrite those norms—to chip away at this epidemic. We can build on those resources by continuing to focus on the human details of these attacks and elevating awareness of the strategies that work to prevent those horrors—by changing the national conversation, especially through the media.”

    You need an epidemic first. But I suppose fabricating that is what that last sentence is about. And they apparently don’t have the national wilpower. In some coastal areas, yes, but not sufficient to drag the rest of us along whether we want to take the ride or not.

    • Anti gun people always talk about how they want a “national conversation” then they disable comments on their propaganda.

    • Yep, .22LR. What better place to get a photo of shell casings scattered all over the ground than the local range?

  3. It has come to my attention that the problem we face with “Mass Shootings” is that its far too easy for the crazy person to move about society as a normal person and therefore have access to all the items a normal person would, therefore, we must make it illegal to become crazy and anyone who shows signs of being crazy must be locked away and barred from society for the safety of everyone. Those who become crazy “on the spot” must be arrested immediately.

    Sorry Mr. Crazyperson, but you can’t steal that firearm, you aren’t authorized to have it, please steal from someone else.

    oh yea, that works…. easy peasy, now back to my heirloom tomato garden and blog on how cow farts are destroying the planet…..

  4. Wait, lets take this from a “rape” approach!

    What do all mass shootings have in common?!?! Mass!

    If we do away with groups of people to shoot at, the problem solves itself!!!!

    Genius?! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this?!

    • Among his previous Vice credits include articles on the history of the “money shot” in porn films and the evolution of the “MILF”-themed porn.

      A real Socrates there in our midst for sure…

  5. “And because I couldn’t grasp the contours of the problem, so often discussed only in aggregate, I felt helpless and scared. I suspect others feel the same way.”

    Actually…. No, we don’t. You didn’t know about the epidemic because there isn’t one.

    But, since the main image at the top of the article appears to be a bunch of .22LR brass I suspect there is much you don’t know.

  6. Why does California and Illinois have the highest amount of mass shootings while simultaneously being the “leaders” in gun control? When discussing the amount of nightclub and bar mass shootings why are we avoiding the socio-economic commonalities? Why aren’t we discussing gang violence? In an article asking people to be honest about embracing the problem why aren’t we being honest about the problem? We have created sub-cultures that embrace violence and we have governments who don’t enforce the laws that already exist. What % of the mass shootings were committed by people who were already breaking the law by just possessing a firearm? How many laws were broken by the mass shooter before the trigger was pulled?

    • California, with nearly 40 million people, is going to be a “leader” in basically every U.S. statistic if you break them down by states. Just a mathematical reality.

      Is Illinois a “leader” in mass shootings? Please show my your sources, and your definition. We had a shooting at Northern Illinois University several years ago. Other than that, I don’t remember any mass shootings outside of the ongoing Chicago gang war.

      Illinois is also not a leader in gun control. It’s time to quit perpetuating that myth. We have some infringements but it’s a gun owner’s paradise compared to California or the upper east coast.

      • Read the Vice article. Their words not mine. Feel free to attack their definitions and sources. The ongoing Chiraq gang war is the issue and is completely ignored.

      • “Pay no attention to the gang war behind the curtain!”, seriously? Strong rebuttal from an anti-gun slave state. Your little “Illinois isn’t that bad” bit has been discredited repeatedly. That you continue to propagate it is starting to suggest some delusion on your part. You probably shouldn’t have a gun.

  7. You lost me at

    Why does this get any play? It’s good to know your enemy, but you’re providing them quarter in the study.

  8. Wait. You mean evil people with terrible motives sought and obtained weapons??? What a surprise!

  9. The “sad” part that no one will talk about is 80-90% of all gun violence victims and perpetrators are Black Americans. Now that is a sad fact. If you can’t admit and talk about that than no solution will ever be devised.

    • While I’m not sure about the exact percentage but I would wager the vast majority of the violent crimes committed with firearms in any region of the country are committed by blacks. It has a lot to do with their culture and values or lack there of. They value $300 basketball shoes and flashy clothes, cars/rims ect ect but have lost all sense of family. Before they attempt to convince the country that black lives matter they need show each other it’s called ACCOUNTABILITY.

  10. “… [mass murder is] the result of a culture that makes it far too easy for violence-prone individuals to access firearms.”

    No, mass murder is the result of evil of people walking among us. The instrument that they choose to inflict mass murder is irrelevant. Note that mass murderers have used swords, poison, bombs, fire, and vehicles to kill untold thousands/millions throughout history. We should focus on evil people, not their instruments which is a futile game of whack-a-mole.

  11. He hasn’t learned a thing.

    People don’t care if gangbangers shoot each other. They care when “Joe random, that girl dumped me, I can’t get to my trust fund, I’m gay and don’t like it, I’m ideologically obsessed with abortion clinics and think this is the way to make change and or my parents spoiled me..” shoots up a gun free zone.

    Doesn’t take a lot of research. If you got paid give back your salary or grant. Waste just waste.

  12. “The result of a culture that makes it far too easy for violence-prone individuals to access firearms.”

    He monitored these events for an entire year and THAT’S his takeaway?! It never occurred to him that these events are at least partly the result of governments that make it far too difficult for peace-prone individuals to keep and bear arms?

  13. “Memba when Vice was actually interesting and not a bunch of man bun hipster beta males pissing their pants or douche bag stoners?”
    “Yeah, I memba!”

  14. Where are the resident anti gunners at tonight? I’d like to hear them defend this shit. Let’s have some Bullshit from the left with phony statistics.

  15. The fact that he can lump together all “incident[s] where four or more people are injured or killed by gunfire, excluding the shooter” demonstrates that he isn’t interested in actual analysis of causes and effects, but is just out to spin the same old wheels without touching the ground. It’s no different than trying to do chemistry and lumping together all solutions that happen to be blue.

  16. 10,000 non suicide firearm deaths per year
    1,000 police on civilian shooting deaths per year
    200 people per year shot with msr’s / mass shootings

    Why is all the discussion about mass shootings and evil black rifles when they are 2% of firearm deaths? It reminds me of that movie nightcrawler, if it bleeds it leads…more people drown in bathtubs each uear than are shot in the u.s. in mass shootings or with msr’s. Outlaw bathtubs, or at least national bathtub registration, bathrub background checks, and 2 week wating periods for all bathtub purchases.

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