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Part of the appeal of the SHOT Show is the one-on-one contact with manufacturers that create the products we love to test. The schmoozing and occasional boozing allows for much better access than we’d ever get bouncing emails and texts back and forth. One of the manufacturers I looked forward to seeing was the group of guys from BlackPoint Tactical, makers of my open carry AIWB rig of choice. I knew they had a soft spot for TTAG, our readers, and our entire staff. Sensing weakness, perhaps softened by breathing Venetian air for four days straight, I pounced . . .

Given how loyal our readers are, the least I could do was take the BlackPoint guys behind the woodshed to get a TTAG-only discount on their fine pieces of kit. In a suite high above the bright lights and deafening din, I told ’em, “You gotta treat our readers right. We need steep discounts. Free Shipping. The works.”

“Our holsters are sold as part of the SIG Legion line. We don’t need to discount them”, they replied.

I put back my third complimentary gatorade, gave them my best Blake, and laid out the pitch.

We emerged bloody, bruised, and battered several hours later, but I got the better of them. Go to BlackPoint Tactical’s BlackPoint Tactical’s website, pick out the gear you want, enter TTAG2016 in the coupon code box, and through February, get 10% off your entire order and free shipping. You’re welcome.

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  1. I was going to ask how the hell you’d conceal that rig,then I saw it was an open carry appendix rig. Which seems weird considering the main point of appendix is concealment.

    • If you’re going to carry IWB appendix, I swear you should try a Sticky Holster. VERY concealable and comfortable.
      99.9% of my concealed carry is IWB appendix. I just love it. The major aversion I see for guys is their fear of shooting themselves in the family jewels. All I can say is don’t mishandle your firearm when it’s pointed at them.

        • Why? I sit down all the time carrying. It’s 8:45 PM and I just got back from the store and I’m carrying. It’s not jamming me in the groin! I suppose if you get a huge damn gun it might. I carry a Sig P229 and I can carry all day with no discomfort. Once you are used to having it there, like breaking in a new wallet, it becomes part of you. What I like as opposed to what we see in the picture is with a Sticky Holster, the weapon doesn’t ride high. The grip is about belt level or just enough room to get my fingers on the grip at the top of my belt line. Very easy to draw, but very concealable. I suggest you take your favorite daily carry and try one. Not every weapon, every carry method, every holster is going to fit everyone. I have tried lots of methods and this is by far my favorite. The Sticky Holster works excellent for IWB appendix carry. I do not use it for any other carry position and I don’t recommend it for any other carry position.
          If I carry on my hip, I use a Blackhawk Serpa, a Bianchi S3 or the Galco Summer 250B The Binachi S3 has a thumb snap and rotates while the Galco has an open top and doesn’t rotate for the desired angle. I prefer the Bianchi S3 over the Galco. It’s one of things that until you get one, wear it and use it, you won’t know if you really like it. Of course, none of these holsters are going to break the bank or be of any significant cost.

        • I agree, I can’t do it either. Works fine for standing.

          Unfortunately, the AIWB wearers for which it works for, or who drink the ninja koolaid whether it works for them or not, will argue with you saying it’s the best ever, blah, blah, blah.

  2. Perfect timing, I’m currently shopping for a new holster since I just put a new light on my EDC. Thanks!

  3. For cry’n out loud…
    I’ve seen ammo that’s bigger around than his waist.

    Man… I wish I was 22 again. *sigh*

  4. I have their IWB for my G17, and can honestly say that it is by far the best concealment holster I’ve ever had. Absolutely comfortable all day long and conceals the big brick better than any other. After six months, I will swear by the thing.

    And now I’m going to order one for my new Sig P320. Thanks, TTAG staff!

    • Kelly, can you tell me what IWB rig you are using for your G17? BlackPoint Tactical offers several different lines and I am trying to find the right one for my CZ P-07 40 version 2. Best regards and thanks…….Charlie R

  5. I contacted BlackPoint Tactical via their contact page on their website with no response. I really wanted to know if their miniWing fits the latest version of the CZ P-07 40. I guess I’ll be moving on to a different rig. Can anybody recommend a IWB appendix or right side hip holster? I really wanted to go with a BlackPoint Tactical rig, but can’t get any answers. So much for the promo code…………

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