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Black Rifle Coffee Company, the unofficial coffee of freedom, opened a new facility in Tennessee today. The facility will employee about 52 people, many of whom will be veterans. I love seeing 2A-friendly companies grow, particularly given the pressures now on our industry.

This year we have seeing big box retailers, social media giants, e-commerce platforms and even airlines and rental car companies abandon us so it feels good to see a business like BRCC thriving. Black Rifle has committed to hiring 10,000 veterans as they expand. Any company that does that is worth supporting. Here’s their press release:

Black Rifle Coffee Company Opens Tennessee Roasting Facility

SAN ANTONIO – Veteran-owned and operated Black Rifle Coffee Company is proud to announce the opening of its Manchester, Tennessee, roasting facility as part of the company’s $6 million investment in that state. Combined with their Utah facility, the Tennessee plant will ensure that consumers all over America receive the freshest coffee available, roasted to order and delivered right to their door.

“As our company grows, so does our need to be close to our customers,” said Evan Hafer, the CEO and founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company. “Opening the roasting facility in Tennessee gives us the ability to deliver the highest-quality product to the entire eastern half of the United States in the most cost-efficient and timely manner possible.” 

The Manchester facility is expected to create 52 jobs over the next five years, and since Black Rifle Coffee Company is committed to hiring 10,000 veterans as the business expands,qualified veterans living in Tennessee will have first consideration for any open positions. As a further commitment to former service members, the company will give preference to veteran-owned businesses as they bring on new vendors and suppliers.

“Our commitment to veterans is one of the cornerstones this company was built on,” said Mat Best, the vice president of Black Rifle Coffee Company. “Whether it’s supporting veteran and first responder causes, funding the Veteran Entrepreneur Investment Program, or giving veterans and veteran-owned companies priority in our hiring process and vendor programs, our company will always stand with those who protect our country and the communities we live in.”

Black Rifle Coffee Company is hosting a grand opening event on August 22 from noon to 3 p.m. at the new facility located at 621 Park Tower Road in Manchester. This event is open to the public and will include a ribbon cutting with words from Evan Hafer, Mat Best, and Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe; a tour, food, entertainment, and lots of fresh-roasted coffee will follow!

About Black Rifle Coffee Company

Founded in 2014 by CEO and former U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer, Black Rifle Coffee Company was built on the foundation of providing coffee and culture to the people who love America. More than just a high-quality, roast-to-order coffee company, it’s a veteran-owned business, operated by principled men and women, many who have served their country honorably through military service or as first responders. Black Rifle Coffee Company is dedicated to employing and empowering former service members through its pledge to hire 10,000 veterans and through its commitment to helping entrepreneurial veteran causes.

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  1. good luck with your coffee company, the sturbuckets here in seattle seems to soak their rat-droppings in urine before over-roasting it.. yuppie coffee drinkers will drink anything.. the real coffee drinkers want quality coffee,not over-roasted garbage. i will look for your brand here soon…

  2. Loves me some BRC… JB (Just Black) CAF (Caffeinated as F@@@) Thin Blue Line.

    Place in West Chester Ohio north of Cincinnati sells it on the shelf.

    Plus where else can Vet get coffee from Vets, and never walk in to the hipster anti Vet Star”Burns every bean until it is charcoal” Bucks (cause that is all they want from you shut up and drink your ghoul.)

      • I haven’t heard anything about them being anti-Vet, but it could be argued they are anti-American. As the people running Starbucks are clearly afflicted by Trump Derangement Syndrome, a while back they decided to do some virtue signaling and stated they would be hiring 10,000 “immigrants”, whatever that means. Does it mean illegal aliens? Aliens on work visas? Lawful permanent residents? Naturalized U.S. Citizens? Who knows. The message I took away from it was essentially “We are going to give preference to non-Americans in our hiring practices.” It’s up to them to change my mind.

        • I believe STARBUCKS is a French owned company .When companies were shipping goods to our service men and women even donating product. Some personnel even wrote to the company asking them to help and they refused

      • I haven’t heard about them being anti vet, however, they are very open and aggressive in their far left politics.

        • It’s too unpopular to be openly anti-veteran these days, even for the far left.

          In my mind, there’s a big difference between open support and the lip service some give. I’m not always in favor of everything the industrial military produces, but I’ve never been against the people and the tools they need so they are ready to fight so I can sleep safely in my bed tonight.

          Thank you veterans, we (POTG) appreciate you.

        • With all their (Starbucks) new changes, I wonder how long it will be before people get tired of subsidizing a corporate homeless shelter.

    • Yup, those anti-vet coffee slingers that set a 2018 goal to hire 10,000 vets and spouses back in 2013. Then after they did so well upped it to 25K by 2025 a few years later. Then 4 years later the 10,000 refugee thing in January of 2017 when BRCC challenged them to hire 10k vets… already hired 10K vets and spouses by Sept 2017 and were looking at the new bigger goal by then… hmmmm, either they are winning that fight or BRCC didn’t google the anti-vet coffee slinger’s vet hiring program and Military Stores (stores near bases that hire only vets and spouses) before getting angry about hiring refugees 4 years after they set the vet hiring goal. But what do I know, except how to effectively google a subject. I would add links but don’t feel like I need to since it took me about 5 seconds to find out all of the above. I have no issues with BRCC, I am sure their coffee is great.

      As for the vets that got called up and asked for coffee in your comment, I wonder who they called for a donation, did they get someone that is a part of their veterans network or just a store manager? As it appears their vet network is proactive in gathering donations fort those that are deployed. I will google the commercial in my spare time to see the context and how tone-deaf it may or may not be.

      Now back to my hidey-hole…

  3. Returned vets, such as one who came back to work, and by the way just got called up on Monday after serving 9 years and tour after tour. We are now short a man at work. His unit tried to get some Starpukes they told them to pound sand. Others have said the same. They also got into a fight when Evan from BRCC challenged them to hire 10,000 vets after they said they were going to hire 10,000 immigrants because Trump.

    Then they had an ad for hiring Vets in the ad they asked “do you have PTSD?” “Did you have to kill anybody?”

    Not very Pro-Vet at all.

  4. Manchester, TN is not too awfully far from my home in Athens, AL. I see a road trip in the not too distant future. Vietnam vet ’70–71.


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