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Omer Baker took last week’s prize. If you’d like Black Arch holster for your ECD gun, enter the best caption for this photo by midnight Sunday and the rig will be yours.


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  1. When she found out the other gun salesman were getting paid more Mrs. Bigglesworth went all Hillary on her boss.

  2. At the RNC of yesteryear Anne was ready …for any gorrilla in the room!

  3. After years of sexual frustration Moneypenny snapped. MI6 is currently looking for a new M, Q and several 00’s.

    Obama blamed the NRA and banned english tea.

    • Be funniest.
      Sometimes win prizes.
      (Although you’ve got your work cut out for you this week to beat Vhyrus, Ralph or Larry)

  4. I learned very valuable life lessons from my baby sitter. The most important of which was the New York reload.

  5. “The best caption for this photo.”
    Now send me my new holster.
    Signed, Mr. Literal.

  6. Rape whistle? Pepper spray? Have you seen the size of the perverts around here?

    This is Texas. Even the perverts are bigger here.

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