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Bobby B took the honors last week. That means he’ll get to choose a brand new Black Arch holster for his favorite gun. If you’d like one too, enter the best caption for this pic in the comments by midnight Sunday. Good luck.


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    • Hard to tell if it’s time to end this since you can’t see the hands on the clock!

      BTW, plea to RF – when you post these every week could you at least include a link to the previous week article so we can look up the picture and the comment that actually won? Bonus, it might give you some extra page clicks!

      • ya it’s too much to scroll back a full week of posts. and then roll down to find the winning comment. do like the new yorker (in this regard only) and include a thumbnail with the winning entry underneath the new contest image.

        btw, i believe that is a hammond (yup, the organ guy) clock. he designed the works to not restart after an electrical outage was restored, so that it would be more quickly determined that such had occurred.

  1. My daddy so wanted to see my wedding. It’s a shame he can’t be here. But he left me some CCI shotshells in his will… So needs must.

  2. Don’t come any closer, or I’ll be forced to pull the trigger and nothing will happen, because I forgot to cock a single action revolver!

  3. Is this Pussy Galore’s mom? Is the revolver gold plated? If so, like mother like daughter. Pussy Galore’s preferred gun was a gold plated S&W .45 ACP revolver in the movie Goldfinger.

  4. Not that it matters, but I vote for JWM’s “What time is it? It’s Shoot A Fool In The Ass O’clock. That’s what time it is.” with dh34’s “One, Two, Three O’ Clock, Four O’Clock Glock….” a close second.

  5. “I said be home for dinner by 6:30… what time is it now? Don’t get smart with me mister, I know I’m blocking your view of the clock.”

  6. “One guess, and one guess only-quickly!-without peeking at your wrist…………what time is it?”

    (as Culture Club’s ‘Time won’t give me time’ plays in the background.)

  7. Mary realized that the calm display of her revolver was much more effective in deterring potential rapists than the frantic waving of a rubber dildo.

  8. Bob had always thought his ex was crazy, but when she snapped he found that the restraining order was even less effective against potential incoming fire than a ‘gun free zone’ sign, he could at least hide behind that. His momma always said “don’t marry crazy…”, now he wished he had listened, or at least kept the pistol in the divorce.

  9. Mary might have heard the intruder coming and might have prevented her own murder if her hearing hadn’t been overwhelmed by the Tick, Tock of that giant damn clock.

  10. At that moment, knowing the children were upstairs and Tom was away at war Betty realized it was up to her to protect their home. As she aimed the old service revolver, time seemed to stand still.

  11. Time seemed to stand still when Vanessa pulled out her piece. I couldn’t decide which was more dangerous, the broad or her Smith.

  12. Donna now understood why her sociology professor was so rabidly anti campus carry. Thankfully she’d ignored his pathetic attempt at a ‘no Beretta’ sign and brought her trusty revolver to the meeting about ‘grades’ he’d asked her to attend. Today he would learn that no does in fact mean no.

  13. in a forced whisper “You’ve stolen the hands from my clock, but you havn’t stolen my hands. No, and you havn’t stolen this eather, have you? Now give me back my clock parts and leave, before I get angery.”

  14. Hickory, dickory, dock.
    A hottie was guarding her clock.
    The clock struck seven,
    The perp went to heaven.
    Hickory, dickory, dock


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