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Last week’s winner of a brand spanking new Black Arch Holster was…Jim. Enter the best caption for this pic in the comments by Sunday at midnight and you’ll have yourself a new carry rig for your gun, too.


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  1. “Tokyo PD just called. Asked if we had anything to stop a Gojira. What’s a Gojira? Doesn’t matter. This will stop anything.”

  2. “Hillary won’t like these”!

    “Do you have a ‘cross draw’ holster for this”?

    “It may stop my mother-in-law, then again…”.

  3. “tab ‘a’, slot ‘b’… dang it i can’t make heads or tales of this. jameson, go find me a six year old child.”

  4. “I found it! I finally found it!”

    “No Bob, that thing goes down .”

    “Oh, so you’re supposed to hold it this way!”

    “Yeeeesh, can you guys believe the FNG’s we get around here?”

    -Employee conversation at a Gander Mountain gun department

  5. Hey Bob, cab you believe this was turned in at the last buyback? Too bad it will be destroyed.

    Destroyed, naw Jim, this one goes to the chief’s collection.

    • “Cali-Zim and Illini-Zim (same guy in real life) tool up for a big night of vigilantism”

  6. -Customer-
    “I need a phased plasma rifle, something in the 40 kilowatt range.”

    “Just waht you see on the wall pal.”

    • or has that arnold quote been banned, like how guitar stores are SICK of newbies trying to play Stairway to Heaven???

  7. Wayne?
    Yeah Bob.
    I think I broke it.
    Don’t worry Bob. I’ll make a note to put it in the box of shackles and revolvers from last week.

  8. If you can include the winning caption for the previous week, that would be great because Jim had too and both were good, but we don’t know which was the winner.

  9. You know Bob, someday our kids might be humpin something like this through rice patties in some obscure Southeast Asian nation.

  10. Well, I’m an engineer. I can’t fix stupid, but I can fix what stupid does. But THIS is going to be a challenge.

  11. “You know sir, real men don’t need to compensate for something, and they know how to assemble a rifle”

  12. Sir, as these repeaters compliment your 1911 pistol so well, can I interest you in any leather carrying cases?

  13. Does this one have enough unique features that we can ban it?
    Well…’s a gun.
    That’s good enough, add it to the list….

  14. No fly list:
    Mr. J.T. Thompson, CHECK
    Mr. J.M. Browning, CHECK
    The Queen will be so proud of us……………….

  15. “It is actually pretty ineffective as a firearm compared to the Tommie Gun, but it looks so scary that we’ll ban these first.”

  16. That’s it Larry! You got it dude, less than 10 parts!
    With the addition of the thumbhole stock and TAPCO trigger, this Russian 2GA shotgun is now 922r compliant.

  17. Ok, now that you have the pencil and paper ready, write this down…picatinny quad rail, flashlight, red laser, green laser, Acog, EO Tech, foregrip, bi pod, back up sights, whistle, signal mirror, bayonet, back up bayonet, heart rate monitor, bottle opener. That should do it. For now.

  18. Vice President Joe Biden is going to be sooo happy when I tell him I found a gun that only goes “Pew” and not “Pew, Pew, Pew!”

  19. Lack of a silver spoon has set you on a certain path but you needn’t stay on it. If you’re prepared to adapt and learn you can transform.

  20. “Black… holds more than 10 rounds… check… OK, we can ban all those”. “Bob, what’s the next description on the list so we can ban this one?”

  21. “Can you imagine how stoned we’d get shotgunning dope out of this huge frigging barrel?”

    “Way ahead of you, partner- my shopping list so far, ‘the gun, two dime bags of weed, a lighter, some Cool Ranch Doritos, & a shitload of Slim Jims.’ Am I missing anything?”

  22. “These 2 are shipping out to a customer in Texas. Last name Sam, first name Yosemite. Apparently he has trouble with a large, long eared varmint.”

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