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WWII colorized (5)

The Other Tom in Oregon took last week’s prize. If you’d like a quality Black Arch Holster for your EDC gun, enter the best caption for this photo by Sunday at midnight.

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  1. “Okay, we’ve covered this whole thing in cotton camo using this gigantic Q-tip. Next, we have to camouflage the tip of the round so they don’t see it coming.”

  2. “Put a gun on the Hanomag, they said. It’s like having your own StuG they said… They’re not the ones having to load the damn thing.”

  3. “In retrospect, the Wehrmacht experiments with large caliber muzzle loaders mounted to half tracks were not as combat effective as their advocates claimed. The duty of loader on such vehicles proved to be the least popular position in the Panzergrenadier regiments responsible for the field tests.”

  4. “When we’re shooting at muzzies we lube the barrel with bacon fat, ‘cuz even allah likes the smell of bacon.”

  5. Were he to look up, he would realize that a comrade had gone mad, and if he delayed in his task he was to share the fate wished upon his enemies…….

  6. “No, I didn’t need a tax stamp. ATF says it’s still a half-track until one of the tires goes flat, then that counts as being re-manufactured into a short-barreled tank.”

      • I don’t remember the “comedian” who said it, but this one makes me laugh…

        “Best day of my life was when I found my dad’s porn in the back of the closet. Worst day of my life was when I found my mom’s porn in the back of the video store.”

  7. Join the German army, they said. Apply for panzer training, they said. Russia in the springtime, they said.

    What’s the worst that could happen, they said.

  8. Max: “Ja, Klaus, ram it, ram it, ram it, just like back home with Magda.”

    Hans: “Who is Magda?’

    Max: “Klaus’ dachshund.”

  9. “You know, Hans, the corporal was a douche when he said it. But this does kind of remind me of your wife.”

  10. Near the end of the war, things were going so badly for German troops that they were forced to use improvised ammunition. The frozen chicken rounds were particularly dangerous, due to the risk of salmonella.

  11. The Producers nailed this one long ago:
    Springtime for Hitler and Germany
    Deutschland is happy and gay!

  12. Say “It’s not a job, it’s an adventure” 1 more time Hans and I swear this ramrod goes down your throat.

  13. It was not until now that Hansel realized what the panzer division recruiter meant by the phrase ” you will be ramming more than you could ever dream”

  14. Why are the slavic sub humans rolling in brand new t-34’s and we master racers are using this cobbled together shit?


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