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If you’ve never seen one of filmmaker Billy Johnson’s video commentaries – either his own, or those he used to produce through the NRA – you’re really missing something. No one out there presents clear, level-headed pro-2A analysis quite like he does. Now he’s launching a Kickstarter project to produce a full-length documentary with the goal of “unveil(ing) the cover-ups, misleading data, and outright lies used to sway the American public into the dismantling of one of the natural rights of citizens.” What’s not to like? Press release after the jump . . .

Traverse City, MI (April 2015) – Former National Rifle Association News Commentator, Billy Johnson, wants to reveal the media-fed misperception about violence that threatens our fundamental human freedoms. A pro-liberty advocate and defender of constitutional rights, Johnson is not averse to shaking things up. With around 2 million views on his YouTube Channel, AmidsTheNoise, Johnson is about to take on the media and all persons or groups that would like to abolish or fundamentally change the Second Amendment. Johnsons new venture, “Protecting Liberty,” will be a full-length documentary that will unveil the cover-ups, misleading data, and outright lies used to sway the American public into the dismantling of one of the natural rights of citizens. To bring the project to a wider audience and create a larger and more engaging conversation, Johnson is funding the project through Kickstarter.

Launched in 2009, Kickstarter has helped 8.3 million people pledge more than $1.6 billion to fund over 81,000 creative projects including films, games, music, art, design and technology. Johnson is no stranger to film, having spent a career as a filmmaker before tackling a new occupation as an entrepreneur in the design and manufacture of tactical products. It was the media fallout from the Newtown shootings that brought Johnson back to his first passion, filmmaking. With calls for additional gun laws that would dismantle the Second Amendment coming from the media, Johnson pulled statistics together and created his first video, “Choose Your Own Crime Stats,” demonstrating how the media and politicians deliberately twisted data to generate public panic that gun crime was on the rise. In fact, as Johnson proves in his video, violent crime has declined 50 percent over the last two decades and continues to spiral downward. Johnsons current project “Protecting Liberty” will expand upon the groundbreaking work he did with his first video.


“Unfortunately, the issue of gun rights has polarized Republicans and Democrats,” Billy Johnson explains. “Its not an issue of who is left and who is right. It’s the fundamental issue of the American peoples constitutionally-protected rights. The erosion of our constitutional rights has been going on for some time, right under our noses. As a nation, we must speak out and stop this ongoing infringement. This documentary will strip away the misinformation and propaganda that is often splashed across the media and give people a clear view of what conditions breed violence and why we must continue to protect our Second Amendment rights. Im not on this side or that side, Im on our side as an American citizen.”

In an age of sound bites, message overload and the distractions of multiple media sources, Johnsons unique perspective offers a voice of reason that is based on factual, publicly available information. First and foremost, Johnson is passionate about the preservation of our constitutional freedoms and strongly advocates citizens be active in the protection of our inalienable rights. To help spread the real news join the Protecting Liberty Campaign. Stay up-to-date on the project:


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    • I donated a little extra for you. $100 is hard to part with especially in CT but if I spend it now it will be that much less for the state to steal. /sarc

      • Donate a dollar. A dollar is meaningful and you’ll add to the number of people who put their money where their mouth is to support this film.

  1. Good on him. I watched a lot of his earlier youtube stuff, its great ammo in a discussion with an anti and he does it in a professional matter. A good guy to have in our corner.

  2. I’m sure Billy’s doc will be thoroughly researched and chock full of reason. Too bad no one who needs convincing will watch it. Perhaps a federal law?

  3. I’d choose Mr. Johnson a 1000X over personalities like Ted Nugent as the face of the lawful gun owning public. Ted’s a character, but his wild man act only fuels the media hype against reasoned, rational discussion about the underlying causes of crime and violence. At least now I know part of the reason why he hasn’t been making any videos on NRA Freestyle in the last few months.

    • Read his bio, or watch the trailer. He’s an independent film-maker, and NRA would be one of many customers. He has done a lot of work with TED, which explains why he is so effective, communication wise.

      This kickstarter is partly supported by Firearms Policy Coalition, which is a grassroots state group partnering with other state groups.

  4. I pledged. I urge everyone who supports the mission of this film to pledge one dollar or more. It doesn’t matter how much you can afford to donate, but that you stood for it and put your money where you mouth is and were counted as a backer. If everyone who would watch the film would pledge $1 now the project would be successfully funded. Do your part and donate, even if it’s a buck. I have little money but I’m proud to have chipped in something and stand among the backers for projects like this and Ian Houston’s (TheHossUSMC’s) The American Militia documentary. Hoss has 88,247 subscribers and 14,540,176 views on his YouTube account, but just 379 supporters chipped in any amount of money at all and achieved his fundraising goal for him to create his documentary. Although I am a minor contributor I am proud to have been a part of that and of this project.

    • +100. I’m in and passing to my POTG friends, to help educate friends and famil who aren’t caught up.

      This speaks to one of the key issues the anti’s are desperate to control, good data and emerging truth. The use of hysterical and misleading info by Brady, annd other gun control groups is what the Feds and Gun Control states are using in amici’s and briefs, that will be before SCOTUS in a couple of years. Does anyone believe that Doctor For Obama founder, Vitek Murthy, now Surgeon General, would be trusted to keep the facts straight on the big CDC data project? Can you say ClimateGare?

      This is the digital equivalent of Ben Franklin posting handbills bills and treatises on liberty, that the Statists of those days could not stop.

      Can’t stop the signal, Mal…

  5. Great post Dan. I would have never known about this, without TTAG.

    Anyone with a reddit account should post and promote it. Speaks to smart tech types who are the new POTG.

  6. “Former National Rifle Association New Commentator, Billy Johnson…”

    When did Billy leave the NRA?

  7. I just pledged but he’s got a ways to go to make his budget. Hope there’s a late surge to the fundraising!


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