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Finally, we agree on something! Left-leaning comedian Bill Maher tells it like it is regarding the Progressive Caucus’ call for “common sense gun safety.” Even better, he “outs” Democrat congressman Keith Ellison as an irreconcilable gun grabber by daring Ellison to agree that the Democrat party should “come out against the Second Amendment.” Which he does. (4:19) And then attempts . . .

to walk it back by supporting a package of incremental gun control laws that would lead to an all-out ban. Or nearasdammit.

Of course, Maher is all in, publicly voicing his support for all-guns-barred civilian disarmament on a regular basis. In fact, it’s kinda funny to watch the two men arguing about process and spin rather than substance or genuine safety. Well it would be funny if they were doing so in the unemployment line. Or whatever chat room passes for such these days. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. Didn’t watch the video but first to comment! Whoooooo! Sorry everybody, slow day…

  2. Maher has been all in and quite contemptuous of the DP’s soft tyranny on gun control for quite some time. This isn’t news. It disgusts me that smug scumbag still tries to pass himself off as “libertarian” when he’s somewhere between Francis Hollande and Hugo Chavez on the political spectrum.

      • He is neither a liberal nor a libertarian, but then most democrats aren’t liberals. They’re progs and socialists but never liberals. Liberals stand for freedom. The very fact that people have to call themselves “classical liberals” shows just how much the term has been perverted.

        No liberal or libertarian would ever support this kind of government control. It is the very antithesis of the ideology.

      • He is certainly not a libertarian. He just wants to legally smoke weed and bang hookers. That’s about as far as he’ll go towards liberty.

      • Progressive’s stole Democrat and Liberal, now they are trying to steal Libertarian too? Heck, may as well steal Conservative while they are at it, most of the Republican party doesn’t seem to be using it.

    • And yet, he is proud to tell everyone that he keeps one handgun downstairs and one handgun upstairs for home defense.

      riddle me that, batman.

      I throw up a little bit in my mouth when I listen to Maher. He is so far left I am not sure there’s a descriptor for him.

  3. Bill reminds me of my nerve grinding yenta of an ex wife. Good for a little stomach flip just on sight.

    • Yenta, ha!

      I had to look that up, great word. Yes, he is like a yenta.

      Yenta… Great word.

  4. Bill Maher, aside from being completely unfunny, is pretty firmly against the Second Amendment as it is and he is definitely pro-governmental control.

  5. To the progressives like Maher and Ellison a nation without a 2nd amendment sounds like a dreamland of party drugs and profitable TV gigs. But then the jackbooted thugs take over for real and it turns out that Ellison and Maher have no function in the brave new world. History, it’s what’s for winners.

  6. Like the equally-unfunny Dennis Miller, Bill Maher is a legend in his own mind.

    If Miller and Maher were in a personality contest with one another, they’d both lose.

    • Unlike Maher, Miller actually IS funny, not just insulting. And unlike Maher, he isn’t a hypocrite when it comes to guns. Maher admitted to carrying.

      • Agreed, Miller is a hoot…on that rare occasion when I understand his oblique references. I think it’s his delivery that make me laugh. Maybe he’s just drunk.

    • don’t be hating on my man, Dennis Miller. He’s awesome.

      Sort of a mix of cerebral and slapshot humor.

      he failed big time at commentating on football though.

  7. Seems to me that the Congressman just violated his oath of office. That alone should be cause for impeachment. Open and shut case.

    • By that logic the myriad of elected official in the early 19th century who were against Slavery should have been impeached. While I don’t agree with Rep. Ellisons position, it is the voters of his districts job to remove him from office should his personal opinions be a problem.

      • Bingo. The courts can stop unconstitutional laws but the voters are supposed to stop the legislators who keep proposing them.

  8. What do you do with a gun owner who owns guns to protect themselves but thinks other people should not have that right? Sheila Bair is not a Republican by the way. Maybe she calls herself a republican. She is mostly progressive and mostly confused.

    Incidentally, I wish someone had asked him about the “public health” campaign against pot, alcohol, gambling, and other vices by progressives. It’s called cognitive dissonance.

  9. Why did you just make me watch over 6 minutes of pure drivel here??
    Same garbage over and over except this time instead of 90% for gun control.
    He pulled an 89% for control out of his ass.

    • What an echo chamber. This is why I stopped watching his show. I like the format where people are encouraged to speak freely, but more and more it seems that only those who largely share Maher’s opinions are being represented. That and a million other grievances. To name a few firearms-relevant ones, he caricatured hunters as “chinless fuckfaces”, and he opposed legalizing silencers for hunting saying “what, do you have to silently take out deer henchmen to get to the boss deer?” Obviously his reliable sources have led him to believe in the “Hollywood quiet assassin’s murder tool”. He’s so smug, he thinks he’s done all the research and has all the answers. And when that’s not true, it’s extremely irritating to hear him blather.

  10. I’m a fan of both Miller and Maher. I find them entertaining and funny. I don’t agree with them, but I find I learn more listening to intelligent people I disagree with. I learn very little from listening to people who only say what I like. Maher especially challenges me with new ways to think of some issues. The Mothers Against are much less entertaining. Their statements border on frank ignorance. However, I urge everyone to listen to people with whom you disagree. You may learn how they think, what their arguments are, and be better prepared for them. Or stick your head in the sand. I don’t care, got my Kevlar flame retardant jockey shorts on.

    • I feel the same way. I agree with Maher on issues like religion which confuses me how one can be so intelligent about one subject but their reasoning capabilities are reduced to that of a retarded chimp on other issues. I just don’t get it.

      • Ah… but, I dare suggest he DOES understand the issue. He’s not stupid. But, he knows how to leverage the stupidity of the general public. And, using humor is an EXCELLENT tool to get sheeple to laugh AND NOD. If you don’t laugh / agree… you will stand out in the audience. And, most people are not comfortable standing out… not playing along.

        It’s very much intentional. It serves his agenda and beliefs about CONTROL.

        • I actually agree with you Racer. He knows damn well what he’s doing. It’s always these types in privileged positions that own guns and carry them who don’t want us regular folk to be able to do the same. He has admitted to owning and carrying firearms so go figure.

          Hell this goes for just about any issue. I automatically assume 95% of the time when someone in the public eye or a position of power speaks out against something they are engaging in it themselves behind closed doors whether it be against guns or being gay or any other silly thing that is overblown.

      • Cognitive bias. It’s not easy to be rational. We’re all guilty of it to some extent. Try ‘Politics is the mind killer’ at lesswrong. ‘How to actually change your mind’ is good too. The whole site, really. Google it.

    • I understand your reason for doing so but, life is too short and my time is too valuable to spend it bathing in cesspools like Mr Maher’s show.

    • Meh. After so many years of listening to certain people drone on in willful ignorance is simply annoying and a pure waste of time. Maher hasn’t said anything thought provoking in decades. Many of them trot out the same emotional argument and lies that, when you know the party talking points ahead of time, the individual comrades are actually boring.

      When they actually attempt a constitutional amendment in earnest, I’ll perk up and listen intently. Until then, I tune out most of the bullshit. I have better things to do with my time.

    • I watch Maher’s show every week. I happen to find him hilarious, but that isn’t the point. I think Maher is of the opinion that if something can be done to prevent gun violence, then we should do it. I certainly don’t take away from his shows that he wants to disarm everybody. He is right to call out people in the Democratic party who say they’re pro-2nd amendment but support legislation that curbs gun rights without making us any safer, like magazine capacity restrictions. He’s also right to call out guys like LaPierre for being irrational lunatics. I imagine most people here disagree with me on this, but I support a national registry. That doesn’t infringe on our right to bear arms and I’m not afraid that the government will come for my guns. Not to mention this the ONLY thing being discussed that could actually help. The ATF already knows who has SBRs and suppressors. I am going to bitch that they continue to use ‘clip’ when referring to magazine restriction, though. We can argue all day about how nitpicky that is, but I think that when we’re having a discussion in the public sphere about policy, the people responsible for making laws about this stuff should be expected to at least have the nomenclature down.

      • I’m going to guess that ‘Pseudo’ means that you’re only falsely for the 2A, and I’m just going to leave it at that.

        • I’m just going to assume something so I don’t have to engage in legitimate discussion. Nice.

        • No assumption necessary, Ardent. Pseudo clearly stated as much already in commentary.

          From Wikipedia:
          The prefix pseudo- (from Greek ψευδής “lying, false”) is used to mark something as false, fraudulent, or pretending to be something it is not.

        • So lets say someone is a gun owner. One day, they suffer a psychotic break and are committed. After treatment and release, they are now, for some period, illegally in possession of firearms. That’s crime. Mandatory registration would eliminate that. Registration enables confiscation. Registration reduces crime. The courts actually support second amendment rights. Any abuse of the registry by the government could be challenged in court. You might believe the courts wouldn’t stand up for gun owners, but that’s a difference conversation. It’s disingenuous to suggest that registration wouldn’t reduce crime. There’s currently no way to enforce the laws on the books governing who can own guns. A registry would actually allow restriction of access of restricted classes to their firearms. That’s not the gang violence or crazed shooters that generate so much news, but it’s crime.

          • Pseudo said: “So lets say someone is a gun owner. One day, they suffer a psychotic break and are committed. After treatment and release, they are now, for some period, illegally in possession of firearms. That’s crime.

            There is so much wrong here. First and foremost, you will deter people (especially vets) from seeking treatment they need. Further, if someone who suffered from what you described, they couldn’t give their firearms to their father for safe-keeping without making criminals of both the father and son/daughter. Thus creating more crime.

            Pseudo said: “Mandatory registration would eliminate that.

            No, it wouldn’t. For the simple fact that I have yet to hear one sound plan to get 300 million current firearms registered when states like CA, CT and NY can’t seem to reach the 10% mark. Which creates more criminals.

            Pseudo said: “Registration enables confiscation.

            At least you admit it so we don’t have to argue about it.

            Pseudo said: “Registration reduces crime.

            I’ve done a lot of research on this particular topic and have never found a study that directly supports that assertion. In fact, you can say that registration increases crime. People that were once “law-abiding” are now criminals if they do the following: loan their gun to a son, daughter, sibling, wife, parent, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend, or fail to register. If you trust “the system” to do the right thing, I got some examples from Canada you can read. Less freedom rarely equates to less crime.

            Pseudo said: “The courts actually support second amendment rights.

            So many factors at play in this assertion that make it a half-truth.

            Pseudo said: “Any abuse of the registry by the government could be challenged in court.

            Get back to me about that when we get the Patriot Act and the NDAA (sect 1021) repealed.. honorable mentions: finding out how one gets on/off the no-fly list, stop the President from assassinating Americans without due process, NSA 4th Amendment violations, etc….

            Pseudo said: “You might believe the courts wouldn’t stand up for gun owners, but that’s a difference conversation.

            That’s kind of the foundation of the conversation. See above.

            Pseudo said: “It’s disingenuous to suggest that registration wouldn’t reduce crime.

            Your statement is disingenuous.

            Pseudo said: “There’s currently no way to enforce the laws on the books governing who can own guns.

            No way? Really? There’s a formal fallacy if I ever saw one.

            Pseudo said: “A registry would actually allow restriction of access of restricted classes to their firearms.

            Exactly. Now you’re getting it. But you fail to realize that you would eventually be a “restricted class”… or do you?

            Pseudo said: “That’s not the gang violence or crazed shooters that generate so much news, but it’s crime.

            Which, in your mind, is the bigger issue; gang violence, crazed shooters, or gun registration? Pick one. Also, do you work in the prison industry?

            • Where in the constitution does it say that people seeking treatment for a mental “breakdown” are criminals for owning firearms? Or are you interpreting “shall not be infringed” by adding an invisible asterisk? For every other enumerated right, the exceptions to the absolute nature of the right are spelled out in the enumeration. That there is no exception pointed out in the 2A is not an omission, it is blatant statement to those who would manufacture exceptions.

      • ” I think Maher is of the opinion that if something can be done to prevent gun violence, then we should do it. I certainly don’t take away from his shows that he wants to disarm everybody.”

        I don’t know what his beliefs are on the topic but if you believe the first sentence, then the only logical conclusion is to systematically disarm everybody. After all, where do the criminals get their guns? They steal them from law-abiding folks. You can always find a life that might have been saved by infringing rights more.

        • I’m sorry, I should have been more explicit. When I said if ‘something can be done… it should’, there were implicit assumptions in that. What I meant was something that could be done legally. A law making firearms illegal to own would not eliminate gun violence and would not be constitutional. Clearly infringing on 2nd amendment rights. Requiring confirmation that you can legally own weapons when purchasing them? I don’t see how that infringes on my rights. Restrictions on what guns are legal for purchase based on arbitrary and cosmetic features? Restriction of concealed carry based on the city you happen to be living in? Those are much easier to argue against.

        • I don’t see how that infringes on my rights.

          Please explain how it is not an infringement. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed..

  11. I sure do wish tar and feathering, and running one or many, out of town on a rail was back in style. Sigh.

  12. This doesn’t change my mind on Maher one bit. I find it funny that he calls out Keith but doesn’t believe in rights of others to keep and bear arms. At this point, with Maher, my eyes continue to roll.

  13. I like his show. Gun control is 1 of the few topics I disagree with him on. Dennis miller is another story. I have no idea how he got famous.

    • if you only disagree with him on only a few things then you must be an absolute leftist.

      • Seconded! Actually, if you find yourself agreeing with Maher on anything at all you’re probably a leftist.

  14. I can’t watch Maher’s show, because I stopped subscribing to HBO the day they canceled “Deadwood”. Cocksuckers!

  15. “Military style Assault rifles with 30 round clips”
    Here’s a protip, asshole: When you hear Dianne say something, don’t repeat it. That middle-America voter you’re trying to reach tunes out the second you say “clip.”

  16. I couldn’t make it throught the video because I despise Maher and his statist cohorts. The fact that Murthy was *completely incompetent* to be a surgeon general never crossed Maher’s bong resin filled mind. Maher hates the NRA and Republicans. He’s more about jokes than the truth, and always was. I tune in from time to time to see how the anti’s “think,” and subsequently have t o change the channel or risk having a stroke.

  17. They should ‘come out’ against all the other amendments as well. The First, the Third (yes, the THIRD), the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth, the Seventh, the Eighth, the Ninth and especially the tenth and the fourteenth.

    • and don’t forget the 22nd since ya brought up a good point, in the end they all support one another and getting rid of one means getting rid of all and that’s just doin the opposite of what all military personnel fought and bleed for (I will never say died cuz they live on)

      • Oh great. Now we all have to talk with British accents, eat fish and chips, and have lousy teeth.

        • not really speak british, just means someone will never leave office till A) died of some format or B) we get our sorry asses in gear and get our damn country back from the snakes

  18. The Left love to claim that guns are a public health issue, but that argument was tried and thoroughly discredited back in the 1990s.

    • What’s old is new again.

      To quote Jocelyn Elders (sp?): “We can make safer guns and safer bullets.”

      Brought to you by the same SG Elders that suggested a way to reduce teen pregnancy was to teach teens how to masturbate. (News flash, lady… that’s like teaching them to breathe!)

      • Why not make more honest people and remove the need for self protection? I’m 61. Went to the range today and I was the youngest one there!

  19. Isn’t Ellison our Muslim voice of reason in congress? LOL the religion of peace. I find it highly distasteful agreeing with Maher on ANYTHING. It was also annoying to have to change the channel when NRA news ran this piece TODAY. Oh well, even Satan is right once in a while.

  20. I push this button when I can but . . .

    He’s one of yours RF!

    Seriously, you got to take the good w/ the bad. There are plenty of pro 2A Jews out there but then there is most of Hollywood, most of the eastern seaboard, & large chunks of academia. You got the raid on Entebbe and the Safe Act. Uziel “Uzi” Gal and Dianne Feinstein. It’s a mixed bag but I am glad you are batting on our team!

    • Maher was raised Catholic. You think he’s anti-gun because he has 1/2 Jewish BLOOD in him?

      Last time some morons decided JEWISH BLOOD was the, issue things got pretty shitty.

      Try and stay on the guys jackass politics, and stop blaming his ancestry for his douche-baggery.

      Or climb on Ellison, since HIS PROFESSED “religion” is completely at odds with our Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values.

  21. Again, again and again about this epidemic of gun violence!! I just dont see it in my state or the states that have laxed gun laws. They keep on talking about this gun violence, its only about the gun, gun and oh yea gun. They could give a two s**ts about you or your families safety, becuase the gun violence in american OMG, OMG. Lets face it people they dont want you owning a gun and will say anything to disarm the populist. If they really cared about saving lifes and righing the wrongs in america there are way more opportunities to effect them, then this so call “gun grab” oh I mean “gun control” sorry… I have come to beleive that we may never end this battle over the second amendent there is always going to be some DBag trying to the big d***.

  22. And I live in the state that the pos Ellingson supposedly represents. Luckily we are getting freed from Paymar at election time but that isn’t soon enough for either one of these guys.

  23. Will somebody please tell me where/how to find the gun show loophole. Do I have to go seek out an old man in the forest to learn of this secret lore?

    • At local gun shows I see some people go out the back door for a few minutes, I assume to conduct a transaction out of sight. Private sales don’t need a NICS check. Of course it’s just a guess.

  24. An honest enemy at least has his honor intact. Perhaps it upset how snakelike the democrats have become even to liberals like Maher.

  25. 30 rnd magazines are extensive but who says we cant have em? only the lefties cuz they either cant defend themselves and wanna take that crap out on us or they think its fun and games just like downsizing the military to be “maneuverable and cost efficient” when in the end all it takes is a friggin invasion and then who gonna be saving their sorry asses, sure as hell ain’t me, rather save my battle buddies and their families got more folks worth protecting than them snakes

  26. I was done 30 seconds in. Any man that can sneer, and can’t say the word “freedom” without a spiteful and sarcastic tone is no true countryman of mine. That simple act showed his true colors, and that just doesn’t get it. It is about freedom. Collective punishment of 150+ million people because of the less than 1% of gun owners that commit crimes shows just how anti-freedom this guy really is.

  27. Call me when Ellison goes all “allah akbar” on that ahole Maher, and cuts his head off.

    Otherwise I don’t watch videos of jihadis and their super-ugly, cadillac-communist girlfriends.

  28. Maher said he wishes the demarcates would just stop pussyfooting around with BS gun regulations and pretending they like the 2nd A. He wants Dem to just go after the 2nd A head on…

    I have to agree with Maher on this, I can at least respect an adversary that comes right at me, instead of pretending to be my friend and then stabbing me in the back.

    • lol – wouldn’t that kind of entirely undermine Democrats existence? If they just came right out & stated their end game goal… they wouldn’t win ANY elections!!

    • Yes, that’s one of the very, very few (perhaps only?) things I can agree with Maher about. I’ve said similar to antis and “I support the 2A but” types many times before. If they want this then at go about it honestly.

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