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Lots of movement on the “smart gun” front in recent days. First, he New Jersey legislature sent a bill to the Governor’s desk that would ostensibly repeal the state’s poison pill law that’s been stymying investment and development of so-called smart guns for more than a decade.

As NJ.com reported,

The most high-profile bill (A1016/S101) deals with so-called smart guns, or childproof guns that can only be fired by their designated owners. It passed the state Assembly, 51-23, with 2 abstentions and the state Senate 24-13 at the Statehouse in Trenton.

The measure would repeal a 2002 smart gun law and replace it with one requiring every retailer in New Jersey to offer a personalized handgun model for sale.

When it comes to dictating how firearms retailers and gun owners conduct their business and live their lives, Garden State legislators just can’t help themselves.

In the mean time, two of the Senate’s biggest foes of firearms freedom and the right to keep and bear arms have collaborated on a bill to encourage development of “smart gun” technology. It’s actually a re-introduction of a bill they pushed a year ago that went nowhere. Oh, and they’ve given their opus one of those catchy, acronym-based names that sounds all warm and fuzzy.

From homelandprepnews.com:

The Start Advancing Firearms Enhancements and Technology [SAFETY] Act was introduced by U.S. Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Chris Murphy (D-CT). A companion bill was introduced in House of Representatives by Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT).

Any time the Connecticut congressional delegation gets together to draft legislation regarding firearms, keep and eye on your gun rights. And your wallet.

Looking at the bill’s text, we see that the bill would provide firearms manufacturers with a tax credits for coming up with technology that would,

“(A) to prevent a firearm from being fired by any individual other than an authorized user of the firearm, and

“(B) to convert the firearm from the inoperable condition to the operable condition in less than 2 seconds after the authorized user makes contact with the firearm, the firearm’s arming device, or an external safe or locking device.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn.(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Here’s Senator Murphy’s press release trumpeting this great legislative achievement:

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) this week introduced the Start Advancing Firearms Enhancements and Technology (SAFETY) Act, legislation that would provide tax incentives to small businesses and firearm manufacturers for the development of smart gun technologies. The bill also encourages consumers to buy firearms that utilize new breakthroughs in safety to reduce gun violence. U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) is a co-sponsor of the legislation. U.S. Representative Jim Himes (CT-4) introduced the companion bill in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Smart guns are an innovative way to control who has access to your gun. If I can use my finger or face to unlock my cell phone, then firearm manufacturers can be innovative in using technology to secure guns. We know that safely securing guns will cut down on suicides and accidental deaths, especially among children. I’m going to keep doing everything I can to offer proposals that can help save as many lives as possible,” said Murphy.

“Our bill incentivizes advancements in safe gun technology that will save lives. Safe gun technology has already created locks that prevent accidental shootings and fingerprint scans that disable firearms for anyone but their lawful owners. The firearm industry and responsible gun owners should already be embracing these kinds of innovations. With our bill, small businesses and manufacturers will have even more incentive to harness the power of American innovation and create smarter, safer firearms,” said Blumenthal.

Since his time in the Senate, Murphy has been a vocal critic of our nation’s gun laws. In January, Murphy reintroduced the Background Check Expansion Act to expand federal background checks to the sale or transfer of all firearms by private sellers, with certain reasonable exceptions. Murphy also joined U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) to introduce the Automatic Gun Fire Prevention Act, a bill to close a loophole that allows people to use bump-stocks to turn semi-automatic weapons to automatic weapons, and the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019, a bill to ban the sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. Murphy also co-authored the bipartisan Fix NICS Act with U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas), which improves federal and state reporting of relevant criminal history records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and was signed into law last year.




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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Big Tech, aka,……googlefacebookmicrosoftappleamazonoraclenetflix……. (as often called by Matt Drudge and cited on Drudge Report, on occasion) are actively developing “Smart Gun Technology” in their Government Owned/Controlled Communist Slave Labor Factories in Communist China.

    There’s a reason that Big Tech is lobbying so hard for Gun Bans. These subsidies proposed by the Democrats (Corporate Welfare…I thought “Progressives” opposed that) will be going right to Silicon Valley and Chicomm Factories.

    Fuck that pigshit Maoist, Chris Murphy and his Democrat cohort scumbags.

    • China just murders people they find out have guns they aren’t allowed to have; they don’t need smart weapons.

      The social/media manipulation the big data companies are performing is far more significant than any nonsense smart guns could accomplish.

      • “The social/media manipulation the big data companies are performing is far more significant than any nonsense smart guns could accomplish.”

        Damn straight. And who runs the big data companies like Facebook?

        Leftists. And do you think it’s coincidental that the *massive* FB database could easily be transformed into an American ‘Social Credit’ database and be weaponized against those that “don’t think correct thoughts”?

        Facebook just got caught on video vowing that they will do everything they can to not allow an election result like 2016 from ever happening again :

        “Google exec in Project Veritas sting says only big tech can stop ‘the next Trump situation'”


        • The “Social Credit” issue is also why the people of Hong Kong are in mass protests against the rest of Mainland China. Whistleblowers over in Hong Kong, many of those working with and for Big-Tech have revealed to the Hong Kong public that the Tech Giants have been profiling every individual person.

          It’s all being done in preparation for the Communist Takeover of Hong Kong sometime coming up in the mid-2020’s so that way, that genocidal death-cult communist government can have a “list” of those who need to be “corrected” and “brought to heel”. Hong Kong is the Guinea Pig for us here in the USA and the West.

          It’s the “Progressive” Way, ya know?

        • You can incentivise anything you want but if the consumer public indicates you’ll likely move zero units once the item is in production, my guess is the r&d will be back burnered.

        • “… indicates you’ll likely move zero units once the item is in production, my guess is the r&d will be back burnered.”

          You’re not thinking long game here, Rad. Gun people will refuse to buy them. That *drastically* reduces the growth of additional guns in circulation.

          In one move, they will have crippled the gun industry, since at most they might sell a few hundred thousand instead of the millions a year being sold now.

          And all the while, they can claim they are ‘respecting the second amendment’, since, hey, you can still buy new guns.

          Next time they have the levers of power, smart guns will be rammed down our throats…

    • “(B) to convert the firearm from the inoperable condition to the operable condition in less than 2 seconds after the authorized user makes contact with the firearm…”

      Two seconds? My qualification course’s requirement is to successfully place two shots on target from a (concealed) holster position in less than 1.5 seconds. I actually failed the first time I took the test because I did it in 1.6 seconds. 2 seconds waiting for the gun to simply recognize my fingertip is a joke, even with perfect finger placement. How many of us have grabbed the grip, pulled out of the holster, and readjusted the trigger finger in a split second for better control before firing?

      • Right. If this passes, I need to get some of that free money. A mechanical key and lock can be operated in under 2 seconds. If they want to accelerate smart gun development, they should pass laws that RFQs for Capitol Police and Secret Service firearms require it.

        • Where can I file for a subsidy to develop smart politicians. Maybe ” smart politician ” is an oxymoron.

      • 2 seconds!?

        for a “smart” gun to unlock?

        Hard Pass…that would be not no, but ‘eff NO!’

        • “2 seconds” is often literally longer than a lifetime when a person must exercise their Second Amendment right in self defense. As the old saying, “When seconds count the police are only minutes away.” Now we have “When micro seconds count, your Smart Gun may…or may not….unlock in under two seconds.”

    • Here is another reason that Big Tech/Leftist/Politicians are lobbying so hard for “Smart” Guns, because they will be able to turn them off.

      A back door will be built into the software, plus a way to jam the mechanism will be included. This could take various forms, for example the way the Secret Service “turns off” cell service for a geographical area.

      For a more local area, a UAV type jammer, similar to the one’s used to bring down drones, except this one would be coded to “smart” guns.

    • Surely Facebook/Libtards/Progressive/Socialists would not engineer a backdoor into Smart Gun technology that the government could be use to shut down all guns??? No not at all.

  2. This is what happens when Socialist Democrats are elected to office.

    Republican and Democrat.

  3. You guys realize this is actually progress, right? We’ve gone from NJ tards trying to ban all non-smart guns, to them requiring a token junker to sit in the corner & be ignored. Frankly, compared to the taxes and license fees gun stores pay, this extra one-time 300$ in inventory is less than meaningless.

    Yes, this makes the gun control slightly less obscene, and therefore easier to defend in courts, but acting like this is some huge threat is rather histrionic. This is the anti-gunners realizing the extent of their authority, and essentially punting when it comes to ‘smart guns.’

    Support this stupid measure for now, then when it’s in place, sue the crap out of the Attorney General, who will doubtless have financial ties to the one smart-gun manufacturer whose sales have been mandated, like they always do.

    • “You guys realize this is actually progress, right?”

      Progress? Only if you are a progressive.

      This isn’t a punt, this is head fake. Once there is a smart gun in the wild, the original bill will simply be dusted off and reimplemented.

      Not surprised you fell for the fake considering your tedious circle jerk with vlad in the previous story.

    • Not progress. Once an actual working smart gun hits the stores (it won’t have to work well, or even work all the time. It will just have to work once in a while, like a Democrat) the next step will be to ban sales on all non-smart guns– the California Plan, if you will.

      I’m not OK with even requiring local gun shops to keep just one in inventory, sales subject to market demand. If a local shop chooses to keep one in stock, no foul. But requiring it? Nope, that’s just the start of the slippery slope.

    • First the vendors will have to have “smart guns” for sale. Then there will be a mandatory sales percentage target with severe penalties if the sales are not met. Hint: the result of any number multiplied by zero is still zero.

    • …. Leftist assclown.

      There is zero proof that this is progress. This is nothing more than to. The ramblings of a closeted leftist shitbag. . . And you are buying into it.

      You need a role model

    • …. Leftist assclown.

      There is zero proof that this is progress. This is nothing more than the ramblings of a closeted leftist shitbag. . . And you are buying into it.

      You need a role model

    • The measure would repeal a 2002 smart gun law and replace it with one requiring every retailer in New Jersey to offer a personalized handgun model for sale.

      “Offer” sounds a lot like “be willing to order it if a customer wants one”. Is there anything that obliges a retailer to have any in stock on the premises?

  4. “Smaht” gun’s won’t prevent suicides when they’re used by their authorized users. What a maroon.

    • Thinking they could decrease gun related suicides by having smart guns in the house has to be the stupidest reason I’ve ever heard. How about parents work on raising their children right, instead of relying on electronic technology (smart gun, tablets). For example, use tax dollars to promote parents talking to their kids at the dinner table, “honey, at school today, what was your high, your low, and you buffalo?”

  5. 1. Low lifes and hood rats who leave their loaded gun under the couch for Jr. to find don’t give a rats ass about “smart guns” or laws.

    2. We have extravagant security systems on vehicles now and they still get stolen because any technology can be worked around. This would be no different.

    3. If it became a national requirement for new gun purchases, grandfathered firearms would have to be registered to be legal. I believe this is the actual goal of any future nationwide “smart gun” legislation.

  6. Let ’em develop smart guns so the price can down to about 300 a piece. And many more people can afford them. 4 or 5 each. Except no fingerprint activation. Won’t work in cold weather.

    • Anyone who thinks that guns with this new technology that is being proposed, that the price will decrease from prices “before” , as compared to the “‘after”, when it is adopted; has their head in their ass.

    • I have a 3 week old gun safe that has a fingerprint reader… Configured with 6 fingers, 3 fingers from each hand. It’s not a cheap one either, ~$260.
      The other day I put normal, off the shelf lotion on my hands, then for grins tried the safe.
      I couldn’t get it to work for any finger. And tried each at least 2-3 times.
      Not until I washed my hands with soap and warm water and thoroughly dried them would the safe open.

      This scared the SH$%&* out of me!

      Incorporate ID tech into the gun itself? No (insert many curse words here) way!!!!

  7. Just like they made ” zip guns ” from car antennas in the 1950″s, if they pass this new fucked -up legislation, people will use just the barrels and a makeshift firing mechanism to become the ” zip guns ” of the 21st century.

    This proposed legislation will not solve anything, and will only make personal defense for the honest citizen more difficult.

  8. If you want to put a dent in the crime rate it would be better to use that money to subsidize my gun collection.

    I’ll do my civic duty and take all those nasty guns out of circulation for ya and give them a nice home where they will be cared for, properly fed, taken to a gunsmith as applicable and won’t be used in a crime.

    It will be hard, my cross to bear so to speak, but with a few billion tax dollars, I’ll take one for the team.

  9. One wonders how soon it will be before these folks insist that smart guns have some sort of remote disabling feature installed?

    • The time to the next mass shooting plus five seconds.

      I’ve built in a bit of lag time to get the camera set up and straighten the tie.

    • The watch thingy that comes with it will be wifi connected to Diane Feinstein office computer

  10. Watched too many re-runs of “Field of Dreams”. Build it and they will come, NOT.
    If no one buys it, who will sell it? Make a new law requiring us to buy it?
    Bet the “word of mouth” underground barter system will be the new thing.
    My usual response to stupid pols; FOAD, I will not comply.

  11. Whats the matter TTAG, did I hurt your favorite pols widdle feelingz?
    How about pulling the plug on the dipstick vlad tepes?

    • To the commenters; This (above) is my response to TTAG after my first comment was “moderated”.

    • Lighten up, Francis. WordPress automatically pends comments with certain words or phrases. We then have to approve them manually. Yours has been approved.

      • Again, for my edification, what part was flagged? I will refrain from using whatever it was. And my names not Francis, or Shirly, but I will answer to Hey You.
        Thank you D.Z. daveinwyo.

  12. Sure, sounds great. Get back to me after all police, FBI, ATF and Secret Service are using them for about five years.
    And I’ll still tell you to go pound sand

  13. If the goal here is to make handguns safer, well, the safest place to keep a pistol is in a holster on your person. So, if these Yankee asshats want to increase gun safety, they need to pass a law requiring every handgun owner to do concealed carry.

  14. They want this tech so they can mandate it for all us little people. Don’t expect their private army and guards to have it.

  15. Looks like a good way to copy Solandra solar panels where Obam a lost over a billion dollars.

    • At the time, and maybe now, China had a huge slice of the solar panel market. If a Chinese panel failed after being installed on a roof or ground mout array, it was cheap to replace. Imagine, Smart Guns, claiming to be American Made, but are actually made 49% of Chinese sources electronics.

  16. Because government development money worked so well with Obama’s development grant to Solyndra and the non-existent high speed rail service on the left coast. SMDHID

  17. @ D.Z. Thanks. Have used it before w/out flagging. But will refrain.
    As for “snide”. Stupid politicians of either party do not deserve any respect. When they go back to Constitutional law, maybe I will give them some respect. They work for US and the U.S. not for some, but for all.
    It is also time to use the Logan Act and the Statutes for Sedition. Start with odumbo and his minions kerry and clinton.
    As for “field of dreams”, bad movie by an actor that thinks the cuban castro bros are just cool. Sorry for “shattered dreams”.

  18. They deleted the Section requiring smart guns to have a limited cartridge capacity of seven rounds maximum I guess that requirement wasn’t ready for prime time yet!

    2 Seconds to unlock get you killed. Remember the Remington EtronX rifle refeased in 2000? Had a key lock that turned it on/off, electronic trigger and ignition system. Sales failed miserably and discontinued in 03. Didn’t even have the additional pressure to function as a defense firearm and the majority of consumers wouldn’t buy it!

    Feds can bait technology development all they want but smart guns won’t Sell. Every firearm has the potential to be pressed into defensive use and Mil/LE/Civs don’t want anything to do with smart gun bullshit.

    Its not about providing a smart gun choice if someone wants one. The real reason behind this is to make some type of smart gun technology operationally satisfactory AND then mandate the technology be incorporated in every new firearm by X date, followed by a ban and confiscation of “standard firearms”.

    These asshats aren’t fooling anybody. The engineering school students will play with it for Grant money.

  19. Is Bill a Dempublican or a Republicrat. What ever Bill is get him out of Congress

  20. This is just another ploy to get money to get anti-2A candidates cash…the democrats know how to launder $$, especially ones from connecticut, that once prosperous, job rich, technically advanced manufacturing center on the east coast… but that was a long time ago and the democrats and the unions have spelled financial ruin for the once great state…. blementhal, himes, courtney, delauro, larson, hayes and murphy are the results of progressive voting by the largest cities that drain the suburbs of their hard earned cash

  21. All my guns are “smart”. They don’t fire until the trigger is pulled. Otherwise they just stand there propped up against the wall or in a corner doing nothing.

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