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By Lee Williams

Joe Biden brought his confusing anti-gun rhetoric to Buffalo, Tuesday – a city still grieving the loss of 10 good souls who were cut down Saturday by a hell-bound madman.

Even though most of the victims have yet to be buried, Biden didn’t hesitate to use the solemn occasion as an opportunity to advocate for more gun control, in this case another federal “assault weapon” ban.

“There are certain things we can do,” Biden told the grieving crowd. “We can keep assault weapons off of our streets. We did it before and violence went down.”

Even the FBI has acknowledged that the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that Biden referenced, which was a part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, did little to deter or prevent crime.

Besides, New York already has a stringent “assault weapon” ban, as well as every other anti-gun law Biden has ever called for. They’re codified into state law, yet none of them worked.

Joe Biden
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The mass murderer was not stopped by New York’s SAFE Act, which bans AR-15s and similar weapons. The state’s ban on standard-capacity magazines didn’t stop him, nor did the New York’s mandatory background check requirement or its Red Flag gun-confiscation law.

New York State Police were called to the gunman’s high school last June because he threatened to commit a mass shooting during the school’s graduation ceremonies. He was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital for an evaluation, and was released after a day and a half. However, this did not trigger New York’s red-flag law, which should have stopped him from purchasing a firearm.

Rather than infringing upon the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens, Biden should focus on why yet another mass murderer was “known to law enforcement,” yet no action was taken before he began killing people.


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    • Sleazy Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his Gun Control ilk tripped over each other to use the tragedy in NY to demonize guns and justify Gun Control.

      No matter the circumstances…Any attempt by joe et al to justify Gun Control is impossible when History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is and agenda rooted in racism and genocide.

      Gun Control clearly supplied the unarmed, defenseless victim pool for the seriously misguided deranged teen. A misguided teen who encountered no real resistence until the police arrived with their guns and by then the carnage was over.

      Gun Control wherever it goes or has been throughout history has left nothing but death and destruction for the unarmed, defenseless innocent. What else do you expect from an agenda that history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide?

      Frankly the perp could have stuck 10 people with a silent $2.00 ice pick from Harbor Freight. Violence is Violence. It does not matter what object the criminal misused.

  1. Try enforcing the laws on the books before adding new ones.

    Any time this happens it only points to the incompetency of the government.

    Defend yourself, because no one else is.

      • NY should try to enforce all them gun laws they have.

        This is a textbook case of where maybe a red flag would have worked.

        Yet they never use these laws to prevent any crime.

        The only goal is to disarm

        • After imposition of an involuntary hold for assessment as to whether the individual was a danger to himself or others, and the determination of the psychiatric facility to release him after only a day and a half stands as proof that he was not a danger to himself or others–and that, in and of itself, would have been enough to defeat an application for a red flag order. Moreover, there was not enough evidence to suggest that he should have been involuntarily admitted to a facility for treatment either, and admission that would have resulted in a life time ban.

        • “After imposition of an involuntary hold for assessment as to whether the individual was a danger to himself or others, and the determination of the psychiatric facility to release him after only a day and a half stands as proof that he was not a danger to himself or others”

          Perhaps one might argue that “proof” was not quite the right word, there, as recent events have proven rather definitively that WAS, in fact, “a danger to others”.

          And all the warning signs were very much there.

  2. Around 30 blacks have been killed during the first half of May in Chicago. When is President Teleprompter going to fly into the Windy City to speak out against all the violence there?

  3. It seems these idiot anti-gun radicals don’t know what an “assault rifle” is. And an AR-15 is not an “assault rifle”. Too bad they don’t know the difference.

        • 2020 was adequate proof, if any were needed, that the ballot box is essentially dead, and it’s almost time for the cartridge box.

    • You are right. They have no idea that an “assault rifle” has a select-fire (safe-semiautomatic-fully automatic) function at the turn of a lever. (Hint: These have been highly regulated by the National Firearms act of 1934). An educated person would know and recognize this.

      By the way, going directly from ballots to bullets wouldn’t be my first choice.

      • “the liberties of the American people were dependent upon the Ballot-box, the Jury-box, and the Cartridge-box, that without these no class of people could live and flourish”

        Frederick Douglass

        One of those is under direct assault. What would use before the cartridge box to protect it?

    • Don’t be foolish. They know damn well what an assault rifle is. Which is why they call the weapons they seek to ban “assault weapons,” not assault rifles. An “assault weapon is whatever the enacting statute says it is, a definition that has nothing to do with the military definition of assault rifle.

      • “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” – Goebbels

        So if they lie often enough it becomes the truth. This is the rallying cry of the NAZI party. (Doesn’t that say it all)?

        These people are the 21st-century version of the NAZI party.

        Wake up!

  4. Biden is a despicable, evil bastard. This Country would be better off today had his mother aborted him. His entire record of “public service” has been a long string of graft, corruption, and arrogant wrongheadedness; his life has been a net negative for this Country.

    F him and F anyone who supports him.

  5. joe burden has a lot in common with putin. He knows his .gov is not legit. Never has been. He cannot recruit the best people because they will not serve a dictator, an incompetent one at that. So the only qualification his minions has is their loyalty to him.

    He needs distractions from the shambles he has created. The Argentine junta used the Falklands. Putin uses Ukraine. biden uses gun control.

      • Not at all. Plenty of them tell the truth.

        “I don’t care about crime. I just want to get their guns.” – Howard Metzenbaum

        “We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans.” – Bill Clinton

        “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private forearms is the goal.” – Janet Reno

    • alien,

      “Biden Can’t Manage to Talk”. There, FIFY.

      I am now convinced that he chose “Heels Up” Harris as his VP less because she was a “woman of color” than because she was the only person he could find who babbled meaninglessly even more than he does.

      What’s your “over under” for when the “Biden administration” melts down completely?? After the Dims get curb-stomped in November, Nancy, Chuck, et al. are going to throw those two idiots under the bus. My “over under” is that they try to prop up his senile, incompetent arse until 2024, then primary the hell out of him. IF he manages to survive 2024 primary season, Kamel-Toe will NOT be his VP pick.

      • Lamp, if I tried to make a prediction, the only sure thing is that I’d make a fool of myself doing so.

        Yesterday’s “conspiracy theories” are tomorrow’s headlines.

      • Lamp, I was going to reply that he’ll stick with her because he needs someone who isn’t a threat to his Placeholderness. But then, I realized, most all the dems who are Constitutionally qualified (that is, natural born citizens of age), are pretty much as worthless as she is, so yeah, the field’s pretty wide open.

  6. You guys remember when Trump suggested supporting Red Flag Laws? I didn’t think so. Democrats aren’t going to take your guns or even pass stringent gun control, it’s only Republicans who do that.

    The stringent gun control passed by the Democrats in New York would be effective if not for Red states around it with Republicans who don’t care enough to pass strict gun control.

    So remember this all you white supremacist nazis: gun crime is Republicans’ fault for not taking your guns and don’t worry about what the Democrats are doing, it’s only Republicans who want to take your guns.

    • That’s nice don’t care all restrictions can shove off and democrats are the overwhelming majority pushing them despite the outlier cases you love to highlight.

    • Projection, gaslighting, and being cluelessly smug, all rolled into one. Oy oy.

      It’s always the other guy’s fault for not signing on to the suicide pact of terrible policies.

      The problem isn’t the other guy. The problem is the suicide pact of terrible policies.

    • “Democrats aren’t going to take your guns or even pass stringent gun control, it’s only Republicans who do that.”

      “…gun crime is Republicans’ fault for not taking your guns…”


    • “The stringent gun control passed by the Democrats in New York would be effective if not for Red states around it with Republicans who don’t care enough to pass strict gun control.”

      Provably false.

      Nothing about this incident has anything to do with surrounding states’ laws; everything about this incident is about NY laws.

      The perp explained it in exacting detail in his “manifesto.”

    • Minor MINER49er ROFLMAOBT! We are “surrounded” by Connecticut, Massachusetts. New Jersey, Vermont, and Ohio. Now, which of those “red” (sic) states have loose gun laws? You are suffering for dementia as Biden is? Each of those states are BLUE STATES. Maybe you think Canada is a “red state”. Now wait, Canada is a foreign country. So it can’t be that.
      Get a frickin’ Grip!

    • I’m fairly certain this is supposed to be satire… but I’ve heard more ridiculous stuff on this topic said in absolute seriousness.

  7. Among 2A supporters we regularly see the complaint that “Red Flag” laws are unconstitutional gun confiscation and that all or nearly all gun control laws are an ‘infringement’

    We also regularly see the complaint that gun control laws just don’t work

    And we see the comment that “We don’t need more gun laws, but we need to enforce the ones we already have.”

    BUT ONLY ON TTAG will we find all those rolled together into a single article!

    • Yo, you nailed it right here. 2A supporters are all confused and don’t know what’s going on. They’re a homogenous block where every single one of them wants to enforce and repeal all gun control laws at the same time.

      They just need to understand that government is here to help and when they enact more restrictions that it’ll make us safer.

    • Xuan,

      Well, when you have at least three incontestibly true, quite logical, arguments (actually, there are plenty of others, but let’s go with those three, since you like them so much), why WOULDN’T you use them all??

      Three questions for you, Xuan:

      1. In what way does a “Red Flag” law NOT violate due process?

      2. Gun laws PROVABLY don’t work – the cities/states in the U.S. with the strictest gun laws all have two things in common: Dimocrat governance (usually for DECADES), and high crime rates;

      3. What percentage of false/denied 4473s (a felony) are prosecuted?? What percentage of “prohibited persons” arrested in possession of a firearm are prosecuted??

      Not sure what you THOUGHT your point was, but . . . it was stupid. Try harder.

  8. Reckon the Manchurian candidate was programmed during his stay at the mental hospital? Reckon what the trigger was that let him know that Joe says it’s time?

  9. Lets be clear from past history. You can pass all the gun control legislation you like and criminals will not obey those laws. Furthermore , if they try to make laws regarding things that were legal at the time of purchase that are no longer now, people will simply tell them to take a hike. They go to someone’s house to take their stuff and in many cases there will be blood shed. Its just that simple and if you don’t believe me just wait and see what happens if any of this nonsense turns into laws that are unconstitutional. This is just an excuse to take firearms from law abiding citizens and its not going to work, period. Molon Lobe. Come and take them (at your own risk).

  10. So can anyone actually show us how anything the President or the rest of the disarmament crowd wants will somehow prevent a deranged person or a criminal from finding a weapon or figuring out some method of inflicting harm? If the fools really want to do some good and reduce the body count, perhaps they should concentrate on locking up those who have actually committed violent crimes, or have been threatening to do so.
    Murder has been illegal for a very long time. Strange how that law is ignored by those who commit such crimes. Do the idiots honestly believe another law will somehow make those who rationalize the irrational or feel the need to harm others for the fun of it are suddenly hand in their weapons and sing show tunes around the campfire?

    • But they don’t “really want to do some good,” unless your idea of doing good is making campaign speeches and attacking your political enemies. It was entirely predictable because that’s all they ever do. They just focus on maintaining and gaining power.

  11. CAnnot ban a whole class of firearms….especially one which is in the most common use (Heller – 2008) and is the most popular centerfire rifle, in America – BATFE-2022


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