A customer listens to an employee's explanation as he selects handgun at a gun store in Jerusalem, Israel on October 26, 2023. In Israel, which has been attacked by Hamas, the number of civilian buying guns for self-defense is rapidly increasing.( The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images )
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The Biden administration continues to bludgeon the highly regulated and constitutionally protected firearm industry through any means available. The president kicked off his campaign for the presidency in 2019 by calling lawful firearm manufacturers “the enemy” and he’s still carrying out his plans to decimate the firearm industry no matter what. Even if it means ignoring Congress and doing so through executive edict.

At home in America, President Joe Biden’s “zero-tolerance” policy is being used like a fire blanket to suffocate neighborhood gun stores and industry businesses at a blistering pace, yet apparently regulatory compliance is ignored when applied to the administration’s ATF.

Now, one of the president’s latest gun control charades is making it difficult for one of America’s closest allies to defend itself from terrorists. It’s the latest signal that President Joe Biden and The White House are more interested in placating gun control activists who always want him to “do more,” over the livelihoods of law-abiding Americans and their highly regulated businesses.

Arming Up for Self-Defense

More than 1,400 innocent Israeli men, women and children were murdered as a result of the heinous October 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. As a result, Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir went into overdrive to revamp the country’s previously strict gun control laws to ensure further attacks would be deterred.

Before then, only about two percent of Israel’s population possessed firearms, compared to at least 30 percent in America, and Ben-Gvir moved quickly to ease restrictions and speed up the permitting process. He also ordered the National Security Committee to buy 10,000 rifles to arm civilian security teams, specifically in border towns as well as communities with mixed Jewish-Arab populations and West Bank settlements. More arms were going to be needed if the civilian population was going to strengthen its ability to defend itself.

“We will turn the world upside down so that towns are protected. I have given instructions for massively arming the civilian security teams,” Ben-Gvir said.

However, as more and more Israelis continue taking up arms to defend their homes and communities and while still facing Hamas attacks, Israelis are finding the process of securing arms increasingly difficult. Unsurprisingly, it’s the Biden administration that is making it more difficult.

Delay and Deny

The Biden administration’s announced Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) 90-day “pause” on firearm exports to certain countries was made with little forewarning, no input from industry and with practically no consideration for how it would impact the nearly 400,000 Americans who work in the firearm industry. The frustration was felt immediately last year once the decision was quietly announced and has only mounted since.

“Firearm manufacturers have told me they were given no warning. Also, why were the firearms industry – why were they singled out in this issue?” Rep. Burchett asked Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration within BIS Thea Rozman Kendler at a congressional hearing in December 2023. “These people are in business, ma’am. And if you cut them off… governments can just print more money. These people can’t,” Congressman Burchett said.

Assistant Secretary Kendler admitted the pause is, in fact, having a negative impact on commerce.

“NATO license applications are still being processed. That’s about, frankly, 75 percent by value of our license applications that we continue to process,” she said.

Unwittingly Kendler admitted there was a change in policy that has reduced – by at least 25 percent – the number of commercial firearm export licenses by American firearm industry members. That’s a tremendous dent in the livelihoods of Americans making a living in the firearm industry. Multiple Members of Congress and U.S. Senators have made it clear to the Biden administration: Stop the charade with firearm exports.

After initially being announced as a “90-day pause,” the BIS delay is ongoing. And coupled with other threats coming from the Biden administration, which blocked shipments of critical arms to Israel and has threatened to block even more, it’s not hard to understand why Israel was forced to take a new path.

Going On Their Own

Traditionally, U.S.-made arms made up the largest percentage of arms imported by the State of Israel. But in an announcement, the Israeli Defense Ministry said it could no longer rely on other countries for arms and ammunition imports – ostensibly the United States – and will begin purchasing large quantities of locally-produced arms and ammunition.

“The ministry had ordered around 2,800 Tavor rifles before the outbreak of the war and intends to continue acquiring American-made firearms in the coming months due to an immediate shortage of firearms needed for the upcoming enlistments,” media reported. “The current shortage of firearms and the following tender are related to the security establishment’s intention to increase the number of Israel’s combat soldiers. The move aligns with a broader policy seeking to reduce Israeli dependence on imported weapons and ammunition.”

Leaving America’s closest ally in the Middle East in a precarious situation exactly when the assistance is most critical is a decision the Biden administration came to easily. U.S. Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) warned of the impacts the BIS delay would add to international situations involving our allies.

“And furthermore, just in a broader issue, we are not selling U.S. arms in a vacuum. If we care about human rights… We want them buying from the United States where we do have appropriate oversight,” Rep. Waltz, a former combat decorated U.S. Army Green Beret and National Guard Colonel (Ret.), said in a recent Congressional hearing.

Rep. Waltz knows about warfare, human rights and the ability to remain prepared for dire circumstances. The White House should heed his warning but signs seem to suggest they have turned a blind eye. The immediate difficulty Israel faces in being forced to ramp its own firearm manufacturing is similar to the reasons why the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Missouri should remain fully operational, despite The White House entertaining gun control activist demands to greatly reduce its ability to manufacture large quantities of ammunition for U.S. military needs.

The Biden administration continues to play games with the firearm industry and its ability to supply our allies with U.S.-made arms and ammunition. Regardless of what gun control activists claim, or the administration’s purported goal of ensuring U.S. firearm exports don’t contribute to “gun violence issues that lead to regional instability,” the BIS delay is severely impacting hundreds of thousands of Americans here on our soil and the safety and security of our allies abroad.

—Matt Manda, courtesy NSSF

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    • RE: “The Biden administration continues to bludgeon the highly regulated and constitutionally protected firearm industry through any means available.”

      Any means necessary includes shills on this forum who join hands with democRats to slander and libel POTUS DJT. A Vulture like nikki haley who is banking on corrupt judges removing POTUS DJT so she can swoop in has another thing coming. If she thinks support for DJT will swing her way well that’s NOT HAPPENING EVER birdbrain.

    • You’re asking who benefits from this fraudulent article lying about the export pause?

      Both Israel and Egypt are exempt from the paws on you export licenses, and existing licenses are unaffected.

      So why would the author lie about this?

      Because he’s the husband of a conservative Republican Congress person, and they are both part of the propaganda bullshit network that is today’s Republican Party.

      “Matthew Manda is a communications professional and the husband of Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who was first elected to represent New York’s 21st district during the 2014 midterms when she was 30 years old“

      He is a “communications professional”, he knows he’s bullshitting you people about this export ‘ban’, he is a covert propaganda agent for the multi national military industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about.

        • US arms shipments to both Israel and the Ukraine are not being impeded in anyway, contrary to the propaganda article above.

          If the story is untrue intentionally, in order to manipulate your thoughts and beliefs, then it is propaganda.

          I’m glad I could help you understand that you are being lied to by the Republican authors of this article… as if the facts matter to you.

        • Gawd-dam. You did it again. miner, you should have been a comedian instead of a fascist.

          Is there such a thing as a fascist comedian?

    • Who are Biden’s pals, China kinda stands out in my mind. If Chinese firearms generate more money then the Biden syndicate will prosper as well. Note to miner, a few months ago the U.S. bought patriot missiles from Japan and were delivered to the Ukraine 75 million dollars down the drain.

  1. This causes flow-on delays to customers around the world. I’ve been waiting nearly 2 years on an order for 2000 Sierra projectiles (150g .308) because of supply issues from the US.

  2. They simply don’t care about who they endanger, pleasing their liberal donor base is the only thing that matters to them because it means more power and money.

    • Weird how the the left wing tyrants and left wing murderers and left wing terrorist and left wing anti-gun infliction of harm and death and lies and deceptions and tyranny appears in multiple MSM news sources, almost as if there is an agenda at play there.

      • The Israel and Ukraine garbage is just as bad as the leftist mind rot we have at home. We need to put our own house in order before worrying about corrupt and murderous jews and slavs. I could care less about Israeli right to bear arms when we have an invasion on our southern doorstep and the price of food keeps going up.

        • So you’re okay with Hamas and Putin? What a piece of shit.

          The US is capable of doing more than one thing at a time.

    • “the objective in saturating a media narrative from multiple kinds of outlets (vertically integrated messaging apparatus) is to psychologically prime the target audience to believe there’s a lurking or looming threat out there that will become an emergency later at the right time…” – james lindsay

    • “Almost as if there is an agenda at play here“

      Yep, there is an agenda, the author is the husband of a Republican Congress person, and they are lying to you.

      Joe Biden did not cut off arms exports to Israel. This is just more bullshit propaganda from the conservative Republicans, an attempt to manipulate you in service of their billionaire cult leader Donald Trump’s election effort.

      You might be interested in the actual facts of the situation:


      • most here skipped your comment the first time. no- one accessed your link.
        regardless, export restrictions have been made that reduce u.s. production, wermacht or not.

        • “export restrictions have been made that reduce u.s. production“

          Incorrect, not only does the ban not apply to Israel, but no present export licenses were affected. All the deals, arms shipments and payments are moving just as they did before.

          The only change is a 90 day moratorium on new export licenses, nothing more.

          The article is propaganda, by Elise Stefanik‘s husband in hopes to curry favor from Donald Trump so that he selects her as his VP running mate.

          And so many folks on this forum have been taken in by this shameless Republican propaganda. But that’s not surprising, considering they’ve been taken in by so much shameless Republican propaganda over the past 10 years…

          ‘Jade Helm is REAL!!!’

  3. “Firearm manufacturers have told me they were given no warning. Also, why were the firearms industry – why were they singled out in this issue?” Rep. Burchett asked Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration within BIS Thea Rozman Kendler at a congressional hearing in December 2023. “These people are in business, ma’am. And if you cut them off… governments can just print more money. These people can’t,” Congressman Burchett said.

    The firearm manufacturers WERE given plenty of warning. So were we all. The problem is that such a large portion of this country actually believed Pelosi when she said Trump was responsible for an attempted insurrection that the population of this country accepted the election of Biden. We were all told well in advance what Biden was going to do. Few listened with any level of reason. The firearm industry is NOT being singled out. Biden/Harris along with the Clintons, Obama’s and various other DC leftists are doing everything they can to destroy every resource we have. From energy and the family to the very core level of educating our youth. Everyone knew Biden’s communistic desires. All he needed was to be given the power to do it. Well, he has that now. Every vote that put him into office is responsible for all kinds of death all over the world (including what he’s done here).

    Do what you want. Your free to choose (so far anyway). But don’t even pretend to portray this as some sorta big surprise. This is just one website. One that has been putting out article after article for years about how leftist Democrats have been claiming the gun makers are the enemy. If you don’t know then it’s only because your not listening.

    Remington got split up because of all this. AeroPrecision had to move due to this craziness (why they only moved down the road is confusing). Biden has been trying to take AR15’s just like O’Rourke for decades.

    • Remington split up because they ran themselves into the ground with decades of bad management.
      it’s well know that Remington destroyed themselves.
      if your ignorant of that fact, that’s one you.

  4. “Israeli Defense Ministry said it could no longer rely on other countries for arms and ammunition imports – ostensibly the United States – and will begin purchasing large quantities of locally-produced arms and ammunition“

    So they will “begin purchasing large quantities of local produce arms and ammunition”?

    First, they should’ve been supporting their local workers and industries already, rather than relying on foreign sources.

    There’s not really a shortage, it’s the multinational arms industry complaining about local competition now serving their own people.

    • “There’s not really a shortage, it’s the multinational arms industry complaining about local competition now serving their own people.

      That’s quite the contention — where is your evidence to back it up?

      “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

      • Israel is excluded from the export pause, why are you complicit in the lying bullshit of this article?

        Are you just a paid shill for the multinational merchants of death that President Eisenhower warned us about?

        Regardless of our political differences, I have never seen JWT post false information, or use childish sexual insults as you do.

        Either you are just a dupe of the conspiracy, or you are a paid actor supporting the propaganda in this article.

        “Both Ukraine and Israel are specifically excluded from the export pause. The author is spreading false information“

        That is correct, and the pause is only for new export licenses, current exporters are not affected.


  5. “Now, one of the president’s latest gun control charades is making it difficult for one of America’s closest allies to defend itself from terrorists.”

    That would be particularly rough if it was true, but it’s not. Both Ukraine and Israel are specifically excluded from the export pause. The author is spreading false information.

    • Unfortunately the fascist left’s tactics are bleeding into mainstream America. People begin to think that if miner49er can lie all the time why can’t I?

      • “miner49er can lie all the time“

        This article and my comments are proof that I don’t lie. The article is the lie, and my comments are the truth.

        I posted a link to the actual text showing the limits of the ban on new export licenses.


        The liars are the ones who post their bullshit, with no source or citation.

        My comments include a source or citation to the controlling documents.

        • Yes, usually if the question is conspiracy or incompetence, the answer is incompetence because we’re dealing with humans.

          But the added layer is the fact that the author is Elise Stefanik’s husband, using propaganda lies to attack Joe Biden, just as his wife is courting Donald Trump for a VP slot.

          This is just straight ahead propaganda manipulation, using lies and falsehoods to attack their political opponent.

        • Miner, don’t act like you figured something out here. You clearly fell for it as well and didn’t pick up on it until I pointed out the truth.
          You lie. You’re a liar. It’s all you know how to do.
          Hey remember when you said officer Gerald Goines was a white cop abusing minorities? Remember when, even after you got called out on it, you insisted he was white? Remember when you had to admit that you were just parroting what you were told?
          You should be ashamed of yourself.

        • “You clearly fell for it”

          Well at least you’re making the tacit admission that it was bullshit republican propaganda, I think we’re making progress here.

          “Remember when you had to admit that you were just parroting what you were told?“

          Nope, I said the photo on Internet I saw looked Caucasian, but I was mistaken.


          And that’s all you got, an unintentional mistake.
          Versus the nonstop lies, propaganda and insults that are the standard fare on this forum.

          Got it.

        • No outrage, just confirmation that Republican politicians at the national level are willing to use lies and propaganda in an attempt to achieve power.

          It’s not surprising, Elise Stefanik and her husband learned the technique from their cult leader Donald Trump.

          Fortunately for America, the courts are holding Donald Trump and his Merry band of pranksters accountable under federal law, his former chief of staff mark meadows just got smacked down again by the 11th circuit, good times!

          “When a federal judge denied his effort last year, Meadows appealed to a three-judge panel for the U.S. Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit, which in December affirmed that “the events giving rise to this criminal action were not related to Meadows’s official duties,” so the matter should remain with the state of Georgia. Meadows then requested that the entire 11th Circuit hold a “rehearing” to consider his appeal.

          The 11th Circuit denied that request Wednesday, saying in a very short order: “The Petition for Rehearing En Banc is DENIED, no judge in regular active service on the Court having requested that the Court be polled on rehearing en banc.”

          This decision will set precedent for Donald Trump’s indictment in Georgia.

        • Just remember, miner/goebbels, your side made weaponizing federal agencies against their political enemies normal. Your side better be able to hold power or like your nat-zee brothers in old Germany there will be an accounting.

          Good times, indeed.

        • No I’ve got every single thing you type, because they’re all lies, even your last retort.
          All you know how to do is lie. You can’t even recognize the truth.

        • Jwt, You still haven’t given a specific instance when I lied, mistaking a poor Internet photo is not a lie, just a mistake.

          I cite my sources, and somehow I manage to do it without any same-sex insults…

          More good news!

          “A justice of the NY appellate court just DENIED Trump’s emergency motion to stay the enforcement of the NY Attorney General’s $450 million civil fraud judgment against his assets, then rejected his efforts to put up only $100 million bond“


          Jwm, Donald Trump wouldn’t have 91 felony indictment in four different jurisdictions, not to mention numerous civil suits, if he hadn’t been committing the crimes as the evidence shows.

          And if he’s a billionaire, why hasn’t he posted bond rather than claiming he only has $100 million available?
          Because he’s a liar, and with the financial monitor overseeing his accounts it will be very difficult for Putin and the Saudis to slip in a few hundred million to help out.

        • 91 felony indictments? What about a trial? You and your fascist buddies have already convicted him. What have you sentenced him too?

        • “91 felony indictments? What about a trial?“

          I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how unfamiliar you were with the American jurisprudence system.

          First comes an investigation, then the prosecutor presents the case to a grand jury, if the grand jury voted true Bill the subject is then under indictment and the prosecutor moves forward with criminal charges.
          That’s where the trial comes in, a date is set, jury selected and the prosecutor presents his case, followed by the defense.
          If there is a guilty verdict, the judge will hold a sentencing hearing and then sentence the individual to an appropriate punishment under the law.

          That’s just a rough outline, there are many intermediate steps.

        • You’ve answered my question with your usual bullshit, miner.

          You’ve already convicted the man without a trial.

  6. Israel has its own commercial firearms market and European Nations like Belgium have long been known as the “Merchants of Death” and more than willing to supply both military and civilian arms to the nations that want them. In other words Israel does not depend on the U.S. commercial arms market.

    And I might add Israel gets M16’s from the U.S. Government “for free” using up your tax dollars which could go to paying your medical debts but doesn’t.

    • Another anti-semite fascist heard from.

      dacian, if we eliminated the dole for folks like you we would save enough money for free medical care for productive members of society.

      • “for productive members of society“

        All well and good, but who decides who is ‘productive’.

        Would you be the Kommissar who decides which citizens are ‘useless eaters’ or ‘life unworthy of life’?

        Really looking forward to that aren’t you…

  7. “What I am looking forward to is Nuremberg 2.0“

    You’ll be happy to learn that your wait is over, Nuremberg 2.0 trials are already in progress!

    Here’s the latest:

    Mark Meadows loses latest bid to move Georgia election case to federal court
    A federal judge denied the former Trump chief of staff’s effort last year.
    ByMike Levine
    February 28, 2024, 12:30


    • Nuremberg 2.0, in case you’ve missed the context again, has to do with your sides crimes against humanity in the form of squashing human and civil rights.

      All you’re bringing up is examples of weaponized systems being turned on the people.

      • You must not be familiar with Donald Trump and his co-conspirators’ attempt to disenfranchise millions of American voters, taking one of the most important rights from our citizens.

        • I’m aware of you and your kind trying to take rights away from all Americans. If you refer to millions of voters by meaning the push for voter id, how is that disenfranchise millions of voters?

          How are these millions cashing checks? Receiving any sort of benefits? How are they functioning in a modern society?

          Talk about made up bullshit.

          If you’re referring to Jan 6, also made up bullshit. A .gov turning its power against we the people.

          You’ve chosen your side miner. Loud and clear. When you’re in the dock remember to be proud in front of the tribunal.

        • “how is that disenfranchise millions of voters?“

          Are you being intentionally obtuse or is your memory really that short?

          “Trump asks Supreme Court to invalidate millions of votes in battleground states
          By Ariane de Vogue and Paul LeBlanc, CNN
          Updated 7:18 AM EST, Thu December 10, 2020
          (CNN) President Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court on Wednesday to block millions of votes from four battleground states that voted for President-elect Joe Biden.

          Trump’s request came in a filing with the court asking to intervene in a lawsuit brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking to invalidate millions of votes cast in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.“

          I am constantly amazed at the total ignorance of the world around you folks, are you really not aware that Donald Trump filed official court documents asking that millions of Americans votes be thrown out?

          Really, is it possible you just aren’t aware of what occurs in America?
          Are you unaware of the actions of former President Donald Trump, even after all the reporting over the past 10 years?

          This is beyond hilarious.

        • Pennsylvania constitution requires voting in person unless one has a valid reason for a absentee ballot, when the democrats in pa government allowed everyone to vote by mail they did NOT change the laws on the books or the Pennsylvania constitution.
          that makes all those mail in ballots illegal and a violation of the Pennsylvania constitution.
          as such they should have been disqualified.

          why the election was unverifiable.


  8. This export ban targets arms that would be purchased by civilians, it denies those in Israel proper, and outlying communities in the Galilee, Judea, and Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”) the ability to protect themselves from attacks by the moslem hordes and lone jihadists, it’s a scheme to force Israel to make fatal concessions at the negotiating table but will only resukts in more dead Jews, Druze, Christians and Israeli Arabs and that was the Anti-Semite Democrat’s plan all along.

    • “This export ban targets arms that would be purchased by civilians, it denies those in Israel proper“

      Nope, the Republican author of this article is lying to you. The Biden administration specifically exempted Israel from the ban on new export licenses.

      Really, by this time I would think most people would understand that Republican politicians have difficulty speaking the truth in public.

      It seems republican congressmen are working with Russian intelligence operatives, either intentionally, or more likely, they are acting as useful idiots for Vladimir Putin.

      “Another GOP Biden ‘informant.’ Another indictment and link to Russia.
      It’s been the story of many of those from whom Republicans have sought information
      Analysis by Aaron Blake
      Staff writer
      February 21, 2024 at 7:16 p.m. EST
      In one way, it’s shocking that a key person in the GOP’s efforts to dig up dirt on the Bidens has been indicted and tells prosecutors he has extensive ties to Russian intelligence.
      In another way, it’s altogether familiar.
      Cut through the 2024 election noise. Get The Campaign Moment newsletter.

      This isn’t even the first time we’ve learned that a person has been indicted after the GOP cited his claims. Nor is it the first time a person has been linked to Russian intelligence after the GOP leaned on their version of events.“

      Russian intelligence operatives, like Donald Trump, “love the poorly educated”, especially Republican politicians.

  9. only Russian operatives here is you and dacian.
    you keep saying there is a carve out for Israel and Ukraine, yes for there governments, you keep ignoring the fact its not for civilians and don’t care about the other nations it effects.
    there goes your narrative.


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