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Michigander Gene Kopf’s 14-year-old Abigail was critically injured during a Kalamazoo Uber driver’s shooting spree. At last night’s CNN debate he asked Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and rival Bernie Sanders what they would do to stem “mass shootings.” His daughter’s attacker didn’t have mental health issues and cleared a background check when purchasing his guns. So Mr. Kopf didn’t “want to hear anything about tougher laws for mental health or criminal backgrounds, because that doesn’t work.” A condition that played straight into Hillary Clinton’s anti-Sanders strategy . . .

I also believe, so strongly, Gene, that giving immunity to gunmakers and sellers was a terrible mistake . . . it removed any accountability from the makers and the sellers . . . We should very seriously work to repeal that . . .

Ms. Clinton was referring to the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which prohibits lawsuits against gun manufacturers and sellers when criminals use their products to commit crimes. Clinton pointed out that Senator Sanders voted for the bill in 2005. Sanders tried to set the record straight.

If I understand it, and correct me if I’m wrong, if you go to a gun store and you legally purchase a gun, and then three days later you go out and start killing people, is the point of this lawsuit to hold the gun shop owner or the manufacturer of that gun liable?

If that is the point, I have to tell you I disagree. I disagree because you hold people in terms of this liability thing where you hold manufacturer’s liable is if they understand that they are selling guns in an area getting into the hands of criminals, of course they should be held liable. If they are selling a product and the person who buys it legally, what you are really talking about is ending gun manufacturing in America. That’s the implications of that, and I don’t agree with that . . .

[Additional interchange]

But if that is the case, then essentially your position is there should not be any guns in America. Period. Can I finish please? Alright? And you can . . . there are people who hold that view. And that’s fine if you hold it. I think what you do is that you hold those people who have used the gun accountable to try to make guns as safe as possible.

Ms. Clinton responded with a description of Sandy Hook and added . . .

You talk about corporate greed, the gun manufacturers sell guns to make as much money as they can make.

Senator’s Sanders defense of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act drew no applause from the audience. Ms. Clinton’s accusation that gun makers were motivated by unbridled greed raised an enormous cheer.

After the debate, Mr. Kopf offered the above analysis of the candidates’ response to his question. He believes that preventing Americans from keeping and bearing arms is the ultimate solution to “gun violence.” “Right now we have a cowboy attitude. The Wild West,” Mr. Kopf opined. “If people want something for self-defense, I recommend a TASER.”

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  1. Methinks Billery is going to try and beat Obuma for TTAG’s “Gun Salesman of the Year” award. I’ve been thinning out my herd as of late, maybe that was a mistake? Crap. Damm these crooks. Leave my damm guns alone!

    • Yeah, that was a mistake. Everyone who can afford it needs to buy at least one more AR soon, before they spike in price again. Maybe make a little cash on the side when it the panic buying sets in.

      • Wouldn’t that be “manufacturing” without a license (i.e., building and selling). Or is that just “assembly”? It’s not always clear to me.

        • Assembling an AR from an 80% lower is “manufacturing” if the intent is to build for resale. Occasional sales are legal, as long as the lower is serialized prior to sale. I don’t know if there is a specific number for “occasional sales”, but too many and you will get in trouble if you do not have an FFL. Buying stripped lowers (with a background check) and assembling a rifle is not manufacturing per se, but again, if you intend to build for resale, you will have crossed the line. And selling too many of them will also get you in trouble without an FFL.

        • Not ! Would buying a second Ford mustang to possibly sell if Ford discontinued building them equal manufacturing an automobile? I DON”T THINNNNNNNK SO!

    • And if you live in California, buy now before they are banned at the beginning of next year (assuming, which is likely, that the ban bills will easily pass through the Legislature, leaving the question as to whether Brown will sign or veto. Prices will shoot up overnight if he signs, which will be some time in late September, as I recall).

      • Being legally forced to configure an AR-15 into an Obamanation of a firearm just to comply with arbitrary laws is one thing, with the political circle jhurk of Newsom and Harris moving on up to new positions soon is going to make the possibility of owning ANY semi-auto firearms legally here in California more precarious than balancing a semi truck on your nose.

        The fact that I am forced to comply with laws written by people who actively hate me, hate my world view, hate my right to bear arms, etc.. and are daily reducing my ability to exercise those rights is toxic. If Shrillery wins I fear continuing my higher education here in Cali, and will probably be forced to move before the Newsom laws come into effect; as misery loves company, asshats like DeLeon will have a partner in crime in Newsom when he is crowned in the coming years. Pray for me brothers.

  2. I am sorry for your loss Mr. Kopf but it is not the job of the POTUS to attempt to legislate away everything that could potentially kill someone. People die in preventable ways every day in a nation that cherishes liberty but that is the price for said liberty.

    • Yes, this. As I said elsewhere, the Constitution exists to delineate the proper sphere of government action and to protect individual liberties against an overreaching central government. It, and the central government, do not exist to eliminate all danger from public life.

      • And the SCOTUS, which will be salted with uber-liberal justices for the next 30-40 years if either of these socialists becomes POTUS, will be used to water down the interpretation of the Constitution and the protections under the Bill of Rights without resort to the Article V amendment process.

    • Hussar and Robert: I agree with you. Unfortunately, there are many who don’t. They think government should turn the world into a padded cell and force everyone to live in it whether they want to or not. Following are two examples that, fortunately, were blocked:

      To lower health insurance costs, a town briefly proposed excluding coverage for injuries sustained in certain “dangerous” recreational activities. One such was horseback riding. The town was located in western Nebraska which is cowboy country.

      Twenty or so years ago, there was a trial balloon from OSHA about extending its authority to the homes of employees whose employers let them work from home. If the home didn’t meet OSHA’s standards for the employer’s own property, the employer would be penalized.

    • what about all the people hurt or killed in auto accidents, whether by drunk driving of other causes. How long before the POTUS comes for my Mustang or my Chevy?………………
      Does that also mean that car dealers and/ or manufacturers, will or should be liable for what a driver does ?

      • Might as well include the alcohol manufacturers in that as well. They sold the drink that got the driver drunk and unable to control his vehicle.

        Hell, lets hold anyone who manufactures a knife responsible for what happens with that knife, or pharmaceutical manufacturers for the negative effects of the drugs, and so on…

        • And anyone who breathes should be held accountable for the CO2 they provide to Coca and Opium Poppy plants.

  3. Hey Mr. Kopf.

    If a taser is adequate for self-defense, then you won’t mind arming the police protecting you and your community with nothing more than that, right?

    After all, look at the number of mass shooters stopped by someone armed with a taser.

    Oops. That number is zero.

  4. Obviously Mr.Kopf has never seen the videos of various enraged criminals shrugging off Tasers and pepper spray to kick someones ass. His advice is worth what I paid for it, zero value.

  5. It is amazing when a self-avowed Socialist understands more about how liability lawsuits will negatively effect a company, than a self-avowed Corporatist does.

    Side note: I hope none of the Autocrats win this election.

  6. I’ll give him props, for being willing to take a position unpopular with his audience and base.

    It doesn’t mean I’d trust him with the executive bill-signing pen, or the veto pen, or the Red button, or command of the military and DOJ.

    • Sooo… you want trump? Seriously? Cruz would be ok but he doesn’t have a snowballs chance in south texas.

      • South Texas does not have quite the pull in Texas people always claim it to have. Hence, why Texas has gone Red, on the whole, for quite awhile, now.

        Don’t like Cruz for ever reason, but at least, have the reason be something that seems relatively consequential to the grand picture.

        • Yep. Got it.

          I put a pause in there, which changed the meaning. Probably due to having a conversation with someone about something similar to this topic…

          My fault – apologies.

  7. “If people want something for self-defense, I recommend a TASER.”

    Until they ban them, like up here in Canada. Oops, I mean ban them for ordinary people. Well, you could use some pepper spray for self-defense. Nope, banned that too (Bear/dog spray is still allowed because they can’t quite go that far just yet).

    The slippery slope isn’t a fallacy.

    • That’s funny; last time I went to BC I had forgotten to take the pepper spray of my wife’s keychain. They asked if we had any weapons (and listed of some) and I said, oh, I forgot, her keychain has some pepper spray. Thier response was “it isn’t bear spray or anything like that, right?” (The way he said it sounded like he desperately wanted me to say that it wasn’t.) He let us take it on through since it was just a little personal defense weak-sauce pepper spray.

      • That’s funny cuz it’s the opposite. Pepper sprays designed for use against humans are illegal but not animal ones. I’m surprised he didn’t just confiscate it and not make a big deal cuz this kind of thing (Americans bringing illegal stuff into Canada by accident) happens all the time.

  8. If through the years evolution has created these weak minded people, what will they be like in one hundred years from now?

      • Nah, look at historical cycles. In 100 years, misguided fools like this wont exist at all. He will have been killed by the very government that he so adores, because after guns were gone, they come after sodas, then lawnmowers, etc. etc. Along with millions and millions of others. Then that government collapses because neither socialism nor dictatorships work in the long term and freedom reigns again as everyone is forced to depend on themselves. Until life gets a bit too comfy. Then folks like him, who never have to worry about where his next meal comes from, isn’t spending his day scrounging for medicine for his sick family, doesn’t worry about being killed by zealots or civil war, or deal with anything except what flavor latte to buy today, come back in the cycle.

        People like this come from a society where they are never, ever forced to rely on themselves for anything. When you don’t have anything that actually matters to worry about, then your fooled into thinking that everything you worry about matters. It sounds cruel, but I like to ask people like Mr. Kopf if he would be reacting this way if someone had driven a semi into the school, stole a plane and crashed it, chopped up these poor kids with a sword, or even just jumped out of a bush with a nail-filled 2X4 and killed his child. I have never gotten an answer to that question, but I have gotten insulted for asking it.

        • “When you don’t have anything that actually matters to worry about, then your fooled into thinking that everything you worry about matters.”

          Truer words never spoken, just look at NYC. It wasn’t long ago that legal gun ownership there was almost as easy as anywhere else in the country. Real dangers existed, and that produced some tough-as-nails people; people who broke out the tool box or the 12 gauge depending on the problem at home. Those people have since moved away or died of old age, the laws changed with the shifting human landscape, and what we’re left with is a mass of dependent weaklings from 60’s hippies to today’s SJW crowd. The fact that people willingly subject themselves to the absence of liberty and cripplingly high cost of living in a blue-state urban mecca, all because they want to be immersed in “cultural diversity” and “feel safe,” says a lot.

        • As a resident, I can say that’s a completely ill-informed view of New York City. It’s also a very narrow definition of Liberty.

          What New York City has to offer is far beyond “cultural diversity.” There’s more good stuff here than any part of not just the U.S., but the entire planet, and what is here is usually better.

          Is it perfect? Of course not. Absurd weapon control laws make that clear. If you can look beyond that issue, I feel more freedom here than when I lived in the Deep South.

          Don’t be fooled by how the MSM portrays NYC. Outside of 2A issues, Liberty here is real and valued by most people.

  9. When people clap for Hillarys statements in reminded of

    “so this is how freedom dies: with thunderous applause.”

  10. I’m not a Sanders fan, but will give credit where credit is due, the Bern was standing up for gun rights in his assertions. Of course, I also noticed, he was not getting a lot of claps and cheers for that position.

    I know several pro-gun liberals who like the Bern, none of the Clinton supports I know are pro-gun. Well, at least for us common folks, anyways.

    I would like Bernie much better if he would just stop this Santa Bernie nonsense of “I’m going to give everything to everyone for “free.”

    College is not a human right. Food –I can agree. Water – I can agree. Air – I can agree. High school level education – I can agree. BA/BA – negative.

    If everyone has a bachelors, it will just be the new 13th –16th grade level, and the current HS diploma equivalent Oh, you have a BS from [insert State School] – yeah, you and every other swinging d*ck who applied. Now, get on the fryer.

    • +1 Yep. This would also feed the “entitlement” feeling that all 20 something’s already have. They want what their parents have without all the F*ing work it took to get it.

      • Make that most 20 somethings and I’ll agree. The only entitlement I feel is to have the same chance of success that they did.

        • Equality of opportunity, not equality of result. If everyone lived by that, the world would be a much better place.

          Not to mention, I believe, the current state of .gov backed student loans is what has been helping fuel the insane increase in education cost.

          Before, with student loans, since there was no collateral, loans were not given out to any person who wanted it. Once the .gov stepped up to be the strong-arm for the bank. Then it became easier for people to get loans, so more people to go college. Supply and demand, more people want something, but infrastructure needs time to grow. More people, less schools – cost increases.

          And now we “need” .gov to fix the problem they help create by taking over the colleg tuition system…

          Surprise, surprise.

      • I work in the Industrial Electrical Industry, and did you know, most Journeyman Electricians or Field Technicians make more money than most Degrees EE’s working on the same piece of equipment.

        And, as more young people come out of school not wanting to work hard labor or outside on crappy weather, the disparity is getting greater and greater. I know damn good field guys who make six figures, easily. I don’t know a single EE who makes that much.

        • Dear kids, (aka people my age) I’m 28 years old and have had a 6 figure salary for 5 years. An 18 month technical program combined with ojt while completing an apprenticeship is making me a hell of a lot richer than a 4 year (crippling debt causing) degree in any liberal arts field. if you choose college, choose your classes wisely. if you don’t choose college, learn how to do something and learn it well. skilled trade is on the decline in this country. learn one and you will be employed forever. this is truth.

        • Agreed. I’m a 25 year old 5 year electrical employee at a paper mill who worked hard and learned everything I could from my apprentice program, and I’m making top pay already. And it’s because they are willing to pay through the nose for good skilled tradesmen. We have an amazing apprentice program that completely pays for your electrical degree and license and we can’t even fill all of our spots because of no applicants. And yet all I hear from people my age is there are no jobs out there.

        • Isn’t that more due to unions on the one side than to a disinclination to work from the younger ee?

        • Nope. Plenty of non-union workers where I live.

          In fact, I know lots of non-union guys who make way more than union guys, because pay is based on value to the company.

          But, then again, I don’t live up north where the unions have a strangle hold.

        • Sorry, but as a career EE, the vast majority of people I work with make over $100,000 by mid-career, and that’s in a relatively low cost-of-living region of the US. Yes, you can make a good deal of money as a tradesman (whom I applaud and respect), but degreed electrical engineers have much better earning potential, benefits, etc. If you don’t believe me, please look at any of the several industry salary surveys.

    • If not for “Santa” American Marxist/demtards couldn’t get elected.

      Crazy Bernie says “only Fudds get guns” “but no bullets”

        • +1. I am from the NY/NJ area. Donald Trump was a household name here long before this election or his silly TV show. The man is a typical Manhattan elitist, which is nothing more than lightly veiled statism. I’ll admit it’s wicked fun to watch a candidate absolutely slay the sickening culture of political correctness for once, but that’s all it is, entertainment. I gave up trusting the words of politicians a long time ago. What amuses me most is the fact that Trump, Hillary, and Bernie all think they can radically alter something as broad as the tax structure with a waive of the hand like some tin pot dictator. Such blatant contempt for our constitutional system of checks and balances is what frightens me most, and has all through Obama’s 2nd term with his Executive Order tempter tantrums.

  11. You get one shot with a taser against a group. Don’t think so. I’ll stick with my 45 thank you very much.

    • It’s precisely because he’s a dedicated “socialist”. Guns are not an economic issue, and they’re not a social equality issue.

  12. While I’m no fan of Bernie… That woman truly frightens me. The things she says… It sounds like she is trying to be elected dictator. Not president.

  13. “Ms. Clinton’s accusation that gun makers were motivated by unbridled greed raised an enormous cheer.”

    This is what we should be worried about. Greed is good, there is nothing wrong with wanting to make a legal honest profit. These socialists are doing their best to pit the have-nots against the haves for their own form of greed – that of power. Clinton, Sanders, the whole of the socialist statist party really doesn’t need to care about money when they have power – it’s the exact same greed. And yet the clapping seals cheer and cheer! Take from the rich! Take take take (with guns I would add).

    And none of them make this connection in the slightest.

  14. “You talk about corporate greed, the gun manufacturers sell guns to make as much money as they can make.”

    Every business sells as much of their product as they can to make money. Otherwise whats the use of having the business the begin with? What a dumbass thing to say. Hillary Clinton is as much of a moron as they come. This comment oozes pure stupidity.

    • Hillary and Bill charge a small fortune for the “privilege” of listening to them spout their BS. Her complaining about “greedy” businesses is over-the-top hypocrisy.

    • Hillary says she’s against corporate greed. So what about the millions of dollars she gets in “donations” and “speaking fees” from corporations? Oh I get it. She only hates those corporations which don’t give her bribe money.

    • Definitely not a moron; she knows full well what will sell to the crowd, and if demonizing the gun industry and its “greed” get cheers (and votes) she will say it. She is, after all, a politician. Obviously her position was wildly popular.

  15. From what I have heard the gunman in this case was suffering from mental health issues, according to his family. I think that is where the problem lies. There is not enough access to mental health, there is not enough education for early warning signs, and there is not enough push to let people know it is fine to seek help.

    I have wrote to couple of the gun blogs but I haven’t seen it gain much traction. I would be all for asking the gun, ammo, and the NRA to look into ways to help fund programs mental health programs. We can sit back all we want and say that is someone else’s responsibility but we are going to be the ones that lose in the end. As a gun community we don’t sit back and wait for the government to help if our lives are in danger why are we waiting for the government to take the lead on mental health, when it just gives them another reason to disarm us anyways? They don’t want to fix it!!

    • The mentally ill represent a statistically insignificant problem in terms of violent crime.

      The people who don’t want to fix the real crime problem – gang violence in the inner cities – are the Democrats. They could run a dragnet through the city of Chicago, round up a few thousand known gang thugs and reduce the murder rate in Chicago (or in any other Democrat-run hellhole) by 90% – TONIGHT!

      They choose not to because the way things are suits them just fine.

      Don’t doubt me.

      • I don’t doubt or disagree with you at all. But in regards, to the topic at the top, they spoke of the Michigan mass shooting, Newton school shooting, you can also add in the navy yard shooting, Virginia Tech, and yes even Columbine. These mass shooting, the kind the media covers for weeks at a time, in all of these cases there has been early warning signs that have been missed, same goes for suicide which makes up over half of all gun deaths reported. Just like years ago people missed early warning signs of heart attacks and heart attacks in women. The public needs more education on what to look for. The government isn’t going to do it. Every time there is a mass shooting it takes the focus off of what they are really doing and if the official is antigun it feeds right into what they want to do anyway. The public doesn’t demand action when a gang member gets shot but it does when kids in school do.

        Like I said I don’t disagree with you, at all, but the NRA, gun, and ammo companies can’t run a dragnet through the inner city but they could do something small like donate $0.005 of each bullet bought to pro gun mental health causes like adversting the warning signs or the clinics in each area that people could go. Hell, I think they should even do it when the DHS buys 1.6 billion rounds. It could take a couple of these mass shootings off the air. Then when these two blowhards are going at it the American people will realize that the gun community is doing more to try to help then they are.

        • Mass shootings by mental ill folk are a drop in the bucket compared to black gang drug violence by teeny boppers. The gun charges are dismissed in plea bargains. Inner city judicial systems are a revolving door.

  16. Oops, the goverment is surpose to take care of everything. When you take all the guns from people then if you are president you wound not need the service of the securty force every tax payer pays for. When you leave the post then you don’t need them either. Why not be like everybody else.

  17. (D)umb. And if just 3% of the gun owners told the Socialists to go pound sand, then what?

    The entire U.S. Armed forces would be outnumbered 2 to 1. That’s what.

    And that doesn’t even count the 90% of “assault weapons” owners in the glorious socialist Utopias of NY, MA and CT who already did not register their weapons.

    So good luck with that.

  18. And I recommend he fuck off.

    Once you try to take my natural rights away I stop feeling sorry for you.

    We can’t stop drugs or PEOPLE from getting into the country and we will not stop guns.

  19. thats like blaming car manufactures for dui or blaming gas companys for providing the gas in the car that killed some one and the fuel companys getting rich from it
    you cant blame the manufacture what the hell is wrong with these clowns

    • We really need to go after the key makers! If it wasn’t for the keys none of these killers would have been able to start their cars to get to their personal killing fields.

      End the Key Lobby! They aren’t in it for anything other than the love of money!

  20. I, for one, sincerely hope these type people bring down on themselves the very same fatal catastrophe the wish on the whole of the public: death at the hands of an assailant. Actually, death would be too kind, better they suffer interminable pain and suffering. Such sentiments might seem harsh, cruel and un-caring, but….what they intend is that because they are such special snowflakes, nothing like a deadly assault will afflict them. The rest of us ? They don’t really care about that because it would not affect the special snowflakes. Oh, and what if one of those special snowflakes actually was assaulted and injured/killed? Well…maybe that special snowflake wasn’t so special after all.

  21. Yikes! The enemy of my enemy…didja’ see where Bernie delegates say they won’t vote for the hildebeast? Sound familiar Trump bashers? I’m a Ted Cruz guy(the ONLY pol I’ve ever sent $ to) but any Repub is better than the beast. IT must be stopped…and props to old Bernie. If it wasn’t for the commie thing he would almost be a libertarian.

    • I’m with you, well not on Bernie almost being a libertarian, but one wanting Cruz, settling for Trump, anyone but Hilldog. I still haven’t understood the progun hatered for Trump, because he supported the AWB at one time? Hell, over half the people I shoot with are new shooters who USED to support it too but now vote progun. Should I tell them to sit this election out for something they used to believe before converting?

    • “If it wasn’t for the commie thing he would almost be a libertarian.”

      No, no, no, Democratic Socialist.

      Apparently, the idea is that as long all economic and political polices are instituted “Democratically”, there is no way for it to devolve into the same Marxism/Leninism ideology of total social ownership. Or something like that.

  22. Worse case scenario is Hillary gets elected and puts at least one liberal anti 2nd Amendment justice on SCOTUS. When they subsequently rule that the 2nd does not guarantee an individual right to possess firearms, a law will be passed requiring them to be turned into the government. Some will comply, but many won’t and blood will flow. Who wins this fight will be determined by whether or not the military and police will fire on citizens. I tend to think that they will not, based on many people I know serving in both capacities. Either way it will be ugly for a while, and if they do decide to fire on the citizens it will be the end of the Republic. That’s basically all that’s at stake in this election.

    • Thats what worries me most, when the law shows up at your door, even though they dont really want to do it but they are worried about their jobs and benefits and a citizen fires the first shot. At that point they have no choice but to return fire and the war begins. Its a lose lose for both sides without a lot of options on either. I am not worried about most sheriffs departments but the local yocals and the .gov are where the problem lies. I guess we would find out how well the training works and whether they follow orders no matter what.

  23. The outlook of Mr. Kopf and all progressives can be summed as:

    “I am unhappy. Do something to make me feel better.”

    This is what’s poisoning America. Not guns.

  24. I was unaware the 2A was up for renewal or approval by the next president. Which other inalienable rights are on the block?

  25. No point talking to or about Mr. Kopf.

    Kool Aid is much more dangerous and more difficult to de-tox than any other drug.

    The softer the brain the more they absorb.

  26. I like it that democrat Hilary is being honest. Scary to see how many millions will vote for her.

  27. Gun makers are only making guns to to make as much money as they can. But poor Hillary only did speeches for $600K because that’s what they offered.

    • The HildeBeast’s speaking fee *per speech* is higher than the average corporate CEO’s *yearly* salary.

      Not bad for few hour’s work…

  28. Tasers are banned here (in the USVI). Guns are strictly controlled. We have the highest murder rate per capita.
    When the violence doesn’t stop the politicians just refocus their outrage on whatever is still legal.

  29. Funny how she says gun companies are just trying to make as much money as they can…. Well of course they are, this is capitalism. Unless they are breaking laws then why should they be accountable.for crimes someone else commits.

    If Hillary is so upset about the corporate greed of gun makers, what is she suggesting? Sell the guns for cheaper and decrease profit margins?

    Please won’t one of the major gun manufacturers please take her up and prove its not just greed by selling thousand upon thousands of guns at fire sale prices.

  30. “Ms. Clinton’s accusation that gun makers were motivated by unbridled greed raised an enormous cheer.”

    DON”T forget the room is Stacked!!! Not just Democrat but probably towards Hildebeast!

  31. Ok guys, this is all wrong. By this time next year we just all be pushing for the following to be made law.

    Hold knife makers, automobile companies, cast iron skillet, he’ll even companies that make garbage bags and duct tape responsible when their items are used to commit crimes.

    And yes I know this is happening cause I read it on the World Wide Web.

    Joking aside this is a crock of horse manure and the American people have became so complacent.

  32. But if that is the case, then essentially your position is there should not be any guns in America. Period.
    What can I say?

  33. I encourage everyone to read the Clinton archives – office of the secretary from 1999:

    A complete gun control victory without legislation.

    The use of lawsuits to basically perform extortion on the gun industry to force gun manufacturers to sign legal agreements in order for the Democratic Party to seize control over the gun industry.

    The protection of lawful commerce in arms act (which Bernie voted for) effectively ended this type of political corruption intended to monetarily strangulate lawful members of the gun industry to succumb to this extortion.

  34. I don’t support either candidate, but if Sanders had been this aggressive from the start we wouldn’t be looking at (at least) 4 years of Hillary Hell.


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