Beretta APX A1 9mm Pistol
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Last week I was in Nashville for Beretta’s launch of their updated APX pistol. Beretta has built a lot of improvements into the new APX A1 over the original APX which Beretta will tell you about in the press release below.

I own and am a fan of the the original APX and was able to put a lot of rounds through the new gun. We have one on its way for a complete going over. Short version: The new APX A1 is a top notch 9mm pistol that competes with or beats everything else currently on the market. Full review coming soon.

Beretta is pleased to announce the launch of a new family of semi-automatic pistols – the APX A1 – the next evolution of striker-fired pistols made by the longest-standing name in firearms. Built on the heritage of the original APX platform that passed MHS testing for the US Army, the APX A1 delivers a crisp, class-dominating trigger, improved ergonomics, aggressive slide serrations, and MRDS Optics cuts right out of the box.

Beretta APX A1 9mm Pistol

The ultimate convergence of form, function, and fortitude, the Beretta APX A1 takes the proven ergonomics, reliability, and accuracy of the APX family and delivers a superior firing solution – from the casual shooter to the most demanding professionals in the world.

“Building on Beretta’s knowledge and history of performance, the APX A1 offers the most competitive feature set available today on the market,” Nicola Lorenzi, Pistol Product Manager, said. “The APX A1 takes the proven ergonomics and reliability of the APX family to the next level with integrated features derived from feedback from military, law enforcement, and tactical shooters. It aims for the highest levels in performance, safety, and quality to operate for any shooter in the field.”

Beretta APX A1 9mm Pistol

Main Features:

·Best-In-Class Trigger
·Serrated Combat Trigger Guard
·Tritium Front Sight w/ White Outline
·Red Dot Optic-Ready Slide
·Aggressive Slide Serrations
·Extended Beaver Tail
·Ambidextrous Slide Release
·Reversible Mag Release (left or right)
·Straight Grip Profile
·Multiple Backstrap Sizes Included in the Box

A crisp, class-dominating trigger features a light pull, clean break, and a short reset for fast target engagements.

The red dot optic-ready slide lets you easily install a wide range of optics to your training or home defense setup for quicker target acquisition when it matters most.

Aggressive slide serrations let you rack, and press check even in extreme conditions. The Aquatech Shield coating improves corrosion and chemical resistance, while the black serrated rear sight and tritium front sight gives the perfect sight picture in any lighting conditions.

Beretta APX A1 9mm Pistol

Ambidextrous controls are configurable for right or left-handed shooters, with both the slide and mag release able to be easily set up depending on the shooter’s needs. The 360-degree extended textures are right where your hands use the greatest amount of pressure, and enhanced texturing gives you a more consistent grip every time.

The new APX A1 features improved ergonomics including a higher undercut trigger guard, an enhanced beaver tail, and modular grip panels for the length of pull and palm-swell customization. All these features help maximize surface contact and achieve a higher-tang grip for a more natural shooting position and better recoil control.

Beretta APX A1 9mm Pistol

The modular frame comes with three interchangeable backstraps so it can contour to the hands of any shooter in minutes for a better feel, and greater recoil management.

The Beretta APX A1 is supplied with:

·One (1) Pistol Case
·Two (2) Magazines
·Three (3) Interchangeable Backstraps
·One (1) Magazine Loader
·One (1) Cleaning Rod & Brush
·One (1) Handgun Cable-Lock
·User and maintenance manual available digitally

The Beretta APX A1 Full Size is now available for purchase in 10, 15, and 17-round magazine capacities and retails for an MSRP of $529. The new APX A1 will be debuted at the upcoming 2022 NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, TX on May 27-29, 2022.

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  1. The original APX is already going for very affordable prices (I’ve seen them new as low as under $400), I wonder if the new model will drive the price down further?

  2. BTW, speaking of affordable – I need some advice/suggestions. I’m looking at picking up my first pistol in .45 ACP. Mostly for the range, but might carry once in a while, too. I’ve narrowed it down to two used guns at my LGS, both going for around $400:

    First one is a RIA 1911A1 full size with 4 mags. Other one is a Kahr P45 with 3 mags. I’m leaning towards the Kahr, but it *would* be nice to finally add a 1911 to the collection. Thoughts?

      • Agreed, go with the RIA.

        Likely offers far more options on upgrades down the road, if so desired…

      • No doubt the RIA will be a nicer gun, it will feel like dropping a boat anchor in your pants for carry. The Kahr is going to be much lighter for carry but all things considered I think the RIA going to be more fun at the range. I don’t know if you have felt Kahr triggers before but they are double action only. Smooth but looong heavier pull. No body wants a Kahr, it’s like a bare bones Glock, I wouldn’t mind getting a few myself but typically they are priced more expensive than many other better polymer framed options. If you went with the Kahr you will wish you had got the 1911.

        • “it will feel like dropping a boat anchor in your pants for carry”

          It’s a comforting weight, 110+ years of unequaled history weight… 🙂

    • Just me. If I was going to re-enter the .45 acp world it would be a Glock 21 SF. I got some ammo but no gun. I’m kinda holding off any more purchases until I move out of CA.

      • And there is the lame glock boi.

        Four different posters above all offering interesting, and relevant to the question, commentary.

        Until… you.

  3. I hope the sell a version of the frame (or maybe aftermarket) that covers those windows for “resd the manual” and “fires without magazine.” I know it makes sense for Beretta to include, but that would be nice to just fill those in, and would be a quick swap.

  4. I ran out of matches one time and tried to light my cigarette with the muzzle flash of a .44. The guy with me said it wouldn’t work, it blew the cigarette to pieces and made my fingers sting.

    • “The guy with me said it wouldn’t work, it blew the cigarette to pieces and made my fingers sting.”

      Kinda like taking a dare as a kid to hold a lit Black Cat firecracker on the flat of your palm on the Fourth of July.

      You only do that *once*.

      But I still *love* the smell of freshly-expended fireworks to this day… 🙂

    • Light it from the cylinder gap next time. 🙂

      Or do a few mag dumps then touch it to the barrel.

    • Silly possum. You light your friend’s match with the first shot, then he lights his cigarette with the match, then you shoot the ember off the cigarette with your second shot. Then you return to the bar for the third shot. You missed a couple steps. At least that’s how I heard it…

      • But that only works if you fast draw while wearing a blindfold – at least that’s how the guy dressed up in sparkly clothes did it at the circus 😆

  5. I was just saying the other day – “Man, when are we going to finally have another striker-fired choice in a handgun?”

      • “Man, when are we going to finally have another striker-fired choice in a handgun?”

        Your glibness notwithstanding, that’s where you are wrong. This is not “another”, rather it is an evolution or 2.0 of the current APX.

        Besides why would you decry another choice, especially when a storied manufacture upgrades a very nice pistol?

        Some people just need things to complain about.

        Are not first world problems grand?

        To many fine pistols to choose from.

    • Striker fired polymer is the S&W model 10 of this era. Basic, reliable, no frills for every lev el from noob to expert.

      You would not be poorly equipped if the only gun you had was polymer striker fired.

      I feel the same way every time I see a post about an AR. But they do fill a niche.

      • I’ve owned Glocks with zero problems, and have one today. How much further can they push the technology?

        My favorite EDC is the compact CZ RAMI, hammer-fired, Metal frame. Simple, works…

  6. Looks great! Willing to bet these new slide serrations work better in adverse weather conditions. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  7. Looks like a good competitor for the H&K VP9, will have to give it a try if it shows up my may.

      • Loved the vp9L I just couldn’t love the price when it was that, a hipoint, a S&W sheld, and a few other oddballs available when I was looking for a full size 9.

  8. Look’s interesting. Next gen walther trigger is an improvement over ppq trigger. Be interesting to compare with apx

  9. Maybe I’m the only that really liked the original style, unique and noteworthy. This reminds me of Turkish pistol de jour look.

  10. I bought the original APX for $350, swapped the grip module and some internal parts (with Beretta factory performance parts) and it shoots as well as any gun I own. In fact I sold my Wilson Combat Beretta 92 Vertec Centurion because my APX was just as fast and accurate at local matches.


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