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Now that Martin O’Malley and the Maryland Legislature have enacted a gun controller’s wish list of measures sure to drastically lower the Old Line State’s crime rate, attention turns to Accokeek and Beretta USA. The centuries old gun company seems to have had their response all ready to go. Here’s the release they’ve posted on their web site . . .

The firearm companies owned by Beretta Holding in Maryland—Beretta U.S.A. Corp., Benelli U.S.A. Corporation and Stoeger Industries, Inc.—have all been deeply concerned about Governor Martin O’Malley’s effort this year to impose broad new restrictions on the rights of Maryland citizens to buy firearms, as well as on the types of firearms and firearm magazines they can acquire. The Companies have submitted comments before the Maryland legislature and to the press condemning these efforts and stating that the Governor’s anti-gun activity is causing them to evaluate whether they want to remain in this State.

Notwithstanding some media reports to the contrary, those efforts have had some beneficial effects.

Through the Companies’ legislative efforts and with assistance led by Delegate Joe Vallario and others provisions were stripped out of the final Bill that would have required an immediate move of certain operations out of Maryland. The parts of the legislation that remained, though – and that were not deleted notwithstanding the Beretta Holding companies efforts to do so -remain offensive not only to our companies as firearm manufacturers, importers and distributors and as investors in jobs, taxes and income within the State of Maryland, but also to those of us who, as Maryland citizens, will now be encumbered with obstacles to our exercise of our Constitutional rights, such as a requirement we now be fingerprinted like a criminal before we can buy a handgun, without providing a commensurate benefit in reducing crime.

The resulting law that passed is not acceptable, even with the improvements we were able to obtain.  In short, the law that finally passed went from being atrocious to simply being bad.

The question now facing the Beretta Holding companies in Maryland is this:  What effect will the passage of this law–and the efforts ofMarylandgovernment officials to support its passage–have on our willingness to remain in this State?

In that respect we are mindful of two objectives:  We will not let passage of this legislation prevent us from providing on-time delivery of our products to our U.S. Armed Forces and other important customers.  We also will not go forward in a way that compounds the insult made to ourMarylandemployees by their Governor and by the legislators who supported his efforts.

Prior to introduction of this legislation the three Beretta Holding companies located inMarylandwere experiencing growth in revenues and jobs and had begun expansion plans in factory and other operations.  The idea now of investing additional funds inMarylandand thus rewarding a Government that has insulted our customers and our products is offensive to us so we will take steps to evaluate such investments in other States.  At the same time, we will continue our current necessary operations withinMarylandand we are thankful for and welcome the continued support of our employees as we do so.


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  1. Plenty of weasel language in there… it will be interesting to see if they really pick up their toys and go somewhere else.

      • Methinks Beretta is using a former politician to write press releases – simple statement would suffice:

        “Based on Governor O’Malley’s decision to screw our employees from their rights under the Second Amendment; We.Are.Outtahere!”

    • I think it’s more they understand that moving to texas would require firing most if not all their current workers, and so they want to tread lightly and not punish the marylanders who DIDN’T vote for this shit and have given them years of hard work and dedication.

      Also they don’t want to have a lull in production if they do move.

      • Relocation expenses (including for employees) would be tax deductible. But give evidence of this week the IRS criminals might well screw that for a gun company.

  2. since liberals will pressure banks and credit card companies not to do business with gun companies. we should apply pressure to gun companies to move away from slave states.

    war is politics by other means- Carl von Clausewitz

  3. since liberals will pressure banks and credit card companies not to do business with gun companies. we should apply pressure to gun companies to move away from slave states. two can play at economic warfare

    war is politics by other means- Carl von Clausewitz

  4. This is why Maryland will have the “rain tax” and the gas tax increased by 20 cents over the next few years. They have to make up for the loss of revenue. Also, O’Malley intends to run for the POTUS.

      • I don’t think an AWB is O’Malley’s biggest worry as far as running for president is concerned. The only way a governor gets elected president is if his state isn’t a festering shit-heap. O’Malley fails to clear that (admittedly very low) bar.

        Even setting second amendment issues aside, it would be a real tough sell to try to convince the rest of the country they should be more like Maryland…

  5. since pols are pressuring credit card companies and banks not to do business with gun companies. we should pressure ALL arms manufactures to leave slave states.
    two can play the game of economic warfare.

    “War is a continuation of politics by other means.”
    Carl von Clausewitz

  6. That was an awful lot of verbiage to say “We may expand elsewhere, but we are keeping current operations in Maryland.”


    • My take is that they’re going to see how much of their workforce can relocate, and hope to slowly disengage from Maryland.

      Unless we want to put up a great deal of money to finance their move, we must accept at it’s a little more involved than moving to another table at McDonalds.

  7. Beretta, if you guys are reading this, open another manufacturing plant 2 hours north to Hanover, PA. We could use the work. Get us off the snack food processing lines.

    • Holy heck, Shawn, I never expected to see a fellow Hanoverian here! Well, I’m in Abbottstown, but still. Are you the guy cleaning out all the ammo before I get to Wal-Mart?!

      • Not, me :-). I only have had luck at the Walmart in Hampstead and that was in .40. 9mm is like a fart in the wind. Funny, I have heard people stalking around in WM for hours to get ammo. I live on the South Side and rarely head to the north WM. As for ammo in Hanover…the best luck I have is at Powder Horn in McSherrystown. They are the “nicest” except for the owner…he was a prick to my kids. Their prices are about 25% higher than usual, too. But, it is in stock. Hanover Shooter Supply is funny. The young kid working there is smart as anything. He knows this crap has been going on for years and does not just blame the Dems. We even have had the discussion about the “Gold Standard” and debt on out dollar. Smart kid.

        • I’ll try the Hampstead one then. I did score a box of cheap .45 ACP at the North Hanover one a couple days ago.

          Is Hanover Shooters Supply the one that seems like it’s run out of a garage? Because I believe that’s where I got my first gun — a Colt — a thousand years ago.

  8. Seems like they are not going anywhere. I wouldn’t mind seeing firearms and ammo manufacturing become more concentrated in free states.

  9. Isn’t this the same state that is trying to, literally, tax rainfall? Anyone who does something like that is so far out in left field as to not be on the same planet as the rest of us.

    • The tax is run off from rain that affects the Chesapeake Bay. But we all know it will not go to the organization. It is the 20 cent gas tax hike is the money maker.

  10. Eh well, I was going to spend a lot of money with Beretta if they finally decided to pick up and leave Maryland.. guess not.

    Getting a Glock instead of a 92FS. Lucky for them I already own my Nano, but wont be buying any accessories for it from them.

  11. I respect Beretta’s right to make that decision. They need to respect my right not to purchase their products.

    • And that’s your right. But just once I’d like to see one of you absolutists recognize the cost that would be involved in picking up lock, stock and barrel and relocating the thousands of square feet of factory and facility that Beretta and their subsidiaries have in their current locations. And additionally the cost to them and their employees of uprooting family and home to accomodate your “demands” to remain a customer. Wake up, they are not expanding in MD! But I’m sure you are so principled that you would pay a premium for their product over their competition to fund this move.

      Simple minded knee jerk reaction.

  12. First off, they’re going to wuss out and do absolutely nothing (just like Colt, Remington, Marlin, etc).

    Secondly: In that respect we are mindful of two objectives: We will not let passage of this legislation prevent us from providing on-time delivery of our products to our U.S. Armed Forces and other important customers.

    Why do companies (and a significant portion of gun owners in general) feel loyalty to the very people enforcing unjust laws and that would be fighting against us if the SHTF? Prioritize citizens over government thugs who unthinkingly kill anyone they’re told to.

      • Because when / if it becomes Federal law or we end up having to fight for it, they’ll be the ones enforcing it / hunting us down.

        • No they won’t. The vast majority of the Armed Forces are Conservative and Pro-2A.

          They are the citizens too and the sons, Daughter, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters of “We the People”

          Try getting THAT through your damned tin foil hat.

        • Ah, the wonders of disappearing comments.

          If they actually cared about the Constitution, why do they willingly sign up to murder anyone who disagrees with the whims of a corrupt politician that despises the Constitution?

          When we start seeing troops tell politicians “No, we’re not obeying your orders because they violate the Constitution”, THEN I’ll believe your naive fairy tale that soldiers are the “good guys” and care about freedom.

        • Toten..

          You don’t know diddly about the US military. Go enlist or obtain a commission then earn an opinion.

        • Ah yes, a brilliant response answering why they willingly follow unjust orders and spit in the face (and threaten to murder) anyone who disagrees with them.

      • Beretta USA takes up most – if not all – of the slack of providing M9s and M9A1s to the US military (not to mention those Benelli M4 shotguns used by the Marines). Merely business.

    • Trust me. You won’t be fighting against the US Military. We got your back. Well…the actual combat units do at least. Who cares what the POGs do, really.

      • Right, just like they had our back on all the other occasions US troops have murdered American citizens on US soil? The troops have the government’s back and that’s it.

        • With all due respect to an established contributor to these fine forums, I feel compelled to ask you this: How many troops do you even f*cking know, dude?

        • Exactly, no one wearing a uniform is really your friend. They will stomp your balls into the dust when told to. It ts an us vs. them mentality that is instilled in training.

        • I know plenty (several family members directly are in the military or are retired, many of my friends have their entire families in the military, plenty of friends joined the military, etc). I’ve seen all of them foam at the mouth about “only those who are in the military should be allowed to vote” and “only those who work for the government should be allowed to have guns”. I’ve also heard plenty of “anyone who disagrees with the government should be imprisoned or executed” too.

          Yes, I know, people want to believe the BS recruiting posters about how they’re really wonderful people who are protecting the innocent, but that’s not even close to the case.

        • You’re silly Mr. Totenglocke and only the POGest of McPohgerson POG’s that care not for our Country would fight against their own… and poorly. What makes you think some S-shop pog will patrol American streets without pooping themselves at the thought of actual combat arms vets pulling observation on that azzzz from a concealed position? Your level of frothing at the mouth about the military fighting civilians is my level of wanting to kick sand in your face at the beach like some white sunglasses wearing, backwards hat having d-bag. Serve in an Infantry unit and you will see how many of us actually love freedom and if they issued U.S. flag woobies I’d be wrapped up in one right the f*** now.

        • Well Mikey, that was a rather incoherent response so I’m not sure what you were trying to say other than that everyone needs to cower in fear of the military or die. Only a coward thinks that everyone must do as they say or die. Then again, only a coward wants to call themselves “brave” for using extremely overwhelming force to subdue or kill an opponent.

          As I pointed out in a previous comment, if they support freedom, why willingly be thugs for anti-freedom politicians? Why terrorize people who pose no threat to us and then proclaim themselves to be “heroes” for it? Why is their reaction to anyone with a different opinion to shove a gun in their face and threaten to murder them if they don’t submit (because that REALLY shows their love of freedom…)? They hate freedom with a passion because freedom puts them out of a job and would put them on the same playing field as us “peasants” that they despise so much and view themselves as superior to merely because their masters in DC tell them that they’re allowed fancy toys and we’re not.

        • Tokenglock, you really need some life experience. You obviously watch way too many movies and have little grasp on what goes on in the real world.

          I’m pretty sure you’re suggesting that everyone in the military is a jack booted thug. Being a veteran I view your statements as offensive and if some outlandish turn of events collapsed this great nation and I see some geardo wearing a “totenglock” patch or speaks like how you spew filth on the web… well.

        • Brilliant – your plan to prove you’re not a cowardly, murderous thug is to threaten to kill people who disagree with you. Thank you for proving my point for me.

  13. What a load of disingenuous huffing and puffing. Beretta will continue to do business in Maryland. Don’t think that any company getting money from the government will ever risk their bottom line by taking political stands.

    The galling thing is that we’re the ones paying for all of this tyranny through our tax dollars.

    • Taking a stand on 2A is a Constitutional stand, not a political one.

      Beretta’s action here is political.

      A Constitutional stand would have put the profit motive and states’ rights second, after the Bill of Rights for all citizens in the republic.

      Maryland is where it has always been: south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

  14. until they move they are dead to me I don’t donate to anti gun groups and I will not support anti gun states who are known safe havens for anti constitution terrorists!

    • They are on the list with Kimber, Colt, Cheaper than dirt, and all those other collaborators I refuse to buy from. Was in the market for a 1911 and ended up going with 2 Sig Sauer’s (C3 and P938) instead. Makes me happy the money went to Ayotte’s state and not Schumer’s.

  15. Just heard this guy on the Dennis Miller radio show. Talked about how MD used to have 10 fortune 500 companies and now it’s 2. Talked about 6,500 small businesses that left the state recently. 35,000-something people have up and left. O’Malley has raised taxes 40-something times. Lots of info here:

  16. Translation: Beretta ain’t doing sh1t and it never intended to. Beretta’s bluff and bluster was intended as PR to fool us. While they were telling us that they were moving, they were telling the pols that they weren’t.

    They sold us out for money. Cheap theatrics. Just like Magpul.

    Lenin was right. Capitalists would sell the rope that the Communists would use to hang them. Gun manufacturers would sell the guns that the fascists would use to shoot them.

    And both would sell us a bill of goods.

    • Ralph, I think Magpul is still moving… An update on their Facebook page said as much today. Sure, they could be lying through their teeth – but it seems like their following through with their promise. So far. Just an observation, is all.

  17. How about sending Beretta a simple, easy to understand statement: Leave MD for another state where rights matter or I won’t consider buying your products.
    I like the Urika shotguns and I am considering buying another, but I’ll drop 1400 bucks on a gun made in a free state over one made in The Free State (Not)

  18. My PX4 says “Made in Italy”, is it just the military issues that are being manufactured in Accokeek? I’m not sure that this would prevent me from purchasing another Italian manufactured Beretta depending on the circumstances.

  19. Wallets People! And make it known that you will not spend a cent on anything connected to the slave states.

  20. You never know who your true friends and/or allies are until the SHTF and the pressure is on. My takeaway from the actions of Magpul, Colt, Beretta etc. is “Sorry guys, everyman and business for themselves”

    • “Putting our money where our mouth is on the Bill of Rights could cost us. We’re putting money first. But we’ll tsk all the way to the bank.”

      Welcome to the world of global corporations encamped in the US. And fully supported by people who hate “the government” more than greed uber alles.

  21. As much as we would like them to announce they are just picking up and leaving, scouting new locations, building the new facility, moving an entire factory worth of equipment, hiring new machinists to run it, and actually moving is not an easy or cheap task. They are a business, and will not do something rash that would cause them to raise all their prices by $100 (as an example) to pay for the move.

  22. Beretta does have contractual obligations to the US Military. So for it to move production out of Maryland, it would first have to ramp up production of M9’s in another state.

    Also Beretta doesn’t want to dick over their employees the way the state of Maryland dicks over it’s citizens. Aside from loyalty, you’re talking about precision machining. Look what happened when Freedom Group moved production of Marlin. Quality went south.

    Just because Magpul says they’re going to move out because of bad laws (and props to them when they actually do), doesn’t mean we have to bash every other manufacturer that for whatever reason doesn’t, or isn’t able to.

  23. It’s ironic that most of the major American firearm manufacturers are based in states with restrictive gun laws.

    Massachusetts: S&W, Savage, Troy;
    Connecticut: COLT, Mossberg;
    New York: Remington (and by extension, everything owned by the Freedom Group), Dan Wesson;
    Illinois: Armalite, DSA, Krebs, Rock River Arms, Springfield Armory;
    Maryland: Beretta (plus all the brands they import), LWRC

    If you’re serious about boycotting firearm manufacturers in restrictive states, then you’d better make friends with a small custom gun maker in a free state.

    To any of the commenters who said Beretta is dead to them, do any of you own an M&P pistol or carbine? Picked up a Savage rifle for hunting? Love your Troy accessories on your AR15? Massachusetts has been an oppressive state for as long as I can remember.

    • CZ-USA is in Kansas, Taurus is in Florida, Ruger manufactures in NH and Arizona. No need to make friends with a pricey small gunmaker, when theyre are plenty of free state makers.

      • Thanks. I was saving up for a Cx4 and eventually a Px4, but now I guess I’ll have look into an SR-22 instead.

  24. It’s pretty easy for Monday-morning armchair quarterbacks with no skin in the game to criticize a company that not only has contractual obligations to fulfill but also has to consider not screwing over their employees. Yes, I’d love for Beretta to move completely to Virginia, and yes, I’d even be somewhat happy for them to open *additional* facilities here while keeping their main factory in MD (for now).

    But geez, guys, even if you’ve already taken the plunge and moved yourself and your own family to a free state (and if not, then STFU), at least try to imagine the impact of moving an entire company and the effects it will have on thousands of employees and *their* families. This is a huge deal, and even if they announced today their unequivocal intention to move (hint, hint), it would still probably take them years to complete the transition.

    So take a chill pill and let’s just see how this plays out over time. If Beretta show themselves to be quislings in the end, we can always boycott them then.

  25. In other words, they’ve attempted the Milquetoast Balancing Act with a Reverse Position Twist (Raw Score 4.5, Degree of Difficulty 4.0); which, even with their half-assed execution, they can still score very nicely. They’re hoping that enough pro-2A bluster will provide sufficient cover for their collaboration until this whole gun grabbing brouhaha blows over. They’re holding out the prospect of future investments going to other states, which is just talk, while their on-the-ground action is, well, inaction and remaining in Maryland.

    “It’s for the shareholders, er, employees and soldiers, you see! Won’t *somebody* please think of the shareholders, I mean, employees and soldiers?!”

    “But what about the Constitution?”

    “The what?”

  26. You absolutists are amazing. Do any of you have a clue how much it would cost Beretta to exit Maryland? Are you willing to continue to buy their product if they have to increase the cost of their products to offset the expense of relocation that you “demand” they make so you will remain a customer? If their products were a 25% premium over their competition because they moved to pacify you, would you pay it? I think not.

    And what about their employees? How many of them would be displaced by relocation? Your so principled that you would rather see them out of work than buy their products? Nice.

    If they make a decision to expand in Maryland (which they have not), then they deserve to be boycotted. Until then, they deserve your support for doing what they can to influence the process, whether successful or not.

    Put some thought into things rather than being reactionary absolutists. You come across as irrational and silly as the gun grabbers.

  27. So “Berettas dont bluff?” Except for when they do.

    For all of you that cry and defend them because it would be so expensive to move, remember Beretta bragged about the $35 mil a year they pay in Maryland taxes. Saving that much per year in a free state like Texas would help pay for the move.

  28. 1. I don’t have a problem with companies thinking good and hard about all the people, stock holders, employees, customers, and officers relocating would affect. Actually, a knee-jerk reaction would show me they aren’t truly looking at the big picture, because no matter what they do or don’t do, somebody is getting the shaft.
    2. I don’t have a problem with companies who decide to stay in slave states because they decide that the negatives of moving out-weigh the positives. Be honest about it and I’ll respect you for doing what you have to do. Keep making guns, that’s the thing I generally care about.
    3. I do care about companies that say they don’t bluff, generally mislead the public for the sake of publicity, and then when it comes down to the thing end with a statement that has more ambiguity than Clinton testifying under oath. Saying something like, “Upon further reflection, Beretta has decided to discontinue any further growth in Maryland and is actively phasing out its operations there.” Is different than saying “We don’t like bad law, but we can’t figure a way to do what we said we would do without costing us a bunch of money. That’s not bluffing, that’s deliberately misleading the public and I do give a damn about being lied to.
    4. The new law actively bans a bunch of Beretta products, some by name, some by feature. Their response, an ambiguously worded letter coupled with a vague desire to see if maybe other options are out there. If they can’t even muster any righteous indignation about this, then why should I be upset on their behalf? More to the point, why should I give them any consideration at all? I’m a colt fan boy in the worst way. But since I live here in MD, I had some money set aside to pick up a coach gun or a neos, or an m9—something to show that I respect their stance. That’s no longer reserved for them. The money I had set aside for a custom Remington 870 is also off the table. That’s not because those companies don’t have desirable products—they do. It’s because I don’t like people who pretend to be pro-2a in the media and then lack the intestinal fortitude to either make good on their promises or clearly articulate their stance without political backpedaling. Not going to pretend to ride the wave of public outrage? Can’t say I’m happy, but good on you for being honest, even if that honesty is in silence. Feel the need to make a public statement to assert your kinship with your outraged customer base? Cool, I like principled companies. But don’t do it purely for form’s sake. If you’re serious, then by god go tell it on the mountain. Otherwise shut up. I detest people who can’t walk the walk but insist on talking the talk anyway. It’s the worst kind of hypocrisy.

  29. While there are many souls who will be disappointed that Beretta USA is not moving their Accokeek, Maryland facility immediately and instantly, the reality is that moving any type of manufacturing plant is not an overnight affair. The first issue is the employees who work there. While some snack food or HBA plants may have entry-level jobs for the high-school kids through a temp agency, a firearm plant is an entirely different beast. Beretta itself makes extensive use of automated manufacturing machines for their production lines and operating these machines requires a great investment in time and training for those tasked with the job. This isn’t experience and training you can just expect to flow through door at the new job site on day one and fulfill all of your employment needs within the first week of opening. While the most desired solution would be to uplift the entire workforce to the new job site, this move cannot be forced unwillingly on those who would rather stay in their home state than move anywhere between five to two thousand miles to a new plant in a new state where they may have no friends or family, and such a move would have to be made on their own dime, not the company’s. Moving from one home to another, even in the same city or state, is not one of those overnight tasks either–moving trucks for all of your belongings, power and water turn-ons at the new home, your local DMV visits for driver’s license info change and possibly a vehicle registration if you’re changing counties/states, time, and if you have children or a family then the problems are compounded. The spouse may not want to or be able to move (job and income loss is not something you do lightly), children will have to be enrolled in new schools and have school records transferred, and THEY’LL have to say good-bye to old friends and try to fit into a new place and start all over. It’s stressful enough for a move the family is willing to make–those who grew up in military families with parents who served know how much harder it can be at that young age when the move is not by choice.

    Secondly, moving all of the manufacturing equipment in the first place requires that the new facility be designed and built to accommodate the machines and the work space in and around these production lines, as well as the logistics system that supports the line throughout its operation. Then there’s the maintenance guys who fix the things when they suffer mechanical breakdowns beyond what the line workers themselves are capable of correcting. And they may need training as well.

    Thirdly, Beretta USA is the current manufacturer for the US military’s M9/M9A1 sidearm. Disruption of this contract may not be possible or have undesirable consequences for future contract bids (Beretta’s own ARX-160 is in contention for the US Army’s Individual Carbine program as a potential replacement for the M4). It should be noted that Beretta USA has recently completed an expansion of its Maryland facility to begin domestic production of this carbine as the ARX-100 for civilian customers. Moving the facility now would disrupt or even delay introduction of this carbine into the US market, and quite a number of folk have been looking forward to getting their hands on one ever since the ARX-160 started becoming more widely known within the last three years. In short, it would be an incredibly unsound business decision to have invested millions of dollars in acquiring and installing the production line equipment in the plant, and training the employees running it, and then turn around and move the entire plant in less than a year to “make a statement” even if such issues can prove to be financially devastating if not taken into account seriously. No business of any size wants to just throw away millions of dollars for such a thing at the drop of a hat.

    In short, if Beretta USA intends to leave Maryland entirely for a more business/law-abiding-citizen friendly state, it’s not going to happen quickly. It takes time, money, and planning.

  30. All gun manufacturing companies should leave New England, let the liberal pinheads and the infiltrating gangbangers have fun amongst themselves.

    • All patriots should leave New England.
      Let those welfare dynasties and sanctuary cities see how they function with no taxpayers.

  31. We in Texas will support any efforts for Beretta or any other gun manufacturer to move to our state. The second ammendment still means something down here… Come on down folks.. Your guns and accessories are most welcome.

  32. Well, welcome to gun friendly Montana! We’d welcome the jobs, land prices are much lower than where you are now, we have no state sales tax and, I’m sure, our property taxes would be much lower than where you are now.


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